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    This lovely Avatar of Fo visited my deed on Deliverance yesterday, and he got me thinking. How cool would it be if my alt (whom I plan to make a Fo priest eventually) could just walk up to this avatar, right click, and convert herself to Fo, similar to the way the White Light works? This would provide a useful dimension to avatars that benefits those who want to be converted and either A.) can't find someone to convert them or B.) cannot/do not wish to risk going to the White Light for a conversion. Right now, converting to most religions is easily done--shout out in KChat for a conversion and you got it. But for some harder to find followers and/or priests, such as Tosiek, Nathan, and Paaweelr... It may prove beneficial to those wanting to choose that religion to have another way for it to be done. It also would add another incentive to go out and explore when missions pop up pertaining to these avatars. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions!
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    I heard that there is finally chance, that high quality ships will be faster. I think, it is (or soon will be) tested on test server. Once again I'm offering free improve of your ship. Just bring your ship to my shipyard (Independence 17x49y) and I will improve it to ql above 88.4 ... 88.4 is my current woodcutting limit. If you will bring with you better logs, I can improve your ship even higher. Improving ship quality so high is not fast process, expect more than hour of work. Waiting times depends on length of queue too, of course. Last week I already improved dozen ships of friends and one ship turned to rare And why I'm doing that all? For skill mainly (99.38 shipbuilding and 99.94 carpentry) and to be usefull for community. Improving ships is free, but few logs or iron lumps ql above 90 are welcome too
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    Here are photos of the new clothing items released today. http://imgur.com/a/yFJTW
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    My "Dungeon" or rather, smithy.
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    Rift loot Tweaks Tweaked distance to killing a rift creature to 4 tiles from 5 to get participation. Participation levels tweaked from 10/20/40 to 15/20/60 points. Following healing spells will now have a chance to gain participation when user or target are within the rift zone: Cure Light, Cure Medium, Cure Serious, Light of Fo, Heal, Scorn of Libila Drain Health will have a small chance if the target is a Rift creature Final loot table is now random between seryll, glimmer and adamantine lumps. Lump weight will be dependant on participation in the same manner as QL. Rift creatures (except for champions and the warmaster) no longer have a chance to drop rift loot. Rift loot will now have a chance to drop when the Rift is closed based on participation levels. Higher participation level will mean more chances to get a loot drop. New Clothing green cloth tunic red cloth tunic black belted vest Each item requires a cloth shirt and water to start, and coloring components with a leather belt to finish. Recommended Cloth Tailoring skill is ~ 15-20 green cloth sleeve red cloth sleeve brown striped breeches black cloth pants green cloth pants Each item requires a needle and cloth square to start, with coloring components to finish. Recommended Cloth Tailoring skill is ~ 15-20 as well patchwork pants Requires needle + wool square, skill is trivial Removed small axe Combat Rating nerf. Client update 3.99 zc http://www.wurmonline.com/2016/07/14/client-update-3-99-zc/ Bugfix – Text fix when creating new unfinished items, no more extra space and capital U.
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    I'm going to say - Try it before you hate it. There's a huge problem with that never happening before feedback gets posted. You cannot post honest feedback without trying it. So stick with that. Next week, tell us what you thought.
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    So I had 2 little opposite tiles that were "useless" before, other than having a fountain in one of them for water, and decided to spruce them up by trying out this new cave dwelling business. Very cozy, if I don't say so myself!
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    The topic asking for this has been archived so have to make a new thread. Please bring back old oleander bushes. They were pretty, pink and looked like real oleanders. Thanks. New/current oleander Old and MUCH BETTER oleander:
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    Adding a discard key bind should be pretty self-explaining. Currently discarding a bigger amount of logs/rock shards or whatever is pretty annoying. Adding a key bind for this most likely isnt too much work?
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    Come and get some blood to make potion of leatherworking and title Giantslayer (rare bone, and other will be private loot) localisation: Independence P 24/25 for more info contact Kenshi
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    It's a common issue with MMO gear, what looks good (to an individual) is often not what is most powerful/appropriate. Hence the current popularity of various cosmetic systems that change the appearance of your equipment.
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    Player gods (Nathan, Nahjo, Tosiek and Paaweelr) also have avatars.
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    PmG have avatars also.
