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    Nowe Wszczniesz by Warlander Top of the morning to ye Wurmians! It's another Valrei International, keeping you up to date with everything going on in your world, so let's get to it! In light of some discussions this week, I'd like to go over a few things we're working on, while the PvP roadmap coming later will have a bit more info on some things. PvP updates There's a lot in the works with PvP related overhauls, including the Valrei system as well as priests and spells. These projects are currently under the way as we speak, but these are not simple tasks. Many factors include identifying how the system is supposed to work, what does and doesn't work with the current system, what we want the system to be and how we want it to work and how prospective changes would fit in with the rest of the game. Once we have a firm plan ironed out, we'll then begin involving you all in feedback and testing, seeing what needs to be tweaked and adjusted, as well as looking at the overall feel of it and how it meshes in. We completely understand that this is frustrating when you're waiting for it, but it does take time, we'll be seeing a few minor things going out to tone down the effects of valrei (Such as removing terraforming events next update) as well as reducing stun timers from nogumps and other creatures (last update). There's a lot to go through and we'll continue to work on it, as well as work to make sure that you all are kept up to date with what's going on. We're committed to improving PvP, and we'll be providing a bit more PvP oriented road map soon, with Budda breaking out his thesaurus to work on his first devblog! I don't know when that will land, but stay tuned! Conversions So many of you might have seen the thread about HotS conversions to player gods where we agreed that it was a less than ideal system. The task we face now is rewriting the outdated conversion system with one that performs better, and makes a bit more sense. This system will allow HotS players to follow player gods, I'm not sure whether it will be BL only player gods or include WL ones, and more info will be given prior to release, but I wanted to share with you all that the current system will be changed fairly soon, being on test within the next two weeks or so. Unstable is a bit more stable! Good news everyone! We've managed to identify and resolve the disconnect issue with the unstable client! This opens the door for us to address the other issues that arise with the new client, and begin the final bug fixing prior to it becoming the stable client. So please do test it out and play on it and provide all feedback on performance and crashing issues you encounter. If you don't test it now when it's unstable you might encounter an issue when it goes live, and that means trouble! One important thing to remember is there are several new settings in the new client, including shadow map size, and dynamic lighting. Both of these improve the look and feel of the game greatly, but do also impact performance if you run on the lower end, so I'd advise starting with a new configuration, and tweaking it as it goes. Grab the unstable client and give it a go here: http://www.wurmonline.com/client/wurmclient_unstable.jnlp Xanadu Improvements We've isolated a few issues causing Xanadu's lag, and some may have noticed that things occur a little faster on Xanadu than they used to (coal piles burning!) We've got some other things in the works to address them, and hopefully they improve performance as well! Community Content And Milosanx returns with a new video from wu! It's always great to see videos from him, and it's a good overview of the new Otherlands server, which opened with the release of 1.3, so check it out! Vortac and Weem have also been hard at work with their Follywood series, which I have enjoyed greatly (and pestered several people with links to) So make sure you check those out as well! That's it from me this week, so have a good weekend everyone, and as always, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    I'm bumping up an old thread because I want to call someone specific out for an amazing deed. Most have heard that the MR forums were hacked, and subsequently someone got onto my account, stole everything of value and sold it so quickly that nothing could be done to recover it. Enki found my most prized lost possession, my black drake armor, had been sold to someone (who had NO idea it was stolen). this person contacted me and after verifying it was my lost set, SENT IT BACK TO ME. I couldn't afford to pay him what he spent but he didn't ask for anything. So, salute to my new hero, Smokesthebear (Snorlax on the forums). If you see him around Exodus, make sure to salute. Also, if any of you purchased on November 26th a smc, supreme hatchet (maker - charabis), a rare hatchet with a very good imbue, an addy helm or glitter axe, enjoy the spoils of my losses and hope you get many years of good use out of them!
