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    Thank you for the kindness. But notice that I don't give a rat's a_s about these comments because they are imbecile in nature. This is a SANDBOX. There is no specific way anyone should play. There are only rules in games when there is a competition at stake, and things have to be fair across the board. I'm not competing with anyone. The only thing the devs or anyone can hope for is if I find the game amusing enough to pay for it one more time. To say "learn to play the game" or "take off your training wheels" just makes me feel sad for the person saying it. To me that says the person gauges their self-worth in how they compare to others, and that's a recipe for unhappiness. And it can lead to impaired judgment, like when a person thinks "well I've been trading many more hours of my life pressing these buttons than you have, and I'm going to show you who's boss." And then they bully newbies or smaller crowds so hard and in such an unsportsmanlike manner that the other people quit the game in disgust. And then all that's left to do is complain how there's no one to play with. I am giving feedback to people I presume are trying to run a business. Free feedback, they didn't have to hire a consulting firm to investigate why most of the workers in the company have to volunteer. I saw a comment in this thread about people taking an excuse not to play anymore. No one needs an excuse. What is being observed is the straw that broke the camel's back, and the person just finally said ok I'm done.
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    How come when PvP hates a change they hold the ultimate truth, but when PvE hates a change we're supposed to just suck it? But I guess they ARE owed thanks for sending so many people to WU
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    Does 'cure light', 'medium' 'serious' still require you to find the individual wound to cast? It's probably the most annoying thing to do in a pressured situation in pvp, and if you misclick the first time you have to do menu navigate again. The specific wound healing spells really need a quality of life change.. (again, if it hasn't been looked yet)
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    Hos Farms Arr! Piraci Village Arr! Piraci Village HOS Tower
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    A++ service, received 10k clay. Fast delivery, and unloading. Thanks.
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    Server based, and you can only have one meal named after you in the game, so no border hopping to make the same thing. this opens the opportunity for others to name meals as well. (or if one was feeling capitalistic, sell the recipe!) There's also some pre-named meals out there (ever wondered what rolf's favourite sandwich was?)
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    Its obvious that PvP and PvE will have different styles and different needs. And its not about training wheels, they are different games, as you will easily observe, most of the PvP crowd that participates in the forums are socially inept, to put it midly, and all the way to frontal lobotomy candidates in the more serious cases. Telling the PvP crowd to "learn to play and solve your conflicts in a peaceful manner in-game" is as dumb as your training wheels analogy. We cant both be pleased with the exact same game, there is no right way/wrong way. A PvE oriented balance will eff up whats left of Chaos, (epic is already gone), and a PvP balance will affect the PvE side, wich is at present the backbone of the game. Moreso, balancing the game to be only turbonerd friendly, will mean that a few of us will have a lot of fun for a while, but with no new people joining. I know that PvP dont belive in newbies, its alt-spies, but in PvE the dynamic is different, we dont need to hunt and kill the new guys, we want to make the game hospitable for them to stay, so we can, in turn, keep enjoying the game. (rant over) tl;dr - Split the code, make PvE hospitable, and let PvP people live their turbo-nerd extintion fantasy.
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    +1 ..it's horrible seeing a strange hump moving about my upper floors! almost as bad as the whale corpses
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    Lanterns in inventory DO decay when they are not used. Could this stop for the unlit lanterns, pretty please.
