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    Epic: "Well, we wiped Elevation and PvP hasn't magically gotten better. Any other ideas?" Chaos: "Let's wipe it again!" Epic: "..." Chaos: "But this time, force them to move to a server that they deliberately chose not to play on, make them buy PMKs, and then let those landless, 5-person PMKs get kicked in the nuts by the bandwagoners that own the entire server. That'll make them want to play again!" Since Epic and Chaos populations are more or less equal (though at the time of writing this, Chaos has 22 people and Epic has 40), if we're really serious about a merge, let's do it in true Wurm fashion: leave it up to RNG. Flip a coin. If heads, Epic gets nuked. If tails, Chaos gets nuked. Loser has to move to the winner's cluster. And if you're not willing to accept the possibility of your own server getting deleted, you're in no position to demand that other people have their servers deleted. And besides, when you consider that 70% of Epic consists of home server players who aren't interested in that type of PvP in the first place and would probably choose Freedom over Chaos, and another 10-20% are Ele players who would quit after having their work deleted (again), Chaos would gain, what, another dozen people divided out over the US/Euro/AUS time zones? Hope that temporary boost is worth pissing off half of your PvP playerbase that you're trying so hard to resurrect. Truth is, Epic and Chaos are both suffering population-wise. A merge would be yet another bandaid and yet another mass exodus from the PvP side of Wurm. Just because it would help you does not mean it's good for PvP or the game in general. I'm not the type to throw out these types of threats casually, but a large number of people would quit from this. And when PvPers leave, so does the money that they bring in, and that makes it even harder for Rolf to justify spending dev resources on this side of the game. Then, the updates that you're all crying so much about -- you know, the ones that are supposedly going to revitalize PvP and bring in new blood before our servers die altogether -- will take longer to be added, assuming they even get added at all. Hasty, high-impact decisions are part of what killed PvP on Elevation, and they can absolutely kill PvP on Chaos as well. And I really hate to throw stones at other PvPers during times like this, but this has to be said: Chaos has long held the reputation of hosting some of the most exploitative, metagamey PvPers around. Not everyone, obviously, but enough for it to be a noticeable stain on what should be a proud, historic server. But since winning is clearly the most important part of any game, you have to stack everyone you can onto your kingdom, no matter how heavily you're already dominating the map (honor is for losers, like the Mongols). Drop empty war deeds everywhere so your enemies can't expand or drain without it showing up on Twitter, at which point you can teleport in from anywhere to defend. But because dying on Chaos means you also die in real life, this defense should include the use of throwaway alts wherever possible. The alts that you use to artificially inflate your fightskill and give yourself affinities will work perfectly for this. And if somehow you still can't win by doing that, abuse any and all bugs you know of, because lord knows Code Club won't punish you for it; hell, if by some miracle they don't let you keep your cheated skills or your bugged weapons, just throw a tantrum on the forum about "GM intervention," because everyone knows you're the real victim here. And the weirdest part about all of this is, we all treat this cancer as if it's such a vital cornerstone of Wurm PvP that nobody even considers the possibility of disrupting the Chaos side of things for the sake of this supposedly all-important merge. Instead, simply use Chaos's little brother as a guinea pig for new features which will eventually make their way to Chaos, and once you've squeezed all the usefulness and life out of him, absorb him back into the fold for your own benefit. Same song, different verse.
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    You kids are so funny - who do you think has the time and money to sit and play Wurm on 3 - 4 premium characters all day and half the night every day?? If we don't work for Code Club, we must be retired, eh? We invented video gaming - whatever makes you think we'd ever stop playing?? Or stop being very damned good at it?? Yes, that's my real picture, yet I count 7 grandchildren - 4 biological, and 3 adopted. All but the youngest 2 (3 and almost 5) are also avid gamers, the oldest 2 started playing Wurm with me but it proved too slow paced for them. I know far more 'over 60' players here than will admit publically - why? Because you young ones relate better to us if you feel we are your peers. This has long been a source of great amusement to me. Remember: the family that games together, stays together! Zach, I'd give props to anyone in their 70's who had never touched a computer and could then play this game well .. but keep in mind most of us have played on and built our own computers and networks from the 300 baud days .. we've never not had the latest technology in our hands, so why would it be impressive that we can actually use it?? *laughing* Honestly, if it weren't for the community here, Wurm is getting too slow and boring for me - I've stopped saying NO to my friends (of all ages) trying to get me back into faster paced or new MMOs and started saying 'probably soon'. That's how I got into Wurm, I was asked by a game director developer of another large MMO to check out Wurm with him and give feedback. I'm still laughing that he wouldn't install Java on his laptop, so never played Wurm and here I still am. Love you all - don't care what your age is - in Wurm as in any fantasy MMO - we are all whomever and whatever we want to be. <3
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    Rift loot range has been slightly increased. In order to be eligible for loot upon killing a Rift creature you need to be engaged in active combat and within range of the creature as it dies. This means any strategies of “tagging” or scoring hits and moving on to increase participation will severely reduce chances of getting loot.