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    Always found it odd that blue dye is so insane to get made. red - cochinaels are easy to come by and everyone skills butchering green - just mine it, easy white - just mine it, easy black - we can harvest acorns now but....blue - You have to scramble around botanising for ages, rarely getting woad, getting lots of random other junk and the chance its good QL is reaallllly slim. Couldn't we allow Woad to be put in planters and use similar code to herbs? Edit for important information - You can no longer botanise high QL woad without the skill. It is literally capped with your skill since 1.3. If you ever want to be able to make 90QL blue dye you need to find a person with 90+ botanising. Does anyone in the whole game have that!? Feb 9th Edit - Today the devs decided that Forestry, Milking and Botanising being actually slightly reasonable to grind for the first time in 10 years needed nerfing, so now it's even harder to get woad.
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    Its something i may look at, but it would have to exclude uniques. And i'd like to have a new boat type for transporting animals..
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    Please can we change the programming so that animals can cross server borders? I'm sure it's been said before, but I'm mentioning it again because it's quite a big thing and would be particularly helpful to breeders such as myself not having to start again on every new server we go to. I understand the programming part is easier said than done, and obviously this isn't going to happen overnight, but I'm hoping this issue could be given a higher priority in future. I suppose it would make sense for creatures that can't swim not to be able to cross, but we should at least be able to lead creatures over on a boat like we can do to different parts of our own servers.
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    Selling affinity meals of your choice! HOW THIS WORKS: We send you 2 sample meals, you taste (using the taste option in the rightclick menu) both and tell me which one gives you what affinity and send them back. Tasting those 2 meals is only required once per character, after this we can always prepare the correct meal for the affinity of your choice. If you need the same affinity for 2 different characters, they will have to do the tasting separately and will most likely require 2 separate meals as each toon is different. Based on those 2 samples, we can prepare meals which are about 4kg in weight and +/- 90 quality. This means that if you want Tailoring affinity, we will send you a meal which will give you 4hour+ of Tailoring affinity after first bite! Don't eat it all, just choose "eat" and hit escape right away, one bite of 0.03kg in size will give 4h+ affinity time and 100% CCFP, if you have a magic chest, it will last you over a year assuming 4h/day, otherwise it will pretty much decay before you can use up the hours it gives. This amazing deal which is not offered by anyone else will cost 1 silver per meal. There is an exception to this, some characters are "bugged" and they can't have affinity from meals by this recipe for the 20 skills below, we will know if your toon is one of those after you taste the 2 samples as well and will let you know. If your character is one of those affected by this, we can't prepare the following affinities for you and there is nothing we can do about it, some toons have affinities distributed weird. 20 skills out of 138 are affected: channeling, exorcizm, artifacts, foraging, botanizing, climbing, stone cutting, lock picking, stealing, traps, catapults, animal taming, animal husbandry, short bow, long bow, med. Bow, ship building, ballistae, trebuchets, turrets. We can still prepare the remaining 118 affinity meals for the affected toons. STEP BY STEP GUIDE
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    1. Player stands on the mine tile and activate the tool (could be new tool or just dioptra) 2. He can right click tile floor or ceiling and click MEASURE 3. He gets a messages: XX corner is lowest one (where XX could be NE/NW/SE/SW) XX corner is X slopes higher then the lowest one (where XX could be NE/NW/SE/SW and X will be number of slopes) XX corner is X slopes higher then the lowest one (where XX could be NE/NW/SE/SW and X will be number of slopes) XX corner is X slopes higher then the lowest one (where XX could be NE/NW/SE/SW and X will be number of slopes) example: NE corner is lowest one NW corner is 10 slopes higher then the lowest one SE corner is 15 slopes higher then the lowest one SW corner is 5 slopes higher then the lowest one for some corners on the same level: NE corner is lowest one NW corner is lowest one SE corner is 15 slopes higher then the lowest one SW corner is 5 slopes higher then the lowest one
