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    A large project that took me 10 month to finish. Enjoy the movie
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    As featured in the news this week; The Orient Express canal is now officially open and a Heritage site. It took a total of 5 years to complete, is 7 tiles wide and has a length of 915 tiles. The canal runs from House of Lords to Lakes End. Map courtesy of Hughmongus House Of Lords Entrance: Lakes End Entrance: The canal features: Wide corner turnings. High ceilings and maximum min-able rock depth - for taking those big boats through. Walkways either side, all the way through. Central dock with tunnel up to the steppe hunting area and Devils Shadow. East side dock and tunnel to steppe hunting area and House of Pain. Back story: The brainchild of the canal was Nivox, who started the route from Devils Shadow to House of Lords late 2011. He worked on it as a side project for a good year before quitting Wurm for his career. With this tunnel between HOLs and DS mostly complete, Zomag (owner of DS) and I decided to continue his work of creating a canal to Crystal Lake from the east coast. The initial plan for the canal was for it to be dead straight. However this proved to be impossible due to numerous large deeds in the way. After determining the only available location on crystal lake for the exit, a tunnel was piloted to connect to Devils Shadow. Zomag and I continued working on mining the tunnel when we could, the project was more of a pipe dream and the general thinking was that we probably would never finish it. We did however, persevere, and in the final year of construction we gained the help of some fine miners. Most noteworthy being Pingpong, who personally smashed at least 70/80 veins (we lost count after a while!) and cleared vast swathes of rock on the last leg. Second major credit goes to Cerber, who also helped clearing many veins and the final tunnel section. Other Credits:
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    Wolfheart on the rock pillars.
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    Wurm University is a training Player Made Kingdom (PMK) in Wurm Online that exists to train new players in the basics of life on the Chaos PvP server. The University will build a strong PvP reputation in HOTA, roaming PvP and raiding when required. It will have robust management with Chaos veteran players to help build knowledgeable lecturers (instructors) and quality students. The heart of the kingdom resides in teamwork through PvP, kingdom events and cooperative help in the alliance chat channel. Wurm University’s objective is to teach players how to play Wurm Online on Chaos and create more content for all players on Chaos. In order to accomplish this mission we will constantly adapt, evolve and change as Wurm changes. Players are welcome to join us to learn what they can and either strive for a higher position within the Kingdom to help with the newer players, or join another PMK that they are interested in. Wurm University can provide guidance and knowledge on how to survive and thrive on the Chaos server. Our experienced players known as Dean's, can help newer or older players to establish themselves and gain know-how to play as a successful Chaos player. The Kingdom can currently provide: an escort from freedom servers to Chaos established deed (currently the capital) - with room for player built housing. horses kingdom armour sets kingdom weapons basic tools food (nutrition and CCFP) Other kingdom provided wares can be added as the kingdom grows and we have more players to share the load. Wurm University wants newer or older players that are willing to give the Chaos server a try. We want keen and enthusiastic students to learn all there is about Wurm Online and we want the experienced freedom players to shorten the newer players learning curve; and possibly learn a thing or two about the different game mechanics that the Chaos server provides. Our only requirements for player involvement in the kingdom are simply that you: have a premium active account; can ride a horse (21 Body Control); and have a minimum of 70 fight skill. On specific request, we will accept very new players without the two skill requirements if the person is requiring the knowledge or assistance to grind these two specific skills. However, these skill levels will be mandatory before a player can receive Kingdom armour or weapons. If you are new to the game or a veteran freedom player that would like to experience the rush of full loot drop PvP, then consider joining Wurm University. You can apply to join on our forums at: http://www.wurmuniversity.com/f2-applications
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    If a building is on deed and for some reason the player who owned the building stops playing, the mayor should have the option of claiming ownership of this building. There is no reason for the mayor not to have this ability, they already have the ability to demolish the building, and or allow other village members the same option. So in essence there is no security issues with the player who was permitted to put up the building up on the deed in the first place. There are many reasons for a mayor to always try and obtain the ownership of on deed buildings, but quite often this is not done as to allow the village member of a deed some responsibility and freedom in doing there own building while living in that village. Often deeds transfer hands several times and a few buildings sit there with no active ownership. I myself in the past with friends joining wurm and playing for a short time then leaving again, along with there building writs. Asking for them to hand over the writ to there first building they put up was not something I ever thought to ask them. Recently I bought a deed and the owner did not have all the writs, I spent a lot of time with catapults and mauls tearing down buildings when I decided to resize