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    Once again, it's not WU messing up player retention, it's the players themselves. One can't drive in a straight line, the other one can't stand newbies surviving for too long, so bugger everyone else. Yeeeeeh WU is definitely what's driving players away.
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    Don't forget to complain about dropping player counts after you do that... *facepalm*
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    Merchants (Pepejot, Tris) TOOLS (iron, steel) TOOLS (wood) WEAPONS ARMOURS AND SHIELDS HORSE GEAR MISC ITEMS MATERIALS If you need something else, just PM Pepejot or Tris HERE coordinates
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    Hello fellow wurmians i am here for all your color needs in a bland wurm world anything from 70ql-90ql paints most colors are easy pm me or post here with any questions or jobs. Prices start from 11c kg to 55c kg depending on colors Thank you for your time
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    Ya ... pretty sure no one is mentioned lately becuase we are all still waiting... Just in case not clear it say on December 4th 2015: >> Digging! Another upcoming change will be that digging will now work similar to mining, with the dirt appearing on the tile, as opposed to into your inventory. This will only be for digging, and levelling/flattening will continue to work as it does currently. << ... just saying this one went beyond a suggestion and .... nothing
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    This is a sandbox game. Everything in a sandbox can be pushed over and trampled on except if they have been specifically vetted by GM team to be "heritaged" for various reasons. As far as colossus goes: 1. If not on deed, they should be taking damage. 2. If on deed, they should not be taking damage (protected like structures and buildings). 3. If hey are on deed, mayor can destroy them (regardless of who created them). 4. If they are a special tribute to a passed away player, request GM team to grant it heritage status and not take decay whether on deed or not. This can be marked clearly so anyone who wants to deed there will be aware they are heritage and won't be destroyed or taking damage, ever.
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    From the dirt to the decorations, re-building a town that I started in with all of the people on this build, has been an absolutely amazing opportunity. Speaking for myself and everyone else I'm sure, this project was awesome! We had great times and late nights, but every one was worth it. The tireless nights are over, the memories made and to last for all of our time here, the fear of the secret forever banished below, the project complete. Speaking for everyone, we couldn't be more proud to present... The new Esteron!
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    If you can't aim straight on the roads there is no hope for you. Don't drink and wurm!
