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    Oooooooh, let's post a classic of classics shall we? For the oldtimers out there!
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    Another preview fresh out of the pixel factory:
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    [01:22:46] The settlement of Ruffled Feathers has just been founded by Joelle. The feathers of the Goblin Leader's silly little crown, that is! What: Goblin Leader Slaying When: Saturday, March 4th - 5pm EST Who: Everyone! Why: Goblin Leader bloods make mining potions! And if you're lucky, you could get the 'Fearless' title for swinging at it. Where: Independence -- O16 in-game map coordinate. Public kill, private loot. Bring your premium alts, bring your friends! Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend! Park at the red outlined square; kill is just up the road to the south, at the dark red square. There is a guard tower nearby called Zanzibar Land. The road will be marked tomorrow with colored lamps, as well. Excited to see you all there! Should be a fun kill! (For us, not the Goblin.)
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    Hell horses just went from being, "This fiery creature is rumoured to be the mounts of the demons of Sol," to "This fiery creature is rumoured to be FABULOUS!"
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    Okay so we have one AMAZING entry for the esert makeover, so I'm not even fussed the voting will be straight forward! The options will be to take on the new design, or keep the current existing one, so drop by, check out the existing Esert and cast your vote! Esert Redesign Submission Please open the spoiler for more screenshots! A bit about the pitch
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    There is a known bug involving artifacts that can be equipped on the body. This bug causes the artifacts to improperly remain connected to avatars that log out yet show visible on the ground with no way to interact with them. As the artifacts are intended to drop when the avatar leaves the world this creates an exploitable situation. Until this bug is rectified do not attempt to abuse it or you will be banned. Thank you, Team Wurm Online
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    (Yes I'm bored heh heh heh)
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    small summarize to end together I improved more than 110 ships this time 11 ships turned rare (seems like 10% chance to rare) 1 ship turned to supreme my carpentry improved from 99,97 to 99,995 and shipbuilding from 99,642 to 99,896 seeing that numbers, I think, I need to improve only one or two thousands of ships now to hit 100.000000
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    I actually forget who did this one but I really like it Hi Everyone! An exciting weekend ahead of us as we near the final countdown towards 1.3 landing in Wurm Unlimited! so before all that, let's catch up on a few things Wurm Unlimited webpage Now we've had http://www.wurmunlimited.com since the launch, but it's been mostly a landing page for this time. That's about to change though! We'll be using it as the devblog page for news about WU, as well as other giveaways and features, along with full detail patch notes and beta releases. Our dev blogs can be found at : http://www.wurmunlimited.com/category/devblog/ Major reason for this is it doesn't fit in with the Wurm Online news (and gets lost) and we'd like a place away from Steam (1.3's patch notes exceed the 32,000 character limit!) So expect that site to get it's makeover soon! WU 1.3 release As you all probably know, the big WU release is nearing it's time with the 6th of march set as the date. The update will most likely be around midday CET, but we'll put a time up in #wurmunlimited when we know for sure. Catching up Some of you may remember the post about clearing the dust of 2016 and addressing the "niru case" back at the end of the year, that's not forgotten! We're currently looking at what we can do and formulating a plan on how we go about achieving our goals. Players trading is a huge part of this game and it's unfortunate when some take advantage of others, I'm glad to see many do still work with each other with trust. Choose your recipe! Of course we now have the voting up for the recipe competition for 1.3 in WU! Pick your favourite recipe and the top three winners will get their names on the recipe ingame! These recipes will also come to WO, so make sure to pick a good one! Teaser We showed a few hell horse colours last week, but what colour is this?! Community Content - Esert makeover comp So uh, a tad late, but better late than never! The entry is up for voting, and I must say, it looks amazing (I did say it!) Check out and vote here: That's it for this week, we're extremely excited for 1.3 to land in WU, and I know you all are, until then though, keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    would like to have an option for a plain white version of the wagon that can have the canvas part dyed any color. would allow for customizable wagons apart from the freedom or other kingdom only wagon types.
