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    Hi Everyone! This update is the culmination of over a years work, so there's an absolutely huge amount of information to share, so for the meantime we're using the /changelog function within the game itself. To access the change log type /changelog to access server info type /info Thanks to Pandalet, we're working on producing full documentation in time for the official release, so don't worry! With over 500 new recipes, a new bonus system and many tweaks and updates, there's a lot to take in, so please take the time to familiarise yourself with the new functions and especially the cookbook! As of current we are using a unique client for the cooking system, and the experimental pack system. Please use the client available here: http://www.wurmonline.com/client/wurmclient_cooking.jnlp to view new artwork, you will need to go to the pack update section, and make sure experimental is ticked! So jump on, forage for some crops, cook some meals, butcher some meat, and try it out! Let us know what you thought and win prizes here! https://goo.gl/forms/NuMQDP3xrvovt2Qo2 Myself, and Tich will be on hand for a few hours, but this will be open until the end of october, with the survey being open until the release of the news on the 28th October. Fill in the survey, report bugs, and let us know how it goes, you could win a prize of a supreme steel frying pan, or one of 5 packs of 10 sleep powder! Test changelog since release:
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    Owner has an option "abandon" on his object. Abandoned object sets owner to none. Any player trying to embark/enter got info that it is abandoned and got options: - claim - write ownership to current character - not now - leave at it is but ask every time again - reject - do not take ownership and do not ask again Also there could be an option, that if abandoned object is not used/entered longer then a month, it's decays 10 times faster. This will allow players to use not needed boats/vehicles and houses. And abandoned objects would decay faster if none would need them.
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    Is the cookbook UI design final? It's pretty clunky in the current state, I can't see many people using it instead of just checking the wiki (once the recipes have been added). Some comments: With so many recipes, it needs sortable tables. Preferably sortable by nutrition, affinities, ingredients, and CCFP value Too wordy. The amount of explanatory text makes it look confusing; a good UI shouldn't need an explanation next to every option It should be all in one window instead of having to click through several Needs an ability to bookmark certain recipes so you can find them easier
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    24 Oct 2016 * Added fermenting phase to spirits. * Added difficulty to LORE output. * Fix so you cant attempt to add a recipe to cookbook when its not in inventory. * Added old style sandwiches back in (now called endurance sandwiches). They are made by using bread on cheese (or jam, egg, syrup or honey). They can be eaten even when hungry for the stamina regeneration, but will not give any CCFP or a timed affinity. * Added new command to toggle visibility of ccfp bar (/toggleccfp). * Made tar combinable. 23 Oct 2016 * Fix so can plant fresh spices. * Fixed recipes that used stoneware. * Fix for 'you cant breed egglayers' with animals that you should be able to. 22 Oct 2016 * Typo fix in fudge sauce recipe name. * Made beersteins easier to make. * Fix for double spacing in lore statement. * Fix so sweets can go into larder. * Fix so can plant items (again). * Fix so beesmoker when made does not end up on floor. * Recipe typo fixes. * Fix for examine message on chopped veg (etc). * Fix for message given when you write a recipe. * Fix for out of bounds error when using back button in cookbook. * Renamed stoneware to baking stone.
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    Not a Chaos suggestion unless PvP guys like this too. I'm suggesting the next big WO update be to taming and breeding creatures. I think the entire system should get an overhaul like how the cooking update did for cooking. Right now breeding animals to get good traits and then using them for hunting is..........how do you say.......terrible. It seems useless breeding anything but horses and hell horses for speed traits (or tame a bear or croc to show off for a slow mount). It would be awesome to go tame a bear and breed it like horses to get traits like (tank, speed, agility) and then use them while hunting mobs. Currently pretty much all animals you hunt with suck and die super fast no matter their traits. Appears turtles are good for hunting, but not many around and I've only seen like 4 while playing WO for almost 2 years. Let us have an animal follow us without a rope. Right now have to unlead the animal before you can tell him to attack, then if you forget to lead the animal again, he gets stuck in the woods and have to find them. No fun there. Stupid animals. Should be able to train them to accompany you and train them for hunting or other services. This can be expanded to farming with horses and a plow to turn a big field into dirt we can plant instead of going to each tile one at a time to prepare it. Have sheep and rams control vegetation and/or they can tend to crops (player gets skill for attending crops and animals wouldn't give you skill but keep a full yield when harvested. Have too many rams and they can start eating your crops...something like that.). Let us train a dog to be our best friend and follow us around without a rope would be cool. Or give the domesticated dogs abilities just to the owner who bred the dog to make them useful around our deed or just for fun like tricks or something. Throw a ball and play catch. Tell them to pickup loot on the ground. Just fun ideas on that one. Let is domesticate house cats so they are not red after breeding them and then they get a house trait or something? lol Feed them fish. Point being for me is I've bred bears and lions for fun and found it was a waste of time and effort later on. Then while using animals to hunt with you it so cumbersome it's not worth it. An animal overhaul could bring in many options. Other MMO's with using pets and hunting is a lot of fun. Would love to get more uses out of animals or have fun with them.