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    This video has been in the vault for a year or so - It's my take on "Wurm is beautiful" for Epic/Elevation. This video shows a timelapse of discovering new elevation, a deed and building the capital of Jenn Kellon which was later named Worldstar. The video took 800gb of HDD space and was literaly hours upon hours of clips. The account would record whilst I slept too. I sat through cut clips and sped up resulting in 120 hours to become 13.54 minutes. An amazing kingdom effort went into getting Worldstar built before any other captial on Elevation with the total build time being just 5 days. 2015-04-15 055 PM - Founder deed KittyKatCastle is placed Logging started 2015-04-20 - Worldstar is completed and a naming tournament is underway - winner gets to name the deed. [01:52:45] Siimerowpha slain by Chon Chinpow Amberain Baultr [01:53:10] Silverbean slain by Scottius Boomhauer Awardis Olloch Permo [01:53:36] Olloch slain by Sulfoce Shankiest Unholy [01:548] Cybrax slain by Chinpow Amberain Baultr [01:54:21] Amberain slain by Sulfoce Cobb Rhianna Tigrosaur Cybrax [01:54:35] Unholy slain by Shankiest Permo [01:54:49] Rhianna slain by Scottius Chon Amberain [01:54:55] Blayze slain by Sulfoce Awardis Permo [01:565] Awardis slain by Silverbean Scottius Blayze Solarblade Shankiest Baultr Permo [01:56:58] Chon slain by Scottius Boomhauer Cobb Ausimus Baultr Shankiest [01:577] Cobb slain by Scottius Boomhauer Sulfoce Chon Chinpow Amberain Ausimus Baultr [01:58:33] Ausimus slain by Scottius Chon Chinpow Cobb Rhianna Baultr Shankiest Tigrosaur Permo [01:592] Tigrosaur slain by Chinpow Amberain Baultr Shankiest <00:24:03> "Mclovin[Solarblade]": [01:59:43] Boomhauer slain by Scottius Permo [0227] Scottius slain by Chinpow Ausimus Shankiest Baultr [023:49] Permo slain by Boomhauer Chinpow Shankiest Baultr [024:23] Baultr slain by Scottius Chinpow Shankiest Permo [025:40] Chinpow slain by Scottius Shankiest [0275] Ankoroth slain by Shankiest Acer [timelines are mucked up because of TS - Shankiest tabb missing but he won and named the deed Worldstar]
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    Hrm, is that a joke ? 200 mobs, 10 will have a chance to drop loot... alright, sounds fun... and still highly RGN based. Doesn't sounds like an improvment at all. Participation level is still mainly a hit everything thing, so if only the highest hit and runner get something, we will have an even more limited amount of loot and maybe not going to those who did the bigger part of the job. Maybe it's another one of those 'wait and see how it works update' but it doesn't bode well and seems like the rifts will be even worse than they actually are.
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    "We could has spell to TEARR our village from GROUND and turn it into FLOATING CITADEL!! " I applaud for the uncaged imagination behind this!
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    Any source of sugar with yeast to create alcohol or rather ethanol (ie bacteria farts). Beer - Basically any alcohol made from a mash of grains and hops. Wine - Generally any alcohol made from fruit; though, common usage in language associates with grapes. Wines from other fruits are also called Ciders. Sake - Despite being referred to as "rice wine", its actually closer to being a rice beer. Though, its distinctive enough to be its own deal really. Mead - Alcohol made from honey and water.
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    A very cool and imaginative idea Chimerical. This would indeed provide some bonus to those roving avatar gods by interacting with them in a peaceful way. Just not too sure how often it would be used since as you stated the easiest way to convert is just to ask on Kchat. It's the thought that counts, they say. =Ayes=
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    Good luck finding them purposely +1
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    +1 Converting to follow/preach a religion after meeting the living avatar of that deity? Makes perfect sense to me!
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    This is actually a nice idea, +1 from me!
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    Not a bad idea at all. With some islands having low populations of priests, this is a great alternative to traveling to the altar to priest or paying to have someone travel. Nice idea!
