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    Macros are NOT allowed in Wurm Online! We have gone to extra lengths in the tutorial, rules, and other places to make it well known that we do not approve of Macro use. Macros are NOT allowed in Wurm Online! You are allowed to use keybinds to fill your queue. We explained this in the rules! Macros are NOT allowed in Wurm Online! If you use macros you will be detected and you will have your avatar/s banned. Macros are NOT allowed in Wurm Online! With that unpleasantness out of the way I would just like to remind you Macros are NOT allowed in Wurm Online! Thank you, Wurm Online Team
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    Second verse, same as the first.... Macros are NOT allowed in Wurm Online!
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    As incredible as it may seem....... I had to clarify this even more.... So all together now, Macros are NOT allowed in Wurm Online!
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    I moved to Exodus from Chaos last year, lived with some friends at The Old Contemptibles for a while but couldn't quite deal with the old itch to have a project to work on. So in November Magranon's Rest was born as a "bit of a project to play around with no big deal". Thankfully i took many screenshots to show how much i lied to myself in that first day. So i found my location, spoke with the locals Mappy and Cyborg over at Centrum about giving them a new, slightly insane, neighbour and got to work: Deedplanner image of the start. I made some calculations after opening an entrance at the base of the mountain, exactly 900 slope from the top edge of the mine entrance to the height of the token. This will be important later Marked out the deed border with banners temporarily and set up my temp workshop, The Gravy House. I started a ramp around to use the dirt i'd dug up and then realised it would take far too long to dirt ramp up, so for the first...2 months i believe, WALL LADDER. Here began the true first stage of madness, the decision to hollow out the entire mountain, deed is a 51x51 and by the end of these images i have a mine well over 1000 tiles. Naturally that wasn't enough for me so i also mined the ceilings up, then lowered the floors to max ceiling height. At the time of writing this, the floors are about 1/3 completed levelling down. Sorry about the lighting, mines are derpy to take pictures of. How i fuel myself, boozebed. Here we have a rare sighting of another person stupid enough to show up and work with me, believe this was Mappy...possibly Cyborg. Yes i conscripted my neighbours. Mad attempt to deal with the lighting or i screwed up and needed ash for concrete? You decide. I tried to be smart by only storing 50+QL rocks...i still ended up with about 50,000 xD This is how it looks at the moment for the entryway, after this pic you must suffer through several boring and samey images of a cave ramp. Why you ask? The reason is simple, because i spent weeks making this god forsaken ramp and it is BEAUTIFUL. MARCH 19th EDIT with unstable client dynamic lighting! Understably, I hope, at this point i wanted to give up on life and settled instead for putting the mine on hold so i could BE OUTSIDE. Starting with a platform up at the token level. Strategic lava tiles are used for destroying insolent ore veins on my ramp. That top platform became a farm for a while, man's gotta eat. Now i realised the time had come to begin the first platform of three that will eventually stack together to reach the token height. Needed more dirts and ended up with the start of a moat. Hmm...water....idea forming perhaps. Gonna need to fill this in... Wheeeeeee dumping dirt out is so much more fun than levelling! Somtimes i just sorta get distracted by my own ideas. This one was...."hmm should i surface mine another platform above the token area? It ended in my planting the one and only tree at Magranon's Rest. Lovingly wild growth casted and enchanted by Shellbee. Then those damned horrible evil devs gave us three wide mine entrances and i HAD TO HAVE ONE. Problem was it looked utterly terrible without flattening out the tops of the entrances as well as the bottom. This whole process took 2 days because....digging the goddamn dirtwall back down, also i screwed up like 3 times. It's beautiful...... With the addition of the bridge and needing more dirt I went back to that water idea from earlier CANAAAAALLLLLL. Reasonably certain I drove a number of my alliance insane with my canal madness. Not just dug, but also dirt casted to rock level depth. Shout out to Bonefly of