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    I have finally done it! I have made it to 100 Bowyery! Bowyery increased by 0.000008 to 100.000000 There is currently no title for the skill, not even a placeholder, so I'm probably gonna go with the title "Bow Down". I just need to see who I talk to about getting the title? Now that is done, got to get meditation to 50 so I can make sure I never lose it! I also like to thank a few people near the end for lending or giving me some powders on the last stretch! Cecci = 2 powders! Chulirc = 2 powders! Zigozag = 11 powders lent! Shrimpiie = 5 powders! Quiglen = 5 powders! Pandylynn = 2 powders! Thank you! It took me a month to get the final .0001 tick! 11/21/2016 [03:57:49] Bowyery increased by 0.000008 to 99.999901 11/25/2016 [01:39:24] Bowyery increased by 0.000008 to 99.999908 11/26/2016 [22:46:41] Bowyery increased by 0.000008 to 99.999916 [03:18:36] Bowyery increased by 0.000008 to 99.999924 11/28/2016 [03:43:03] Bowyery increased by 0.000008 to 99.999931 11/29/2016 [05:34:14] Bowyery increased by 0.000008 to 99.999939 11/30/2016 [05:25:00] Bowyery increased by 0.000008 to 99.999947 12/2/2016 [01:56:40] Bowyery increased by 0.000008 to 99.999954 12/3/2016 [02:34:36] Bowyery increased by 0.000008 to 99.999962 12/7/2016 [02:05:25] Bowyery increased by 0.000008 to 99.999969 12/8/2016 [19:07:42] Bowyery increased by 0.000008 to 99.999977 12/11/2016 [02:34:09] Bowyery increased by 0.000008 to 99.999985 12/15/2016 [22:52:11] Bowyery increased by 0.000008 to 99.999992 12/22/2016 [13:05:32] Bowyery increased by 0.000008 to 100.000000
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    Would like to see some form of arrow treatment using alchemy, rather than having to sit and cast on a million arrows allow us to treat them for example Cloth and tar for a fire effect Some form of poison effect maybe using a belladonna extract Quality of the mixture would determine the "cast power"
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    'Gratz on the new kid =D If you miss Wurm, however, I can tell you from experience: - Tearing up the sidewalk then digging "to flatten the borders" will get you fined with possible arrest. - Walking around the park with a brush grooming people's dogs won't get you arrested, and in fact leads to meeting interesting new people (and a good workout dodging purse slams from some ladies). - You're highly unlikely to find iron under your back yard. - Despite your good intentions, trying to jam a brick into a neighbor's fence won't earn you their gratitude "for trying to imp it". - The only question you'll get from meditating on random flower patches will be "Do you want me to call the cops?" - You can't permanently keep the kids on a boat to make it go faster. - Don't drink the sea water.
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    As it is all white and snowy in real life and I had like the BEST FRIGGIN Chinese food ever, I decided tis the season for givin'. I'm gonna pick 3 people I dunno and send them a random gift to be mailed Christmas Day. (please note time zones) I invite others to do the same. Random acts of Christmas joy YAY!!!!!!! 1. pick 1-3 random names you see 2. send them something before or on Christmas day 3. totally free, no mail, no payment That's it, simple kindness. If you need help of some kind, pm me in game on Pagani
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    Wurm has always been both deceptively simple and complex at the same time. With basic mechanics it manifests many wonderful things, and I would like to add one more to that list. Icebergs. These would have the following attributes: -Spawn at a certain rate in the waters to the north and sound of a map -Perhaps only spawn at certain times of year, but migrate -Icebergs would be like ships in water, extending both above and below the waterline, they would float and move -They could be surface-mined with a Pick-Axe for Ice Shards, or with Digging and a Shovel, for Snow(balls) -As an Iceberg was mined or dug on, it would get lower to and then below the waterline and eventually no longer be accessible for either action (this violates physics but best we can do) -If it were not too hard to code, they could A ) Cause damage to ships that hit them B ) Shrink in size as they age/move south Besides looking cool and adding some life to the seaways (also homes for seals, polar bears etc), they could provide a source of Snow(balls) (and perhaps the new longer-lasting Ice) for the new Larders. In their most basic form they could be done with 100% of their resources using existing code, and with some minor additions they could have the more advanced features. Their spawn rate could also be controlled, perhaps even tied to the number of snowballs in the world, or the time of year, to balance overall Larder usability. If for now other reason, do it just for that first moment when you sail into a field of icebergs out under the moonlight at night...
