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    Hello everyone. I did it again! This time 1000 of them and a little special enjoy! A four months project i been working on and I'm glad I managed to finish it!! Special thanks to Moogien for helping with logs and creating some piles and Shrimpiie for taking the awesome screenshot from above. I do not know the amount of charcoal yet,i'm still picking it up,ill update once i know. 28.8k Total charcoal. Finaly,after a good part of them burned out i managed to take a screenie with smoke
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    If you missed it, we held our first live stream in a long while! There was a lot to catch up on and a lot to say, too much to cover in one episode. So instead of trying to cram in everything in today, we focused on a couple of our burning topics! In this episode, we discuss our experiences returning to the game and throw around some ideas on how this experience could be changed to improve player retention. We also discuss the new incoming rendering system that is currently on the unstable client!We are glad to be back! Keep on Wurming!
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    Adamantine does not do 10% increased damage on weapons, like the Wurmpedia says (Adamantine): Here is a snippet of code from the getDamage function in CombatHandler: } else { boolean full = _creature.hasSpellEffect(67) && !weapon.isArtifact(); damage = Weapon.getModifiedDamageForWeapon(weapon, attStrengthSkill, full) * 1000.0; damage += (double)(weapon.getCurrentQualityLevel() / 100.0f * weapon.getSpellExtraDamageBonus()); damage += Server.getBuffedQualityEffect(weapon.getCurrentQualityLevel() / 100.0f) * (double)Weapon.getBaseDamageForWeapon(weapon) * 2400.0; } The first call is to Weapon.getModifiedDamageForWeapon, which does the 1.1 multiplication at the end of the function. if (weapon.getMaterial() == 56) { damreturn *= 1.1; } However, as you can see from the CombatHandler code, it then does straight addition to the value, gradually decreasing the effect of the multiplication, down to the point where an adamantine weapon eventually does about ~2% to ~3% more than a non-adamantine weapon. I have a combat simulator which I tuned to test the damage difference from adamantine. Here are the results: iron longsword: 11187 addy longsword: 11414 longsword difference: 102.02% iron maul: 20243 addy maul: 20677 maul difference: 102.14% iron huge axe: 24353 addy huge axe: 24867 huge axe difference: 102.11% I suggest changing of the Adamantine page to better reflect its actual functionality.
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    With the introduction to some nifty new loot with stats and disposability... I was thinking an addition of randomly spawning named mobs for solo fighting would be interesting. Everquest did this alot. Ordinary models with a unique name like 'Gash the Troll Chief' and would have a random item on it (most of the time something crappy). *No, alert that they spawned or anything... just find them randomly while hunting, travelling, or exploring. *It doesnt HAVE to drop loot everytime, but it could have a higher chance than normal mobs for rare coins too. *It should be noticably harder than normal un-named mobs and give more fight skill when defeated. *There is no need for extra work on models, just use normal models and change statistics. *Adds an element of surprise when fighting and possibly a unique 'pet' to bring around. -Doctorangus
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    I think you are misunderstanding some items. Credit card companies do recognize virtual goods as items having value. The only issue is that unlike physical goods that can be mailed/tracked are easier to identify and regulate. In this case due to IP/Privacy laws, we have no proof that the buyer actually received the items. This is where virtual goods and physical items separate themselves in disputes such as this. Netflix isn't a virtual company. Revenue also doesn't directly represent net worth or it's value in being traded publicly. Netflix has infrastructure/rights in over 100 countries. On top of being a production company that makes high equality content. Also Netflix is a monthly/continual service, not a virtual good or item that you are buying. I know the point you're trying to make but it isn't the same thing. Netflix is a very tangible company. The issue with virtual items is that you have to distinguish a clear chain of buying and selling. You have to guarantee that Mike who lives at X place and uses X credit card is actually real. PlayerAuctions a website for middle man trading of largely unprotected virtual items hit the nail on the head. They require all people to register when buying/selling proving their address/Photo ID being held by the person. In this way they will win any dispute and every dispute as they can provide the IP/Geo-Location as well as prove that "Mike" did in fact buy the goods. Credit card companies do actually investigate credit card fraud. While they do not often do small transactions. If it's rampant/consistent they will investigate. You can be charged with fraud as well for falsely reporting them. Your credit score could be tanked by a credit company or you could be prosecuted. Either way I don't suggest doing it. How ever there are certain stores that allow charge backs within a time period for virtual items. Though these do not pertain to any credit card company. Unauthorized Charge is the only way to initiate a charge back on a gift. Fortunately for us in this situation. He will have little evidence to go on if peoples assumptions are right. If he is a young man who spent money he didn't have and didn't bother to properly hide himself he's doomed. If it's a child of the real paypal owner. He'll still be held accountable and charged as the amount exceeds a felony level. Then let's not also forget that it's identity theft / most likely forgery as he didn't have permission to use the card for those purchases. The charges will take 1-3 months to be adequately disputed apparently. Either way Niru was dumb enough to buy WU on a Steam account that's over 8 years old. I contacted Steam and got them involved with the charge backs. In this case I wanted to establish history as a reference point to confirm the identity of the buying party. Steam does fight the charge backs that happen outside of the Steam store. So unless Niru has no associate with the real Neil Hicks. This should be a win for any seller.
