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    Hah, this one is easy "A bird's Eye View"
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    Not sure if posted in right section (if not, then mods please move it). Please let us use the Repair keybind in the crafting window. You can already right-click on one of the loaded items and choose repair. The Repair keybind even works on the toolbelt items, seems an oversight that it's not working in the crafting window. Please have Wurm remember the position of the crafting window and what was loaded in it if you log out with the crafting window open and things loaded. Icing on the cake and maybe not easy: Please make an option to make the crafting window smaller. Maybe like this: (don't know how to embed a picture ) Thanks Ostentatio
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    Warning: May contain pictures of poorly photographed Richards. I maintain no responsibility for any seizures or emotional trauma caused by the contents of this video. Seriously though, this upload is just so I can post a full video on the Wurm forums since the original one was too offensive! So I hope you enjoy this alternative more family friendly version, if you want to check out the full version please just head over to my Youtube page! No but seriously I'm back guys in Wurm Online after 9months or so of no uploads! I'm so happy to be back there's so much stuff I want to get done and show you guys. So today I'm starting off with my deed on Indie and giving you a sneak peak at the new Wurm Online series I have planned! I'm quickly just going to thank Genocide for designing my new shiny logo for me. Thankyou to Nichow for then taking that logo and making my quick little intro animation I'm really pleased with how it turned out! What can you expect to see from me in the coming months in terms of Wurm stuff? Well I'll be doing a new deed building series with plenty of time-lapses, giveaways, social events, guides and much more! I also want to extend a thankyou to everyone who has messaged me in the last 9 months or so asking how I am and encouraging me to make more videos. It's meant a huge amount to me that there are people that want to see more stuff and the support has meant everything to me! Nah man, I don't care about the video I'm just here to win some free stuff! Well you're in luck then! With myself needing to plant a new deed for this upcoming series I'm giving you the opportunity to name my deed! I'll be keeping it simple and removing any kind of favoritism from my end so whomever has the suggestion with the most likes in 72hrs from this post will be the winner of the competition and not only have a permanent claim to fame in this upcoming series I'll also give you 10s for your brilliant suggestion! Sounds alright hey? Thanks for watching guys and I look forward to seeing some of these suggestions!
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    Egard, never go full freedom
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    Kyle's Unlimited Chainworks -----Full Chain Armour (iron, copper, tin, lead, zinc)----- 51ql - 0.5s 71ql - 1.0s 81ql - 2.0s 91ql - 4.0s 95ql - 6.0s -----Full Chain Armour(gold, silver, brass, bronze,steel)----- 51ql - 1.0s 71ql - 2.0s 81ql - 2.5s 91ql - 4.0s 95ql - 8.0s -----Barding(iron, copper, tin, lead, zinc)----- 71ql - 0.75s 81ql - 1.0s 91ql - 1.5s 95ql - 3.5s -----Barding(gold, silver, brass, bronze,steel)----- 71ql - 1.0s 81ql - 2.0s 91ql - 4.0s 95ql - 5.0s RARE STOCK -EMPTY- -----Improvements and Questions----- PM KyleBooze here on the forums PM KyleBooze on Official Wurm Discord or /t KyleBooze ingame ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special Materials Available Gold/Silver: Up to 85ql/90ql Brass: Up to 90ql Bronze: Up to ~85ql Steel: Up to ~83ql Electrum: Available upon request, no definite ql atm MOON METALS: Must be provided for improves or creation
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    Initially considered placing this in a bee-keeping thread... Wax or beeswax. Sure it could be used for more aesthetic uses ingame as wax seals (moneysink item) on papyrus. Wax could also be added as a way of preserving prepared food items and raw materials. One possible implementation could be some mix of pottery jars and amphora, sealed with wax. Possibly akin to the current ingame mechanics of attaching locks, unsure how much of that code could be recycled. To balance the advantage of keeping food longer, the food has to be first removed to be consumed or used. As a result, the wax seal is broken, and the container would have to be resealed again to keep preservation. Breaking the seal would also give a slight amount of leftover wax, perhaps lower ql. Can be combined with new wax in the usual manner. EDIT: Heck possibly wooden barrels as well; though, perhaps adding a cork wood tree would make for a better new resource, especially if cork wood comes out with glassmaking.
