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    Lol Says he wants no drama but copies personal talks Grow up kid
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    See where it goes? How about starting with a simple answer to my e-mail at least? There is absolutely no info about the process or any developer positions, so please tell me what you expect us to do then. Answering that by a simple e-mail obviously wasn't possible. I even messaged you on Steam again after I recieved no answer to the e-mail, and guess what... you didn't replied as well. Of couse I could have messaged you again and again until you answered, but I'm not running after a position I'm not recieving any infos about. It looks like he's not even reading PMs, wich is highly unprofessional for someone in this position in my opinion.
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    FUD = Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. In the Wurm PVP world fear, uncertainty and doubt continually raises it's head, largely because people worry as a result of not hearing clear plans for what will be happening in PVP. The goal of this thread is to have a civil, patient and constructively listening discussion where hopefully the Wurm Development team, assisted by Community Relations, can answer a few questions that will hopefully reduce or remove the PVP FUD. Originally this was posted as part of a suggestion thread and at the suggestion of the moderation team I am moving it to it's own independent thread instead. Hopefully this helps the PVP community. As a very interested bystander looking in I would like to post a few suggestions/questions since this thread has really gone from a very specific question into a more general thread about first HOTS and then eventually PVP in Wurm in total. @Retrogradein your official capacity please reply with your best answer to the following questions: 1) Is Wurm/Code Club still committed to having PVP in Wurm? 2) Is Wurm/Code Club development of PVP in maintenance mode (meaning no new features etc except as part of code fixes)? 3) Does Wurm/Code Club have a PVP swimlane in the roadmap which lays out development plans for the PVP side of Wurm? 4) Does Wurm/Code Club have a realistic development roadmap that includes major PVP changes in 2017 Quarter 1, 2017 Quarter 2, 2017 Quarter 3, 2017 Quarter 4, 2018+. If so, even at only the highest level, major changes are expected in ......? 5) Will Wurm/Code Club officially consider replacing current Elevation map with one that will better support PVP? 6) Will Wurm/Code Club sponsor a community competition to design a new Elevation map? 7) Will Wurm/Code Club consider other server changes that might support better PVP as well (like a new single PVP server that runs at 5x skill gain etc)? By answering these questions I am hoping clarity will be provided that can replace the ongoing fear of PVP dying with some concrete/official information that will provide hope to those who remain PVPing in WO. ~Nappy
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    Maybe it's insane, but I suggested once to remove Ele map and replace with Chaos one (in current state), thus merging both clusters. It's almost win-win situation: - all pvp players on one server - Epic players keep their home servers effort, nothing is reset - Chaos players keep their map effort, nothing is reset - Elevation players lose their effort on the map but there could be possible refund for traders / deed / PMK founding costs (with deed planner you can even import deed map and check for materials, to get exact amount of any material used to add to refund) Other terms: - Chaos kingdoms are PMK after reset, now they can decide if they stay PMK or join one of three Kingdom presets - Epic players can join Kingdom presets on Chaos or one of the existing PMK - Name change possibility for players with the same or similar names or one-time change for all players
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    Not that it matters at all but its not kind to not answer ur questions so here u go. Im a simple carebear who is playing on the epic cluster (HOTS) for some years, i suck at pvp and im not very smart.
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    Out of curiosity, to me the idea of immersion is feeling like you are actually in the game living the experience which probably comes from the literary meanings of first and third person from high school English class. I don't really understand how third person helps you to become more immersed when you are looking down on another entity doing things from a celestial perspective? Its all probably completely irrelevant but it would certainly help me understand what you are saying.