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    Nice man Not to sound toooooooo bitter but seriously though with those numbers compared to mine how can the devs say that the system isn't broken lol...98 months of prem compared to 40? I've literally PAID for 3 years more playtime (or 1,140 days if you wanna put it differently) and yet I get a worse rewards. Just siiiiiiigh
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    I'm sorry I also forgot to mention. Anyone with a negative Paypal balance call Paypal up and ask them to set it to 0 until the case is actually resolved. You already won one case with Paypal against him. They are ruling in your favor this round and will work with you to keep you using their service.
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    Since priests are already very limited in their capabilities (which is fine I'm not asking to let priests craft lol) it seems a little harsh and excessive to also nerf their gains for body and mind, yes supposedly soul skills are all the jazz for priests but already being limited to one (or two in Libs case) resource gathering skills makes gaining even less characteristics for that one (or two) so much more painful than seems right.
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    Some basic ideas for directions the game can take in the long term. I won't personally flesh them out right at this moment, because that can be done at a later date, this is more to give feedback on where the game can potentially go in the future. Provide your own ideas, fleshed out or not. This is not a thread for small suggestions, but grand visions. Also - this thread is in no way, shape or form official. It's a random curiosity from the hare brain of myself. 1) Quests in the overworld. Some starter ones to get people moving when joining the game which rewards basic tools (with a chance of very low enchantments). Custom ones for late game players. Player made ones for whoever feels like a questgiver, and have something for equal exchange. Everyone can ignore a quest if they feel it not worth it, or not in their game style. Times out after a certain time of nobody completing it, forcing questgiver to pay the listing price again. 2) Instances. Don't get me wrong here, I'm extremely happy that this game is not WoW. Wurm is Wurm, for all its flaws and perks. But it could do with some Developer made team (or solo) challenges one can do while bored. (Which leads me into the next suggestion....) 3) Guilds. May only be created by resources gained in instances. Gained resources may only be kept in instances. Can get perks with resources along the lines of leader boards for most hoarded resource, exclusive titles, skins for wagons/horses/etc. Generally things that don't really impact the game. (Which leads me to my next suggestion...) 4) Player made dungeons. Protect your guilds treasury by (literally getting the materials and) building traps, hiring protectors, being sneaky. Attempting to conquer a dungeon costs a certain amount of resources that instantly goes into the dungeon owners pockets. Winning grants you a percentage of the total accumulated resources in the treasure chest (plus your initial commission. the dungeon owner should never go positive upon losing). Failing returns you to your starting point, never losing any gear or skill, only your initial payment (and possibly karma). Before being able to submit a dungeon, the owners must be able to defeat it within the restrictions they themselves set; * Theoretical max cap of time at 10-90 minutes depending on resource storage. * Minimum Karma limit in personal storage to be able to run the dungeon depending on size. Karma lost when dying goes into guild storage that will not get looted. Appears in the form of liquid available to the guild master and those of that level of trust for distribution. (think of it as a reward for running a great dungeon) * The larger resource storage, the more people can enter at the same time. * Dungeon resets to original state after party leaves. * Instance map size rentable by tile. Rent paid in resources. * Dungeon mobs costs resource to hire and keep on the roster. (Which means they can drop things, as partial rewards even if you fail the dungeon, you can walk away with at least a little something) * Replays of failures and victories available to concerned parties for reviewing. * Remodeling a dungeon is 100% materials invested returned. You only need to provide it once. Difficult to build extraordinary creations, not punishing for wanting to remodel. * If you don't have a protecting dungeon, then your storage can just keep on getting raided. * Increasing percentage of resources lost in each successive successful raid by other guild or solo player. * Instance lockdown for 24 hours after successful raid. Successful streak has 7 days until reset (just so you can't make a pain in the arse one that people have to keep on doing in succession on days they have other commitments) 5) Player levels. It's a fluff number for sure, but you can base quite a few limits on this, so I'd prefer to see it happen. 6) Auction house for single (low weight) items. Commission cost at 15% of sale price so merchants still have a use. Max of 5 or so items concurrently. A copper or so in listing price. Ok, you got anything else? Comments? Peace. - J
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    nice Jony... now the smoke comes
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    Awesome work you done here, glad to be a tiny helper
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    Yeah, I don't think the rift on GV has a good chance of being closed any time soon...
