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    I've done it! After chainsmithing for 2 years after 99 Here's my log file from 99 to 100. (I finally get to post this lol) ====================================================== -======.1 intervals for CAS met at these dates=======- ====================================================== 10/26/14 Smithing: 86.857155 Armour smithing: 70.176315 Chain armour smithing: 99.00561 11/6/14 Smithing: 87.36826 Armour smithing: 71.11515 Chain armour smithing: 99.29079 11/13/14 Smithing: 87.59928 Armour smithing: 71.45344 Chain armour smithing: 99.40244 11/19/14 Smithing: 87.84361 Armour smithing: 71.75693 Chain armour smithing: 99.5001 11/27/14 Smithing: 88.143364 Armour smithing: 72.1043 Chain armour smithing: 99.600555 12/5/15 Smithing: 88.500786 Armour smithing: 72.606766 Chain armour smithing: 99.70064 12/15/14 Smithing: 89.03593 Armour smithing: 73.3233 Chain armour smithing: 99.801315 ------------------------------------------------------- -======.01 intervals for CAS met at these dates=======- ------------------------------------------------------- 05:28 12/17/14 Chain armour smithing: 99.814026 04:45 12/18/14 Chain armour smithing: 99.82148 03:23 12/20/14 Chain armour smithing: 99.83106 05:12 1/10/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.84188 04:41 1/13/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.850204 04:31 1/15/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.86031 01:53 1/18/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.87014 01:55 1/21/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.880066 05:12 1/23/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.89004 23:51 1/26/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.90002 22:36 1/29/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.910004 02:52 2/1/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.920006 16:42 2/4/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.930000 03:47 2/15/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.940002 14:05 2/22/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.950005 00:38 3/8/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.960007 08:15 4/1/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.970001 15:00 4/28/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.980003 05:22 5/13/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.985008 01:17 5/31/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.990005 ------------------------------------------------------- -======.001 intervals for CAS met at these dates=======- ------------------------------------------------------- 04:11 6/6/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.991005 17:02 6/10/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.992004 ----------missing----------- 99.993 15:57 6/26/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.994003 05:24 7/14/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.995003 00:57 8/3/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.996002 18:48 8/16/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.997002 23:40 9/14/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.998001 ------------------------------------------------------- -======.0001 intervals for CAS met at these dates=======- ------------------------------------------------------- 00:51 9/20/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.998100 00:49 9/23/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.998207 01:47 9/24/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.998306 00:19 9/28/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.998405 -feels slower 21:49 9/30/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.998505 16:58 10/4/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.998604 23:17 10/12/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.998703 01:52 10/17/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.998802 01:55 10/22/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.998901 20:24 10/27/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.999001 15:32 11/4/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.999100 22:19 11/13/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.999207 18:53 11/24/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.999306 02:24 12/5/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.999405 01:56 12/24/15 Chain armour smithing: 99.999504 21:38 1/6/16 Chain armour smithing: 99.999603 22:09 1/29/16 Chain armour smithing: 99.999702 18:53 2/21/16 Chain armour smithing: 99.999802 ------------------------------------------------------- -======Final skill ticks=======- ------------------------------------------------------- 21:48 3/20/16 Chain armour smithing: 99.999901 18:02 3/22/16 Chain armour smithing: 99.999908 02:28 3/26/16 Chain armour smithing: 99.999916 23:45 3/30/16 Chain armour smithing: 99.999924 16:35 4/11/16 Chain armour smithing: 99.999931 18:21 4/13/16 Chain armour smithing: 99.999939 01:42 4/18/16 You have just received the title 'Master Armourer'! 02:11 4/20/16 Chain armour smithing: 99.999947 23:52 5/1/16 Chain armour smithing: 99.999954 21:22 5/10/16 Chain armour smithing: 99.999962 04:01 5/22/16 Chain armour smithing: 99.999969 23:13 6/12/16 Chain armour smithing: 99.999977 23:15 6/24/16 Chain armour smithing: 99.999985 19:01 7/27/16 Chain armour smithing: 99.999992 15:24 9/24/16 Chain armour smithing: 100.000000 Quite a bit of the grind was on sleep bonus, about 45mins to 1 hour per night. I really don't know what else to say. I'm up for title suggestions, all I can think of is [All Chained Up] or the basic [Legendary Chainsmith]
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    So Hoppy was mining out a iron vein when it popped, he was not paying attention and did about 30 more actions creating a good sized hole in the floor, not sure that this should of happened, the house walls sinking into the hole that is. Part of the floor popped too. Blame Hoppy
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    Considering the length of time I suggest Epic Chainsmith
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    Gratz I suggest, [Chains of Time]
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    as the title says... it seems pretty ridiculous that wurmians constantly have their weapons out. I would like to suggest that weapons are automatically sheathed when not in combat.
