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    Looking for offers in euros and silver, or both. Currently on a break from wurm atm, so offers in euros will be considered priority, unless the silver amount is very good.
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    Let me stop you right there, Retro. A 100QL tool requires zero additional skills to use vs on that matches QL with your skill level, minus sourcing them from a skilled smith, and they offer significant advantages and outpace any other tool that's QL matches your skill. Do you see where this is going? But is is better than the line about the server can't cope with the speed calculations.
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    I am a relatively new player. The fact that I still can't load a crate into a cart should tell you how new. Tho I'm a noob, I'm not exactly clueless. Two days ago, my cart got stuck in a bridge. I had to relog. Yesterday, my sailboat vanished. One moment it was there, the next it was gone. I had to relog to see it again. In two days of sailing around I can't even begin to count the number of times the server forgot where I was or how many times my horse was walking sideways to my direction of travel. Yesterday, I had to have a GM assist me. Apparently, I'm getting too salty in my old age... I couldn't drop or move salt in my inventory. Now this 'bug fix' isn't really going to affect me. I don't even have a 5 speed anything. I have however, at one time, had a hell cart that I oh... found sitting on the side of the road and acquired. And while the speed of that cart was handy for outrunning the countless mobs that could beat me senseless, the only frustration endured was that my wife eventually got tired of being bit and kicked in the head and got rid of them. So, as a new player, I'm not sure exactly how I was supposed to be confused or frustrated regarding hell horses. I saw them as something to aspire to, even with the biting and kicking. What DOES frustrate me is that I'm paying for a game that's as old as this one and it's still full of STUPID bugs, bugs bad enough that I have to relog and that my money is being pissed away by someone trying to justify their employment by 'fixing' crap that, from what I'm reading, DOESN'T NEED FIXING.
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    We did put in the extra work. We bred 5 speed hell horses. We made rare/supreme carts. We made rare/supreme shoes. We exploded them and sacced ropes made from wemp that grown using farming and made worth saccing from grinding rope making then enchanted what didn't shatter as high as possible and then you suddenly decide "tomorrow morning, all of your extra work is worth nothing."
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    Second highly controversial change in one week, seems like you guys really know what's best and what the community wants. How about you spend time working in the right direction and deliver/fix things things that have been asked for months with a majority support.
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    Today we talk Loyalty and in this day and age in the mmo world it means a big thing. Reward and incentives are a big thing, especially in an industry that has so many games to choose from. Lets Talk! Enjoy. VROCK to Fogshore Timelapse ESTERON Village revamp
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    I'll take this next level for you. My sarcastic and witty replies earlier were censored, and that's fine, so here's the real approach. You want opinion and constructive criticism? Pay attention if you actually care. --- (Assumptions: I do not know any processes, methodology and structure in place or lack thereof) Business Strategy and Value: Ask yourself why things lately are receiving a growing negative responses. Do your decisions align with business strategy, and is there strategy in place that becomes a common goal for all staff? If your changes negatively impact the user, what value have you created to compensate for this loss? Your priority is obviously to keep subscriptions growing, and just as important as maintaining current ones. You should have blunt priorities, and with them comes a story of ‘why’ and ‘how’. Included with this should indicate risks and a knowledgebase of known issues and relational problems. In this case, a ‘bug’ that has been left far too long has morphed into an untended consequence of a long implemented feature. When it’s become a crutch within the game mechanics, a ‘feature’, you need to address it differently and not as a tactical change, but as an initiative for further feature development. As a developer, if you cannot clearly answer “how does this affect the user and does this bring value to the business?”, then you should consult someone who can. Priority for this change is low, as the impact is nil (AFAIK). Add a new feature reworking animal hitching and breeding, link it and determine if it can be in the next milestone. If this is impacting performance (hardware/software) and in turn, bottom line, then you need to completely remove the feature or provide a reasonable alternative until a fix is made. Players have no problems dealing with severe hardware risks that negatively impact their perceived gameplay, as long it’s truthful and logical. Do not patch issues such as this, in an attempt to avoid public hostility or promote some ideological perspective of ‘game progression’. Again, what risks were involved in doing nothing, doing everything and then ‘patching’ a solution? If you misread or didn’t appreciate these risks, and the result is what you