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    Hi Everyone! Last week saw the Grand Tour of Independence, and it was a lot of fun! There were a few hiccups, mostly with the new talk feature requiring an item to be active to use, but otherwise went quite well, feedback has been positive and we will take note of what areas need working on for the next event. The treasure huint on the other servers did have more issues, but we've taken that on board and know what to look out for next time (camouflage chests) But first... Patch Notes Wurm Online Wurm Unlimited Domain changes Next week's update will see a change to how domains currently work! The new domain code completely replaces the old system. Previously the map was split up into predefined zones that altars effected with their power, this was fairly un-intuitive as the zone boundaries could be in weird positions in relation to any altars. This is now changed so zones are bound to the altars, and effect tiles in a range from the altar dependent on the altar QL. Each tile as you get farther away from an altar will lose strength, and the base strength is linked to the altar QL. The altar with the highest strength for a tile will have dominion over that tile, and equal strengths will prefer the closest altar. For an example of how this works with two 10ql altars, see here: The other big change to do with this is that now domains are shared across the surface and cave layers - they will no longer be separate. This means any altars on the surface will still have influence when you move into a cave, though at 50% strength compared to the surface. Similarly, altars inside a cave will have 100% influence inside the cave, and still have 50% influence on the surface. By doing it this way, we hope to not overly break any existing setups that have domains set up in each layer, as altars on the same tile with the same QL, but on different layers, will each continue to have dominion over their respective layer due to their halved strength on the other layer. For example, a 50ql altar on the surface will have 25 strength on the same tile below ground, and radiate for 25 tiles - where as on the surface it will be at 50 strength and radiate for 50 tiles. This should make it easy for current setups to remain, while still allowing domains to be shared between layers where wanted. Breeding and creature counts One of the biggest questions on older servers has been about certain wild creatures being hard to find, namely horses. We've looked at the totals vs bred creatures and have found that on most older servers, there are few, if any wild horses (xanadu doesn't count!) So we've made a few changes regarding this. We have reduced the percentage of certain creatures (bison, dog, rooster, pheasant and hen) and increased the percentage of horses. This will mean there's some breathing room for wild horses to spawn. The other issue stems from over-breeding, or large populations of breeding stock. To combat this, we have increased the chance of getting a rare coin from killing a bred creature to make it five times more likely than killing a wild one (about 1 in 20 now). This will hopefully promote culling of unwanted creatures rather than simply letting them loose or taking up space. We'll keep an eye on these two updates and see how they go. Non premium changes One of the suggestions raised in Factional Fights' video was how returning players struggle due to characteristics being reduced to 20, after a discussion among the dev team, we've decided to remove the reduction of characteristics! This means a player who has previously been premium, but since lost premium does not have their characteristics capped at 20, just their skills. This means they may pilot a boat, ride a horse, and carry their tools (provided they could before!). This will go live in the next update, and hopefully make returning to Wurm that little bit easier to get back into. Other tweaks Examining slopes will now give "the border is x slope up/down". Changing paths for Path of Insanity will go live. Continued updates for the unstable client. Community Content Firstly a little bit of our content! I've updated most of the twitter feeds for individual servers, with the Wurm logo and a screenshot from each server! A couple are awaiting the work, but they should be done in time, we're also looking at unifying the twitter handles, but will have to organise that with those who run third party systems. Another piece is the interesting " Alcifer Initiative" a decorative little safety zone for new players, it definitely looks interesting! Thats it for this week, we'll be looking at the suggestions over the next week and taking notes on what we can improve! Until then, keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    who can also catapult and bash things FUN!
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    Mainly because of how non-intuitive it was. In it's current form on live it's fairly difficult to work out how the domains work, where they start and stop and why. The changes should mean it all makes a lot more sense in how it works. We'll likely enable pushing and pulling of all altars with this change too, as the new system allows them changing tiles easier.
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    I doubt its been considered. But free alts on chaos on geared horses. Hello? lol.
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    In my latest Wurm video, I explain the story of how we got the rare horse colors :-)
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    Man I should make my name factional fight and start suggesting stuff. Think that suggestion got put in faster than any player suggestion I've seen.
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    I didn't read all posts carefully so maybe I missed it.... but without cave and surface layers being separate for altars then it just got A LOT harder to put down stone altars Sorry not everyone has or wants to go find 50 silver/gold ore for everyone that wants their own altar so they can make an ugly altar when stone is smaller and looks a lot nicer Unless we're going to be allowed to build any altar in any domain now?
