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    Fountains placed on the wall on water tiles.
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    After you finish loading you will start firing. (200k+ shoots) 2016-10-28 [21:30:31] Trebuchets increased by 0,000008 to 100,000000 70 Warmachine: [01:26:15] You have just received the title 'Demolisher'! 90 Warmachine: [02:32:06] You have just received the title 'Siege Master'! Title request for 100 Trebuchet: [Make it Rain]
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    Template archive has been updated. We're now taking submissions for military tents as well, so get creative!
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    Thanks guys, its all very bitter sweet. Obviously sweet since I've been trying for 4.5 years for this but also realising that its not really a great thing at this point for balance reasons and such. It was a close call with all those people guiding to remove me from Valrei
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    Me, zivirt and Jakerivers fishing, nothing different at all, just 3 guys fishing in a canal
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    Currently working on a mod that adds glocks, marksman skills, and AK47s. Crafting recipes currently use blacksmithing but will soon use gunsmithing.
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    The guards discussing their recent victory over the troll incursion.
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    Came over the event tab and noticed it. [06:09:04] Smeagain has joined the ranks of true deities. She invites you to join her religion, as she will now forever partake in the hunts on Valrei! Congratulations.
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    If the argument is that it makes Magranon "less special" if the others were equally good at disintegrate, wouldn't the sole existence of Nahjo be a far bigger threat to him? Or am I missing a logic step here? And if the argument is that keeping Mag better at disintegrate would be to "promote the use of the old gods" I'm also wondering if it wouldn't also be better to promote them by having them all be equally good at wall splashing? Since we also have Fo, Libila and Vynora to consider among the old gods. IMO it's already more money efficient to keep Nahjos instead of other plural deities since: - 2 Vynoras, 2 Fo and 1 Magranon = 5 priests and All Vynora, Fo and Magranon spells (except serverwide ones that is) can be replaced with - 1 Vynora, 1 Fo, 1 Magranon and 2 Nahjo = 5 priests and All Vynora, Fo and Magranon spells and for the most part you can eliminate at least 1 of the older gods and still have access to all the spells you actually use. So instead of keeping 5 accounts premium if you're using the 100+ favor spells you can keep 3-5 premium and probably a lot of other exciting combinations with the other gods. So is the act of making all the gods equally good at casting disintegrate really that big a problem when it comes to the god balance? The gods are already suffering from an imbalance of power and usability caused by the distribution of spells and it doesn't really feel like keeping a Mag priest for the sole purpose of casting disintegrate would fix anything. If the disintegration is the reason you have the Mag priest, wouldn't it be better to make all gods equally good at casting it and go Nahjo instead since it would probably be cheaper in the long run? As I recall disintegrate was given to all PvP gods since it's a crucial spell when raiding and I can't say for certain that this is true since I myself don't PvP (so I apologize if some of what I said doesn't make sense from a PvP stance, but I'm geniuinely curious about this topic so please enlighten me if I've gotten something wrong here). But if it is a crucial spell - Shouldn't its functionality and usability be based on its area of application rather than the idea that all gods have to be equally special?
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    We encountered an issue when moving between servers for the graphics pack (moved to another CDN) which did delay things. Along with this the major focus has been on getting the art assets ready for the release of the 1.3 update so it's possible some was just missed. I'll chase it up and see what we can do.
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    24 Oct 2016 * Added fermenting phase to spirits. * Added difficulty to LORE output. * Fix so you cant attempt to add a recipe to cookbook when its not in inventory. * Added old style sandwiches back in (now called endurance sandwiches). They are made by using bread on cheese (or jam, egg, syrup or honey). They can be eaten even when hungry for the stamina regeneration, but will not give any CCFP or a timed affinity. * Added new command to toggle visibility of ccfp bar (/toggleccfp). * Made tar combinable. 23 Oct 2016 * Fix so can plant fresh spices. * Fixed recipes that used stoneware. * Fix for 'you cant breed egglayers' with animals that you should be able to. 22 Oct 2016 * Typo fix in fudge sauce recipe name. * Made beersteins easier to make. * Fix for double spacing in lore statement. * Fix so sweets can go into larder. * Fix so can plant items (again). * Fix so beesmoker when made does not end up on floor. * Recipe typo fixes. * Fix for examine message on chopped veg (etc). * Fix for message given when you write a recipe. * Fix for out of bounds error when using back button in cookbook. * Renamed stoneware to baking stone.