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    have an Idea about getting a Nautical compass, one that will operate continuously only while in a boat or ship. This could help out Sailors especially when dealing with night and foggy conditions while sailing. Any thoughts?
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    A domesticated bee hive Hi Everyone! We've had a few more hotfixes this week to address some unfortunate combat problems, although we're fairly certain the exploits have been removed and should be smooth sailing from now on. If you encounter any issues or exploits please be sure to report them to the GM team by pming a GM on the forum, or emailing gamemods(at)wurmonline.com Patch Notes Wurm Online Wurm Unlimited WU Update Version of Wurm Unlimited went live this week, with the new clothing and other updates coming in! We aim to have the new beta up by next week, with the PvP, combat, and other changes in that for modders and admins to make sure everything works. Cooking! The time comes closer to public testing of the new cooking system, with our devs and several volunteers working hard to ensure that it hits the public test server as soon as possible! This weeks peek is at the recipes, and ways to share them. Players who create a meal, can write down that recipe on papyrus using a reed pen filled with ink or dye, and then they are able to trade, mail or sell the recipe card, and allow other players to use them to learn new recipes. Rumour has it that certain humanoid creatures in the wild also have their own unique recipes, ones that cannot be cooked without knowing how to make them... Food storage Another common question about the cooking update is about decaying of meals! Certain items such as sandwiches and chocolate (!) will be able to be wrapped, which will greatly reduce decay on those items. Meals cooked with salt will also have reduced decay, though these will not stack. There will also be a storage option to greatly reduce decay of items that cannot be stored in a storage bin, with something special involved too, but more on that in another weeks news! What secret does the larder contain? how does it stay so cool? Another big storage option will be the ability to store liquids without decay! Sealing a liquid container with beeswax and cloth will prevent all decay on various containers, including amphorae and pottery jars. Wine barrels will also be able to be sealed, but will use a different method. Community Content This week forum user goldgretel has been sharing some amazing shots from their adventures in Wurm, I couldn't go past this amazing one of a castle by a lake! That's it for this week,there's still plenty more to share about the cooking update, and hopefully we'll have all the information ready by the time it lands on the public testing server I hope you all have a great week, and keep on wurming! Retrograde & the wurm team.
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    Nope, the only thing at fault here is your blatant attempts at trolling. Retro, several coal-makers, highly skilled metallurgy toons and anyone with half of a brain can easily see a problem. You are choosing to disagree for mere entertainment value because you have zero knowledge, experience or logical reason to dictate otherwise other than to get a rise out of other players.
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    Some people just never learn to stop pulling XD
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    Wurm Online is where players become legends.
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    Armor timers still don't feel right in game - more of a annoyance than a cool combat feature - taking armor off/putting back the same armor shouldnt activate a timer, if you want to keep a timer for CHANGING armor types then i'd settle with this suggestion as a balance
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    Congrats! as for my suggestion [FW: FW: FW: You'll never guess what I did!]
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    OP gets it, +1 we need saddles... ... ...
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    It's common knowledge that animals have a natural fear of fire so campfires tend to keep hungry predators at bay; except in Wurm. It would be nice if when night falls and I'm on a journey that I could light a fire and keep mobs at a safe distance. My protection would diminish in relation to the about of natural light as the night shifts to day.