the deed, a very time consuming task and such a waste for a nice building as well. What reason is there to force the mayor and members of a village to destroy a building simply because the owner is no longer playing. Quit often the building may be very large, or perhaps so nice you would not want to destroy it in the first place, or maybe a bridge is connected to it or just a good functional building. Unowned buildings in a village leads to huge problems if the village needs to be resized or even maintained, as the mayor will not have ownership of all the buildings. Also just think of the poor folks who for whatever reason let there deed upkeep lapse, they come back to a village they will not be able to re-deed over if there is a unowned building smack in the middle of it. I have seen this happen several times over the years, with people replanting there deed the same day or even a few days after it has disbanded. I have seen a re-deed village with the token very far off to the side of its original location due to unowned buildings on the opposite side where the buildings they wanted to keep along with the one causing the problems all taking perimeter decay. What I propose is a simple solution to this problem, allow a mayor to walk up to a building that is on there deed, right click it and transfer the building to there ownership. Once done the permissions can be set for the person who originally owned the building or the mayor could just destroy it or even assign it to a new villager or just do whatever they want with it, it is there deed after all. I hear lots of talk about making wurm more enjoyable for the playerbase, well un-owned buildings in your village is anything but enjoyable when the time comes to dealing with them.
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    Dockfronts on The Wurm Unlimited server, hyperborea by Boyar. Hi all! Another week has gone by, and we're nearing the end of the year, with the jingle bells in the distance, and some man in a red suit being spotted all over the place. We've got a bit of news as we work on refining the massive changes in 1.3, so lets get to it! but first... Patch Notes: Seedlings steps up! After months of tireless work as the assistant wiki manager, Seedlings will be taking over as the wikipedia manager from here on out, recognising her hard work and dedication. We'll continue to be updating the wiki to incorporate all the changes that came with 1.3, so if you'd like to lend a hand, or just obtain a wiki account for general updating, feel free to fill out the form below! Alternatively, you can always post information on our wiki maintenance section of the forums, or in #wurmpedia on IRC, our wiki assistants and editors are always happy to ensure that information gets updated as soon as possible. SotG changes This update also saw Shield of the Gone changed to start kicking in at level 7, with 6% DR, scaling up each level to the full 30% DR at level 11. This change hopefully takes some of the wait off with SotG as we move forward, but we will be looking at an entire meditation overhaul in the not too distant future, covering all paths to ensure that they are fairly balanced against each other. Securing Yesterdays patch notes including an option to "secure" plantable items. Currently the list given is not fully functional due to a bug, but the new ability will allow players to secure items that could not be planted before, meaning greater protection of these items. We'll also be adding a few bash options for existing items, allowing players to remove some things that they couldn't before, and ensuring there's a way to knock secured and planted items down too 70 damage to be able to pick up when off deed. WU beta With this weeks update out and most of the bugs squished, our next major focus is on Wurm Unlimited receiving the beta update, so rest assured the wait will soon be over! The recipe system teased will be coming with this, and we will have a special section of the Wurm unlimited forum for the creation and sharing of these player made recipes (I have also heard of at least one or two recipe generation tools being worked on). Community Content This weeks community content is going back to an older mentioned one, the Wurm community radio! The radio station is up and running at http://www.lifemud.com/radio/ and they are looking for volunteer DJ's! If you like the idea of rambling to a captive audience of wurmians for up to an hour (who doesn't, I've seen you all on GL chat!) feel free to apply! That's it for this week though, we'll have more information about the WU beta over the coming week, and hopefully have a date by the end of it. Until then though, Keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    Bridge Construction - COMPLETE! The bridge, North Highway Connection, (32x 29y) is now complete thanks to the fast work of the bridge crew! They were busy with the dirt ramps when I went to sleep and I woke up to a completed bridge, so the whole thing only took them about 6 - 7 hours! Great thanks to everybody offering to help and donating materials! Bridge crew : Aarontx Cerber Dano Davide Pingpong Fantastic job everybody - this will definitely save a lot of travelling time! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New bridge at 32x 29y to ease travel by bypassing the Damascus tunnel (which is not being maintained)
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    This is the initial release of a client mod loader https://github.com/ago1024/WurmClientModLauncher/releases/latest Instructions * Unzip the contents of client-modlauncher-<version>.zip into the "WurmLauncher" folder * Unzip the contents of the individual mods you want to run into the "WurmLauncher" folder. This adds the required .properties files to enable the mods. * Run patcher.bat * Start Wurm from Steam The client-modlauncher-<version>.zip package includes the updated mods client-serverpacks and custommap as well. Changelog Check github for change logs.
