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    Macros are NOT allowed in Wurm Online! We have gone to extra lengths in the tutorial, rules, and other places to make it well known that we do not approve of Macro use. Macros are NOT allowed in Wurm Online! You are allowed to use keybinds to fill your queue. We explained this in the rules! Macros are NOT allowed in Wurm Online! If you use macros you will be detected and you will have your avatar/s banned. Macros are NOT allowed in Wurm Online! With that unpleasantness out of the way I would just like to remind you Macros are NOT allowed in Wurm Online! Thank you, Wurm Online Team
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    I know that people that like to steal horse equipments on rifts will scream at me probably, but why are branded horses lootable for everyone? You can not steal a branded horse, so wouldnt it make sense to also make the loot of the dead corpse secure for some time/ 1 hour or so too? That would prevent the stealing of horse equipment on the rifts, people had the chance to get the stuff back at least for the time the rift is on. As it is now, people will use their horses without any good gear, or with none. Thats ok, but why are peoples corpses secure then? For me its not logical. Either we want people to be able to loot other peoples stuff, like in many other MMOs and on PVP server, or PVE will not allow it, then why horse equipment? I know, people that like stealing will now say: Its good to have the thrill you could loose something, but hey there is enough thrill in the fact that loosing skills from dying is there. And for more of that everyone could go to PVP if they like to loot others and to be looted? The thing is, that I only find it not so great to be able to put on high quality gear on a person, but to ride a crappy horse with no gear into the battle on the other hand. Also it makes no sense to put some protection on the horse because, you will probably loose it. Horse armour makes nearly no sense on PVE at the moment because it will only slow the horse down. Here it could be cool to make and use it, but only a view people would take the risk to do so, most people will have stuff stolen sometimes and only use horses with bad gear in the battle. For my taste eigher both (people and horses) are lootable, or none. What do you think?
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    In my latest Wurm video, I explain the story of how we got the rare horse colors :-)
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    Since their introduction to Wurm "Rifts" appear frequently on the Freedom isles. When they do they not only spawn "alien structures" (crystals, columns, trees...), but they also deform and disfigure the landscape considerably. They create mounds, hills and even "spikes" with 20+ slopes. This not only occurs somewhere out in the wild, in the middle of nowhere, but also in developed and populated areas, even close to deeds. What is worse: the distortion also destroys roads, highways and even off-deed buildings. Please change the rift mechanics so that the disfigurement of the landscape is minimized, and keep them away from highways, roads and user-built structures. Also: let the alien structures decay more rapidly. (At the current high spawn rate, it will only be a matter of time until our servers will turn into strange alien landscapes...)
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    Your argument has a few flaws. People who grind blacksmithing or weaponsmithing do it for the skill gain. With regards to the items they need for said skill gain, the game actually accommodates people to make more and more, as many as they want, in fact. The game gives them containers to use so they can put more on a tile, and as many as they want, on their deeds. Smiths can create as many items as they want: Items to imp or items created, nothing will stop them from having as many item as they want in armor stands, weapons racks, forges, coffins or chests. From here, they have a choice: They can on occasion repair damaged items, or they can leave them, and eventually said items will poof. This analogy can be extended to horse breeders: A rancher can leave his horses to die from old age (they poof), or he can ensure longevity by caring for them. Now notice how the analogy can be further extended: If a rancher wants skill gain, they can go groom their horses (like a smith can imp their items). If they don't, or if they don't watch the enchanted grass and ensure it does not get packed, the horse will take damage eventually (get skinny), which you can remedy with a priest or special attention. In the same way, anyone else can ensure damaged items can be repaired. There is a difference between having a lot of items with which you can grind skills if you want to, and actually having a lot of items around. Now, with regards to animal breeding specifically: Even with high AH skills, you still have to breed a lot of animals to ensure bloodlines are not mixed, nor that you run out of the speed traits. The game allows for people to have a lot of animals on deed if they choose to, the same way it allows a smith to have a lot of items on his deed. It is called deed ratio for animals. As long as you ensure you stay above the 15 needed, you are not exceeding the requirements and thus you ensure the relative health of your flock. However, there is a big difference between smiths and breeders: Animal ranchers need lots of tiles for their horses. Unlike smiths, there are no containers created in this game where ranchers can store a lot of animals in smaller spaces. Ranchers have to have the actual tiles, which, by the way, we pay for. In this same way, a crop farmer needs lots of tiles, granted. However, nobody says you need to rake daily - farmers can always get more crops even if they just plant and harvest. They don't have to rake hourly or daily to ensure aphids do not eat their crops, they do not have to spray the crops, they do not have to water the crops, there is never a drought, and the plants do not get sunburnt. Perhaps it is wise not to confuse SKILLGRINDING with creation or items. If you want this game to turn into a job, then you may find people take their time spent in this game when they want to relax, elsewhere. This will include their money. I would really appreciate it if people stop insulting others just because they choose to play the game in a different way to you. If you love living out a passion for making this game into a job, more power to you. If I don't, please leave me be.
