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    It does work on Freedom if you meet all the placement requirements. Can't be too close to server borders, deeds, buildings or land. I will add not to use it currently though, I did just find a bug with the island actually being created when the rod decays away while planted (in that it doesn't, and the rod stays destroyed). Wait till the next update at least, and it should be fixed.
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    all these lame excuses for "advice" do you want some real advice friend on how to beat these behemoths? the only way to accomplish this is to: get good real talk, improve everything. The most important things in order to do well in PVE is : (mental awareness), gear, fight skill, shieldskill, stance skill, characteristics. Everything else is unimportant, if someone tells you otherwise, they are just resuscitating garbage they have been spoonfed or read on the wiki
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    Today I bring you all another controversial point of discussion: name changes. With so many sales, and so many characters changing hands, I wonder why aren't name changes allowed? I suppose reputation would be a thing, but really, once a character changes hands, reputation is meaningless. It's not like I can buy a character, and instantly become the most trusted person on Wurm. Financially speaking, I know a lot of people who would be super excited to be able to sell their characters they are holding onto just because they have their name. Even if Angelklaine was a more powerful character, I would never let it go because that's a name I have been using for many years. Some of us grow attached to a name tag I suppose. Here's what I propose could be a good option: Allow players a name change every 6 months - 1 year. This would prevent or reduce the chance of people swapping names on the fly to avoid consequences, such as on deed thefts, betrayals, etc. while still allowing those who buy accounts to change the names. Give every character an Unique ID number that is publicly visible. Same reason as above. People would be able to attach the Unique ID to the perpetrator. Put an real world currency cost to the name change. Paying Euros for the name change would cover the costs of extra work on the GMs. For reference, other games charge something in the vicinity of 20e for this service. Or make it automated with an in game item sold by a trader, then add a debuff that prevents you from using it for the amount of time specified. Limit the name changes to a lifetime amount. If you feel there is a problem with account hoppers, then limit it. 3 changes lifetime and done. I can't think for a reason to do this but there it is. What do you think? Please comment below with your opinions, thoughts or ideas.
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    Right now only way for someone to salvage a bad rep is to start over or buy a new account (both options costly in time or money). Either way they are reaping what they sow, no way should characters be allowed to be renamed.
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    just don't kill them they're not worth the gear damage for what you get out of them you're better off moving to the next mob in any case other than LT 2h weapon, in which case it ~might~ be efficient to include them to your kill list. at least that's what I do. I hunt for weaponskill anyways, not FS.
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    Oooooooh, let's post a classic of classics shall we? For the oldtimers out there!
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    Inspired by Odynn's free rune making and attaching service, I'd like to offer a free attaching service as well. Provide the rune and item you want it attached to, and I'll attempt to attach it with 82 83 Soul Depth. No catch, and Free of Charge*. You can either mail your runes and items, or come to Weeping Angels (40x, 32y on the community made map) on Independence. If you mail them, please do contact me with specifics/details on what rune to attach where. PM Raamkozijn ingame or on the forum, Blahsonson ingame, or reply to this thread. * I won't craft the actual runes for this free service, I only attach your provided runes on your provided items and for personal use. * All mailing fees are for you to cover. * Will provide logs if required. * Tips are accepted if you wish to do so; none are expected.
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    Be nice to hide the gap from the walls to the roof. Then we could have ceiling lights too.
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    Really this is how you prevent abuse. Anyone who has been warned ingame, created issues, banned etc shouldn't be allowed to change name, that account will have the rep attached with it for the new owner still. Those that are clear of those things are allowed. You shouldn't make a fuss and make those playing within the rules suffer. With this Code Club could be smart and include a cash shop with ( COSMETIC ONLY ) items think things like the Troll King's Crown "Cow Hat" or fancy clothing maybe even some dresses for the female players. Other things like a dragon riding + mount could be added later. Make items bought from the cash shop untradeable, I want to fund Code Club, and see Wurm grow not make players richer. This is how you make growth for a indie game that probably isn't profiting very much these days.