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    Hi Everyone! This update is the culmination of over a years work, so there's an absolutely huge amount of information to share, so for the meantime we're using the /changelog function within the game itself. To access the change log type /changelog to access server info type /info Thanks to Pandalet, we're working on producing full documentation in time for the official release, so don't worry! With over 500 new recipes, a new bonus system and many tweaks and updates, there's a lot to take in, so please take the time to familiarise yourself with the new functions and especially the cookbook! As of current we are using a unique client for the cooking system, and the experimental pack system. Please use the client available here: http://www.wurmonline.com/client/wurmclient_cooking.jnlp to view new artwork, you will need to go to the pack update section, and make sure experimental is ticked! So jump on, forage for some crops, cook some meals, butcher some meat, and try it out! Let us know what you thought and win prizes here! https://goo.gl/forms/NuMQDP3xrvovt2Qo2 Myself, and Tich will be on hand for a few hours, but this will be open until the end of october, with the survey being open until the release of the news on the 28th October. Fill in the survey, report bugs, and let us know how it goes, you could win a prize of a supreme steel frying pan, or one of 5 packs of 10 sleep powder! Test changelog since release:
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    Desolation V4 is open and available for fun times! IP: PORT: 3724 Connecting to the server and whitelisting: Sometimes the server doesn't appear in the Steam server list even though it's perfectly functional, operating well and configured in accordance with all setup instructions. An easy work around is to connect to the server using the "Connect by IP" option in the WU server browser. Use the IP and the PORT provided above and you should connect fine. DesolationV4 uses whitelisting. This means that your initial connection to the site will be different then what you are used to. 1) Connect to the server like you would any other WU server 2) After selecting your gender and your kingdom you will be automatically disconnected from the server. Your WU client may report an error. This can be ignored 3) Wait two minutes and connect to the server again with the same player name. You should automatically be whitelisted so that you can play Server Information: Desolation V4 "Evolution" is a server that allows people to play Wurm differently then the current game on all other Wurm servers including Wurm Online. On DesolationV4 players are limited to one player account. This means no secondary alts, captive priests and spy alts. Whitelist permissions will be turned off for any additional characters beyond your first character. The Wurm timeline is broken into a number of smaller time chunks called "epochs" - Each epoch has limits on skills and characteristics - Each epoch has limits on what can be built forcing the use of different weapons, vehicles and tools to meet your goals - What you can do will change with each epoch - When it comes to DesolationV4 the Wurmpedia is often but not always correct. We have made changes - To request the end of an epoch you, as well as all other players, are able to fill a special huge tub with whatever is required for this epoch. Type /epoch to find current status. You will need to discover where the huge tub is located - Each epoch has a special skill (not a characteristic). The first person to identify what that special skill is by filing a /support ticket will receive something special. Each special item will provide a special benefit but it will not be game busting nor will it last forever so use it wisely Deeds, especially battle deeds, will change with time due to the epoch skill changes - It is expected that a war base built during Epoch 1 will eventually either become obsolete and be abandoned or it will be completely rebuilt - Expect to upgrade bases, vehicles, walls, fences, locks, tools, weapons etc as epochs change and your abilities improve - Some items may become obsolete as epochs change Skill rate is variable - Normally possible player skill is from 0 to 100. The epochs break up the possible skill into much smaller chunks meaning that the skill gain rate can be adjusted differently for each epoch - With the smaller skill chunks between epochs it is possible to have a slower skill increase while largely eliminating any advantage that could be gained from macroing - Variable skill gain also means that someone joining the server in a later epoch will more quickly be able to catch up - Variable skill gain could mean say 25x gain in epoch 1, 50x in epoch 2, 75x in epoch 3, 100x in epoch 4, 150x in epoch 5 - these are all examples that are in no way actuals - There will be multiple points in the timeline where all players will have an easily attainable maximum skill level and maximum characteristic level. This should actually be happening at the end of each epoch. This means that there shouldn't be any godlike accounts from a player perspective Supported play types - Hard core PVP on Frontline Island - Home island play in each kingdom's home island zone - New PVP players Home island zones - Home islands are located on the same map - Home islands are subject to the "In and out raiding rule" - Home islands provide protection advantages to new players who are shown with "New" in their local name - Home islands will become critical to the war effort especially as the epochs progress. Home Islands will play a much bigger role then just a recruiting ground for PVP fighters New players - New players have "New" in their name when being viewed in local by someone else. This disappears at the same time that their newbie buffs disappear (usually 24 ingame hours) - New players on the Home Island are not to be attacked by enemy players. If an accidental attack begins then new players must be offered a chance to get away - Killing new players when they are not in their home island zone is perfectly acceptable - It is hoped that New players will be welcomed to the server and helped to get established Raiding - In and Out rule for Home island zones -- Raiding parties are permitted to break into deeds and do what is necessary to access buildings, mines and the deed token provided they do the minimum damage required to do so. It is expected that