read now, do you understand why or how? If not, there is a perspective issue here. There should always be a postmortem analysis of what exactly you need to address when issues such as this go sour. Do not discount this to "whiny players" or "the vocal minority", and make assumptions that players will simply "get over it". For example, the Refresh changes proposed. You offer a new feature, Food Overhaul, that directly addresses what you see as a ‘game progression’ issue (refresh). It marginalizes the 'issue' by creating better value (and progression), and therefore is resolved. Removing refresh at this point carries only risk and provides negative value as it has negligible impact. The fact that this is still perceived as a ‘good idea’ despite reneging on it shows a complete lack of business judgement and risk aversion. The same applies for the fountain-pan situation. Poor judgement overall. Culturally, I see a big problem in the way things are handled. Development seems a zero-sum game from a player and a developer’s perspective lately. This is toxic for everyone, and has clearly affected the business line. The game is over 10 years old (I’ve been playing since late 2004, early 2005), and that’s no excuse to have these issues. The fact it’s lasted this long should be something to be proud of, and the fact it keeps people interested in a extremely unique setting. You have a very real problem when your premium count is down year-to-date over 35%. Commit to change, innovate your process and have a vision for your business. I know your resources are limited, but there are ways around this. Well-thought out and innovative game mechanics will come as a result of positive change, both satisfactory for you and your customers. For reference, this is Wurm in the grand scheme of things, and what should happen: Now, if I make improper assumptions above with the previous statements, you can move on to the next issue. Communication: You do not address your audience properly through communicating game-play changes. Building social capital here is beyond crucial, and there doesn’t seem any systematic method of doing so. It seems unprofessional and very reactionary at times. Most of you are volunteers, I understand, but you choose to take on the responsibilities of your positions. Patch notes are no exception, and this is treated like a forum post a lot of the time, like most amateur online gaming businesses do. The last few ‘updates’ have caused a wealth of negative feedback in part due to this. Whether it is a communications issue between those with control and those relaying messages, it is of no concern to the user. This includes anything that the user has no impact or control over, such as any performance or productivity issues. You are supposed to communicate value, not excuses. Address issues properly, connect and relate with your audience. Be clear and state the purpose; work out a story line that isn’t convoluted if required. Honesty can go a long way if it’s addressed properly, and can buy some much needed time and patience for complex issues. Remember Wurmageddon in spring of 2007? No one crucified Rolf et al. because they didn’t backup frequently enough, they were fuming mad sure, but the apology and overhaul of development practices lead the way to growth during Gold enhancements. The key is the active communicated value that kept the customer base from regressing too much. That’s a huge win during a catastrophic and potentially business ending situation. Building a brand, marketing and communications is completely void in my opinion however. I understand the online gaming world has its own set of challenges with such a public outlet, but fundamental practices shouldn’t be avoided. If this requires extra resources, invest in it!! It’s single handily one of the most important structural pieces to your business success. You notice the stagnation and loss of customers right? It’s equally important to start here to save your existing subscriptions, and work on gaining new ones. As it stands, you have a lot of trust to rebuild in promoting this game with how recent decisions have unfolded. Attempting to communicate with your audience with the sole intention of conducting some sort of business intelligence should also be a priority. You might find out a lot more about what priorities might need shifting this way. Think of it as post-marketing research, you need to understand the response and outcome to drive the next stage (iteration cycle). Analytics and metrics do not lie, just ensure you are getting the right data to drive your decisions (see: perspective). It starts here. I do love this game, and unfortunately for you I’m annoyed enough with recent events to promote my evil self-serving agenda: Overall Growth and Success. Done.
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    Who keeps pushing for these loss of QoL changes? Rather than annoying the population with unneeded changes, why not be productive and work on something the population wants? I would run out of fingers and toes counting what could be added...
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    I was just thinking that a couple minutes ago... There is always the WU standby where Bdew and a couple others are on top of unnerfing.
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    I don't know. Maybe they want us to breed even more regular horses? Before they decide once again that horses are lagging the servers up and make 90% of them die to disease, immediately followed by buffing trolls again to make us even more dependent on further horse breeding. Seems to be the cycle.