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    I'm a new player. Got my deed, built my houses, trained a little fighting, bred some horses, made my first armor etc. After having played around 4 months and I'm now at the stage where I'm finally confident enough to go horseback riding and explore the lands, to see what kinds of deeds are out there. Up till now I did do a little exploring via boat, but never dared venture in land nor dared to walk around in any of the villages. Now that I'm starting to do that, something is becoming very evident to me: There are a lot of gorgeous and huge villages out there, but no-one lives in them aside from a single owner who may be online but most of the time is not. It feels desolate, empty, sad and like a waste. It makes me question what the point of my own progression in the game is if -that- is the end game: an empty and lonely village. It also explains why so many players try to lure newbies into living on their deeds so they'd have a little life in them. But this is mostly short-lived since sooner or later these new players either quit the game or move on to go and make their own deed. The game needs something to "populate" villages with: NPCs. I did a search for all the suggestion threads for bringing new type of NPCs into the game and I understood why they all waned off. People had thought up grand plans for the mechanics and I can understand that from a developer's point of view, they might cross that out automatically. NPCs which craft, gather, fight and do a legion of other things all sounds amazingly fun in the description, but it's a no-go for a small development team due to how such NPCs could completely break the flow and balance, even nature of the game. So what I am suggesting is an NPC which is something visually there but does not impact the game in any other way. NPCs in different outfits and tools in their hands, doing the assigned animations which our own characters already do, which we could populate our villages with to give them some life, however which would not interact in any other way than saying some predefined sentences like "G'day! Just doin' a bit of blacksmithing" or something as generic as "Well met traveler!". For us players, living in our villages would seem a tad less lonely. I don't know about you, but at least I feel less alone by the existing animals and guards - as silly as that is. Imagine planting a smithy next to your forge or a cook into your house kitchen. How about a stable boy into the pen with the horses, or a fisherman onto the shore. Again, none of these would buy, sell or generate any wares for you. They'd simply be decorations much like a table or statue. It goes without saying that I'd be over the moon if they actually did do something, like for instance a fisherman when planted on a tile next to water would actually start generating fish in his/her backpack that you could buy - that would be sweet. Or other things like what was suggested in those other threads, but for now I'd really be so much happier with just the visual aspect alone.
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    Love the new teaser but please can we get protected corpses for branded/tamed animals and can we have hitched Hell Horses past aged back please.
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    +1 with a mirror +1 to adding mirrors -1 to people trying to stick name change to gender swap suggestion.
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    Bah, my Wemp Fudge Brownies didn't make it. Dorian has my vote.
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    Date: To be announced (The goal is for June or July.) Indy Funworld is your amusement park, currently under construction. Upon completion of the park a fayre will be held. All the World’s a Stage The stage is set for you to get some friends together or your alliance to perform for your fellow Wurmians. That’s right a two story stage has been built at the park. Part of the fayre will be performances on stage! You can do a scene from a play, a movie or a book or write your own! Recite your favourite poem or any other performance you can think of. And yes, in between plays, puppetering is encouraged. So, form a team and start rehearsing! You will need to supply your own props, scenery and costumes. The stage is available for viewing and rehearsals (no full dress rehearsals yet), but do keep in mind construction is on-going. *For the fayre please keep all material family friendly. Thank you. Comedy Wednesday Wednesday during the fayre will be comedy day! You are encouraged to do stand-up, improv, slap-stick, funny skits or scenes on stage! Show your funny side to Wurm! *For the fayre please keep all material family friendly. Thank you. Jousting Tournament Soon to be built is the jousting arena, so get practicing with your spears on your favourite mount! Whether you ride a 5 speed horse or a crocodile, the jousting arena is the place to show off your skills. If it is ride-able then it will be included in the tournament. Remember entertaining the audience is as important as having your own fun! More announcements will be made closer to the date, but just wanted you to have time to pick a performance and rehearse as well as get your taming and spear skill up! Hope to see you at the fayre!
