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    ~ NEXA Market & Sanctuary ~ Newly remodeled! North East Xanadu -Located East of Summerholt on the highway Coastal deed reachable by water from the North and South/East Waterways Run by NEXA alliance, in a very friendly populated local. Vendor Spaces Available!!! Stop in for your tools, armor, decorations, horses, bison, enchants and more.. Don't see it? Ask! Sermon Schedule (Subject to change) Currently taking a break until 9/25/17 with a lack of preachers & vacations coming up - see you when we are back!! Closed! (send Mello or Aniceset a pm if you would like to stop by with priests - Mello will be running them) Stop on by to see us!!! You can keep busy by shopping in the market, fishing, crafting or just nibbling on our high quality meals! We have it all set up and ready for you with in sermon reach for max gains! Don't have a priest but want one? We have Nahjo, Fo, Mag, Vyn all available for conversions! MAP
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    I've wondered this a while and figured....well i wonder how many others have looked at the code and realised how odd this is. In the WU code and almost certainly the same in WO. Rare chances are as follows on an improving roll (i won't go into how uncommon those are here it's not my point): Rare 1/5 Supreme 1/25 Fantastic 1/9700 WHAT!? Fantastic should be super rare, but the chance is insane for what they do, they're marginally better than supreme for that crazy crazy small chance. Am i the only one who thinks 9700 is extreme?
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    I was building a house, and I found out I do not have much of a choice to cover floors in the bathroom/kitchen, other than traditional rugs/carpets used pretty much everywhere. We have some resources without much use right now, like reed or kelp, which could make nice floor decorations. And to expand the idea, some blankets for beds, made from either wool, cotton or a combination of them, maybe? Regular beds can only be dyed as a whole, and don't look awesome nice, so a blanket on them ("used" on a bed to cover it, since we cannot place objects on top of other objects yet) would make them look way better. Edit: pics a little too modern, but added them only to illustrate the idea
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    The mayor should be able to unhitch branded animals. When players don't log on for days, or quit, those animals are stuck on carts and the carts stuck on deed until either the cart decays or the animals die. This can take a very long time or lose use of a good animal. Also, "manage branded animals" should give the option of naming them. Players also should have the option of individual branded animals, rather than deed branded animals. As it is now, it gives a disincentive to join someone else's village.
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    Want to sell this little toy of destruction off. [21:34:41] A small four wheel catapult designed to be dragged by one person. It could be used to hurl items at walls and fences. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is made from cedarwood. You must use a mallet on the small catapult in order to improve it. Ql: 64.84686, Dam: 0.0. Starting Bid: 5s Min Increments: 1s Buyout: Open to Offers Sniper Protection 1 Hour
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    This actually an unreleased video from last year. I thought I might throw it up anyway We chat about a bit of Milo history, friends, deeds and stuffs. Enjoy!
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    Join MR and help make Kyara into Sparta 2.0
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    Join now to be apart of the fun times ahead. The enemy kingdoms won't know what hits them when these plans execute, you won't want to be on the opposition when it all goes down. The only way to be apart of it is to join up though. http://www.kyara.us/index.php
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    My Paaweelr Priest hit 70 Faith last night here at the sermon group still have a few spots hurry to get your free faith [09:46:01] Faith increased by 0.2200 to 71.8330
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    Just started attending the sermon there with my priest Maiev. It is a friendly place with a really good coastal location. Nice to be here
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    do an mr vs jk game day (and other kingdoms, maybe) civ 5 l4d2 aoe2-3 csgo league/dota and you cant forget eu4 :v) The Wurm-ish Olympics
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    UPDATE ! It is excellent to be able to announce that the sermon group has grown. We have currently 12 premium characters on sermon, 4 priests are preaching . I am happy to report quite nice faith gains too ... [15:14:18] <Viktoria> [15:13:54] Faith increased by 0,2200 to 66,5508 ... Well, also, not to forget, I must mention our food donors : Rixk and Delightfuldee, for sending us food, so we can continue to pray and clense our souls. To all sinners of any faith, come pray for forgivness, join us, have fun and enjoy the free meals ... Feel free to reply to post here, or contact me ingame ... one way or the other, if Turboamic who made his maiden trip to us could make it, you all will . Congrats Turboamic, for making your first server-hop sail to our deed . Jimbean, your host for sermon at T8 - Paradise Harbour!
