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    and atlast i got her! 4 kg 55 cm tall big girl all donations for diapers can be done on paypal
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    There are quite a few things in Wurm that you cant craft (for good reasons, with some). This mod allows for quite a few more items to be crafted. Uses Ago's Server Mod Loader Initial Release: The item id for each item can me modified within the properties. All items can be improved. All items can be dropped. All items crafting difficulty can be modified within the properties. If an item had a special ability, (e.g. Royal Crowns). The custom craftable counterpart included in this mod has had it removed. Each category of item can be disabled/enabled within the properties. Craftable items include: Staff of The Land (Weapon Smithing (Staff Steel + Steel Lump)). Highly configurable, default combat damage is same as Hammer of Magranon. Most Masks: Mask of The Challenger (Jewelry Smithing (Large anvil + Silver Lump)) Mask of The Returner (Leather Working) Mask of The Enlightened (Leather Working) Mask of The Ravager (Leather Working) Mask of The Shadow (Leather Working) Didn't include pottery ones as there behavior to create is somewhat tricky (will add at a later time) Horned Helmet of Gold (Plate Armour Smithing (Large Anvil+Steel Lump)) Plumed Helm of The Hunt (Plate Armour Smithing (Large Anvil+Steel Lump)) Gold Challenge Statue (Jewelry Smithing (Large anvil + Gold Lump(6.4kg))) Silver Challenge Statue (Jewelry Smithing (Large anvil + Silver Lump(6.4kg))) Bronze Challenge Statue (Jewelry Smithing (Large anvil + Bronze Lump(6.4kg))) Marble Challenge Statue (Stone Cutting (Stone Chisel + Marble Shard(20kg))) Jenn-Kellon Crown (Jewelry Smithing (Large anvil + Gold Lump(1.5kg))) Mol-Rehan Circlet (Jewelry Smithing (Large anvil + Silver Lump(1.5kg))) Horde of The Summoned Cage Crown (Jewelry Smithing (Large anvil + Steel Lump(1.5kg))) Version 0.3 Version 0.4 Version 0.5 Download/Source https://github.com/ausimus/wurmunlimited-morecraftables/releases/latest
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    Header by Sirene Hi Everyone This week sees some more updates to PvP testing on our test servers, as well as the adamantine and glimmersteel chain armour going live! I also have a sneak peak at new map dumps! PvP tweaks Another wave of PvP tweaks has come to the PvP test server, with adjustments to boat speeds via passengers and quality, as well as addressing a few permissions bugs which hampered actions on enemy and friendly deeds. Changes as at 26/08: Tweaked special move damage higher (2.5x higher than what it was) Possible fix for village invite being blocked when inside an unrelated village. Possible fix for not being able to lockpick a friendly structure in PvP servers. Possible fix for catapulting friendly kingdom villages in PvP servers. Possible fix for not being able to do a not-allowed action on deed with no guards present. Possible fix for equip timers not acting as expected when in combat. Fix stun timers not ticking down and removing as they should. Removed the shooting at boats feature. Changed the calculations for boat speed bonuses. PvP servers will get 9/12 bonus from seats occupied, and 3/12 bonus from QL. PvE servers will get 3/12 bonus from seats occupied, and 9/12 bonus from QL. Increased difficulty of blocking arrows with a shield when positioned in the right angle to the attacker: re: Difficulty reduction from shield type now takes QL and damage of the shield into account. Added curve modifier to wound damage reduced via Body Strength for PvP damage only Was = (120 - BS) / 100 Now = 1 - (0.15 * log(BS * 0.8 - 15)) Curve preview: http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=y%3D1+-+(0.15+*+log(x+*+0.8+-+15))+where+20 Removed stacking of Web Armour speed modifier and Hurting Status speed modifier. Higher of the two will now take effect. Swing timer modifier from Web Armour now a multiplier of base swing timer instead of flat seconds added. Web Armour debuff should now apply for a more reliable time instead Remember to use the appropriate discussion and feedback threads! Map dumps We've mentioned our desire to produce more of these in a new update, and this week I have a little sneak tease! We will be producing both flat and isotropic (the original angled) dumps for most servers, which I'm sure community map makers will be thrilled to have! Once we organise hosting we'll release the dumps as well as possibly a complete torrent Community Content Did you know Wurm online has it's own subreddit? This week we have a new redditor telling us of his adventures, and the lesson we all learn quickly https://www.reddit.com/r/wurmonline/comments/4zl02p/my_first_day_in_wurm/ That's it for this week, I hope you all have a great weekend! