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    Thanks for sharing my video Retro :] - hopefully it can highlight that PvP servers can be lived / enjoyed and isn't all war/death and loss of items. This is 90% why I play on PvP servers, you form friends that will stand grounds in the most ridiculous circumstances, help replace gear even if they wasn't at the fight, defend your deed if you call out for help - and it isn't all gritty and trenches. Home servers on Epic provide a unique starting experence with close communites helping intergrate new players into alliances - or the helpful soul that spots you in local offering shelter from the lands or going alone and braving the odds - you end up in the same place no matter how the path starts; in an army or against an army. Not an epic player? Chaos have recruitment threads where you can be honest and explain you're new to pvp any decent kingdom will take you under the wing and show you the ropes - PvP isn't all death and replacing gears, it's knowing everything brick you create and every shield you make every horse born and saddle created, every meal, weapon, blacksmith, platesmith, bowery, arrow-quiver-locks-onion-ROAD BUILT will get used in a kingdom / group wide effort to defeat/defend from the enemy, so even skillers are an important asset to pvp! The smallest of items become important in PvP and within a PvP server. My first hota on Epic
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    Hi Everyone! This week has the launch of our new Wurm Unlimited devblog, containing updates and information specific to Wurm Unlimited as well as Wurm Unlimited specific social media, but there's still news for Wurm Online! But first. Patch Notes Wurm Unlimited devblog! Today marks the start of a monthly dev blog for Wurm Unlimited, which will run alongside the weekly news here, but focus on updates and information for Wurm Unlimited, as well as server events and such. That doesn't mean the news wont stop here though! Social media Alongside this is the launch of the social media pages for Wurm Unlimited as well, allowing us to share Wurm Unlimited content and events much easier, like and follow us to keep up to date with all the happenings in Wurm Unlimited! Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/wurmunlimited Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/wurmunlimited Enki was here Those visiting Glasshollow might notice things a little...flat. A slight mishap with some terraforming left the starter deed looking more like a football field than a piece of landscape, but thankfully the GM team was on hand to help correct some of the damage inflicted by Enki. Several members of the GM team were interviewed for their views on the incident, Ahem, well might be best to skip the GM Team's comments. Work continues on improving the Glasshollow starter deed, and Enki has been kicked out and sent back to Elementary Terraforming School on Test where he can do a lot less harm. PvP and combat changes PvP and combat changes continue to go through tweaks on the test server, be sure to keep an eye on our Feature Feedback thread for more info when the updates go in. Kyklops slaying on indy A kyklops slaying will be on indy in a few hours! Check it out here Community Content. A big draw for for Wurm is community coming together to work on projects, many great works have been achieved as a team, from the great canals and highway projects across servers, to small deeds built by a few friends. Something that a lot of PvE players might not realise is how much community matters in PvP, friends that will help build, skill and fight with you from the start to the finish, with always a friendly comment and attitude. This video is the creation of the Jenn-Kellon capital deed Worldstar after the reset of Elevation. Many hands make light work, but this still looks like a massive undertaking! That's it for this week. Be sure to like/follow us on Twitter and Facebook for little bits throughout the week! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    Never understood the need for decay the way it has been. Not sure about how the code is organised but logically the simplest way would be to say no decay on anything in a building on a deed. If its kept inside it can be assumed to be being "looked after", if outside its exposed to the elements and thus needs some degree of maintenance. I'm much the same, important things I can't put down as I don't want them taking unnecessary damage. I'd prefer to focus on playing the game rather than some sort of maintenance guy.
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    I premium 6 accounts when I actively play Wurm Online. I tried coming back a few months ago on Epic, didn't work out, the game is stale on PvP servers even after I changed things up and went a different kingdom. So I left Epic. I tried coming back to Chaos when they made a new PmK and it was fun for a bit, couldn't really compete with the bigwigs and was really annoyed with how the server fights because of the features it has. So I left Chaos. I tried out Freedom for the first time in my Wurm career, made a deed, logged on a few times a week and built it up. Got bored, left, came back bored again. So I left Freedom tl;dr - The PvP servers are stale, if the people that live on them don't agree then they are seriously in denial and don't want any change to what they own. I played this game for about 10 years or so, its a shame that I don't see myself playing it anymore. Unless some balances and drastic changes are put forth to the actual PvP side of the game, I won't return. Someone should put up the graph again so we can see what the playercount is down to.