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    i know of two other extremely talented individuals who run extremely successful WU servers who also weren't even looked at when they apped up. If you knew how many bugs i see reported publicly or privately on a daily basis that take no longer than five minutes to fix (as proven by people who patch these things in WU VERY quickly), that are then abused because after two, three years these bugs aren't even addressed much less fixed, that only seem to ever get fixed when they are abused to such an extent that it personally inconveniences a staff member or a group of people who complain very very loudly to multiple staff members. I'd imagine your faith in the dev team would be as little as mine. Especially so when you link a recording of a bug in TS and ask how long it would take to fix, and three people who work with WU religiously all say a number under two minutes with no hesitation. Its quite funny really. This is ignoring stupid stuff like the wand of the seas bug being reported to buddha over a year ago, and then him saying he randomly stumbled across it a few days ago, a year later. Certain people can testify to this, if you demonstrate you are actually interested in getting ###### done for the PvP community, and i do mean demonstrate with action, i dont mean just say you care/are doing something, they will move mountains for you. I know people willing to get on and test things 6-12 hours a day, every day, but they aren't given the chance and they aren't encouraged, because the existing reward system is lackluster and there have been cases before of people not getting rewarded when they were told they would be, they don't have the tools to properly document and thoroughly test a bug or issue themselves without purchasing a copy of WU (and even then in some cases this can be inaccurate because many mechanics are different), and most times the bug or issue doesn't get fixed or addressed or even commented on. This goes hand in hand with testing new features, like the last time Buddha tried to change some stuff with PvP. I remember distinctly two individuals who stayed up all night testing something, i can't remember what, and they gave him criticism on this. They told him it was bad, they told him why, and they gave him data, and he replied by quoting their post and telling them to test it first. These people promptly went into teamspeak with us, complained, and haven't tested anything since because the developer who asked them to test something just dismissed them because he got bad feedback. Not very encouraging when you spend half your day doing something for someone else because they asked for feedback, and they don't even look at it, and basically tell you to stuff it.
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    Jimbean reporting in on the idea. So, animal crates just have to happen. Period. How? Well, that is why I am replying to the post here. I have few ideas about how and the other how, and the one that comes after first two hows. Alright, lets get started, shall we? Animal transportation should be made user friendly in terms of interaction, but it should also keep the ''Wurm'' feeling to it. So, shortcuts are out of the game. Also some quick variants of loading and unloading. Animal Crates should require quite high Fine Carpentry to make them, and Mind Logic and Body Strenght to operate them. Also Animal Husbandry should play a role in all of this too. How? Well, animals usually don't like to be ''transported'', therefore there should be risk of animal catching a ''sea dissease'' or even die during the voyage. Food and Water should be made a requirement for animals to even make the voyage alive. A container for food/water, and once depleted, animals would get sick, and die of sickness. Those sick, would infect the healthy ones and so on. Pregnant animals should have a very high risk of miscariage, or death. Old animals would be more perceptive for sickness and death. Foals would be the right age, so I think. Hay stacks for food, perhaps some other type, I don't know - others should have a say on it too . How to load it? Crate on flat tile, animal lead by rope, right click - cage/load the animal. Hop on ship, load the crate. Perhaps even make a ship type only for animal transportation...don't know, maybe something of size between Corbita and the Small sailing ship? Well anyhow, I continue to the how to transport it part of it. I think animals are too fragile to be handled by single person. So, to be able to succesfully transport them, there should be a requirement for at least 2 (two) toons per transporting ship. One that steers the boat, and the other that is ''taking care'' of the animals while ship is sailing. The #2 toon is of course a passive addition to the whole transportation thing. As I wrote this, I have grown fond of the idea of ''animal transportation ship''. Caravels could be used for that, yeah, but... I would be thrilled to see a ship dedicated to animal transportation. With already made containers for food/water, and slots for crates of animals. Something in style of Carrack? maybe something smaller than that, but still. Well, as my 30min dedicated to this post are running out, I shall conclude the writings of a madman in hope, that someone will see this, and move the idea closer to realization. Thank you! Jimbean of the Paradise Harbour
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    Talios, in time you spent with this topic, you could have your blacksmithing decently improved - problem solved (without need to chance source code of game, risking introducing another problems/bugs. )
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    Lots and lots of crocodiles! Ultimately there's a lot still in the air with it, so I can't exactly go on about some, because I don't want to cause unnecessary complaints or panic over ideas, any ideas that we do flesh out will be floated around (see what I did there?) prior to implementation of course
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    And what information do you have to back this statement? PvP deeds cost far more monthly than PvE deeds, that alone shortens the gap. Not to mention more alts are required for PvP players. Whilst I agree the PvP population is far less than the PvE population, the average spending on prem/chars is far greater for PvP players which evens the scales.
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    But yes, as said before, talk is cheap, I know it’s been a rather long wait for PvP, it does not mean that we do not or have not paid attention to it. I’d like to remind you all that we have had many public discussions and many changes and bug fixes come in, the road map will also outline current projects and future possible projects. One important thing to remember is development resources are limited, and we have to plan accordingly, this does mean changes take time, and there's little else we can do about that. Anyone who wishes to apply as a volunteer developer knows how to go about it.