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    No Winter Removes the winter season entirely from the game. Fall textures and settings will be used instead. Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/nowinter/releases Improved Compass Compass always display heading (even when moving) Compass mouse over will show exact coordinates, heading angle and height. Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/compass/releases Better Tooltips Shows all ground tooltips regardless of active tool, skill level and/or distance Tiles always show type and if they are flat, in addition the following will be shown: Trees/bushes - age, sprout presence and harvestability Fields - type, stage, tended status Grass - flower type Anumals will show their sex, and for horses also color in the tooltip. Tile borders will always show slope Tile corners show their absolute height (above sea level) Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/tooltips/releases Custom Actions Allows keybinding pretty much any action See here for explanation Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/action/releases Max Toolbelt Shows a 10 slot toolbelt regardless of it's QL and existence. Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/toolbelt/releases Time Lock Locks the time of day to a given time In console type "timelock 12" to make it always noon or "timelock 12:34" to make it 12:34 (= 1:34 pm) In console type "timelock off" to disable Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/timelock/releases Skill Gain Tracker Adds a new window that automatically tracks skill gain and shows Current skill Gain since beginning of session Expected gain per hour (calculated from average gain in a moving window of up to 5 minutes) Average gain tick (over last 5 minutes) Toggle the window using the options menu, or bind it to a key with bind <key> "toggle_gain_tracker" (quotes are mandatory) Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/skilltrack/releases Privacy Mod This mod hides you from the steam "players" page that shows all players on a server, even if you aren't friends in steam. This is somewhat experimental, and unless you really care about being incognito is not recommended for general use. See here for more details Download and sources: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/privacy/releases Installation Install Ago's Client Mod Loader Download zip file Extract zip file to your client folder Disclaimer All mods are for use with Wurm Unlimited only. Attempting to use with Wurm Online will not work and possibly lead to a ban. All mods are open source and are licensed under LGPLv3 Want to support my modding? Consider throwing some money my way!
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    Our beloved Rageed has gone missing! Last seen in the vicinity of Alora near S-12/13. Rageed is a very important member of our village that has special needs and needs to be constantly brushed and reassured. Please help us find our horse! Ayuna is spending countless nights in suffering due to the separation which has lead to fatal wounds and continued quick shortcuts down the mountain. The terrible expedition has her scarred for life! Please assist Ayuna in recovering her horsie!
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    Not only we can miss them in corpses, because yes, we are distracted... sometimes. But them appearing on rift ogres make the whole process even worse. The faster catcher will take away the efforts from many without any returns to them. The mechanism is already here for the rare coins / pauldrons / rift loot. Apply it to the recipes too please.
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    sounds about as dumb as the challenge outposts giving money
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    Howdy I recently started my own blog and even added post about my take on Wurm today. http://unrealondar.blogspot.com/2017/03/how-i-became-wurmian.html Suggestions welcome here or there Ondar
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    These items are by a HUGE margin the most diffficult form of paving to create and for the life of me i can't understand why. Gravel - rock shard Cobbles - 1 brick from 1 shard Slabs - 1 slab from a few shards Marble slabs - Same as above Slate slabs - Make a buttload of ash, use this ash and Nat subs skill to make lye. Now you need mortar which you've prepped from clay and sand, which must be combined using nat subs to create concrete. You need 5 of these for one slab. But this is not all you need because you also need to mine out some slate and produce TWENTY shingles. With all this done you may now make an unfinished slate slab and attach all pieces to complete a ONE tile worth. Oh and you need 2 of these things for a house floor. Seems utterly ridiculous in comparison to other paving
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    Server side mod to allow for infinite wide mines with the same mechanics as 2/3 wide. Shouldn't break anything but use at your own risk. Download / Source https://github.com/ausimus/Infinite-Wide-Tunnels/releases/latest