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    Sorry, but you are just wrong, if you pay your premium ingame, dont feel attacked, no one said anything negative about it, but players paying premium ingame are not generating the games income. The game may benefit from them, from the work they do circulating money, or taking money outside of circulation, generating markets, etc. But that is a whole different thing.
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    To be fair if you branded me I'd probably run away too
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    Being Australian, I wouldn't be surprised if her deity got some kind of alcoholic beverage
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    Sour cream and chive grain waves.
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    I've had a woolie supervisor, come in and checking my smithing workshops as I construct them lol,
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    A+ seller - super responsive and pleasant to deal with! TY
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    I wouldn't say no to an effective 1ql auto compass (edit I mean like, you always have a compass to see even if you don't carry one) if possible so that even if a noob anywhere drops/loses their compass somehow they'll always have that super slow compass, all in the name of a little ease of qol for noobs. For not noobs you obviously don't want to wait a year for your compass to settle so you'll still even run for a 30ql compass over that so they'll always still be a need for compasses just as always
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    hitting so many keys over and over like you're this guy so you can milk or whatever no just having the animal stop moving is fine ok +1
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    Seems my post disappeared. Forum mishap or is it not allowed to ask for help with managing to surviving the cooking meta-game without added annoyance to the game? If it was the former I'd like to ask again: Is there any meat + vegetable recipe within the new system that will give me the same nutritional benefits as today? Because I'm not interested in CookOnline, and I didn't take our priest to 90hfc so that I should be forced to sit and cook all day just so that we can skill other things.
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    Sklotopolis on Niarja! Sklotopolis is now officialy the first WU server that got added to the Niarja tracker! Ceck it out: https://niarja.com/servers/sklotopolis special thanks to Chakron and Esroh for making this possible
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    As someone who has beehives in the real life garden I am thrilled about the bee keeping ingame. The hive looks amaziing... only the shaking is a bit disturbing, Why does the active beehive shake? I find the animation of the bees around it (like this foggy stuff) is enough to show that its active. Another little thing to change: I milked a sheep and got "Sheep sheep milk".
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    Congratulations to Smeagan on her great achievement! That said (and with no relation to the player and her triumph), I must add my voice to the players who are very frustrated about this god system. I understand that some people support it and I know that just having a code that allows players to ascend in Wurm is an achievement by itself. But is there a way to contain the players gods to Epic only? That's even assuming that Epic players want this system in the first place. They may not... I am not sure. On PvE servers, the new gods have done absolutely no good, in my hunble opinion. Maybe if each had a lore associated with it and its own unique spells, things would be different. And I realize that this would mean a lot of developer work and months of balancing. But in the current state, the gods add absolultely nothning to the Freedom servers side of things. In the past, we have 4 gods, each with unique personality, sphere, domain and spells. It was a wonderful system, where religion played a big part in every day lie. In a world where magic is almost exclusively related to dieties, the gods had a real presence over the land. The new gods, however, are just a collection of spells and nothing more. Yes, I realize that there are write ups about them on wiki now, but their domains are very sketchy. All this results in every player switching his or her priest to whichever new god had the best luck in the spell roulette. The religion is no longer vibrant or interesting. Spells are no longer unique but completely utilitarian, like a rake or a shovel. I realize that some people like this and - once again - this has absolutely nothing to do with the players who ascended, as they did so well within the rules. Great achievements. But for the rest of us, at least on the Freedom servers (again, I can't speak for Epic as I don't have a character there), this just destroyed a lot of enjoyment, uniqueness and interest that religions brought to the game. And this is not over. There will be more and more gods. And while it would be exciting to have them in pantheons and distinctly unique religions with separate spells, this is currently not feasible. Is there any way we can review this?
