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    I've been a seller using PayPal for close to 10 years. Ebay, Reddit Marketplace, EpicNPC, Scythe, among a handful of other marketplaces for real and virtual items. I thought I'd share some of my knowledge with you to help you (sellers). If someone wants to intentionally scam you from the very beginning, then no procedures including these procedures will not be super useful since it requires effort from both you (the seller) and the buyer. Surprising as it is, most people don't want to scam from the very beginning but rather get the idea to scam after time has passed. As a seller, here are some things you need to note. Usually the buyer goes first. It's just how it works. If the buyer tries to ask for items first then payment, tell the buyer to jam it where the sun don't shine. That is unless you are a new seller! I'm sorry to say... new sellers just sell to reputable buyers until you gain enough rep to ask for payment first. Let's use a drake set for example. You, the seller, want to sell a black drake with a white drake chest set for 80E. So put up a WTS thread and request Verified PayPal ONLY and that they gift you the payment (friend/family option). So blah blah a buyer contacts you. Step 1: Acknowledge that you will sell to him for that set price, in this case 80E and mention you will be using PayPal as the method of receiving payment and provide your PayPal email. i.e. "Ok, I will sell you this drake set for 80E. Please send payment as a gift (friends/family) to [insert PayPal email here]. Step 2: Then in that same reply, please request the buyer to Note: I, [buyer forum name], purchasing [name of item], a virtual item(s) for MMORPG Wurm Online from [seller forum name]. Delivery of item(s) via CoD/In-game Trade from [seller in game name] to [buyer in game name]. This Note should be in paypal.com and you should see it when you receive payment. i.e. "I, Buyerforumname, purchasing drake armor, a set of virtual items for MMORPG Wurm Online from Sellerforumname. Delivery of items via CoD from Ingamesellername to Ingamebuyername." Step 3: Then in that same reply, request the buyer to send you a PM via forums indicating that the buyer has indeed received the item and that it is as described. Pretty much add a lot of detail about the item here. i.e. "After receiving the drake set please send me a PM to this forum account that you have received your black drake set with white drake chest piece and is as I described." Step 4: So the buyer sends you the money. Check if the transaction is noted with the note you requested. Check if the PayPal account is verified. If both these things check out, accept the money. Deny/Refund the payment if either one of these requirements are not met. Refunding payments are a b*tch and take forever for the buyer so make sure to remind them to not f**k this up. Make sure the money is in your PayPal balance and is completed and not pending. Step 5: Then acknowledge to the buyer that payment has been received and get ready send the items via CoD/or accept In-game Trade. Before you send/accept TAKE A SCREENSHOT of your ENTIRE game window with possible in game chat with the buyer. Make sure to save the event tab msg too. "the items magically disappear blah blah blah the items will arrive in 10 min blah blah" or "Trade completed blah blah blah". Taking a screenshot of this is also good. Step 6: Then just remind the buyer to PM you about the thing in Step 3. It should read something like... "This is confirmation that I have successfully received the black drake set with white drake chest piece and is as the seller described. This way you have like, idk, at least 4 layers of SOLID evidence to fight a charge back. I've used to method for a long time and I've only lost 2 charge back cases in early and late 2008, and I lost those because sales of virtual items was harder to fight back then. Otherwise PayPal and banks and credit card companies have sided with me. One downside to this is that the buyer has to comply to these requests, but like I mentioned a lot of charge back cases, are out of spontaneity. Most buyers buy with good intentions and then later decide to screw over the seller. So most buyers would've already complied with your requests. Remember using platforms like PlayerAuctions will be safer. Remember Code Club Blah Blah doesn't endorse and insure money scammed due to selling for real life money. So be careful and don't be dicks and try to sell/buy to/from reputable people. pz, -Banzai EDIT1: should be pretty easy to predict how to sell gold. but if u have concerns feel free to pm. i dun feel like typing no mo.
