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    So recently I started breeding a few dogs for fun. As I'm sure you are aware all dogs look identical and have no traits or purpose in game terms. I think it's time to change that, let's give dogs some love and value! In an ideal world I'd love to see the following: *1* New breeds/models, or even just new colours on the same models. This is porbably the simplest idea to implement and is just for eye candy/QoL. *2* Give dogs some traits, similar to horses. This opens up a can of stuff though, what can dogs be good for? Well how's about giving them: -The ability to track, or link them to a deed and allow them to 'lead' the player to that location. -Make them good at fighting. Perhaps for use as war dogs, or if this is feared as too OP or PvP unfriendly, what if dogs can be attached to kennel building like a guard tower. Instead of calling Guards!, I can call Dogs! to have them attack my target...? -Give them speed traits so that they can be used for major idea #3. *3* Dog carts. These exist in real life, not just on sledges. I propose a new small cart type pulled by 1 or 2 dogs, designed to carry 1 passenger and very limited inventory. And perhaps a slightly larger one for 4-6 dogs, able to carry 2 people or perhaps 1 and a small crate etc... Hell maybe just make the dogs attachable to the existing small cart?? I know horses do this job admirably, but more cool stuff isnt necessarily redundant. Perhaps the dog cart could have a lower stat requirement to drive than a horse cart, or be faster but carry less etc etc dog carting! tl;dr give dogs some love plx!
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    Your hair so shiny Your skills aren't all 90 Proof is in the puddin Lunn thinks he is Vladimir Putin Icey hot heals back pain You heal me when I go dying When dinner is served You put your hat on and say "swerve" Claims he has 400 confirmed kills Kid you need to chill Made MR quit Dingov and Co had to split Tells people to convert Stops playing when they convert Makes rare anvils Keeps them on his merchant As each day grows The more he feels like PTO Kid get a grip You have 2 bottom lips These are my things I had to say I'm sorry if it made you sway Hopefully this makes your day Please stop playing and get laid. -Pedro
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    Honestly.. what kind of person sells friends account? Even if my friends would tell me, that they quit and gave me password, I would hold on to the account in the hopes, that they will return eventually.. But to sell a friends account for few quick silvers at the expense of someone I care about(no matter what they say).. I don't know...
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    I don't know anything about this event but I have an opinion.
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    You should be able to train them to be tougher for fighting. I hardly think dogs are going to unbalance PVP -- people use Champion trolls and worse now. I seriously think DOGS would help new players get more emotionally attached to the game, especially if you could work with the dog to teach it specific tasks. Find Water! (similar to divining, you instead work on a skill with your dog) Point at Prey! (deer, cows, sheep, pigs, etc) Alert! (bark if aggressives near) Find Home! (lead lost player back to their bed tent house) Help! (similar to calling tower guards, dog does not need to be on a leash or clicked on) Follow! (Dogs do not need to be lead on a rope, more useful than "come here", the dog will always follow until you say to stop) Give kissies! \\
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    One dog that would fit into wurm really nicely is the Irish Wolfhound. TOTAL medieval / fantasy breed. I have one IRL and they're great
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    dunno why any of it has to be difficult in the slightest bit, like ive said or said similar in another thread... insanity: any 1 mine tile hate: any 1 thorn tile love: any 1 flower tile knowledge: any 1 paved tile power: any 1 rock tile (i forgot what i said previously but the height req is dumb you cant even get it on elevation afaik) easy and accessible to everyone
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    What the man said! I have access to a dozens or so of friends accounts, which made it clear they were leaving the game and should be free to use the accounts in any ways i see fit. I do not see fit to strip them of their valuables (rares, supremes, cash) or sell them. If I ever was to pay prem on them to use them at the maximum of their capacities, that would be on my own money and I wouldn't try to recover cash by selling it. As mentionned above, friends accounts, even if they left, I'd be glad to see them jump back on wurm to say hello and/or start playing for a bit. When it comes to time spent and shared accounts by multiple persons / kingdom. You might want to create a new toon for that or buy one without anything shaddy coming to bite you back. Can't really say then, we worked on your account, so it's no longuer yours, when it was dedicated for that purpose from the start. Not like i never see drama coming from doing that anyway, specially if some players spend a lot of time grinding skills on said account to be expelled from kingdom/alliance/whatever. And bottom line of that thread. I don't know who is right or wrong. Mudslinging from various parties will go nowhere for sure. Trust was broken that's one thing. But the worse part imho is the : "since you call me a thief, you will have ######"... is that a mature way to deal with things or a grade school one? TL;DR. Welcome to WurmOnline. Do not trust anyone with your valuables. And IF someone do trust you enough to give you / lend you for an extended period of time their accounts, by respect for them, never ever sell them and cherish the though they had faith in you.
