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    Wurm Online Conflict Reports is a new PvP recap series that ANYONE can submit their PvP footage to, to get their very own episode! WOCR is also orchestrated by the same person that brought you Blacklight Epic News back in Epic's prime. The first episode: The Crusaders vs Jenn Kellon at HotA on Chaos. HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR OWN CLIPS - Your videos MUST be 16:9 resolution and AT LEAST 1280x720. - Videos MUST have game AND chat audio. (After much trial and error, videos without chatter are just far less interesting.) - Be at least 5 minutes long. (To avoid editing constraints.) - PvP only. - Host the clips somewhere in either .zip or .rar and email them to wurmconflict@gmail.com Thanks everyone. Hope you enjoy. - Storm
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    Wurm University is a training Player Made Kingdom (PMK) in Wurm Online that exists to train new players in the basics of life on the Chaos PvP server. The University will build a strong PvP reputation in HOTA, roaming PvP and raiding when required. It will have robust management with Chaos veteran players to help build knowledgeable lecturers (instructors) and quality students. The heart of the kingdom resides in teamwork through PvP, kingdom events and cooperative help in the alliance chat channel. Wurm University’s objective is to teach players how to play Wurm Online on Chaos and create more content for all players on Chaos. In order to accomplish this mission we will constantly adapt, evolve and change as Wurm changes. Players are welcome to join us to learn what they can and either strive for a higher position within the Kingdom to help with the newer players, or join another PMK that they are interested in. Wurm University can provide guidance and knowledge on how to survive and thrive on the Chaos server. Our experienced players known as Dean's, can help newer or older players to establish themselves and gain know-how to play as a successful Chaos player. The Kingdom can currently provide: an escort from freedom servers to Chaos established deed (currently the capital) - with room for player built housing. horses kingdom armour sets kingdom weapons basic tools food (nutrition and CCFP) Other kingdom provided wares can be added as the kingdom grows and we have more players to share the load. Wurm University wants newer or older players that are willing to give the Chaos server a try. We want keen and enthusiastic students to learn all there is about Wurm Online and we want the experienced freedom players to shorten the newer players learning curve; and possibly learn a thing or two about the different game mechanics that the Chaos server provides. Our only requirements for player involvement in the kingdom are simply that you: have a premium active account; can ride a horse (21 Body Control); and have a minimum of 70 fight skill. On specific request, we will accept very new players without the two skill requirements if the person is requiring the knowledge or assistance to grind these two specific skills. However, these skill levels will be mandatory before a player can receive Kingdom armour or weapons. If you are new to the game or a veteran freedom player that would like to experience the rush of full loot drop PvP, then consider joining Wurm University. You can apply to join on our forums at: http://www.wurmuniversity.com/f2-applications
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    Dockfronts on The Wurm Unlimited server, hyperborea by Boyar. Hi all! Another week has gone by, and we're nearing the end of the year, with the jingle bells in the distance, and some man in a red suit being spotted all over the place. We've got a bit of news as we work on refining the massive changes in 1.3, so lets get to it! but first... Patch Notes: Seedlings steps up! After months of tireless work as the assistant wiki manager, Seedlings will be taking over as the wikipedia manager from here on out, recognising her hard work and dedication. We'll continue to be updating the wiki to incorporate all the changes that came with 1.3, so if you'd like to lend a hand, or just obtain a wiki account for general updating, feel free to fill out the form below! Alternatively, you can always post information on our wiki maintenance section of the forums, or in #wurmpedia on IRC, our wiki assistants and editors are always happy to ensure that information gets updated as soon as possible. SotG changes This update also saw Shield of the Gone changed to start kicking in at level 7, with 6% DR, scaling up each level to the full 30% DR at level 11. This change hopefully takes some of the wait off with SotG as we move forward, but we will be looking at an entire meditation overhaul in the not too distant future, covering all paths to ensure that they are fairly balanced against each other. Securing Yesterdays patch notes including an option to "secure" plantable items. Currently the list given is not fully functional due to a bug, but the new ability will allow players to secure items that could not be planted before, meaning greater protection of these items. We'll also be adding a few bash options for existing items, allowing players to remove some things that they couldn't before, and ensuring there's a way to knock secured and planted items down too 70 damage to be able to pick up when off deed. WU beta With this weeks update out and most of the bugs squished, our next major focus is on Wurm Unlimited receiving the beta update, so rest assured the wait will soon be over! The recipe