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    Server is live - IP:, Port: 3784 Teamspeak: Conquest is a Wurm Unlimited PVP server with 100x skill gain and 10x action timers. There are three new kingdoms that anyone can join: The Stormcrows, Rohan & Bomani. MootRed has made a series of videos introducing players to the features of the Conquest server and the different kingdoms. Watch this if you don't want to read my wall-of-text. Features Three new kingdom-locked gods with handpicked spell lists and passives (No vyn/mag/fo/lib) New champion and king mechanics Combat bonuses for each kingdom's favoured weapon type (+2 CR) Rebalanced armour types (increased damage reduction for chain/leather, and no face/eye shots) Smaller dirtwalls (dirt slopes capped at 100) and maximum of 3 spirit templars per deed No special moves Local range reduced to 40, and removed ability to archer outside local Faster animal breeding Body characteristics capped at 50 Meditation path level capped at 6 (so no hate bonus or shield of the gone) Skillgain mod (faster fight skill and characteristic gains) Other small changes/bugfixes/mods No priest restrictions (and no prayer timers) Disabled conquering of guard towers (bash/build guard towers for territorial expansion) Trolls may no longer be dominated Longspear changed to one handed weapon (Steel spear is still two handed) Build pillar/temple/pylon/etc. missions removed from Valrei mission lists Bartenders and Traders can no longer be killed Scorpion movement speed increased Crop mod (crops grow faster and won't turn to weeds) Prospecting mod Action timers mod Better digging mod Chance for Fenn followers to get a low ql gem when planting sprouts No fatigue limit No town portal / karma home ability Reduced cost to found deeds and reduced upkeep Treasure chests enabled No artifacts Hill Tribes: The Stormcrows The Stormcrows are wild, lawless tribes living in the dense forested hills of the north. They are fierce ground fighters and only see horses as a means to get to the battle, if they use them at all. The people of the hill tribes worship Fenn, a bloodthirsty forest god. The favoured weapons of the hill tribes are axes. Fenn Religion Guide The main religious action of Fenn is planting sprouts. If a member of the hill tribes plants a sprout, they automatically become a follower of Fenn. If they are already a priest of Fenn, planting sprouts can give rewards of money and favour. The secondary religious action of Fenn is sacrificing animals. For a follower of Fenn to become a priest, they must sacrifice an animal at an altar. Riverlanders: Rohan The kingdom of Rohan is home to noble knights and industrious merchants, positioned in the bountiful riverlands. They are proficient sailors, fishermen and traders. These talents have made them rich, and they look down on less wealthy kingdoms. The riverlanders worship Lennus, an ambitious water god. The favoured weapons of the riverland kingdoms are swords. Lennus Religion Guide The main religious action of Lennus is fishing. If a member of a riverland kingdom catches a fish, they automatically become a follower of Lennus. If they are already a priest of Lennus, catching fish can give rewards of money and favour. The secondary religious action of Lennus is sailing. For a follower of Lennus to become a priest, they must embark on a boat as passenger. The Old Kingdom: Bomani Bomani is an ancient kingdom in the once-fertile southern deserts. Their current, shrunken territories are a shadow of their former glory. They see scorpions as a holy animal and sometimes ride them into battle. They worship Sabek, an archaic mountain god. The favoured weapons of the old kingdom are spears and knives. Sabek Religion Guide The main religious action of Sabek is cutting down trees. If a member of an old kingdom cuts down a tree, they automatically become a follower of Sabek. If they are already a priest of Sabek, cutting down trees can give rewards of money and favour. The secondary religious action of Sabek is breeding animals. For a follower of Sabek to become a priest, they must breed some animals. Champions To become a champion, a priest must remain at their god's holy site for 15 minutes. A message appears in the Deaths tab showing everyone on the server that they are champing up. Fenn priests champ up at the 'Fenn Stones', Lennus priests at the 'Pillars of Lennus' and Sabek priests at the 'Scorpions of Sabek'. A priest must have 60 faith to become a champion. Championhood lasts for one week, and there is a cooldown of one week after dechamping before they may become a champion again. They right-click one of the sacred objects at the site and select 'Become Champion'. This starts a 15 minute timer. King of the Stormcrows Amongst the lawless hill tribes, a weak king does not stay king for long. To become the king of the Stormcrows, you must kill the current king. If more than one player kills the king, the new king is randomly chosen from his killers. Champions may not become king, and if they help to kill the king then it invalidates the kill. If a king has been logged out for 7 days, any Stormcrow may type '/claimthrone' to become king. King of Rohan Corruption is rife amongst the court officials of Rohan. A bag of silver is all it takes to purchase their loyalty. To become the king of Rohan, a player types '/purchasethrone'. This will deduct 15 silver from the player's bank. King of Bomani The great rulers of Bomani command their subjects to build monuments in their honour. To become the king of Bomani, a player must build a colossus. The player who places the final piece becomes the new king. The Server Conquest is hosted with Citadel Servers in New York. I will keep the server running indefinitely, provided there are still some people playing on it. GM moderation will be very light-touch, and most in-game issues will be left to groups and players to resolve themselves. I will be happy to help with genuine bugs such as horses getting stuck in walls and that sort of thing, provided there is no active pvp in the area. Credits Thanks to Awardis for the fancy starter deeds, Danklords for helping with some of the trickier coding, McLovin for the hype trailer video and Deathless for his acting talents. Twitter The Twitter feed for the server can be viewed at https://twitter.com/WU_Conquest