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    Hello! If you don't know me yet, you should. I sell horses. Not just any horses -- the super special new colours. Sure I can sell the old colours too if you prefer (only in the 5 speed variety), but the new colours are my speciality. I try to provide the widest selection on Xanadu. Here is what they look like: The jet black colour is also a 6th speed trait, and is the hardest colour to achieve, harder still in the 5 speed variety. Yes, I have tested the jet horse against a bay with the same gear on each, and yes, I have been impressed. He zips. Here is a link to my spreadsheet / Stock List, which I update often. Older colours are 50c each. Prices on the newest rare colours are highly dependant on stock availability, but I try to provide the best prices to my customers. These prices are listed on my spreadsheet. Where am I? I live at m7, on the mid-west coast of Xanadu. Depending on your location, I may deliver. Delivery fees apply, and are generally dependent on how far I have to travel. If I don't deliver, and you still would really like a horse (or a foal!), I can do long distance sales, where I mail you an item for payment of the horse, and then leave the horse branded and outside where you can reach him and grab him whenever you arrive. I then unbrand when the horse is home safely. Send me a tell, maybe we can work something out. These babies are gorgeous to look at all day! I hope you see a name you like! Fizziepop
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    Losing income from 20 premium characters simply because the players are losing interest in the game (or rather, poor staff actions) might prompt some brainstorming. Who knows. I'm not losing out, there's plenty of fish in the sea that do not mess with their customers. And no, I'm not so much bothered by the removal of a bugged item as much as the manner in which it's done. First promise to keep them as a legacy, then say they'll remove them but replace the functionality, then say they're maybe thinking about replacing SOME of the functions and keeping it as vague as possible, saying there's no hurry. If you can't understand why that's a problem then we won't see eye to eye on it anyway.
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    The world has lost yet another person who's love and generosity are unmatched in today's society. He was one of the most selfless and dependable people that I have ever known. I could attempt to write a few paragraphs about my experiences with him, but anything less than a novel would be lackluster. David was a great friend if mine, both in and out of Wurm. It hurts me to see him pass, but I know we will see each other again in the not so distant future. I give my sincerest condolences to the family and friends of David, and will keep them in my thoughts. Sleep easy my friend, and until we meet again. Love you bud.
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    not someONE.... I can't hear what you're saying can you speak louder?
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    Grin. If WO would like to make this design spec a reality as an official server then I would happily pay premium and come back to play as much as my time permits. Even willing to assist with design and staff.
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    Welcome Back, my suggestion is... Get the Flock off my lawn !
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    Don't worry future videos will have a much lower concentration of Richards. I should be the only one featuring in future ones.
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    Please make picking up felled trees easier. Problem: you have to be literally less than 1m away from the stump to be able to pick one up. They are huge, take up a lot of screen space, on a slope the "hot bit" is often under the surface, and when you have felled a few it is hard to see what's what. Suggestion: increase the range from the "hot bit" at which we can pick them up. The tree is 3+ tiles long. If I'm on a tile with a part of the tree on it, I should be able to pick it up, without having to search through a "forest" of felled tree branches where each one of them starts. Increasing the pick up range to 3-4 tiles from the current 5 cm should do the trick.
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    This is great, thank you so much for putting this together,, I've passed this on to the dev team to hopefully address
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    Looking into possibly maybe perhaps replacing SOME functionality someday sometime? See, and I maybe one day perhaps will consider looking into the possiblity of repremming some of my accounts, then. Maybe... as long as they allowed to leave fountainpans ingame before. That sounds about a fair measure.
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    My old mate Maccy died early this year he was a greatdane and very much loved ,Evening got me this statue to remind me of him and i painted it up to give it some color ,he now sits at my front door to greet me or farewell me. TY Evey
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    Is your Wurm life looking a little too bland? Message me today to brighten your world! Now offering dyes to paint all your favorite things! Not sure how much you will need? Check out the chart here <Wurmpedia Dye Information>. 90 Natural Sub Skill @ Your service! *~*~*Now offering Transmutation Liquid!!*~*~* 1.8s per tile on deed - 2.50s per tile off deed (off deed uses double amount) + 21c/42c cod for delivery, or free pickup @ Amish Paradise - Xanadu Most Popular Colors 99ql White Dye - Per Lantern Dye - 25c *******UPDATE 7/10/17 - With the addition of Runes to the game, this changes the amount of dye needed for the items with a rune attached. Any item that is runed will add 10% to the price listed******* Custom Colors Available by request (See Color Chart - pricing will be same as popular color family above) ->Color Chart<- **Custom colors are approximate** Due to the nature of dye making in Wurm, exact colors may not be possible. We will do our best to match as close as we are able. ***NEW ***Not sure which colors you want? Try one of our set flask packs!***NEW*** Over the Rainbow - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple, Pink - 1.50s Trial Pack - Over the Rainbow pack + White + Black - 1.75s -----PLEASE OPEN SPOILER FOR EXAMPLES OF COLORS ON BOATS, STATUES, AND CARTS----- Shown in both Current & Unstable Clients Order delivery **All colors are made to order & therefore are all sales final** If there is an issue with your order, I will try to assist in correcting it There will be time required to create the desired dye - larger orders will take longer. Most turnaround times are within 48-72 hours currently. Orders can be done via pickup at Amish Paradise - Xanadu (G24) Or COD COD cost = 1c per kg + 1c for each container required Have other Wurmian needs? Check out our other shop - Amish Corner Store!