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    What was confusing about hitching hell horses was why you could hitch them when young, but couldn't when they aged. So, if you want to make the game less confusing, fix that. Make it so you can hitch them at any age. What you are doing is adding frustration. So, I could be out running around on the map and suddenly my horse(s) unhitch because it's passed some time (which I can't even properly monitor) leaving me with 1 or less horse attached. This is the very definition of confusing and frustrating. And how does the age of the helly do anything for "errors regarding speed calculations server side"? So you are unhitching them at Old and Venerable to fix this? Terrible explanation is terrible.
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    We Are Live! What's an Impalong? It's a community event that's hosted on someone's deed, where crafters and priests from across Wurm join together to improve/enchant others' gear for free. In addition to the imping/enchanting, there are various other things such as games and events, prize giveaways, contests, and sometimes even GM's drop in to spawn a few mobs on unsuspecting Impalong-goers. The 2017 Impalong thread can be found here: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/158062-blackmoor-christmas-impalong-2017/ The 2018 Impalong thread can be found here: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/165372-blackmoor-christmas-impalong-2018/ The 2019 Impalong thread can be found here: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/171787-blackmoor-christmas-impalong-2019/ The Deed The deed is outfit with a variety of accommodations to facilitate the running of the Impalong. The crown of the deed is the main Impalong hall centered in the deed, that provides 3 floors for crafters and priests to do what they love best. Next is the mighty Blackmoor Arena, a sprawling set of stone walls and halls set around Blackmoor Castle, with the purpose of providing ample room for both spectators and the epic battles between the gladiators that entertain them. Lastly, there is the Freedom Inn, a towering structure that is able to accommodate 50 guests all housed in their own rooms, which accommodations provided where they can store their belongings in safety. Please PM me or one of the other staffers for a room. Main Impalong Structure Rules Events/Games Calendar Dec. 18th - Doors Open, Welcome! Dec. 19th - Scavenger Hunt Dec. 20th - Dec. 21st - Dec. 22st - Dec. 23rd - Dec. 24th - It will be Christmas soon! Dec. 25th - Merry Christmas! Dec. 26th - Fighter's Tournament, Part, I, II, III Dec. 27th - Dec. 28th - Dec. 29th - Dec. 30th - Dec. 31st - Fireworks Show Jan. 1st - Last Day Materials Provided (donations are also accepted) Impalong Staff (PM one of them when they are online in local to assist you with returning your items, give you improving materials, refuel forges, or assign you a room in the Inn) Impers Token of Blackmoor Make sure to collect a reed pen with our very own Blackmoor Heritage Wine. Just a small token to remember us by, and to say thanks for attending! Donator List Location The deed is located at S-25 on the Independence server, and is fully accessible from sea! If you have any questions feel free to post in this thread, and I will add the answer below here!
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    As per WAS on the client; "As we continue to develop Wurm Online and address bugs that occur throughout play, there occasionally comes a bug which does gain popular use. In an upcoming update (Due Thursday, 8th September), we will be addressing a longstanding issue regarding hitching aggressive creatures that allowed hell horses, trolls, and bears to be hitched when young or adolescent, and stay hitched as they aged. While there was discussion about simply allowing this to remain as is, it can often lead to frustration and confusion about hitching aggressive creatures, as well as errors regarding speed calculations on the server side. After this update, when aggressive hitched creatures age, if they are too unruly to be hitched they will become unhitched, and if not equipped with a saddle, will wander. As we are aware some players do use aggressive creatures such as hell horses for their wagons and carts, we have increased the age limit for them to be able to be hitched to aged, however they will automatically unhitch at the very late stages of aged prior to turning old. As usual this will be modified by creature conditions (where applicable). This WSA is to provide warning to players to ensure that any old or venerable hitched aggressive creatures are secured prior to the update. While the unhitching will only occur upon aging, not upon the update restarting, it is possible that they age and unhitch before they can be reached. Thank you for your continued understanding, The Wurm team. " So, why the change? Outside of PVP I see no reason for it. Nerfing Hellhorse wagons and carts is not going to add anything at all to Wurm. It only takes something away. I do appreciate the extend in age for HH. However, that still doesn't fix the nerf. Imagine being out and about, and all of a sudden one HH just jumps off the wagon or cart. Have fun with the slow limp home. I don't know what the Devs are thinking, but as of late it seems that Devs think Nerfing is a good dev plan. SotG, attempted nerf to Refresh, and now this?