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    This is exactly my thought on the issue.
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    Can't wait to borrow my friend's car when mine is in the shop, and then sell it on the internet. "Dude, you didn't tell me I couldn't sell it. It was free money!"
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    I love the I would have given it back if you didn't call me out for not returning it when I tried lol I also love the, I paid premium for months on this account I stole so its mine now oh god this is to good material bookmarking this. Join Ebo, they rob you blind is your new motto than? All over an account you got free access to while someone took a break?
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    Hey everyone! been playing Wurm on and off since Golden Valley, i finally got more into my youtube channel, so i wanted to use the opportunity not only to share one of my favorite sandbox games, but also get some publicity for Wurm! i dont have much to say here, and if this isn't allowed im sorry, i just wanted to share this with the community. if i cant have this up here my bad! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Dv9QrY0w7g
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    So, you may wonder is Odynn going nuts again and suggesting something silly?! No, not really, many of us have large alliance, sometimes many deeds and sometimes even love that public deed here and there, be it a market, a social event one or one you like for reasons that are yours alone. Well the idea is simple. Allow the mayor of the deed to show (or not - turned off by default please) the upkeep remaining to their allies or freedom pals (or any specific roles). This would allow an easier management of upkeep and help us know when to drop that extra silver. Depending on devs willingness to work on it, information can be either partial (ie. days left) or complete (just like your mayor/citizen ones) money in coffers / upkeep per month (28 days in fact) / day remaining. (Knowing that informations from the later can be found by doing some maths using the first proposition). Nota. As mentionned bellow (and was not clear enough above), the idea is indeed for a new roles option.
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    Everyone has had a say about what happened as well as added their own view in regards to the situation, It just brings the harsh reality of what can happen if you decide to share your accounts with others. In regards to what happened I hope the issue can get resolved peacefully between both parties, but I don't see anything else constructive being added to the thread, for that reason I'm going to lock the thread, and hopefully we will see some additional security measures being added to the game in the future.
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    If the accounts are not recoverable (because the buyers refuse to return the toons) then the least that should be done is the proceeds from the sales go back to Eva in order to help her get back on her feet (buy equipment, buy SP, buy a new toon, etc...) That's the absolute minimum that should be done.
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    Perhaps a "share" password? that makes you be able to log in and do everything except ofc change password/email or access ingame bank? theres still risk of sharing since they can still take your items and such but actually losing the account is lessened.
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    I have some old chain sets sitting on armour stands inside a building. They've been sititng there for quite a while. I checked them today and the pieces had a lot of damage. Some pieces 16dmg. Does anyone else find the decay of armour sets sitting in armour stands to be somewhat excessive? Good thing I store my good set on my merchant. Although, it sort of defeats the purpose of having armour stands in the game to begin with. I look at it this way. Why should I store armour on a stand if it's going to decay hardcore? I just find the decay makes the item less useful overall in the game. Thoughts anyone?
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    I've got no business in this thread, really, but I feel the same way. There have been 2 instances where I was given accounts because people had "quit". Those accounts stayed inactive and in my possession and I would have never sold them or given them away because they weren't mine to begin with. So, they sat on the shelf collecting dust for the true owners to come back to, if they ever made their way back to Wurm. Those people did come back. They also got their accounts back without hesitation. The OP could be completely lying about whether or not she "gave" Maurizio the accounts and her attempt at gaining them back could be devious, but it doesn't really matter. The fact that he sold something that really wasn't his, just to put a few bucks in his pocket, shows what kind of person he is.
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    No. Do not use hashes. Ever. Suggesting this should merit a warning given the numerous warnings we've given about not sharing hashes. Do not suggest this again, and do not share hashes. Hashes are insecure. They can be easily decoded to view the password stored within the hash. They are a means to obfuscate a clear text password for storage on your local machine. Giving a hash should be considered the same as giving your password.
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    As per my reply above. Items are items, they aren't walls or anything. If the projectile lands in range to hit 3 walls, 12 creatures, 2 floors, and a pile of 50 dirt - it will hit all 3 walls, all 12 creatures, both floors, and one piece of dirt from the pile.
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    Yeah, bottom line is I'm grateful for this Name and Shame post because I know now not to do business with this player due to this really... Sketchy situation. So thank you for posting!