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    if theres one thing mr has to be proud of its art many items fit this category
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    I don't think it should be permanent (Obviously it isn't in a way because of lamp decay, but you know what I mean ). Perhaps tied to cast strength and lamp QL? For example, 1 wurm week of lighting per 10QL and 10strength of cast, so 90QL lamp at 100 cast would stay lit for 19 wurm weeks (approx. 17 RL days or some such.). If it seems a little short perhaps a x2 multiplier on the end putting the example at 38 wurm weeks? Or because QL already affects the brightness, put more emphasis on the cast and have a x3 on cast only, so each 10 strength would gain 3 wurm weeks resulting in the above example giving 39 wurm weeks (just above a RL month). If multiple priests have the ability, the spells need the same cost.
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    It was interesting to watch, thanks for sharing. It's always cool to see what groups of people working together can accomplish which is something I feel that is very unique to the pvp mindset, it also shows a different side to pvp too in general There isn't much I have to share, outside of pictures of 50000000000000000 piles of logs
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    Notice the steam around the big tub? Thats fog spider corpses.. They make good steam effects for screen shots!
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    A tailor's dummy (mannequin) is a frame on which clothing can be displayed. At most one item can be equipped in each slot.
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    Hey all, maybe I am the last one to notice, and only made aware of it by a customer who seriously intends to travel 3 hours instead mailing an item, because you can only mail an item 10 times in total? If you put your item in the mailbox and attempt to send it, there is a little counter in the column "left". That's supposed to show how often you can mail something. What if someone mails their stuff to get it imped, doesn't know what this is, and can't get it mailed back because it ran out of mailing options? Would be so frustrating if I had to travel for everything I need imped. Beside the negative effects on "custom enchant" and "improving stuff" busineness. Can we have this "feature" removed please? I would much prefer to mail my stuff to my favourite crafters for imps. And as a priest I have no other option than to have others help me with the crafting. What do you think?
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    Nothing, I mean NOTHING should decay on a deed with at least 30 days upkeep. What better way to retain players than by guaranteeing their precious items will not decay as long as they keep their upkeep paid? Decay should be a mechanic to remove ABANDONED deed items.
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    Also one more release of no fog spider thing: https://github.com/nekoexmachina/nofogspiders/releases/tag/0.3 This removes the polling cycle that clears out the fog spiders (which I hoped I would not need to do w/ removal of fog spiders spawn), adds remover for counter of Eggs (which contributes to the lag). Also now it is merged with noachievements mod, so if you're updating remove noachievements/ and noachievements.properties from your mods directory.
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    What do you thinks in the locked room I didn't show
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    Well, maybe because it's already the case, the loot drops are not easy and totally random... and the participation list means ######. Seeing I already walked empty handed on the last 3 rifts, the want want want is not that strong with me... what I see is people getting rewarded randomly by RGN instead of having an increased chance of getting reward per mobs slain. So what is the challenge in hitting 150 mobs but killing none (and getting rewards with low FS) or really slaying 50 including a few ogres single handed or trying to help some dieing fellas (and having nothing, like many did). Of course, I want rewards, but I want them in a way that means everyone will have a fair chance of having them... and we are more and more moving away from it. What will happen with that new change ? Peeps will just rush the champs and try to kill them (and most will have the too crowded message and be out of luck), most of the mobs are just useless fodder now. TL;DR. Rifts were better on the test server, it's getting worse... and you are mostly missing the point of having a fair system.
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    >you'll never be excited about wurm again >you'll never sip from a cup of glögg in a blizzard while singing christmas songs in ts again as the favela of 70 brazilians just north of your deed is slaughtered by drakespirits >you'll never again look forward about claiming fair maidens from mol rehan and jenn kellon as you're ravaging their lands and then return back to base with the bros i'll have to create a teleportation tool just to experience this level of comfyness again
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    This game is insidious! Its making people get out and about! THE HORROR!!! Cant breathe with all this fresh air! Beware the daystar!
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    sorry wasn't keeping track of what is going on on the forum. We have found other problem on ages - fog spiders that spawn on their own still contribute to the lag, so please grab new version of the no fog spiders mod. (will publish in a few minutes) new version removes any and all spawn, not only spawns during fog. so you can't even get fog spiders with wand spawn.
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    fights away from a gatehop AOSP is useful, its also useful on boats.
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    Would also love a server-side MOTD mod that does a global broadcast to all players at a specific time interval. For some server owners this is the only way to let new players know how they can find help and contact staff members.