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    Well guys, here it is - the post I've been thinking of making for a while but haven't been brave enough to actually ever do so. While Wurm is my main game, and has been for years, I've got an extreme passion for horror movies and games. Recently, in order to motivate myself to play through horror games and not idle around on Wurm being "lazy", in addition to frequent complaints of friends and family about how much I talk while I play games, I've decided to start a YouTube channel. Since then I've played through 13 games and am working on the 14th right now. I figured, now that I've actually got a nice number of games completed on the channel, I might as well share the channel with you guys since a lot of you know me and I am certain a few of you would love to hear me scream. IF YOU DARE ENTER MY REALM OF HORROR, CLICK ON THE EVIL CLOWN or.. you know.. this link if the clown doesn't work for ya: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTVp6DLoUOq7Cp7HF2mXDoQ Games I've done: (In the order I've played them) Amnesia: The Dark Descent Serena The Cat Lady Fingerbones Lucius Pineview Drive Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments The Old Tree Port of Call Coma: Mortuary The Cows Are Watching Downfall Layers of Fear Layers of Fear: Inheritance Bottle A Wolf In Autumn Current Series: F.E.A.R. Background Series: Let The Cat In Well, thank you to anyone who checks out my channel It's great fun to record the videos and even though I'm not a pro let's player by any means I love to see that some people enjoy watching them - hopefully as much as I enjoy making them. Please, no offensive trolling on the thread - it is posted in Wood Scraps so don't hate on me. I'm just a poor little horror freak Wurmian who wants to share her evi-- I mean, love!
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    Allow us to farm kelp like reed its needed for cooking now.
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    Alright, this is the second time you've brought this up. Yes, my attitude toward you was regretful earlier, but we do have a bit of a rough past. So leaving that history and my feelings about you aside, I want to lay down the facts. As I told you, I don't have it out for you. I want us both to be able to enjoy the game, though as a developer - and a neighbor - and an alliance mate as well, I've had increasing complaints about your release program. I honestly was only mildly involved until I was hearing reports of branded aggressive creatures that you've released attacking players. I could not find these myself and I did not do a full investigation - I merely ran around to see if I happened by one. While I found your catch and release program an annoying and unintentional use of the branding functionality, I couldn't feasibly see how you'd ruin the hunting on an entire server with a few hundred branded animals. Then I was informed that you've increased your deed size to allow for over 700 branded animals to release. Then I was informed that you had intentions on expanding more. Lastly, recalling how our pathing works in Wurm, I realized that at this number you could very possibly destroy hunting in a localized area of the server. You have stated several times to me and others that your intention is to catch-and-release animals to prevent them from being killed. As a player and being in your kingdom on Chaos, I was well aware of your no-kill policies in your village there. I had not anticipated you to leverage a quality of life feature in PvE to force this policy on others to this extent. I did not try to make a case to get you banned. I actually suggested that you remove the brands from aggressive creatures to avoid issues in that regard. I also told you that I felt that you were misusing a feature, and that I was bringing this opinion to the team to fix it. To me, this is an obvious misuse of the branding feature and I feel we must now take steps to curb this in the future. I can see no viable game play reason to release branded creatures into the wild except to circumvent the creature ratio, which is pretty much what you've stated here. TL;DR: I don't want to get you banned. I feel you are misusing a feature. It's not up to me to decide if your misuse is a violation of rules, but it is up to me to bring this potential loophole and misuse of a feature to the team. My opinion is not an official dev team ruling, though it's also not something I've come to willy-nilly. I won't touch on the so-called "personal vendetta", except to say that I only wish I could play the game in peace.
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    I do love chocolate milk IRL. Drink it a few times a week easily. The NES isn't just for Nintendo, it's for NesQuik.