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    Welp, nothing prove you are the same person, yadda yadda, you are totally right. However coming in that thread on the specific account Ruger and try to fool people around, or the fact he own multiple forum accounts and jump between them at will for any mischief doesn't play in his favor at all. You can also add the fact forum accounts are not sold that often (unless with a specifically named account - and usually mentioned in the thread). Here you do not have an account but the player commonly known as Ruger (and other aliases probably worth remembering) accused of thievery and with a shady dealing history. As for you JudusX, good thing you didn't get screwed by Ruger, I trusted him and managed to get both the others players involved with us and myself screwed before we took the matter in our hands (and got some of the uniques mechanism changed as well). TL;DR: Games got plenty of security flaws, team ain't always as present as we would like, rules got plenty of loopholes... But DON'T BE AN ASS for the sake of the game (unless you are fine as such and should probably consult a shrink about your love to destroy what others like).
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    I will say it again, If you can not ride up to defend a deed by either boat or horse because it is not safe then you should not be about to karma in. People might complain about how far a deed is to have to defend. It might take to long to ride to the deed by horse. If you want to defend your kingdoms deed it should not be to far to ride not mater what. I have only used karma twice in this game and I regret it both times because to me it was a waste. because then i was stuck at that deed and not at my own deed I had no horse. I was never with Karma and I see no reason for it. Yes to get you dead body but even with that, what are the chances on Chaos that it is not already looted. Eva - Speaking for herself, for what I think not for MR or for JK -
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    Tbh the Wurm team should take more intrest into their players. Wurm is losing players at an astonishing amount (1k in the last 3 months alone...). I get that it's not the teams "fault" but obvious unintended thefts like this due to a lapse of judgment should be helped with. Customer care are shouldn't be a matter of "who's fault it is" but rather, if you can help or not. Been saying this for the last year or two. Theft is theft, doesn't matter if Jimmy managed to somehow get your account details by some mistake you made, this behaviour shouldn't be endorsed in Wurm. As it is currently, where's the risk of getting nice and close with people in Wurm only to jack all their stuff and be protected by the Wurm staff?
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    My priest, Dalvea, mounted a cart 4 times tonight. All 4 times, the camera froze and I had to relog.
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    Not a merchant ad. Close.
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    Everything pictured for sale. EUROS PREFERRED as I am attempting to get away from the game, but will accept silver at 1s/1€ ratio for smaller items. No trades. Prices listed in red in picture. Prices are not firm, feel free to make offers. Lowballers will simply be ignored. Some additional information; I have confirmed the 1.5KG Hatchet does NOT fit inside a regular BOK, might still fit in an MBOK (untested) UPDATE: Drake set and Rare Large Anvil sold.
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    We've just got the ability to push them all around the map and although pulling them everywhere with you would need an army of alts, it's already possible off-deed, let alone deeded land where you can have the same altar near you constantly. So why not allow us to load them on vehicles and use without unloading? They'd have to give no domain, but that's perfectly fine. What do you think? Edit: Forbidding unloading them in existing domain of different god would make sense as well.
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    can't comment on the stupid above me
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    My bad, must have something to do with the fact that IMGur doesnt give a file extension. But I've tried other hosts with the same result. Anyways thanks Shakys.