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    My Wurm time is limited lately and I'm not very often available; and I'm not the biggest fan of organizing projects with more than 3 people in it. Reminds me of work too much. Slickshot has offered help in tracking resources and people. To be honest, I don't know him much or his history. But I also know this is a game of pixels and I'm not going to turn down his offer. Nobody has to follow or do anything, but I just confirm that right now he has my blessings to organize and plan along and whatnot. He's also going to make the poll about bridge type because apparently I am not skilled enough to find that option on this forum. That said, I still keep ownership of the north and south deeds, those will remain open and public throughout the process (and later and always) There is going to be some sort of accommodation in those deeds for builders and other participants. Beds, in particular. I will continue participating in this madness as often as my time allows. Shoutout to Veste (Nefer, Festecles, Thewatcher, & thatFeker), go follow his twitch stream if nothing better to do. (shameless village promotion) Let the dirt flow!
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    icebox, holds only ice nothing else, requires SALT and ICE TONGS (optional: pick) Snowballs+salt go in top, after a time remove w tongs iceblocks from the bottom iceblocks last much much much longer than snowballs For recipes requiring snow, can chip ice with pick and the chipped ice acts identical to snowballs Larders can use any: blocks, chips and snowballs. Blocks last 10X longer, chips last 5x longer than snowballs. CAN STOCK MANY BLOCKS FOR LONG PERIODS Never worry about "missing a winter" again (winters are SO short and people sometimes cannot play every single day.)
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    Can we get some clarification on snowballs from the devs possibly? They seem to be very hard to find right now, granted it is late fall and snow tileset hasn't loaded in yet so that may be why. But mainly would like to know if snowballs are really supposed to decay so rapidly in a larder? I have found 11 so far and put them right into the larder. They had no damage when they were put in. About an hour later, all but 3 had damage. The worst two were at 10 and 22 damage. At this rate snowballs will decay before winter even ends let alone have a prayer in hell to last thru the spring, summer and fall. My larder is on deed in a building also. Any feedback is appreciated.
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    I think I'm going to go with one of my original ideas for a title. "Bow Down"
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    i'm going to have a go at re-nature-fying bachus vineyard and maybe sloppy hollow, least till the snow falls. thanks for the inspiration edit ; 250+ so far. (if you don't care about your faith points, this gives pretty good digging skill, along with the inevitable cultivating) having a break, I'll update in a few days time edit; done more work around north mystic lake, will update in a week.
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    no I wouldnt shorten the timer, once you set things, leave them for auctions... thats why you need to double check before posting. 11s
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    <Masterofwee> where is epic's bane lord of the weeabo propheteer the betrayer
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    Well said. Hard to Convince people to raid the same place for the same amount of time daily with the same effort if a dedicated group just rebuilds and repairs all that damage so quickly compared to the time spent wrecking the place. I always enjoyed seeing what the place looked like the next day after repairs. That time you guys put a huge stack of felled trees in the center was quite hilarious. Annnd the time reevi fell off a ledge and died to that spike trap... Oh man we still remind him of that almost every time we see him online.