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    The comment comes from here, if we are adjusting based on effort then it took zero effort for you to buy your account so of course you wouldn't care if your epic skills took a hit they mean nothing to you since you didn't grind them nor do you play there. You then go on to discuss monetary value because that is what matters to you when a great deal of us couldn't care less about economy and the value of things other than our enjoyment playing a game not running a business. It stings when people who have played low level epic and saw the increased gains in the beginning stages sit back and say well its too easy there to merge them with us, its worse when someone who has played for 4 months without experiencing high level grinding on either cluster begins to claim the same. Yes there is no denying that epic has x2 skill gain and it moves faster.... to begin with, it also has a curve that makes grinding in your sweet spot increasingly hard to reach for improving type skills as you start to get higher up. Creation skills become way too easy to perform meaning that getting the lower ql products for your skill ticks becomes impossible in many cases. At 70 skill you perform as if you have 90+, at 90 you are 99 so not only are you pushing harder but the difficulty is not in your favour it goes from easy mode to masochist. When I began playing epic it felt like cheating and I wasn't impressed with anything that I accomplished having come from freedom, after I got past easy mode it felt more on par until I hit the 'you're an idiot' phase. I began to notice it first with locksmithing (yes I did this on freedom just for my priest) and then with baking... baking was the wtf moment when I realised that at 50 skill on freedom there was no problem using regular water but on epic I was forced to use 0.01ql water to be able to gain skill at all. People say that meditating is worse on epic but I have no experience to compare it to I refused to on freedom and even on epic for the first 2 years. In a discussion comparing HFC the conclusion was that it took the same amount of meals to reach 100 skill on both clusters. This isn't even touching on the differences between clusters in terms of stamina. If I look at my freedom account and compare it to my epic account my freedom account stats (overall not just stam) crap all over my epic toon when you consider the time differences in play. I cant give you formulas and nerd rambling I can only tell you that the difficulty on epic does a backflip in the higher levels. I personally have been shaping my account for 5.5 years, I did not buy it and I do care about people flippantly saying hey just nerf them without understanding or experiencing it.
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    Not a soul would be playing on Epic right now if there was a way to move our characters and items to Freedom. Okay well not everyone. But a lot.
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    It would be really awesome if we could have champion tortoises! The normal ones are so cute, imagine how awesome a huge one would be. Tortoises are rare anyway, which would make champions extra special. +1 if you agree!
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    I find the lack of Duce and Oracle/Barakus mentions to be disturbing
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    Should be able to. She says she can. It's a bit weird because she left the village when she formed her own but she continued to care for it. She says she can zero in. We suspect it's at the peak of a mountain but we are going to go around it and see. Ayuna has already died at least twice trying to find Rageed. She felt down the cliff this last time so I decided to make a humor post about it because it's made my day. People like Ayuna put a smile on our faces. Her persistence is incredible
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    forges and ovens should produce ash, and alot of it..... especially when they go out.
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    And let this be a warning to others trying to do business with this person. Posted here that he wants a taste kit, main post is pretty clear about it. Edited the first post after that, making up his own rules of the trade. How about we tell you how this is done and then you will buy the product from us, not make your own, not sell the system. Get a grip.
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    It literally says send it back, please read.
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    A shout-out to Yldrania for giving back so much to the community. Her selfless work for others shows the spirit of kindness is not gone from our world. Goldfever - For going above and beyond what your responsibility as a seller should be. I have not forgotten your kindness. Vernex - For saving my ass when that shark nearly tore my head off. You swam into the water and healed me at 3% health. I should have died then and there. Wargasm - Even before you knew me you gave me more than I could expect from a stranger. Your friendship has been a corner Stone in my EVE career. Thank you for your wisdom. Icerns - For letting me learn to fight with you and showing me that even enemies can have honor. See you on the battlefield. Stik - for putting up with me and being a formidable mentor. And last but not least, GM Astarte, for being there when I have needed you and providing such excellent customer support. You have gone above and beyond what your position requires. Thank you for the good times and your devotion to the game.