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    tbh the log out timer should be 24 hours, if you're being raided and have to abandon your internet village for real life you deserve to die
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    Recruiting for Eden village! Help return Eden to her former glory as the most populated village in wurm (30+) room for 45. We offer a: 6x5 homestead, 3x3 animal pen and 2x12 farmland (that's 63 tiles of personal space.) We provide the highest quality food for 98 nutrition which means faster skill gains for you. We are also a Vynora deed which means +10% skill gain if you're a follower Join us on Rifts and Dragon, Kyclops, and other unique hunts and claim rewards Eden is Located at: T8/T9 Xanadu Eden Outpost is located at: C12 Celebration Here are some of our amenities which will be yours to use: Knowledge Tile Love Tile A prebuilt one of a kind house (which you can modify) or the option of building from the ground up A very large Mine Sea Views 98 Nutrition with the food provided in our Village Hota Forest for collecting wood The Commons (a building filled with collectively used items) Napoleon the Unicorn The Royal Oak - a staffed bar The Castle - Filled with Gold Alters for every priest Sermons with enough interest Free Horses Boat Dock *Midgar's Castle of Champion Beasts AND..... Eden Outpost an unfinished castle in one of the BEST hunting locations in the game a short 13 min ride by boat (public row boats available for use) Looking to earn some coin? In the spirit of building a thriving village economy, Qwizat will buy Stone Bricks and Mortar. Ask him for prices. INSTRUCTIONS TO GET INVITED: FIRST: Watch the YouTube video below. It is a tour of our village but also includes all of our rules and good advise. Everyone who joins the village needs to watch the video, so you might as well get that out of the way :D. To get an invitation to our village or just to chat with us and learn more, do the following: Type everything into the consol window: Press F1 type: irc [press enter] ircsay /join #edenvillage [press enter] (#edenvillage is our chat) The #1 Rule is to always be in #Edenvillage chat There you can talk to us and anyone can invite with /vinvite name For further assistance you can also PM: Qwizat or Thely. Please let us know you found us thru the forum. Thanks **If you have not teleported to a village before you can teleport here from anywhere on Xanadu** Eden Village View from Sea: https://imgur.com/a/vTt6K Aerial View (from village helicopter): https://imgur.com/a/wAL4b What Next?: After you arrive and get settled in and explore a bit you'll have the following tasks: 1. Make a large cart and give Qwizat Manage Perms to it 2. Obtain a plot of land by speaking with Qwizat or Thely and get your dream house a.) If you prefer not to have a plot ask about our condos. They range from 2x5 to 5x5 and offer great views. 3. If you are inclined you can request a farming plot in addition to your own property 4. Build your skills and get access to our free horses for riding our hitching to your cart 5.There's usually a project or 2 going on so ask around if you're interested in helping 6. Build up your fighting skills on a practice dummy and sail over to Eden Outpost for some of the best desert and forest hunting in the game. 7. Build a boat. We have free use rowboats to get around with, but someday you may want your own. 8. Its a sandbox so make it what you want. Raise animals, farm, improve your skills and be a craftsman. 9. Earn money thru making bulk items, or finding contract work on nearby deeds thru alliance chat. The world is yours Dead on direction photo coming from Eden and going to Eden Outpost View From top of Eden Outpost Castle
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    "If you're not willing to buy/earn premium/silver you are not contributing to the game" is a common attitude to encounter among the wurm community. I hope to change that opinion slightly. Free players are: Your community. A world populated with free players is a world populated with a much more diverse mindset than one populated mostly by paying players, it also has a much larger population. (http://massivelyop.com/2016/07/11/evolve-player-population-explodes-following-free-to-play-transition/) Your content creators. IFree players often impact the world more than paying players, they are the makers of small camps and little cottages. They help bring the world to life and give you places to explore. Your ego boost. They're another person to come and tell you how amazing your place looked and, lets be honest, thats why most folks play wurm. They validate all those long hours you spent into grinding masonary/carpentry/gardening etc up. Your future. As older players leave new players are needed to replace them or you end up with a ghost-town mmorpg. I hope that little list has given you at least one new insight into the value of free players and that the next time you see a suggestion aimed at making their life easier you'll consider giving it a +1 rather than saying "non-paying players have no value". More importantly, I hope some of you are now having those little wheels turning in your mind saying "changing premium to a convenience mechanic rather than a content wall might be the best path for wurm to take since then we'd have more free players".
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    It's time to bury this then. I won't continue it, and I can't just add it as minigame to an existing server. This would require a complete rewrite, and I don't have enough time for this. I planned to end this with some screenshots, but I forgot to take them, so I only have 1 more... Thanks to everyone for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it. This can be closed now.
