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    This was something I suggested a super long time ago, but now with rare effects it is even more possible. Flaming Aura - Provides a fire glow, dripping flames Frostbrand - Frost glow, snowflakes Life Transfer - maybe a pure red glow or a white glow? Venom - Green glow, green particles Rotting Touch - blackish purple, rotting It is an aesthetically pleasing addition that would not doubt add to the game. Additionally allow it to be turned off through the settings maybe under bloom effects. (For pvpers worried about lag)
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    Although I too would like to see larger openings and although I understand (and share) the frustration that we players feel sometimes when we can't get everything we want, as a fellow game developer I simply have to step in. Most developers (and by this I mean all members of the development team - be it art, design, code etc) work their butts off to bring new and juicy things to players of their game. Long hours, late nights, not seeing as much of their families as they'd like to. Crappy pay. Iteration, bugs, fixing, negotiating with other devs, making compromises so that the "thing" will not only work and will not only look good, but will do so without crashing the game or causing lag to the players. Polishing, scrapping stuff, getting frustrated because you'd REALLY like to make something cool but technical reasons stop it. Starting over again, and finally... after all the sweat and tears - completing something and being damn proud of it. Then the "thing" is released to the players. And you already know it's coming - the complaining, the backlash, the "wouldn't it be better this way" comments. But it's all worth it when you see also genuine excitement and joy in the community. But developers are only human and can't help but feel disappointed when not every single person is as thrilled as they were hoping they'd be. However, as devs, we get used to it. We know the drill. We grow thick skins. But it's never pleasant if we've done our best and it still wasn't enough. I know I've definitely been guilty of complaining here and there. And I'm definitely guilty of suggesting improvements haha. But what I'd really like to say is: devs try their hardest to make us happy. And if they can't, there's usually a damn good reason. But lazy they are not. Wurm has only one artist? Two? Three? Not sure but it ain't many. Same goes for design and code, only a handful of people from what I know. Compare that to other MMOs where there can easily be 50 or more artists, as many if not more programmers and dozens of game designers. Sometimes I really don't understand how the wurm team does it! They run a bloody MMO for crying out loud! I'm not saying we shouldn't speak our minds, or give criticism, or complain. Everything we say is valuable for the dev team to hear, I'm quite sure. But let's try to do it kindly and politely. And remember to shower them with love and excitement when they've made something for us that we really appreciate!
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    When you do the parapets don't forget about the tall wall versions of the new types too. (lets hope it is soon)
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    Then let's reopen a Maurizio is scummy thread then instead of hijacking this one. The author of this thread has asked many times to keep discussions off it. Let's honor his wishes and move the discussions somewhere else then?
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    A server side mod to allow for the configuration of max bridge width, goes well with Infinite Wide Mine Entrances and Mine Doors. 10 Wide 5 Wide With InifintyMines Mod Download / Source https://github.com/ausimus/WurmUnlimited-BridgeMod/releases/latest
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    All Wurm needs is a grand Capitol accessible with portal, maybe on its own island - where no one is allowed to do anything else than put up merchant and trade. Edit: Well, i forgot to add that this just was a thought. To ease on the fps or number of merchants; allow only 1 merchant per premium character, and expand inventory of merchants on this place.
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    ready to grind, thank you! =D
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    I agree with this. The problem really stems from the fact that the "name and shame" threads are always posted in Town Square. This is the "face of the game" forum wise, so to speak, so it's understandable that the team tries to keep it tidy. There's a very simple fix, really. It's been suggested before, plenty of times. There needs to be a Freedom subforum that is lightly moderated (like how the 'Theater' [chaos/epic] subforum is, and how the 'Tar Pit' subforum used to be). Bury all the name and shame threads there. meanwhile keeping the face of the game pretty. Make it forum members view only, so that guests won't even know it's there.
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    I appreciate the answer.. You have to understand tho, the topic runs out, when the victim get their stuff back and/or justice. Right now in most cases, where the players need help while having suffered real monetary losses through other players actions, the staff just ignores it and gives them a finger. Forum is the ONLY option for to keep pressure on someone and closing the topics/ignoring the problems is simply taking sides of the offenders by helping to bury everything. One example is the topic a while ago, where a dragon was blatantly stolen by JK.. the topic eventually lead to the moment, where JK leadership was talking about compensation.. then topic was closed and that was it.. last I heard no compensation etc was given for that.