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    Raam's Weeping Angels farm during a cool moon event:
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    So I've been playing wurm on and off for years - GV, Indy, Deli an Celi. Last time I spent any significant time online was just before that huge server opened up and decimated the 'old' server populations. The collapse of the village I was in was the last straw and I gave up. About a year ago I got the Wurm itch and tried out WU. After joining a developed deed I suffered a severe case of culture shock as most the players were already 99 in the major skills. Having skills become almost irrelevant just seemed to kill a part of what makes wurm wurm. So here I am again. Wurm is calling. But I'm lost as what to play. Deli was depressing last time I logged on, seeing decay and abandoned deeds everywhere. WU seems to be glorified minecraft with the focus on creativity, not skills. I rather like seeing skills ticking up. What's the current mood at the moment? Which game type? Which server? Is there any positivity anywhere? Would love to find a happy little deed somewhere.
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    These are not of my deed, but are actually at @Shagsdeval's village on Exodus where he's hosting a sermon group.
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    I play exclusively WU now. I would suggest looking at one of the WU servers without the fast action/skill timers, such as Mystic Highlands (light roleplay server) which retains vanilla Wurm's 1x/1x rates. There are also non-RP servers that do not have accelerated skill/action, or maybe one with a lower increase (Foreverlands, Sklotopolis) is all you need.You might find after a short time, you actually DO want to catch up a little faster to your old WO characters, , just not THAT fast. Trick is maybe to start a half dozen characters on a half dozen different servers and keep trying till you meet That Perfect One. Besides skill/action rates & mods, you will want to consider the temperament and the technical abilities of the server admin. Will they still be running this server a year down the road? Do they know how to prevent database corruptions and weird glitches? Do GMs exist to assist players with problems? Are the server admins non-drama, mature, and treating all players with equal fairness? I play on Sklotopolis a lot and I highly recommend it if you want something "like vanilla Wurm .. but better." It has a busy, friendlly player base however many have had an 18 month head start on you, so a lot of "high skill" players. I also enjoy Otherlands in part because their PVE White Light server is only two weeks old, so everything is still fresh and new, but it's super fast skill/action rates may not be a good match for you. Mystic Highlands is still "semi-new" as it only opened in December, and with vanilla 1x/1x skill/action rates, you can catch up easy enough to the early joiners. Wurm is a game for years and so spending days to find a right fit is time well spent.
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    People are worried that instead of going 1,2,3,4,5, imp, repair. with the macro they are going to make it a tiny bit easier? lol +1 it makes sense and is a lot less hassle when your drunk but have the urge to imp some weapons.
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    Few new screenshots. Reinforced cave floors Better cave editing (notice the contrast between reinforced cave walls and normal floors) Moo
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    Alot of you seem to grasp the idea of Third person. And seem to agree with me. As previously stated. This is a personal opinion of course but some of you seem to agree with me. When you are looking at your character you seem to connect more to it and get more immersed, as it goes for me it really shines when you are using long idle animations such as Meditating / sitting etc.