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    When my body reached the light from death, the eternal Gods turned to me and said "not Today Pedro, for you we have this task" and sent me back to the mortal land. Esteban guides my journeys as I seek my spot on the throne of immortality, won't you join me on this great Crusade?
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    $$$. I played Wurm for years, I love Wurm, but it's a horrible game. Bugs, exploits, windows of opportunities, bad features, crashes, lag. It's not at all up to par with a standard MMORPG. Graphically it's not even close either. That's okay though. The game doesn't have to be perfect, just playable. You can manage to do a lot in the game that you can't do in other games, and although it may not look as pretty or run as smoothly players often love the uniqueness of the game. However, the price tag on this game for a monthly subscriptions really isn't worth it. Don't get me wrong, I have a full-time job and benefits, my issue isn't being able to have the funds it's about not feeling that it's worth it, and the paid model excludes a lot of players from joining up. 8E/month? That's about $8.50/mo. World of Warcraft is $14.99/mo. Honestly I can't even think of another game that even uses this old model anymore. The monthly subscription model is honestly dated, even Besetha has moved on: http://www.polygon.com/2015/1/21/7865919/the-elder-scrolls-online-release-date-ps4-xbox-one-subscription-free-tamriel-unlimited Also Wildstar: http://www.wildstar-online.com/en/news/2015-05-28-wildstar-is-going-free-to-play-heres-all-you-need-to-know/ So many MMORPGs have done away with that model. Really this is an extremely outdated business model that I really can't understand the idea of. Why are we still using this business model? Aside from World of Warcraft I don't think any other games still use this business model except for Wurm Online, and the rest really have moved onto micro transactions and larger initial purchases. I think Rolf is a great visionary person, but I don't understand a lot of the business choices that are ongoing. The great appeal to Wurm back in the day, at least when it first began, was that it was a cheap crappy MMORPG to have fun on. For those that do not know, this was the increase and changed that occured in 2013, "New price for premium will be 8 Euro per month instead of the previous 5 Euro for 5 Silver coins, 16 Euro for 2 months premium or 10 silver coins." In my opinion this game, quality, and staff team is probably a good $5/mo. That's respectable. I think really just the subscription turns people off. The free to play is so limited, and the perks really aren't great.
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    Alright: PvE, never intend to ever PvP I'll leave a thought here that hasn't been chewed over much, returning to wurm and getting old players back. People get bored of games and move on, then they get a craving and want something familiar. Upon returning to wurm after a long hiatus one usually finds that: Their home (that thing they sank days and a small fortune into) is gone Everything they left in their home is gone; animals/tools/even food XD They're non-premium again (as is the small army of alts they needed to play the game in full) They're probably not in a good position if they lived somewhere remote This means that re-entry into wurm is not as easy as with other mmorpgs (where everything was as you left it) and this could be seen as discouraging to long term non-committed retention. Some potential solutions to this are: A couple of days of free premium on return after a hiatus if a person has been premium before; 1 day per 2 months away up to a maximum of 3 doesn't seem unreasonable. To avoid exploitation only allow free premium to occur after a purchase, so if you have had 3 days of free premium you can't just wait another 6 months to get another 3, you will need to buy a subscription again. It's just enough for someone to get back on their feet if they want to return, but not enough to break the system. Free teleport to a starter town (PvE only) after 2+ months hiatus. This is really just something handy in case you find yourself in a ditch or area that is hard/impossible to leave. E-mail warnings for deed expiration (1 month warning, 1 week warning), helps prevent the problem for players who do want to look after their things long term.
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    TL;DR 1. OP didn't play Wurm in a while. 2. He comes back, plays on Epic, barely anyone online, so he has time to think and develop a strategy to change Wurm into something appealing him (and mostly him). 3. OP suggests shutting down most of Freedom servers, or bringing PvP to PvE. 4. On PvPvE servers, there would be a small safe area around starting towns, where people can live all together (so instead of 1 player with 5 deeds, like we have many on Freedom now, would be one deed with 5 happy players, every one of them owning half a tile and 2/6 of a horse). 5. This would turn Epic in a large community and would bring large batches of new players willing to stick very close to each other, while Freedom cluster would be reduced to one server, because who needs so many freedomers, after all? Wogic at its best (or worst)! (On that note, although each Freedom server, at a given time, has more players than the entire Epic cluster all together, I didn't see many freedomers asking for Epic to be shut down and PvP players moved on one server, just because they are only a few and no PvP happens and there's no need for multiple servers at all). And because this isn't a suggestion thread, but a discussion one, I cannot give a -1. But I will still do it. -1
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    There is absolutely no need for any of this. Freedom PVE servers are good the way they are - we don't need any PVP. (That's exactly why we are playing there, after all!) -1
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    Inspired by Odynn's free rune making and attaching service, I'd like to offer a free attaching service as well. Provide the rune and item you want it attached to, and I'll attempt to attach it with 82 83 Soul Depth. No catch, and Free of Charge*. You can either mail your runes and items, or come to Weeping Angels (40x, 32y on the community made map) on Independence. If you mail them, please do contact me with specifics/details on what rune to attach where. PM Raamkozijn ingame or on the forum, Blahsonson ingame, or reply to this thread. * I won't craft the actual runes for this free service, I only attach your provided runes on your provided items and for personal use. * All mailing fees are for you to cover. * Will provide logs if required. * Tips are accepted if you wish to do so; none are expected.