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    Yikes. I am taking a break from Wurm, but I still care enough to check this thread and answer what I can from time to time when I can. I have some time to dump on my hands, so here we go. The latest questions: Rarity on weapons increases critical strike chance by 10% (rare), 30% (supreme), and 50% (fantastic). This is a multiplier for the base crit chance, not added to the amount. So for example, a huge axe has a 1.00% crit chance (look at the spreadsheet in the OP) by default. With a rare huge axe, that increases by 10% to 1.1% chance to crit. With a fantastic huge axe, it would increase to 1.5% chance to crit. Critical strikes are important because they bypass hit checks and do double damage. Basically, if you roll a crit, your attack lands, regardless of shield blocks or parries. Rarity on armour is a bit similar. It reduces remaining damage done (after the base multiplication is done to reduce damage from armour type) by 3% (rare), 6% (supreme), or 9% (fantastic). So if you are wearing 100QL steel plate, you take 30% damage. With a rare piece, you take 30% * 0.97 = 29.1% damage. With a fantastic piece, you would take 30% * 0.91 = 27.3% total damage. A bit difficult to explain properly but hopefully that all makes sense. I'm so sad my external hard drive died. I had a document there which had EVERYTHING for this which I would have loved to share. All of the requirements and possibilities for each of those titles. Basically, it revolves around the sorcery system. There are 3 types of sorceries: red, black, and white. Off the top of my head, most fell in the category of white. The 3 that I remember being black were Blood of Angels, Libram of the Night, and Black Tome. Essentially, there's a bunch of conditions which give you a special title for having a specific combination of certain colors of sorceries, but only if you have 2 or more of a single kind. So having a red, black, and white sorcery will give no special titles. For example, having 2 white sorceries gives you Mage. Having 3 white sorceries gives you Wizard. Having 9 or more sorceries total gives you Archmage. I believe the Shadow Mage requires 2 black sorceries. Death Knight is 3 black sorceries if I recall correctly. Again, I don't have my sheet for this, trying to recall it off the top of my head. A good data miner should be able to figure out the rest. Demises are kind of interesting to me. When I was looking through the code I couldn't for the life of me find the area where demises were countered by things like Vynora's Protection or Libila's Shielding. However, I do recall demises giving a bonus to hit chance against certain types of enemies, and your list is almost definitely correct. As for critical chance, I believe it was hinted at somewhere but I didn't ever finish my full assessment of the combat system. It's quite likely that demise gives higher crit chance. Rarity on bows is about equivalent to comparing a willow bow to a different type. Willow gives -5 to difficulty (basically +5 to the "Archery" skill), and so do rares. However, rares also increase damage by a certain amount as well. I can't recall it perfectly, but I think it's 1% (rare), 3% (supreme), and 5% (fantastic). These could be totally wrong but I simply don't have the code infront of me and I'm just going with my first thoughts. At the end of the day, comparing a rare birchwood bow to a normal willow bow would give roughly the same results. That makes a rare willow bow equivalent to a supreme lemonwood, or a supreme willow equivalent to a fantastic cedar bow. Fantastic willow bows are far and away the best in the game, giving a total of -20 to difficulty, making basically any shot quite trivial for a skilled archer. I know it applies to melee weapons, and I think it applies to bows as well: quality on weapons is completely scalar. A 20QL bow does half damage of what a 40QL, which does half of a 80QL, for example. That means the difference between an 80QL bow and a 90QL bow is 8/9, or ~88% of what the 90QL bow would do. When flipped, the 90QL bow does 9/8 of the damage of an 80QL, or 12.5% more. You can do this type of math for comparison between any set of bows pretty easily.
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    +1 Maybe make it attachable to the ship like a lock or anchor and it shows up when you board the ship?
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    +1 - Everything else recharges while offline (ability cooldowns etc), don't see why mana should be any different.
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    User who may read this - I have a lot of game thoughts, and suggestions, and will be putting them into volumes. Please +1 this as a whole, or each individual idea that you like. I want the community as a whole to discuss these ideas together. Also, I want to see the approved features to be included and integrated into Wurm Unlimited no matter what. Also, to +1 a certain suggestion, put the +1 with the corresponding letter next to it. Thank you. A. The ability to level and flatten down cave walls, ceilings, and floors without there being any chunks that stand out and make it less good looking. B. The ability for priests to have spells that can buff animals, like horse speeds, or wolf/dog damage, to make war animals a bigger part in the game. C. The ability to create a macro that auto crafts things, so we don't have to hit that annoying button ten times. Especially with arrows... D. Make coins gained from botanizing and other actions during moments of inspiration a lot more to get more use. E. Establish the ability to have an actual "sneak" instead of hide feature, so that we can actually have viable almost-invis rouges. F. Allow us to turn the inside of caves into walled structures with floors and roofs instead of wide open, and raw, so we can have underground secure bases... G. Saddles would be 10/10 nice, would make the game a bit more harder but more... Well, realistic. (This ones getting no support, I bet you...) That wraps up this volume, I may add to it, all the way to Z. If any of the above listed suggestions are features, please converse with me either in game on Zenath or through my Discord, alexinmichigan. Thank you guys for being such a great community!
