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    Thanks for sharing my video Retro :] - hopefully it can highlight that PvP servers can be lived / enjoyed and isn't all war/death and loss of items. This is 90% why I play on PvP servers, you form friends that will stand grounds in the most ridiculous circumstances, help replace gear even if they wasn't at the fight, defend your deed if you call out for help - and it isn't all gritty and trenches. Home servers on Epic provide a unique starting experence with close communites helping intergrate new players into alliances - or the helpful soul that spots you in local offering shelter from the lands or going alone and braving the odds - you end up in the same place no matter how the path starts; in an army or against an army. Not an epic player? Chaos have recruitment threads where you can be honest and explain you're new to pvp any decent kingdom will take you under the wing and show you the ropes - PvP isn't all death and replacing gears, it's knowing everything brick you create and every shield you make every horse born and saddle created, every meal, weapon, blacksmith, platesmith, bowery, arrow-quiver-locks-onion-ROAD BUILT will get used in a kingdom / group wide effort to defeat/defend from the enemy, so even skillers are an important asset to pvp! The smallest of items become important in PvP and within a PvP server. My first hota on Epic
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    Hi Everyone! This week has the launch of our new Wurm Unlimited devblog, containing updates and information specific to Wurm Unlimited as well as Wurm Unlimited specific social media, but there's still news for Wurm Online! But first. Patch Notes Wurm Unlimited devblog! Today marks the start of a monthly dev blog for Wurm Unlimited, which will run alongside the weekly news here, but focus on updates and information for Wurm Unlimited, as well as server events and such. That doesn't mean the news wont stop here though! Social media Alongside this is the launch of the social media pages for Wurm Unlimited as well, allowing us to share Wurm Unlimited content and events much easier, like and follow us to keep up to date with all the happenings in Wurm Unlimited! Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/wurmunlimited Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/wurmunlimited Enki was here Those visiting Glasshollow might notice things a little...flat. A slight mishap with some terraforming left the starter deed looking more like a football field than a piece of landscape, but thankfully the GM team was on hand to help correct some of the damage inflicted by Enki. Several members of the GM team were interviewed for their views on the incident, Ahem, well might be best to skip the GM Team's comments. Work continues on improving the Glasshollow starter deed, and Enki has been kicked out and sent back to Elementary Terraforming School on Test where he can do a lot less harm. PvP and combat changes PvP and combat changes continue to go through tweaks on the test server, be sure to keep an eye on our Feature Feedback thread for more info when the updates go in. Kyklops slaying on indy A kyklops slaying will be on indy in a few hours! Check it out here Community Content. A big draw for for Wurm is community coming together to work on projects, many great works have been achieved as a team, from the great canals and highway projects across servers, to small deeds built by a few friends. Something that a lot of PvE players might not realise is how much community matters in PvP, friends that will help build, skill and fight with you from the start to the finish, with always a friendly comment and attitude. This video is the creation of the Jenn-Kellon capital deed Worldstar after the reset of Elevation. Many hands make light work, but this still looks like a massive undertaking! That's it for this week. Be sure to like/follow us on Twitter and Facebook for little bits throughout the week! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    I premium 6 accounts when I actively play Wurm Online. I tried coming back a few months ago on Epic, didn't work out, the game is stale on PvP servers even after I changed things up and went a different kingdom. So I left Epic. I tried coming back to Chaos when they made a new PmK and it was fun for a bit, couldn't really compete with the bigwigs and was really annoyed with how the server fights because of the features it has. So I left Chaos. I tried out Freedom for the first time in my Wurm career, made a deed, logged on a few times a week and built it up. Got bored, left, came back bored again. So I left Freedom tl;dr - The PvP servers are stale, if the people that live on them don't agree then they are seriously in denial and don't want any change to what they own. I played this game for about 10 years or so, its a shame that I don't see myself playing it anymore. Unless some balances and drastic changes are put forth to the actual PvP side of the game, I won't return. Someone should put up the graph again so we can see what the playercount is down to.
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    Nothing, I mean NOTHING should decay on a deed with at least 30 days upkeep. What better way to retain players than by guaranteeing their precious items will not decay as long as they keep their upkeep paid? Decay should be a mechanic to remove ABANDONED deed items.