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    I don't even know where to start from, the post above this is just terrible and i hope devs are not going to pick anything from it. Jumping over... palisades? Through roofs? Diseases that spread up to 40 meters? Through...house walls and roofs again? Feed them every day and groom twice like there're not enough chores in Wurm? You also know better how many animals people need. By the way... Instead of 1-2 ranchers per alliance, make everybody do it? Increased diseases rate on deed? So basically ruin everything just to please... actually, who would even be pleased with this? Hello? Please, this is a huge chunk of bullcrap.
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    Hello fellow wurmians i am here for all your color needs in a bland wurm world anything from 70ql-90ql paints most colors are easy pm me or post here with any questions or jobs. Prices start from 11c kg to 55c kg depending on colors Thank you for your time
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    I don't think changing the terrain is needed or even adds anything. Would be better to just remove it. *Edit: for clarity I mean the pointless dips and spikes, removing the trees and grass is fine.
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    I suggest any rift where something like this happens everyone should check their event logs and find the thief, confront and post their names here so we can KoS the thief. Anyone who would steal someones equipment at a community event deserves nothing less than shame and to be shunned.
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    This is crazy, it is time to send my huge axe out to my favorite weaponsmith who lives on another server. But I can no longer do this, I will have to either find a new weaponsmith closer, or spend a few hours sailing over and waiting for the weapon to get imp'd. Which is ridiculous as I will have to make sure he is on and doing weapons at the time I go over to get the work done. Even if I find another weaponsmith on the same server, it will mean waiting around while he does the work.
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    We have armour and weapons stands, we need shield stands too.
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    I find it strange that people post cool ideals everyday in the suggested thread and these 2 guys (FF Brothers) make a 1hour show and their opinions are more relevant than all the suggestions here. Slightly disappointed.
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    I've been thinking about this suggestion for a while now. How about creating pies for the bakers to bake? We have blueberries, pumpkin, lingonberries, apple, and cherry to create them This is recipe for cake...I suggest for pie to change ingredient to water Bread, Milk, Jam and 1 fruit 3 18 33 Bread, Milk, Jam and 2 different fruits 4 24 41 Bread, Milk, Jam and 3 different fruits 5 30 41 Would be great to have peach trees for peach pie So what you say game developers...let us eat our sweet dessert
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    This is the one video, that makes you feel good and love the game even more we share. Love your ideas about sitting, we really need to encourage ourselves to work and enjoy our lives even more together, making these theaters, stages, arenas, caf├ęs etc...! It encourages me really. We players truly make the Wurm.
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    That moment when the barrels are hotter than the forge behind it...
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    Agreed I remember talking to Rolf about altars a number of years ago, asking about the possibility for all altars to be movable. We spoke about Domains etc. first while I asked why we couldn't move metal and wooden altars. He said it was due to complexities with the domain system. I pointed out that stone altars were already movable and his response was 'oh, that's a bug' so I very rapidly assured him that as far as players were concerned it was only useful and I knew of no exploits or issues caused by stone altars being movable. He did mention he'd consider making the other altars movable, but I didn't want to push the issue incase it was decided to 'fix the movable stone altar' bug instead The new domain system (which is what I thought it was supposed to be before, but clearly something wasn't quite right) should mean that there is no reason to not have all altars movable, and with that I don't see much point in not having them buildable anywhere too. I can't think of any exploits because any scenario I can think of involving altars, can already be done - just with a more limited range of altars or taking longer.