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    Welcome to !Gib's Mining Service! I offer you nice and effecient service! Prices are listed below... Ore name: 50ql /100 shards / lumps 60ql / 100 shards / lumps 70ql /100 shards / lumps 80ql /100 shards / lumps STOCK in shards / lumps Rock 20c 25c 35c 50c 10k+ Slate 20c 25c 35c 50c NO Marble 20c 25c 35c 50c NO Iron 20c 25c 35c 50c NO Copper 20c 25c 35c 50c NO Tin 20c 25c 35c 50c NO Zinc 20c 25c 35c 50c NO Lead 20c 25c 35c 50c NO Silver 20c 30c 35c 50c NO Gold 20c 30c 35c 50c NO Please note that all sorts can be bought at a lower ql (Random ql) for 10c /100 or 1s/1000! And so can private mining service aswell, you call, I mine! Delivery can be arranged as following... I'm traveling alot between Release and Independence - and can therefore make free delivery to the southen part of Independence (P-coord to V-coord) and the northen part of Release (A-coord to G-coord). Other servers + the northen part of Independence + the southen part of Release delivery fee will be 2s. Pick-Up... ALWAYS FREE (I'm located at D21 /Release) Payment, which is my favorite part... I accept paypal - !(1s = 1 euro)! I'm always up for a good trade, so don't hesitate to ask! STATUS - ONLINE ORDERS - Available CONTACT / How to place your order... Please feel free to leave a comment with your order below, or PM me in-game. Main Charecter - Giblet Alt - Gibletalt Please have some patiance. I'm rebuilding my deed and I DO have a real life... (Believe it or not ) Best Regards. - Giblet, Skyfall
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    Auction closed, item sold. [13:40:27] A leather saddle complete with a girth and stirrups. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a leather. [13:40:27] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [96] QL: 93.67 Starting bid: 9 silver Minimum increment: 50 copper Buyout: 18 silver Hidden reserve: None Auction runs for 3 days, no private bids please, buyer pays postage.
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    Great guy, very quick service, will be hiring again in the future for sure! Recommend him to anyone in need of mining!
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    There is probably a reason why WO uses the old GV as the login server
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    Hi Mirabelle, Thank you for reporting. I will get started on this. Thank you, --Z
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    It is really, really annoying. Shouldn't it stay being shown, and only disappear when you leave the faith domain? Having it effectively being redrawn each time the bonus changes add nothing, other than adding something flickering. It's not as if the value of the bonus is being displayed, so as long as the bonus is more than 0, and the effect is being displayed there is no change in what is being displayed.
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    Also, display the skill used to create an item, like the recipe window does? EDIT: You can usually embed an image just by pasting in the URL. Here we go:
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    It's not like people actually PvP in Wurm Online anymore anyway.
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    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA....................................... its a KLAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Can confirm these issues exist on chaos aswell.
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    Fear not as it was intended to be silly. A tongue-in-cheek way of referring to "wemp" without making any of those dreaded drug references. A really old dev joke that existed long into Beta before I even started in 2006: extreme tail end of Beta and early Gold launch. Far as moderation goes, aye moreof an art than a science, and highly subjective. To one person "shroom" may simply be slang for any mushroom, and to another it could be slang for a mushroom with psychoactive toxins (ie drugs).
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    It saddens me to hear of his passing. Legionaire was quite possibly the nicest person I have ever met in Wurm, and without his endless amounts of generosity and guidance when I was a newbie on Exodus, I doubt I would've had the urge to continue in Wurm. My condolences to his family and friends during this difficult time.
