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    another detriment to quality of life. extremely disappointing.
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    Hellcarts are good. This change is not.
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    So when are you going to get around to fixing the long list of annoying bugs people cant stand instead of the ones people have grown use to because they end up being useful?
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    I am a relatively new player. The fact that I still can't load a crate into a cart should tell you how new. Tho I'm a noob, I'm not exactly clueless. Two days ago, my cart got stuck in a bridge. I had to relog. Yesterday, my sailboat vanished. One moment it was there, the next it was gone. I had to relog to see it again. In two days of sailing around I can't even begin to count the number of times the server forgot where I was or how many times my horse was walking sideways to my direction of travel. Yesterday, I had to have a GM assist me. Apparently, I'm getting too salty in my old age... I couldn't drop or move salt in my inventory. Now this 'bug fix' isn't really going to affect me. I don't even have a 5 speed anything. I have however, at one time, had a hell cart that I oh... found sitting on the side of the road and acquired. And while the speed of that cart was handy for outrunning the countless mobs that could beat me senseless, the only frustration endured was that my wife eventually got tired of being bit and kicked in the head and got rid of them. So, as a new player, I'm not sure exactly how I was supposed to be confused or frustrated regarding hell horses. I saw them as something to aspire to, even with the biting and kicking. What DOES frustrate me is that I'm paying for a game that's as old as this one and it's still full of STUPID bugs, bugs bad enough that I have to relog and that my money is being pissed away by someone trying to justify their employment by 'fixing' crap that, from what I'm reading, DOESN'T NEED FIXING.
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    If you're going through with this change, could a docile trait be added that lets us hitch hell horses of all ages or something, please?
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    Lol glad to see you changed your minds on the refresh change since "Incentives to cook" translated directly to "punishment for being a casual player". I don't have time to micro-manage my food bar when I am online, because first I have to repair everything I own since it takes massive hits of decay when I can't be online even though I pay for a deed. Then I usually have to fight with a bug for an hour in order to fix something (last time I logged in I had to fix walls that had lost their reinforcements + several cave-ins in a deeded cave opening). Last time I logged in I didn't even have time to do what I wanted to do in the game, and when I don't have to wrestle a bug I want to make the most of the time I have for grinding - Not cook different themed meals with a thousand ingredients because someone has a boner for immersion. Once upon a time sleep bonus was compensation for the players who couldn't be logged in every hour of their life in order to grind so that even casual players could make the most of their time online. I miss those days, along with not having to micro-manage the food bar every time you want to skill something. The game was better before nutrition was introduced and now everything revolves around it. I'm glad on behalf of the players who actually enjoy cooking because they will get more intricate recipes to play around with, but in the capacity of a casual player I won't have any enjoyment from them nor will I have the time to fiddle with recipes when I log in to do what I enjoy. I don't care that I won't get the buffs that the meals give and the cooking players will get, it's a price I'm willing to pay in order to not have to let my playtime revolve around sustenance.
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    I have to say I laughed through the entire reading Shazaam. It is exactly how things have been coming out of late. It is to see what people actually like and actually use and then take those particular items away and call them a bug. But yet we have no information on the game except what we figure out ourselves. Other games tell us how something works so we know when it does something else we know it is a bug or not intended. Here they let you get used to something then call it a bug or an exploit and snatch it away. Can we please get a roll out of how everything is supposed to work so we can help you get rid of all of the bugs?
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    What else are you guys going to nerf out of the blue? First you go after Pol, now this. Travel is hard enough in here as it is already, and so is breeding and managing hell horses. This makes them effectively useless unless you want to spam breed them and replace them nonstop. Most won't want to do that, and some that buy them cannot. Unless all this stuff lately is an attempt to regularly tick everyone of until we all quit, I am unsure what you are trying to achieve.
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    Sadly I have to say that the new method announced in this thread is by far more frustrating and confusing than the old one.
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    Principles of Neckbeard Economics Announce many new and upcoming features, then use one of the following three options to keep people guessing: Bridge strategy- announce it and get everyone excited, and then take years to implement it Mine Housing Strategy- implement it, but in a broken state where mobs spawn inside your structure, making it unsafe/undesirable to use Ownership Papers Strategy- announce it and then just never release it or mention it again Ignore Feedback: Read the player suggestions and requests regularly and use that to rank and prioritize development. The more requested a feature or bugfix is, the lower priority it should be. Announce changes randomly and without asking for any input from the customers in order to make as many people mad about it as possible. Giving almost no notice when making major changes to quality of life features is an ultimate goal. Fix "bugs"- Any attempt to fix something that is not working correctly should be put off as long as possible. The more broken and unplayable the bug makes the game for the customer, the longer it should be left in place to make sure the customers are properly grateful when a minimal effort is made to fix it. Nerf as many things as possible, but also classify these as bugs so when people ask why bugs aren't being fixed there is something that has been done that can be passed off as a bugfix.