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    A total non-issue. Wild horses are only of real value when a new server is created (applies to WU as well). At this point there are plenty of them to go around and they keep spawning for some time after that. Then as people who like to breed horses start producing new ones the wild horse spawns are reduced because of this. The next stage after a server becomes established is that the horse breeders start to sell off the higher speed ones and the lower speeds become undesirable to them. Next, any horses below 4-5 speeds become worthless to them and they start giving them away. This is the current state of all WO servers where anyone who wants what horse breeders consider to be inferior horses will be given several of them for free. Some horse breeders even let them loose in the wild for anyone who finds them. These 1-2-3 speed horses are far better than wild ones anyway and newer players (or any player) who wants to have a few for their own use or even start their own breeding program will have a much easier time of it than the original horse breeders did when these servers were new ones. In closing, on other than new servers wild horses are just a novelty act and not really necessary for anyone. Only the die hard must do everything themselves without help from anyone else will find it a problem that there are no wild horses to go on a search for. Even if they do so they will probably come across a bred horse that someone had turned loose before they find a wild one. Maybe they then think this is fine because no one directly gave this horse to them and they found it themselves, since I doubt that they would refuse to keep it just because it was a named one better than any wild one they might find anyway. Now and then I come across 4-5 speed horses roaming free un-cared for with no brands on them that others have obviously turned loose into the wild. I let them wander on because I just keep a few on my deed and have no interest having in any more of them. I see no need for wild horses spawning now on these established servers, as horse breeding *evolution* has displaced them and made giving away better traited the new and better substitute for them. Just ask and not long after you will be given a few horses to use for yourself or to start breeding them yourself with a jump start. No need to revert to the stone age of server openings to obtain a wild horse population. These new wild horse substitutes have long since arrived. Happy Trails =Ayes=
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    While this could be helpful... it's easy to abuse in many ways Add a new way to pop tabs giving the same rewards as a 20fs tab kill. How? Well this change wants to let people ride horses and stuff..... so IF you have 20.00fs, death tab IF you have 21.00 body control, death tab IF you have 21.00 body strength, death tab This way even an alt with 1.00 fs riding a horse can still suffer the same penalties as dying with 20fs, while also not really encouraging camping day old noobs. Edit: added 21 body strength for those that bash
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    maybe me but i wish mods would just remove these posts.
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    Guess I'll try this again and see if it gets any traction from the dwindling community. Wurm is (more than) 10 years old! \o/ Patched, fixed, added to for 10 years. Adding something big like bridges to the game will cause a peak in population, followed by the decline. Adding mine houses will most likely do the same. Adding features / content basically keeps current population stable. A 1970 Ford Pinto with a new paint job, modern stereo, and rebuild alternator is still a 1970 Ford Pinto. Pick a new game engine, like Unity 3D (which is cross platform and can use Java). Add a 2nd dev team experienced in above chosen engine and get them up to speed on Wurm. Start building Wurm 2.0. Develop a way for current accounts to transfer their efforts to the new version like "training manuals" based on current skill ratings and "timer speed boosts" based on current equipment, deed construction, and/or playtime. This also gives you a nice way to launch a new fighting system. Don't keep doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, that just gets you another level on the insanity path.
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    There already is, its called buying premium. Lots of people do it regularly.
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    yall gotta be broke as hell complaining about a couple extra dollars, if you seriously aren't wanting to play because you needa pay like $3 USD more a month then idk what to tell you
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    When a rift closes, all decorations should be gone within a week max imo, that way the landscape can return to what it was. As I've traveled around it's easy to tell where the rifts were because of weird terraforming and rift items.
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    after moving out to my own place, tis time to step back and take a look at this great place. i doubt there is a better place to capture the realm of this awesome bunch of people than... well... mount awesome. thanks for everything!
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    I have never been to one of these Rift events but from the start seeing pics that players have posted of the resulting distorted lands, I am quite disappointed that another player griefing mechanic has been introduced into the game with the god of Wurm's approval. Reminiscent of the tunneling cave bugs of some years ago that were thought to be another cool idea somehow. Same mindset exhibited with this "interesting" effect, that of course those who like to see trashed landscapes that other players have spent their time transforming will approve of. Saves them time griefing other players work and they can't be blamed for the results. Wonderful! How game Developers who craft a game designed on the basis of players spending their time to beautify and transform the lands can then introduce a mechanic that destroys this work is beyond my comprehension as being a positive addition to the game. Please find other ways outside of the game to mock others for spending time doing what you would not choose to by destroying their work. This land destruction mechanic is really an insult to them. Not too bright really, I have to say, unless you get your kicks from ruining what others have created thus causing them distress. =Ayes=
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    This is literally one of the worst "ideas" i've seen posted on this forum. Game is loosing players? Lets add more tedium and annoying mechanics! Honestly the only thing that's needed to fix the wild animal population is to unbork the spawning system.