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    Frustration and confusion: You mean the same frustration and confusion that is experienced at each of these completely out of touch "fixes". Errors regarding speed calculations: Not that I want them this to be removed, but how is changing the age at which they can be hitched going to fix speed calculations? These "errors" don't exist from adolescent to aged, but from Old age to Death they somehow create issues? Ah, there's that confusion... Please, can someone with really high shipbuilding make Wurm Online a rudder? "A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder." - Thomas Carlyle
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    1. You claim the current usage for hell horses causes confusion. Please explain to me how further complicating the usage of hell horses (unhitching virtually at random) is going to reduce that confusion. If you think noobs are confused now, wait till they log in half way across an island and find their cart full of goods sitting on the ground with nothing hitched to it. I'd be calling a GM post-haste. 2. You claim the frustration regarding hell horses is caused by the fact that they can only be hitched at a certain age. Explain to me how this 'fix' is going to reduce that frustration when the 'fix' only changes the age when they can be hitched. There's still a limitation. If they can't be hitched at ANY age, how is that going to reduce frustration? 3. You claim that the speed of hell horses causes some errors in the server code. Please explain to me how random unhitching of HH's is going to fix errors in speed? That makes no sense. Why not just fix the server code rather than pissing off the entire player base? 4. You claim the current usage of HH's is unintended. Why not fix that unintended usage WHEN the issue was discovered? Why wait YEARS to slap your players in the face with this? Is this to imply that all the game breaking bugs ARE intended? Or is there a list somewhere of things that are 'unintended' so that players don't waste REAL MONEY investing in items that you're going to eventually 'fix'. I'm sorry, I don't get it. I'm certain there is a REAL reason for this nerf (like adding in yet another time sink) but so far, the only explanation the player base has been given is BS, if not a pack of downright lies. Nothing in the 'fix' addresses the 'reasons' it's being implemented.
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    I think all the old+ hell horses unhitched from their carts, ran straight for the server room, started a fire in there, and Ka-Boom !
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    I fail to see how having your animals randomly unhitch, probably when you need them the most, is any less confusing than needing them to be under a certain age to hitch them. What this change will bring is MORE confusion and the obvious anger of the players. So, my question is a simple one...why? What is it about hell horses pulling carts that is so egregious that it requires a nerf that is going to be so unpopular? Maybe if we could understand the reasoning behind this it would be easier to swallow. If it's really just a question of their speed being to great then perhaps remove the ability to put shoes on them or something instead? Surely there is another way rather than to completely invalidate all the time and effort players have put into having them. On a personal note...I just recently returned to WO after an extended break from the game. Found a pair of wild hh's, had a couple of crap trait foals, hitched them to a cart anyway, and was really looking forward to breeding my own 5 speeds. Will I do that now? No. Is having one less reason for me, and ppl like me, to stick around a good thing? No.
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    From the Community Relations Coordinator to one of the biggest horsebreeders of the community.
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    It isn't that leading the two horses together to breed is difficult. Annoying? Yes, that it can be but I would not call it difficult. What WAS difficult was the process of finding wild hellies on the steppes and dragging them back home, one at a time. Having to drop agro and try to get away long enough to cotton and then sometimes chase them down to recapture and lead them on for a short distance again so I could get them home. That was difficult. What else was difficult was the endless cycle of spam breeding and culling I had to do to get those wild hellies bred into clean five speeds. I had to expand my already considerable sized deed to cover the ratio of doing this due to the huge numbers I was breeding hoping to get lucky and good traits. Also difficult was the grinding on channeling and faith I did on a nahjo priest (at the expense of another subscription) just to be able to cast genesis and remove the negative traits and put WoA on their shoes. Difficult might not describe what I went through recently to relocate my hellhorse breeders when I moved, but frustrating definitely would. I recently just bred an entire set of replacement breeders so they were young enough to be hitched and could be moved, and then drove them (4 at a time) from Xanadu T17 overland to O22. This involved driving through Lormere and then NE around the mountains via Rome and then passing through Greymead and Whitefay before going south again. Each trip, which only moved 4 hellies, took me about 5 hours one way. I did this three times, sailing back to my old deed each time in a rowboat I built so I could make another trip, in order to be able to relocate them and continue to have and breed hellhorses for travel. So yes, much of what people have gone through to have and breed these animals is and has been difficult. Stating that is isn't is like saying imping a weapon to 90 isn't hard because you just have to add some iron and hammer it; when the truth is that it is the process it has taken to be able to do it that is the hard part. To have to see all that hard work go down the toilet because of an arbitrary and unnecessary change frankly makes me irate. Travel is horrible in this game as it is, I could not imagine having to make the trip that took me 5 hours on a hellie wagon across overland Xanapoo like that using regular horses.