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    My fps drops from 60 to 5-10 when there are 25 people in local. Lets nerf HH carts 2k16.
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    What was confusing about hitching hell horses was why you could hitch them when young, but couldn't when they aged. So, if you want to make the game less confusing, fix that. Make it so you can hitch them at any age. What you are doing is adding frustration. So, I could be out running around on the map and suddenly my horse(s) unhitch because it's passed some time (which I can't even properly monitor) leaving me with 1 or less horse attached. This is the very definition of confusing and frustrating. And how does the age of the helly do anything for "errors regarding speed calculations server side"? So you are unhitching them at Old and Venerable to fix this? Terrible explanation is terrible.
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    What would wurm be without removing a nice feature every week? Like, relog while mounted means you have to re-mount. Just as an example. Id like to see that feature removed.
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    Withdrawing my negative comment. Whilst the unhitching at later ages is inconvenient, being able to hitch them at mature and aged is a good compromise.
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    Way to destroy the business of hell horse breeders serverwide! Nobody is going to want to invest in a horse that will last them maybe a month reliably. Not to mention the way of life for many wurmians, for years. (Congrats, now you all get to ride around even slower, so that the game totally unnecessarily sinks --more-- of your time.) I feel like our wishes get granted by an evil wishing well, or a cursed lamp. "Suuuure we'll give you cave houses, but mobs will spawn in them to make them useless! Muahaha" "Suuuuure we'll let you have some faster carts for a while.... but don't spend years getting attached to them, because we're gonna take it all away with a day's worth of notice!" People grow attached to their way of life in this game, to pull the rug out from under us like this for NO good reason is just senseless. Edit:: Not to mention trolls!! That was gonna keep me occupied for endless months!! Breeding 5 speed trolls was going to be a very time intensive bit of fun. Now it's just kind of useless, because it's too difficult to keep up with. I guess there's no longer a need to premmy up any more priest alts for extra troll pets. Thanks, saved me some money there.
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    Retrograde, as I'm sure you're aware: Comparing choosing woodcutting over blacksmithing to removing the benefits of refresh is like telling people to start eating cookies instead of bread when the real issue is that they don't have money for either. The problem isn't that we're expected to choose one over the other, the problem is that over the course of the last 4 years more and more activities in the game have been altered to revolve around food. We don't even have the option anymore to choose not to care about sustenance because everything we do is so heavily dependent on it. At least with the current system we can compensate for the lack of time to do all the chores involved in food making by eating rares we've gathered up while doing things we enjoy or by using the path of love ability which we grinded in order to attain. If you had gone through with the change I would not have been able to log in to do what I enjoy, because I don't enjoy standing around starving while my skill gains are rubbish. As I'm also sure you're aware I live in a village and an alliance that cover all the skills in the game, so it's not like I'd have a hard time getting others to do stuff for me. I do, however, not want to impose on everyone else's playtime every time I log in just because I myself don't have the time to grow all the vegetables needed or cook all the food I'll need. I don't play together with the people in my village in order to be able to exploit them, I play with them because I enjoy their company and so that we can do things together if we should choose to do so. And to the troll who tried to make fun of me: I'm pretty sure that even as a current casual player I still have a lot better skills than you'll ever be able to muster up, regardless of how many streamlined suggestions that benefit you personally that you try to push. You won't be able to "beat me" by trying to push changes that fit your personal playstyle, and even if you manage to get better skills than I have you still haven't accomplished anything because I don't care about your little ego bubble - I play games to have a good time, not partake in your imaginary competition against all others.