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    Now that bees, hives and honey production are into the game many beekeepers would like to plant flowers around them for the best increased production. To assist in this effort I think flowers need to be given more power. By this I mean that flowers should have the ability to prevent any other tree or shrub growing upon them (their tiles). Seems easy enough to code in that tundra, steep, marsh and moss already have this ability. Also, flowers should *always remain* on their tiles until removed in some way by players, as they are currently able to do. To sum it up: Flower tiles should prevent any tree or shrub from ever growing on them. Ta, da! =Ayes=
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    My brew house is done, still needs more lamps/decorations. A lil smokey on the rooftop with 14 stills going.
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    This will be addressed in the next update
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    Egg goes in, chick slides out. Great addition to our chicken coops. Prototype:
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    Finished the road to the North East side. Had some problems with the owner of one deed (he didn't want the road up there), so I had to wait for disbanding or for the new owner.. the deed has been disbanded. I think the road will help traveling around.. from North to the East side for both hunters and travelers. So, happy hunting and safe travels! http://imgur.com/a/seQ4K
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    LOST BUT NOT FORGOTTEN I guess what I'm trying to say is that I still love you guys and BL isn't grand because of their goddess (although she's pretty rad I admit) but because of the players Except that there are none currently Player gods ruined all deity stuff anyway.
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    Just a simple "wall" to line my deed with:
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    +1 as long as the model looks exactly like the prototype
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    Really? Why on earth are you complaining about a QoL change? They made it easier because the skillgain sucked and surface mining is a chore, people in the past have probably quit over how bad it was. People wont slice and dice, it's still pretty slow.
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    I am working on my green house and one thing i must say would make it look alot nicer where pergola roofs (possibly plantable but mainly a new roof type).
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    felt like posting my most recent house deco efforts edit: + wood workshop decoration, highly dependent on unfinished items laying around XD
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    Honey does not naturally decay. Why go through so many realistic things, ruin food fast if we carry it, add a pantry to store food longer (if we had snow which is more rare than supreme salt for 42 days) and THEN make honey something that decays. Seriously this one just bothers me. I feel i would lose some self respect if i had to suggest something so obvious, so i just want to know why. So Why?
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    Every few months or so there is a game jam held called Ludum Dare. There are two different categories for this, one is the compo where a solo person has to make a game within 48 hours, the other is the jam where a team of people make a game over 72 hours - and all games generally have to fit into the jam's theme which is announced at the start of the weekend. The latest Ludum Dare was held this past weekend, and I managed to rope Taufiqkh and Retrograde (and another friend) into a team to create a game. In past Ludum Dare jams Taufiqkh and I have done generally involve learning something new to add to our skills, such as the one before this one we made a game using libgdx for the first time, with me attempting my own 3d models for the first time. This time around we switched it up by using a new language, Kotlin, with Retrograde doing game graphics for the first time. The theme for this weekend's jam was "One Room", and we made a game called Screwy Louie. If you'd like to see what we made, you can download it from here: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-37/?action=preview&uid=3280
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    Altars cannot be stolen, nor dispelled and only pushed since a few. Their total lack of value is not the same as a hive. With the insane range requirement, many of us have their hives on the deeds borders, that system make it easy for any wanabe griefers to take the queens freely. Yes please, make locked hives protected. The whole deed it or lose it is already broken, give us a way to prevent hives thievery.