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    Would be great except at slayings. FPS would get even worse... if that's possible.
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    Sure beats the roving lawyer squads who used to defend every act of griefing and general douchebaggery Wurm used to have. Game looks better with a community that's intolerant of needless shenanigans, as opposed to a community who'll squeal with delight and cheap defenses of thieves every time someone's game experience is unnecessarily ruined.
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    If someone was randomly trying to give me something for free, I would be very suspicious at least. And when there is a large company behind that... When it comes to buying computers in shops... Don't do it, even in tech shops like Media Markt. I think the best solution is to go to tech forum and post your budget + what you want to use computer for.
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    This thread needs more screenshots. Post a beautiful scene involving your preferred tree.
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    Should be able to... we done it awhile back. but maybe templars need to be dead
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    I'm guessing the other thread was closed because there was nothing new being added, just back-and-forth, "yes he did", "no he didn't"... so not at all like the discussion here, then. I note neither party were posting any evidence, despite some people claiming to have logs etc. Which means the situation comes down to 'what I thought was said'. For what it's worth, I wouldn't have sold an account that someone else gave me, unless they had explicitly said I could sell it. I also wouldn't expect any money back for premium I paid for (unless they took the account back with premium on it) or time I'd put into it - I chose to pay that money and put the time in for my own use, knowing that the char came from someone else.
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    Runes do 10% 10% is less than 60% 10% added to 60% is 70% Seryll with rune = 10% reduced damage to item Addy with rune = Stop trying to derail my thread unless you're buying the damn thing.
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    the best way to get people to get onboard with a suggestion is to bash a group of players off the back yea
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    A server side mod that allows server owners to modify the time it take for creatures to give birth. Value set to 1 [16:07:35] The aged Female Horse will probably give birth in a while! [16:07:49] She will deliver in about 2 days. Value set to 99 [16:11:48] The aged Female Horse will probably give birth in a while! [16:11:50] She will deliver in about 100 days. Do not set a value greater than 99 in properties or server will fail to start. Download / Source https://github.com/ausimus/Modify-Gestation-Time/releases/latest
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    Welcome! What'll it be, friend? If you've never been to my brewpub before we have 50 different beers on tap, so why not try them all? No need even to buy a flight of brews anymore. On your request you will be sent a single flask on the house. Taste and let us know what affinity you get for it and our beer extrapolation sorcerer will send you a link showing what affinities you will get from all 50 of our beers! Once you've decided what draughts you like best(based on the flavor or affinity granted), please order kegs by number. Kegs cost 2s each. All my beer is over 80ql** - 200g(use a measuring jug) will grant a bit more than 50 minutes of affinity. This means each keg(45kg) contains over 187 hours of affinity. Beer does not improve with age and it will take damage. Unseal the barrel, fill your measuring cup, beer stein, or goblin skull cup, then reseal the barrel with a peg. This will stop all decay and your beer will be as fresh as it was the day you ordered it. Please order flights or kegs by responding to this post, by PM, or by /tell Kalafast in game. Cheers! **80-89ql beer is my older beer. Fresh beer is being brewed at 90ql. If you prefer 90ql beer please ask. Note that it may take 1 RL week for the beer to ferment.
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    Hello Wurmians, village of San Escobar is looking for players! Doesn't matter if you are newbie or old player, if you have high or low skills, in our village you can improve your character! Big flat area for your houses, big mine (where you can build house too). We support new citizens by making better tools, helping with building first house, etc. We got so much plans, but not too much players, at this moment there is 6 playing people. Don't wait, San Escobar- the place you are looking for. - We are located at S17/S18 of Xanadu. - Pm Cannibalistic or Chihuahua for any questions. See you in game.