Black Brigade for not murdering me for slapping a canal in front of his deed o.o Place is finally starting to come together That rock layer on the West side was in the way. It had to go. Deedplanner screenshot That's it for now folks, about 4 months of my "small project". I will continue to chronicle it and get those platforms raised! At the time of posting this the first platform is complete and filled with dirt but it's night time and i refuse to take screenshots in that lighting so that one can wait March 9th post - Plotting out the Nomads and Centrum Canals. March 10th post - Diving board! March 14th post - Canal progress allows caravel now! New bridge up across to Nomads March 20th post - Spring arrived and i updated with new paving, smoothed out canal and the start of the horrors of making slate slabs for the walls. April 14th post - Alright heres a little preview of the work Angelklaine has been doing in the mine while i've continued to play in the dirt. New slate gatehouse out of the south end of the main cavern and the new marble bricked outer wall in Stable and Unstable clients respectively April 22nd Gatehouse rebuild in marble. April 24th Deedplanner shot April 25th Mine Update Guest Houses are up, getting started on my underground city May 20th Canal Update Starts at East coast here next to Black Brigade. View from east entrance bridge. View at the BB/MR perimeter bridge From the main entrance of Magranon's Rest The long run up to Centrum Universi (i'm gonna be digging them a moat the whole way around while i collect dirt :P) Centrum corner section And connecting onto Nomad's docks, through which there is entry to Lake Serpentine Now i got a loooooooooooooooooot of dirt to start using and don't get me started on deciding what to do with the mine walls.....i'll probably clad it all in marble... May 28th completed roads/canal update Alrighty the time has come for me to get back to the dirt raising, so here's a couple pics of the new view from the wall platform with shiny new slate roads. With the East coast <-> Lake Serpentine canal done i'll be collecting dirt by building a moat for my neighbours at Centrum Universi so once i finish using this lot of dirt up i'll be completing a ring road around CU replacing the old cobble one too New road/bridge layout with my towers and mailbox icons added in too. I think thats enough messing around with off deed stuff for a while! May 30th Dirt all used up! So i took all the dirt from the canal and the road works. Which was something like 160 crates of dirt. This is a picture from the east side of the wall after i finished raising all the outer sections by levelling Then after i dropped ALL that dirt into it, this is how that looks from the opposite corner I think i need a little more dirt... Looks nice from outside at least June 14th - little paving update to the tunnels I have returned and the digging continues, doubt i'll have much to post here in terms of screenshots for a while, all i'm doing is digging a wagon at a time and dumping it over the edge to fill in the 2nd platform. I did play around with new cave paving though Tunnel looks like this now. June 20th - Paving and cladding the cavern I was really pleased with how my playing around with paving the mine went so i took some time out of digging the entire desert up today to start work on more paving and cladding. Looks pretty damn awesome if i do say so myself. Only problem now is how much more that bit of broken ceiling i can't fix bothers me! June 22nd - Did a little video of the cave and tunnel ramp. Jberg delivered a beautiful shot as seen from GM flight July 4th - third and final platform wall being raised I got a little bored of dumping dirt and watching it trickle into the pit so i decided to just raise the third platform outer wall and dump dirt from the top. Looks pretty nuts so far, if you zoom in the tiny little speck a mile up next to the wagon is me xD Gives you an idea what the final completed height will look like from the outside at least. July 14th - Cave Warehouse Update Welp i'm gonna be offline for another couple weeks, moving house big stuffs! So here's what i worked on this week at least....sadface that the unstable client lighting got changed and now it's all dark again Finally started giving myself a warehouse / place to live that isn't the token house. Was hard to get a nice pic of the ground floor warehouse because for the some reason the items have about a 5 tile draw distance so you can't see the signs, crates and bsb's. So i just took a pic of the billion rock shards xD August 6th - My return from 3 weeks away moving house. I'm