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    If nothing else, the new cooking update gave me an excuse to organize and equip my kitchen/distillery...
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    i didn't even know this post was here, so kudos to the original poster for making this available. so it's like trying to get blood out of a stone, to get new floor types for WU, so I decided to go snooping and found the graphics.jar file and searched out floors, and with a little trial and error, I now have decent wood floors, that doesn't look like someone drew them lol. I think it looks rather nice, I've managed to change the stone, marble and wood floors successfully i'm still yet to change the slate brick and pottery floors, all I've done is change the texture, not the materials if I could find someone who could somehow mod this, that'd be great, it looks more "natural"
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    "don't talk in kchat"
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    There is nothing unique to epic anymore (besides a skillcurve) and there is nothing unique to Libila/Hots anymore. Its a damn ###### shame.
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    We definitely need some way to encourage eggs to hatch aside from tossing them in the backyard and hoping for the best. just this exact PNG file in the game, always rotating to face you like a DOOM sprite
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    Case example how EVERYTHING they change, someone will complain. Even ability to pick up bulk storage containers was being complained about. Even Client remembering local window positions was being complained about. Even... I am considering myself as much of an old-time surfaceminer as anyone. My sweat and blood is in many "stunning" creations in Wurm. I've spent enormous amount of time multitasking with up to four characters simultaneous to bend that hard rock to my will. Yes, it is possible that the admiration of other players towards my creations are less in the future when one can accomplish it almost five times easier now. But so what? It still takes enormous dedication to even scar a mountain just a bit and yet tunneling still proposes far greater results than any group of 100-skilled miners can put together without going insane.
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    Next Update: ANTS Ants in your pantry Ants in your bed Ants in your pants ...
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    I'd like to state that i fully support this movement. I was writing guides to post publicly upon a server reset or merge for new players, but instead, i could share it with this group privately.
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    We've got barrel racks; why not amphora racks, or something similar? There's historical precedent for it, and it would be nice for those of us who like to use amphorae.
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    They should make a title for 100 knars "Floki"
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    Well if everyone else is doing it....
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    Every other window in the GUI can have the top of it(where the name of it is) double-clicked and it collapses the window, double-clicking it again will open it back up. Can this function be added for maps as well?
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    It would be really nice to have saddlebags for horses with alittle storage capacity......(crossing fingers)
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    We appreciate the feedback, This poster is intent on maliciously defaming us and has posted this across several forums with the same comment under the same alias "Burleaf" with the same message despite renting a 7 days to die server from us and cancelling it favourably with the message "Do not need at the moment. It has been a great service. Thank you." Tim\Burleaf is posting this over trivial billing dispute with us
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    Pingperfect are now offering Wurm Unlimited game servers. Unlimited players, just pay for the ram you want to use, no FTP/sqlite knowledge required, Servers start at just £4.00 | $6.12 | €5.52 and you can choose a multitude of locations to have your server in. Discounts available based on subscription length Click here to order your server now! Pingperfect gameserver features No compromise customer support. We regularly go above and beyond for our customers and it shows http://pingperfect.com/phpbb/viewforum.php?f=58 Instant Setup (Servers take just a few minutes to install automatically and send you the details) Full root/FTP access available Update your server at the click of a button Update your settings with the click of a button, no nasty sqlite editing here! Unlimited players, just pay for the ram you use One click server controls (Start/Stop/Restart) Daily files backup to keep your server safe Easily access configuration files and log files Backup and restore your server when you want at the click of a button Support for custom maps one click database rebuilding Modification support (eg Mod Launcher) Player GM management All our servers run on the latest Xeon hardware with a minimum of 32GB ram, Gigabit connections and redundancies to keep your server up 24/7 Live chat, Skype, Tickets, a team who will get your server running how you want it, a decent price, what more could you ask for? Grab your server now and start building your world! Click here to order your server now!