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    I think a lot of it had (has) to do with perceived societal roles thrust upon us and the feeling we must comply to be accepted. I grew up in southern society where roles were very defined for generations, even to what time of year white clothing could be worn. My generation was the first to rebel against most every moire that made no real sense. Leave math to the boys? Hell, no! Men don't cook or clean? My boys did their own laundry from a very young age and both are excellent cooks today. More than just the society and gender roles was what I'll call age-stage expectations: pressure to conform was exerted in subtle and overt ways to 'act your age'. A woman of 50 should never wear the clothes she wore at 20 or 30 even though she was probably in better shape, a person of 60 should be retiring even though they are at or approaching intellectual peak with vast experience and resources - not because they functioned less well, but because greedy corporations realized they could hire noobs cheaper. Humans are very susceptible to persuasion and perception is very important to most - everything to some. Technology was a major tool in allowing us to change that, and to continue the change. Previous generations gave in to the pressure to retire, sit down, die .. not this one and not any in the future! Our minds are marvelous wonders of nature, but like anything we use it or we lose it. The 'golden years' should be the most active, entertaining, challenging and fulfilling! When your time is your own to work, study, play and do whatever the hell you want when you want - and if you don't have the money to leave home and do it, do it online! Just open the windows to let in fresh air once in awhile! ;-) I have to add as I sit here drinking coffee waiting for sunrise - if the young people are blown away that older folks use technology and play MMOs so well - they'd really be mind blown if they knew what else we do!
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    I think you are misunderstanding some items. Credit card companies do recognize virtual goods as items having value. The only issue is that unlike physical goods that can be mailed/tracked are easier to identify and regulate. In this case due to IP/Privacy laws, we have no proof that the buyer actually received the items. This is where virtual goods and physical items separate themselves in disputes such as this. Netflix isn't a virtual company. Revenue also doesn't directly represent net worth or it's value in being traded publicly. Netflix has infrastructure/rights in over 100 countries. On top of being a production company that makes high equality content. Also Netflix is a monthly/continual service, not a virtual good or item that you are buying. I know the point you're trying to make but it isn't the same thing. Netflix is a very tangible company. The issue with virtual items is that you have to distinguish a clear chain of buying and selling. You have to guarantee that Mike who lives at X place and uses X credit card is actually real. PlayerAuctions a website for middle man trading of largely unprotected virtual items hit the nail on the head. They require all people to register when buying/selling proving their address/Photo ID being held by the person. In this way they will win any dispute and every dispute as they can provide the IP/Geo-Location as well as prove that "Mike" did in fact buy the goods. Credit card companies do actually investigate credit card fraud. While they do not often do small transactions. If it's rampant/consistent they will investigate. You can be charged with fraud as well for falsely reporting them. Your credit score could be tanked by a credit company or you could be prosecuted. Either way I don't suggest doing it. How ever there are certain stores that allow charge backs within a time period for virtual items. Though these do not pertain to any credit card company. Unauthorized Charge is the only way to initiate a charge back on a gift. Fortunately for us in this situation. He will have little evidence to go on if peoples assumptions are right. If he is a young man who spent money he didn't have and didn't bother to properly hide himself he's doomed. If it's a child of the real paypal owner. He'll still be held accountable and charged as the amount exceeds a felony level. Then let's not also forget that it's identity theft / most likely forgery as he didn't have permission to use the card for those purchases. The charges will take 1-3 months to be adequately disputed apparently. Either way Niru was dumb enough to buy WU on a Steam account that's over 8 years old. I contacted Steam and got them involved with the charge backs. In this case I wanted to establish history as a reference point to confirm the identity of the buying party. Steam does fight the charge backs that happen outside of the Steam store. So unless Niru has no associate with the real Neil Hicks. This should be a win for any seller.
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    nothing new on WU but lets bring this to WO already! When you mine shards pop out infront of you... lets make same way diging! No more inventory needed and so many actions for stupid moving dirt all the time... Make it same as mining!
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    what is this marvelous creation... don't accept anything less than 2g, seriously just don't let people bully you into selling for less, you look like a new player and probably don't realize what you have there.
