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    Hello! Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that things are changing for Esteron! If you happen to spawn or pass through, you'll notice its pretty empty and in the process of being built! After some fun with Enki (watching him blow things up, create lava to burn things and instantly terraform huge areas of land) we were finally set loose to get to work and build! Here's a couple screenshots of Enki's prep work for us! http://imgur.com/a/s9rk8 It was late in the evening when we were finally set to start working but several of us stayed up pretty darn late getting a start on everything with tons of great help to get started by Polojordan, Mykoal, Savronne, Dudeitsdamsel, Kunibert, Bunnii, Airisporo, Vocals, Beastwolf, Araninco and myself. Come by and say hi if you are in the area!
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    This post reminds me of one of my first lectures of uni earlier this year. One of our lecturers on quantum physics must be in his mid to late 60s, and a room of around 200 people all gasped when he casually pulled up a program he wrote to demonstrate something graphically (at far beyond the level almost everyone in room had ever done before. There was lots of code and many complicated things going on and he was all "yeah I wrote this last night.") In 2nd semester he taught us our first programming module. Ageism :') It makes me wonder how much of older people generally being bad at technology is actually to do with age making you less able to learn things, and how much of it is just people being unconfident/unwilling to learn new things even when they're perfectly capable of it.
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    i love all the people supporting this now that its too late to have much of an effect at all kek its exactly what i predicted in the said thread.
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    Hi http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/124341-remove-gender-specific-spells-or-add-option-to-pick/
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    For the youngsters who are surprised at us older folk playing online games, we were playing Dungeons and Dragons when you had to use paper, pencil, and dice. We were gamers before gaming went online
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    You kids are so funny - who do you think has the time and money to sit and play Wurm on 3 - 4 premium characters all day and half the night every day?? If we don't work for Code Club, we must be retired, eh? We invented video gaming - whatever makes you think we'd ever stop playing?? Or stop being very damned good at it?? Yes, that's my real picture, yet I count 7 grandchildren - 4 biological, and 3 adopted. All but the youngest 2 (3 and almost 5) are also avid gamers, the oldest 2 started playing Wurm with me but it proved too slow paced for them. I know far more 'over 60' players here than will admit publically - why? Because you young ones relate better to us if you feel we are your peers. This has long been a source of great amusement to me. Remember: the family that games together, stays together! Zach, I'd give props to anyone in their 70's who had never touched a computer and could then play this game well .. but keep in mind most of us have played on and built our own computers and networks from the 300 baud days .. we've never not had the latest technology in our hands, so why would it be impressive that we can actually use it?? *laughing* Honestly, if it weren't for the community here, Wurm is getting too slow and boring for me - I've stopped saying NO to my friends (of all ages) trying to get me back into faster paced or new MMOs and started saying 'probably soon'. That's how I got into Wurm, I was asked by a game director developer of another large MMO to check out Wurm with him and give feedback. I'm still laughing that he wouldn't install Java on his laptop, so never played Wurm and here I still am. Love you all - don't care what your age is - in Wurm as in any fantasy MMO - we are all whomever and whatever we want to be. <3
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    Started playing in July 2009 when I was 38, will be 46 this month.
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    It wasn't forgotten about as much as the blunder I made before (see Steam hub) resulted in this not being patched. going live will see this resolved, which will happen later this week.
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    Youngest player in our alliance is 8 and eldest (who will admit to their age) is about 65. Although, I am still unsure about Robby, since he says he is "old" and definitely is grumpy... (when he is not ninja sending cakes in the mail).
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    Trying to recall how old Ol'Winter was... Though doubt he topped 80.
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    Wow, I suddenly feel young! What a great thread!
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    Unlikely. [14:15:13] You have been premium a total of 41 months until Dec 2013.[14:15:13] You have been premium a total of 26 since Dec 2013. I got a rare sub 50ql knapsack. Feels a bit underwhelming for 67 months (Almost 6 years) of prem seeing as Aaron's knapsack beats mine like a redheaded stepchild for his 27 months of premium.
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    Hi all, I am a returning player, and I started a deed to help newbs learn the game. Since I do not always time to play, the deed is not a school, but more of a playground with tools and resources available to all players to use and explore on their own. In fact, deed does not accept citizens, but allows pickup and a bunch of other activities. Current resources are: - Mine with Iron Vein, Forge and Large Anvil. - Oven for cooking food - Templar + tower guards for protection - Vynora Altar (in the mine), for skilling bonus and sacrifices The deed is located a bit South of Sloping Sands (the starting point), on the southwest side of the hill with the Market and ''Kingdom of Lindarian'' deed. If you head directly south from Sloping Sands (past Artdin's shed), turn right (West) after you see the guard tower. If you walk past the market, follow the wide highway to a well named ''Troll Yellow Water'', and follow the road south. Detailed info and rules are on the wiki page: http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Settlement:Holmgard The deed is underdevelopment. My current plans are to add: - Safe house - Training dummy - Beds - Floor Loom - Rope tool - Above-ground altar Suggestions for other things are welcome. I do not want to accept donations b/c I like to make things myself, but it will be a while before I can build an underground house, and I do not see any other way to keep the Large Anvil from getting stolen.
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    Wow, kind ofblown away by these older folks playing pc games, keeps their minds sharp i would guess, im the wrong side of 45, and ive been playing flat stick since feb, before that i was playing anno 2205
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    Waow, make him come back!
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    We had an alliance member (we are dearly missing her, she left for WU); at the time she started playing she was a little over 70, so now would be over 71 I'm sure there might be older players as well, the other "old" player in our ally is 65.
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    I wish beating a dead horse hard enough would bring it alive again, but the proof is in the pudding. Wurm has not kept a stable population in a while. Between abnormally long balance fixes and far and few between updates ( Soon ) the population has found better games. What sucked me into Wurm was how it sucked you in by making the world feel so alive. Walking down a main road out of spawn and seeing peoples homesteads/hearing people smithing and building gave me a feeling so unique to this game. It was awesome on Serenity, with a feeling of community and the low-scale pvp, either defending from baddies or pestering Davidlewisbell till he left again, it made the game feel so alive. Wurm isn't worth a sub to me unless there's 80+ people playing on a serenity sized map. with the MAYBE 15 people on serenity now it feels so lonely and pointless. Being a merchant in wurm was SOOOOOOOOOO cool, but without 80+ people theres no place for merchants and traders, or very many skilled tradespeople. I really wish people didn't go quite so ham on pvp in this game, pvp was fun enough so that you could solve dispute with the metal in your weapon-stand, and maybe a territorial battle here and there, but the huge kingdom fights, and in particular the toxic community around pvp turned me off of it. the pvp system just wasn't there for those scale fights. ( HIGHER DIRTWALLS, NO, HIIIIIGGHHHEERRR.) Call me a carebear but I enjoyed the homeservers immensely. People need to put aside their petty server-quibbles and merge, truthfully, that's the only way to keep it remotely populated. I know people are attached but.. being attached to something dead isn't very fun or entertaining ( what a game is, to me.) One PvP server, one PvE server, or just one server. The gamebase is too spread out... but people are attached and it will NEVER happen, which is sad... checking in on the forums now and again and watching what was once a flourishing game, with servers that felt alive, dwindle into this retirement home with a dwindling population of people moving on. Even if you wiped the skills and maps people will still quit, some put time into grinding that rivaled their jobs. and the possibility of losing subs to Rolf is too much to bear, even if there's a chance to bring people back. Sorry for not contributing to the discussion much, but it's really sad seeing this game dwindle down.
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