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    Dragon slaying weekend This weekend we slayed "The aged starving black dragon hatchling", it was a lot of fun. Thanks everyone for attending, we had about 120 accounts signed in at the time, which is a very awesome count and NO that's not a lot of alts because on Sklotopolis no matter how many alts you have you online, you will only receive hide once per unique steamid and also only get one raffle entry once per steamid. So doesn't that sound like an awesome dragon loot mod, completly unique among all servers? Join us today and check it out! I also have some pictures for you, as usual
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    dude how are people struggling with pve mobs it doesn't matter what weapon you use, just hit them. don't do ###### any target upper right BS, hit their head. Don't use 2H sword, use hugeaxe. Don't use small maul, just skill med maul instead. Like, simple stuff. I'm pretty sure Unknownorganism on Epic was killing trolls with 30FS I think I have? and appropriate weapon skills with proper gear/weapons. There's no reason you can't use any weapon in the game to just whack trolls. idk. Maybe put some of that copper that's dropping away for either a gear imp, a new gear set, a new weapon, or a weapon imp. Simple as that. At least this thread is a step up from the "hell horses are too difficult i can't charm they're killng me :^(" thread
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    I do not have a problem with account sales. But I do not wish to see name changes. I think if you buy a character you buy the reputation. I know a good many people that didn't have stellar reputations that sold a character only to get it back. I can't even keep up with all of my own alts some days. I certainly do not wish to try to keep up with who changed what name to what.
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    As I said, I disagree with account sales being allowed. That is one of the reasons why. Also since someone can fake selling their account, if you stole from me, I wouldn't trust the person who bought your account, they could just be you pretending to be a new owner. It wouldn't be the first time someone lied about selling their account.
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    forum search will probably give you 20 threads with pros and cons that have already been put forth over and over
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    I"m OK with it ,if the name change update with KoS list,removes the player from all door/gates/buildings outside his own ownership, announces it server-wide, put it on twitter feed, and is costly
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    Have you ever wanted to freeze to death, or contract waterborne diseases? Now you can! Things that keep you warm: Summer, daytime, fires (fireplace/campfire/forge/etc.), being indoors, wearing warm clothing, eating hot food and drinking tea Things that make you cold: Winter, night, strong winds, rain, swimming, high altitudes and standing on snow tiles Drinking sea water or lake water may give you disease status. This can be avoided by boiling the water. Water from wells and fountains is safe and does not require boiling. Other safe options are wine, milk, fruit juices, etc. Each crop has a growing season. These seasons are longer closer to sea level, and if you have north/south mode enabled, then growing seasons are much longer in the south. There are several configurable options, including being able to enable/disable the temperature, drinking water & crop growth features independently. Latest release (download survival.zip): https://github.com/modsandstuff/survival/releases/latest (Requires Ago's server mod loader)
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    Source: https://github.com/encode32/RecipeEditor Release: https://github.com/encode32/RecipeEditor/releases/latest Java 1.8 required This is the oficial cooking documentation for WO: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PhEhJkjNy-jl3_L5mdaQRVzyfdS7MfAt8_iNwSaHYYE/edit If you see any bug please post here or github issues. Feel free to contribute.
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    (last image removed see comments)
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    Deliverance reset sometime recently. [11:52:57] Economic breakdown this period: Earned=0, spent=0 Ratio=0.0 Feb 13, 2017
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    Don't be disappointed by a kingdom that sits back and watches its enemies roam their lands freely, doing nothing to stop it. You don't want to get in on that kind of 'action'. Come get in on the real action by roaming the holy lands, creating PvP and getting kills all across the map. http://www.crusades.top/index.php?/topic/15-application-template/
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    Actually the rune that makes this possible is 5% size and 5% speed, so it's a win-win. Love my runed wagon.
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    Hi! Could you CoD to Tridek the rare short steel staff? Thanks!
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    +1 for WU servers but - 1 for WO. I'll say the same as the last time this was suggested:
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    Lure to guard tower, then stab them in the butt until they die, even at high Fighting skill. Never fight trolls unless you have to.
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    wurm memes in memecenter would be great advertisement
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    I favor the 2h sword.... longswords are nice dual-wielded for doing damage and the double LT but fall short on stuff like scorpions becoming a bit situational. One thing about trolls, watch what area they're protecting (they do that sometimes). Also, if you're missing/glancing/getting parried too much, even if troll's not protecting that area, switch. Don't forget to focus whenever possible, the higher your focus the better. Plate's good at lower FS levels, definitely, but eventually you'll wanna shed the extra weight (50-70FS) for more agility (basically). I kill them really easily in studded leather, sometimes even unarmored though that can get a drop risky if you're not paying attention. "I have no strategy so I grind everything until results happen". Saying "get good" is kinda like expecting to win an election by branding all your opponents as racists =P
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    This will be great for users who want to advance and expand their recipe listings, glad to see it come to fruition! More recipes will be coming from us in the beta and live versions, and recipe packs may be available down the line
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    Thank you. [21:40:24] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
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    [17:43:00] Worldtender slain by Revengo Strah [17:44:04] Miket slain by Revengo Strah [17:47:11] Threap slain by Revengo Strah [17:50:42] Worldtender slain by Doctorchaos Bloodmaster Revengo Strah [17:51:08] Miket slain by Doctorchaos Revengo Strah [17:52:20] Pinejon slain by Doctorchaos Madt Bloodmaster Sklo Revengo Strah [13:39:47] Chiry slain by Spyte Bramsky Larry Strah Wynd Blazer Mika 
[13:42:12] Mika slain by Kabill Blazer Mhyr Spyte Bramsky Corbindallis Strah
[13:42:30] Flegmar slain by Kabill Spyte Bramsky Larry Strah Corbindallis Blazer Revengo Mhyr 
[13:42:51] Thirtynine slain by Kabill Spyte Bramsky Larry Strah Corbindallis Blazer Revengo Mhyr Just the last 8 days of PVP w/ (mostly) HOTS members! join now! convert or die!