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    It's a relatively well-known fact actually, that enchants on rare / supreme / fantastic items last longer, this effect does stack with the damage reduction from steel, and can further add to this effect; Enchant decay is based on both time spent doing actions and damage taken afaik. Rare items are both quicker to use, and take less damage when used. Steel reduces that damage even further. Both effects are hard-coded into the game. The side effect ends up being that enchants decay slower too.
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    Only one goat left Audrel will mail it to with-in next 30 min. Cheers
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    I made this suggestion several years ago as it was stupid then and stupid now. Karma teleporting wasn't all that bad when Karma was actually difficult to get hold of (missions) but source fountain harvesting ruined the whole Karma mechanic, it's now another pay2win feature. Regardless of this, you still have meditation ability to recall home. I have always been for 24 hour delay after joining a village after before teleporting will work. One of the perks for removing the feature encourages better kingdom game play by forcing you to consider infrastructure before you try and take land. It means you'll less likely hold land you can not hold (this is called balance) because of this it leaves openings for new kingdoms to try and fit into these gaps. When it comes to defending it you have two options - get onto deed using your back door, or take the enemy in an open skirmish, the latter means you also have to consider this when building the deed to ensure you have protection around the outskirts of the deed so you can fight in open skirmishes. Removing the ability makes farwalker twigs/stones the next go-to thing, but it's sort of balanced due to how expensive gets as you can only set a twig to 1 deed. It's a P2W feature but quite a heavy one if you want to teleport large people in for an outpost when the group can leave. Do you commit 20s worth of twigs to defend your 5s deed ? are the resources worth it?
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    Humans are emo pansies! I miss my drunken workaholic dwarves...
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    Welcome to Episode 6 of the the Rimworld Series! In this episode we get trade caravans for days and an upset Grim goes totally Berserk!!
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    Order received! Super quick response. Thanks a ton, will buy from again
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    Now you've given me the sads....i miss you MRH.
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    +rep Fast Trader, honest, and good communication. 10/10 will use again.
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    yep can add them in the next version.
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    +1 price is super high atm, would be nice if it was lower. I currently sell at 1s/1usd, because even 1s/1e is expensive these days apparently.
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    I am so sorry to hear about this ######, and I understand what you're all going through right now. Let me know if there's anything I can help out with! A tip is to make a list of items that were lost and what QL they were so that people can keep an eye out for them, because most players are decent human beings and wouldn't knowingly buy stolen items. This can also help you pinpoint new alts that he starts to try to fence more of the items - And it also helps others avoid dealing with him in the future. It's sad that every time there is an oversight in the game mechanics or a player forgets a setting someone is always there to take advantage of it and ruin the entire game experience for someone else (to be fair though - your friend quite possibly did change the e-mail and password correctly, since it's not the first time that setting cocks up. I wouldn't be surprised either if there's an abusable glitch that people use to double-retrieve info). Edit: And I'm also sorry you have to deal with the turds who've never been on the receiving end of a robbery themselves. It's not your fault you've been robbed, no matter how mean they are towards you. When the settings were abused so our villagers were robbed of their items I received messages for over a month from people who were probing to check so that I didn't receive any "perks" that they felt I wasn't entitled to (i.e. having stolen items returned). So first we were robbed and then we were harrassed for a month by petty people.
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    The same for beds would be a nice touch +1 for altars though
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    Well they are engaged to get married after Anna broke up with Grim on like day 2 (Which has given me all kinds of problems since as it gives like -15 mood for over a month which is joke!) So now Anna is with Tiger and they're engaged gawd only hopes it goes well or things are going to get messy!
