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    Dear and Brave Wurmians, As leader of the South Pearls Alliance on Exodus i was alarmed by a message from one of my Alliance-members. His deed was under siege by a dragon. This was at an very untimely hour, low was the number of skilled dragon hunters available, so a famous one was called from far far away lands. With some local assistance the dragon was trapped and immediate danger was no more. But once again we call upon the Wurm Society to assist us in killing the menace, hidden and trapped now below Wolf Mountain on Exodus. A call to all Kinsmen, Allies and their banner men. I ask you to honour age old treaties and come to aid of our people. I call you to war against a beast that would feast upon the peoples of Stonewall. The king sent strange cloaked men to Stonewall. I had no ill will against them or of their master, so welcomed them. They used arts unknown to us to break rock and borrow into Wolf Mountain. Seeking something we knew nothing of. After two days they parted swiftly. A day later emerged the red beast. Not seen on the slopes of Wolf Mountain in an age. Obviously hatched from an egg of our fow the great dragon Mislag. Driven away in days of old by our forefathers. A great dragon hunter came to our aid and trapped the beast. Many thanks from the people of Stonewall to Whykillme and his kinsmen. The time has come to slay this beast. We people of Stonewall honour you brave warriors. Andromas, The King of Above and Below. May the 2nd of January of the Year 2017 become a Glorious and Joyfull one to all (except the dragon) Brocules, South Pearl Alliance on Exodus. Summary: Public Dragon Hunt with Private Loot at Stonewall (Wolf Mountain) Location: P9 ingame map of Exodus. Travel advise: This is reachable by boat, also its possible to anchor on the west side of Wolf Island and cross over the island using the road south of Wolf Mountain.
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    We need a smaller and less "pile of crap" trash heap. Either change the current model or give us a new one please.
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    I would just like it where you can use 1 kilo of oil or tar and light the damn thing on fire, so it "burns" everything in it up. Maybe taking 5-15 mins to do so. Edit: I would also like the internal capacity to be able to hold ANY item. I can't dispose of certain objects because they are "to big" like shipbuilding parts. 2nd Edit: I think it would be really cool if the trash heap would burn for like 1-10 mins per kilo of material inside of it. Thus it could be a bonfire, which could be seen for long distances, and could burn for a long period of time.
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    It has been a great impalong so far Shrimpiie, and I have to say, I was thrilled when I heard you were extending it for another 2 weeks! I really appreciate that!
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    It was such an amazing event, I enjoyed every second of it even the most stressful ones were great because I was always surrounded by awesome people. I can't wait to see you all on the next one, and for those who missed it.. you suck! jk but seriously you're missing out on meeting some really nice people and enjoying the game as it should! 10/10 would staff again
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    Walking, walking... whistling happily... when suddenly... ... heart attack
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    happy new year everyone enjoy it while it lasts XD so this happened.....: even the dragons come to mine here and a really nice aerial shot of the scar
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    Pagani repeat after me...When you see a noob say GET OFF MY LAWN !! trust me it works been using it for years.
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    Disclaimer: The information posted here is based off data gathered from the Wurm Unlimited code and Wurm Unlimited gameplay, and has not been confirmed in Wurm Online. Some information posted below may also be off to some degree so, please, be aware and take this information with a grain of salt. Hello everyone, I am an avid Wurm Unlimited player and experienced java programmer. I've been playing for nearly 6 months (never having played Wurm Online before) and been doing a lot of datamining in the Wurm Unlimited server code during this time. I've made large strides in discovering the darkest mysteries of Wurm, and in doing so, created several spreadsheets, mods, and even a standalone simulation program to analyze how Wurm works. I've noticed that not much of the community has been sharing their findings throughout the code with the rest of the players. People ask many questions and receive answers from people simply skimming the code looking for the fastest answer. It leads to misinformation such as this weapon damage list that I see pop up every now and then. I'm here to put my foot down and officially reveal (almost) everything I've found so far. Let's get started. Information Spreadsheets Forge Burning Time (on full fuel) Note: There are other factors involved in how long forges last. Consider this a "maximum" value for time. Prayer Chart Deity Bonuses Weapon Stat Table Miscellaneous Information Creature Statistics [multiple images] Super Important Note: "Est Combat Power" is a dumb value! It is a formula I made up to calculate "X is better than