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    Nothing, I mean NOTHING should decay on a deed with at least 30 days upkeep. What better way to retain players than by guaranteeing their precious items will not decay as long as they keep their upkeep paid? Decay should be a mechanic to remove ABANDONED deed items.
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    I heard that there is finally chance, that high quality ships will be faster. I think, it is (or soon will be) tested on test server. Once again I'm offering free improve of your ship. Just bring your ship to my shipyard (Independence 17x49y) and I will improve it to ql above 88.4 ... 88.4 is my current woodcutting limit. If you will bring with you better logs, I can improve your ship even higher. Improving ship quality so high is not fast process, expect more than hour of work. Waiting times depends on length of queue too, of course. Last week I already improved dozen ships of friends and one ship turned to rare And why I'm doing that all? For skill mainly (99.38 shipbuilding and 99.94 carpentry) and to be usefull for community. Improving ships is free, but few logs or iron lumps ql above 90 are welcome too
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    Make the fletching(The feathers) bright red to aid in spotting them, making arrow recovery much easier. EDIT: I'm not talking about adding a step to crafting arrows. The arrows have feather on them already. Those feathers are a dull white and have a habit of blending in. Just want a colour change in the model, nothing else.
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    Scythe sent, Zahl. Enjoy. Also: stock update! Added clay shapers, leggats, spatulas, steel pickaxes, and steel lumps. Custom enchanting is on its way back.
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    I'm going to set up a voice chat on Discord (new and very powerful yet easy to use chat tool). Read about it here: https://discordapp.com/ So, who would be interested in joining? (Will only make sense if more than one or two players are interested ) Please reply here.
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    Bring back asop-LT interaction. @makeasopgreatagain
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    +1 healthy for pvp if people go more then 3 tiles from hops
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    Enki was here Those visiting Glasshollow might notice things a little...flat. A slight mishap with some terraforming left the starter deed looking more like a football field Maybe Enki just trying to give the Devs some hints for a new minigame
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    Someone likes two steps from hell (mclovin) If only all the names in that local still played :< Rip epic glory days
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    Nothing wrong if glasshollow team win this year in football...
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    Hmmm, well, if WA was gone, MR would no longer have to be scared to walk more than 3 tiles from the nearest hop and we might actually see more PvP.... so I'll +1 this.
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    +1 to removing AoSP and WA.
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    Just because you have a hard time comprehending balance doesn't mean there shouldn't be some fine tuning, especially to the slow amount ( not duration ) but wouldn't expect PvE players to understand
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    Ridiculous fad with some detrimental consequences and not just mental ones either. I mean more the physical type that can effect others since the game carelessly and naively encourages players to participate within it in the outside world. What people play within their own dwellings I could care less and not have much to say about it, other than I would have no interest in it. =Ayes=
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    Fishing has its moments [23:14:14] Fishing increased by 0.000008 to 99.999969
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    Lets face it, the status of the fountain pans was at the same "level" as the past xmas presents for example have. People, who were in the game at the time got them.. those, who weren't in game, missed them. If they were removed shortly after they were created, it would've been fine, but after so many years it became a pretty big part of the game. So removal of them is pretty much the same, as Rolf now would start removing past Xmas presents. And what has the removal achieved? It didn't affect those people, who didn't own those items. Their gameplay wasn't improved or anything. It only pissed off those people, who did own them, thats the only thing that change achieved.
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    i think what they're saying is they dont want to pay for something that isnt fun anymore Example: i wasn't having fun, so i let all my premiums lapse. if the game appealed to me anymore i would reprem
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    Remove plz Germania X25 Y30 Ford Haven X23 Y30 TY
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    By the same people as elevation reset We all know how that ended.
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    lazy? come cut my two acres with a push mower please. +1 to the OP (and I would add adding a sickle to the noob toolkit), there is no reason not to make re-forestation much easier.