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    I don't understand the point of this change. I don't care if this was originally unintended, it is now a fair way of playing the game. Breeding Hell Horses is a difficult activity and it should be rewarded. This is reducing quality of life for no clear reason.
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    It's taken me quite a while to breed 5 speed hell horses, and yes, they are a biting kicking pain in the rear, especially when someone brings them to a critter hunt or a server event. I don't sell them, I have them for fun for me and friends and the speed is really lovely on a cart or wagon. It's like the rare times you are sailing in a gale wind that is actually blowing the direction you need for speed. I have 89ish animal husbandry, and a quantity of normal 5 speed horses for us, so it's not like I'm stuck or anything, but this fix depressed me so much I almost didn't bother to log in. (yeah I know 'oh poor Dorian') I play wurm for relaxation and silly fun, and this fix gets rid of some of my silly fun. After this fix there is no way I'll ride on a hell cart/wagon. I know exactly what will happen, I'll be trying to outrun a mob, and *bam* one of the horses gets to the unhitching age, and runs off slowing my cart to a crawl. Of course knowing my luck both will mature at the same time and I'll be half a server away on a cart with no horses. On the positive side, the creature ratio for my little deed will go way up when I make Hell Burgers as I kill off my hell horses, and I wont get fire bruises when I get on my cart! On the negative side, now I have to think about doing five speed bison for my wagon, and I'll have no more fun pictures for the forums such as this one.
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    CA's can censor the responses all they like, the vast majority of the players do not want this "fix". When you "fix" a bug that renders an entire part of the meta game worthless (hell horse breeding, hell carts, travel of any reasonable speed period), you really should be questioning the use of your time. This is not a "fix" of any real caliber, since it breaks more than it fixes and really is a lowest common denominator "fix", especially when you consider the far more pressing bugs in the game. It isn't a quick win or some low cycle issue... it was actually worthwhile to the vast majority of the player base and you've just lowered the qualify of life for all players because of the frustrations of a small minority. As someone who actually does programming for a living, I wonder what, if any, quality control and life cycle philosophy you put into place, because the prioritization for "fixes" and changes to the game is mind boggling awful. I know I certainly wouldn't hire anyone who ignored their end users and followed such seemingly arbitrary development processes.
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    So when are you going to get around to fixing the long list of annoying bugs people cant stand instead of the ones people have grown use to because they end up being useful?
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    What else are you guys going to nerf out of the blue? First you go after Pol, now this. Travel is hard enough in here as it is already, and so is breeding and managing hell horses. This makes them effectively useless unless you want to spam breed them and replace them nonstop. Most won't want to do that, and some that buy them cannot. Unless all this stuff lately is an attempt to regularly tick everyone of until we all quit, I am unsure what you are trying to achieve.
