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    Prenote: Terms such as "Offensive CR" and "Defensive CR" are used throughout the suggestion. This does not necassairly mean actual CR codewise but rather modifiers that gives bonus hit chance for offensive actions or miss chance for defensive actions that would equate to the CR mentioned. Basics All 5 paths (Love, Hate, Insanity, Power, Knowledge) got their own individual passives. These passives scale linearly based on player level starting with level 2. (10 levels in total) Meditation abilities are not dispellable... since they arent spells. The max cooldown between path levels is reduced to 1 week and thus lets players experiment with diffrent paths without feeling they are horribly gimped by doing so. The skill level is what truly restricts the player. Love performs 3x healing for all non-spell sources. (+20% per level. This includes cotton, lifetransfer, regen and mycelium absorbation) Hate gets 20% dmg bonus and 20% offensive cr bonus. (2% per level. does not stack with passive faith bonuses.) Insanity gets 20% dmg reduction (2% per level.) Power gets 30% stamina reduction (3% per level) Knowledge gets 25% skill increase (2.5% per level) Now with that out of the way, here comes the fun stuff. Each path has 4 abilities that are choosen when to unlock. New ability choices are given at level 4, 7, 9, 11. One ability is unlocked at a time. Love Refresh Unchanged. Enchanted tile same functionality except that enchanted tree tiles yield 3x harvest. Love effect When used on the ground it makes all hostiles in local friendly for 10 minutes. If used towards a specific non-unique non-tamed non-valrei non-human creature it will perform a strong charm/dominate effect and turn it into a pet. Includes unusual types of creatures that normally cant be turned into pets, like whales and kingdom animals. (sidenote: You can currently ride aquatic creatures like crocodiles in water. Human and Humanoid isn't the same thing.) Cooldowns are unchanged. Soothing presence Permanent aggro-range reducing buff (similar to the newbie buff). Also makes taming and breeding easier. Power Erupt/Freeze Allows the creation of lava on rock/cliff tiles aswell as turning lava into rock. Same timers as currently but domain influence doesn't matter. Erupt only works inside your own kingdom like currently. Erupt can also be used on forges and ovens. Thereby lighting the oven/forge, fueling it and turning all items inside them searing hot. Freeze can be used on any container and instantly cools all content within. Elemental Immunity / Lava Walker Passive buff that gives permanent 50% reduction to all sources of fire, ice, acid and water. Active 30 minute ability with 3h cooldown. 50% reduction to all sources of fire, ice, acid and water. (the passive and active ability stack as additions. thus giving full immunity togheter) Might 2 hour ability with 4h cooldown. 50% increased carrying capacity and 50% longer stuns. Wanderer 60% stam reduction for movement (includes walking, swimming, riding, sailing, climbing, dragging). Does not stack with the level-based passive. Knowledge Get Info Combination of level 1 and 3 get info. Thus giving general information, affinities and carrying weight all at once. Also gives +4CR in combat against that specific target for the user. 1h cooldown and the effect last 15 minutes. Survey Area Slightly modified Get info level 3. Informs you of all creatures and settlements in local aswell as showing all tracks of the past 3 wurm days (same as tracking) at your location. 1h cooldown. No skill loss Unchanged. Attention to detail Passive that gives +2 radius for prospecting/analyzing, 10% higher chance for rarity rolls to succeed and +2 passive CR. Hate Rage Rage: Gives 4x increased damage from bashing and 25% dmg bonus to siege engines for 15 minutes. 1h cooldown. Frenzy +50% attack speed and -35% defensive CR for 1 minutes. 15 minute cooldown. (also modifies minimum swing timers) Roar Turns all agressive entities in local passive against the character for 2 minutes and breaks their combat with the character. (This includes guards and kingdom animals) Also provides 2 defensive cr for the duration. 30 min cooldown. Targeted at the ground. Hatred Passively adds a 1 minute debuff to anything that hurts you. If the person who gave the debuff attack the person/creature with the debuff they receive +2 offensive CR. Insanity Break Reality Teleports the character to a random tile on the server, heals all wounds, removes all spell effects, gives a 10 minute +25% speed boost and +5 CR. Also performs a Fill effect. Same restrictions as normal teleports. Makes the eyes of the user go black for the duration of the effect. Unstable Passively gives 15% dmg reduction in two resistances that shifts to random new ones every minute. Imagination Activated ability that removes the largest wound of the user and gives single-target spell immunity for 5 minutes. 45 min cd. Also spawns 2 random insanity illusions that only the user sees. Nightmare Activated ability that spawns a neutral shadow being (translucent and black shaded fog spider, wolf or wraith) that attack the closest hostile entity with the power of a dominated troll and dissapear after 30 seconds. 30min cooldown. Summary Poor abilities removed New abilities added Choices Rewards the player from the get go and keeps giving more things as skill and level progress. Thus keeping it very newbie friendly More choices in how the player wish to progress and if they want to try a new path after achieving high skill it wont take long to get high meditation level again.