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    Is the cookbook UI design final? It's pretty clunky in the current state, I can't see many people using it instead of just checking the wiki (once the recipes have been added). Some comments: With so many recipes, it needs sortable tables. Preferably sortable by nutrition, affinities, ingredients, and CCFP value Too wordy. The amount of explanatory text makes it look confusing; a good UI shouldn't need an explanation next to every option It should be all in one window instead of having to click through several Needs an ability to bookmark certain recipes so you can find them easier
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    nothing like taking the fun out of the discovery
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    The existing cloth armor could have an additional advantage by helping to protect against bee stings. Don't even need a special hat with netting persay.
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    I'm not going to play mining simulator 2k16 omg.
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    Hello everyone! During the upcoming weekend we are kicking off our monthly Magranons Scar mining event. Event will be hosted from 5th to 6th November at #MagsScar #GurubearCrater #Independence. More detailed information in Magranons Scar official thread. The sights of the project are reason alone to come pay a visit. Everyone are welcome. Disclaimer; We are reserving our rights to post this Kick-off advertisement in Town Square due to the years-lasting nature of Mags Scar project. During the years many have participated, visited, enjoyed, admired or just heard of this project and its stubborn nobility in continuing it. It is believed the Mags Scar project team knew they were doomed to finish this highway. Where any other group would have surrendered to despair, Mags Scar team fought back with even greater strength and made the Guru mountain fear for every inch it was reduced. Our message about this kick-off monthly event is intended to reach the whole community, not just those who read Independence sub forum. Mags Scar was started within few months from release of Deliverance server and has existed as Wurm Community project ever since, despite of many people settling down in multitude of new servers introduced.
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    Congratulations Sme! I think I can honesty say you are the most deserving to ascend with all the missions, time and effort you have invested over the years.
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    Followers cannot unpave or bash walls/buildings without going unfaithful. Followers can butcher human corpses.
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    Meh. Others have already said what I was thinking as I was reading through this, but Player count =/= community. Player count =/= reasonable admins, or stable servers, or insured longevity, etc. you get the idea. I could be on a server with 150 people, all of whom annoy the living bleepedy bleep out of me, with admins losing their cool every other minute for reasons having nothing to do with me, and servers that sputter... but hey, there's 150 people. No thanks. Or, I could be on a server with 15 people, who have a sense of humor, enjoy helping each other when called for, are welcoming to newbs, with admins that are mature and grounded... and I'll take that over the previously mentioned 150 any day. You might say, "but if they have 150 real people, they must be doing something right, so it matters!..." Could be, or it's a congregation of 150 bags of feminine hygiene product you want nothing to do with. It's entirely possible. I'm sure there are documented cases. I think what we should really be discussing is dark dungeons... There are dark dungeons in the cave walls and we're here talking about player counts.
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    ever try humid drizzle to heal animals just saying
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    the battering rams are still being worked on, delayed due to the volunteer dev's time constraints, I'll work on getting an update this week. As for the digging thing, it's going to be different to the mod obviously, and will require some client changes. That said, there's also an ongoing issue with ghost items that needs to be addressed prior to its implementation, which is why it has been delayed. The main focus is on solving that issue before moving on to this feature, so there is no ETA on it.
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    it's none of your business what and how they will do marketing.....you can make suggestions and humbly accept it, if they don't realize your suggestions, thats it.
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    We need Pemmican! Meat fillet, blue berries, fat. One stop shop for all your CCFP needs.(Yes I actually tried making it). It served the nutritional needs of First Nations, early explorers and was even used in British soldiers rations to provide everything needed for optimal nutrition that last for a really long time. Easy to make. Lasts a long time. Provides everything you need short of water.
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    Let's start the ball rolling, she's a WL deity. Altar Inscription Conversion speech.
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    PvP issues aside from a functional perspective just throwing this out there as a potential starting point for the Devs to look at the differences between Epic and Freedom/Chaos and why new/existing players are choosing to play on Freedom rather than Epic. Looking at the starting list below from a pure content perspective new players are really missing out on a lot of content by choosing to play on Epic, over time Epic has been bleed dry of unique content. EPIC Has Increased Skill Gain Curve Scenario's Epic - Does Not Have Underground housing Plot course Sermon resets Drake and Scale Leather imping Skill-gain from vesseling Working Rift Jewelry Cheaper Templar costs Safety from terra-forming events Access to uncapped non-iron ore on all servers Unique titles for 100 skill Body Stamina gain from Mining Body Stamina gain from Digging Easier skill gain at higher levels (try woodcutting on Epic) Some of these have not been added due to potential PvP balancing which remain unresolved long after implementation. Well you get the idea, please shout out any I've missed or flagged incorrectly and I'll update the list.