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    *coughs* some were disqualified
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    I am not sure if it exists yet...but there should be a "Fantastic Recipe: Stone Soup". Atfer the story of the 3 soldiers who came to a town and got the village to help make a soup from a stone. You would need three people to make it in a cauldron. It would start with a stone or marble ..."stone" (even of a certain more/less kg) with three people in attendance to start the recipe. You would then continue on the one or all three people to add the normal base of water, potatoes, carrots, and an onion then or more herbs/milk/honey to finish the recipe. I would like see this in honor of the gift of giving...maybe allow a +5 to one or more characteristics or such...determined by Wurm. Please.
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    I guess I am still confused, after all. If it is a very small number of animals involved (you say "six"), then letting those animals retire on your deed and taking care of them in their old age should not be a hardship for you. if it is a very 'large" number (people are noticing and talking, or you are increasing deed size to accommodate 700) then I am curious why you breed so many that you cannot care for. i am a large scale breeder of five speed ebony jet speeds (not to mention every other color under the rainbow and bison too) so I am aware of how fast they can pile up in the quest to get "clean perfect five speeds". However, if you are loathe to kill them out of a respect for animal dignity, then I wonder why you force breed so many of them to serve purely human whims. A three speed animal is not all that much slower than a five speed and deserves to be loved too. If it is for profit then it seems not out of concern for animal dignity, because you are effectively selling them into slavery with little regard for how the end user will take care of them, if you breed them because you simply enjoy them, then you should be willing to accept them flaws-and-all and not continue to force breeding to get perfect genetic specimens. (I am aware that they are "just pixels" however Wurm is not only a role playing game, but one that evokes deep emotions in people, so if you are going to PLAY wurm, you are usually going to LIVE Wurm) Obviously i have to come to terms with my own judgments and ethics and only you can come to terms with yours, but I think you should examine three four issues when you do: How much of this is for YOUR enjoyment (personal needs) how much takes into consideration the gameplay of OTHER players (community needs) from an animal ethics standpont, force breeding animals that you say you cannot care for yourself, just to achieve "genetic perfection", probably needs some soul searching, even from a roleplay perspective Artificially increasing the number of horses through mass breeding effectively means all other naturally occurring animals are denied their own right to exist and disturbs the balance of nature Anyway from a "legal" standpoint, I personally would privately PM Enki as in the Wurm universe, he is the final arbitrator of what is and isn't acceptable LEGAL behavior, and he is given wide latitude by Rolf to make those decisions. If he says it is fine, just tell anyone who asks that you discussed it with Enki and put them on ignore. If he says it is NOT all right, then you are bound to abide since he is the final judge jury and ... executioner.
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    Under the "play nice or else" rule you can indeed become banned if you do this on a large scale. We are many that wonder why you insist on getting all these animals to start with. And they are pixels, just kill or sacrifice them already.
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    Lol thanks for all those awesome stories folks lol.. it's a pleasure to meet all of you.. I am going to break the mystery now. I mostly wanted to say that I had no direct part in killing that poor and honorable guard and that he actually died defending me and deserves to be remembered for his/her sacrifice. So I was walking around looking for a rock patch when a troll attacked me.. I ran and ran and ran like a very brave Wurmian until I found the guards and called them... or did I call them and then run away.. lol I can't recall but either way, it still says a lot about me as a new Wurmnian so far Once the guards both started to attack the Troll I then fearlessly joined in .. I must have hit that huge beast at least once for sure... I think... but what a battle... I was so focused on the intense fight that only after the Troll collapsed onto the ground in ultimate defeat.. did I thank the guard, then turned to thank the other guard when I noticed that there was another body on the ground as well. I fell to my knees beside the blue encased corpse and cried for a few minutes.. I stood up, picked up that guard's body and carried him all the way down the hill (a good 20 feet at least) to my camp where I lay him to rest on the ground. The two mummies however, were actually somehow two copies of my own dead corpses who had been killed by that cat, who on the third attempt, failed miserably to kill me as well. Later that evening I went back up to the scene of the tragedy to grab the Troll whom the guards and I killed together ... but the body had just vanished... I hope he did not come back to life.. he was particularly ugly .. and smelly ... then again, I had not showered in several days since I joined so.. ya neva know!