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    As we continue to develop Wurm Online and address bugs that occur throughout play, there occasionally comes a bug which does gain popular use. In an upcoming update (Due Thursday, 8th September), we will be addressing a longstanding issue regarding hitching aggressive creatures that allowed hell horses, trolls, and bears to be hitched when young or adolescent, and stay hitched as they aged. While there was discussion about simply allowing this to remain as is, it can often lead to frustration and confusion about hitching aggressive creatures, as well as errors regarding speed calculations on the server side. After this update, when aggressive hitched creatures age, if they are too unruly to be hitched they will become unhitched, and if not equipped with a saddle, will wander. As we are aware some players do use aggressive creatures such as hell horses for their wagons and carts, we have increased the age limit for them to be able to be hitched to aged, however they will automatically unhitch at the very late stages of aged prior to turning old. As usual this will be modified by creature conditions (where applicable). This WSA is to provide warning to players to ensure that any old or venerable hitched aggressive creatures are secured prior to the update. While the unhitching will only occur upon aging, not upon the update restarting, it is possible that they age and unhitch before they can be reached. Thank you for your continued understanding, The Wurm team.
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    So instead of fixing bugs that allowed them to attack being invulnerable and attack through cave ceilings, you decide to nerf something again, kill hellhorse-breeding and make investments already made into hellcarts worth nothing? Good job, guys, good job.
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    CA's can censor the responses all they like, the vast majority of the players do not want this "fix". When you "fix" a bug that renders an entire part of the meta game worthless (hell horse breeding, hell carts, travel of any reasonable speed period), you really should be questioning the use of your time. This is not a "fix" of any real caliber, since it breaks more than it fixes and really is a lowest common denominator "fix", especially when you consider the far more pressing bugs in the game. It isn't a quick win or some low cycle issue... it was actually worthwhile to the vast majority of the player base and you've just lowered the qualify of life for all players because of the frustrations of a small minority. As someone who actually does programming for a living, I wonder what, if any, quality control and life cycle philosophy you put into place, because the prioritization for "fixes" and changes to the game is mind boggling awful. I know I certainly wouldn't hire anyone who ignored their end users and followed such seemingly arbitrary development processes.
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    I can understand making the game less "confusing" but adding in more "frustration" does not seem like the correct path to take. There are already tons of things we have to keep track of and you want to add another or remove a viable option for travel speed increase. If they are too fast, tone the speed down. If this was a known bug, why wait all this time to address it when nearly the entire player base uses it in one form or another. If you want to fix this issue without driving everyone crazy. Raise the max speed on horses and remove hell horse and other hitched animal options and be done with it. Why allow aggressive animals to be hitched at all? As far as I know none of the other animals can be hitched unless tamed in some form. If you are going half-way with hell horses go the WHOLE way and remove them completely unless tamed. Has anyone done any statistics on how the "bug" fixes that cause a negative response affects membership and CC-AB's bottom line? It might be time.
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    looking for a mod that will remove the limitation all together and let you hitch everything to a cart
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    Especially when 20+ people got conned out of $10k+ and Wurm went ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ deal with it. Many people ain't gunna trust trading with the Wurm market now lol
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    Sermons still going nicely People have kindly left their priests/alts afk throughout the night! Even a couple special "friends" decided to keep us company (even though I am the only one who can see them on my priest )
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    But you don't have to grind for sleep bonus?? SB allows people who can't play 24/7 like the hardcore grinders to make reasonable gains in the time they can play.
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    We Are Live! What's an Impalong? It's a community event that's hosted on someone's deed, where crafters and priests from across Wurm join together to improve/enchant others' gear for free. In addition to the imping/enchanting, there are various other things such as games and events, prize giveaways, contests, and sometimes even GM's drop in to spawn a few mobs on unsuspecting Impalong-goers. The 2017 Impalong thread can be found here: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/158062-blackmoor-christmas-impalong-2017/ The 2018 Impalong thread can be found here: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/165372-blackmoor-christmas-impalong-2018/ The 2019 Impalong thread can be found here: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/171787-blackmoor-christmas-impalong-2019/ The Deed The deed is outfit with a variety of accommodations to facilitate the running of the Impalong. The crown of the deed is the main Impalong hall centered in the deed, that provides 3 floors for crafters and priests to do what they love best. Next is the mighty Blackmoor Arena, a sprawling set of stone walls and halls set around Blackmoor Castle, with the purpose of providing ample room for both spectators and the epic battles between the gladiators that entertain them. Lastly, there is the Freedom Inn, a towering structure that is able to accommodate 50 guests all housed in their own rooms, which accommodations provided where they can store their belongings in safety. Please PM me or one of the other staffers for a room. Main Impalong Structure Rules Events/Games Calendar Dec. 18th - Doors Open, Welcome! Dec. 19th - Scavenger Hunt Dec. 20th - Dec. 21st - Dec. 22st - Dec. 23rd - Dec. 24th - It will be Christmas soon! Dec. 25th - Merry Christmas! Dec. 26th - Fighter's Tournament, Part, I, II, III Dec. 27th - Dec. 28th - Dec. 29th - Dec. 30th - Dec. 31st - Fireworks Show Jan. 1st - Last Day Materials Provided (donations are also accepted) Impalong Staff (PM one of them when they are online in local to assist you with returning your items, give you improving materials, refuel forges, or assign you a room in the Inn) Impers Token of Blackmoor Make sure to collect a reed pen with our very own Blackmoor Heritage Wine. Just a small token to remember us by, and to say thanks for attending! Donator List Location The deed is located at S-25 on the Independence server, and is fully accessible from sea! If you have any questions feel free to post in this thread, and I will add the answer below here!