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    As before mentioned in the older thread I am interested in participating in the road building aspect of the project. I have already started scouting the area on the north side of the proposed bridge for an ideal highway location to attach to other highways. So, far I have a few potential routes, some difficult, some easier, some passing no more than 10 tiles from any existing deeds. What I would really like is someone to collaborate with about the route, as this would only be the 2nd highway I've ever built in Wurm, and back then we couldn't even pave diagonally! I am ready to start building a highway now, however I wont start yet. Instead, since I have build access to the deeds that Shmeric set up I will build some places for people to do some basic living out (horse park, beds, cooking, etc.). You can find me at the north side of the bridge on Nefer or Festecles
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    Some of us did/do know
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    Hi. Recently it has come to attention of several restless wurmians that someone has started building a bridge "or something" to connect Newspring hermits to the rest of Xanadu's community. With the new map dumps it's even more clear, so here's my confession. Yes, I've started dropping and shaping the dirt pillars for Newspring bridge system. So far I've been doing it by myself and quietly. Not necessarily in secrecy, but I haven't really announced it to public either. But with more people asking around and getting directed to me, here's the public thread. Disclaimer. All of this "plan" is just my own thoughts put on digital paper. You have the right to disagree and I have the right to either acknowledge or ignore your opinion. This undertaking is not my main job and not my only current project in Wurm. The plan. (may or may not be altered based on anything) (click for larger image) The whole bridge will consist of 9 sections, each roughly 36 tiles long and 3 tiles wide; plus a shorter up'n'down ramp in each end. The dirt pillars will rise about 3 stories (90 dirt) above water. Final bridge will not be connected to any building, it needs to get highway protection and not be controlled by me or any other player or closed group. The type of the bridge (rock or marble, arched or flat) will be decided later based on public opinion. Done so far. Math and numbers. I've measured the distances and approximate depth of all the pillar spots. Wish it was easier... 3 pillars are done and 4th is pretty much done too, just need to find the moment to empty my dirt carriers. Two deeds at both end of the planned bridge. For reasons. Talked to a master mason (will be named if they give permission for it) with high enough skill to plan the bridge sections. To do. 4 pillars to create. This is the toughest part because so far it has been relatively shallow water, less than 600 dirt deep. The pillars 1, 2 and 3 are respectively 660, 680 and 740 dirt deep under water. Not so bad numbers. But here's the scary part. 660 dirt under water, on flat seabed, takes about 400 crates of dirt. 680 depth is about 440 crates. 740 depth is 560 crates. But the ground is not flat and those numbers are actually much higher, I would expect to see 1500 crates of dirt for those 3 pillars total, probably even more. The last pillar, number 4, takes only about 40k dirt. And to be clear, this is just to get one tile to surface, there are additional crates to raise them high and big enough. Building it. Child's play compared to what needs to be done before. After it's done. I have not made any further plans how or where the roads/highways will run after the big monster is done. Let's cross that bridge when we get to it. If you want to join in. Bring dirt. With the recent favor and priest changes, my Nahjo worshipper's dirt production has slowed down (chopping the onions makes me cry). If anyone wants to take part in this madness, then each and every crate with dirt is very welcome. You can either bring it to the bridge deeds, permissions will be set to unload for everyone) or just ship it to the right spot and throw overboard. The pillar locations are marked by anchored boats. I am not going to boss you around but if you get on my nerves, I'll just have to slap you. Now you know, thanks for reading and happy wurming! If you feel the urge to contact me, I'm Shmeric in the game, Shmeric on forums.
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    I want to auctioning my RARE LARDER and sell some stuff, auction is only for RARE LARDER, starting bid 5s increament 50c for other stuffs just give me offer, i'll cod if i aggree * auction will go for 1 weeks * larder can be picked at Haven Bay, J11 Xanadu or delivered with some fee (no chaos, sorry) * no reserve happy bidding and thank you
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    I'll definitely attach you to the highway team Veste. The project will likely sit on hold during the holidays, which I'd assume most people expected. Just wanted to give the heads up! I could also use experienced players who want to take on the responsibility of team leaders. Each of the three teams needs a leader, so if you're experienced with terraforming from water, highway construction, bridge planning, etc, please don't be shy to sign up! Having leaders will make the job a little smoother so that we aren't relying on project managers (myself, Shmeric) to scramble all over the place approving/designing certain aspects of the grand project any time a question comes up. *Edited the OP*
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    I would love this. I can't imagine any negative effects to removing the trample/pack completely, on or off deed. If a settlement is deleted for whatever reason, what's the harm in leaving permanently enchanted tiles, other than letting someone else later on get a bonus for settling there.
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    Back in the day we had proximity voice comms. Some people hated it, some people loved it. As I understand it the system was a bit wonky and so it was removed. That was about 6 years ago. Would be cool to see it resurrected and brought back even better than before. Perhaps make a way to mute specific players the same way we /ignore their chat messages. Just an idea. What do YOU think?