back everyone! While I've been moving house my Fire and Sand alliance pals have been setting up something special for later events at my deed check it out! The Armoury The building that the first picture is taken from - Public Barracks August 26th quicky screeny (only been working on little bits n bobs + collecting more dirt lately so not a lot to show off) Getting real busy in the mine nowadays! I'm gonna have to finish levelling floors just to make room for more buildings soon September 9th making progress on the dirt platform again So close... Of course once this outer ring is done i have....well...this to fill in. September 22nd - Impalong preparation pictures The Armoury - Crafting Hall Ground Floor Smithy 2nd Floor Seating, crafting and auction hall. Roof Sermon Area Public Barracks - Aka the hotel First Four Floors all look like this. With some deluxe suites higher up On a final note the platform outer dirtwall has been 100% completed meaning i no longer have to level! I can just dump dirt over the edge into the gaping chasm September 28th - Continued Impalong prep I adopted a town mascot, this is Alan. Preparation for the impalong continues Now i have an arena. Helpy helpers who have helped @Arium - Initial cave mining and ceiling raising. Claimed and collected Finndar's dirt donation. @Cyborg - Mining @Mappy - Mining, dirt donations and helped put up the guard towers @JakeRivers - Not honestly certain if he knows how many supplies i "borrowed" from ToC @Mypoppy - Dirt Donation @SomebodyX - Does stuff on occasion, honestly not sure why i don't KoS him for being my only citizen who's never here. @Zivirt - I steal his account to do skills i'm too lazy to grind myself. @Szai - Dirt Donation @Wulfgarr(Thunderstruck) - Dirt Donation @Tiranille - Dirt Donation @Angelklaine - Actually came over and joined the village for the opportunity to help with my mine! @kilgharrah and @Kialexia - Dirt digging and huge donation of dirt out of their own pocket! @koroth - Came by on a Nahjo priest Sirona and casted dirt while he stayed @armyskin - "did like 3 hours of levelling total" - his words. Has since spent many hours levelling cave floors. @Fhylli - Levelled outer dirtwall of platform 2 with me. @Finndar - Donated a large sum of dirt. The following players assisted in huge building and decoration efforts to prepare for impalong events. @Alagrexa Tiranille@Grumpled@PingvinenGlory@BaddbobSomebodyx @Robus@Rocklobstar @Roysta@Theodein(Snoo)@SugarFoxx@TulemeesArium @Melloyello Whiterose If i missed someone do yell at me. If anyone wants to come visit you've got the location up at the top of this post South end of the NE desert. Deed is open access and if i'm online i'll even feed ya
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    Oooooooh, let's post a classic of classics shall we? For the oldtimers out there!
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    The skills involving hand as tool or no tools like forage / botanize are way harder to grind or potentially slower to use than most that use an actual tool as common enchants are not usable on them. My suggestion is to introduce a working glove which could be used OPTIONALLY* instead of the hand tool and for collecting skills which require no tool - this way the affected skills could benefit from CoC / WoA etc. Could be worth to consider adding some benefit using a working glove against bare hand - slightly better ql or increased amount collected maybe. *Optionally - don't make the life of fresh players harder as they will naturally want to forage / botanize from day 1.
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    So, you may wonder is Odynn going nuts again and suggesting something silly?! No, not really, many of us have large alliance, sometimes many deeds and sometimes even love that public deed here and there, be it a market, a social event one or one you like for reasons that are yours alone. Well the idea is simple. Allow the mayor of the deed to show (or not - turned off by default please) the upkeep remaining to their allies or freedom pals (or any specific roles). This would allow an easier management of upkeep and help us know when to drop that extra silver. Depending on devs willingness to work on it, information can be either partial (ie. days left) or complete (just like your mayor/citizen ones) money in coffers / upkeep per month (28 days in fact) / day remaining. (Knowing that informations from the later can be found by doing some maths using the first proposition). Nota. As mentionned bellow (and was not clear enough above), the idea is indeed for a new roles option.