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    Sotg is easier to get these days and with the % as you go up, alot less painful. The guy who owned this account put in nice work and deserves the top dollar for the account. I agree with Egards Price check.
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    Pretty simple change: Make morning fog act like a bee smoker on top of its existing effects if the power>50. It is a nice QoL touch and isn't going to break the game.
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    After that thread about Mau ruining a friendship over two accounts
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    I don't think the goal should be to facilitate account sharing. Code Club has already said they don't condone not support account sharing. Having developers deviate resources to develop the software to incorporate account sharing would be counter productive to what they want. That is why I didn't suggest this. However, providing better account security should be something much more reasonable and touches more issues than just account sharing. As it stands, cracking a password is not rocket science and I am sure someone with good coding skills or a simple keylogger on a kingdom forum website or the like could gain access to accounts easily. Account security should be the priority, not facilitating account sharing. If I share my account with someone and I help them defeat all layers of security, then there can be no doubt that I gave them ownership to the account. Incidents like this would not happen.
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    He also offered to mine before I had to! Be like him a part of something great! (without the need to be coerced into it.)
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    Our new stadion at the eventplace (inspired by Arkoniks video) The beginning: Eject
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    About silver - on Otherlands it's a purely in-game currency, there is no cash shop (unlike WO and many WU servers) and no way to earn it out of game. As such i have more freedom to give it out for various activities in game, and i hope it will lead to a healthy economy developing in time, that doesn't involve RMT. Also i agree that chests would have been a great addition to WO PVE servers. If there's one thing they really need is reasons for people to get off their deeds, and chests are a very good way to achieve that.
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    While account theft is obviously forbidden in this game, this situation is not likely to qualify for receiving that tag. To clarify on this, let me grab the Game Rules and explain: The Game Rules State: Let's apply what we just read to this situation! By sharing the password to the character, the account was not kept secure. "You are solely responsible for the security of your accounts" clearly states that this is each players' responsibility. Nobody among the dev or staff team will be able to assist you for the loss of characters while trading with them, and none will be able to assist you in regaining control over an account you borrowed to someone else, then lost the info for because it got changed. This is clear - you will not receive support for sharing your account or anything that happened to your account after you shared it. Once you give your account password to someone else voluntarily, your account qualifies as a shared account and you will not receive compensation in case the person of your trust betrays you. While your action - to create a name&shame thread about this - is a perfectly acceptable and understandable step to take, I believe that this conversation should be kept at a productive level. Reading these first 3 pages, this thread hasn't been about the actual events as much as a series of more or less direct insults and accusations that have no place in a public type setting. What exactly happened is something that none of us except for the two people involved can know for sure, and there isn't much good for either party if a continuous aggressive discussion about it takes place here. That will only stir up more angry feelings and lead to insults, swearing and most likely a vast number of posts that will be too inappropriate to leave on the thread. I also believe that despite your calling attention to your issue, support from staff is, due to the above reasons, not to be expected. And before you hate on staff for making these rules - as a third party nobody on the staff team can reconstruct exactly what happened. When your account is hacked and stolen, you will receive support in regaining control because that is something they can follow up with, but when you give away your passwords, nobody on the staff team can gather all the evidence that would be necessary to even come to a decision on who is right or wrong within such a situation. A lot of the conversations about it would have been on other chatrooms or voice coms, and there just isn't enough to go on to be certain about making the correct choice when interfering. My personal advise is: You have both stated your sides & point of views. The community has shared their points of views. Leave the Name&Shame thread out there because it is important that other people who are considering sharing their passwords with others can see what can happen, and that maybe equal situations involving the same people can be avoided in the future. However, I recommend that if the two involved parties discuss it, this discussion should be private and without input from other members. I also recommend for both people to accept the situation as it is - it is obviously not perfect, and I understand the rage upon returning, thinking you had characters, and finding out they are gone, but I don't think any action you can take beyond this would lead to any of the results you'd like to see, so it would likely only stir more anger within you and remind you of this while you should be looking to move on, hard as that may be. I can also understand why someone would sell an account if they're dead certain nobody is going to come back for them, but maybe now people realize that it might be best to hold on to accounts you're being given for safekeeping because normally, people always return to Wumr sooner or later. If either of you need to vent and talk about this situation, feel free to contact me via PM and I'll support you best I can, but my support is limited to listening and providing (Hopefully) helpful and encouraging responses. Bottom line: This far and no further - in terms of actions you should take. Turning this into a public war is not going to be a good experience for either party, so let's keep things the way they are and make the best of it - whatever that may be.