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    As featured in the news this week; The Orient Express canal is now officially open and a Heritage site. It took a total of 5 years to complete, is 7 tiles wide and has a length of 915 tiles. The canal runs from House of Lords to Lakes End. Map courtesy of Hughmongus House Of Lords Entrance: Lakes End Entrance: The canal features: Wide corner turnings. High ceilings and maximum min-able rock depth - for taking those big boats through. Walkways either side, all the way through. Central dock with tunnel up to the steppe hunting area and Devils Shadow. East side dock and tunnel to steppe hunting area and House of Pain. Back story: The brainchild of the canal was Nivox, who started the route from Devils Shadow to House of Lords late 2011. He worked on it as a side project for a good year before quitting Wurm for his career. With this tunnel between HOLs and DS mostly complete, Zomag (owner of DS) and I decided to continue his work of creating a canal to Crystal Lake from the east coast. The initial plan for the canal was for it to be dead straight. However this proved to be impossible due to numerous large deeds in the way. After determining the only available location on crystal lake for the exit, a tunnel was piloted to connect to Devils Shadow. Zomag and I continued working on mining the tunnel when we could, the project was more of a pipe dream and the general thinking was that we probably would never finish it. We did however, persevere, and in the final year of construction we gained the help of some fine miners. Most noteworthy being Pingpong, who personally smashed at least 70/80 veins (we lost count after a while!) and cleared vast swathes of rock on the last leg. Second major credit goes to Cerber, who also helped clearing many veins and the final tunnel section. Other Credits:
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    Today's auction: The auction will last for 4 days: SNIPE TIMER: Rare strange bone; [15:16:09] This looks like the collar bone from some animal. These are said to provide luck. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Starting bid: 20s Min increase: 1s Buy-out: Open to offers Snipe protection: 2 hours Hidden reserve: !NO! Highest bid: Salis - 28s (SNIPE PROTECTION) !THIS AUCTION WILL END TWO HOURS AFTER THE ORIGINAL TIME! !Please note that private bids aren't accepted! !Though private buy-out offers are accepted! (The buy-out person will though be quoted in a comment, if it closes the auction) Happy bidding Best regards Giblet, Skyfall
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    Hi everyone, I am pleased to announce to you all that we have decided to hire Retrograde in the role of Community Relations Coordinator. Retrograde has been working with us as a Public Relations Assistant since 2014, and as Community Relations Coordinator since the end of last year, assisting in managing press contacts, community relations, marketing and promotion of Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited among other things. This position allows him to represent Code Club and Wurm officially, which will provide greater contact with media and community sources as well as ensuring a high level of availability, allowing us to cover daily and emergency situations and help the game grow with as much communication as possible. On behalf of the Wurm team I'd like to congratulate Retrograde on this position and we look forward to what this partnership will bring.
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    I have seen others mention this. But... It takes what? 31 control to ride a hell horse? Why not project the skill needed to ride a mount to that exact same to command a cart pulled by them. Yeah, it would be more work than just butchering a line of code but "if you want better, you need to work for it" to paraphrase you.
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    Personally this nerf would be a lot better if they boosted unicorns to make them useful Don't think i never seen unicorn being ridden
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    Somehow people keep posting but the number of posts in this thread never goes up. What kind of black sorcery is this?
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    This thread is like 99% negative feedback with a handful of obvious shill accounts with 2-3 posts saying "durr this is good guize". How is this "fix" even still being considered at this point? How arrogant can you be to ignore your player base this much and think "nah, we know what's good for them".
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    Oh god we all might have to leave our computers and interact with humanity! NOONE PANIC. REMAIN CALM. /me hyperventilates
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    They do. They're also the easiest way to kill players/griefers on a Freedom server. Pretty easy to park your helly cart on someone and call it unintentional. Totally exploitable bug. Why not fix this one? It seems to only work to help those of ill-intent, and totally inconvenience the rest of us. I am Fizziepop, one of the biggest sellers of 5 speed new colored horses on Xanadu. I have no shortage of 5 speed horses and I love them all. There is simply no replacement for the speed of a helly cart when a cart is required. What higher tier is there than 5 speed ebony blacks? For some things, there is no replacement but to use land route with a cart. Personally, spending 3 hours of travel time instead of 2 hours is an inconvenience. Impacting sales of items that need to be hauled in a cart isn't good, this will only hurt the already struggling economy, and for some people who cannot breed their own, add to their costs of maintaining any kind of business.
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    You know that this isn't much better, right? Aged is the longest time span, and also the hardest to predict when they will reach old. Or "almost old". Any aged horse will be questionable. Meaning the only reliable ages are young, adol or mature. Somehow I doubt that is 2 months worth of use.