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    I saw this post and was confused, since it was the first I'd heard of it. So, I decided to poke at what WU code I have available, and there were some very interesting findings in the function responsible for this (Item.getDecayMultByParents()): Pottery amphorae indeed slow the decay of contents, seemingly both liquid and non-liquid Cedar containers slow decay (!) These checks are recursive, checking containers within containers, so it's entirely probable that stacking cedar containers can slow decay exponentially (!!!!!). For example, a cedar small chest inside a cedar large barrel inside a cedar cart may have substantially slower decay. Disclaimer: My decompiled WU code is a couple versions old because I'm lazy. I also cannot fully guarantee that WO's behavior is identical to WU (although it almost certainly is in cases like this), and there is always the possibility I'm straight-up wrong about something, so I encourage people to do whatever testing and analysis comes to mind regarding this. EDIT: I've been needing to intentionally decay massive quantities of meat for the purpose of grinding butchering skill, so now's a good time to test this. I suppose I can shove a bunch of meat inside a cedar cart, or a ship or something, with cedar chests inside those, and compare that to a non-cedar equivalent. Will take a while to test appropriately, though... decay isn't always fast.
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    Just had someone ask if there was any way to dye hair, and it makes me want to ask. Would it be possible to allow for people's hair to be dye'ed with the craft-able in game dye? It's cheesy as hell, but why not? Maybe have it slowly fade as time passes, use water to rinse it out?
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    Yes please to this too Blue hair for the win. .
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    Just disable it on PvP servers then, we don't mind if your numbers drop too much
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    All this talk of death and healers at rifts, idk what you guys are doing wrong but you probably need to train up more and are attempting something beyond your skills. I did a rift with only 3 other people and no healers through all three stages and even sat farming mobs on the third stage. Nobody died and nobody lost a horse. I have a feeling you've geared up 10fs players or something and are expecting them to be able to do this if you're spamming LoF, when this is completely an unreasonable expectation. Rifts are end game content with high strength mobs and aren't meant to be doable by just anyone. Go skill up some instead of complaining to make something easy enough for alts to do
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    Entertainment News Another Saturday night in Wurm and I had the pleasure of seeing a new comedic talent do his routine on the stage at Misfits Lodge down on Celebration. The rather large crowd was pounding back some of Wikidvudu's delicious Foggy Bombshells™ and in great spirits for the show. Making his very first appearance at the club was an up and comer by the name of Rodney Dangerwurm. Here's some of the highlights on the night. ----- Hello ladies and gentlewurms, it's nice to be here at Misfits Lodge! As a new Wurmian, I gotta tell ya, I was ugly, I was so ugly when I tried to use my silver hand mirror, it cracked. I was so ugly, my first mayor tied a meat filet around my neck, so the town dog would play with me. I was ugly alright, when I used to play in the sandbox, the champ wild cats kept covering me up. I was so ugly, my mother used to feed me with a catapult! When I was a kid my parents moved a lot, but I always found them. If you think that's bad, last week my cloth shirt caught on fire. Some guy tried to put it out with a huge axe! Yeah, I know I'm ugly... I said to a bartender, "Make me a zombie." He said, "Rolf beat me to it." I drink too much as well. The last time I gave a urine sample, it had an olive in it. I tell ya, if that wasn't bad enough, when I was a kid all I knew was rejection. So much so that when I played with my yo-yo, it never came back! When I was a kid I got no respect. There was the time I was kidnapped by goblins. They cut off my finger and sent it to my father. He messaged them back saying he wanted more proof! Next day they sent my parents a note saying, "We want five hundred silver coins, or you'll SEE your kid again." I gotta tell ya, my wife was never nice. On our first date, I asked her if I could give her a goodnight kiss on the cheek - she bent over! Not long ago, my wife made me join a bridge club. I jump off next Tuesday. One time I went to a hotel. I asked the bellhop to handle my bag. He felt up my wife! Speaking of my wife, she only has sex with me for a purpose. Last night she used me to time an egg. The other night my wife met me at the front door. She was wearing a sexy negligee. The only trouble was, she was coming home. My wife used to be afraid of the dark... then she saw me naked and now she's afraid of the light. I tell ya, I get no respect. You've been a great audience, thanks for coming and remember to tip your waitress. Good night everyone!
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    Best thing for Wurm would be for you and all the final remaining doom and gloom gang to move on to WoW. \o I'm quite enjoying all the updates and work the devs are doing for the game now.