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    Knowing i premmed up straight away the first week i was playing and never let my subscription drop... the salty is here too. I heard that too, which is sad. Some friends offered to trade me theirs fantastic as well, but I do not see why I should deprive them of something they got due to some code error somewhere. I officially thanks them here for their kindness. But we should all deserve the same rewards for the same time spent. Fantastic items are usually impossible to get, deserving one and seeing it get away from you for some silly reasons is even more annoying.
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    If you open the graphics jar, the mapping file is a plain text file in there, so should be pretty easy to figure out.
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    Well from my talks with Retrograde there's a per day counter on the server side. Which is separate from the Per month counter which we get given ingame. However there's no explanation as to why my account would have a per day counter that's less than yours for example. Yet they're trying to play it off like there's nothing broken with that data they've used to give out the rewards and only replacing those who got the default lowest reward. Apparently we won't be given an upgrade from everything I've heard which makes me pretty salty. haha
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    I'm closer to the guy prem time, just a few extra months (like 3/4) and also have a supreme one. Which is kinda silly when people do have fantastic ones with those amounts. So yeah, something is broken, and even if it's only a 'gift' having something done for us who have the same or higher premium paid time than those who got those fantastic would be nice... you know, just to be fair and square.
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    Having new skill will level the playing field. Newer players can even feel like they are at the head of the pack for once. THis would be a good move.
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    well its a waste of a trait if you ask me, it can be hard enough to get good traits without breeding ones that have an extra useless, none knows what it does, type trait
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    Yes NEW SKILLS and CRAFTS!!! Rolf said a year ago he would look into glass blowing and stained (colored) glass especially for windows. Please? Please???
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    Am all for new skills rather than increasing the 100 cap which the suggestion is suggesting.
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    Believe the problem is that the game needs new skills as their hasn't been any new ones in years Plus a lot of the old skills are pretty much useless to grind
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    Wurm is featured in a spread on "Top MMOs" under the category "The Best Sandbox MMOs" http://www.pcgamer.com/the-best-mmos/3/ Discuss...
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    Well done Jony lol, well done! That is going to make an insane amount of steel lmao!
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    +1 I love it. Maybe give them a few short lines of dialog? Maybe just something they say when they enter combat. <Aged Wolf Deathclaw> "You'll pose no more challenge than those rabbits, DIE!"
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    Wow, I suddenly feel young! What a great thread!
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    I think its is simply a case of devs being less than optimal at coding rather than the wiki being wrong considering various statements by devs...
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    Got a 99.99 ql fantastic knapsack and champagne.
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    I'm confused why I got supreme and not fantastic. [17:11:39] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Tears, week 3 of the starfall of Diamonds, 980. That's 3321 days, 19 hours and 34 minutes ago. [17:11:39] You have been premium a total of 84 months until Dec 2013. [17:11:39] You have been premium a total of 31 since Dec 2013. [17:11:39] You have been premium consecutively for 31 months since Dec 2013. [17:11:39] You have premium time until 13 May 2017 00:43:44 GMT I bought prem in the first week of gold iirc and haven't dropped prem even for 1 day since, but I see loads of people who started after Wurm went Gold who have fantastic o.O 115 months, and another 11 or months prepaid... Not enough I guess
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    My #1 choice for disembarking a vehicle is to click on ground and hop off, this option is not available from inside a building, making it slower to right click the boat/horse/cart/wagon to get off. I would also like the option if possible to disembark/embark a vehicle through a arched wall, which you currently can not do, an example of the problem below.
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    You know that's the logic behind /fatigue per Rolf? I can't see that either solution works. The only solution that will work is a credit card slot machine for skill to have new players out skill and out pace old players who know what they're doing.
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    +1 to new decorative items (any new statues, really).
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    They said they were only replacing those who got 20ql wool ones when they have been a longer time subscriber. If it /is/ bugged for people like myself and Gaeron, then as a reward to say thanks to long time subscribers, it's a bit of a middle finger compared to others.