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    I personally don't use hell horses, but maybe allowing them to be hitched at any stage could be on the table instead?
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    Sadly I have to say that the new method announced in this thread is by far more frustrating and confusing than the old one.
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    I have to say I laughed through the entire reading Shazaam. It is exactly how things have been coming out of late. It is to see what people actually like and actually use and then take those particular items away and call them a bug. But yet we have no information on the game except what we figure out ourselves. Other games tell us how something works so we know when it does something else we know it is a bug or not intended. Here they let you get used to something then call it a bug or an exploit and snatch it away. Can we please get a roll out of how everything is supposed to work so we can help you get rid of all of the bugs?
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    My fps drops from 60 to 5-10 when there are 25 people in local. Lets nerf HH carts 2k16.
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    What would wurm be without removing a nice feature every week? Like, relog while mounted means you have to re-mount. Just as an example. Id like to see that feature removed.
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    how about an animal fix that would be useful to your player base like led animals not being caught up every time you try turning a corner, or bugging up to the surface when they are being driven through a mine?
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    Way to destroy the business of hell horse breeders serverwide! Nobody is going to want to invest in a horse that will last them maybe a month reliably. Not to mention the way of life for many wurmians, for years. (Congrats, now you all get to ride around even slower, so that the game totally unnecessarily sinks --more-- of your time.) I feel like our wishes get granted by an evil wishing well, or a cursed lamp. "Suuuure we'll give you cave houses, but mobs will spawn in them to make them useless! Muahaha" "Suuuuure we'll let you have some faster carts for a while.... but don't spend years getting attached to them, because we're gonna take it all away with a day's worth of notice!" People grow attached to their way of life in this game, to pull the rug out from under us like this for NO good reason is just senseless. Edit:: Not to mention trolls!! That was gonna keep me occupied for endless months!! Breeding 5 speed trolls was going to be a very time intensive bit of fun. Now it's just kind of useless, because it's too difficult to keep up with. I guess there's no longer a need to premmy up any more priest alts for extra troll pets. Thanks, saved me some money there.
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    I am afraid for me, this nerf IS a game changer. Not only is this the second nasty and unnecessary nerf within a week, it ruins quality of life for anyone that lives in mob hostile areas and/or travels a lot. I happen to do both. As of now I do not plan on renewing my subs directly as a result of this change. I am also strongly considering just selling everything I own off and leaving for good. This would include the supreme wagon pictured below, so if you might be in the market for one let me know. If you are worried the hellies may not last long enough to get it home, I can also hook you up with some bulls to use. According to Retrograde those are always a viable alternative. RIP supreme nerfwagon.
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    Why don't we spend a little time on extra fun for a change, I know this may be surprising to you, but some of us get plenty of Work in in the real world and don't play wurm like Second Life or some Intern job.
  46. 2 points
    So instead of fixing bugs that allowed them to attack being invulnerable and attack through cave ceilings, you decide to nerf something again, kill hellhorse-breeding and make investments already made into hellcarts worth nothing? Good job, guys, good job.
  47. 2 points
    Would be good to know if this was approved by Rolf.
  48. 2 points
    If you're going through with this change, could a docile trait be added that lets us hitch hell horses of all ages or something, please?
  49. 2 points
    So when are the devs going to just be honest and rename the game Sadism Online?
  50. 2 points
    You wouldnt believe how many of us elusive new players on Freedom started playing Unlimited and decided to our benefit move over to Online, we are probably half of Xanadu now sure you dont hear from many of us because we dont sell fancy items , we dont sell highly skilled characters nor do we sell exclusive deeds but every two months i put my money into Rolf's pocket or Code Clubs by purchasing silver and Premium through the xsolla or Paypal links.. we are becoming the backbone of WUrm now we are the future and the only time you know we are here is when you trip over us in your drake skin and dragon scale outfits as we are foraging our next meal or grinding so we too can join the market or buy a knarr or make the next awesome deed.. or pillage the leftovers from some old time deed no longer cared for nor protected.. look around we are here..and alot of us people form the last 5-6 months of play have started in Unlimited and moved over once we fell in love with the game and wanted more people to play with..