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    the most you'll get for the account would be 700-800e. any account over 1k is just plain retarded and would have some sort of name behind it. also its just a plain account without any scale/drake/special items on it
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    Your analogy makes no sense in terms of game income generation. If your friend paid for your movie ticket then he would be paying for two of them, not paying for only one and then digging it out of the ticket machine to give it to you to use a second time. All you do is use others coins that they have paid for through the Wurm Shop, that they then circulate within the game to pay for various things. In this respect you contribute nothing to game income but rather only avoid purchasing that silver yourself. Also, No, all coins circulating within the game do not originate from purchases in the Wurm Shop. Rolf in his generosity magically drops them into outstretched players hands through several means such as forage/botanize, token sales, Trader drains, etc. What theories these are dispersed upon I can't state with any direct knowledge but that does not really matter because since Rolf creates these coins they don't have to be based on anything other than he wants to do so. The point I am making is that they definitely don't come from Wurm Shop purchases, although they may attempt to be based upon game income in some manner. The effect they do have however is to once again reduce game income by reducing the amount of silver that players would otherwise have to purchase from the Wurm Shop. Not that I think much will change in this regard of offering ways for players to reduce their payments to the Wurm Shop but I just wonder how long the game will be able to sustain itself with all these options for players to pay little to nothing for playing the game. Plus when some players try to deny this reality it encourages me to comment further. A sort of flaw I have, I guess. =Ayes=
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    I would love the ability to after completion be able to change on which side the hinge is and what way the fence turns.
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    I'd suggest potatoes... nobody likes them, I keep that hope that if not for sme.. another one will be blessed to have them with 2x sac favor, the way nachos love corn. Do not judge me... I just have a dream
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    Technically while milking, one already has them... in the hand. Kidding aside, aye very much for this as a very small and nice QoL improvement. The roaming feature was implemented as an immersive QoL to begin with, preventing overgrazing and death.
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    Cyber did the VD artwork on Epic and I think possibly a few other art banners etc as well. He does some mighty fine art work doesn't he? (Now if only he learns how to swing a sword - grin - just kidding).
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    It's bonuses to the current system, not a requirement. and if your a priest its a no-brainer to meet the "demands". Just find some food that give fats and eat that. example of a simple food that give fats:
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    A complex cooking system but do we die if we don't eat? Do we get cold in the rain and snow? Do we thirst more in the sun? I feel like liitle things could be added to make this more important/the things we make more important. Fireplaces tents campfires roofs cooking
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    It's already so time-consuming. Having to lead and unlead just adds to the tedium.
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    0, he's too busy shitposting on twitter.
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    Good suggestion Wilczan. Sometimes when I no longer want a cart I will just remove the lock so anyone can use it but your idea is much better to allow someone to take over these items and have full function of them for themselves. =Ayes=
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    Few from Chaos. Not so sure this Nogump statue is lifeless... See, it's not all blood and gore over here.
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    Auction over, congratulations to Xirith!
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    Always thought this and also that a "moment of inspiration" shouldn't have the possibility of damaging the item....it just doesn't logic.
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    [20:00:05] <Jackjones> oh noes, my character is low in niacin!!!!
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    Please... We've got a perfect PVE god, name starts with N and it's not Nathan.
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    As a number of people have asked, here's a (very brief) quick-start guide for trying cooking:
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    bump, looking for bok (and for individuals who want to sell a summer hat, not a summer hat + account + 10 freedom deeds + rare tool and boat collections + RL vehicle)
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    Did you know? On Sklotopolis there is no skill loss on death. Also you can't drown from swimming too far on Sklotopolis, because drowning is completly removed on our server.
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    The Rare system should be a totally random event that occurs during creation and/or improvement of an item. It should not be able to be reverse engineered in any way. Essentially the way it is now, the "formula" if-you-will is known by a select few who choose to literally farm this game mechanic for money. All it is accomplishing right now is a devaluation of practically every non-rare counterpart, which has the effect of keeping sales down for everyone unless they have rares to sell. Remove the predictability mechanics of the rarity system and make it purely rare, not based on experience, skill, or discover-able rules.
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    Come join JK now, how can you resist that smile
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    Despite hopping over the fence, Jenn Kellon has been widely welcoming and accepting. It was clear from the moment I joined that this community was more tightly knit than that of any of the others from what I have seen. They quickly got me setup & ready to PvP, and had me helping out on tasks such as defending deeds from the red-tabards. It's nice being a part of a boat full of players that scare off 7 MR from a deed without so much as seeing them. (sick sneakers) I know my first week was a meaningful experience, and a very refreshing one compared to my previous kingdom. Throw in an app, and get ready to make a push when the time comes for PvP changes to be rolled out. Whether or not you're the kind of person that wants to be on the front lines, everyone matters. http://www.kyara.us/index.php?topic=14376.0 Hope to see more new posts on our application board!
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