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    Server will be centrally located in the US. Mods Spell that locates all players on map and gives there general location. Anyone stealthed will not show on the list, anyone with a nolocate spell greater than the power of the cast will not show on the list. [11:51:54] You sense the presence of Sigma in the center regions. [11:51:54] You sense the presence of Testj in the south regions. Meditation removal. Nearly every aspect of meditation has been removed only refresh on (one hour cool-down) and enchant grass (no cool-down) exist, these are available to all paths at level 1. Hell Horses move a little slower than regular horses due to there ability to move faster while in hurting, as well as there armor making them still viable but not Bugatti's. Genesis only costs 10 favor and has no cool-down. The ability to cast most important construction materials and reinforcement beams on crates and bsb's for 10 favor and 100 count. The ability to purchase most important items like scale, drake, tomes and an assortment of other items from coin and withdraw money by right clicking body (no deposit on body with this server)(will make a list later). Karma teleport removed. 512 treasure chests. Large Crates hold 307,200 items, Small 1/2 that. Glimmer and Ada transmutation rods. Many more craftable items. The ability to get -100 alignment if hate god, and 100 alignment if not by right clicking an altar. Universal sac item Religious Fragment. 2@50ql=100 favor. Craftable with a rock-shard and stone chisel, 200 per rock-shard. Timer Fix Mod Tax Config Mod (abandoned deed killer) Surface Mining Fix Mod Starter Gear Mod (start with small barrel, Stone chisel, Hammer, Spy Glass) Spell Mod, No priest restrictions but you can only cast your own gods spells. Sacrifice Mod, 50% chance to get a bone matching the rarity of a sacrificed item. Prospect Mod Pick More Sprouts (5) No Fatigue Move To Center Harvest Helper Fire Burn Time Crop Mod Creature Mod Creature Age Mod Horses get to mature really fast. Bulk Transport Mod Big Containers Mod Bounty Mod increased bounty of about 500% Better Dig Server Overview Server is designed to be as easy as possible but also as fair as possible, there are no caps on characteristics, and there really easy to gain (the lack of SoTG makes this viable). Players start with 50fs. Only 2 starter kingdoms JK and HoTS no Freedom (None). Map is 2048x2048 has a 400x400 HoTA Zone & 425x425 no build Zone exactly in the center. This server isn't designed for raiding (you still can if you wish) but rather open field pvp. 100x skill gain and 10x timers Epic 25,000 creatures 50% hostile. Creatures give birth on average in about 1 day. Planned HoTA Rewrite The Map I have probably forgotten to mention some changes so expect this thread to be updated with them.
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    Meeting a hell hound for the first time...
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    (Yes I'm bored heh heh heh)
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    Hellu yall, would like to invite every one to slay our very tiny Young Troll King, the Cow master Slay in our deed Darkness Falls in Pristine P 8 (in game map) Scheduled for Saturday night for me, in around Welcome to come and land a hit on it and gain a blood to make a nice stone cutting potion
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    DeedPlanner 2.7.2 released! Changes: Added possibility to toggle bridges rendering in 2d view Added over 50 new objects Added new categories for some of the new objects, moved some of the existing objects to better fitting categories Renamed "Fountains" objects category to "Water Sources" Big thanks to Malena for objects list, and to Yldrania for a few suggestions. One small fact - DeedPlanner will turn 4 years old in exactly one month (if we count from 1.0 version release).
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    MapPlanner Server map generator for Wurm Unlimited MapPlanner is a tool which allows you to design and generate maps for Wurm Unlimited - all you need to do is reuse one of built-in examples, use templates created by other users or create your own, click "execute" and wait until your map is ready! Due to program structure it is suitable both for normal and advanced users - normal users can simply drag and drop blocks to decide what elements they want to see on map, while advanced ones can use more powerful features like parallel blocks execution or even create their own modules to extend the program capabilities. Thanks to simple modding system, adding new modules is as simple as copying single file. There is no set release date yet, but I would expect that program will be ready for initial release in late February or March. Screenshots
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    I think with current number of PMK's and player numbers on chaos devs could increase champion slots per god to 4 or 5. But leave same 3 champions per kingdom limit.