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    As long as it would have a turn off option would be fine.
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    So for a server a bit ago I was asked to make it so when champ slots where open it would place white lights over these statues where you had to champ up with a timer and death tabs telling people some one was champing up. Anyways, here was how I modified the lights if it saves anyone a few mins it's not pretty by any means but it defiantly works. private long[] ItemIDList = { 3413445860866L, 3413462638082L, 3413479415298L, 3413496192514L, 3413512969730L, 14422789217794L, 14422805995010L, 14422822772226L, 14422839549442L, 14422856326658L, 14422873103874L}; //This was for updating new logins to the current light setup, and is called by the loop to update everyone also public void HandleChampLightsAction(Creature HoldPlayer){ boolean ShowLight = true; for (int i = 0; i < ItemIDList.length; i++) { ShowLight = true; try { Item HoldItem = Items.getItem(ItemIDList[i]); //ID 8 if(HoldItem.getTemplateId() == 736 && HoldItem.getAuxData() == 9){ if (!Deities.acceptsNewChampions(103)) { ShowLight = false; } if (Players.getChampionsFromKingdom((byte)8) >= 3) { ShowLight = false; } if(ShowLight){ HoldPlayer.getCommunicator().sendRemoveEffect(HoldItem.getWurmId()); HoldPlayer.getCommunicator().sendAddEffect(HoldItem.getWurmId(), (short)2, HoldItem.getPosX(), HoldItem.getPosY(), HoldItem.getPosZ(), (byte)0); } else { HoldPlayer.getCommunicator().sendRemoveEffect(HoldItem.getWurmId()); } } } catch (NoSuchItemException nsi) { logger.log(Level.WARNING,"Not found:" + nsi.getMessage() + "."); } } } //Send champ light updates to all online players can be used to start and stop it for everyone public void UpdateAllChampLights(){ Player[] p = Players.getInstance().getPlayers(); for (Player lPlayer : p){ try { Creature PlayerToCreature = Server.getInstance().getCreature(lPlayer.getWurmId()); HandleChampLightsAction(PlayerToCreature); } catch (Exception e) {} } } Call HandleChampLightAction with something like this from one of the on login functions, I used com.wurmonline.server.Players sendAltarsToPlayer just because I found the example there and was to lazy to find another onlogin call at the time since this worked fine. Player HoldPlayer = (Player) args[0]; try { Creature PlayerToCreature = Server.getInstance().getCreature(HoldPlayer.getWurmId()); ChampOption.getInstance().HandleChampLightsAction(PlayerToCreature); } catch (Exception localException) { logger.log(Level.INFO, "Could not find player on login checks!"); }
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    Unless I'm missing it, this could really be useful. Thanks.
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    DoND - Shrimpalong Edition Deal or No Deal is back baby! That's right... due to popular demand and a sharp object poking me in the back, I'll be running a few games of DoND while I'm at the Shrimpalong. Only people at the impalong location will be able to play, as that's where the queue for the random contestant search will form. So I urge anyone wanting the chance to play to get yourself there. Games will be announced on the fly at the event, when time and mood permit me. Seeing as the main set is at my deed here on Indy, Nib has graciously taken time off her busy super modelling career schedule (due to a case of laryngitis) to once again, open up the cases for us. I shall relay the amounts of each opened case to the crowds watching in Local at the impalong. Good luck to one and all, and Merry Christmas !! ================================================ OFFICIAL GAME RULES - The game will consist of 20 large chests placed within a fenced off 4x5 area at Port Onody, Indy (M18). Inside each locked large chest will be a small chest containing a cash amount ranging from 1 iron up to 50 silver. - Each contestant will be selected randomly using a barrel full of keys. One by one people queued up will tell me (in Local) which number key they wish, from a small barrel on the ground. I will pass that key to them. The person uses that key in an attempt to open a small chest on the ground in front of me. If the key opens the small chest, that person will be the contestant. - The contestant will be required to "claim" one of the 20 cases to use as their starter case. After this the contestant will be asked to open a specific number of the remaining cases in this order (5,4,3,3,2,1). An offer of cash will be made to the player (by the Banker) after completing each round of case elimination. The player can either take the cash amount offered by the banker or continue eliminating more cases in an effort to increase the amount of the offer made by the Banker. - If a player makes it down to the final two cases, the player will have the choice of keeping their original "claimed" case or trading for the final case not eliminated. The chosen case will then be opened to reveal the contestants prize. - Cash prizes of 1 silver or more will be given to the winner on the spot. If a contestant wins less than 1 silver, a 90ql iron tool or iron weapon of the contestants choosing will be made and given to them instead. - Here are the monetary values used in each game - 50s, 40s, 30s, 25s, 20s, 15s, 10s, 5s, 2s, 1s, 75c, 50c, 25c, 10c, 1c, 75i, 50i, 25i, 10i, 1i -------------------------------------------------------------- Other rules and such that need to be stated: - A person may only play once per impalong, if you had a chance to play this impalong, please allow others the same opportunity (ie: no alts pls). - Sometimes mistakes can be made. There's a lot of organizing on my side when the game is on, so please bear with me if I screw up. I'll do my best to make it right. - Gumbo reserves the right to refuse play to any person he feels, at any time.