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    Well, I'll stir the discussion. Its becoming fairly obvious that Chaos and Epic can not, or lets say should not, coexist as two separate PvP environments for Wurm. One will always be accused of stealing from the other, and probably rightly. The most obvious decision would be to either delete one completely (Epic), or remove the PvP features from the other (Chaos). Or vice versa. Admitting to that is probably one of the hardest things I've done on this forum. I started on day one of Epic and would call it my Wurm home. The idea of losing all of my progress, all my history, everything that I've built up in Wurm for the past several years... is a painful thought. If Epic was shut down and I was forced to start over almost from scratch on Freedom, I might quit. I know at least half a dozen people that have quit Wurm because they already feel like Epic is going to be shut down. Wurm is all about long term progression. Putting months and years of effort and work into your character, your deed, your items... that is what makes Wurm great in my opinion. Its what brings me back to it over and over again. So losing Epic would be hard. Not just for me but for everyone that has played Wurm there. At the same time... shutting down Chaos, or removing PvP from it (again), would also be hard. The Chaos map is the oldest map in Wurm. It dates all the way back to the Wurmageddon. Its a piece of Wurm history that shouldn't just be tossed away. And its also the home of a lot of players. But more than that its been shown to me to be a gateway for Freedom players to experience PvP. They can go there with their established accounts and items and try out PvP, and many of them like it and would play there more. Having the ability to travel to a PvP environment and take part in Wurm PvP is a wonderful bridge between Freedom and PvP and something that should absolutely be encouraged. I'm so glad I don't have to make the choices facing the devs right now. It seems like no matter what happens they will be dooming players to oblivion and losing them from the Wurm community. I think right now, since we do have direct acknowledgement that they are discussing and brainstorming the future, we need to come forward and make sure we speak about this stuff. Because if we don't then decisions will be made without our input and potentially very hazardous to the health of this community (PvP). I know so many of the PvPers on the forums feel like they have been shouting at the top of their lungs for decades only to be ignored, but really I feel like this is the moment. Not since the dark ages of Wurm has the PvP community been this bad (small). It leaves the window open for extremely large changes because so few players will be drastically affected. There is a lot of potential right now. Imagine all the positive and constructive things you've been desiring in a Wurm PvP environment being implemented. Because from where I'm standing thats quite possible. If PvP is a long term goal for the development team. Then lets start giving some positive ideas and constructive discussion on it. If Epic has to die for PvP to live again in Wurm... so be it. But I would at least like the ability to leave the sinking ship, and I know I'm not alone in that regard.
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    You can already do everything you stated. 1. Get into a wagon with 2 people, push the back of the wagon into the wall, you see everything and even can select all items on ground. 2. Mine entrance, just climb into a mine entrance you can see everything inside. 3. Turn you graphics really crappy so terrain doesnt render, all the dirt walls dispears and you can see the complete building tower layout. There are countless other methods at doing these things as well So would 3rd person give someone an advantage over all the other methods of doing the same thing? Not really.
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    if you don't like the game.. f*^%k off...simple as that.. I hate these I am gonna rate what you call enjoyment articles.. telling us that we like our game for the wrong reasons. if Rolf is happy with a couple k of steady players including returning and regurgitating players then so be It I am happy too.. thanks Rolf for sticking with the original great sandbox game.. we sure would like to hear from you once in a while though we got kinda used to you talking to us.. and even visiting us. teleporting fiasco anyhow Happy Wurmin.. 10/10 nand really just buzz off and let us adults enjoy our game.. go play robotcraft or whatever you call that simpleton block game..really go do it..
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    Nirav and Teeebomb and I: - built a road from Green Ring Express egress to basecamp - built fencing so people dont fall off the edge - cleared the entire lane from basecamp to the rift, so there's somewhere to fight - built a fountain - etc.
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    Just to clarify, forum pm is NOT the way to apply. I thought it had been said before, but if anyone does wish to volunteer as a developer for wurm they can email Budda with examples of work and see where it goes. I'd also like to point out that we do consider both PvP and pve playstyles important, I'd like to see the bickering between the two styles in this thread stop, as it does not contribute anything to the conversation and only causes upset
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    Just because you don't like an aspect of the game it doesn't mean is not important. I pay a subscription just as you do and I rather have pvp available to me. PvP is player generated content in a scale that non pvpers will never understand. Killing PvP in a game such as this will eventually kill PvE as well as the player base will have even less things to do, less options for them. I don't understand you. You always want to eliminate content in Wurm. First the rifts and now PvP? Is your vision of Wurm a farming simulator?
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    Those planting the blessed lamps off-deed can always make a habit of checking them at a regular time to repair as part of maintenance. Just treat that as a responsibility for the players doing it rather than making some special case exception to standard high decay unplants code. As Wraithglow noted, ignoring ones needing repair will cause the lamp to decay away in time, enchantment and all, anyways.