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    I have just recently finished running a comparison test between myself (58 skill metallurgy) and Jonydowy (90 Skill Metallurgy) using slightly over 1k 75Ql Charcoal each and 99Ql Iron. Bear in mind, This Ql charc is about the best you can get and results from lower Ql charcoal will be a lot worse. Results are below: I would like to ask the Devs to look into Metallurgy and coal-making, The Metallurgy % of higher Ql steel is too low and coal piles do not scale correctly to skill level or Ql of mats used. To put this into perspective, To make 75Ql charc you have to put a lot of effort in to gain atleast 80-90 Coal-making, 90+ Woodcutting and 90+ Digging. Plus 90+ Mining is also required to get as high Ql Iron as possible to maximise your results. Then after all that effort you are then required to grind Metallurgy to 90 to receive what is very poor results. Also have to take into account that even at 99 Plate smithing with the 30% Passive armour smith bonus, A single set of plate takes between 50-70, 90+Ql steel lumps to Imp from 85Ql- 90+Ql and you can see from my results for the effort of making and running through 1k charcoal i would get enough for maybe 4 Plate Imps at my current Metallurgy level. I will be conducting one further test using 50ql Charcoal to highlight how poor the results are from Metallurgy and will add to this thread once completed.
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    -Currently accepting new & established players- Located near Summerholt starter town in the North East of Xanadu, G23 on the Xanadu map Amish Estates offers 2 living options ~ Option 1: Plot of land big enough to build a home with enough extra space for a small farm & animal pens secured by fences. ~ Option 2: A pre-built guest house to get you started while out looking at land to acquire of your own, includes a small fenced in yard. Public Areas Currently Open for all villager use: 8 Total Guard towers, Workshops with forges, loom, spinning wheel, starting materials, free tools/armor. Kitchen with skilling forges set up, and community food (this kitchen is kept stocked with high quality meals to keep your nutrition up for skill gain). 7 Farms with lots of animals to work your Animal Husbandry & farming skills. Altars of each god for prayers and sacrificing. A mine, currently with Iron and Silver uncovered. Tar, Sand Pit just off deed, and Clay at connected coastal deed. The deed has been landscaped specifically to hold each type of wood in tree groves, available to all villagers for sprouting and cutting(Just remember to replant so it stays available). Hunting area near by, as well as coastal access. The overall look of the deed is meant to be natural, and make each plot feel like its own little deed in the village. There is no work required to live on the deed. All that we ask is to help out your neighbors when they need, replenish/donate what you can to the public shops & be active. If you would like to help with deed upkeep, you are more than welcome to. If you decide to move on, or stop playing please just lets us know so your spot can be opened to another. If you plan to be gone longer than 30 days, but want to remain on the deed give us a heads up & it will be kept for you. Any player gone longer than 30 days with no notice will have anything left in their home donated back to the village, if there is anything of high value it will be kept in the storage unit for 60 days before being donated to the village. Amish Estates belongs to the NEXA Alliance. The alliance is local, and very active. Often there is jobs available to those looking to make a little silver while bringing up their skills. Amish Paradise market sits just east of Summerholt city, and is open to all who want to sell their wares. Currently in the works is regular sermons for those looking to work a priest. The alliance has a website, as well as a teamspeak server. There is always people on from the alliance as well as the deed in local daily. Restrictions Digging - Is turned off to preserve the landscaping as it is. You are able to pack, pave, cultivate. Planning - We will plan your home base to your specifications and give you complete access of ownership while we hold the "writ". This allows us to be able to keep spaces open when players disappear. Additional Ammenities Joint deed Amish Paradise has 4 extra farms for use, as well as a water farm. *Amish Paradise Stables* Working Animal Husbandry? Stables full of tons of horses open to be groomed to villagers for skill. Some additional pictures of the deed -Please feel free to PM Aniceset in game or via forums with any questions- Or our village managers Dysstone, Mello, Talohan However, anyone on the deed can toss you an invite
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    wow....okay...so let me get this straight....not only did you get the unique "stolen" by someone you thought you could trust, by deeding over it while you just worked on a deed stake. You also get accused of greedyness, after he deeded it, decided over all the rules including when the slaying happens, took most of the items and left you only the choice of one item and then deciding to want a whole tome. Then getting ridiculed for not knowing how that tome works (as if everyone has to know everything) and THEN also, which seems something everyone forgets here, being told that they have to cross over to chaos to be able to get that charge! (suspicious much?) THEN in this topic people rub it in by saying "deed it or loose it" and "seems you weren't fit to lead a unique hunt" etc etc. Making it seems as if everyone who is finding a unique and wants to somehow benefit from it and be "allowed" to lead a unique hunt, needs to be perfectly prepared at all times, needs to know how every other unique hunt before was handled AND needs to have had experience in unique hunting before. (Really?!) So.....and THEN it goes even further by trying to make it look as if the ones who found the unique were the ones in the wrong all along, even though all the facts speak for their side? I'm sorry you guys....it seems you got into a horrible mix of "chaos" eliteism and unique hunt madness. And now they are trying to cover their doings by obfuscating their deeds by trying to lead the conversation in their favor, into a direction that has nothing to do with your actual complaint. (by making everything about how you didn't just want a charge from the tome....and crossing to chaos for that)