system teased will be coming with this, and we will have a special section of the Wurm unlimited forum for the creation and sharing of these player made recipes (I have also heard of at least one or two recipe generation tools being worked on). Community Content This weeks community content is going back to an older mentioned one, the Wurm community radio! The radio station is up and running at http://www.lifemud.com/radio/ and they are looking for volunteer DJ's! If you like the idea of rambling to a captive audience of wurmians for up to an hour (who doesn't, I've seen you all on GL chat!) feel free to apply! That's it for this week though, we'll have more information about the WU beta over the coming week, and hopefully have a date by the end of it. Until then though, Keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    Hello all, We are creating a competition for the design of Wurm University's Kingdom Tabard / Flags / Wagon and Military Tent. We will be taking submitted concept designs for a couple of templates. The templates we want to see as the concept design at a minimum is: The Tall Banner Flag All other templates can be submitted, but we realize that the time frames (with people going on vacation) is a little short, so many may be only to provide the minimum templates. Wurm University will then post them in a thread with a poll and allow the Wurm community to vote on the best looking concept design! The winner will be announced and Wurm University leadership will work with the winner to complete the other templates based on the winning design. The winner will receive 2 full kingdom PMK sets , small moon metal set , 2 x NoGump Hota Statues and an 80QL Rare sailing Boat! 1 Kingdom PMK set = 2 x Tall Kingdom Banner, 2 x Kingdom Banner, 2 x Flags, 1 x Wagon & 1 Military Tent All concept designs are to be PM'd to this forum account (TheDean), by the 26th of December 2016. A Wurm forum vote will be publicly released on the 26th of December which will run until the 6th of January. The Wurm PMK graphics template can be found here: For those of you wondering what Wurm University is, please see the link below: If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to ask in here or PM me directly thanks. HAPPY DESIGNING! TheDean
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    Rather than your standard bashing and berating of Retrograde (and staff in general), you may want to clarify your problem and point so that we can attempt to assist you. Your forum posts all seem to have the same theme to them, which is rather unfortunate. As Retrograde said, patch notes are posted in the same place every time. It's actually an interface for our website - not the forums. It's then copied to the forums. The client pulls from the website directly. Retrograde does it properly. The one time I attempted to do patch notes, I did indeed bugger it up by posting directly on the forums.
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    I'd like to state that i fully support this movement. I was writing guides to post publicly upon a server reset or merge for new players, but instead, i could share it with this group privately.
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    Some Updates All the offers for assistance in completing various parts of the deed, thank you all very much. I would take more folks up on their offers but it is also a matter of my being around to coordinate in any capacity the working on them and materials and permissions ect. That said, there are a few things such as Nahjo favor that more of could certainly be used. My goal there is 100,000 favor stocked up, as at this moment the 10,000 wheat is only worth about 30,000 favor. The only real thing left to do is simply to move the appropriate furniture into each room and position in accordingly. I decided to just run with the first Inn building as it's the only completed Inn piece and I want it to shine! Also, thanks to the hard work of Theonis the first colossus was completed and the second one is nearly done! As for a sufficient cooking station, I have an area set aside at the front next to the main Impalong structure that should be doable to use as a cooking station. I don't have the time nor the resources at this point to dedicate towards its construction or anything like that so if anyone is wanting to contribute in that capacity and to coordinate its construction and setup I am more than happy to work with them on the necessary permissions for such a project. To be clear, the Inn rooms are individual, as in I can set each door up with a specific player or multiple players as having the only access to that room, thus making it a safe location to store your valuable if needed as well. Each room comes outfit with a bed, wardrobe, coffer, and bedstand. Nicrolis has had to cancel his sporadic fishing contests due to real life taking it's nasty hold upon him. Lastly, spread the word! I want this to be like a big blowout sale; for everyone who possibly can to attend and partake in the fun. If you don't have skills to contribute then just come to get things improved/enchanted and partake in the games/giveaways. If you don't have anything you want to get improved/enchanted then hell, just come to enjoy the atmosphere! I hear of some Wurmians working out taxi services to allow others to attend this Impalong, so post here if you are offering that. PS: I just got to painting the lamps on deed to Christmas green/red colors and it looks amazing if I do say so myself! PSS: If I missed your name in the donator's list PLEASE let me know so I can add you.