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    I think I like most of it, have to think on it. From a quick read it looks like a lot of buffing to hate path, maybe too much especially with the double main passives where other paths only have the one main passive. Not sure how I feel about losing fill on its own, probably nothing to care about with ccfp For what it's worth I'd probably stay insanity, I like the insanity idea of it (was the first path I chose when I started wurm and didn't even know sotg was a thing) and the changes making it more fitting to insanity, usually tanking things/hunting a lot so dr is handy, and it's so much nicer to spam meditate for days in your mine watching stuff (to get 19th). I'm not just that though, other prem account is hate (12th) so I'd be experiencing both "pvp" paths fully. No other premium accounts, just enchant grass alts An addition to the rework though is to end the difficulty of making a path tile. What is the point in them being hard (especially hate...)? No need, they don't disappear normally so Love: Change to any single tile with flowers is always a love tile Insanity: Change to any single mine tile is always an insanity tile Knowledge: Change to any single paved tile is always a knowledge tile Hate: Change to any single thorn tile is always a hate tile No more weird restrictions regarding area size, height, mycellium, nothing. Just simple, anyone can make anywhere they want
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    Good start. Can we get some more discussion going on the proposed abilities and balance involved, instead of just +1's. Hate would seem fairly powerful to me for example. As Omar said, the stacking of the passive and Frenzy seems like it could be a bit too much - I like the idea of it though. I'm not sure on the ability unlock choice at each level, as some abilities are clearly better than others on each path - especially with how easy it is to get to level 4. Possibly a choice between a couple of abilities at each level - or only having one or two active abilities at a time that you can switch off to another one after x hours or days.. Anyway, more discussion please. More thoughts and ideas or alternatives is always good. We might even be able to work out some higher level (>13) abilities if we can come up with some good ones.
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    Seems like ever since editing the wiki has been relegated to a handful of people it keeps getting more and more out of date. I dare say looks like more things have been deleted than added. Perhaps the team needs to be expanded or just go back to the way it used to be. Well maybe not more and more out of date but always lagging behind long after updates. There is always someone working on updating it but really more man power would not hurt.
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    This is a good idea to me, but I would specifically say from the start, nothing at all that directly affects pvp, and more of gimmick bonuses that are just neat qol or something along those lines, and probably equal to all paths like recall home/final breath are Like some bonus to reduce natural drain on ccfp, a natural higher healing factor, some kind of small like 1% per level skill gain bonus to all skills that stacks with knowledge, dunno, neat little stuff like that, stuff that isn't game breaking but rewards spending the days/weeks getting the question with something other than a shorter cooldown for level 12/13 abilities
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    Did some pondering and it seems an easy fix to correct the Body Stamina issue on Epic would be to increase Body Stamina by 10% each for Mining and Digging. Had a look at several characters and this would seem to bring it up to an acceptable level if raised inline with leveling the skills naturally. If you had 90 skill in both your Body Stamina would increase by 18. Thoughts?