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    Your whole post was on point. I work with and teach mostly adult students and while a lot of them do have a little computer-phobia at first (or learning phobia), plenty of them are returning to school to finish degrees started years earlier and take to online learning and research like fish to water. Because they think they can, at 50, 60, whatever. Brains are awesome things, and don't fall off once you hit 40, unless you stop using them!
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    Yes, but... Work this out. You have to open the cart, offload, disembark the cart, click the ladder, climb up, find and activate your rope, find and right click the offloaded crate, click to haul up, (do this several times if more than one crate involved), then find and click the cart to haul up, then embark the cart (cause you can't load stuff onto a cart without actually being on it as the commander), find each crate, load each crate, disembark the cart, pull it to where you need to use the stuff.... How many clicks is that? Carpal tunnel syndrome, anyone? (The same can be said about not being able to harvest or gather sprouts from a cart, yet you are able to pave from one? But that is another gripe for another thread.) I think all changes should be looked at in relation to the amount of mouse clicks it removes instead of the amount of mouse clicks it adds. More mouse clicks = bad update. Hauling is tedious, and if you develop carpal tunnel, it is even dangerous! We would like to ride our cart straight up the stairs instead. Also, please fix carts and wagons NOT following terrain. Riding with your cart parallel to water at all slopes is irritating. Seeing as they could follow terrain before, what is the problem here? The tours around servers is a great idea, I always wanted to visit the sights on other servers, to see what others do in Wurm. The creativity always amazes me.
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    Youngest player in our alliance is 8 and eldest (who will admit to their age) is about 65. Although, I am still unsure about Robby, since he says he is "old" and definitely is grumpy... (when he is not ninja sending cakes in the mail).
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    There are other threads that mention spidersilk and I wanted to revive the concept, plus add some specifics I'd like to see with it. First off, there are different types of spiders: Giant, Lava and Fog. I think each should drop silk of different characteristics in armor crafting: 1. Giant drops the strongest silk, providing the best overall physical attack resistance. 2. Lava silk is less for physical, but high flame resists. 3. Fog - you guessed it, bonus to dodge and stealth (those bloody bast...). Spidersilk by default should weigh than cloth and provide the same movement and no impedance to combat or spell casting, but be as protective as leather armor. It should also require it's own skill, under tailoring. "Wurmhole, you jerk! That would ruin all my years of work skilling cloth and leather crafting!" Well, to answer: not if we limit the silk drops to only rare rolls when butchering. Also, we need to make spidersilk behave like leather imping, where the silk QL can be lower than the crafted item. Please consider drake hide armor. Did it kill the leather armor market? Nope. Why not have spidersilk craftable by CT skill? Because I want everyone to have equal opportunity to raise themselves up to master crafter levels, at the time it is introduced. How do we skill this, with it being so rare? We also add a coin pouch. This tiny little pouch can be crafted from a single drop of silk and imped for days on a second drop of silk. In fact, the super stretchy qualities of spidersilk make using it to improve have an almost imperceptible amount of loss over time. - Coin pouch would have the special quality of combining all coins into larger amounts & auto gather coins from praying. - Imping coin pouches raises QL VERY slowly, due to the incredibly intricate nature of the materials (yes, so we don't have to make 100 pouches and have them all taking up inventory space, or using up too much silk to level the skill). I detest the wastefulness of wurm's current craft grinds, making 100 needles, 100 butcher knives, 100 rope tools, 100 ores, etc. Finally, we have to have spidersilk packs! Weigh half as much as a satchel and carry as much as a regular backpack. By the time this is released, I'm sure the excitement of the 10yr knapsacks will have worn off and everyone will be itching for the latest packs to show off. Appearances are everything!! Make the armor and packs reflect the spiders they came from: - White - Orange - Somewhat greyish/foggy/smoky looking, without looking like Pig Pen from Charlie Brown cartoons. I think that covers it, but please add more suggestions or changes to keep this viable. PvP? Not sure how good or bad this will impact it, but I imagine it would be similar to the release of drake hide armor.