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    I heard that there is finally chance, that high quality ships will be faster. I think, it is (or soon will be) tested on test server. Once again I'm offering free improve of your ship. Just bring your ship to my shipyard (Independence 17x49y) and I will improve it to ql above 88.4 ... 88.4 is my current woodcutting limit. If you will bring with you better logs, I can improve your ship even higher. Improving ship quality so high is not fast process, expect more than hour of work. Waiting times depends on length of queue too, of course. Last week I already improved dozen ships of friends and one ship turned to rare And why I'm doing that all? For skill mainly (99.38 shipbuilding and 99.94 carpentry) and to be usefull for community. Improving ships is free, but few logs or iron lumps ql above 90 are welcome too
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    Tools are sent by COD. Rare Blank Tools Misc (4) 80ql Rare Awl - 5s ea (2) 80ql Rare Hammer - 5s ea
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    I have both Online and Unlimited, but it's Online that I spend my time in. I still like to play around with the god tools in Unlimited though to see what's possible. DeedPlanner is of course amaaaaazing but to truly test out the atmosphere, with lighting and all the possible items, having Unlimited really pays off. One of the things I get a kick out of is hunting for gorgeous places in other games and testing out how close I can make Wurm look. I've done this mostly with ESO, but I now bought Black Desert for this purpose as well. I posted a short video today of the results from making a Daggerfall stables copy: Now while I was creating this area, I ran into some challenges due to lack of the right kinds of items we have in Wurm. Decorational rocks - see all those rocks in the video, especially piled up against the high wall? (I spawned the source spring objects to make fake rocks) It would be cool to be able to place rocks and boulders in Wurm. Perhaps they could be fragments from a destructed Rift? And since Wurm is all about making every item usable in some way, perhaps you could "mine" them to shatter into rock shards. In UO we had several types of decorational rocks and they were very popular indeed. Large grain sacks. See the "missing 3d object" sacks with the question marks? It would be great if we could get those as actual objects in the game, a new type of container - just use the "missing 3d object" sack minus the question mark of course Wheelbarrows, could work like the small carts - you could carry less than a small cart, however you could move faster, perhaps at a completely normal walking pace Decorative stone and wooden fences (maybe called something other than a fence (barricade, barrier etc) as not to be confusing) that can be pushed, pulled and rotated like benches or statues. This would compensate for not being able to place diagonal fences. In their place, I used Keystones Water troughs for the horses/cows. Could be filled with water which would evaporate over time. So it could have a full and empty look. (in this case I pushed a wooden bench into the wall) (I'm pretty sure I've seen others requesting this one as well) See how colorless the night time is in Wurm compared to ESO? I wonder if our night couldn't do with a slight tinge of blue to it to make it more atmospheric
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    Enki was here Those visiting Glasshollow might notice things a little...flat. A slight mishap with some terraforming left the starter deed looking more like a football field Maybe Enki just trying to give the Devs some hints for a new minigame
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    Someone likes two steps from hell (mclovin) If only all the names in that local still played :< Rip epic glory days
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    This, deeds definetly need a perk that removes decay on all items which cannot be stored in bins/crates. Even if it's something which you can enable for a small increase in deed upkeep (to compensate for magic chests costing silver). Right now I haven't bothered making things like armor stands to display armor with, as then my armor would be damaged when I'd actually need it, and since I can't reimp it myself that just isn't a fun outcome of using an armor stand. It just feels like the game is trying to punish me for trying to decorate my deed, at which point I sometimes do seriously wonder why I should even bother. Right now I just store such items on alts and ignore cosmetic items like armor stands, which is a shame since cosmetics can make a game so much better.
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    Hmmm, well, if WA was gone, MR would no longer have to be scared to walk more than 3 tiles from the nearest hop and we might actually see more PvP.... so I'll +1 this.
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    +1 to removing AoSP and WA.
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    Just because you have a hard time comprehending balance doesn't mean there shouldn't be some fine tuning, especially to the slow amount ( not duration ) but wouldn't expect PvE players to understand
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    New meta: carry 2 scale sets, one aosp one wa Advantages: baller af Disadvantages: sucks when drop loot
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    Hell in small fights aosp is strong. I remember killing some tanky MRE once and I took like 30-40% damage from aosp without being targeted before they died. Just bring back foot/ calf shot slowing people as it should and web armor won't be so dominant you will see a mix up.
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    I saw this post and was confused, since it was the first I'd heard of it. So, I decided to poke at what WU code I have available, and there were some very interesting findings in the function responsible for this (Item.getDecayMultByParents()): Pottery amphorae indeed slow the decay of contents, seemingly both liquid and non-liquid Cedar containers slow decay (!) These checks are recursive, checking containers within containers, so it's entirely probable that stacking cedar containers can slow decay exponentially (!!!!!). For example, a cedar small chest inside a cedar large barrel inside a cedar cart may have substantially slower decay. Disclaimer: My decompiled WU code is a couple versions old because I'm lazy. I also cannot fully guarantee that WO's behavior is identical to WU (although it almost certainly is in cases like this), and there is always the possibility I'm straight-up wrong about something, so I encourage people to do whatever testing and analysis comes to mind regarding this. EDIT: I've been needing to intentionally decay massive quantities of meat for the purpose of grinding butchering skill, so now's a good time to test this. I suppose I can shove a bunch of meat inside a cedar cart, or a ship or something, with cedar chests inside those, and compare that to a non-cedar equivalent. Will take a while to test appropriately, though... decay isn't always fast.
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    Bad business to say something is going to stay in game then go back on their word. Also part of the discussion was giving compensation to those currently holding them. I didn't buy one until after legacy items were said to be left in game. A suggestion made by the dev team was to give large magic chests to those currently holding these containers. I for one wouldn't mind that as compensation.
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    There is, It's called Wurm Unlimited. It's like wurm online, But better AND cheaper!
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    Remove plz Germania X25 Y30 Ford Haven X23 Y30 TY
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    All those names you mentioned Jonydowy, had made some entertaining and informative videos. I like to see wurm through the eyes of others in that regard and fun to watch. I have to add another great that had me strongly consider playing epic a while back when i had little interest..and that was the mighty Storm Ray and his black light epic news. Deep in the archives is also one of his videos filled in for by propheteer when poor storm had a broken jaw.... Seeing storm try to eat at burger king with a newly minted set of chompers was only slighty more riveting than emoo's stab'm contest wilst eating hot chili sauce
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    Wurm simply isn't worth the time, or money investment on the PvP side of things at this point in time. Until something changes, like the much requested merge or reset to keep people occupied until meaningful changes are put in place. (If you liked the PvP videos anyway.) wtb merge
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    I liked the bowl of chili challenge with Emoo 20 random alts with rakes/short swords against a sotg, chief, scale wearin, artifact wieldin nerd who woulda thought he won
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    lazy? come cut my two acres with a push mower please. +1 to the OP (and I would add adding a sickle to the noob toolkit), there is no reason not to make re-forestation much easier.
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    Imo it's not fair to put sanctions to impers just because people spamming creations to get rares