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    location is a bit further South, about P15
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    If I felt motivated, I would run test server... Just no time atm. Maybe soon I'll check the new pvp updates. First day in Wurm... I found a unicorn and thought ohhh so pretty. Wait, whats this "tame" option??? Grabs some food I had foraged.... Here lil guy lets be friends.... I didn't know how weak I was and that I shouldn't try that. And didn't think to ya know, RUN AWAY. First ever Wurm death to a non aggressive creature. XD
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    Just to clarify, there's nothing in the buildings, all items were confiscated to avoid any scenario such as this. Once the buildings go, it will be just land
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    Well shoot...there goes the neighborhood
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    Congrats, Rixk. Put your rug in a frame and hang it on your wall. You have more stamina than I do I cut down from everyday almost all day to only in winter to when the moon winks at me.
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    You need to recalculate he stated that he was only doing "business" for about 2 years. So more like 164.38$ per day. Whoever thinks that someone can earn 120.000$ from items selling in Wurm, is really naive. Wurm has with today about 3k premium players most of them playing for longer so overall premium count is maybe about 20k premium players which Wurm has ever seen. Most of the new players will only stay a few months, not investing too much into the game. Only the minority would invest more than 100$ into the game. So he would have got 120.000$ from about 500 players who really would spend over 100$ into the game in the 2 years of him doing business. This means every player out of the 500 would at least need to pay him 240$. So I haven't paid him any coin. Wurm Online neither has enough items nor enough customers to make such profits possible, even Rolf is not earning 100k that easy and really everyone playing this game is paying to him. Also think about the taxes you have to pay, in Austria 120k in 2 years would mean up to 50% tax, so now we are speaking more about 240.000$ total earnings. Nothing against Americans... As europeans we have some imagination about americans, a lot of stereotypes and most of them are not positve. And I have to say he really fits all the stereotypes perfectly. Ruger is a crazy guy who has no idea what he is talking and never thinks before talking. He exaggerates really anything to make himself bigger. Out of 1.200$ he got out of the game he makes 120.000$ just to brag and make himself feel better. In real life he is a poor guy, who has never achieved anything in life but the title Thief and a few dollars in a game called Wurm Online. This is Ruger, a guy who would still laugh after he stole from his best friend, just because he wants to be the best but never will be. Again nothing against Americans, many good friends of mine are americans but meeting a guy who really fits most of these wrong stereotypes that perfectly is really funny for europeans Also I am not saying that every american is a Ruger or a thief. To make things clear... Can this thread now get locked PLEASE after many independent people made clear that most of the words written in here are just hot air from a really confused guy not knowing the difference between 1k and 100k. Really what should new players joining the game think if they read this thread. I personally would rage quit such a game...
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    New Chain armour textures for Adamantine and Glimmersteel Corrected issue with black cloth sleeves not showing at distance
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    oh this guy so it's your fault i'm a WURM addict, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have re purchased wurm and I would have some semblance of a life, LOL joking, thanks to you I have something to do while i'm awaiting for that traitor to return down to the southern hemisphere and bring my summer back LOL
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    Hi Everyone! With the European summer nearing it's end, it's time to get back into gear, and what better way to do it than with some shiny new gear! -Excessive use of puns warning- But First... Patch Notes 16/AUG/16 Cooking reviews! Our cooking teaser generated a lot of excitement among you all, which is good, because I'm excited too! We'll go further in depth as we get closer to their release, going over some parts in depth, as well as providing a total overview (and tomato farms!) To arms! ... and legs This weeks update saw some new clothing options go in, with the black sleeves, white sleeves and white pants! Now you can customise your look even further, hanging on your deed grooming sheep never looked so stylish! All chained up It's time chain armour got some love! This week I have some tantalising tidbits, Saroman has been hard at work with his fingerpaints and clay and has two new textures for chain armour, adamantine and glimmersteel! Silver hasn't been forgotten though, and is still being worked on. Adamantine Glimmersteel Iron plate This weeks graphics update also saw the iron plate textures sneak through, causing some questions and concern. I'd like to say that absolutely nothing is set in stone with this armour, it not even necessarily being something that would be coming to the game, so rest assured! Unstable client update Another unstable client update has come out, addressing a few dynamic lighting performance issues, as well as more stability issues. Feel free to jump on and try it out again! Community Content This weeks community content is a mod for Wurm Unlimited! Taking a bit of a change from Wurm Online content, as well as more visual things, this mod by Xyp, the admin of Mythmoor allows players to craft the awesome pauldrons in Wurm Unlimited. As you all know, the pauldrons are only available via rift loot drops, which of course don't exist in Wurm Unlimited. Check out the mod here: That's it for this week! I hope you all enjoy looking fashionable in the new clothing, and have an awesome weekend of Wurm! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    All my Mongol banners on Epic turned into empire of mol rehan and I burned them in disgust, that kingdom never existed on Epic.