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    Next on the I'm an ungrateful jerk list : Knapsacks QL and rarity being wonky with nothing that can be done for them. As much as I like them (because, well, they are a safekeeping memento), having all your pals with less premium time and playtime than you get the fantastic ones and nothing that can be done to fix it is ... sad. And no, I'm not the only one in that case, others got hit by that weirdness. Shame on you fantastic knapsacks sellers, some of us who rightfully deserved them didn't had them. Enjoy what you have instead of selling it away! TL;DR. The code got some of us again and Odynn is a mean jealous ungrateful guy.
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    You don't even pvp so I guess you wouldn't know what it takes to keep pvpers logging in. It's having plenty of opponents. +1
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    [09:47:52] Your title is now Rift Defender. I wouldn't say it is WO only Let's see how much more I can dig out in WU code...
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    I know of some players that tried to make quests for new players, with a (nice) prize to win when the quests is completed. What is missing for player made quests (pmq) is the ability to create scripted events, like there are on Gold Valley (instructions that pop up) and with the more recent treasure hunts. So perhaps you could give (trusted and veteran) players the ability to put one or more scripted events on the server they live on. How can this be realised: suppose as player you want to make a pmq, then you start one, the server asking how many steps, what message per step, what action needs to be performed for the scripted event to pop up, what item should be handed out (need to be provided by the player that creates the quest). If this is 5 the player gets five ''tokens'', after which he uses these tokens on objects. ..... hmm, getting far to detailed already....
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    1) That's a very overly harsh generalization. I play both and enjoy both for different aspects. 2) What's the harm in introducing something that is *completely* voluntary participation? I mean, if you want the functionality without participating we could probably do a cash shop that provides it to you, no harm in the devs selling cosmetics imo.
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    Also, it should be allowable to be cheeky as hell and set up a merchant selling healing stuff and weapons like "Cheers luv, getting your arse handed to ya?"
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    Sorry to hear this is still going on, hope you all win your cases. I mentioned earlier that I made 30s total from dealings with Niru. Well for me that is what is known as bad money. I don't want it, so will donate back here to the cause. Not sure how this will all work out, but when the credit card company gets involved, it's never good for online sellers. Consider the 30s a donation to any fund that gets started. Good luck.
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    If he thinks he's going to win this, I'll take him to court for Grand Theft as the amount stolen will be valued at nearly $10,000 USD. Anyone effected by Niru please message me for an invite to a private message group and submit your paypal transactions in a picture. Please include the case, amount, his name and email. I do not promise you will get your money back. What I do promise is that who ever Niru is, will be arrested and taken to court. I will create a class action lawsuit against who ever this person is. Whether they are Neil Hicks or not. At this point I really don't care if Niru closes the claims or not. I'm just going to finish this myself.
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    Note, the clan "House of Kha" was now 7 years this month on wurm and wild (chaos), her one vid for the time without kingdoms and hots
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    I set that one loose, I felt bad to kill it.
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    This is transcribed from the server code, as described to me by coders who are actually competent with that sort of thing. Code like this has been used to make simulators that accurately predict results in the live game before we even try anything, and has been utilized for bug reports as they are found. enchanting is a skillcheck with effective channeling and spell difficulty effective channeling is derived from channeling skill and your channeling bonus channeling bonus: (absolute value of alignment - 49) + faith bonus + deed bonus + (religion skillcheck / 10) if bonus > 70, bonus is set to 70 effective channeling skill: skill + ((bonus/100) * (skill vs (((100+skill)/2) - skill), whichever is lower)) It's very easy to cap out the channeling bonus, as max alignment provides 51/70, and a meager 29 faith bonus will not only cap out the channeling bonus, but cancel out the effects of a -10 from a poor religion roll.
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    [21:15:20] <#####> [22:15:12] You attempt to light the path for Aarontx. [21:15:23] <#####> [22:15:12] Aarontx does not grasp the question. He needs to meditate more. [21:15:13] ##### asks you a very confusing question. You do not understand it and need to contemplate more. I currently have 28.299 points above the meditation skill required for the level I am attempting to reach, so how's this supposed to work? It would be nice if there was an actual developer response regarding this, and not just player rumors/trolling that it might have worked for somebody. If it's not supposed to work at all, remove it from the game. If it is broken fix it. If it is supposed to be as rare as being struck by lightning, let us know. How hard is this? It is extremely frustrating to have something in the game that most everyone I know considers to be completely broken, and have no response from the developers.