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    I remember someone doing the math in a merge discussion before and it showed that it was roughly overall 20% faster to get a skill to 70 (or maybe it was 90???) on epic compared to freedom my memory is trash though so I could be wrong I wouldn't mind a nerf to my character if it meant playing on a cluster that isn't dead losing a bit of skill sure as hell beats having to grind a new account from nothing
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    Haven't paid too much attention to the forums lately, but I have a bunch of tortoises and breed them from time to time. I can breed a few more for you if you'd like. PM me in game or msg me on the forums
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    When a HOTA starts there are only 3 pillars anyway, the other pillars only spawn once a couple of pillars have been captured, so if 1 or more pillars are captured and there are still no new pillars spawning then it is definitely bugged. HOTA pillars not spawning often happens when there is a server restart while there is a HOTA running. The only way I have found so far to reset is to delete the HOTA Zone and remake it again. This will usually reset the timer as well, so it may be a while before you can check, there is a way around this, by editing the NEXTHOTA field in the Servers table of the Wurmlogin.db database, changing it to a low non-zero value (I tend to use 2112 , which pretty much starts it right away when the server restarts). Note that it's also no problem restarting a server when HOTA is not running, it's only when the HOTA is running and no pillars have been captured that I've seen this.
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    Good luck on ur sales mate xD He is trustworthy 1
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    Mod which allows server admins to remove the 50 ore cap on glimmersteel and adamantite veins, and also adds an option to give random moon metal drops like gems. Also allows server admins to remove the quality cap for all veins on home servers. Note: The ore caps changed in this mod only apply to glimmersteel and adamantite, not the general caps on veins and if you set a vein to 65355 it will still reroll with a max of 10000 even if it is adamantite or glimmer. Github release(v0.3): https://github.com/webba/moonmetalminingmod/releases/latest Uses ago's modloader(v0.6+) Credit to AbsolutelyNobody for the random drops idea and his original mod. Credit also to Drpox for suggestion to remove vein cap. Credit to Ikeprof for suggestion to remove home server quality cap.
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    Read The Following Notices: Contact: Yiraia (or Siasia) Deed: Moonlight Shadows in Exodus (s18) Blacksmithing Iron Tools 5c 50ql 7c 60ql 10c 70ql Horseshoe Sets (Iron) 12c 50ql 20c 60ql 32c 70ql Bulk Lamps 20c:5 lamps (50ql) Only iron unless supplied different materials. Imperial street lamps are not included. Additional discount on lamp may be included if order is large. Improving is also an option. Read notices and pm me if interested.
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    As title says Supreme Saddle 90ql with 97 WoA up for grabs! Starting Bid: 20s Increment: 1s No Buyout. Sniping Protection: 1 Hour Happy bidding!
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    This is not what you are asking for, but I can't resist whenever the topic comes up for "indoor trees," However you want more of a visual change in decaying houses to suggest woods are reclaiming it. But i am not sure having trees poke through the roofs of decaying houses will add that much visual enjoyment... maybe rats scurrying about and spawning in houses w / broken walls... so that locals will decide its time to raze the place down entirely with a catapult.
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    Worked great! I asked for several affinities for multiple characters and they all worked except for one (bugged for channeling). Will def order again in the future
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    The need for a merge or not is really just a symptom. The root cause of the apparent need is low population. Thing is much of Epic apparently merged with Chaos anyway by purchasing accounts etc. A year later population on Chaos is even lower despite the influx. The key to PVP growth is fixing root cause issues that have led to low population. Those seem to be: - Fix things that make the game feel unfair. The whole lib player god thing seems like a great example - Deal with the whole unexpected/exploit behavior - Make the game more fun to play - Clean up the perception about biased administration (whether true or not). Perhaps more transparency or a better understanding of just how hard it is using existing game admin tools to actually prove someone is exploiting - Encourage the community to become more open to new people/players etc - Put more emphasis on listening to the silent majority of PVP players rather then just the more noisy tiny minority. Chances are what appeals to the majority of non-noisy players could very easily be the key to turning the game around. I think we've made the PVP side of the game even more of a niche then it needs to be and that could easily be as a result of listening too deeply to the hardcore players. You need warriors for PVP. You also need people for them to realistically raid. Those people have to have a reason to stay with the game, being a punching bag won't be enough. Lots of different ways all of these things can be done. ~Nappy
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    here i thought this was the wurm online forums.
