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    I have just recently finished running a comparison test between myself (58 skill metallurgy) and Jonydowy (90 Skill Metallurgy) using slightly over 1k 75Ql Charcoal each and 99Ql Iron. Bear in mind, This Ql charc is about the best you can get and results from lower Ql charcoal will be a lot worse. Results are below: I would like to ask the Devs to look into Metallurgy and coal-making, The Metallurgy % of higher Ql steel is too low and coal piles do not scale correctly to skill level or Ql of mats used. To put this into perspective, To make 75Ql charc you have to put a lot of effort in to gain atleast 80-90 Coal-making, 90+ Woodcutting and 90+ Digging. Plus 90+ Mining is also required to get as high Ql Iron as possible to maximise your results. Then after all that effort you are then required to grind Metallurgy to 90 to receive what is very poor results. Also have to take into account that even at 99 Plate smithing with the 30% Passive armour smith bonus, A single set of plate takes between 50-70, 90+Ql steel lumps to Imp from 85Ql- 90+Ql and you can see from my results for the effort of making and running through 1k charcoal i would get enough for maybe 4 Plate Imps at my current Metallurgy level. I will be conducting one further test using 50ql Charcoal to highlight how poor the results are from Metallurgy and will add to this thread once completed.
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    How long until they make the mistake and deem this as abuse to avoid decay and turn Wurm premium characters only? They are on a roll with bad decisions so don't put it past them.
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    Can we get a rough date for when the merge is happening?
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    Good thing i have 100 used-to-be-prem alts where i can store my items after those fountains dissapear.
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    Full PvP Ban - 09/19/2016 ENDED - 09/19/2016 Here we go again folks. A new situation has come up causing players under certain conditions to become invulnerable to fighting. Until this is fixed we are issuing a Full PVP Ban immediately. Please observe the PVP Ban directives during this time until otherwise stated. A public list of PvP/Raid directives can be found here. http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/137025-pvpraid-ban-directives/ Thank You, Wurm Online Team
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    Fountain pans are dank. Stop my stuff from needlessly decaying while stored ondeed and I won't need the damn thing!
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    Wagons can hold up to 7 dirt crates, 9 huge crates and 15 medium crates. Idea shamelessly stolen from Wess, these things are amazing, please add! The 500/250 sizes are nice as they are add up easier to 1,000, Making market transactions a little cleaner when making bulk sales rather than trading in partial crates. 150/300 I never did understand how those numbers came about. The dirt crate is very nice, when you are working on massive terraforming projects this is the way to go.
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    I know there was some features on the test server which never made it to live, one being archery to damage ships. From what I understand the idea was scraped, but part of the coding for this idea was forgotten about and left in place to make it to live. Specifically you can no longer repair ships while sailing them. [10:01:33] You cannot repair the boat while it is being commanded. Some folks like to imp things as they travel around, you should be able to work on your ship as well, could this piece of code be looked into and possibly removed if it was just an oversight?
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    All I see is one guy upset he didn't get all 3 charges for himself. I wasn't there. I don't normally go to hunts. I'm pretty sure I've never ever seen a slaying where one person got all 3 charges. Pretty silly thread. Edit: I was misinformed, and I apologize. I only read the chat logs given to me and they showed only the greed. Not the actual omissions to stealing.
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    Here's the version that allows you to see uncovered veins/through walls: LiveMap [Edited] (Google Drive) I'm probably going to get absolutely slaughtered for posting it, but honestly it's deleting 3 lines. Anyone with basic programming knowledge who can decompile and recompile a program can do this. I see no reason to leave the people who are unable to code "out of the loop" I guess you could say.
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    Want to explain why this Isn't an option and what blockers are faced in stopping this opposed to the benefits?
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    What are you talking about? Getting 90+ metallurgy was extremely fun! *goes back to his room in insane asylum*
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    Looked at the code... trees will not naturally spread to tiles within 2 tiles radius of another tree or 3 tile radius of oak or willow. Also interesting - they won't spread to tiles that contain any tracks, so more animals in an are should cause less tree density
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    New building material for wurm
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    need a place to store liquids without decay, going to loose a lot of maple sap, milk, dyes because of lack of fountain pans
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    Want to know what drives people from a game? leaving players in the dark for a year on what will happen to their valuable possessions with no updates on what will happen.
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    Come see the largest collection of spirit castles on Xanadu! Stay for the awesome faith gains, meditation ticks, free meals and seal watching... only at the Newspring Sermons.
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    Marble, I want a marble tub
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    We have had a few priests reach their Faith goals and spell off back home. Open slots for new priests. I have two prems down there, left AFK for most of the week. Get your priests down here, no 8hr long waits like other sermon groups.
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    Should i explain it once more? she had no clues how the items work, she was just after a valuable item to sell, because she found the goblin, and had entirely no need for a pvp title charge After the explaination, we did understand how that items works.
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    I would venture the expectation for steel is that it takes a team. I think it is great that there are certain crafts that really require a team to work together on to get the best results in a "reasonable" amount of time.
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    So it's the same as putting it in a large barrel? Wow... how useless
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    Wow finnn, just because you never have need of using a ship transporter to move or store a ship, or ever work anything greater than a 3x3 garden, chop up more than 1 tree at a time or ever dig a hole deeper than 5 dirt does not mean these items are useless.