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    hueh i spam a lot when drunk, i chat with people not with kingdoms
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    Actually read my words a bit more closely. Here's what I said in my post that I think you are replying to: (snip) PVP players are always seeking advantages. As a result they tend to push the boundaries on what can be done, are more creative with directions the game could go in and often identify game breaking bugs including many non-PVP ones that would not be identified until much, much later. (end snip) This isn't saying anything more than players in Wurm PVP treat it like a competitive event. This means they look for ways where they can do unexpected things and often they do this in normal game play without hacking or otherwise modifying the code. Exploiting for me is when someone knowingly uses an unintended bug in the code and takes advantage of it unfairly. The key point here is knowingly. Wurm is poorly documented and often it is not clear what is intended behaviour (ie. a feature) and what is a bug (ie. unintended feature). In a game where so much relies on player's discovering things then it's plausible that most things are working as intended (since it is production software after all). Only when something is reported officially as a bug (often through a published known issues list) can something fairly be seen as exploiting when using a reported and published known bug to do something that shouldn't happen. Hacking is also a negative if they are using some sort of modified client or tool that allows them to do something they shouldn't be able to do. Makes the playing field unfair. Macroing could be a good example of this. I do agree with your second point which I will rephrase as, if you want to really have deep knowledge of the game mechanics join a PVP kingdom (doesn't matter which one usually). By participating in kingdom chat and more often kingdom TeamSpeak/Discord etc you will quickly learn more about how the game works then you would have in a less dangerous hermit deed PVE world. This makes sense. On PVP if someone knows more than you then you risk losing your ingame life, your ingame stuff and even your ingame deed/kingdom. ~Nappy
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    As a counterpoint, if you go check on your own lamps and find they have lots of damage so need repairing, it's going to be even more annoying if you have to get them re-blessed as well.
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    And that's where the plan fails right away
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    No. There is your answer. You dont need retro to do it. I'm so fed up with the lies and false promises. Stop wasting time trying to change anything and just accept the fact pvp is not going to last.
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    +1, mostly because of combat. And a set of controllers
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    Imo, more restrictions on home servers to create migration to ele would be better.
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    I've been playing Wurm Online for 9 years and so far, I hate it. I'm going to give it a try for another 9 years. Will update you then.
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    Not only we can miss them in corpses, because yes, we are distracted... sometimes. But them appearing on rift ogres make the whole process even worse. The faster catcher will take away the efforts from many without any returns to them. The mechanism is already here for the rare coins / pauldrons / rift loot. Apply it to the recipes too please.
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    Yes, but it will double their efforts for the same result. For example, currently I can work on Chainsmithing on my home in Crossroads (Chaos), and make suits of armor and products to use/sell on Freedom while there is a PvP low (no PvP going on). Or I can use my Chaos player to make tools and items for my freedom ones. Skill gained on Chaos is also Freedom skills so I can work on my character no matter where I go. Getting my character ported to Epic (Theoretically, since I already have an epic version) would mean I have to choose where I want to play that character. I would need to level skills on both Freedom AND Epic and if I choose epic I would not be able to use my gains on Freedom. Regardless, I would be forced to make that choice. There is a reason Freedom pvpers are not on Epic. Anyone can simply cross a portal right now, and with the skill boost getting your PvP skills to 70 shouldn't be too hard. Forcing these players to play on Epic when they have already made a conscious decision not to might simply drive them away. I for one would not make the jump because I would need to leave everything behind.
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    As there seems to be an interest from players regarding the event i will share the relevant info. Unfortunatelly i did not get a screen capture in time. [Event tab] [22:19:32] YOU ARE HIT BY LIGHTNING! OUCH! [22:19:32] A strange dizziness runs through your head, eventually sharpening your senses. [Skill tab] [22:19:32] Mind speed increased by 3.1010 to 23.7014 Each piece of equipped armor and weapons received 20 damage (ouch) and no title
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    i would prefer render distance and the karma prevention remaining at 80 tiles, while your local chat list gets limited to around 40
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    #11 Needle 2s please Gavias
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    No, makes it harder to run away because you have less reaction time, works both ways. Yes it's easier to lose them from actual local, but it's harder to lose somebody from local because when they pop you can pretttty much see them and be on them. If the visability range went past the 40 tiles and the karma went into a 300 second CD like LO timer or 60 seconds in influence, would work pretty good. Was played extensivly on WU, a prime feature I look for now too. The cons of lower distance out weigh the cons of the current distance, even tho these 'cons' are just situational theories on what can happen
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    the whole sneaking up on someone is junk. If you actually played on the pvp server, it is all about local. you just watch local and it gives you 80 tiles of notice - and there is no sneaking up on anyone. It is either they are paying attention or not.