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    +1 I am all in for a message board. I would love books that could be written in to. Guestbooks, Bulk Order books, Librarys with little stories, all creative and funktional stuff that could be interesting for people that visit deeds. Would make the possibility of creating player lead events easier to.
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    Test server updated. Fixed Web Armour not ticking down or removing. Fixed max range for building/continuing buildings and fences to 2 tiles. Fixed equip timers not working correctly.
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    If a building is on deed and for some reason the player who owned the building stops playing, the mayor should have the option of claiming ownership of this building. There is no reason for the mayor not to have this ability, they already have the ability to demolish the building, and or allow other village members the same option. So in essence there is no security issues with the player who was permitted to put up the building up on the deed in the first place. There are many reasons for a mayor to always try and obtain the ownership of on deed buildings, but quite often this is not done as to allow the village member of a deed some responsibility and freedom in doing there own building while living in that village. Often deeds transfer hands several times and a few buildings sit there with no active ownership. I myself in the past with friends joining wurm and playing for a short time then leaving again, along with there building writs. Asking for them to hand over the writ to there first building they put up was not something I ever thought to ask them. Recently I bought a deed and the owner did not have all the writs, I spent a lot of time with catapults and mauls tearing down buildings when I decided to resize the deed, a very time consuming task and such a waste for a nice building as well. What reason is there to force the mayor and members of a village to destroy a building simply because the owner is no longer playing. Quit often the building may be very large, or perhaps so nice you would not want to destroy it in the first place, or maybe a bridge is connected to it or just a good functional building. Unowned buildings in a village leads to huge problems if the village needs to be resized or even maintained, as the mayor will not have ownership of all the buildings. Also just think of the poor folks who for whatever reason let there deed upkeep lapse, they come back to a village they will not be able to re-deed over if there is a unowned building smack in the middle of it. I have seen this happen several times over the years, with people replanting there deed the same day or even a few days after it has disbanded. I have seen a re-deed village with the token very far off to the side of its original location due to unowned buildings on the opposite side where the buildings they wanted to keep along with the one causing the problems all taking perimeter decay. What I propose is a simple solution to this problem, allow a mayor to walk up to a building that is on there deed, right click it and transfer the building to there ownership. Once done the permissions can be set for the person who originally owned the building or the mayor could just destroy it or even assign it to a new villager or just do whatever they want with it, it is there deed after all. I hear lots of talk about making wurm more enjoyable for the playerbase, well un-owned buildings in your village is anything but enjoyable when the time comes to dealing with them.
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    Hey guys! So as much as I hated the name of the winning entry here we are folks, the first installment of the "Fosters Brewery" series! In this episode I break ground and start work on a HQ for my base of operation and cart shed. This video was shot over two RLdays and in total took about 6hours of play time to construct including making the mats. Let me know what you guys think of the mixture of normal gameplay commentary and timelapse mixture and if you'd like to see this format again for the future weekly episodes! I may have slightly messed up the first part of the timelapse but hopefully you enjoy the rest which i did managed to successfully capture. Thanks for watching guys!
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    He even made the mistake of staying with me in the UK once and letting me see him drink Fosters. He can never ever deny that hes totally drunk it. People saw, Rosie and Red know the truth too.
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    Please send the following: Any discount for buying multiple items? file, iron 16ql COC95 - 2s50c hatchet, steel 8ql COC84 - 75c rake, iron 18ql COC96 - 2s75c scissors, iron 8ql COC91 - 1s25c grooming brush, oakenwoood 19ql COC97 - 3s short bow, willow 90ql COC97 - 3s80c large maul, iron 87ql NIMB91 LT93 COC89 MS95 - 9s65c (+any demise for free) human please axe, iron 80ql NIMB70 LT93 - 3s80c (+any demise for free) human please
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    The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
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    Join MR where the enemy roams our lands because ALL THE LAND BELONGS TO US!