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    While we are mentioning it, a long long time ago it was made so you could craft in the boat as a passenger, it should also be fixed so you can eat/drink without having to spam the eat/drink options due to being too far. I was going to post something similar to Jake, but figured id just throw this in with his post.
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    Yes, thanks - I will take a look at this issue soon.
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    I recommend Amish and it might be your only match on Xan too.
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    @BuddaAny possibility of this happening?
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    Some "refinement process (ql increasing)" for coal and/or alloys could make things more fun for material producers. Just saying.
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    the percentage results from the actual metallurgy look to be fine, the curve leans further towards the skill. Even someone with 90+ mining wont produce 90+ ore all the time with a 75ql tool. Coalmaking could do with looking at, and I'll see about getting some attention to it and whether it can be improved
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    Today as I was checking on my cows, I noticed them all bunched up in one end of the pasture. A classic and longstanding problem in the game which seems to be especially challenging to get solved by the devs. So we - the breeders - are left to our own devices. Either we pen them up in 1x1 (or similar) enclosures or else like me who strongly prefer open pastures, we have to manually lead some of them away as not to get diseased animals. Anyhow today as I walked into the tightly packed herd, a few of the cows ran off (as cows tend to do) and it made me think how cool it would be if we could: Use command "/shoo" to break up overly crowded tiles. And if this could be made into a keybind, even better. Then we could just run around shooing our animals to better places! Even if the animal behavior algorythm is fixed some day, the shooing mechanism would not go to waste as it would still be a fun thing for the game to have and to add immersion.
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    I know, it's unfortunate. But let's look at the reality of the situation as it is now: AI stacks them no matter what. They've tried time and time again to fix stacking. It's been going on for years and will probably keep on happening. And who is left with the reality of having to deal with it? Us. I'd much rather have a tool to help me deal with the aforementioned reality than not have a tool. Spamming /shoo with a keybind would be so much more pleasant and quick than having to rope the animals and lead them around in groups of 4, letting them go one at a time. Besides, it's not like the animals instantly teleport back into the same stacks. It takes hours, even days depending on the area and fencing.
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    here i was, trying to grind my fight skill when lo and behold these two HoTS riding at me on their croc mobile. Not wanting to pass an opportunity to pvp [09:55:57] <Mootred> wanna 1v1? [09:56:10] <Nightcore> sure since i know im more than triple you fs [09:56:35] <Mootred> oh, yeah, im only 20 --------------------------------- Obviously, too scared to pvp. would rather have the tab and kill. that's cute. --------------------------------- [10:00:07] You are dead. [10:00:07] Fighting decreased by 0.2500 to 22.4293
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    Sorting out some background processes, hoping to actually move to a more regular automatic mapdump system! Actively working on it though
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    then just don't report the bug like lol you can answer your own problem you're given a system to deal with it it's like not wanting to wait in line and wanting to just run out the store with your items
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    This is a project in the works with Warlander, no ETA though
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    last I checked start bid was 10s. if they don't sell, they don't sell. This isn't the place for the low ball offers.
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    I get off of work on Sunday! Ill be on after the Seahawks defeat the Rams!
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    Hmm... I will take a look at that in my free time. Schematic seems to be choosen correctly, so this is most likely rendering-related issue.
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    reset every 3 months. It is fun to have epic missions. at 100x skill gain, the epic curve is pointless, honestly. Artifacts are fun to play with if they are actually used. I can see them being used much more on this server than in WO where they are hoarded as prizes.
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    I jsut relooked at the map. I really hope that isnt the final version - far too much water, much like Rolfs first version of the elevation map.I really didnt like that one either. I'm not a fan of island maps ........
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    It used to be like that, the reason they changed it was so that people who missed the harvest slot shouldn't lose their entire fields in one go. I agree though, it would be much better if they ripened at the same time. A possible solution so that people won't lose all crops in one go if they can't log in would be to increase the time in which they are at the ripe stage - Which would be useful for many reasons. It wouldn't hurt anyone either since if you want the crops gone at some point you can just remove them.
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    Since I rarely see this incredibly stupid expression unconnected to some major schadenfreude action (as in by people who failed to get their own cake and are now gloating at the possibility of others losing theirs), may as well finally ask this out loud: Just exactly what in the seven hells is one supposed to do with cake other than eating it?
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    Losing income from 20 premium characters simply because the players are losing interest in the game (or rather, poor staff actions) might prompt some brainstorming. Who knows. I'm not losing out, there's plenty of fish in the sea that do not mess with their customers. And no, I'm not so much bothered by the removal of a bugged item as much as the manner in which it's done. First promise to keep them as a legacy, then say they'll remove them but replace the functionality, then say they're maybe thinking about replacing SOME of the functions and keeping it as vague as possible, saying there's no hurry. If you can't understand why that's a problem then we won't see eye to eye on it anyway.
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    I'd simply love to see no decay on items, which can't be used in a crafting recipe, while they are on deed. It would improve the game so much, as those are the types of items which people generally spend time on to repair and repairing isn't exactly the most exciting feature ever...
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    there must be code that references horse speeds and colors? Guessing 2 or 3 people are code diving right now to find out I really don't trust field testing in wurm. There are so many rumors that we took as fact, which turned out to be completely wrong.