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    or atleast disable it on PVP servers
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    It's Juhannus aatto in Finland! (Midsummer's Eve). Finns celebrate it by making a huge bonfire so the finns of our alliance decided to do one in Wurm too Not all of us made it into the photo unfortunately. From left to right: Dergen, Minnasaulus, Crisius (my alt) and me
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    Does this apply to sacrificing bred creatures (which is the easiest way to get rid of them), or only when you beat the snot out of them with whatever weapon comes to hand? If possible, please make it apply to sacrificing - it's another way for priests to be useful, and the additional 5 favour isn't exactly game-breaking. Huge thank you for being able to push/pull all the altars! I'll finally be able to get everything in the temple lined up properly *twitch*...
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    Happy Midsummer to all wurmians from us swedes:
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    revolutionary, great update ty.
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    As long as it is not Vynora...she always notices me when I am naughty!
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    The rift's have been designed based on the premise that no one should be able to figure out an easy way to enjoy them. As soon as someone does find a way an immediate change is made to counteract the method regardless of how much fun is sacrificed in the process. Ideally the shoulder armor should be craftable and the items needed to make them magical should be a random drop from killing a mob in the rift area. But this idea isn't cruel enough, obviously. I wonder if those responsible will figure out in time they are in the entertainment business and making things fun for their audience and rewarding for time spent should be the only goal.
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    Server is live - IP:, Port: 3784 Teamspeak: Conquest is a Wurm Unlimited PVP server with 100x skill gain and 10x action timers. There are three new kingdoms that anyone can join: The Stormcrows, Rohan & Bomani. MootRed has made a series of videos introducing players to the features of the Conquest server and the different kingdoms. Watch this if you don't want to read my wall-of-text. Features Three new kingdom-locked gods with handpicked spell lists and passives (No vyn/mag/fo/lib) New champion and king mechanics Combat bonuses for each kingdom's favoured weapon type (+2 CR) Rebalanced armour types (increased damage reduction for chain/leather, and no face/eye shots) Smaller dirtwalls (dirt slopes capped at 100) and maximum of 3 spirit templars per deed No special moves Local range reduced to 40, and removed ability to archer outside local Faster animal breeding Body characteristics capped at 50 Meditation path level capped at 6 (so no hate bonus or shield of the gone) Skillgain mod (faster fight skill and characteristic gains) Other small changes/bugfixes/mods No priest restrictions (and no prayer timers) Disabled conquering of guard towers (bash/build guard towers for territorial expansion) Trolls may no longer be dominated Longspear changed to one handed weapon (Steel spear is still two handed) Build pillar/temple/pylon/etc. missions removed from Valrei mission lists Bartenders and Traders can no longer be killed Scorpion movement speed increased Crop mod (crops grow faster and won't turn to weeds) Prospecting mod Action timers mod Better digging mod Chance for Fenn followers to get a low ql gem when planting sprouts No fatigue limit No town portal / karma home ability Reduced cost to found deeds and reduced upkeep Treasure chests enabled No artifacts Hill Tribes: The Stormcrows The Stormcrows are wild, lawless tribes living in the dense forested hills of the north. They are fierce ground fighters and only see horses as a means to get to the battle, if they use them at all. The people of the hill tribes worship Fenn, a bloodthirsty forest god. The favoured weapons of the hill tribes are axes. Fenn Religion Guide The main religious action of Fenn is planting sprouts. If a member of the hill tribes plants a sprout, they automatically become a follower of Fenn. If they are already a priest of Fenn, planting sprouts can give rewards of money and favour. The secondary religious action of Fenn is sacrificing animals. For a follower of Fenn to become a priest, they must sacrifice an animal at an altar. Riverlanders: Rohan The kingdom of Rohan is home to noble knights and industrious merchants, positioned in the bountiful riverlands. They are proficient sailors, fishermen and traders. These talents have made them rich, and they look down on less wealthy kingdoms. The riverlanders worship Lennus, an ambitious water god. The favoured weapons of the riverland kingdoms are swords. Lennus Religion Guide The main religious action of Lennus is fishing. If a member of a riverland kingdom catches a fish, they automatically become a follower of Lennus. If they are already a priest of Lennus, catching fish can give rewards of money and favour. The secondary religious action of Lennus is sailing. For a follower of Lennus to become a priest, they must embark on a boat as passenger. The Old Kingdom: Bomani Bomani is an ancient kingdom in the once-fertile southern deserts. Their current, shrunken territories are a shadow of their former glory. They see scorpions as a holy animal and sometimes ride them into battle. They worship Sabek, an archaic mountain god. The favoured weapons of the old kingdom are spears and knives. Sabek Religion Guide The main religious action of Sabek is cutting down trees. If a member of an old kingdom cuts down a tree, they automatically become a follower of Sabek. If they are already a priest of Sabek, cutting down trees can give rewards of money and favour. The secondary religious action of Sabek is breeding animals. For a follower of Sabek to become a priest, they must breed some animals. Champions To become a champion, a priest must remain at their god's holy site for 15 minutes. A message appears in the Deaths tab showing everyone on the