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    Honey does not naturally decay. Why go through so many realistic things, ruin food fast if we carry it, add a pantry to store food longer (if we had snow which is more rare than supreme salt for 42 days) and THEN make honey something that decays. Seriously this one just bothers me. I feel i would lose some self respect if i had to suggest something so obvious, so i just want to know why. So Why?
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    After numerous struggles with hives, having put together the following: * Regarding the area a beehive will look at, it depends on the QL of the hive. 95ql - 11 tile radius * the larger the area that a hive can gather from, the more honey and wax it will produce. * The best tiles for honey production are grass with flowers. * Hive areas can overlap, but a given tile only contributes to 1 hive. * Bees will consume either honey or sugar approximately once every 5 RL days, with a preference for sugar This was info found here and here. I placed an "optimal scenario" on deed. There is a single, 95 ql hive, which is active, locked and secured, in the centre of a 23x23 area consisting of purely flowers. Every single of the 529 tiles is planted with flowers; no grass, no trees, no dirt, just flowers. There is a stack of 10x 91 ql sugar placed inside the hive for the bees to prevent them from consuming their own honey. I expected because of the sheer amount of flowers I would be seeing a very good production of honey. In 12 hours, they have produced a measly 0.01 kg of honey. It is currently ingame summer, so there should be no slow down becuase of cold weather right now. I was going to post this as a bug but the thread I had on honey production was closed as resolved, so I don't know if this is a bug or intended. Will update in another 12 hours to see if anything miraculously changes. The 6 lower ql hives placed closer together on farm crops produced a combined .95 kg in the same timespan, with the lower ql hives producing more than the higher ql hives. Lower ql hives on crops are producing more than a 95 ql hive on flowers.
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    11 hours have passed since last checking. .02 kg of honey has been produced. in comparison, in the same amount of time, the following hives (placed on crops) have produced: 59 ql - .22 kg honey and 2 wax 67 ql - .20 kg honey and 0 wax 90 ql - .45 kg honey and 1 wax 60 ql - .06 kg honey and 0 wax 90 ql - .45 kg honey and 1 wax 53 ql - .11 kg honey and 0 wax Other than a small factor of randomness, it seems flowers are simply horrible for honey production whereas pandalet wrote they would supposed to be the most effective for it. 90 ql hives on crops will produce about a full kilogram of honey per 24 hours. This number seems good. 95 ql hives on flowers produce 0.03 kg honey per 24 hours. This number seems bad.
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    Awesome Idea! If you need anyone to make youtube tutorial videos for anything specific to your university, I am more than willing!
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    We won't be able to attend. Hope you have a wonderful day and HAPPY BIRHTDAY!
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    I'm bumping up an old thread because I want to call someone specific out for an amazing deed. Most have heard that the MR forums were hacked, and subsequently someone got onto my account, stole everything of value and sold it so quickly that nothing could be done to recover it. Enki found my most prized lost possession, my black drake armor, had been sold to someone (who had NO idea it was stolen). this person contacted me and after verifying it was my lost set, SENT IT BACK TO ME. I couldn't afford to pay him what he spent but he didn't ask for anything. So, salute to my new hero, Smokesthebear (Snorlax on the forums). If you see him around Exodus, make sure to salute. Also, if any of you purchased on November 26th a smc, supreme hatchet (maker - charabis), a rare hatchet with a very good imbue, an addy helm or glitter axe, enjoy the spoils of my losses and hope you get many years of good use out of them!
