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    Hello fellow wurmians! I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone all the best for 2017! Looking back into 2016 Wurm was filled with many up and downs. With many games they contain rumors, gossip and the lack to separate fact from fiction. Many friendships were formed some were lost. Alliances have grown and split and have been rebuilt. Loyal and true wurm friends were not always that loyal or that but, as far as gaming goes we strive to grow better ourselves and continue to enjoy Wurm and what it has to offer. Let us not forget the more important things such as people that were lost in our lives or that of others lives, health issues, marriages, divorce, break ups, friendships forged and new babies being brought into the world. All of these things were experienced in our Wurm community. We celebrate the happy times and send our best wishes for the darker times. Let us all move forward together as the outstanding community we are into 2017 and beyond and grow and enjoy all the hard work and effort that is being put into a game that we all share in common. Thank you to the ever dedicated hardworking genuine staff who make the community a welcome place for all. On that note...wishing you and yours a Happy New Year and best wishes for all you do including Wurm.
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    This was just a series of thoughts that might explain why wurm was not adopted as a mainstream game. As a MUD wurm is incredibly successful, it outperforms the best performing MUD. As an MMO wurm is less successful than it should be. This is not because wurm is a bad game; quite the opposite. It does seem, mostly, to be a lack of feedback that has prevented wurm from growing as other free to try subscription based mmos have (runescape for example, they are roughly of the same era). To give some examples: Magic is visually lackluster; most spells rely on text feedback rather than graphical or aural feedback to let the player know it has been cast. Improving an item plays the "craft working" sound linked to the tool, but there is no aural indicator of success of failure and checking how to improve an item involves a lot of menu squinting. Attacking in combat gives a sound effect when something is hit, but (barring the textual indicators or target bar, there is very little visual feedback that damage is being done. A sword that you've sunk DAYS into crafting and enchanting looks identical to a sword someone hammered out just a moment ago. It is, as has been said, a matter of polish. A well polished wurm would do a lot better as an MMO while still leaving its content untouched. A lot of wurm's problems could be solved by offering additional methods of player feedback.
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    "Freedom" is finished and rare EDIT: "The White Pearl" is finished
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    I don't know if I'd ever expect Wurm to be a "mainstream game". Sometimes the best products are niche products. That said, I want it to be the best niche product it can be. "Make it more popular", to me, is less important than "make it better and more professional". There are plenty of things we can look at in Wurm and say "Seriously, guys?!" about, whether it's temples not having a graphical model, all the silly little bugs, and so on. I'm fine with a focus on player retention, because we need that and I'm glad they're thinking a bit in that direction, but to me, the most important thing is to take a long, hard look at any remaining things that make Wurm hard to take seriously. So, while I don't think Wurm should really strive too hard to be some mainstream success, I definitely think it can succeed in its own right, and can do so by being the best version of itself it can possibly be.
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    So, this happened. Not really sure who they are, but they worshiped the tree for awhile, then disappeared. Strange happenings at the ShrimpAlong.
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    I'd like to see a search for ingredients added to the personal Cookbook. We have it in the crafting recipes window; type in small nail and you can get everything that uses a small nail in creation and building. Why not the same in our Cookbooks? I think it would be nice to be able to type in corn, and see all the recipes I've discovered that can use corn in them. Or chocolate. Would be a nice QoL change imo.
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    Who told you that you had to pay for updates? This would be the first place I've seen it mentioned. No official dev has said anything about DLC or paid for updates. Wurm Unlimited was released with the ability to mod in stuff you would like to have in Wurm that is not allowed on Wurm Online. If you can't program don't blame it on a mod api, this is a copout excuse. I can mod WU all over the place with out a API you just need to know how to program and the ability to know what you are doing. I don't know any development team that has given out a game with full ability to charge for your server and sell in game items for cash and skies the limit. Maybe wurm just isn't for you but don't blame the dev team, Yes they are slow I'll give you that but the rest is not true. EDIT: If you want a server to play on I host a free server for all with some of my personal mods. Just look for Foreverlands Reborn on the server list. I was a WO fan for over 5 years up until WU launched. Now I host my own server and it's named Foreverlands because it will be going for years, I have no intention to close it even tho I don't play on it a lot cause I'm busy working on my own game under Unity. I play from time to time and if anyone ever has a issue they can contact me threw my email which I check every couple hours every single day. If you had a bad experience try few more server's out before you give up on WU or try WO's main servers. Wurm is one of the best sandboxes out there. I've not seen a mmo to this date with as much sand as Wurm.