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    Kalambaka is at Xanadu S15 We have a fast mailbox. Delivery: ask for offer. Pricing on metal or wooden altars does not include travel cost$ (ask for offer too). Check the below merchant pages too: Flamimg Forges of Jaz You are welcome to Kalambaka we offer the following:
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    The problem with the world... If I do something, I must get something
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    The new rifts sound like fun (I havent been able to attend one yet due to work schedule). They are, however, large scripted events that require lots of folks to be on hand to participate. They are also scheduled so to speak making them less about adventure and discovery and more about an opportunity to meet fellow wurmians and earn some loot. I personally think these things should just spawn randomly with alerts being broadcast when they do - my 2 cents. In my view, the game needs to do more to encourage smaller groups to explore and adventure. In my opinion, Wurm offers some of the best terrain / space for exploration and adventuring. It just gets a little dry when me and my friends are limited to hunting the same ol' things each and every time we go out in the massive Xanadu wilderness. There should be some chance of discovery, danger, etc that require decisions and planning on a smaller, community scale. My suggestions are: - randomly spawning objects - treasure chests, mysterious shards, a named weapon, etc. Upon interaction with the object a random spawn occurs say over a 5x5 area. This spawn could vary say from 5 rats to 10 trolls or maybe even a champion hellhound (the game needs champ hellhounds anyway). The first thing the adventurer has to do upon locating such an item is to decide if he/she and his/her party are prepared to activate the item or should they ask for some assistance. I see such a scenario as being tuned to 1-7 players. Once activated, the fight must be completed within 1hr or the creatures and possible loot (addressed later) will despawn. Such an event wont scar the pristine wilderness of Wurm. im not a programmer, but this sort of thing seems to fit within mechanics that are largely currently within the game. Where loot is concerned, I'd suggest having a small possibility of getting something interesting / useful. I think the possibility of interesting loot should be enough that those more interested in 'booty' would join those that are keen to just adventure and have a chance of finding something unusual, mysterious, interesting. In order to avoid having lots of these spawning objects rotting away in the wilds of remote parts of xanadu, Id also suggest their be a set number available on each server and they are spawning, despawing, re-spawning on say a 48hr timer. Dont get me wrong - i think most of these things should be out in the wilderness - this is about exploration and adventuring. This could also support a quest system. Maybe there are rumors of a particularly special sword circulating. This system could provide clues, pieces, etc needed in order to complete such a quest. - suggestion 2 is an extension of the previous suggestion - Allow abandoned deeds a chance (20%?) to become home for a group of marauding creatures like trolls, goblins, etc. Introduce a mechanic whereby when a deeds coffers reach zero and the deed disbands, a group of the aforementioned creatures spawns around the space previously occupied by the settlement token. Maybe introduce a troll matriarch or a goblin prince, something of a mini-unique, that again requires adventurers to gather a small group to go forth and remove the vile invaders of the settlement. As above, there should be some loot associated with successfully clearing the area. In order to ensure that such a system would not be abused, place some restrictions. For example the deed must have had paid upkeep for 6months before it can become eligible for a 'chance' to become a mini event. Draining the token could also be allowed as long as the time frame for the possibility of an invasion is large enough - say within 1 week of disbanding. If someone wants to camp a disbanded deed, it wont be straight forward. I have put the main idea forward in a previous forum post, but thought it was worth to it to bring it up again. Wurmhole and I discussed some of this in-game a few weeks ago. It was our view that we some interesting large events (Unique slaying and Rifts), but more smaller scale opportunities are needed to encourage small groups and local communities to adventure and explore.
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    Please sell this to someone on chaos, so I can get it for free!
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    It was kinda a joke and I admit a bad one. I was a bit tipsy when I posted it lol. I do feel if a CA or Chat Mod is spending their time on WU they are not performing their duties in WO and IMO should be looked into but not my call or my place just my opinion. It was kind of an attack back at all the WO players that attack WU players on here. At any rate I apologize this was poor form. Feel free to lock this, delete this, even warn my forum account (ill take it in stride for this).
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    I'm sorry I also forgot to mention. Anyone with a negative Paypal balance call Paypal up and ask them to set it to 0 until the case is actually resolved. You already won one case with Paypal against him. They are ruling in your favor this round and will work with you to keep you using their service.
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    It's not publicly available AFAIK. It should be pretty trivial to code, if there is interest (and the community doesn't crucify me because OMGWTFBBQHAX), i could probably make and release a clone.