buildings will remain standing -- It is ok to destroy livestock (not nice but ok) since animals are viable military targets -- It is NOT ok to raze a deed or completely destroy a deed - Everything goes rule applies to all non-home island zones on the server -- While not recommended since it potentially drives players away, any action may be taken on an enemy deed up to and including razing of the deed Epoch 1 specific - New item - small wooden guard tower is an option to consider instead of the standard guard tower. There are advantages and disadvantages for choosing it - Palisades - different build requirements then Wurm online - Mobs will start out relatively few in number and mainly of the gentle type. This will change rapidly so enjoy while you can - No meditation, teleportation, mail or faith options exist Cheats and exploits - DesolationV4 has an anticheat mod that negates many of the cheats people successfully use on other PVP servers to give them an advantage - Cheat/exploits evolve quickly and unfortunately anticheats of any game are always either trying to catch-up to the cheats or attempting to make guesses at what will be tried next. No anticheat will be perfect especially in a game like Wurm Unlimited where the EULA prevents direct modification of the game client - In order to help improve the fair game playing experience of all players it is important to report an exploit or cheat if you know it exists/how to do it. This kind of information is very useful to improve the anticheat mod and appreciation will be provided when the information is shared - Players who actively cheat, use exploits or promote an atmosphere of distrust due to cheating and exploiting are welcome to play somewhere else. If you truly are a great Wurm strategist, prove it without using unfair advantages Teamspeak - DesolationV4 Teamspeak will be available as a "Neutral ground" diplomatic zone. The server is the same IP as shown at the top of this page - Players are under no obligation to use the DesolationV4 teamspeak - Players are welcome to use their own form of communication when planning battles, raids etc - Support issues requiring voice support will be completed on the DesolationV4 teamspeak server - Should there be a need for server related group discussions they will happen on this teamspeak server - 64 players are able to use the TeamSpeak server at a time so capacity should be high - Multiple chat rooms will be setup on the Teamspeak server so groups can have conversations at the same time however no special security will be implemented - Players are asked to be polite and well mannered when on the Desolation Teamspeak server Group advantage - While the hermit lifestyle is possible, especially in early epochs it will be far easier to join up with others and form a group/village Support expectations - Support will assist in critical issues only. DesolationV4 is a free-to-play server and should have support expectations at the same level. Use the /support option in game to request assistance Server longevity - Initial plan is to keep the server running for 6 months to a year. At the 1 year mark server owner will decide next steps. - Critical to to keeping the server open are the following in priority order -- A happy server owner (in server costs alone providing this server will cost over $1400 for the year so it seems perfectly reasonable that this expectation is in place) -- A happy server staff team -- Players having a good time on the server Server map - http://imgur.com/a/s8QNd Special thanks for development and testing help: - Army - Walkerinthevoid - Sindusk - Ausimus - Quicktor - Emoticondnd - Alexgopen - Zentil - Jamessnow - Checkmate - Wulfgarr - Darklords - Mootred - Tclunatic - Badget - Aum
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    Oakdale Bulk Supplies delivery's ask for a price Bulk items bricks 2s/k mortar 2.5s/k clay 1s/k planks 1s/k large nails 20c/100 small nails 15c/100 ribbon 1s/200 fence bars 1s/100 shafts 1s/k support beams 3.5s/100 if you have any requests feel free to ask ingame pm: caniee
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    Thanks Tich amazing amount of work obviously gone into the new cooking system. Been fun watching people scurrying around the kitchens on test Two things I think would be useful - a keybind for "toggle cookbook" and a way to search the cookbook for skill boost recipes by skillname, only for ones that you already discovered of course. I might discover strawberry ice cream gives me Weaponsmithing skill boost but I wouldn't be able to remember that when I want to grind Weaponsmithing skill and I can't see that information in the cookbook.
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    Pontiac is an American car brand...
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    saccing veggies doesn't make you suddenly cast all 90-100 enchants so i don't get the point if someone wants to make 90+ enchant across the board tools/weapons to sell they're going to no matter what so lets make the gameplay easier for everyone for the sake of actual gameplay and not caring about who sells what because catering to the market isn't doing any good for newer players so far
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    Gonna suggest/beg one last time before public testing goes down that you give us one more weekend. Cutting off testing mid week makes little sense. One last weekend will give a last push for testing. It'll only help the dev team to refine the update.
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    One very important thing for an MMO is to not negatively effect a players progression. If you must take away you must give something else back. Otherwise the drive to do better will always leave that bitter taste. This has to be one of the few MMO's ive played where they make the more powerful more powerful and weaker even weaker. Normally in other mmo's you get enough complaints and those that have the best gear find themselves half naked on login because the devs felt they needed to level the playing field. Or you get the nerfed skill which normally would effect all players of the same class. But, since wurm does not have classes and is reliant on skill level, you see those most effected being the less powerful.
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    Currently, tutorial is indeed very easy to miss - there is a huge portal, and a tiny arrow sign. It should be the other way around.