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    I'd love to be able to right click a gate or door and choose to toggle to the open position, where it will stay, unless an unauthorized person or agro comes within a tile of the gate/door, at which point the gate/door swings shut. I walked out my front door to see my tall gates stuck in the open position and I liked how it looked. Obviously, the graphic should be separate from the actual ability to pass through the gate or door, otherwise, a left open gate might allow bad people to sneak in during a laggy moment.
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    hmm i had an intressting idea (no absolutly not stolen from sindursk wyvern reborn server (so credit given)). what about a spell that teleports you to the starter deed. with that spell and your home teleport from meditation we will maybe be able to make a small market on the starter deed. would be a fun thing. sindursk used this as a body ability like the home teleport from meditation. maybe hes willing to share it /edit and thanks for all the new things you add
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    Duh. Big part of my deed has had slice of mountain covered for past 6 years during which I have progressed (slowly) to pick a chunk out of it. Make overlooking keep in the face of the mountain and bring the remaining rock to flat with village level. The end result would be a overlooking keep towering approximately thousand steep from main village. So now that surfacemining got about 5x faster and my stubborn dedication just got so much more joyful... the realization how much work it still is is apparent. That rock wont budge as easily as I imagined the first day this "cooking update" came in. The change merely shows possibility that this towering-keep-idea might actually realize someday in the future rather than be 20-year plan which never finish. Once you get to the point that a healthy amount of surfacemining a day is in thousands of bricks and progress is almost unnoticeable, it becomes very clear how this change to make surfacemining was simply to the right direction and is a change that has been dreamed of by very many for many years. What the change actually does, most probably (in my opinion) is that we are about to see alot more creativity put into rock shaping in wurm terrain than we did before. Why would anyone consider it a bummer? Especially when YOUR argument is based on "how magnificient" the creations are and even with this change any large scale surfacemining operations remain as prominent accomplishments.
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    The changes in surface mining actually allowed me to get things on my deed that would have taken forever to do otherwise. If you really feel the need to suffer though you can always make a WU server and make it as tough as you want. Otherwise leave my new success at surface mining alone thank you very much. Also my troll detection alarm went off with this thread big time.
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    ladders and wood houses I am fine with, what I don't want to do is waste bricks and mortar on buildings in my mine just to raise a few ceilings, if I could do wood buildings fine, but you can't do that underground, it is very frustrating gonna have to use 120 bricks and mortar just to remove that hump at my mine entrance
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    Just no. There is no reason to add yet another chore.
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    -1, every major game(and minor)takes suggestions from the players and uses them at their discretion. If you cared to even look and not just spout random bs for the sake of attention seeking, you might realize there is a pretty good mix of pvp and pve suggestions. Regardless, the surplus of pvp suggestions call me crazy but it just might have something to do with those servers going from sustained 600+ population across all 5 servers to ~100 we see today. Beyond the few trouble makers who like to stir up stuff the suggestions tend to be pretty good discussions that bring up points both sides might have not seen on its own and foster good discussion. It's upto the devs to sort through it and decide what parts to take, or to just take some inspiration from it in general or even to ignore it all and go a path they choose like leaving it as it is. Not like anything is set in stone they are suggestions open for discussion nothing is for sure unless the developers likes the idea(s). Plus if you close this forum, people are just going to post suggestions elsewhere because ya know people have ideas for the game they spend so much time,energy and money on and want to share them in a settings that they know other people who are interested in will be able to see it.
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    Basically a good idea that does not go far enough. Only the deed Mayor should be able to hold Writs on their deed. This should be an automatic restriction that the game mechanics put in place so no player can complain to the Mayor that they are being unfair in some way for having all the Writs. There are actually no Writs in the game anyway now but rather the building owner is just recorded in ones profile and managed from there, so this Mayor owning all the Buildings ("Writs") fits right into the concept. This means that only the Mayor would be able to start a new building and then allow a Villager to continue to build it. This eliminates the possibility of any Villager to start a house and thus be considered its owner. Then retrofit this into all existing deeds with some notice that all existing buildings will be transferred over to the Mayor at that time. Lets not forget that the Mayor is basically providing a free residence on their deed to Villagers, so if either they don't trust this Mayor or are ungrateful for this free residence and benefits that they should just move on elsewhere. =Ayes=