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    Seriously the best players in game are the ones who set up the public kills and give us all a chance to have the experience and get a bit of loot. Makes it fun for everyone. Hope we can look forward to a camp out in the near future.
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    No, original Legionaire. He was so nice to me when I first talked with him on Skype on wanting to purchase the account. The encounter was short but pleasant. Another legendary Wurmian leaves his legacy. My heart to his friends and family. Thanks for sharing Mith.
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    Forum warning in 3... 2... 1... 1.5... 1.25... 1.125... 1.0625...
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    Berendt said you came and got your horsie. Glad he was still around for you. I tend to collect 5 speed horses from fallen deeds or found wondering around and give away or use for breeding. Your horse just happened to still be around stuck on my friends cart lol.
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    I started on wild, and quit after it became chaos after holding out too long hoping it would get better. Wild/Chaos has one play style, I grew to seriously hate it. Epic has a different playstyle, it was much more fun and enjoyable. Different playstyles alone is good, because it caters to people that enjoy each one. We just need more players again
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    Well, yes and no. The loot itself is worth it, especially at the time we were hitting JKH simply because JKH had deeds similar to how the game used to be. They were fairly spread out, the massively populated ones were built up but not to an insane degree like the experienced players were build, and a good portion of the rest were built well enough to give people a chance to actually defend their home. It encouraged us because we could go there on the weekend and have some fun knowing we would likely get PvP and if we didn't we would get some loot. It's why the majority of the time we tried not to grief people and I would yell at people for doing such. On JKH, you also had newer players, some not insane veterans defending somewhat defendable deeds is enough of a combination to spark a skirmish, and a skirmish will bring more people. The problem with the game currently is there is a lack of new blood, and Rolf has made the game so easy to defend that you will never once take a risk if you know what youre doing. No risk = no spark = no skirmish = no pvp. No PvP results in people getting pissy and bored, especially in conjunction with no loot. I know when we were hitting JKH the dynamic of the server was basically BL were the aggressors. JK were on the defense and MRs presence was entirely negligible. It wouldn't have mattered if the kingdom existed or not. What a lot of people don't see is when there is only one kingdom trying hard to stir the pot, it burns them out. We were fortunate that we had a lot of productive people, and we had leaders spread out enough to ensure no matter what time of day something was getting done and people were getting prepared for whatever the next event was. I know I was fortunate enough to have been in HS and later working from home to be able to dedicate enough time to help supply the insane amount of resources we needed to compete. I remember I wouldn't even let us leave if we didnt have a satchel full of vesseled gems, 10 quivers of 50ql+ arrows, raid tools, barrel with water/bread/meals, two unfinished catapults and ammo using the old infinite volume satchel glitch, and spare cotton/horsegear in our rare boat. On top of this, for any large scale raids or whatever we had many people working pretty hard to get resources, like our Zerus raid we had groups of people digging their entire playtime every day for days on end like Karellean or making 400 crates like Monokles. It was bad enough being the smaller kingdom of the three, even worse when you had to work twice as hard to get anything done because its more than twice as hard to be an aggressor. With only one kingdom doing the aggression, only one kingdom is doing a lot of work. It will burn out the leaders first because they are spending their time making the experience enjoyable for everyone else, and then everyone else will burn out and not just because of the work. The game has a problem with new player retention, and when you have an increase in veterans you have more people abusing game mechanics to make deeds not worth even attempting to mess with and you have less people making a mistake which results in less PvP. Less PvP = Less Loot + Work Burnout = Less Aggression. It's why a lot of our players would quit for months. If you had two kingdoms instead going at it, the server would look much more lively, even more than it was with just one and one side wouldn't be getting burnt out so often. If you had three, even moreso, but the third kingdom has hardly ever shifted the dynamic of the server since its implementation and i largely think thats down to population. If we could make the PvP experience more risky so people would actually die, the server would look more lively and the more lively it looks the more people it will attract and that will continue. If it looks like people are having fun, new people will come. At the minute its so hard to make progress in actually getting a fight that people just get pissy and bored because you have to wait hours for little timothy to leave the gatehop and make a mistake because you don't want to spend two months preparing to raid his 900 slope dirtwalled deed. When little timothy actually leaves deed, you can't do