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    Would be cool to have the ability to toggle off certain parts of it, like rifts, mission ruler missions, or individual gods. I can see it getting pretty cluttered going down the same route its going down currently.
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    I believe you can create a campfire using a woodscrap on a kindling.
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    THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!! There's pancake recipes... and apparently NO Waffles! Well! Now its obvious where Tich stands on the Waffles vs Pancakes. You pancake heretic... just letting your butter and syrup slide all over the place.
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    Fixed a number of piles of items which were using the generic tool box graphic. HOTA medallions now have a graphic.
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    The ability to store liquids decay free, and the removal of on deed decay for decoration items on deeds with over 30 days upkeep will be coming in the next update
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    Congrats, Sme! I can say I knew her when she was a wee little lass on Indy.
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    just let every god that isn't an alchemy saccer get half the favor from alchemy stuff problem solved make it easy for everyone so the game is more enjoyable the end
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    I think it's going to be problematic that we can't eat food when we're full. All my nutritional stats (carb etc) are at 0% but food is at 97%. I have to wait a long time just to find out what stats different foods give. [16:51:31] You are so full, you cannot possibly eat anything else.
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    Sklotopolis at the top We are rank one on https://wurm-unlimited.com/ once again, breaking every highscore, very possible that we will be the at over 1000 score by the end of September. Just awesome, I can't find any other words this. Thanks to our wonderful community for making this possible.
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    I believe we like something like this =) a fast created example, but please "like it" if you think, this would be a good idea for us serveradmins:
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    last year we had the wolf changed into worgs for an entire month
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    Hillary Clinton could be come our first f----- president. I was going to say female, but someone deleted the emale.
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    Fall Impalong 2016 Don't forget to join our Fall Impalong on November 4th, 5th and 6th. It's gonna be a fun weekend with many minigames Our castle is ready - thanks to Tomservo, Elfin and all the others that donated items and helped building this huge thing. A few pictures:
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    +1 to an overhaul, but not reflex dependant, since lag is a common thing in-game, and people from diferent geographical places will experience diferent degrees of latency.
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    doctorchaos stopped the cap for the battlerank timer to reset. and this is how it looks when someone does it
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    I can make this mod, I just need an example of how it works. I can probably drop by Sklotopolis later this week to see what happens, then mimic the effects.
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    Yeah I don't want a other full time job, I was looking for fun but instead got a full time job mining rocks, if you want 64k your going to have to give us a better way to transport them instead of pushing a bsb for a hour or 40 rock shards at a time via small cart, Should change it back to 12k the first couple epochs shouldn't be that hard
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    No saccing veggies doesn't make you suddenly cast all 90 plus enchants. But damn I am jealous that I can't just sac something I pull up from the farm. I have to spend the time changing it into ropes and then pray the range is what I want it to be. It does make the channel grind a bit easier since the favor is so easy to have at hand with no work. I am not saying not to let that be done for people. Just wishing that I could do it too.
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    Completely agreed with Block! Cookbook need redesign for sure.Instead of searching recipes by containers or actions etc it need to be more close to real cookbook with categories and bookmarks. Here is my suggestion how it can look like: Search recipes by: Food category ( sandwiches, casseroles, meals, bakery, beverages etc ) Nutritional value with CCFP ( low,medium,high; calories,carbs fats, proteins ) Your favorite recipes ( please add box to each recipe so we can add it to our favorite list ) Book also need to have separate icon just like crafting icon or maybe like book of wisdom. Something else I wanted to suggest, not sure if anyone mentioned it before. With all these new crops and plants coming to game on top of what we already have maybe it is possible to add to main game launcher harvest season ? It can be added to the tab where wind and time info or to separate tab.
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    Aye, some kind of notice in events for learning new recipes would be handy. Even if something basic, similar to gaining a new title. Also some items don't seem to count as food items for the larder shelves, and yet the food bin refuses to take them for fear of destroying. One such I've come across so far is croutons.
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    I think it's fine if people want to abandon something but I don't want a monthly schedule for boarding boats and entering houses we have enough chores
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    Aum runs a server called Taumriel, I think you'd be best checking there