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    Trust me it's all WKM's fault!! : P
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    I'm really curious, why was the gift event only a measly 7 days? I cant be the only one who missed out on the gifts, considering it was enough to get me to re-sub for the time on multiple characters. This quite literally made me want to re-sub now than at some future point. I can only assume this was the driving point behind this particular event, and considering it's the summer a good idea right? Because i was away, i got nothing, and immediately regretted subscribing again. So again, why limit it to 7 days? Who was the target audience for this, existing daily premium players? You can see how this is a bit annoying to say the least, not just for me, but should be for you as well. This isn't some random event, it's supposed to be something important, strategic, and business driven, or is it? So here's my 10th anniversary story from a guy who's playing this game since 2004: - Left game a number of months back out of boredom. - Oh look, anniversary event? cool, let's resub after hearing about some fun unique items, 10th only comes once right, so must be good! - Resubscribe a few accounts, likely more. So much character hours and prem time!! - Get nothing. wtf. - Find out you had to read deeper into the forums for patch notes indicating the days required. Too bad so sad, get out of my store. - Yell at your inactive townies because you are pissed off, generally turning them off on coming back. Sounds whiny and complain driven right? It is, but the fact remains something that trivial is enough for an 'n' number of people to subscribe, including me. For me it's a failure, as had i known there was nothing to be had, i would not have subscribed. Lots of my inactive town members were keen to re-sub on multiple accounts but did not based on me being annoyed. Here's your primary source consumer data for next time. So in short, make events longer or you could start by putting dates/times into the main patch notes on the client and website instead of deeper in the forums. How many people actively read the forums versus those who play? Exactly. Imagine someone reading directly that they -have- to get premium by a certain date to get items or extending events based on results! EUREKA!! $$$! -Done.
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    From a priest perspective... The one i attended I used my main to fight and Fo was casting light of fo and between that shooting arrows (focusing on single target until dead), that one was easy i suspect next time she will not have time to shoot arrows. My other Fo never got near battle as he was too squishy, but he did a full heal. Now before i go further, events I attend I will still take both both priests and do the same thing i did (probably minus the arrows as probably not going to have the time, idk), no buts. Light of Fo is not free, one I can cast once and maybe a second time with a good pause (100 faith), but a third time does not happen without a gem and other heals obviously require gems. When i am avoiding fights with my priest so i can cast on groups who need it (and not be interrupted) i have to basically stop everything i am doing with my main, i.e. i am probably not fighting or making key moments to stay in the fight, or worse i have accidentally become flanked by something that has agro on me, yes this only lasts a few seconds at a time or more depending on if the fight has moved away and i have to turn a horse that seems to have the same agility as a knarr in a bad wind when i need to turn 180, point is i lose out. If i have to get my 2nd Fo involved this is even more difficult as then i have to keep one in the fight (main), one in/out of the fight (Fo), and move the third into a safe position and heal the person needing it. I cannot actually control moment and maintain situation awareness on multiple chars at all times. My main is there to fight and get good loot. My main Fo is there to help not to fight so for now she is merely a on-demand, in-the-fray healer. The alt Fo is triage, full heals. So my main looses opportunity to get loot if i am making my Fo useful, which is fine, as my priests i would expect get some token reward. I was totally cool that it cost me few gems that fight, as both my priests got a nice little seryll lump....Fair trade. But it will be less fun if comes to my main not getting anything due to trying to help with my healers, but getting nothing for heals, and i suspect ill cost more gems in the future. i would not expect 3x the loot, just would be nice to get the same loot as 1 full time fighter. I suppose i could level my Fo's FS, but i want the skill on my main and would really defeat purpose of having a healer, i.e. if i spend my time fighting on my healer to get loot then heals would naturally be secondary, my altruism can only reasonably go so far.
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    Number 3 on... What about Healers?
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    Excellent move! Next for rifts: Healer love? I'd bring a cart full of healers, if there was any reward for healing.
  33. 3 likes
    G20, center of the Great Fir Forest, highway from Weird Wonders to Whitefay:
  34. 3 likes
    i almost reprem'd up for those gifts they almost got me
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    +1 to some way of being able to remove collosi. Colossi. Collsususes. Big honking leftover statues.
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    Couldn't care less about the topic(don't like priests),but this is awesome to watch..i mean..come on!! what other games have so much mystery and so many ways!! Love it!!