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    Love path I suggest to remove tile enchanting from meditation and give it to every player through some other means, be it runes (if rift resources stop being limited) or something different. The reason for this is all other meditation abilities are focused on the character, while enchanting is focused on "deed-building". It isn't anything game-breaking so could easily be made available to all. I know there're some people offering this as a paid service now, but they're very few and usually don't travel far for that anyway. Path switching While 1 week instead of 24 days is pretty good, I want to sugegst a new mechanic: instead of leaving path and then choosing a new one, meditate on a new path tile to get an option to switch to this new path, losing half your levels (rounding up or low). For instance: Switch at lvl 6 of path A to lvl 3 of path B Switch at lvl 11 of path A to lvl 5 or lvl6 of path B
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    In the end a lot of people are concerned for their own well-being. Some to a higher extent than others. Thus a lot of people choose abilities that let them personally live longer rather than abilities that shortens the lifespan more greatly of the enemy. If thats the mindset then it wont matter how slim the bonus to survival is. But as the benefits of other paths increase, those survival bonuses become less incentive. But hey, if ya dont like your choices repicking path is simple with the max 1-week change. (not to mention partial passive gain and choosable level choices) Level Delay to reach Delay to Reach New 0 None None 1 12 hours 12 hours 2 36 hours 36 hours 3 4 Days 12 hours 4 Days 12 hours 4 10 Days 12 hours 10 Days 12 hours 5 22 Days 12 hours 17 Days 12 hours 6 46 Days 12 hours 24 Days 12 hours 7 70 Days 12 hours 31 Days 12 hours 8 94 Days 12 hours 38 Days 12 hours 9 118 Days 12 hours 45 Days 12 hours 10 142 Days 12 hours 52 Days 12 hours 11 166 Days 12 hours 59 Days 12 hours
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    This is the first time I've seen a "meditation rework" make sense and I guess we can argue "oh this path might be x over this path" but actually, I could be any one of these paths and find a good pvp use. Good work zeke
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    I have knowledge. I don't see the skill gain in there.....put it back!
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    In tomorrows update we'll be taking an initial step of scaling SotG according to path level, starting at level 7 with 20% of the 30% DR (6% DR). Each level will then add a further 6% up until the full 30% at level 11. Hopefully this does lessen the "six month" requirement on PvP and reward newer players as they advance, we'll keep an eye out and continue to monitor what else can be addressed.
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    Wild hives are fine it helps to find them and such but it really isn't necessary to have event messages and text flashing over the screen while pacing around your village, obviously you know they are there.
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    Will be looked at later with full med rework, this change is just to try out changes to do with DR in pvp.
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    Hmm, never thought of that. Hate to see them burned up that way, but I have someone wanting them now, so hopefully they will provide some good times
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    cant do more than +1 this honestly this actually seems like a system that makes sense overall and the paths seem viable, all of em
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    55You have now made a healing game and that mostly what pvp would be about then.. Why try reinvent the wheel when there's a crooked one already made.. Add a few spokes in the right locations remove the bad one and it might very well be a good wheel. Lots of good suggestions but anything that is not taking advantage of current systems only means we wait longer to get anything done. People are not coming back in mass but they are still leaving.
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    It's not just a PvP balance issue, it's an overall balance issue... When people saw the Nahjo spell list, everybody and their grandmother jumped on the Nahjo train. The spells weren't new, but all of the most used spells were on Nahjo (Strongwall, WoA, Light Token, Courier, Cure Light, Dominate, Dirt, Mind Stealer, Life Transfer, and Genesis). It became the meta. With the 3 original deities, there was an area for each of them to take. Fo - Nature related skills (farming, digging) Vynora - Enchanting Magranon - Fighting, Mining Libila - PvP(only), Thievery but now there's Nahjo, who basically got it all and had the easiest favor item up until recently... This is why, not only Vynora, but all of the original deities are fading. There is so much unbalance and the devs keep trying to cover it up by adding more unbalancing items to the game on top of epic stuff which came to PvE for whatever reasons...
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    I wouldn't suggest any new tables until you can put stuff on the tables. Empty tables all over my house with stuff on the floor under it that should be on top of it.
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    He means it's a good logical idea that makes sense to do
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    its been discussed, probably unlikely to just happen as a flat 10% though the idea of a general boost does have merit. We'll see.
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    I wouldn't mind some kinda bump fix but I don't think there will ever be a truly balanced way to do it 90 digging making deeds will be a lot more stam than 90 digging spending a week on tar 10% as is seems like it could be too low when comparing my account to similar on freedom, but dunno, even if it's too low its still almost 20 stam more than I am now
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    dont want others to grief? you can grief with just stone fences... you dont need buildings for that. might as well go so far as upping the decay on ALL things, fences, animals aging, item decay, crop decay. might as well go all out. again, i applaud you on the selfishness during these times of giving. grats on giving everyone in wurm accelerated decay on their buildings and causing them hours of more work for your own personal gain. kudos. that's a major griefing accomplishment. Herblin would be proud.
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    SS has a life Me out with some friends at our favorite place. (Not sure whose hat that was lol)