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    Besides Budda didn't like that it had high storage volume, there was no explanation given. What did it break? What obstacles that high volume created for development? Things would've been a lot different, when this was done differently. "Hey guys, we have to remove fountain pans, because it breaks X and makes us harder to improve feature Y in the future. But don't worry, we know you paid lots of cash for these items, so when the rifts will disappear, they leave behind this big uniqe decorative fountain.. which hopefully will be a nice reimbursement for your trouble." instead it was done like this "We will remove the fountain pans, because I don't like them.. Yes, it cost you money, but suck it up". But yeah, it was an item which was created via a bug. Yet the decision back then was made to let them stay in game for years after the actual bug was fixed. Don't start again with "where is the quote".. the fact, that they weren't removed means, that it was decided not to bother to remove them. So now suddenly they start to "fix" that, after so many years it meant simply, that those, who had nothing to do with the bug/exploiting it, had to pay the price. All in all, it will be another one in the line of stupid decisions of Rolf(the decision was made, when Rolf was in charge): enabling PvP on home servers, Bashur saga, interfering directly to Sparta fight and causing huge losses with his interference.. just to name a few..
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    OK, I'll think about it for a couple of years and let you know if everything is all right.
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    Some helpful tips. Armor = try to keep em together and use a backpack, put your name on the pack and all your armor. ( especially chanting, there is no space in the aosp due to 20 sets taking up 60+ spaces instead of 20 sets taking up less space in packs ) if we can we'll try and make more room for them. Smithing = if you're unsure if an item is weapon smith item or blacksmith item, just ask. Also there are cauldrons in some of the forges for smaller items ( cooking utensils, pans, lanterns, chisels ect ) please use those, makes more room for bigger items like shovels, rakes, pickaxes Chanting = Again, if you have a bunch of small items, use a stachel, or backpack if possible, again, place your name on pack and items. Also please remember the Stacking issues of chanting, if you have Frostbrand, please don't put it in the FA, if you have Woa please don't put it in the nimble. ( found many items that had this problem ) Priests sermons = please ask to be added to the sermon group, if you don't get invited, go to the top floor and send a PM to one of the priests, eventually you'll get added. If you're retrieving items, Let a staff member know, What floor, ( and you stand by the overflow, or container ) and a list of items if multiple. Easier if we know what items you're retrieving than trying to find your name among 100+ items. For example: /tell Stormblade Hey i need my file, chisel and silver knife from floor 1 overflow then stand by or on the coffin, Way easier to find you and the correct overflow, also quicker. Be patient, we're not ignoring you, but we might miss what you say with all the chat going on, we'll try and acknowledge you, but please be patient with us, we're only human.
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    Yes sir, it is otw. Thank you! [01:46:30] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
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    Happy to be attending my very first Impalong at this great event. Once I got used to the hubbub of activity, it's actually quite relaxing to just go down the line and imp objects, especially knowing you are helping others out.
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    Come join the Pandas. Join the Christmas spirit and if you are being good, you can sit on Santas lap!!!