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    Wow, I clicked the sensationalist title, and it was just about fake numbers... Ok, so since I am replying. 1. Thanks to the mature developers responses. I have to agree, logic, common-sense, free-will, etc. 2. Thanks to forum mods for not closing this in a censorship fashion, this is nice to see too. Lastly, 3. Fake players does not really bother me, nor do they influence the play. We have a server, that I didn't even bother to spam about in the forums, with 3,4, who knows, maybe 6 people playing. It's great, I love it. Rocksolid. Sometimes when 5 of us are online, it still says 0 in the server list. I just don't care. If people only join for player count, then it's not the kind of people I want around anyway.
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    Patch notes on the client, and in city hall are often short of what is posted in patch notes in the forums newsfeed section. This often leads to people missing patch details. Put full patch details right on the client, save people from having to check multiple sources to get the full patch notes. Most people want to read the updates right on the client and then start playing. I see no reason at all for omitting update notes on the client. Most people launch their client, see the update notes there, and the log in to play, only to find a chat with "so and so read this, notes over here say this, notes over here say that." And please, if you are reading this Retro I really don't want an excuse why it can't be done like you normally give. If you are reading this and all you can do is come up with one of your excuses, don't even bother to post.
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    Was thinking about things, we've got this wonderfully ...fleshed... out system for cooking, but no love for cannibals and the unholy black light! I would love some recipes requiring human meat. For reasons. Affinities, nutrition, ccfp, disease. All in favour, say aye. All not in favour, say nay. Naysayers will be sautèd to flavour, eh, eh?! Thread is under construction. Discuss. Devs, pls. It exists in game, only needs my culinary expertise. Recipe ideas: Basic stir fry:
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    the fact it happens doesn't confirm it's intended / not a bug. Specially seeing that you can steal swarms that way... hence why an official word is needed on that.
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    Think Old man Grey has been drinking one too many. The client patch notes are the same as the ones posted on the forums.
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    retrograde, he is the community relations and does the weekly update news, he likes to feature weekly highlights from the players
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    Hey, I'm looking for all kinds of rift materials. PM me with the quality and how much you got
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    [08:48:54] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Enjoy and thanks for order!
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    Sounds like they did the calculations in feet but programmed the beehives in meters. Or something to that effect. Budda, go back to nasa, eh? ? (We need to perfect bees, devs. Only then can we make the best mead.)
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    Shrimpiie, can you add Elizarya to the list for carp, fine carp, blacksmithing, and/or leather? Also Abbynormal for carpentry and Megacide for carpentry, masonry, and blacksmithing. Other things I can help in but am not up to 70... I don't know if you need to know about priests but just in case... Kylashandra is my Najho and TarlCabot is my Vyn, along with Famine and Shokan as Vyn batteries. Thanks! (also, if you get back in game tonight, please get my attention on either Abbynormal or TarlCabot)
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    Berris overrules. Carry on. (Carry out?)
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    Any quantity is now 1c + container now.
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    I've been getting this exactly problem occasionally on Wurm Online for about as long as I've been playing. For what it's worth, I'm running Windows 7 64-bit and an NVidia GTX 760. Also occurred when this computer was using a GTX 750Ti.
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    You mean oakshell? the one where it can be so great it becomes Thornshell where damage is thrown back like AOSP. It already exist but what would be nice is having changing the idea of having it cancelled on a body part with armor on it. Would be cooler if the game checked whether or not the oakshell or the armor was better, and choose the better one. It's not fun going around naked with an "enchanted" body... cloth would be nice.