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    Was just chatting with a friend who's on freedom who pointed out that "the white hatchling has been found" and we both laughed and quipped, "oh the most useless unique in the game" and it occurred to me that....well why the **** are the uniques drops still so broken and unbalanced. For those who don't know what i'm talking about let me lay it out for you, these are the uniques that exist in Wurmonline (drops based on freedom cluster sorry Epic i don't know enough about yours) The non-dragon uniques each can drop a decent potion that has a use, Mining, Leatherworking, Stonecutting and Woodcutting, a rare/supreme/fantastic bone and a 50% chance to drop a sorcery item with 3 charges. The 5 Hatchlings - Each gives a pathetic....shall we say average of about 0.6kg total of drake hide to the crew slaying it, shared with everyone in local. If you could get everyone to pool it together you would need about 5 hatchling slayings to make ONE goddamn drake set. Note these are weaker and less valuable than scale sets. A rare/supreme/fantastic bone and a 5(?)% chance to drop a sorcery item, which i've never seen happen. Two of them drop potions that are essentially useless, only affecting people who have a sorcery weakness to their effect. As well as having duplicate (read lazy) potions to the adults. Red - Weaponsmithing potion (broken and only works on weaponsmithing subskills btw) - Same as dragon Blue - Fletching potion - Same as dragon Green - Acid potion - Worthless Black - Armorsmithing Potion - Same as dragon White - Frost Salve - Worthless The 5 Dragons - I've seen give between 3kg and 10kg of scale (about 6 needed for a set), meaning you could make a whole scale set, which is worth far more than a drake set, from one kill. A rare/supreme/fantastic bone and 5(?)% chance to drop a sorcery item, which i've never seen happen. Red - Weaponsmithing Potion - same as hatchling Blue - Fletching Potion - same as hatchling Green - Tailoring Potion Black - Armorsmithing Potion - same as hatchling White - Blacksmithing Potion So to sum up, the potions from the dragons are lazily done, with 2 being considered useless by the community almost unanimously and others duplicating the adult/hatchling drop. Dragons never drop sorcery items at all while non-dragons drop them quite regularly. White and Green hatchlings are basically "well at least someone gets a bone i guess?". While hundreds show up for a goblin leaders immensely valuable drops. What i would like to see is some of the, already existing, other potions considered to replace the duplicates and frost/acid potions for more variety and at least consider a slightly better chance for sorcery items ( this one i can live with not changing tbh). Finally for the love of christ increase the drops for hatchlings hide and sort out the RNG with adult dragons which occasionally gives you enough for basically 2 sets and other times not enough for 1. All in all these are simple changes, everything i'm suggesting exists in code.
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    I see people that stole a unique, try to downplay their own misdeeds with some nonsense about tomes.
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    Classic Chaos. Freedom gets a feature they wanted exclusivity on, "Carebears should come to Chaos and face the risk!!!!!". Unique spawns on Freedom, Chaos swarms at it for the safe loot.
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    I guess I've probably held onto this privately for a bit too long, considering how relatively harmless it is. Here you go. Before After For use with Ago's Client Modloader. Download (Google Drive)
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    Some kind of right click menu option allowing you to change the seat you are in.
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    I am sorry, but it's time to change how unique loot distribution works. There is too much potential for abuse here and there will always be players who will take advantage of this. This will never change. So, the only way to combat this is to change the mechanics of loot distribution. There are already many players who are not willing to go to unique slayings because of this problem, even if the uniques happen to spawn on their own server. This is unfortunate, because it's a wonderful feature put into the game by the developers but now many players won't experience it because they are not willing to subject themselves to just being pawns in some group's machinations. Yes, I know there have been unique slayings where everything was fair and which were led by great leaders. I salute you and hope your names spread so that everyone knows who to follow. But nearly every two months there is some saga about a slaying that didn't happen properly and to me the only way to reclaim this feature of the game is to change the mechanics of loot distribution.