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    thats the first time i havent liked one of your comments.. i guess nothing suprises me anymore.. for me at less than 1 dollar a day for as many hours as i care to put in i am enjoying myself. thats good money for my mind.. people spend 3 dollars a day on cable tv whos getting the better deal..
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    Salt is too seldom to come by, salt veins can be added to the game. In addition we have so little use of salt, new decorative items can be added where requires salt to be combined with leather or salt can be used with fishes (i read those suggestions about smoked fish etc).
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    You can already play Wurm 4.0 if you wish, but 3.99z is better so far.
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    trees (olives) and grass is fine, but when tundra will be hit (only a matter of time) we will have no proper way to fix it. So please, do take that in consideration with the incredible amount of destructions those rifts do.
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    You can trust me, nobody is stupid. That happens once then everyone will go with a blank horse into the rift next time. But that is not what a lot of player (it seems) like. And I am not going even into argumenting about what people in your opinion "deserve". That would lead us to the point what those looters deserve in my opinion and you for shure dont want to read that ;-) . Infact its not even possible to attack a looter of the corpse. In every MMO I know a looter of corpses would be able to get attacked. So here, someone can just loot your horse right before your eyes and you can nothing do about this. You could easily camp a rift with an alt-char that nobody can connect with your main, wait, loot and even when you die because you are weak... no problem you can collect your own corpses later because they are not lootable. This way you can rob all horses without a single risk for you, your reputation or your skills. Thats something that really is not in balance here.
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    Wasn't this put in for pvp reasons though?* Maybe just remove the ability to use mailboxes when enemies are in local (this might be a thing already, haven't pvped in awhile though.) I'm for the removal though, there are better methods to handle this. I've actually never run into it yet for some reason however, unless it was changed recently haven't been actively playing this week. *Like I know pvpers are going to probably troll me if i don't explain here, but seriously sending off your entire inventory to avoid losing items isn't what pvp is about might as well be playing on freedom then if you afraid to loose stuff.
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    +1. And these are two excellent reasons (among others). I hadn't thought about it, but that's a very good point about barding having a usefulness on pve. And the fact that pve people generally play mmos to play with others rather than against and choose pve servers for that reason, is a fact that seems to escape some folks for some reason. Theft and looting of other people's belongings belongs on pvp only, imo.
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    It has to be implemented on PvE. And add protection from accidental "Bury All" on the horse corpse.
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    I was actually just going to bump an old post about this the other day. Protected corpses for horses would be great!
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    Canary <cough> Yellow .... <sounds of running feet and fading laughter> BUT ... that hot pink is pretty awesome, too! <3
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    Hey all, a few months ago I made this IRC bot for my personal use to make a few WU server management things a bit easier on myself. I've just done some changes on it last night to remove passwords etc, and put it up on Github. You can check it out at https://github.com/BuddaT/KangaBot I'm not sure how useful it'll be to anyone as is, it doesn't come prepackaged, so you'll need to sort out the IRC libraries yourself, and it also needs a few classes from the WU code from server.jar and common.jar. You can either pull those classes out individually, or just add the server.jar and common.jar to the classpath when running it. It currently lets you shutdown the server, broadcast messages, add money to someone's bank, and remove money from someones bank. At the very least it might be a good example for someone trying to make use of the RMI commands.
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    They are certainly unique! Not quite as fun when, to repair them, that'll be about 40 walls to rebuild and imp all the way back up.
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    There is, It's called Wurm Unlimited. It's like wurm online, But better AND cheaper!
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    thread has run its course please close where are you pandalet
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    While the terrain distortion is quite cool in theory, given the damage to structured, bridges, roads etc, and the frequency of rifts, it feels better removed. Trees and grass are fine, as they grow back all on their own anyway.
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    since we can't use alts to do rifts let's stop alts doing hota thanks
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    I go to the point that I lead a separate low trait horse to the rifts as I would also be sad to lose my primary 5 speeders. I go into the battles with a saddle only. First step is that every participant must be aware horse and gear can be lost, and to bring a disposable mount until the equipment is safe. At least proximity protection should work - like when you drop an item and stay near to it.