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    I'd like to ask you to please avoid making this idea about server crossing and to keep that to separate threads meant for that. This idea is solely for a safe version to transport animals, server crossing is not part of my suggestion. Of course it would be fairly neat in some ways to have it, but I would like to ask you to keep that seperate from the animal transport. I do not want the suggestions linked because I believe that there hopefully will be animal transport boxes some time, but I do not believe that animals crossing servers will be in the focus of any of the development any time soon. Bottom line: Let's keep this idea a possibility for the future by refraining from combining it with server crossing. Thank you!
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    Almost sounds like something that should be a bug report rather than a suggestion.... it really shouldn't even have to be said. (Not saying you posted it wrong, I just mean that something like this should not HAVE to be suggested, it should be that way already.) +1
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    Indy is a good place to start. Plenty of old lands to claim or start a new deed. 2nd most populated Freedom cluster server around too next to Lagadu
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    Imp the lamps over 50ql, they not going to keep stealing them, takes 20 or more minutes to bash just one lamp like that. I know I have bashed a few rare ones and at the end I have to say, was it really worth the time? Now a simple solution to this is, and I am assuming you are doing these lamps along a highway if its to help folks during the night. The GM's could simply add lamps to the highways rule and that stealing blessed lamps off of highways is against the rules.
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    How to fix pvp in 2 steps. #1 Hire a well known unbiased pvper as lead pvp designer #2 Fix pvp. Thing is none of you have really tried to go about that yet? All I ever see is just threads about nothing which ultimately lead nowhere productive.
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    Llawnroc - the craziest eremite on Affiction , i know him for a long time , nice player with full of nice ideas and plans, his sword hit hard Sulfurblade - Affiction architect , guy that made Yggdrasil a fortress and put huge work and time to build tunnels and road on suthwest affiction Rileys - his life motto is "ship happens" , best shipbuilder i met in Wurm , he build Yggdrasil with Sulfurblade , nice work Biggibo - know him for long time , helpful player and loyal libila servant , he put alot of work to make HOTS strong Paradox - CA on affiction , architect of EB , veteran of HOTS , friendly and helpful guy and good fighter Lorenamontana - crazy skiller , green peace nightmare , he chopped more trees than exist on Epic server , he can kill you for fishing pole Saddamo -"poor farmer" , legend of an old affiction , well skilled guy and rly friendly , unfortunately he plays "minecrap" now , I hope he will back to Wurm
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    You just tried to use a "technicality" to get around something that has been listed on the post since he posted it.
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    [18:26:19] <Nomadikhan> I wish it'd stop snowing in my home... Nuf said, been asked for many times. Let's make it happen.
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    Thanks for the details. Had it in the bug list from this post. http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/138271-obelisk-helpers-incorrect-percentage/ Following there and adding your details to the bug.
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    Creativity is unlimited on Sklotopolis Our players can already put decoration items on their tables. Very creative ideas out there. I am currently just leaning back and looking what we have created in the past 1.5 years. The amazing world of Sklotopolis always has some wonderful details only a few tiles away from you no matter where you are.
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    literally the only benefit I have if that happens is being able to finally sell all my trash that I don't want anymore for dirt cheap to help ruin the market that ruins so many potentially great qol/balance changes, otherwise if i wanted to play chaos/freedom id already be there with the account that already has skills there. if i was able to move gary's skills 100% over, and combine mrgary's highest freedom/epic skills together, i'd still prefer to stay on epic tbh i have hope that epic/chaos pop can both rise again like they both have many times before. false hope? maybe, but its there. the game as a whole has to grow with it's population regardless, so yeah
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    what if i tell you dioptra already give the height when you use survey? Not that efficient though, depending on where you stand you can be off by one dirt or two, real slopes in mines would be a game changer
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    That's a toxic post also, and hardly constructive.