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    Would be a nice addition too the game instead of having to stuff them into coffins
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    Hmm... <opens his todo list and writes something>
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    Just goes to show the poor game mechanics setup for Uniques. They should be unable to be trapped in any way. Make them able to walk through mine doors, fencing, walls, houses, deep water, etc. Make deeds unable to be placed over them. Let them roam the lands doing no damage to anything, as well as not attacking anyone until attacked. They should just be dumb brute wanderers and only attack those who attack them. Then they will lock onto each individual and pursue them to the ends of the servers until they either kill that person or are killed themselves. This way everyone will have a fair chance of being killed or watching others being killed. No more exclusivity can be applied to them but rather anyone can either join or not at any time. Equal deaths to all! Done! =Ayes=
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    I would love to see decay removed or reduced greatly on deeds.
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    I mean, I understand JK PoV, but you did have one of your members or whatever you call them place a deed down on someone else's unique claim. While the deed it or loose it rule applies, it's pretty frown upon. Your "king" seems to enjoy trolling people immensely and baiting them. Speaking from experience you guys could elect a better leader and seriously should think about the ramifications of your kingdom's actions in the future to avoid senseless drama. This is generally a unpleasant circumstance for all involved. I do think your kingdom should rethink it's decision however, and just compensate Davih and his girlfriend. Newbies shouldn't be trolled like this. Damaging the community hurts everyone, less money goes to fund the game. Less subscribers etc. Think you can figure out the rest here.
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    Kinda funny, how the finder of the goblin is now being shown as "greedy". While JK simply took advantage of her.. motivated by greed.
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    Really ugly. Pvp people should have enough uniques on their own server. On Deli we do what we can to prevent this and we do take our uniques back also when something like the described happens. Show some style, JK.
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    The reason why things like this happen is that all rolls lower than -100 and higher than 100 are discarded and rerolled, instead of capping the result. This is why someone with extremely high skills and item QLs still gets lousy results--for example, a miner with 99 skills and a QL95 supreme max-imbued pick only gets an average shard QL of ~85. A player with 99 smithing, 99 metallurgy, QL95 coal, and QL99 iron to work with would only wind up with an average output of ~QL83 steel. While it keeps the game from being flooded with max-QL resources, it sure is frustrating to get such lackluster returns after all that grinding.
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    Wikid Keep Work in progress. Inside needs lots of work and decorating.
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    Bugged item which was said to remain because they were "legacy" items. No need to twist it
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    We all know highways are protected from any unwanted modifications by the GM team. I'm suggesting that any canals, channels (dredged path in shallow water) or cave canals have the same protection. 2 or 3 tiles wide (paving or not to signal them - buoys anyone ?) and deep enough for all boats (-24 depth) as requirement. Why, because they usually involve a lot more time than any highway need, can be destroyed in a heartbeat and actually need the whole heritage process (which add more work for the GM team) to have the same level of protection highways currently have.
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    Never use global for anything, even if you don't say the location anyone can use a priest to locate your location with ease. Deed stakes can be created with nothing more than a carving knife and a shaft. Don't trust anyone, ever.
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    Oh please, i don't want to derail, but original reason for nerfing hell horses was speed calculations, and then in another thread we got the "balance issues" answer, and then in original thread we heard that both reasons were valid, but who knows why we were told the first in one thread and the second in the other and also many hours apart from each other. They were deemed problematic because somebody woke up and decided so. WTS salt, a lot of it When these are deleted, i for sure would love some decay reduction (or removal) for everybody.
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    Hmmm. The reason originally given was that they caused a problem with the programming. Now it is because of some people that were jealous? Guess it all comes out in the end when people forget what they said in the beginning. Good to know. Replacement please? Can we please find out what the item is that is being worked on for this functionality? Many of us are trying to make plans and would like for those plans to include whatever the replacement will be.
