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    Hello! Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that things are changing for Esteron! If you happen to spawn or pass through, you'll notice its pretty empty and in the process of being built! After some fun with Enki (watching him blow things up, create lava to burn things and instantly terraform huge areas of land) we were finally set loose to get to work and build! Here's a couple screenshots of Enki's prep work for us! http://imgur.com/a/s9rk8 It was late in the evening when we were finally set to start working but several of us stayed up pretty darn late getting a start on everything with tons of great help to get started by Polojordan, Mykoal, Savronne, Dudeitsdamsel, Kunibert, Bunnii, Airisporo, Vocals, Beastwolf, Araninco and myself. Come by and say hi if you are in the area!
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    This post reminds me of one of my first lectures of uni earlier this year. One of our lecturers on quantum physics must be in his mid to late 60s, and a room of around 200 people all gasped when he casually pulled up a program he wrote to demonstrate something graphically (at far beyond the level almost everyone in room had ever done before. There was lots of code and many complicated things going on and he was all "yeah I wrote this last night.") In 2nd semester he taught us our first programming module. Ageism :') It makes me wonder how much of older people generally being bad at technology is actually to do with age making you less able to learn things, and how much of it is just people being unconfident/unwilling to learn new things even when they're perfectly capable of it.
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    i love all the people supporting this now that its too late to have much of an effect at all kek its exactly what i predicted in the said thread.
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    Hi http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/124341-remove-gender-specific-spells-or-add-option-to-pick/
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    For the youngsters who are surprised at us older folk playing online games, we were playing Dungeons and Dragons when you had to use paper, pencil, and dice. We were gamers before gaming went online
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    You kids are so funny - who do you think has the time and money to sit and play Wurm on 3 - 4 premium characters all day and half the night every day?? If we don't work for Code Club, we must be retired, eh? We invented video gaming - whatever makes you think we'd ever stop playing?? Or stop being very damned good at it?? Yes, that's my real picture, yet I count 7 grandchildren - 4 biological, and 3 adopted. All but the youngest 2 (3 and almost 5) are also avid gamers, the oldest 2 started playing Wurm with me but it proved too slow paced for them. I know far more 'over 60' players here than will admit publically - why? Because you young ones relate better to us if you feel we are your peers. This has long been a source of great amusement to me. Remember: the family that games together, stays together! Zach, I'd give props to anyone in their 70's who had never touched a computer and could then play this game well .. but keep in mind most of us have played on and built our own computers and networks from the 300 baud days .. we've never not had the latest technology in our hands, so why would it be impressive that we can actually use it?? *laughing* Honestly, if it weren't for the community here, Wurm is getting too slow and boring for me - I've stopped saying NO to my friends (of all ages) trying to get me back into faster paced or new MMOs and started saying 'probably soon'. That's how I got into Wurm, I was asked by a game director developer of another large MMO to check out Wurm with him and give feedback. I'm still laughing that he wouldn't install Java on his laptop, so never played Wurm and here I still am. Love you all - don't care what your age is - in Wurm as in any fantasy MMO - we are all whomever and whatever we want to be. <3
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    So, yay! We now have stairs and bridges! Great work team. Something I think we all miss though are a ramp you can ride up, that you can build inside a structure. I suggest that this ramp should take quite a bit of materials (since you're basically covering a floor worth of bricks). 40 bricks and 40 mortar? The ramp should NOT be pushable, but Turn is obviously a very big necessity! Yes? No? Give me all your feedback on this idea EDIT: Changed suggestion due to reasonable feedback.
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    Precision Perimeter Control Allow us to control the size of our perimeter in each cardinal direction, much like we control the rest of the deed. Additionally, let us shrink our perimeter to a minimum of 1 while still allowing the first 5 to be free. This means that there would still be an absolute minimum of 2 tiles between deeds, instead of the current 10 tiles
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    Not sure it's your place to tell the staff how to do there job either or what they should be doing. Also I don't understand you, just because you own a server and charge people for clay tiles that makes you more important? Okay.
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    potatoe quality as usual. Yaga do better screenshots than I do. Also, we are at that part of the job where most of the work is done and we are pondering the decorations. *To be or not to be a large barrel*
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    Thank you for hosting, here are some moments of the event The quiet before the storm Close up of the participants More participants Fight with the dragon
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    Except me, I was a larper, elf ears and stuff.
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    No, im am not old - i am only 57 years young! Have fun
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    I say construction is done, don't change a thing. I for one welcome our new Lava Fiend overlords.
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    Good point here. Basically I have found online games to be an enjoyable way to spend available idle time with minimal physical stress involved. Indeed it keeps the mind occupied while awaiting the grim reapers greedy grasp to collect another soul. Perhaps in time entering the online realm will become a way to avoid him altogether. Until then the incessant tick slowly recedes into the background when focused upon other projects of interest within Wurm, where the elder stage of life does little to suppress it. *tick, tick, tick* =Ayes=
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    We have some old lads/friends in BL epic, Grumpysmith, Khatanka and Biggibbo are 3 names that come to mind
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    when i was playing eve online one of my allys was 73 and had his grand kids playing eve, was nice
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    i know one who still plays and will do till end... now is around 60+
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    I have to give props to a 71 year old playing a game like this!!
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    I've sold Vortexx many rares over the last 6 months or so. Great trader, will continue to sell my extra stuff to him.
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    it's not ahahaha 20$ says now that i've sold my account, they follow my prediction and merge now that its too far gone and wonder why it didn't improve player count that much.
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