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    Some plans for the following weeks: Next big feature (for 2.8) - hinted above with the screenshot of cow - will be a pen planning. It will allow you to put animals on plan in the same way as you can do with objects right now. Initially, I will include all farm animals (including different horse colors) and some common taming targets. The main difference between objects and animals is that you will be able to set different age/gender for animals - other than that, they will be functionally identical. No animations (yet), sorry. Another interesting feature which will appear in 2.8 is slope editing mode - it will allow you to input slopes from game into the program without interaction with the program at all, by examining tile borders and using emotes in-game. Before 2.8 there will most likely be one more minor release, but I cannot say any details about its content or release date yet. ETA for 2.8.0 release: 14 April 2017 (DeedPlanner 4th anniversary).
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    Pacer was stealthed in a mine you logged out in for ... about 7 hours... waiting for you. lol I had to bring him water like 3 times. It was right next to my deed at the time. ---- IMO it was probably the absolute worst decision rolf ever made. We lost around 1/3 of the playerbase in 3 days iirc, at least 4 or 5 staff members quit, I was a CM at the time and I just about did as well. The deeds on the far west coast were destroyed... some of them long before the people who owned them even knew the change had been made. I happened to be on that day and kicked our deed up to heavy guards and we were fairly far east anyhow, so we didn't get too much hassle. Our off deed areas were all fairly solidly fenced in as well. The worst part was the fact that we had absolutely no real warning... people lost hundreds of hours worth of work, some of it was just destroyed maliciously, places torn apart for absolutely no reason at all, there wasn't even loot, and the tokens were not behind any sort of walls, but decorative trees and orchards were cut, roads destroyed, landscaping (not dirt walls, but simple terraces) dug out and fields ripped apart. The part that was the most annoying to me was people standing on the hill over newtown (the start town)... a completely open plan, no walls, not even many buildings to hide in... shooting players with a bow and a spyglass from beyond sight as they spawned at the token... for some of the players it was the first (and last) time they logged in. Even after rolf decided to remove the raiding ability the damage was done. A lot of people had been forced to make very hasty (and ugly) changes to deeds in order to get walls up for some sort of defenses, and a poll on the forums came back with the decision to remove the old homeservers and start fresh on the freedom isles, so for a few months there was nothing going on at all on the pve servers because we knew everything was going to poof but indy was not ready yet. I will say that moving day was actually pretty awesome tho... a few hundred boats crossing the server border in a massive exodus lasting only a day or two. (there was a week to move iirc, but most people got across within the first 48 hrs)
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    Posting and sending PM's is extremely delayed for me. At times it takes up to 3 minutes to go from "saving" the reply to actually posting it. Stuck on this:
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    I disagree with the suggestion. I'd take it a step further. Completely remove the restriction of champs per god. I remember back on elevation where everyone wanted the fo slots and we all thought the limitation was stupid since whoever would get them first would permanently have them as long as they killed off their champs at 1 life while someone stood near the altars. So yea, level the playing field by removing the god-limit.