server that they are champing up. Fenn priests champ up at the 'Fenn Stones', Lennus priests at the 'Pillars of Lennus' and Sabek priests at the 'Scorpions of Sabek'. A priest must have 60 faith to become a champion. Championhood lasts for one week, and there is a cooldown of one week after dechamping before they may become a champion again. They right-click one of the sacred objects at the site and select 'Become Champion'. This starts a 15 minute timer. King of the Stormcrows Amongst the lawless hill tribes, a weak king does not stay king for long. To become the king of the Stormcrows, you must kill the current king. If more than one player kills the king, the new king is randomly chosen from his killers. Champions may not become king, and if they help to kill the king then it invalidates the kill. If a king has been logged out for 7 days, any Stormcrow may type '/claimthrone' to become king. King of Rohan Corruption is rife amongst the court officials of Rohan. A bag of silver is all it takes to purchase their loyalty. To become the king of Rohan, a player types '/purchasethrone'. This will deduct 15 silver from the player's bank. King of Bomani The great rulers of Bomani command their subjects to build monuments in their honour. To become the king of Bomani, a player must build a colossus. The player who places the final piece becomes the new king. The Server Conquest is hosted with Citadel Servers in New York. I will keep the server running indefinitely, provided there are still some people playing on it. GM moderation will be very light-touch, and most in-game issues will be left to groups and players to resolve themselves. I will be happy to help with genuine bugs such as horses getting stuck in walls and that sort of thing, provided there is no active pvp in the area. Credits Thanks to Awardis for the fancy starter deeds, Danklords for helping with some of the trickier coding, McLovin for the hype trailer video and Deathless for his acting talents. Twitter The Twitter feed for the server can be viewed at https://twitter.com/WU_Conquest
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    When I select the up arrow on my toolbelt my mind keeps thinking that I will be going up in the number of my toolbelt. For example the toolbelt is currently on 4. When I press the up arrow I expect to go to 5. But instead it goes down to 3. This can get confusing to me and it gets me every time. Is it possible to please have a invert option for selecting my toolbelt rows. This does not feel normal to me. If you go to the game settings when selecting the "Default shift drag value" the arrows to select the value feel normal to me and that's how it should be. I don't know why the in game belt is backwards. It's a little hard to explain this but i hope some understand. It's not a huge issue but it does play tricks on me.
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    Always wonder what other people's opinions on the wurm skill system My personal opinion is that Wurm Bling is mostly centered into 3 skills which are Fine carpentry ,Blacksmithing and Masonry just about every physical object in game comes from them outside of food/crops, clothing/armor, weapons, flags/rugs, boats, animals and a few other things Pretty much everyone that plays is working on leveling those skills till they get bored since they are the items that show case their deeds and allow them to skill other skills PS: This is also hurting the game as a lot of Veteran players have leveled these skills to a very high level and their isn't any other heavy weight skills Around 10 other skills create decent finished items ingame outside of the big three such as Ship Building, Armour Smithing, Weapon Smithing Cloth Tailoring and Leatherworking but lack the item depth of the big three Pretty much the rest of the skills ingame either are for production of the above skills, cooking,or fighting Cooking related Skills are in a bonked (They Work but Food in general isn't doing well) State largely do to the vast amounts of food ingredients that is created by butchering, farming, botanizing and forage plus legal exploits in Path of Love , Magic Chest, BSD/Crates and Religion Rare Saccing which worked around the original cooking system which was King of creating lots decay and forcing players to daily search for new food Then their is meditation which is the most horribly thought out skill for skilling since its has a time limit and RNG dependent also, please Rolf remove the RNG Added to the fact that no new skills have been added lately and quite a few skills lack decent item progression such as thatch, and/or a new player can access the entire line with very little leveling This especially hurts the fighting related skills since someone can buy the best weapons and armor ingame as a newbie and only see a major difference in DPS with the only barriers being related to mounts and ships Which is counter to most games which usually give out weapons and armor usage rights as they progress though their fighting skills to award them, for example as a player levels Longbow this could lead to a Heavy warbow they could now use Wonder what everyone else thoughts on the current game skilling system
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    so this got put in. Non premium changes One of the suggestions raised in Factional Fights' video was how returning players struggle due to characteristics being reduced to 20, after a discussion among the dev team, we've decided to remove the reduction of characteristics! This means a player who has previously been premium, but since lost premium does not have their characteristics capped at 20, just their skills. This means they may pilot a boat, ride a horse, and carry their tools (provided they could before!). This will go live in the next update, and hopefully make returning to Wurm that little bit easier to get back into. what needs to be done is this needs to be disabled on PVP servers or it will be abused by people. Problems that incur because of this are: 1. scout alts on horses 2. non prem alts bashing towers. 3. non prem alts catapulting deeds. 4. general griefing that accounts with stats can do. Please remove this from pvp servers.