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    You can still get windows 10 for free by the way. Anyone can. Search google for "windows 10 for hearing or visually impaired" It's the ful version of windows 10 with added extras to aid impaired people.. none of which are on by default upon install lol.. You pretty much just agree to typical terms or conditions and click download, after windows 10 corrupted itself a year ago this was how I got it again without paying... retarded you have to pay for something that you got for free that corrupted itself. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/accessibility/windows10upgrade Don't feed the company trolls... P.S. - avoid windows 10 like the plague unless you don't value your saved data (music, videos, etc)
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    Yes that would be easiest, a little like the original GV tutorial area where you could see over the walls but never go there (at least not as a new login). Just log in, wander about, then log out, with indestructible walls fencing it all in.
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    One could simply wall in the required area and deed it beyond the maximum size (if required). Then set permissions accordingly so Spectators can pass through doors and not much else.
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    think Nordly nailed it
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    Mi* If your going to speak my language you better get it right, Egard!
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    cod rare chain gold boot please to zanewarblade
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    +1 Now you can use enchanted grass, by the way. You can dig it down without destroying, just don't use flattening or levelling.
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    This is a thread started by a player that has no title whatsoever. Why would anyone think this is official?
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    This is the time when a moderator should, instead of locking the thread, weed out the shills, so the thread can serve its intended purpose.
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    as title say can it be used in an enemy deed area, or it doesnt work?
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    [11:48:56] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
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    [11:06:30] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks.
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    bump please remove the nerf, doesnt make sense :/
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    I'm all for particle effects, but allow people to disable it also. Alternatively you could take the rare/supreme glow tech and change the colors on it.
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    Hard to mention just one. My personal favourite is Linden - looks very representative, fits in lots of places, its model and texture are just perfect. Second is Fir - it takes lots of space visually, but I like its appearance as well. Third - Oak. Oak takes months to grow, so it is good to show the age/prestige of the village.
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    I think he meant he dislike how they look in game
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    I like the oak but you can not grow anything next to them so opt for the maple for its fullness. I do however think the trunks of the new trees are the best but they lack the fullness on the leaves. So... I guess I have to go with maple but I do think they need an update.
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    Actually there is a huge difference in delay (ingame only) based on a server that was just rebooted or a server on for 16 days. I dare you to let Xanadu go 16 days without a reboot and people will be complaining hard. I can move to one island which was rebooted a day ago and go to another island on day 16 and see a big difference when you are crafting / imping / using wurm assist to track skill progression. Obviously there is a issue someplace in the code ( memory leaks ? bad driver? Old version of SQL ? ) but weekly reboot windows give you repeated attempts at resolving the issues. It is difficult to ensure you resolve a problem without a weekly maintenance window. What is the size of the tempdb on 16 day servers? Is it growing above it's set perimeters? Could be a query over time causing tempdb to get too big.
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    "It is a monstrous thing, to slay a unicorn. Only one who has nothing to lose, and everything to gain, would commit such a crime." - Firenze, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
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    "Attenia is going to kill me....."
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    So ... we will have to redo all stone slab floors in our houses? Also, what is candstone? a new candy type we can mine? And in regard to this, although unrelated: Valrei spawn tweaks Next update will tweak how valrei creatures spawn, instead of spawning 10 in one area, they will be spawned in a wider area across the server, avoiding the congestion of many in one place becoming too hard to overcome. This will hopefully improve the valrei creatures being somewhat annoying on epic as we work on addressing them individually in a future update About a year and a half ago, there was a huge issue with bison spawning uncontrollably, while some other creatures were entirely missing. It was somehow fixed .. meaning bison do not spawn at all anymore, their place being taken by seals, cows and bulls, in insane amounts. Despite them being cute, non-aggro and all that, we need bison .. is there any possibility to fix this again so all type of creatures to be available?
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    I have a feeling they wanna filter out BL kingdoms out of the game, there is literally zero effort put in BL kingdoms for more then over a year now. Only nerf after nerf, and these simple fixes as mentioned in the OP aren't even looked at. Libila priests are also beyond useless now for quite some time. I think soon, BL will be no more.
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    No...actually the more tracking is used the more often random people get blamed for things they didn't do. Player a bashes fence down and 10 mins later player b goes through opening. The owner then tracks and notices player b's tracks and blames everything on him. Ya...working as intended.
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    Yes, track them, and then you can....uhhh...say mean things to them in tells.