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    A couple days ago, my friend asked me if I remembered the first place we settled in. We were there for one night, but it was where I fell in love with the game. So it made me wonder how I thought about the game back when I started, and started reading chat logs I have saved from then. What silly things did you say when you were a newbie? If you still happen to have access to those logs, do you mind sharing? I will start with an event on day 3 of my adventures in Wurm. As we walked from the portal area coming from GV, I encountered this man on a horse who I thought was an NPC. After some confusion, he set both my friend and I with some food, a lump of iron, some tools and two cows to ride... yes, cows. We laughed so much at how silly we looked riding cows, but it was epic. We settled in a water level and horribly wet area and there it was where I cut my first tree. The next day I got a boat from a kind soul and we went elsewhere (Xanadu) where I settled. I took a moment to send our fellow wurmian a chat convo: Logging started 2016-11-10 [23:32:46] <Angelklaine> hi! [23:32:46] <System> Nirav is not currently available, please try again later. [00:22:09] <Angelklaine> Hello! [00:22:20] <Angelklaine> You on? [00:43:23] <Nirav> hello [01:24:11] <Angelklaine> hey [01:24:14] <Angelklaine> sorry to bother you [01:24:36] <Nirav> s cool what's up? i keel gettinmg busy [01:24:54] <Nirav> forget to look at this [01:25:22] <Angelklaine> We got a boat from someone else and moved to another place. Found a great place to settle. We left two cows, a pig and a chicken in a pen where you showed us [01:25:51] <Angelklaine> Didnt feel right killing your cow since it was a fast cow [01:25:59] <Angelklaine> and there is another young one [01:26:22] <Nirav> ok, thank yuo - will go them later. [01:28:58] <Angelklaine> no, thanks for everything you did for us. You have no idea how much it helped [01:29:01] <Angelklaine> especially the iron [01:29:07] <Nirav> awesome [01:30:02] <Angelklaine> I went premium so I will be around! [01:30:08] <Nirav> yay! Do you have any funny stories of your time in Wurm? Share them!
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    Changes and additions Dye requirement for large and small crates has been reduced to 2.50kg and 1.50kg respectively. Merchants who move on due to poor business (self-dismiss) will now return their goods and coins inside a backpack through the mail system instead of returning each item individually. Cultivate option is now present on grass, steppe and mycelium tiles. You will now be able to forage and botanize on mycelium tiles. Planter racks will no longer fit in large storage units. Plants inside planter racks currently in large storage units will no longer grow. God conversion changes: HotS template kingdoms (default and PMK) can follow Libila or any player god. All others can follow anyone except Libila. As per the option for PMK libila priests in 1.3, Libila priests will be able to use the /transfer option to change to a player god deity without a faith loss until the 10th of April Epic terraforming events have been removed from the endgame of Valrei scenarios. Bug Fixes Bugfix: More text issues addressed. Bugfix: Changed a number of recipes that were using HFC instead of baking.
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    Ok, you got me, this isn't an actual picture of them. I have not finished imping them yet, but they will be 90ql before the auction ends Starting Bid: 10s Increment: 50c Frequently Asked Questions: Q. Is this auction for all 10 planters? A. Yes! Q. Are they all rare? A. Yes! Q. Do they stay rare after planting? A. Yes! Q. Does rarity add anything to the harvest? A. Allegedly 1 quality above your skill level. Q. Are they going to be 90ql? A. Yes! Q. What if you supreme one? A. You get to keep it! Q. Did your 7-year-old draw that picture? A. No...
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    Few new screenshots. Reinforced cave floors Better cave editing (notice the contrast between reinforced cave walls and normal floors) Moo
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    So if you play with sounds on, there's usually howling wind even when you're inside your house, which (among with weather effects like rain) ruins the feeling of being safe from the elements. There's already an event message when you try to sleep in a windy environment - ' The house is too windy to provide protection. ', but even if the house is fully built you can hear the wind 100%. I'm wondering if it's possible to check if the player is in a fully built building (that you could sleep in for example), and muffle the wind sounds?
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    I remember the first time I tried to actually make something, a cart. We didn't have a crafting window back then and I was told to read the event messages. So the event window kept telling me I must improve the "whatever" with a "whatever" before continuing. So I kept doing that and after a very long time finally asked how long it was going to take to make the pieces for the cart since it seemed endless. My friend laughed and told me improving is optional. It hadn't occurred to her that I'd need to be told that.