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    Join JK where we don't just post random template spam and mindless comments as we have recent achievements to boast about. Have you seen MR post any of their achievements from the past few weeks recently? Didn't think so unless they count losing a deed, champ life, scale set and artifacts as some. Come join in the fun and upset enemy kingdoms even more! http://www.kyara.us/
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    Join MR today and sit on deed..... o wait wrong thread. Join JK today and roam enemy lands!
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    Bump for the only kingdom that wont brain wash you
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    Okay, I must admit... I am still laughing at the "Foster's Brewery" name and how it all came to be after all those years of Foster's taunting. Inside joke of Wurm, I guess, but one that still has me amused. In the end, I think that this may become one of those moments in Wurm. We'll be all talking, down the road, about Emoo's Foster's Brewery, mostly because of the name. In any case, fun series. Looking forward to more!
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    Yeah there was abit there that I legit thought it was all over. Somehow managed to get out alive. RIP Turkey, you will be missed.
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    Ha, double k.o. on Grim and the Emu(oo?) - the cam sure shaked. :3 Had a good laugh through the entire episode though, thanks for that. And kinda worst combination of things that could happen, good you got out with no bad damages.
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    Hmmm id say 50-65S/€. Think 40 is a bit low but 90 too much. the faith is nice but 67 channeling and 77 farming is nothing that good, good start ofc but batteries go for 25-30 max nowadays.
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    Thumbs up from Xan SW Sermon group! Nice place you've got there. +1 best of luck, Jimbean
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    proph after getting 3 hours of sleep
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    Join a kingdom with imagination and drive. Sign up today at kyara.us
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    the increment of 100% of the starting bit is a bit too much...i bet with 50% you'd get more bids i dont understand what connection there is between buyout and increment oO
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    I really do like EvE. I've only played it once since did a huge stint on it in 2003. I was ahead or with the curve or at least with it and was in a dominating corp in the south area of 0.0. Now I'm just a speck.
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    Not sure if this plays into the imp'n rare percentage chance, but with WS and BS if you get a rare roll while tempering, it's an automatic failure to turn the item rare+ . So have to figure it's 20% tougher.
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    Just brought by a Fo priest. Will be back later
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    It's almost like some people don't realize that rare items are immortal, players have every reason to preserve them and have been accumulating for 10 years (or whenever rares were added). Nerfing rare creation only punishes new players. There are ways to address that (without punishing old or new players) but that would be for the suggestion forum.
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    Another Nahjo priest arrived at the location, there's 7 of us at altars now and 10 in local
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    ~35 channeling is the earliest I would do vessel.
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    haha..I love it, Thank you, Ayes. I will be using this as my signature from now on. I'm choosing to take this a compliment.
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    Best is rare roll while imping and you stop for a drink of water, rare drink!
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    The voice definitely adds a lot to Milo's vids. Then throw in the quirky expressiveness and thoughts darting everywhere in connection with the jerky camera movements and you have some quite entertaining bits of bites to chew on. Better be quick of thought though because then it's on to the next before the digestion of it all is complete. The deed as well is the art of expression of thoughts revealed over time in a separate reflection of the same. Well done in-deed! =Ayes=
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    Running through the relevant code, these are mentioned: Weapon skill with the item (increases hit chance) Time of day (same as archery) Strength (defines max throw distance, max throw weight, multiplier for damage) Nimbleness (lowers difficulty) Distance (can't do if too close) Trees in the way (increases difficulty) Person you're throwing at is moving (increases difficulty) Are they uphill from you (increases difficulty) Defender's body control (increases difficulty) Item QL (increases hit chance IF the thrown item uses a weapon skill) Your body control (increases hit chance if it doesn't use a weapon skill) Did they parry with a shield (miss) Did they evade (miss) Base damage for weapon type, specifically when thrown (varies by item) Item QL (increases damage) Focus level (1.5 times damage at first level of focus, another 1.5 times damage at fourth level) Temperature (only if a liquid, increases damage) Weight (only if a liquid, increases damage) Their armour (reduces damage, armour takes damage) Is it a leather or studded leather boot (gives an achievement) I now have one more achievement.