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    Even if you do not agree with how much someone is charging for things in an auction, it isn't nice to derail it like this. If you actually wanted to help him you would have sent a PM.
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    [http://i.imgur.com/Ptd3aW0.jpg] Less foggy day:
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    +1 It doesn't make sense for a feature to be some work for a few lucky people like me and Cartier, a lot of work for most people, and then cost hundreds of euros or be completely impossible for others. Personal goals need to be rebalanced so it's fair to everyone. Here's an easy list of ways to accomplish this that I think most people would agree on: Remove sorcery and demigod achievements from from personal goals. They are too rare or expensive or simply impossible for them to ever be a fair personal goal. This includes "Summon a magical wall". Remove absurdly unlikely achievements from personal goals. These are the ones like "create a fantastic item" or "mine a fantastic gem" that Rebalance some diamond achievements that are unfairly time-consuming. There's a diamond achievement for killing 5000 deer, for example, and one for killing 2000 spiders. I see a lot more spiders in the world than I do deer. "Master of the world" is another one that comes to mind, for conquering 100,000,000 land. There are other things that could be done that everybody might not agree on, like removing pvp server achievements for those on freedom, or having the unfinished goals change after some time period. But doing the above so that everybody who wants to can at least work towards their goals seems like the bare minimum to make things fair.
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    1 yard, please. And the hammer. Thanks!
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    i did not ask for a price check mate and last time i checked you were busy crying about crusaders
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    Editing To edit a page, simply type the name of the page you wish to edit in the search box on the Wurmpedia. If the page does not exist as typed, you will be given a chance to click a link and open a new page up for editing. If the page already exists, you may click the Edit tab at the top of the page. Page Names Please note that page names are case sensitive, however the first letter is always assumed to be uppercase. Spaces are replaced with an underscore ( _ ) as well. That means a page such as Wind of Ages will actually show in your address bar as Wind_of_Ages and is different than Wind_of_ages. If you were to enter wind_of_ages, the resulting page would be Wind_of_ages. All pages should begin with a capital letter on the first word only; for example, "Wind of ages", unless the name is a proper noun. For users, you should always start your page name with the namespace you wish to edit the page in. For example if your player name is Rizi, you will want to type in: Player:Rizi. For a village named Tap Dance, you would want to use Settlement:Tap Dance. The resulting page name would be Settlement:Tap_Dance, and would be case sensitive. As a standard, a page name should have the proper case as displayed in Wurm Online. Redirects A redirect is a way to forward visitors from one page to another and is accomplished by placing #redirect [[New_Page]] in the body of a page, where New_Page is the proper page name that the user should be redirected to. Please use redirects sparingly as they can become confusing. You may use a redirect in the following situations: To forward from a page with different letter case than the main page, but has the same exact spelling. Example: Settlement:Tap_dance may redirect to Settlement:Tap_Dance. To forward between a User and a Player page owned by the same person. Example: User:Keenan redirects to Player:Keenan. Note: Avoid double redirects, as they do not work. For example, redirect page “Spell” to “Spells”, but not “Spel” to “Spell” to “Spells”. When creating a redirect, make sure the page is not a redirect page by checking the top right. If it is a redirect page, you will see: Yule goat (Redirected from Yule Goat) Categories Categories are ways of filing and organizing Wurmpedia pages. A list of all current categories can be found here: http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Special:Categories You may include a category in a page by typing [[Category:Category_Name]] where Category_Name is a proper category name from the link above. If you want to link to a category, you may do so by putting a colon in front of the word Category: [[:Category:Category_Name]]. Note: For uniform styling when using multiple categories, list them alphabetically, with Babel category (if applicable) always at the end. A Babel category is the alphabetized list of pages, such as Category:Babel/A. Users should only link the following categories on their pages. Please note that categories are to be revamped, and your page may lose a category at any time. Players Settlements Users You should not use any of the Babel categories on your pages as these are reserved for Main namespace pages only. Templates Templates are ways of inserting wiki code into your page by using keywords and variables. Using a template is outside of the scope of this document, however you may ask for assistance on the forums or in IRC should a specific need arise. More Information The best source of information about Wiki markup is the MediaWiki Wiki. The Formatting help page is a great place to start: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Formatting You may also seek help on the Wurmpedia forums here: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/forum/119-wurmpedia-wiki-maintenance/ Or by reaching out through IRC (#Wurmpedia) or Forum PM to one of the Wurmpedia staff members . What to Edit If you're ever looking for some editing to do, check the forums for any posts requesting info or changes, or you can check in our IRC channel (#Wurmpedia), for current projects or other edits that need working on. Even if you don't yet have your editor account, you can still provide content and testing here on the forums. There are also frequent discussions in our IRC channel. Anyone is welcome to join this channel to ask questions about editing or article information, request editing assistance, find out what the current projects are, or to help provide information.