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    I won't bother taking a side here as I'll never be able to know the full story and be 100/100 sure whether everything that I have learned is true. However I need to comment on the offer which involved sailing to Chaos for a charge as it looks like that not everyone on Chaos understands how Freedom-psychology or how PvP to PvE trading can work. No Freedomer goes to Chaos for any kind of business unless they know the persons involved in it well, because they will always suspect possible foul play against them (it happens no matter if it is well justified or not). Even if they trust the other party no one can guarantee their safety here, as if they have bad luck their boat can still be ambushed by an enemy boat (not to mention that if the Freedomer has already told all his buddies of the trip the chances of such a thing happening will just go up). If any chaos-based folks want to make a deal involving a unique charge they can just mail it to the recipient on Freedom right after using the rest of he charges wherever they want. It is actually a frequently used method of tome-charge trading. To anyone who will rush to say that cross kingdom mail doesn't work my answer is: I know, but even the smallest kingdoms on Chaos have managed to smuggle and sell glimmer weapons from Chaos to Freedom in the past, so it has been proven that bringing such stuff back to Freedom is perfectly possible. Sure it takes more effort but it is still the only realistic way to do this. Just my 2c regarding any type of business between Freedomers and Chaos people.
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    Here's the version that allows you to see uncovered veins/through walls: LiveMap [Edited] (Google Drive) I'm probably going to get absolutely slaughtered for posting it, but honestly it's deleting 3 lines. Anyone with basic programming knowledge who can decompile and recompile a program can do this. I see no reason to leave the people who are unable to code "out of the loop" I guess you could say.
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    Looked at the code... trees will not naturally spread to tiles within 2 tiles radius of another tree or 3 tile radius of oak or willow. Also interesting - they won't spread to tiles that contain any tracks, so more animals in an are should cause less tree density
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    Incorrect. Wurm hit 3k prem players in 2010(?). Wurm atm has 2.9k prem players. Just sayin
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    As many that subscribe to my channel on youtube, I've been doing a lot of streams of late. These are not specific topics or showcase, just gameplay that people can watch while grinding away. We do chat about specific wurm stuff it does come up but mainly it's just fun times, adventure or whatever comes up. Anyway, this is a heads up to those who don't sub to my channel. I know a a lot of people like watching stuff while grinding away so here the playlist. I mainly stream weeknights after 9;30pm (+10 gtm) Come along for the ride
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    Ok, this is a pretty long story, i can garantuee you it's a pretty much juicy one, so you might as well get some popcorns and follow ahead, i made a TL_DR but i had to remove it cause people kept commenting just by reading that. Forgive me for mistypes and everything, i have an headache from like this afternoon and i'm not too good at writing in english anyway. It all starts like this: Luttuosa (my gf) was exploring Celebration, at some point she runs in a Goblin Leader and asks in GL-Freedom what she should do, i realize this isn't the best way of doing it and i stop her from giving any detail. I sail over along with my alt and a (trusted) friend and we reach the Goblin and bring it near a cave, then she asks a friend of her(Gofs) that had a priest to come and help her with penning it inside the cave, she also tells him that if he wants to bring someone else with him it must be someone he trusts, and we give him the location of of the Goblin. After a bit of time, Gofs, his priest alt, and another two people (Willieman, Marinekiller) are on the place, i am lagging terribly, so i try to help with the cave in, but that's not really necessary and everything is done in like 10 minutes. I bring over my alt to make the deed (i wanted to deed with someone that could be left there) but, due to the extreme lag, he dies in the process killed by a bear in an unknown place among the trees, so we go with "Plan B" which is making the deed with Luttuosa. We move the silvers and she ask in local if someone have a deed's stake (because the one our alt had is lost somewhere in the woods where she died lagging) . Nobody answers, and after a little time, as an answer the deed named "I got one" gets founded by Willieman. At the moment, nobody was present in local besides people we trusted and these two guys. Speechless, we ask for clarifications, and he just answers: [20:15:31] <Willieman> I wanna take this for JK and put her on loot role since she kinda strugling - [20:15:38] <Willieman> Looked like you were strugling and then you went afk. [20:17:00] <Willieman> You will still get loot [20:17:06] <Willieman> not stealing the kill She never went afk, i did, and she was about to deed when he got the deed stolen under her nose. We got kind of upset and worried by the situation, so we started asking why he did this and what they wanted to do. So, frist they tell us that we will "still get the loot", not even 10 minutes later the thing has already turned to this: [20:20:32] <Willieman> Get the JK over to help kill this thing we gonna need fighters [20:26:53] <Willieman> Ok so basically you are garenteed 1 item that drops because you