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    When leading animals there should not be any barriers for them! So we would not need to go look for them to find them stuck into some random wall.
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    One thing I always thought should happen, and it would be a win for Rolf and a win for players is... Have the Spirit Templar's actually be useful, everyone has complained about on deed decay forever, have it so the Templar is like your deed butler it repairs all items on deed or having it keeps things from decaying. Also have a setting for that it would tend farm fields, which could be turned off and on in settings, so if your unable to play for a couple days fields could be tended. This would make everyone want a spirit Templar which in turn would be more money for Rolf monthly and no decay for us. Just implementing things so this game is more appealing to new people and so it's not Chores Online would go along way. I know even if having one just took take of on deed decay, I'd have one on every deed I own that would be 4 more silver a month for Rolf and one less Chore I would have to do
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    especially now with the correction of hell horses and carts. I'd like to ask for a re-work not just of horse traits but ALL animal traits. Horses. Hauling - for carrying loads and pulling carts. loses less speed due to weight. (knights horse) Speed - overall speed improvements suffers more speed reduction due to higher weights (skirmisher's horse) Bravery - gained by experiencing attacks and combat, lowers chance of panic and bolting. Fertility - better chance of breeding Good Genes - higher chance of better traits passed, less bad, better chance of new traits. Stamina - deals with animal exhaustion (yes you should be able to run your horse to death, not pretty but a real issue) Domestication - This is a trait that should get higher and higher as an animal is bred. This makes them easier to tame, lead and control. Raises with taming is lowered when animal is left on it's own. Cattle: Hauling, Speed, Aggressiveness, Domestication, Fertility, Milk production, Meat production Sheep: Speed, Aggressiveness, Domestication, Fertility, Milk production, Wool Production, Meat Production Chickens: Speed, Domestication, Fertility, Egg production, Meat production All the way down the list of creatures both hostile and normal.
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    Yeah, i really enjoyed my 'patch notes' humorous post going missing, along with every comment referencing it. Good times.
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    I personally don't use hell horses, but maybe allowing them to be hitched at any stage could be on the table instead?
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    been nice to see a fix in for say when you get dismounted due to riding your horse too fast into a wall in a mine, which you will have to relog to get your mount back if you had forgot to keep it on the target bar at the start how about fixing the lag too, that is much more urgent to see a fix for
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    good job CC.... please tell me what kind of stuff you are smoking at the office cause I would love to get some of it
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    how about an animal fix that would be useful to your player base like led animals not being caught up every time you try turning a corner, or bugging up to the surface when they are being driven through a mine?
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    I REALLY want to see a cart pulled by chickens Aum
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    Was under the impression that a troll or bear can only be hitched if tamed... And soon as it goes untamed, it auto unhitch, right? So that update will only be for hell horses?
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    Think you mean September not August, 8th of August was a Monday.
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    Might as well share some good news! This will be included in the cooking update
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    right now, and possibly after all the new changes. Meals don't decay in the mail. In addition they stay hot, even after 7 days of sitting there. So have your local chef whip up something and mail you several COD. Cooking is done, I do this to great advantage.
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    I don't want to "trade" coins for a meal that will be rotted to pig food in 24 hours. I cannot stress this more.
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    It was a default permission from when deeds came out I believe. I don't trust wurm defaults and you really should go through the default roles for all your deeds and all roles, citizen/alliance'/non-cit as some dev's idea's of defaults do not mesh with mine. Honestly the default should be nothing checked for any roles, let the mayor decide what he/she wants to add.
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    For casual players the nutrition skill bonuses are minimal, but for those seeking to perfect their skillgain, the new cooking system will vastly outperform that. The original design was to allow stacking of refresh and cooking skillgain bonuses, but with the current refreshing system that is a little too dominating a path. Again, this is not something that is being "forced" on players, it's an MMO, and trading is always possible. Wanting to be a woodcutter does not force blacksmithing or mining on someone. Issues such as decay of meals, and other factors will be included and we will go over those in future updates.