Y" - the value itself means nothing! Please do not look at it and assume an anaconda is over 10x stronger than a huge spider. Armour Reduction Table True Weapon Damage Note: The total health pool of a player is 65565, reduced by armour, body strength, etc. The values listed are expected of a 90 skill player wielding the listed QL weapon attacking an unarmoured new player. Meditation Messages Note: This is a list of messages that can appear after "You fall into a trance." - using this message can give you a good indicator of what type of tile you're on. Okay, now that those are out of the way, let's move on to some spell casting simulations. Spell Casting Religious spell casting power is based almost entirely on channeling skill. Here are some simulations to assist in gaining a better overall picture of how channeling affects the results. I'm going to use Blessings of the Dark as the spell of choice, but all 60 difficulty spells should function identically. Each image will increment the channeling skill by 5, and show the new results. Each test runs 1 million casts on a single item, then prints statistics on the results. Well then, that's out of the way. Just to illustrate the amount of difference that difficulty makes a spell, I'll give a reference point by comparing 50 and 70 channeling to the 20 and 40 difficulty spells, Courier and Dark Messenger Excellent, so I think that gives a pretty decent idea of how channeling impacts spell casting. I can run further simulations and try to answer any questions you may have on the topic. Let's move on to mining. Mining Mining has a ton of factors. The first are obvious, QL of pickaxe and mining. Then there are less obvious factors. Maximum QL of the vein, whether it was transmuted or not, type of vein, and mining oil imbue. Here, I'll show the results of a few simulations against a transmuted iron vein, with normal - fantastic pickaxes in use, then followed up by increments of 10 mining oil imbue power. Now to get onto the juicy bits that I've been asked about in so many private messages. Combat! Combat Combat is such an incredibly intricate topic. Having spent months looking through it, writing a simulator, and getting down to the nitty gritty details of how each individual system operates, I feel I have only still just scratched the surface. Knowing how each system works does very little if you don't understand the whole picture. I've spent so much time on this, and I'm pleased to say I have some information that I think a lot of players will find useful. Combat Rating & Hit Chance Let's start from the top and work our way down. The first thing to understand is hit chance. Hit chance is determined by the following formula: float chance = (float)((double)(this.normcr(myCR) / (this.normcr(oppCR) + this.normcr(myCR))) * m * (double)parryBonus); A simplified version: chance = (myCR / (oppCR + myCR)) * m * parryBonus); The major factors at play are your CR, your opponents CR, the modifier (m), and parry bonus. I went through the combat rating method and all it's sub-methods, then translated them to English (sort of). Calculating Your Combat Rating Next step is the modifier. But I'm going to ignore that for now. It's a little complicated and not worth the trouble of diving into just yet. Finally, the parry bonus. It can equate to 0.8, 0.9, or 1. It depends on where you and your opponent are targeting. If they are in defensive targeting (the little shield buttons) in the direction you are swinging, then it is 0.8. If they are targeting the other side (horizontally) of the body compared to where you are swinging (for example they are upper right, you are upper left; or you are middle left, and they are middle right), it resolves to 0.9. In all other cases, it resolves to 1.0. Shields So that's the rundown on hit chance. Let's move on to shields. When you attempt to block with a shield, a value from -100 to 100 is obtained. There are 3 different ways a shield can resolve: a full block (50-100 roll), half block (0 - 50 roll), and fail block (-100 to 0 roll). A full block stops the attack entirely, no damage is dealt and that's the end of it. A half block reduces the hit chance of the attacker, by up to 50%. This helps resolve it to become a miss, parry, or evade, yet it's still possible the attack goes through and deals damage. Finally, the fail block is when your attempt to block fails and you do not block at all. Keep in mind you can only block 2 attacks per round of combat. Because of how many factors are at play, I am running my simulations with both players having equal combat rating. The attacker will use a 70ql medium maul with 70 skill in it, and the defender will have their shield skill and QL changed over the duration of the simulations. Here are the results. Shield Blocking Simulations Shield Type Testing Note: Increased sample size to 100,000 from 10,000 to improve accuracy. Added shield material to the output. Shield Rarity Testing Note: Prepare for extreme disappointment. Reading the code indicates that rarity is not a factor, and these simulations back up that claim. I have a few other things I can share - mostly involving combat - and will continue in the future. Hopefully you like what I've shared and can glean useful information from it. If you have any questions or would like to request an addition to the Miscellaneous Info spreadsheet (by asking a question about how a certain thing works), just ask and I will do my best to answer your question.