anything because Rolf has set up the game in such a way where he is encouraged as much as possible to maintain as many deeds as possible, built in ways that abuse as many mechanics as possible, and if for what ever reason he is not near those deeds, Rolf has given more than ample opportunity to instantly vanish with all of his gear no strings attached. Thanks Karma/Recall Home! Mechanics like that, and DR stacking just make it too easy to escape, the first being for long distance skirmishes, the second for gatehops. I enjoyed raiding JKH, but I got bored with nobody coming to raid me, and it was the same before that and the same after. Having played this game for as long as i can remember, I can count the number of times i've had to actually defend my deed on both my hands. Yes, LESS THAN TEN times, on Epic and Wild combined, and thats saying something considering there used to be PvP every week/weekend or whatever. Doesn't sound right, does it? (and this is a sample size of at least 8 years, which is when i actually started to invest a lot of time into the game instead of playing on/off like an ADD kid.) Hopefully someone gets some use out of this rambling, I really enjoyed this game and I hope I can do so again, but the developers don't seem to be taking the game in a direction my friends or I would enjoy. I came to this conclusion when it took a group of 18 people over three days on/off to raid an s15 deed because there were safemines every tile and we burned over 7 satchels of gems disintegrating and still didn't get into over half the ######. Hexproof, Ezalor, Zekezor, Fevster, Rai, Orlaz, Chev, Superspazz, and many others can all attest to ###### like this happening often. It was further drilled into me that this was a game i would no longer enjoy when doing something like that made building any deed in a similarly cancerous fashion take like 8 hours more at the most if you were working at a snails pace with hardly any help. tl;dr rolf has made the game as hard as possible for the aggressors and continues to do so, no aggression = no pvp = people get bored. memories Omar, the statement you made about players not going to take a risk if they can't get away simply isn't true at least when you look at the past where it was infinitely easier to catch someone. Look at the stories or videos involving combat before anyone had these garbage meditation paths, deeds every two feet, or traited horses. Oh, and for maximum nostalgia, heres our old alliance MOTD. Also, one last thing. I'd like to remind everyone that I took the heads of just about everyone who was an active participant of PvP on epic at any point in time. Thanks for getting me to 99.99996. Sucks the server is dead. But the one thing i can be proud of in my time playing is that i wasn't a new recruit of Ebonaura on Chaos before that died too, struggling for flint, being denied basic luxiries like tools and being assigned to a west-side, rundown, wooden Favela for four weeks before getting my class 1A security clearance, peace.
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    This, deeds definetly need a perk that removes decay on all items which cannot be stored in bins/crates. Even if it's something which you can enable for a small increase in deed upkeep (to compensate for magic chests costing silver). Right now I haven't bothered making things like armor stands to display armor with, as then my armor would be damaged when I'd actually need it, and since I can't reimp it myself that just isn't a fun outcome of using an armor stand. It just feels like the game is trying to punish me for trying to decorate my deed, at which point I sometimes do seriously wonder why I should even bother. Right now I just store such items on alts and ignore cosmetic items like armor stands, which is a shame since cosmetics can make a game so much better.
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    Any source of sugar with yeast to create alcohol or rather ethanol (ie bacteria farts). Beer - Basically any alcohol made from a mash of grains and hops. Wine - Generally any alcohol made from fruit; though, common usage in language associates with grapes. Wines from other fruits are also called Ciders. Sake - Despite being referred to as "rice wine", its actually closer to being a rice beer. Though, its distinctive enough to be its own deal really. Mead - Alcohol made from honey and water.
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    Most people with challenge rewards just threw their wallet at someone, I don't feel they "earned it" in the slightest. If the rewards were bound to the account that won them, then id have full understanding of wanting to keep them the way they are, but thats not the case. People trade them left and right. But as a compromise that is mentioned in the thread, the current holders of the rewards would be getting a fantastic versions. I'd be asking for other models/items if it wasnt for the fact i know wurm is limited on resources. But these models are already done, implemented and live. It would take a days work at most code wise to get them fully integrated as the OP suggests. We don't even got bloody glimmer/ada sets yet (and that would just be a blue/golden reskinned plate set... its like no effort), despite being so common on the epic cluster and despite the excistance of suggestion threads for them. So I'm gonna go by the assumption that there is very limited art dev time. sidenote: there is no dragons to kill in the case of these items (remember how freedom whined about unique resets?... that got implemented.). You gotta spends months on a really shitty edition of wurm and completely stop playing on the real servers to earn the rewards.