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    It makes perfect sense...its those groups that spend time and effort to find uniques. Sure, random Joe might find one - but kill groups search systematically, and a grid pattern search will always yield better results than just...."OMG OMG, a dragon is attacking me!!!" I don't see the motivation for me to spend a lot of time and effort searching, finding, spending money on deeds and then organizing a public fight - and for what? just to keep people happy? to risk not getting anything for the effort I put into it? I fail to see how people that do not do anything have any right to judge people that actively do something. And I know I am not personally attacked about this, and I don't take it personally anyway, but I really do not understand the logic of all this. No one is stopping anyone to go out and find/pen uniques and do anything they want with them.... And yet I still organize public fights for the most important potions (WC and Mining) - because I do care, if it would be greed then I wouldn't want public fights especially for those... In a lot of ways this is just like all those people that are able to work but are unemployed: 'we want jobs, we want money, the state has to give us money' - but when you present them with a job, they always find an excuse 'this job is too hard, this is too lame, it's too far from home, I don't like the hours, etc.) Also PS: for all those that have zero clue but like to talk about things they don't know - valrei items are really really rare, heck I have yet to get any valrei tome, and I have been to a considerable number of events
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    Lets all meet in Amsterdam, im down
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    Thats ME my friend .....been playing for over 7 years now, working on my skills and FS and have been to a lot these fights ......and hey would you like to take a shot at how many times i have landed a item or spell ??? ...thats right 0 When Sorcery hit the game i made it my goal to find,buy and make all of the staffs in the game.... and then i sat and waited for them to add in the new spells. BOOM ...i find out you can only get them from killing Uniques. So just think of how INSANELY FRUSTRATING that is. While i agree with you that this idea would push these fights underground more so that no one would get to go to them (apart from the hunting groups) i still back up what Lord Etherdrifter is saying here... i would like something to be done. It's INSANE the way it stands and we all know that these groups have most if not all of the spells now and are just hunting for these items purely for money which i think damages the game for others. So ....to tac on something to this idea why not have the loot like Etherdrifter is saying (like Rifts) but only if you are in the fight and do damage. Noob players / low FS players cannot damage these monsters.... if they can land a hit at all that is. But still have the normal drop of blood and hide for player in local. ? AND to stop fights going underground have beams for each ....all different colours just like a rift. ? Everyone has a chance at tracking them down.... everyone has a chance at joining the fight. Sounds fair to me.
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    something along these lines would be pretty cool - if everyone in the fight has a chance to get a fragment, it would encourage making the fights more public (more people -> more drops -> more chance to buy enough fragments for a whole thing in one hit). Definately something for the dev team to consider.
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    I've found lots of new achievement titles, but going through the hassle of contacting a wiki mod every time one pops up just isn't worth the trouble just to keep the page au jour. Before I just added it to the page myself which was simple enough, but now I get the feeling that the best thing would just be to remove that page altogether. The same goes for a lot of the curiousity pages, which is a shame since the game's always been able to keep fairly up-to-date on things before (with the exception for all the factual errors, of course).
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    I have knowledge. I don't see the skill gain in there.....put it back!
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    ...yeah, because passive-aggressive snarkyness is a great way to get someone to expend effort to do what you want. If only we had a forum especially for suggestions, you could try making suggestions in a way that didn't prompt "geez, this guy is unpleasant" as their first reaction... Based on what's been posted, it seems like you only need to worry about overlapping if you want absolutely maximal yields. If you just want some honey and wax over time, then some overlap is probably ok - in the examples above, the larger tile still draws from 400 tiles, while the smaller one still has something over 100 tiles, even with the overlap.
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    next thing you will say is a 1ql water skin is no good for holding 20ql water! add value to waterskins make ql matter so noobs can't hold water in their crappy skins! no this is really bad for gameplay. klaas sandwich trees would add more value to gameplay
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    2 new highways completed, one along the northern coast connecting up to magic city, and another connecting a mountain top deed, or there tunnel access anyways for monarchs refuge
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    It's WU, what'd anyone really expect? Don't worry, most those servers won't stay online more then a few months anyway... WU = Minecrap
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    Who cares? You make an alt forum account so you can call out a server? Does this even matter? Does this change the player experience? I am not affiliated with this server but player count doesnt matter. It doesnt change the WU gameplay at all.
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    Yes. Make bytes bigger. I'll start designing the new CPU architecture!
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    If you want to make changes hop on in. With the mod loader if you mess something up it is as easy as turning it off, you won't mess up your server files using the mod loader. If you want to wait for CodeClub to make a modding api...well I suggest you look up the term soon(tm) when it comes to Wurm. Great guys but be real, there is a handful if that, working on the code and most of those are volunteer. They do what they can but you can't rush a AAA scale project with a few guys.