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    QL 10 Steel hatchet c89 (95c) sold QL 10 Steel hatchet c79 (67c) sold 1 Supreme Cordage Rope (35c) sold
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    Goldgretel, you are like a Wurmian photographer.
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    it's random, has happened to me a few times. I'd love to be able to plant it tbh.
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    Grats man! [Chained to the Forge] I like it!
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    Some of the best screenshots! You are an artist!
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    Non-exhaustive list of stuff you missed: SotG got nerfed (finally) LT got nerfed There are a bunch of player gods now, Fo is really the only relevant default god Armor got rebalanced to be more situational based on incoming attack type Epic is dead WU code is out, which is almost the same as Wurm Online source code - fun Bison now give better FS gain than trolls Body strength has less effect on damage reduction - easier to get into PvP
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    I only have one question about the storage options... Will. It. Stow. Fish?!
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    Looks very much like stills in the building behind the beehive. We'll need our hell carts to outrun the revenuers.
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    Wish y'll the best!! xD good to hear y'll are active and enjoying yourselves!! Ebo is good people in my book.. continue to have fun xD
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    A great body of us are patiently waiting for the next Cyberpunk MMO. we have been, since we gave up waiting for Funcom to deliver on their long forgotten promise of an upgraded AO engine.. This may be something to look forward to. http://www.pcgamesn.com/cyberpunk-2077/cyberpunk-2077-vehicles https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyberpunk_2077 I wish i'd played Neocron
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    What are you talking about? Getting 90+ metallurgy was extremely fun! *goes back to his room in insane asylum*
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    That is fair enough but still the % of higher Ql steel could do with some tweaking considering the amount of skills required in the whole process of it and like Baloo said for a supposed master metallurgist you can still only achieve 593 90+ steel lumps from a total of 2707 lumps or 21.9% and you think that is fine?
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    Wow you're good:))! and I'm gelous hehe
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    The only time I tend to get anxious over Wurm is when ingame friends steal stuff or turn rat for another kingdom. Sadly it seems to come with the territory on PvP servers, I've lost more "Friends" than i care to think about through petty stupid stuff which makes sense.
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    I don't want to "trade" coins for a meal that will be rotted to pig food in 24 hours. I cannot stress this more.
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    Retrograde, as I'm sure you're aware: Comparing choosing woodcutting over blacksmithing to removing the benefits of refresh is like telling people to start eating cookies instead of bread when the real issue is that they don't have money for either. The problem isn't that we're expected to choose one over the other, the problem is that over the course of the last 4 years more and more activities in the game have been altered to revolve around food. We don't even have the option anymore to choose not to care about sustenance because everything we do is so heavily dependent on it. At least with the current system we can compensate for the lack of time to do all the chores involved in food making by eating rares we've gathered up while doing things we enjoy or by using the path of love ability which we grinded in order to attain. If you had gone through with the change I would not have been able to log in to do what I enjoy, because I don't enjoy standing around starving while my skill gains are rubbish. As I'm also sure you're aware I live in a village and an alliance that cover all the skills in the game, so it's not like I'd have a hard time getting others to do stuff for me. I do, however, not want to impose on everyone else's playtime every time I log in just because I myself don't have the time to grow all the vegetables needed or cook all the food I'll need. I don't play together with the people in my village in order to be able to exploit them, I play with them because I enjoy their company and so that we can do things together if we should choose to do so. And to the troll who tried to make fun of me: I'm pretty sure that even as a current casual player I still have a lot better skills than you'll ever be able to muster up, regardless of how many streamlined suggestions that benefit you personally that you try to push. You won't be able to "beat me" by trying to push changes that fit your personal playstyle, and even if you manage to get better skills than I have you still haven't accomplished anything because I don't care about your little ego bubble - I play games to have a good time, not partake in your imaginary competition against all others.
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    Also on some ships, certain seats cannot access the hold.
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    Since you can already pop entire houses if you have the permission to do so, popping fences and fence gates with the Destroy permission also makes sense. +1 Of course a check would need to be made in the case of PvP - usually no guards = no rules, you'd still have to fall back on the old bashing mechanic in such cases.
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    No to any kind of showing your placement on the map.