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    Problems found by existing long term players are vastly different to actual problems new players find, and many feel their personal issues are the major issues wurm faces, which is fair enough, but also not the whole story. When WU launched on steam, it gave us the ability to track reviews of WU purchasers, those who had never played Wurm took the the time to share why they did or didn't like it. Now obviously graphics is one thing, but this is mostly misinterpreted due to the face the environment can be changed in any way shape or form, to have terrain that allows that it has to be somewhat basic, the new rendering engine also improves how light and shadows work, and goes a huge way towards improving the overall look, so we've got that going and have to accept it wont look like the latest call of duty. Next up, confusing UI, not understanding how to do things or what things are for. The UI is very dated, and we all know this, this is why the focus is on introducing a new UI with a much more intuitive feel and more visual feedback than reading the event log while looking at lists. Of course this is wurm, and something so in depth will always require lots of information to read through, but there's a lot we can do to improve it there, so this is one of our key areas. Thirdly, another big one is tutorial based, the games learning curve is huge, and many who stick with it find themselves loving the game, but it's a very high bar for entry, and thus we're working on a better tutorial system that bridges the gap between other MMOs and Wurm, getting those who like a little hand holding into the game better will also improve retention. We've been explicitly clear that we will not be merging any servers, beyond the sheer headache of having to make sure any merging goes smoothly, you also face the fact you're removing the hard work of many players that lived on that server, and it does not mean server pop 1 + server pop 2 = 1+2, chances are you'll lose a huge amount in the merge and wind up with the same position.
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    You didn't buy the accounts, the morally correct thing to do is return them to the owner.
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    1. Problem Framing. This drives the process. Good: the problem you paint doesn't exist. No one but a few attention deficit suffering bedwetting hooligans would want PvP and PvE mixed so they can destroy stuff for no gain to themselves at all. Process ends. Sorry to be so agressive and flippant about it, but I want to make it perfectly clear that me getting thrown into PvP in any shape or form at all would basically destroy the game for me.
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    I'm not looking to change server mechanics by making animals cross servers. It's a different thing than my suggestion - I merely look for a way to get animals transported safely and securely across any sort of distance and landscape, not to trade with them cross-server.
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    Maybe large transport boxes could look like this:
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    One year later he fixed a few bugs and released Unlimited... hate it when jokes come true.
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    I am certainly not opposed to making it possible for animals to cross servers. I did however create the thread in support of animal transport boxes over animals crossing servers, so while I'd also appreciate the upgrade for them to be able to cross server boundaries, I would be perfectly happy with a change that would allow us to get animal transport boxes at all rather than making it dependent on the possibility of animals crossing servers.
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    Some suggestions that might be added to the original post: A possible loading capacity: - Large Cart: 4S / 2M - Wagon: 5S / 3M - Corbita - 11S / 5M / 3L - Cog - 7S / 3M / 1L - Knarr - 9S / 8M / 5L - Caravel - 12S / 10M / 6L Or combinations of those *note: S=Small, M=Medium, L=Large* List of possible animals / cage; including some wild animals SMALL Chicken, Lamb, Piglett, Wild cat Medium Sheep, Pig, Foal, Calf, Bison calf, Hell horse foal (all three up to 1st adolescent stage), Large rat, Bear (black & brown), Mountain lion, Goblin (padlock required!), Black wolf, Cave bug LARGE Bison, Hell Horse, Cow, Bull, Unicorn, Crocodile, Scorpion, Lavafiend, Spider, Lava spider, Hell Scorpion, Troll (padlock required!), as well as the Champion versions of all animals. For "loading" the animals in the cage a hitch option will do. However, the wild animals need to be tamed / dominated before they're able to enter the cage Thorin PS: +1
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    Clarification of value. Thank You, Wurm Online Team
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