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    [17:44:47] A beautiful almost man-sized statue of a nymph, wearing only a thin robe as garment. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Colors: R=254, G=174, B=1. It could be improved with a shards. Ql: 99.0, Dam: 0.0.
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    The magical one notices everything ... every thing and don' ..... *trips over moving metal altar crossing her path and face plants in the dirt* ... Damn you, Ziggy! and stop rearranging my domains with that! I'm NOTICING I tell you!!!
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    First off are those statues of the nymph in the picture made of gold or they just dyed gold color ? Second you guys should seriously consider the ramifications of your actions before you implement things or post about them, changing the domains is one thing but keep above ground and below ground separate please. Just look at what you guys have done in the past,religion and deities are a joke now that we have what 8 gods ?!?! with more on the way and the 2 of the 4 original being obsolete for the most part. Third you should really consider talking to the PVP community about nonpremium alts having full run of characteristics before you go and do something just because a couple of guys talk about it on a pod cast, there are pages upon pages of good stuff in the Suggestions & Ideas section you should consider prior to this dumb idea, I don't even PVP and I realize that's a recipe for disaster. And finally now that I can make more money from killing bred creatures, I'm going to breed a CRAP LOAD OF THEM ! Why don't you guys be more productive and fix broken stuff instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.
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    Is it possible to also look into allowing non prem people to accept deeds? I have no idea how this will affect PvP but afik on PvE, you can hand a deed over if you are non prem but you cannot take a deed if you are non prem. Given you don't need to be prem to place a deed (using a deed stake you don't even need to buy a deed paper), I don't understand why you can't be handed a deed back if you handed it to a char who can make some changes on the deed. If worried about chars poofing while holding deeds, make it so only chars who have been prem before, can take a deed.
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    this removes subscriptions from boat alts, increases alt abuse on pvp servers further, use free alts to catapult, bash towers. did u guys really discuss this at all? it honestly doesnt seem so. if you push this remove free to play from pvp servers, make them premium only again.
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    Nah, just think of each year as levelling up. Far better to think you're level 80 than 20
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    My boss kunibert will take most if not all and i'll come pick them up unless he wants em delivered.. please msg him in game as thats the best bet to contact him..
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    I will be at all the rifts I can attend, just the timing can be off for me. Bottom line is they are fun and I really don't give a damn about the drops.
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    Don't forget to complain about dropping player counts after you do that... *facepalm*
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    If you can't aim straight on the roads there is no hope for you. Don't drink and wurm!
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    SERMONS XANADU, H17, MAES KNOLL We are looking for more priests, listeners or just lost souls, each person from each religion is more then welcome, at the moment we got only vynora and nahjo altars, but would love to have different as well:) Our staff (as you can see on our nice screen) won't let you down and will make you happy and fit Free meals, free water, free beds (building under construction), free statuettes, free fishing rods, access to Path of Love and Path of Knowledge tiles, free cave for bad attenders, and many many more attractions at our place Access to us by cave tunnels from n-e and from west coasts, or by land from Greymead, highly recommended to stay at the lake shore - unless you love to run without stamina with a lot of "friends" behind your back , and of course through Selkie Lake for hardcore swimmers - our staff will take care about your body and..belongings..for small fee We start last week with 4 premiums to get here <Kasimir> [11:53:31] Faith increased by 0.2400 to 41.3577 see you soon fellow wurmians Please remember, we are not able to put everyone coming in into queue if there is too many people, it's very time limited You can be removed/got less chances if you : 1 - are constantly going afk for over 5mins when you supposed to preach 2 - switching off after your sermon/sermons 3 - rude attitude - will result in KOS with 4mins timer to leave, after this time you will be removed by templars/guards Please read this rules before coming in http://andrea.net/wurm/docs/sermon_rules.html
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    #1 buyout 3s, cod to Acrisius
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    u got this wrong dude. u wont be able to do anything useful except for riding, driving a cart and a boat. still wont be able to dig slopes past 60, mine proper ql ores, imp stuff, have decent action timers etc. only if u prem to be a boat alt for a year, then yes, u totally wasted that cash. tho, u got sleep powders...
