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    The circumstances of my life and the global, environmental, and political climate of the world pushed my subconscious to desire to (again) seek out the safety of Wurm's mantle. I live in a dank metropolis and can't currently move due to financial and health issues. I yearn to run through open, unrestricted, unpolluted fields (good luck being able to do that in our world), to encounter mystery and surprises, to travel. I want to live in a rural area and have a cozy tiny house, off grid, with a lush backyard and a chicken coop. Yes, that is one of my main dreams. Wurm offers this to me. It may be just "Java", but you, Wurm, give me serenity and beauty, my own crops, animals to care for, seas to cross. All of us here are seeking something, and there is no shame in any of it. Some of us are quite addicted, and addiction comes from some deep place, and I honor it. I honor it in you. How many of us here seek respite in an isolated deed and do not care to interact? No shame. I honor all of it. How many just want someone to chat with about stupid things while entertaining their DNA's yearning for "hunting and gathering"? It's all honorable. Some of us may be in a good place behind the screen. Others may not be. We're all here in this moment in time, and I like to pause and marvel at it. In my heart, I don't feel that we'll always have the internet (where the world is going and etc). But that we got together in this alternate universe and created and communicated with one another using something akin to telepathy - is nothing short of a wonder. Poignant post? I have that touch, I guess. May our Wurm remain green, its seas alive, its bounty available to everyone regardless of income, its kings and queens loyal to their subordinates, and its Impalongs plentiful. <3 Thank you Wurm Online <3
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    just a thought. I'm prob just insane. make them darker black maybe white to with diff color flames
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    Something akin to telepathy. For if there would be no Wurm my life would lack many great things. My thanks to Wurm for being here to type this message. In my darkest hours, the escape into Wurm was reason to stay around. Thanks to Wurm I am married with someone so far away that the odds of us meeting without Wurm would have been absolute zero. Thanks to Wurm for our daughter. Surely quite few people in Wurm has seen me in good times, bad times and very bad times. Those people are from all over the globe, all sort of different people, they also have had good, bad and very bad times. After so many years knowing these amazing people trough Wurm, I can no longer but wonder and feel sadness when some of those in real life who did not yet abandon me telling me how "online friends are not true friends". No wonder the escape into Wurm is so pleasant.
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    After the weekly news teased us on seeing bardings on hell horses and shoes on horses in general, id love to see rare horse gear actually glow too. Shoes, saddles and bardings.
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    meanwhile i struggle to design and decorate a 3x3 hmm
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    Wanted to change my mapping technique, No open fields, lots of trees/bushes. 0.1 Moon Metal distribution version https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7V9tsVFLw9kQXQweVJsWU9mb0k No Moon Metal Version https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7V9tsVFLw9kRmt1TnNrX3RoSlU
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    Simply turning off bloom in your client settings helps the wurm snow issue a LOT I love the snow and threy have already made winter the shortest season, so i hate to see them cut it back any more.
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    I came to fix the cat saving its owner from drowning video because the uploader put so many ads all over it, and that's when I discovered that the saving behavior was more widespread. 1. (won't embed) https://youtu.be/cU80KEU7BH4 2. 3.
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    yes I can just see it in pvp now, everyone zergs the kid with rare/supreme horse gear, glorious
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    Here are some hell horse color versions I'd find more appropiate. We've got: Original Black Albino Red Fire Jetblack Blood Bloody White White
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    Hi all. thanks for all the help and info you all gave Xype helped us get it sorted in the end, was not easy at all as far as Im aware, took him about 2 hours, but he figured it out and got it all sorted ! So a special thanks to Xype, super nice person ! Valiance and Kaylie.
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    +1. this is glorious. definitely the best suggestion ive seen in a while. red, pink, green, blue, orange, white, yellow.
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    learning is good, so many people buy computers but they don't prepare the learning curve that comes with it, and as we get older it's always good to keep learning, keep the mind sharp, that's why I love wurm because it keeps my mind sharp
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    No different than seeing a Green Tiger or a Red Rat back in the day haha :] I understand your point tho Yld, don't want the game slipping into some kind of 'Joke' rainbow anime game or w/e But these colors did exist before [should return them] on animals and tbh don't really take away from the game. The only colour I'd disagree with is basically pink. Blue/Green/Red can be found to be realistic in terms of hell-fire, although that green reminds me more of a Fel fire from wow lol. Your colours were nice but not very distinct, maybe cause of the way they were edited.
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    Although 77% of mobile apps contain ads (according to DJT), I have removed the ads.
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    I'm glad you got it fixed. There was a simple solution tho maybe I didn't explain it well enough. When you have what happened a new hard ware change and they move your server the server id gets changed and none of the characters id in the db get changed so the quick way is to, go to your host game panel and in there click on "Configuration Files" once in there click on "Text Editor" do not use "Configuration Editor" cause the info is not there. Once in "Text Editor" look for line UPDATE SERVERS SET SERVER = '5555' WHERE ROWID = 1; change the server id 5555 to your old server id then click save, once saved go back to the previous panel and click on the tool "Update Server Settings" This will update the configuration file to what you just changed. If you fail to do this last step the file will not update and you will still have the old issue. Anytime you edit the "Configuration Files" you have to use the "Update Server Settings" command to implement the changes to them files.
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    not quite, beta means it's good to go, but we'll released a pre version, just in case anyone finds any bugs in game that needs to be fixed before we mark this as ready to be used across a wide array of servers. a beta a version of a piece of software that is made available for testing, typically by a limited number of users outside the company that is developing it, before its general release.
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    Well done! Ugly as Razer mouses. Next pink unicorns.
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    hmm I think April Fools Day is next month
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    Recommended and trusted, Bought a character from him and was fast to deliver and friendly