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    Okay, taking the 3 weeks...7 days * 3 weeks * 24 hours is 504 hours. 4800 grazes / 504 hours ~ 9.5 grazes per hour. Does that sound about right? A graze every ~6.5 min seems high. One way to test the packing from movement would be to chase a couple deer or bison around in a smallish pen. Make a couple tiles grass and other enchanted grass. I suppose the first step here is to release a simple WIP mod that will remove the nerf that packs enchanted grass on deed with a good ratio.
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    As winter draws closer bee hives go dormant and snow starts being collectable on tiles. that said, it is not fully winter yet! Snow will become more abundant over time as winter sets in, and will be much easier to collect. To collect, just right click a tile and "gather snow"
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    Well glad to hear you are OK and back on your feet! Wurm actually in the past few weeks has been seeing a slight surge in activity, overall numbers getting closer to 800 mark during prime times. But overall its still fairly active even with the almost half sub loss in the past year. If you enjoyed the game before you left you will enjoy it the same if not a bit more if you like things like Rifts and the new cooking system which i will have to say is fairly interesting and that is coming from someone who really could care less about things like that. Im pretty sure Wurm would love to have you back.
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    I've received a 65Ql Small Metal Shield! \o/ Renamed it "Pagani's Aegis". Thanks Secret Santa \o/
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    I like to have my recipe notes ingame rather than on a separate spreadsheet, but it's hard to keep it readable when you have to write everything on a single line. Can we have the ability to press enter and start a new line in the recipe notes?
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    Hi, I have been living with Shmeric's village for years now and I knew that he wanted to do this project, I knew that he was obsessively collecting dirt, I just had no idea how much other work he had done on it. I feel it's time for me to start helping out. Collecting and dropping dirt is not my cup of tea, so I will start the highway on the north side of the bridge. My plan is not set in stone, and there is still a lot of surveying to do but I plan to head east-ish from the bridge and connect to the lavender highway that is there. I plan to continue the highway north from where the lavender highway ends in the sand pit. The highway should continue North and veer East as some point to connect to the highway in the mountain pass at O11. I don't know much about that highway, but it looks like it connects to Loremere. If anyone wants to check out the area or help me plan, or whatever, and doesn't want to travel down at this early stage please let me know. I frequently broadcast my Wurm gameplay on Twitch and would be happy to give a tour of the area around the bridge and the area's where the highways need to go. Just contact me in game and I can give you the info: Nefer (priest main) Festecles (builder main) Thewatcher (camera alt). o/
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    Fight for those that are gone but not forgotten. Join JK today.
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    I will give you a tip that can help. In settings there is an option to remove *Take* (and other actions) from that menu that opens up when you click on something like that. Then you can make a keybind for *Take*, which helps in picking up multiple things anyway. I have even removed *Examine* and some other things from that menu as well and replaced them with other keybinds. Keeps down the long list of clutter there for actions commonly used that keybinds work well for instead. =Ayes=
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    Should be gone from game by now? Has the game now somehow improved for those, who didn't have it? Besides schadenfreude.
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    I don't care how you look at the fountain pan issue, it is ultimately 110% the fault of Code Club. They allowed a known bug to exist within the game for 8 years before deciding to take it out. This created an implied, if not explicit, decision that "we are fixing the bug so that no more items can be crafted, but all already existing items can remain in the game as legacy items." Due to this decision, a new market was created. Code Club was very aware of this market. They had no objection to people spending good coin/cash on them, just like with any other item in the game. Code Club should have removed all existing pans on the day the bug fix was deployed if they didn't accept leaving them in the game. That is the bottom line. I do realize that we are just beating a dead horse at this point, but I will say that I think it is an asshat move and a less than favorable business decision. It has played a significant part in 12 players (most of which ran several characters), that I know of, leaving the game. I highly doubt it has drawn a lick of new business though. It is simply another case of cry babies whining about someone having something that they don't. What I want to collect/hoard in my cart hurts nobody. However, other non-craftable items that do give players a significant advantage, such as bags of keeping/master bags of keeping, are fine because they were gifts. It's just ridiculous.
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    id rather keep it the way it is but remove the 3 hour stuff, let us try every 30 mins for as long as we want
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    There's a timer on them, how could you not be warned?
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