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    I've done a bunch and others have as well. I haven't checked since last weekend, but was probably 85% done then.
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    IT CAN RIDE ME That's fricking sick, I hope there is a green/blue and yellow version as the suggestion thread showed but with the same style you used here, wow.
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    I don't know if I care one way or another about this, but what you are really requesting is a whole new remap of the character. Simply changing from male to female isn't enough, you will need to go through the process of redoing the complete appearance of the charactor. You want a silver mirror in addition to the gender change or your going to have one ugly woman.
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    New market looking for more merchants , we have a few already, but looking for more. We are at h26 on deli's east coast, literally 30 seconds from the border. A lot of traffic through the area seems to be a very popular crossing spot. Come down place a merchant lets make this a busy market. I can always make it larger if need be . all are welcome!
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    Ordered 7 more on new account all worked again. See you around shortly for more.
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    I have a feeling they wanna filter out BL kingdoms out of the game, there is literally zero effort put in BL kingdoms for more then over a year now. Only nerf after nerf, and these simple fixes as mentioned in the OP aren't even looked at. Libila priests are also beyond useless now for quite some time. I think soon, BL will be no more.
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    +1 to suggestion, but in Brash_Endeavors' edition. No bright orange and pink animals, please.
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    that's a mathematical impossibility. anything less than one time would not be enough. so a one time restriction is not more than enough it's only enough. no?
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    Just wondering if this idea has been noticed by the devs and is planned for or not. I know lots of people would love to have some stuffed animals. Just a couple that I can think of. 1 - Stuffed black and brown bears 2 - Stuffed hell hounds 3 - Fish trophies of some kind 4 - Stuffed Pingpong 5 - PVP heads on a stick (pvp servers) 6 - Stuffed Wolves Mavv
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    My guess is that is the EBONY JETSPEED because really, that is the ONLY version that serious horsebreeders put a super high priority on knowing (before they are dead) because of their super secret hidden speed bonus that makes a JETSPEED HELL HORSE the fastest damned critter on the face of Wurm ... And if that is NOT it -- well, it should be Also it should get a rare item shimmer and glowy orange saddle and bridle set and special unique evil-oriented names and an aura of superiority and a month pass to Disneyland.
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    I'm not sure I see the issue with someone else caring for your horse? I don't feel that this change should be made because this is the safest way to track who has your horse if you lose it. Just bringing it on deed and branding it shouldn't enable a person to "steal" the horse from the other carer for good by losing their name on it if they're still playing. I've had a horse stolen from me that was saddled on a spot I intended to but didn't yet deed once, a jetblack 5-speeder and the only way I got it back was that after I was publicly looking for it someone found my name on a horse that fit the description and I was able to reclaim it. If this was in place, that wouldn't have been possible.
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    THAT HELL HORSE. I NEED IT. Very excited to see the results of both the Esert competition and the Cookoff! \o/ Yay for new, fun things!
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    This would be good, but I have to wonder if it wouldn't be better for us to be able to plant "natural" reed and kelp tiles, and harvest them the way we would with the wild variety.
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    You can set max value in com/wurmonline/server/villages/GuardPlan.class - maxGuards = 1; But only new deeds will not be able to set the number of guards more than max. Fix for old deeds: int maxguards = 1; Village[] villages = Villages.getVillages(); for (int i = 0; i < villages.length; i++) { int gnumber = villages[i].plan.getNumHiredGuards(); if (gnumber > maxguards) { villages[i].plan.updateGuardPlan(villages[i].plan.type, villages[i].plan.moneyLeft, maxguards); Guard[] guards = villages[i].getGuards(); if(guards.length > maxguards) for (int i2 = 0; i2 < guards.length - maxguards; i2++) { if (guards[i2].getCreature() != null) guards[i2].getCreature().destroy(); } } }