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    I love the work, they all seem like good changes. 2 concerns: 1.) Altars cannot be pushed or moved (metal or wood). I was really hoping to see this when I saw the picture update. 2.) The PvP ramifications of the freemuims now. (i don't pvp but I understand their concerns) Otherwise, THANK YOU for the hard work. Keep it up.
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    Meditation path switch Niiiiiiiiiice
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    Why not just keep any changes from being on PVP. Seems that is where all the big problems would lie. Make PVP premium only. Then you only have serious players on those servers. Non Premium players that are on PVP servers should get ported to the main server deed for protection and abitlity to be moved off of epic. I do not play PVP so this is just an observation.
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    I don't remember saying I wanted my deed on the map Nic.
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    Dunno how I feel about that breeding change, wouldn't that just have the opposite effect and instead cause more players to breed so they can get coins?
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    How will we be able to create an altar of a second god now? It has often been done in the mine, and pushed out.
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    All this love for returning players, what about us that never left. a shiny bag and some champers as a "well done for being loyal" hmmmmmm. If you can still pilot boats without being prem, i wont need to keep up my monthly prem then right?
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    That is one way to put it. Personally I just always prem'd up as soon as I decided to use an old char. Then I didn't have any issues.
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    MR Chaos player whining about kingdom stacking, oh the irony. Keep this ###### out of this thread mates this is for advertising the server not personal moaning a death. I for one find the concept of this server really cool. Hopefully people record battles and such and post them here.
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    Noted that the notice sign exists that notifies me that ive noticed the notice and that my notice was noted.
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    Yeah darn I guess I'll just have to go have fun for no reason at all.
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    After the starter Village work has been completed I think it would be very interesting to read responses from the various players that have done work on them. I am looking forward to this if done in some organized manner that goes through each of these redesigned completed starter Villages and those who have contributed to the process. =Ayes=
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    If I was careless enough to somehow forget how to ride in a straight line, I'd appreciate an obstacle to halt my trajectory.
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    What I would like to see - reverted back to the way it was before. Face it, would be kinda funny if any other path skills 'randomly' failed. But it does suck that ON DEED you enchant grass and then a week later ( randomly ) the tile goes back to normal. Get info ... sorry you fail to get any info on this creature try again in 15 hours, sucks to be you. Clean Wound ... sorry you fail to clean this wound, hope you don't die from it. Rage ... sorry you grunt and moan and growl like the hulk, but fail in raging and hit like a mouse. Well you get the idea. All other skills are permanent so don't see why the change was made. If all else, make it so that ON DEED tiles never revert back to normal grass unless packed ( but Please don't make more likely that animals will pack it just to adjust and be fair ) ( Edited to add the next sentence, gave my post a Whole different meaning lol )
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    Cannot dig, mine can pack, pave (destroy pavement), chop wood can pray water cannot pray on tree, cannot pray in mine 24ql door lock (2x) [17:43:21] Favor increased by 1.2320 to 17.0691 (Fo [17:41:56] Favor increased by 0.6210 to 70.9489, Mag [18:12:17] Favor increased by 1.1700 to 82.8213) 22ql yoyo (2x) [18:26:23] Favor increased by 0.9780 to 23.4136 (Fo 23ql [18:27:02] Favor increased by 0.5520 to 88.3572, Vyn [18:26:42] Favor increased by 0.9760 to 51.2820) 56ql square cloth [17:49:45] Favor increased by 3.1760 to 18.5355 (Fo [17:49:51] Favor increased by 6.3520 to 82.0311, Mag [17:49:56] Favor increased by 3.1760 to 70.6944) 81.63ql corn [18:07:27] Favor increased by 0.0120 to 11.7034 (Fo [18:10:24] Favor increased by 0.0120 to 82.6734, Nahjo [18:10:47] Favor increased by 8.1620 to 47.3549) 53ql cordage [18:12:46] Favor increased by 5.8090 to 25.4125 (Fo [18:12:52] Favor increased by 5.8090 to 89.1751, Nahjo [18:12:55] Favor increased by 5.8090 to 54.2057) Initial spell list
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    You are "more or less" a CEO of a company? Because I'm more or less the Pope and I'm glad to help anyone that needs guidance.
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    If you tell someone theyre going to die every day and they eventually die, does that make you right, or just a jerk?