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    My personal opinion is that Wurm fills a niche between MUD and MMO. Perhaps Wurm could move more towards the MMO side without losing the MUD-like fans, but I'm happy playing a niche game as long as it's not losing money or anything.
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    Enki and his minions: Cecci speaks w management: TeeeBOMB screenies :-)
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    Foraging at the edge of the world.
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    Loot will be for P/R only but everyone from other servers is free to join for Blood. Location to be updated tomorrow. We will start with the FG which is near Blossom. The kyklops is far away from this and we'll ride there afterwards.
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    When I asked if there will be anything today to make sure I wont miss out... So wish the poor guy a quick recovery.
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    [12:55:13] You leave Blackmoor. Well i had really good time in my first impalong. I want to ty everyone who imped stuff for me . Got to know new people that is always good too. Gaming is always more fun with friends. See u all next year o/
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    Settling the Dust of 2016 Greetings and Happy Festivations! This last year has been a long and dusty road, but we have made it through and are preparing to tackle a new one. At this time we start beating out all that dust we have picked up on the trail over the last year and need to close out some of the rockier parts of the old year. I refer directly to the Niru incident. Officially, we are done with this individual and all of the accounts and items that were associated with the individual are and always have been the property of Code Club AB and may be used, dispensed, or removed at Code Club AB's discretion as defined in the EULA that everyone agrees to upon playing Wurm Online. After a long period of open claims being taken in by forum thread and forum pm has finally passed I have decided to finally begin closing this chapter. First, a handful of claimants who lost items and properly noted their losses to us when asked will receive items that we were able to seize in Niru's possession. You will not receive all of your item losses, only those we were able to successfully show were yours. Second, we will be conducting an auction on all of the items that were seized with no proper claim received for. This will start with a listing of items for overview, and then after a week, an auction/s will commence. Third, all of those who lost silvers in transaction with Niru and properly posted a claim in the forum thread or forum pm will receive a percentage of their losses back. The proceeds from the auction will be returned in percentage to those with silver related losses. I cannot stress enough not to get hopeful and expect a full recompense. This is not a reimbursement and I am not setting any new precedent as this is normal procedure for us to attempt to return losses seized in regards to scams. I will not entertain any attempts to apply this situation to other cases in an attempt to retrieve long lost items or accounts. This was a special case of scamming and is in no way similar to other cases such as bans due to rule violations. Thank You, Wurm Online Team
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    #1 - When you dig up an artifact it goes to the old full power. Its supposed to be like 30? charges now, but if you dig it up, its 120. There has already been a patch note that this has been fixed, it was never fixed, and i think the previous bug reports are still up Patchnote where this was supposed to be changed: http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Wurm_Server_Release_Notes_2015#150430_Artifact_balancing #2 - You can still teleport with artifacts. This was complained about, then changed last year so you couldnt, and then several bug reports were made about it because it never worked. You can vteleport, you can karma, and you can recall home with artifacts right now on the live servers, so as far as i can tell the patch did not work for this one either. Same patchnote as the above http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Wurm_Server_Release_Notes_2015#150430_Artifact_balancing
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    It's time I do a potion sale, been a while. In order to make this post easier to browse I've created spoilers. Special deals Bulk deals of 5 potions or up will get you a discount on the most expensive potion of 20% Bulk deals of 10 potions or up will get you a discount on the most expensive potion of 50% Bulk deals of over 20s worth of potions entitle you to 5% discount (1s or more) Bulk deals of over 40s worth of potions entitle you to 10% discount (4s or more) Will trade potions from these lists for ropemaking potions, PM me for details All potions will be mailed ASAP with a 1 minute timer mailbox free of charge. Orders can be made here or in Forum PM, not in game please (so I can keep a tab on the orders). 1. Potions of Mining 2. Potions of Woodcutting 3. Potions of Blacksmithing 4. Potions of Weaponsmihing 5. Potions of Armorsmithing 6. Potions of Leatherworking - OUT OF STOCK 7. Potions of Fletching 8. Potions of Tailoring - OUT OF STOCK 9. Potions of Stonecutting - OUT OF STOCK 10.Potions of Acid* 11. Potions of Frost* 12. Fighting Potions 13. Yellow Potions 14. Sleep powders Happy shopping everyone!