found it then the main fighters get to role on the other things and then the public people get the blood We told them that we wanted to make it public and share the blood with everyone, and that we would have wanted to share part of the loot with them for helping us penning. They told us to not make it public, as it's too risky and someone could have stolen it, i explained them that they just needed to fence it in and lock the gate until he's dead. But since the deed wasn't our, we weren't making the rules. I was still kind upset about all the thing have turned, cause we wanted to organize the killing ourselves, so i contacted Willieman by Pm: That basically reassured me once again that "he isn't stealing anything" When i tried to clarify things more, he just quitted without saying a single word, i even tought he had blocked me, but Gofs told me he didn't. At that point, i started talking with Gofs, that felt really bad, blamed himself hard, saying it was all his fault, that they "sold his word" and kept apoligizing etc. At such a point that i had to comfort him myself saying it was not all his fault anyway. Later, since Willieman wasn't reappearing i've sent him a PM explaining once again that i was very worried and sad about everything that happened and that i didn't felt that it was fair. He never replyed or even read that reply. And, 30 minutes later, i discovered he had placed a public warning on the Celebration forum : http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/145340-goblin-leader-slaying/#comment-1493372 He didn't even bother to mention who found the Goblin, got all the credit for himself and done exactly what i have wanted to do myself. Being excluded by everything and having noone to talk with besides Gofs that i really wasn't feeling about putting more blame on, we just decided to wait until the next day (today) The Goblin Slaying took place, there were even two JK Banners in the fence. we were kinda resigned to the fact that we had lost our unique and that we could at most hope for a really good drop and claim it for ourselves. The goblin dropped a Black Tome, we've been lucky two times. I didn't really know what kind of item that was but i knew this was really valuable. So after the butchering was done, i told her to ask for that, she was told that the black tome isn't an item but 3 items and we could not have it, instead she was offered to follow them in Chaos to get "a charge", she absolutely didn't want to do that, because she doesn't like going in chaos and even less with people that we stopped trusting completely, i've told her as well not to go, because it was probably a trap and to just ask for the tome as we were "garaunteed 1 item" She was denied that, so i decided i had enough of that and i contacted Nightfall. He basically explained that we were told that "we could either pick an item or a charge" while nobody talked about charges or anyting like that. I actually had no idea of how a Black Tome works, so afer a while he just said that he couldn't do much as he's just the Leader of JK on chaos and not on freedom, so i asked who was the JK leader on Pve and he told me that it's nobody. (I don't know much about pvp and kingdom mechanics) He helped me understand how the tome works, and even if it sounded as a broken deal anyway, i asked him if they could give us the black tome with 1 remaining charge. He said he would try to talk with them, but that he couldn't do much. That i should talk with Willieman, i told him that Willieman never really answers anything i write to him, he usually just ignores it or quit. But i tried it anyway: [20:47:22] <Davih> This whole situation has gone beyond ridiculous, you stole the thing from us, made up your own rules not caring about us at all, to finally not even respect your own rules? [20:47:57] <Davih> you said she could have first pick and now she can't anymore, after all you've done, after stealing the deed mocking us for that and all [20:48:21] <Davih> don't you have any sense of honesty and respect? [20:49:37] <Davih> [20:43:49] <Willieman> Ohhhh ok kwl i'm not stealing anything ok? we just got it down and moved up the time because waiting till sunday is to risky [20:51:13] <Davih> not stealing anything besides : all the credit, the merit of having found it and all the loot besides a shady offer of 1 charge of an item that she will have to go on chaos WITH YOU to gain [20:51:13] <System> Willieman is not currently available, please try again later. And that's it, quitted again. After 30min, a guy named Necroedarkslayer contacts me writing this, i'm not posting the full log but just some parts as it's huge and boring: [21:20:08] <Necroedarkslayer> try to be greedy and screwed up in process? lol please make a post i wanna see tears! [21:23:07] <Necroedarkslayer> Btw I am the leader of pve JK, I heard you wanted to talk? [21:30:23] <Davih> Oh, yeah, i do [21:30:33] <Davih> Try to be greedy? really? [21:30:49] <Necroedarkslayer> You wanted the whole tome LMFAO [21:30:59] <Davih> That's curious, as Nightfall just said me that a PVE JK leader doesn't exist [21:32:11] <Necroedarkslayer> I was elected as PVE leader today since we seemed to need one, and woah mate wasnt even there The conversation went on in a endless nonsense loop of him trying to convince me nothing wrong was done, i'll just copy a few lines to summarize that: But i think a few other parts are worth being shared: ---------- Anyway, that's it, at some point he said that i was offered the rare bone but i wanted more and i turned that off , that actually never happened, nobody ever offered her (or me) anything but the fishy trip on chaos with them. He also said many times that people will not care, nobody will get in trouble and i won't accomplish anything, but i think i'm leaving this here anyway as a warning.