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    As im sure many of us have experienced on freedom, getting stuck with "become a demigod" or planeswalker etc, as the last personal goal is a complete pain in the ass and something that is nearly impossible to do. We play here for a reason, why should we get a personal goal that is something only someone on epic is able to accomplish? My proposal is to either remove the possibility of getting this personal goal for those on freedom/chaos and provide a different goal for those who already have it upon request, or if devs do not find that reasonable for some reason then simply allow the reset of the personal goals to provide a new set of goals for someone stuck in this situation. any other solutions are welcome
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    Become The Environmental Hero! Mother Nature helps us by giving wood, ores, food and home. But how can we help her? Answer is easy; by destroying unwanted tiles! Look at that amount of unwanted tiles disfiguring our beautiful lands! http://maps.mvcomputing.co.uk/Deliverance/ We have to get rid of them! What we have to destroy: *Slabs *Plank floors *All kinds of cobblestone *Packed dirt Rules: *Take screenshot of area before and after *Count how many tiles you destroyed and post it here. *Be honest *Don't destroy highways or used roads(if you're not 100% sure that roads is unused, leave it alone) *Make sure that area is abandoned *Make sure it isn't historical place *Remember to pray to retrive eventual faith losses List of Deliverance Ecologists: The Environmental Hero! 1000 tiles+ Nature Lover 500 tiles+ Ecologist 200 tiles+ Little Ecologist 50 tiles+ List will be updated up to date
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    It's an arbitary skillnerf to slow down progression of a server in terms of damage output. Works great for slowing down brand new clusters like when epic was released, but the moment the high ql weapons are available it's merely holding new people back.
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    Please remove the "feature" that slowly over time lowers a tunnel/mine with mine_forward. Every few tiles you mine straight, there will be a random corner that could be lowered or raised within 1 to 3 actions, or a combination of both. I can deal with having to mine down corners if they happen to raise an action or two, but having to use concrete to fix something that shouldn't have even occurred is just silly and unnecessary. Thanks.
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    Hello fellow wurmians! I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone all the best for 2017! Looking back into 2016 Wurm was filled with many up and downs. With many games they contain rumors, gossip and the lack to separate fact from fiction. Many friendships were formed some were lost. Alliances have grown and split and have been rebuilt. Loyal and true wurm friends were not always that loyal or that but, as far as gaming goes we strive to grow better ourselves and continue to enjoy Wurm and what it has to offer. Let us not forget the more important things such as people that were lost in our lives or that of others lives, health issues, marriages, divorce, break ups, friendships forged and new babies being brought into the world. All of these things were experienced in our Wurm community. We celebrate the happy times and send our best wishes for the darker times. Let us all move forward together as the outstanding community we are into 2017 and beyond and grow and enjoy all the hard work and effort that is being put into a game that we all share in common. Thank you to the ever dedicated hardworking genuine staff who make the community a welcome place for all. On that note...wishing you and yours a Happy New Year and best wishes for all you do including Wurm.
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    The game's certainly come a long way from dudes in green tunics standing on horseback with arms stuck to the side. I miss my slanted house, even though it made me sea sick, but adding second floors was a brilliant upgrade. I think polish is a work in progress. Seen so many games with mega budgets flail so much more than this small team... which didn't even used to be a team, it was just one guy in a Swedish outhouse with a super long extension cord to the willage plug.
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    And Wurm gets tons of feedback from the community. Sometimes I wish they got less! I would like it to be a little more polished, sure, but I would really hate it to go down the path of being more visual and less text based. I think it could be more accessible, but I'd hate to see it with a bleep and blurp for every imp action, a visual indicator for every hit, etc. To me, that stuff is boring and takes away from the depth of the game, which is why I hate most other MMOs. All flash, no depth. The ones I have liked are the "ugly" ones, I guess. Eve, ATITD, SWG to some degree. I think that's our niche. Non-graphically interesting, text-based, deep crafting/building, slow moving game fans who can create their own story.
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    My personal opinion is that Wurm fills a niche between MUD and MMO. Perhaps Wurm could move more towards the MMO side without losing the MUD-like fans, but I'm happy playing a niche game as long as it's not losing money or anything.
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    Not all the names are available for single-name use - essentially, there are 3 lists: male, female, generic. Names on the male and female lists can be used for a single name (if the RNG hits the right number), names on the generic list will not be. Normal double-barrelled names can be made up of the relevant gender list and maybe something from the generic list.
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    I've probably posted more than enough already, but there is always room for more creepy mirror selfies in the thread: (and no, I did not drink what was in that bottle even though the creepface makes it appear that way)
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    That also goes otherwise around, if player is 4, then (s)he can never win a fight with a troll, because troll is 8. Randomness is, what makes unexpected things happen.. both ways. And IMO it spices things up.
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    It's something that should be considered in a future update, I'm sure the devs are aware. The system is dated and I think most will agree, but combat reworks need to be done carefully because they can totally make people annoyed or happy. Going to use Runescape as an example here, they've went through a ton of iterations and decided to just have all sorts of combat modes available, balance wise that might be a impossible feat in Wurm. It's funny also more people play Old School Runescape to Runescape 3 because, well that game was fun and Rs3 combat system is kind of to blame for a lot of people quitting.
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    I looked into decay and found the following: Oak items decay 20% slower. Steel items decay 20% slower. Glimmersteel items decay 40% slower. Adamantine items decay 60% slower. Rotting Touch makes items decay (power)% faster. Crude items decay 10x faster. Fishing Rods made from willow decay 30% slower.