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    Desolation V5 - Anarchy is now available and has the following features: Select Jenn-Kellon for starter kingdom. (refer back to this documentation tomorrow - Dec 31/Jan 1 to see updates since some changes have been made that haven't yet made the notes). Scenario: Jenn Kellon is collapsing. Desolation was formerly a thriving outpost of the empire however now everything is up for grabs. While the server opens with only one kingdom, rumours abound that several rebel groups will soon break away to form their own kingdoms (PMKs). - Based on Desolation V3, hard core PVP - 100x skill gain/10x action 1) Map 1024 x 1024 map to encourage lots of combat. Careful review of other PVP maps including extensive review of Desolation V3's map after months of constant combat revealed that in actuality very little space was used and most of it that was used was crammed up close to HOTA. This map will remove more of the dead, unused map in favor of enemies squeezed closely together Map will be available ingame for players who have installed the client modloader with the serverpacks and custommap mods enabled. The map will also be posted on the forum closer to launch. Map created by Ausimus (with my sincere thanks for yet another excellent map). 2) Anti-cheat mod will be deployed. Reports of exploits including exploit mods are appreciated so that anti-cheat mod can be improved. GM's will not be investigating exploits for any other purpose then to improve the anti-cheat mod. If someone is exploiting show how they are doing it so it can be fixed otherwise take them out using old fashioned methods 3) Hands-off GM policy - GM's will not intervene except to bring server back online or to help with a critical bug. GM's will not intervene if exploits are going on provided that the server is not taken offline as a result of an exploit. Other then performing GM work, I will likely not play on the server as a player 4) Players will need to decide what is acceptable game play and act accordingly 5) Epochs Four epochs will occur. Each at one month interval from the previous one. All will be clearly defined and documented at time of server launch so players know what to expect. (Current proposed shown below) Epoch 1: Basic -- All skill gains allowed except for the following restrictions: -- Characteristics capped at 41 -- Shield bashing capped at 51 -- Lockpicking capped at 51 -- Can only ride cow, or bull -- Large carts are slowed down -- Meditation and religion are not available -- Artifacts are not in the game Epoch 2: Religion -- Starts on x (30 days after server startup - will insert actual date at server launch time) -- Characteristics capped at 51 -- Can ride all Epoch 1 animals plus horses -- Large carts go normal speed -- Religion enters the game -- Artifacts enter the game Epoch 3: Meditation -- Starts on x (60 days after server startup - will insert actual date at server launch time) -- Characteristics capped at 61 -- Can ride all Epoch 2 animals plus hell horses -- Meditation enters the game Epoch 4: Modern -- Characteristics capped at 71 -- Starts on x (90 days after server startup - will insert actual date at server launch time) -- Everything is available 6) Server life is expected to last at least 4 months likely longer if people continue to play 7) Player Managed Kingdoms (PMK) -- PMKs are standard price. Pick up Declaration of Independence form at Peatmoss from the Trader 8) Template or starter kingdoms -- All players will begin in the typical starter kingdoms. -- Template kingdoms will not have the option to gain royalty. In other words there will be no Lady of the Lake, Sword in the stone or Cobra on the map to allow for a king/chancellor/emperor to be selected 9) Rules and Bans -- Since there are no rules there are expected to be no bans. -- The community will police itself. I have been informed that this is a reasonable expectation that should work well. I look forward to learning the result 10) What about Desolation V4? -- Desolation V4 Evolution will continue to run for those who want a more "policied" environment 11) Launch date -- Server Launch Date: No later than January 1, 2017, likely earlier
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    Many moons ago I started work on a boat cave on my Xanadu deed and main home. You see I have the odd crazy idea in Wurm and after building one in Fippy's Harbour on Deliverance I had always wanted to build an improved version when I found the right spot. My Xanadu deed is basically a bit of land at the bottom of a cliff and a hill with an Obelisk on it. So my mine is the main work area for my characters, always expanding... until now that is. No more tunneling for a while after this. I had a small workroom that was great for a while, with a grand plan for a fancy cave that i could move my workshop to. I don't get a lot of time these days (2 kids) so it was always a big task for me and originally the plan had a canal off the first cave with a 2nd cavern. I decided that i'd be better having the one cave and expanded the one i'd already mined out, to include workshop and storage sections. Anyway, enough rambling. I'll post some pics and then a link to the full Gallery at the bottom, in case anyone is interested in seeing more. I will add that the door is open for anyone wanting to go in and have a look around. Full Gallery - Bradda Cove - Boat Cave A lot of pics, so sorry if too much, but had to put a range in.