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    Honestly, this is my ideal server. It is wurm in creative mode. The map is by far the most gorgeous and practical map ive seen. The only thing missing is an incredible volcano!
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    Nice and easy. Plz make wires fit in BSB and crates, I can't see any reason why they can't be put there.
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    I've been playing Wurm since 2009 on and off. Started on Golden Valley around when it launched as the free/newbie server, and spent many days dodging bears/spiders/scorps and searching for my corpse. Soon after, I spent many days searching for non hostile life, because the animal caps were shared and cows/chickens/etc basically never spawned. My second visit to Wurm (2010) was after everything harder to kill than a wolf on GV was wiped for the safety of the newbies...I found Zephyr's abandoned pet bears, the last of their species, and started raising brown bears ^_^. My third visit to Wurm (2012) I moved off of GV, dodged more scorpions, spiders, hell scorpions and hell hounds, scraped together enough selling some GV accounts to buy myself a trader, worked for enough to buy prem and a deed, and made a small little place on South Exodus :D. Also forayed into Chaos and Epic near the end of this session. This is my fourth visit back, my Exo deed decayed Q_Q so I built a rowboat and off I went exploring. Dodged more hell hounds and trolls, and I'm currently settling down on the south coast of Xanadu, selling concrete for prem Q_Q. I'm pretty happy Wurm waited for me to grow up and learn programming xD I coincidentally started learning programming around when I discovered wurm. Now I've graduated and working
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    There ya go, @Budda This is an excellent trade off. If you use refresh, you lose all bonuses from the food. You can enforce it by requiring the need to use X% (40%? 50%?) of the food bar to get your food buffs. If you use refresh, it would take a good bit to get to half food level, effectively locking you out from getting a bonus for at least that long as well. Instead of a nerf, it become a choice. Do I want buffs or do I want a slow food bar decay rate for the next hour or so?
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    The short answer is "you don't at the moment" The long answer is a ui overhaul, its one of the big walls to wurm gameplay. A simplified ui that looks "prettier" would draw in a lot more players. Then you can advertise the "wurm ui overhaul", hells even call it "wurm 2.0" Some thoughts are: Pie menues rather than dropdown ones. Its a matter of style but if wurm is going to use a lot of menus then at least they could look good. Visual inventory - Currently wurm's inventory feels like browsing folders in an old file manager. Item icon, QL as a number underneath (toggleable), smaller icon in icon to see what is needed to imp (toggleable), information comes up on mouse over. Graphical flourishes such as animated health bars, skill bars that "pulse" when skill is gained, graphical skill window. Combat UI overhaul, lets have some visual feedback for clicking a body part, radial menu right click to "target" certain body parts might also work better, anything but text feedback! Reduce reliance on text feedback, give some audio feedback or visual feedback for success/failures in actions. Expressions like "oh god my arm" when something lands a medium wound there or a "snapping sound" when failing to add more log to a fine carpentry item or a "sizzle" sound when cooking succeeds with a little white smoke particle effect (visible only to the cook) around the cooking container. Finally make it all optional, let people who want to keep their old ui! Since the people of wurm look at the word change and go "status quo is god, do not change unless it makes my game easier"
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    Maybe take a look at why new players do not stick around before advertising.
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    I like how the few here who say this is complaining obviously have zero comprehension behind why people have problems with the PoL changes (that were reversed, thank god). Is it just your 'neckbeard-economics' that prompts these replies? I fail to really understand the minority who always equate : 'Moar involvement = Moar time in game for me to do trivial stuff! I'm immersed in my digital autism!!' I'm honestly curious... I also still have a concern with 'random character bonuses', does this equate a linear random bonus per character? or will it be "random skill bonus" on any random food? This 'cooking' update is about 7 years overdue, and i know it's a pet project for a few of you. Just, please, do not over complicate it....too much time in Wurm history has been devoted to useless development endeavors that do very little for game/player immersion or progression. Release a sample set, and then continuously integrate more as you go based on feedback/bugs. Pretty simple risk mitgation, really. Nerfing anything at this stage should always be a last resort unless you have ample evidence that a mechanic is negatively impacting the playerbase (economic, etc) or marginalizes a new development that offers your customers a better (see: not tedious) overall experience.
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    Especially the performance-enhancing Fosters.