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    Should be working again now.
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    I found an unattended horse near the GreenDog side of the GD tunnel. It's got a full set of WoA gear but is not branded or cared for, so I thought I better grab it before someone less scrupulous did. The name starts with Venture*** - PM me the full name if you're the owner and I would be happy to re-unite you with it.
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    I'm sure its easy to get proof to cover your actions when you go in with the intent of ripping off your friends, as they aren't going to screenshot every conversation they have with you ahead of time because its not likely their friend would ###### them. Regardless, i'll leave this thread to stew on its own. I'll just say that any auction/WTS comment you make for the remaining duration we both play the game will get slammed with notices, at the very least wave your reputation goodbye if nothing is done on an official level.
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    The funnier thing is why he is still 'protected' seeing that when i exposed him for the valrei items thievery, trust abuse, whatever, he was really quick to send the staff after me (and he was bragging about it). Do not there was never a no "name and shame" rule... and as such that inquisition against me & the truth was illegal according to our rules. So yah, don't get close to the guy or anyone supporting him even with a 10 foot pole.
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    Last map dumps are more than a year old. Will there be new map dump releases? I would apreciate a new xanadu map especially.
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    [22:26:04] The settlement of Trumped Up has just been disbanded by Janekpolaczek.
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    where's nosfirebird when you need the permission system fixed
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    Sad news, and I share the sentiments that so many colleagues have so aptly stated. Duce was the only guy I know of who tried breeding dragons back when Kyara had captured both the Black and White. He didn't succeed, but the screenshots were epic! I hope your wish came true, my oddball friend.
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    I am not sure how to respond, I lack Duce way with with words. You will be missed my friend. Say hi to the other old farts up there. Duce was considering making a wurm meeting in Las Vegas, as a sequal to Amsterdam, when that was up. Maybe that would be an event to consider in the future, to drink for and salute old farts.
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    I only really knew Duce as staff - but as staff it was immediately and always clear what a stand-up guy he was. Always looking out for good, and had a relentlessness for standing up for what was right and making sure the good won out. Maybe, as others had said, a bit rough on the outside at first, but a really wonderful kind heart inside. The first time (that I can recall atm) of having any extended conversation was him was when I was a brand new newbie GM trainee (for reference, this is not a "real" GM yet). I had been hounding all the big/real GMs with all sorts of questions "how this" "what about that" "theoretically...?" etc... Duce extended me an offer to do some training with him - which I took him up on the next day. Spent a good chunk of time talking me through some basics, simulating a few "practice" situations, giving advice and humoring all my questions. So patient and so helpful. I think I will always think specifically of him, and back to that training, any time I answer certain types of tickets. I will miss him. I kept thinking last night how I will never get hear his input on issues, or his sometimes "unique" antics and stories again. Reading through the replies, all the lines quoted make me smile, a bittersweet smile - but a reminder of Duce. I know he had some health concerns, and I hope he is finally at peace. Maybe, just maybe, even looking down on us from the heavens now as he did as a GM in Wurm. If his family and "real life" friends ever happen to find this thread - I offer my sincere condolences on your loss, he was a good guy. We will all miss him.
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    The question has been raised a few times. Still looking into it, hoping to produce flat dumps as well/instead of too