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    happy new year everyone enjoy it while it lasts XD so this happened.....: even the dragons come to mine here and a really nice aerial shot of the scar
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    Personally I appreciate those moments when I realize that maybe I should have been a bit more aware of what I was doing, so no. I don't want to lose those.
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    The game's certainly come a long way from dudes in green tunics standing on horseback with arms stuck to the side. I miss my slanted house, even though it made me sea sick, but adding second floors was a brilliant upgrade. I think polish is a work in progress. Seen so many games with mega budgets flail so much more than this small team... which didn't even used to be a team, it was just one guy in a Swedish outhouse with a super long extension cord to the willage plug.
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    Its not hard to put a moat around a deed which is what I'm currently doing, placing some bridges for access and its starting to look how I'd like it. But. I do have a serious problem in that I cannot think of any way to ensure crocodiles stay in it. They are needed for the ambience which also means no fences otherwise how can I enjoy it when unsuspecting peons fall in? I'd go with piranha at a pinch if they were in game but sadly they are not. Any suggestions on how I can resolve this artistic dilemma?
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    I guess this works pretty well. bind Ctrl+Shift+F8 "setoption sound_al_gain 0" bind Ctrl+Shift+F9 "setoption sound_al_gain 20" I'll keep using this.
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    You need to bring the HH 10-15 tiles away from any other aggressive creatures before untaming it. It may have targetted something in the pen and not cleared its target. Bringing it away from the pen will make the HH automatically untarget.
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    I thought about playing a bell tower at midnight...need to build one first though :'(
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    "I arrived here yesterday, yet I want to be competitive like peeps playing since 10 yrs ago". Yup, -1: that's not the way a NORMAL MMO is done. Only seen "new server / x months" on fb cashcows browsergames. (and I "arrived here yesterday", btw)
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    -1 for this exact reason. It was not "viva la RNG" it was for this purpose ^
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    And Wurm gets tons of feedback from the community. Sometimes I wish they got less! I would like it to be a little more polished, sure, but I would really hate it to go down the path of being more visual and less text based. I think it could be more accessible, but I'd hate to see it with a bleep and blurp for every imp action, a visual indicator for every hit, etc. To me, that stuff is boring and takes away from the depth of the game, which is why I hate most other MMOs. All flash, no depth. The ones I have liked are the "ugly" ones, I guess. Eve, ATITD, SWG to some degree. I think that's our niche. Non-graphically interesting, text-based, deep crafting/building, slow moving game fans who can create their own story.
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    Kibble is a dry pellet pet food that is first cooked in a cauldron, then baked, then crushed. It last a very very long time without decay, and the small sized particles means animals will not eat more than they are hungry for. Different animals will eat different sorts of kibble. Meat kibble is over 50% fish or meat, it can also contain grains or vegetable filler, and also animal byproducts (bladder, tails, animal fat) as long as t least 50% is meat. Grain kibble is for livestock such as horses cows bison sheep chickens. it is at least 50% grain although it can use other vegetables as filler. Some animals will only eat a certain type of kibble, others like pigs and bears and dogs, will happily eat any type of kibble. It's rumored that some animals such as trolls, hell hounds, scorpions and crocodiles, prefer kibble made out of people (but they will probably eat other things too. You can even throw partially rotting food into the cauldron when making a n\batch of kibble. It's not like your dogs are going to complain to the Food & Drug Administration You can leave a big pile of kibble out for your animals and they will nibble on the pellets -- because it has less decay and less "wastage" from animals eating more than they need at a time, it is the most efficient way to feed animals. it uis especially handy if you need to be away from the game for a week or two and do not want your animals to starve. It's also handy to carry in your pocket to be sure your wagon/cart team is never pulling on an empty stomach. High quality kibble will keep animals feed much longer. It's also excellent for Taming. Because your pets deserve to be spoiled!
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    They fermented this morning, thank you for the help.
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    I was contacted and asked to release my textures pack so here it is, the wall and floor textures have been changed, I've also included backups just incase you decide your not keen on them. read the readme.txt for installation instructions. https://www.dropbox.com/s/a4xwbe5muwuqf1l/newtextures_ozmods.zip?dl=0 (no need to register) just download them. any problems reply here, I've only tested these in solo play, so I don't know if they work in MP can someone verify please.
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    I hope it brings everyone new friendships, good health and surprises. Best wishes for a Happy New Year.