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    Seriously, why. Why did the priest I invested in have to be nerfed? How about making a priest where the healing abilities are chained to their channeling, and then the people who just love grinding so much can pick that priest and play that way? I have no desire to fight as a group. I don't have time for it, for one thing. So far the group fights I've been involved in have taken hours. It also appears that some fights are scheduled at certain times, which means my life would have to revolve around being in a game at a certain time. Also, group things are laggy. The game is laggy when I'm alone in one spot; when a mob of people come together, I crash a lot. Also I have not found the risk-to-reward ratio to be satisfying. Both times I went to a uniques event, the things spawned in my living room. The dragon killed me before I even realized it was in the house. The troll king killed a champ dog. Both of them did massive damage to my deed, which I fixed alone. People who were on my KoS list for griefing the area flocked back to freedom and whined to be taken off KoS so they could get loot. Then there were "rolls." I saw myself win at least one, but I got nothing. For all the death and needing to rebuild, I think I got some drops of blood or something. I'm just really not interested. If there were smaller more frequent mobs that you could discover and with a few friends decide to go kill it, and everyone got a reward, then it might be worth my time and interest. I don't get a kick out of a laggy event including people who've griefed players out of the game, risking my slowly-achieved skills to get a blood droplet. This is a sandbox. I don't have to play how you or anyone else plays. That's the point of it.
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    *edits title to - first post wins*
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    One of the most enjoyed features on Deso 3 was that the bred horses had player's names in them. So with time a character called Propheteer could be found riding a horse with the same name (plus a second name so like PropheteerSmile for instance). What amazed me was that on a PVP server, where horses WILL die, some players actually tried to protect their named horse. People were trading to get horses with their char name. Was quite interesting to watch.
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    newsflash: after a very short ammount of time pretty much all recipies will be discovered and you already got PLENTY of people making tremendous lists on the test servers already so they can quickly get their name brand on things upon release. The whole naming thing is a very very brief gimmick to the system. If it's done without afterthought they would let it be the actual item description in the inventory which will in no time be an annoyance. Tell me this, how quickly would you get annoyed if my alt Zqmwqmleewqle would make your favorite food? Instead of "Meal" or "Breakfast" it would be "Zqmwqmleewqle's Meal" and "Zqmwqmleewqle's Breakfast". But meh. they arent revealing any info about the mechanic almost, so I guess I'll be pleasantly/unpleasantly supprised upon launch. Maybe I'll make an alt named Hitler and quickly make some newbie food so everyone starting out sees "Hitler's breakfast" etc in their cockbook.... nothing could go wrong with the naming feature, right devs?
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    So in other words: ? Simply lots of generic "stuff" without anything to it. Lets simplify cooking into what it really is. For starters pretty much all the cooking recipies lack models/icons. They all give pretty much the same benefits with minor variations. So what is it then? Activate component A and combine it with component B to get component C. The player is given the option to do 30 combinational steps or 3 to get pretty much the same endresults except the name of the final product. (and in a lot of cases the 30 combination pattern ends up being worse aswell.) Why would the player do the 30 combination steps more than once if there is no real benefit? In other games the more advanced stuff generally reaps better benefits and thus the extra time spent pays off. In wurm... not so much. There is no uniqueness between the food types. Most of them produce atleast 3 nutritional stats to high levels and thus there is no need to create the more advanced recipies becouse the most basic ones cover the job. Why? We got our basic hunger bar and "nutrition" covered by almost any meal. Why did the new nutritional bars get so easy to obtain in almost all types? Couldn't we have had food that was merely good in some aspects and absolutely crap in the rest? While allowing the more advanced food to actually fill up multiple bars, thus being the perk for spending your time making avanced stuff. Why did the players need to get 100% in everything from pretty much everything? Why is there no diversity and choices in food? Ya devs just made a big generic soup out of all the recipies and its kinda dissapointing to be honest. It has so much more potential. With that said though, I think the update is very nice, but its rough quartz atm comparable to the diamond it could be. Generally massive unknowns like these gets somekind of achievement counter "257/500 recipies discovered" or something to make the players proud over what they discovered, but even that oppurtunity was missed. People tend to like stuff like that. example: Achievement window from WoW (found on google)
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    the same meal with the same ingredients will always give person A the same affinity. It may give person B a different affinity, but it will not always give person A a random affinity. There's always going to be ways to avoid the complexity, either by using refreshes or focusing on simple meals to raise nutrition and ignore everything else. The current system is the baseline, any bonus brought in by CCFP and this new system is added. Of course, with over 500 different recipes it should be clear that the system is oriented more for those wanting to explore, and play around with cooking, rather than focusing on the ability to min-max the system. There will always be the ability to min-max, but for those looking for the cooking system to be more flavourful, there is a lot to explore.
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    26 Oct 2016 * Fix for LORE allowing partial matches when it should not. * Fixed the cream merging with whipped cream. * Enabled fermenting of unfermented spirits.