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    DeedPlanner 2.7.0 released! Changes: Added farm planning feature (big thanks to Malena! ) Added support for different ground textures in 2d and 3d view Added support for .dds texture format Added search feature to the objects tab Added all street lamps: copper hanging, brass, brass hanging, bronze hanging, gold hanging, silver hanging, iron, iron torch, iron imperial Added all candelabras: copper, gold, silver, iron, seryll Improved behavior of loading window text boxes Cave tab replaces ground tab now (and vice versa) while switching between surface and cave view Slight explanation of the search feature - when you start writing something into the box, the new objects tree based on the default one will be created, showing only the objects that contain characters you typed into the box. If you leave this field empty, the default tree will return (together with previously opened nodes, but the temporary ones will be lost).
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    Right now the food larder is just a food trash bin. Asking about new feature mechanics, how they work, and anything relative to 'test' it to see if it works is like banging your head into a wall. A wall with rusted blunt nails pointing at you. "Let's wait and see" staff comments about features becomes "Let's wait and see how badly implemented this was!"
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    I had filled my icebox with a new pile of snowballs when winter finally rolled around...and I checked it yesterday and it had another large pile (Nearly half of them) hit with decays (We're talking 16+ dmg on 99 QL's), and we're not even out of winter yet. I restocked with purely 99 QL's yesterday. If this is 'fixed' as the notes claimed, I don't want to keep using it. This is getting ridiculous. This feature seems to be more aggravating than 'fun'/'useful'.
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    The love is spreading! If you are on Indy and need runes attachments feel free to check Blahsonson/Raamkozijn thead :
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    Ice= activate water on snowball Ice should last much longer then a snowball problem solved hopefully
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    Update Jan. 05 Large Crates can now hold 307,200 items. Small Crates can now hold 153,600 items. Pretty much means you only need one crate in your transport.
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    Most likely they were not given a basically impossible personal goal. And even if they happen to be a player that does both epic and freedom clusters and managed it that way, players should not be forced to go to epic (or freedom cluster) in order to complete a personal goal.
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    great sandworms dodge that
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    A large project that took me 10 month to finish. Enjoy the movie
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    You can make a HOTA zone without Epic settings, yes. It's a focus zone command, and needs an ebony wand, so your GM needs to be Arch or above, (I usually just go for level 5 anyway). Find a reasonable patch of land, flat is good, and with the ebony wand active, right click another item, (I usually use an ivory wand, since some commands will only work when the item is an ebony wand, changing kingdoms for instance). Open the Focus Zone dialog, and set the top dropdown to Hota Zone, then decide how large you want it, I've had them work fine as small as 50x50, it's pretty much up to you. Name it, 'HOTA Zone' is usually a good choice, because unlike the flatten, walls or house commands, the HOTA Zone is stored, so it can be deleted as well. That is pretty much it for setting up a HOTA zone really. A bug you may encounter is when the first three pillars spawn, but as you capture them no new pillars spawn, meaning you cannot complete the HOTA, only way around this is to delete the HOTA Zone and place it again, (this is the reason my HOTA zones have a slab or statue placed where I made it the first time, for convenience when I have to delete and place it again. It's normal for HOTA to only spawn three pillars when it starts however, the other pillars are supposed to spawn when one is captured, so don't assume it's bugged when only 3 pillars spawn at the start. For the purposes of testing, I just set up a working HOTA zone on a PVE server, so Epic settings are not required.
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