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    I definitely do not want to play another game that's just like all the other games. I like the MUD-ness of Wurm. Most of the other game playing friends I have do not. They want structure, pretty graphics and missions from NPCs. They also want games to be free and bounce from game to game all the time. *shrug* People want different things.
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    thanks, a lot It wasn't hard at all, to exchange the textures, the problem is with using a platform like java it's really memory heavy from what I've read on here, which is a shame because this game has such potential. for those wondering the textures DO NOT WORK IN MP. they need to be installed per my instructions above, I tried out myself last night only to find that if you don't have them installed in your packs folder they don't work. I may consider updating these with the "distant" textures, because when you are outside of the "field of view" the textures default to the "original" ones,
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    As suggested before would be nice for any Wurm player to somehow be able to complete their personal goals regardless of what server they choose to play on.
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    You're forgetting Goat Shape, wouldn't hurt to be on path of power either
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    I have just released a new version with the following changes: Leather adventurer's hats now have a small additional bonus against rain. Brown bear helms now have the same properties as a woolen hat. Improved heat source formula so that heat drops off more realistically Reduced heating effect of lights such as candelabrum and torches, relative to campfire, forges, etc. Increased cooling effect of swimming. (This update should address the issues Wulfrock & Jukken raised above)
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    I know fully how much sets sell for, why would i bank 2 pieces and never use them... My whole point for this thread is to see what they are worth sold separate and also figure out if they are worth keeping and just buying more hides to make a suit or all of the rest of the pieces needed to make a full suit with a jacket i already have. We have only ever sold 1 suit from loot, and that was a scale set due to the fact we were splitting it with 9 people. When you figure out a better way to split a scale set between 9 people let me know. You want to talk trash keep it in skirmish and stay out of my WTS thread and our recruitment thread.
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    Pretty sure as of now, WU will only get 80 or so recipes. So for the majority of the WO recipes we won't be able look them up in WU. Who knows when it'll be okay to share them here. I feel it's smarter to just go elsewhere to share them. And we can do that NOW. The president of useing moderation to prevent people from sharing information because it might inconvenience another who lacks enough self-restraint to not open a spoiler is really a sad thing to see.
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    [14:28:30] The Skeleton and the Skeleton get intimate. Today on things I learned... Apparently I can make baby skeletons? Like how and what and where and oh for the love of Fo so many questions.
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    Breaking news! We interrupt your normally scheduled programming to bring you this important breaking news update on Shrimpalong 2016. Caught on camera !! Not too bright thief absconds with the contents of yummy picnic basket! This image was captured by Shrimpiie's security cam. Newly installed after several complaints, picnic baskets, set down for just a moment, later found emptied by disappointed Shrimpalong participants. This 'not too bright' thief was heard to say in local chat even... <actual recorded audio from security system>... [00:38:42] <Teeebomb> oh is that [00:38:46] <Meyfei> yup xD [00:38:51] <Meyfei> a setup! [00:38:52] <Teeebomb> ... a picknic basket? Not only can this 'not too bright' criminal not spell (has dumb fingers), he/she failed to notice the containers, fully loaded with free food, not 2 tiles away from the actual crime scene location! This is an actual photo taken by Shrimpiie's security system (if you are looking away from your monitor, you need to see this, look now to witness the exact instant the suspected perpetrator commits the dastardly deed): If anyone can ID the suspect from this image, please contact Shrimpiie or any of the event organizers. Crimes like this, will not go unpunished. Or, as Shrimpiie was noted to say, in local chat: "[00:13:06] <Shrimpiie> fgbsjfdhgbjfdukjefrdgbgfvdmlkcasmaskv" <if anyone can decode this obviously crustacean diatribe, please do so as all of us are wondering...> Thank you Shrimpiie, an awesome event :-) ...and special thanks to Meyfei for handling the security that brought us this very revealing shot. A crime just bearly gotten away with. We now return you to your regularly scheduled Wurming...
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    I like this idea, but I think it would be better to call it "sloping" as opposed to leveling, which would suggest to make flat. For example, instead of "level" the next tile, it would be "slope" the next tile with the same +20 slope in the same direction as the one you're standing on.
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    I mean not just level flat tiles, i mean a second command to "level" with slopes so can end up not only with [flat][flat] tiles, with eg [+20slope][+20slope] sorry i am tired
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    Awesome server awesome people, lots of fun <3
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    so glad to see mythmoor events!
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