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    I wasn't complaining though, I was genuinely curious since I haven't really been playing since they changed it and haven't heard about it before. But thanks for the information about how to not dress in a fight, never would've guessed that putting a bear butt on your head would prove useless in battle
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    paaweerl has charm too... /me hides
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    What was the point of even taking damage if you could just heal to 100%. It was a heavy nerf maybe a little too heavy. Though it was infinitely more balanced than it's previous functionality.
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    If I got that much money I would buy wurm out, and make significant changes mainly deleting a set of servers.
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    Thanks, the recipe you were trying to make uses pastry,rye so the lore message needs to specify the material.. will try to do that tomorrow
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    To be fair if you branded me I'd probably run away too
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    Is the cookbook UI design final? It's pretty clunky in the current state, I can't see many people using it instead of just checking the wiki (once the recipes have been added). Some comments: With so many recipes, it needs sortable tables. Preferably sortable by nutrition, affinities, ingredients, and CCFP value Too wordy. The amount of explanatory text makes it look confusing; a good UI shouldn't need an explanation next to every option It should be all in one window instead of having to click through several Needs an ability to bookmark certain recipes so you can find them easier
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    Request: give us a way to hide the CCFP bars for the overall skill bar. imo, 1. Overall this is excessively complex. 2. The eat timers are longer. 3. It takes more food to fill the food bar compared to current. 4. I have no idea how fast the food bar goes down. If it does go down faster this reaffirms my fear that the current casual cooking system is being nerfed.
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    Noticed some nutritional values don't really make sense. I made candied rose petals and for some bizarre reason they're giving me a lot of Protein. What the hell is going on here? I would recommend going through the recipes and double-checking the CCFP values.
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    As someone who bitched for years (TO ANYONE AND EVERYONE, ENDLESSLY) about the cool ingredients in the world and uber lame ass cooking... You did an AMAZING FRIGGING JOB. This is about 500% more than I'd ever dreamed of, might even prem JUST to cook. Best improvement of the ....well EVER.
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    Can the timer be removed on keeping the cookbook open. Like the craft recipes window, have a recipe open then be able to grab stuff and look wihtout it timing out.
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    I personally preferred the tutorial as it was when I first came through it back in 2012. That one taught you to do things properly, had a section for mining, healing, even cutting down a tree and making a campfire (I think that last one was removed a few months after I did the tutorial). The only downside was when you made an alt, you'd need to go through that again and again. The current tutorial is way to easy to completely miss, and end up at the portal for choosing the server you want. Had the old tutorial had a way to skip it, that wasn't in such a way that you could easily miss the fact that there's a whole tutorial there, it would've been almost perfect.
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    Update - The last few days have brought in a lot of ideas and situations that have muddied the waters concerning this W.S.A. Let me try to explain what this announcement is referring to. We are targeting situations that basically allow you to gain skills indefinitely without your interaction. Most situations already have limits in place to prevent indefinite skill gain without player interaction. Wurm Online is a sandbox with a multitude of mechanics that can present situations that have possibly not been considered before that could create an unknown "sweet spot" where neither the attacker or attackee are able to interact properly as intended mechanics are being blocked or bypassed using other mechanics in ways that are clearly not intended. We have been presented a number of fighting scenarios to consider and the best guide that I can provide at the moment is that if you can gain skill doing it with no interaction for indefinite periods of time then it is not intended. You should not be able to gain skill at normal levels after so many actions or time has transpired without you needing to interact with the game world to continue your skill gains. Interactions should include needing to repair armor and weapons, heal , or heal animals, or having to do other actions to gain skill. (this is not an exhaustive list of all potential interactions!) Thank You, Wurm Online Team
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    Fighting Without Resistance It is possible to devise scenarios with unintended methods to enter combat with creatures that prevent them from being able to do normal harm to you and your equipment, or prevent yourself from doing normal intended harm to them. Such scenarios are clearly not intended and can lead to the permanent ban of your avatars when caught using such a method. This type of scenario allows someone to create a situation in which they can gain fighting skills by bypassing intended mechanics that should cause harm to your avatar health or the creature, damage to your weapons and armor, and allow long term and potentially unattended skill gain activity. Several people have been caught and penalized for this activity in the past and recently several others were penalized after the activity was detected. If you ever encounter a scenario like this or ANY scenario of unattended skill gain with or without the use of a macro, you should report it so it can be promptly looked into and officially replicated for testing and correction. Thank You, Wurm Online Team
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    +1 from me (even if I am convinced that is actually a tennis ball.)
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    If only one of the pets were active, then only that one could fight because the person would be in control of that one alone. Other tamed pets would just stand idly in their pens like horses and not attack unless attacked first. having multiple tamed pets would mostly make breeding aggressive creatures a tiny bit easier.