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    I was not playing back then but I remember reading about it. There is also this Penny Arcade thread recounting the events as they unfolded; https://forums.penny-arcade.com/discussion/81658/cluster######-on-wurm-online-pvp-free-server-is-up-again-run-for-it Of especial note was Rolf's stubbornness in the initial days following, even when he had many players and GM staff quitting, insisting it was a right move and players should just get used to it and hey maybe they would even find they ENJOYED having their deeds trashed and raided: This is why a few of us "newer" players go nervous when Rolf started blogging again in 2012 about "some situations where the game has deviated from the vision and idea over the years", and warning that changes were coming to return to original visions, since we all knew "original vision" was for Wurm to be a hardcore PvP only game world. If you poked around in the Wayback machine you could find Rolf's original 2004 "Concept" of the game, which again revolved almost entirely around pvp-style warfare: "Almost every day there is a raid where the enemy comes in large hoards against their stone-walled keeps." So we were edgy in 2012 about him announcing new changes coming to correct the current "Deviation From The Vision." We kept begging him to elaborate on that but he never did. Maybe he just forgot? Anyway this always made me wonder about that OTHER great event in wurm history, the 2007 Wurmaggeddon, when Rolf suddenly announced the wurm hard drives had catastrophically failed, he had no backups, and everyone's stuff and characters and deeds were just ..;. gone forever. I think seriously he sometimes just got frikkin tired of us.
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    To those of us who do not like or want PVP... This was not a blast, it was terrible. mean spirited players just destroying everything and stealing because they could. We did not sign up for that and we had little warning to prepare to even try to defend ourselves. Because you see the PVP servers had an advantage with higher fight skils and some things that were not available to us lowly PVE people. The majority of the population is PVE and still is. When we all got outraged and went looking for other games that respected us, Freedom was announced. I never want to see another PVP scenario again. Many may be respectful however those who are not give everyone who plays PVP a bad reputation.
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    In terms of game-play for the game as a whole, I think it could be argued to be better now. From what I understand of how traders used to work... you buy a contract from someone you know, so you get a discount. Yes, it's an initial expenditure. The trader pays for itself relatively quickly. Subsequently, all further traders are bought with money from the initial trader + the discount of buying those new traders from the initial trader. All that money, which other people are providing by actually buying funds from CCAB, is in a closed loop to a few people who have already made their initial payment back and from then on profit on everyone else's contributions to the game. They, themselves, never need to spend another dime. With how it works now, there's at least a chance the money I give CCAB every month may wind up in the pocket of multiple new players. With any luck, that might help them get started, get addicted err fall in love, and one day themselves contribute to CCAB. You really have a lot of grandiose assumptions in there with little to back it up. I'm just going to address your assertion that Rolf has lost faith in the game. Think of how far he brought it on his own. Think back to a world of all male green toons with arms stuck to their sides standing atop a horse, which wasn't itself animated at all. If he had faith in it for all that time he was toiling away... what makes you think he'd lose faith now? If Rolf was the type to lose faith, we wouldn't be playing Wurm today. Now, you may very well be right, but I don't think you have a shred of reality to base it on. I don't either, but given the evidence from knowing where Wurm has come from, and how far it has come... I'm inclined to believe Rolf didn't just suddenly lose faith in a project he's been insanely dedicated to all these years. He's also faced threats and competition from copy cat games, some with superior graphics at the time. Instead of losing faith and retreating, he upped his game and persevered. For the record, I'm not Rolf's mother, I've never made Key Lime Pie, and I'm not on facebook.
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    [22:00:26] Your title is now Imperial Dragonsmith. Finally got it
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    I can attest for the last year this has never been a thing. GMs don't have access to the code directly and those of us who do would rather not forfeit our positions on the team. Personally, I even avoid WU topics because it's hard to really determine if my understanding of something is because of the NDA'd code I've had access to or the WU decompiled source I've tinkered with before. I suppose I can understand this conspiracy theory, and I can't speak for the distant past either. I will say that I am very much against private cliques who go through the WU source and use the information for their own gain. I've even declared a small war on one such clique, and their retaliation was comical and worth a few laughs. Indeed, I can never link the tool they developed in public again without breaking a rule and insulting myself. Bravo on that one.