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    So far I've enjoyed the rift I attended and walked away with a nice lump of seryll. This is mostly because I had some downtime in between healing (usually after LoF casts) to poke monsters with my spear. A role often overlooked is that of the healers, we're busy people who sink a lot of prep time into keeping folks alive. Not just the magic healers but those helpful people who run around applying cotton and covers. It would be nice to see a small participation gain for healing people (WITH A DIFFERENT IP ADDRESS) in the rift area, be it by first aid or by magic. For magic make it based on the mana expended: 1/4 of a point (rounded up) per person hit by a LoF cast Maybe 3 points for a full heal 2 points for a cure serious 1 point for a cure medium wound A 10% chance for a point with a cure light For the mundane healing just make it based on the type of wound: 3 points for treating a serious wound 2 points for treating a bad wound 1 point for a medium wound A random chance (10%) for a point when working on a light or less wound.
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    umm.. I've received one or more rewards from each rift I've done, beyond the final lump. I usually have 2-4 characters participating though. The rewards are not supposed to drop every time for everyone. Otherwise, we would be flooded with new loot in the market and it would all lose value and be pointless anyway. THe point is to keep doing rifts in the hopes that you finally get a prize or two. Seryll lumps are nothing to sneeze at. Considering you can sell them for 2-4 silver, depending on QL, it makes doing rifts as profitable as any other 2hr grind I'd think. Great FS boost while you are at it.
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    Yeah, I am whining to a degree because 'i want my stuff', but i really was angry enough to post, expecting a lot of "QQ moar!!" replies. This isn't some small event, its a 10th anniversary and should be treated not only as a reward, but as a potentially good marketing tool. Unfortunately, as pointed out, they obviously didn't understand the impact of "free stuffs!!" as anything more than some silly weekly event. The real impact is 4 accounts will not be sub'd, and a further 7-9 accounts -might- have potentially come back but 100% will -not- because my anger vented out on them. Its consumer driven focus that should perpetuate these events, but they do not, either for a lack of resources, understanding, or cohesion.
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    There have been a few more auctioned since then.. And that one did sell for 300. @SugarFoxx
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    How will this effect healing participation?
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    nice bow with a pretty good rarity effect, grats too bad the cost/use ratio of fantastics is simply way off and itll just end up in some freedomers collection collecting dust for years and never see the light of day anyways gl on the sale
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    i agree but i think this is intentionally left to slow down excavators.
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    So many gone.. Obligatory post about lack of reading comprehension-skills and canned phrases eliciting a lack of education and awareness of the subject matter.
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    I'd share my bottle of Dom with you but I already poured it on the ground for all the dead goons
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    I have done some custom modifications to the bounty mod for my server already. I know it pretty well. The external tool ... If you could make a tool like this that appropriately writes a properties file for the bounty mod, I could help you on the modding side to get the bounty mod updated to handle the drops. If you can't make such a tool (I don't have time to do apps), it can be pretty easily explained how to work the properties file so that people could create drop tables for whatever creature they want (expanding on what is already there). What would be helpful for this however, and for another mod I am working on it would be a handy thing for people that use it, is if someone would do the tedious task of going through the item templates and getting all the template id's for all the items and making a neatly organized list. Because what would need to be in the properties file is like Troll_Bounty=1000, 179, 24, 210, 30, 99 (where first number is coin, second number is first chance item, third number is second chance item, fourth number is third chance item, fifth number is lowest possible drop quality, last number is highest possible drop quality). This is based on quick thought, may need to have more for material or whatever, wouldn't have the full specs until I actually dug into it. However it is possible, if enough people are interested it would be worth the time to work on. I would do it as a fork off Walker's to make sure he retained credit for the original mod creation, cause he did a lot of really good tedious time consuming work. It may be possible too to have loot be on the corpse of the killed creature, I would have to do some tinkering and testing on that first. I am sure it is possible but not positive it is within my capabilities at this time.
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    yea but this is Freedom Online now, not Wurm Online anymore give up /FUD
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    The .1 Mind logic and 5 hours "free" bonus time are very handy, especially at high levels where mind logic is hard to come by, I assume anyone making a habbit of grabbing ROS' was grinding out 100 ML.