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    We don't like our stuff decaying on our deeds. It is bad enough it takes more than an hour to repair everything in normal chests, coffins, carts and everywhere else we stuff items not protected inside our magic chests. I've never heard anyone using them to dye things, but to use as safe storage inside magic chests.
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    Given the current forum interest in coal, thought I'd toss this out there to make a point that 90ql coal is possible to make and it is available--although the price is not cheap for such a premium result. I'm thinking 10s per 500 and 2 weeks delivery per 500 ordered. At this time I'll only accept orders up to 500 coal. All orders to be posted in this thread to count. My standard delivery charge of 1s per order for order value of less than 10s applies. Welcome to come to Port Onody near Freedom Market on Indy to pick up.
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    the guy has an animated pikachu avatar, whats not to trust?
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    That doesn't add up, clearly Luttuosa asked for a deed stake and Willieman had one. Willieman could have traded it and then the deed would have been there with a minimal amount of delay. Instead he chose to put down the deed himself, taking away control from Luttuosa even though that wasn't necessary. Even after it was dropped he could have traded the deed for silver to compensate for whatever it cost him to put it down. Looks to me like he did drop the deed in order to take control as he had plenty of opportunities to ensure a deed would be put down without taking control away, yet in the end kept the deed and took control away.
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    They could just mail the charge but i it would suprise me if they didnt use all 3 chargers already, whatever dropped
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    I wrote it, but for those who are going aking it over and over again, I will rewrite it, so I hope this time will be clear. I will be pleased if this JK guy whould bring to me on a freedom server the tome with one charge. As my friend explained to me, charges don't need to be used all together, so he can use 2 charges and leave mine in the tome and give the tome to me. I don't think I am asking a so complicate thing, becouse he came from chaos to celebration, so he can sail. If the point where we killed the goblin is the unique part of all the freedom servers where he know how to sail, I will meet him in celebration, not a problem. What I would do with the tome, I think it is my business, I don't think I need permissions if I want to use it, sell it or give it as a gift to a friend. My daddy don't tell me what to do with my things, why should someone other claim this right? A little more explanation of a couple of things I have read here. Yes, we sell and buy items, with rares and sometime supreme too if we are lucky; this don't mean that we know everything about the game. I went to a rift and a guy dropped a darksomething ring; until that moment I never have heard about this object, is this a crime? I don't think so. And for the people who find funny that we believed to the story of the pve JK leader, we don't know Chaos' mechanics; why should it be impossible? There are people that play here from more time than me and know less thing than me, but if they ask me something I don't answer them "lol, don't you know it? ahahahah". Even my nephew of 7 years old give answers like this.
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    This thread is just ridiculous. A bunch of people attacking the OP, arguing a side point (about tome) and completely failing to address a stolen unique. Somehow i feel most of them connected to the guilty party. Name and shame indeed, and the only one you guys are shaming here is yourself, so congrats... i guess.
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    All I see is one guy upset he didn't get all 3 charges for himself. I wasn't there. I don't normally go to hunts. I'm pretty sure I've never ever seen a slaying where one person got all 3 charges. Pretty silly thread. Edit: I was misinformed, and I apologize. I only read the chat logs given to me and they showed only the greed. Not the actual omissions to stealing.
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    Want to explain why this Isn't an option and what blockers are faced in stopping this opposed to the benefits?
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    Come see the largest collection of spirit castles on Xanadu! Stay for the awesome faith gains, meditation ticks, free meals and seal watching... only at the Newspring Sermons.
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    I'm pretty sure every man and his dog knows it's broken and the people that dont have fountain pans ask "why can't we have them too". But the fact is broken or not, people may have spend a lot of money for these and to just remove them out of the game without some compensation, once again....angers people. Don't remove things or nerf things that people have either spent money or a lot of time acquiring them. Do I know the answer? Are people complaining that much that they need to be addressed? Is this something that matter little to people and time would be better spent on other things?
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    Oh god don't get me wrong, i never expect simple obvious changes that should have been done forever ago to actually happen. I just like to be able to reference threads that show i've tried and give me a timeframe for how long it's taken. I'm British, we take complaining about things very seriously.