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    Hoping these maps work well on WU! Fingers crossed for release. Spent some time making up this 2048x map, which unless I missed something, includes everything (incredibly rare glimmer/addy). ZIP: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxcZRLd3WWEDRVBpeVhEaUlzamM World View; Cave view; http://i.imgur.com/WuA4fTM.png
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    another bump for a very woadful decision to ignore this thread
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    I can remember were I took this, but recent stubbled over it. Quite a nice shot.
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    Join now and forever be known as one of [Proph's Boys]
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    Not part of the current work, this was addressing the libila inbalances, changing how champions work would be a much larger overhaul.
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    there are some very simple things that you do not think of if anyone new asks questions...one of my first questions was how to cut down a tree, and they said that i should activate my hatchet and rightclick the tree. tried for 5minutes without success till i got the answer...click the TILE, not the tree XD
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    My personal story is that I picked up all the items I considered valuable and didn't log back in until Freedom was announced as a PvE-only cluster.
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    Many may disagree about this, but here are my thoughts on WU and it's default skill gain and action speed. Warning - I do get off track sometimes, but let's face it, you guys are used to it Enjoy Wurm Unlimited | Prospecting with Milo
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    For people who can't or don't hunt, that sounds like a good idea. I know a few years ago we had a poll to make more use out of fur. Either you have to have high skill to make rugs or get bulk fur that can only be used on a bed. One such suggestion was I think sleeping bags that work like beds when not at a building. I really think more use of fur needs revisited. Even bison fur collected and other furs used in clothing would be nice.
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    All sorts of things can be made from adamantine and glimmersteel, including rivets, rings and bracelets, but not horseshoes (according to the wurmpedia entries anyway) 'Glimmershoes' could, as well as having a speed boost and a reduction in damage taken, provide a sparkly effect to the horse when it moves. Flaming footprints for hellhorses, rainbow stars (or something equally unicorny) for unicorns, and...ummm...something else for normal horses Disclaimer: this post may or may not be slightly less than entirely serious
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    When taming with combined grass it should use just one portion not the whole thing no matter how big it is, so we can maintain coc for animal taming grinding
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    How so? What we have now is meta gaming. Players use information garnered from private conversations with devs and Rolf over the years to know their CR whilst those who don't have access to that information have to figure it out themselves using information accessible in-game. "In role-playing games, a player is metagaming when they use knowledge that is not available to their character in order to change the way they play their character (usually to give them an advantage within the game), such as knowledge of the mathematical nature of character statistics, or the statistics of a creature that the player is familiar with but the character has never encountered. It can also include plot information, such as renaming a character with a false name to their real name before it is revealed." Source Allowing everyone to see their own CR negates the meta gaming rather than enables it.
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    I don't recall if it was an official poll, or just a thread with more people saying start over than stay, but i definitely recall the discussion and the consensus. (tho by that point i was more than a bit mad because we burned 8 sculpting wands hammering through a chunk of rock layer on pacers mountain to expedite construction of a new fortress city for my villagers to use as a secure base in the weeks while it looked like the changes were going to be permanent. I never did get those charges back) I don't remember if the pvp changes were reverted or not, I do know that there were GM rules against some of the stuff, boat theft comes to mind, for the last few months as the new server was set up and people were preparing for the move.
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    Title says it all really. I`d like to be able to groom the hellhorses and a metal/wire brush would be the ideal tool.
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    Join a Kingdom where people actually have fun with each other on a PvP server.
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    Hey guys! There have been some new additions to the server! Portable and loadable altars are now available. You can now pray on the go! Craft a bowl altar at a large anvil with a lump of your choice: gold, silver, bronze or brass. Want the ability to separate bulk items in a Bulk Storage Bin? Well, you got it! No longer worry about combining high and low qualities! Credit to Erlend for making the awesome portable altar mod. Thank you!!! Come play on our server to enjoy these awesome mods and more! Check out our website for more info: Requiem of Wurm
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    for no flowers problem, I got it fixed with this post. and this file. http://pappy.homenet.org/jukken/wurm/flowerspawner.jar
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