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    How to fix pvp in 2 steps. #1 Hire a well known unbiased pvper as lead pvp designer #2 Fix pvp. Thing is none of you have really tried to go about that yet? All I ever see is just threads about nothing which ultimately lead nowhere productive.
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    If you take a look at this map you can easily see the amount of grass that affliction has left. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B6J_aGQ6URL8VDd0cVlkYzZHdXc Basically small islands offshore of the main areas. And myc is slowly approaching these areas through the water. Some mountain tops are likely safe from myc. But, honestly there is not enough grass left to support a large foraging effort. I keep a couple hundred tiles at my deed foragable by constantly absorbing the myc as it encroaches. I have never claimed that you got a free ride. Or, that you haven't organized to be able to do missions quickly. Something that BL needs to do. At one point, each of the two kingdoms, and that group of illegitimate children that follow Liblia had our gods. Each god got different spells and powers. Each had their strengths and weaknesses - balanced for their purpose. Now, WL has all gods and all spells and all powers available to them, save one. It must be assumed that when a priest seeks to move a god in a given direction, the god listens to followers and priests with more favor than someone from another religion. So WL can control all gods better than BL, If we work hard and win godhood we have to switch to WL in order to play our priest. We are not asking for favoritism, a free ride, or anything other than a reasonably level playing field. In all honesty, if the Devs and Retro had said: "Black Light has never been able to promote a player to godhood, that is why you don't have a player god available to you". I would have had to accept that, Wouldn't have liked it, but would have had to accept that. But saying, you don't get anything but Lib because of Lore! That is laughable and inexcusable.
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    A big issue for me is, they came to us already almost a year ago saying it was a priority for them to work on pvp and than we had to basically pester them every news post for months just to get 1 minor issue like the info minister seeing people who enter kingdom influence fixed after pvp was supposedly a "focus" and they went around to everyone asking how they could fix it than they forgot about it or decided on other priority's for the last year instead after hyping all of us up that things would finally happen ya that was a great idea. So for me, and a lot of other users I play with a plan is so past due that action is the only thing that would shut most of us up after being strung along for so long and lied to over and over about when or if something would be fixed going back even before the current people where in charge the cycle just went on when the torch was passed down and we had hope for a little bit with retro coming in to talk to us that maybe just maybe you would do something positive for once for pvp servers without us having to force you to do it through weeks of pestering and asking where it is. Nope clearly to much to ask for... Don't get me wrong, I would love them to give out an action plan for what they are going to do but I won't believe it nor will I stop giving them crap about it till I see something concrete being actually done. Talk is cheep and we have had so much talk and almost 0 action on it. It almost comes down to the old saying "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me" I'm upto letting them fool me about 8 times now so I'm feeling pretty stupid and don't know if I can place my trust in them till they decide to stop talking about it and actually do something about it.
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    People in both pve and pvp whine about slow ship speeds for years, and now someone is saying they're going too fast?
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    I'm glad you finally took the time to figure the bug out on your own, now that it affects the freedom market, despite being messaged about it with the relevant problematic code included back in August.
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    That depends on how "faster". Since they produce their stuff on a decay tick... if it's the same number of ticks over smaller time then you get the same amount of products. If it's less ticks and more damage per tick then yeah, you'll get less products.
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    Some suggestions that might be added to the original post: A possible loading capacity: - Large Cart: 4S / 2M - Wagon: 5S / 3M - Corbita - 11S / 5M / 3L - Cog - 7S / 3M / 1L - Knarr - 9S / 8M / 5L - Caravel - 12S / 10M / 6L Or combinations of those *note: S=Small, M=Medium, L=Large* List of possible animals / cage; including some wild animals SMALL Chicken, Lamb, Piglett, Wild cat Medium Sheep, Pig, Foal, Calf, Bison calf, Hell horse foal (all three up to 1st adolescent stage), Large rat, Bear (black & brown), Mountain lion, Goblin (padlock required!), Black wolf, Cave bug LARGE Bison, Hell Horse, Cow, Bull, Unicorn, Crocodile, Scorpion, Lavafiend, Spider, Lava spider, Hell Scorpion, Troll (padlock required!), as well as the Champion versions of all animals. For "loading" the animals in the cage a hitch option will do. However, the wild animals need to be tamed / dominated before they're able to enter the cage Thorin PS: +1
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