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    On the 4th of June I got the the sad news that my dear friend Davidbur had passed away. I meet this friend of mine when I was playing Wurm, I was travelling on Desertion and offering service, I wanted to meet new people and do something different. I started to help out Davidburs mayor, Caiji and thru her I also meet Davidbur. We all three started to chat and enjoy our time together in Wurm. I stayed with them for few weeks and got to know them. I then finished helping them and started to help someone else and few weeks later I returned to my deed and always kept in contact with David and Caiji. Later Caiji took a break from Wurm and I ended on inviting David to my village witch he accepted and I was very glad for that also because I knew he was active in Wurm like I was and it had started to become little boring to be mostly alone at my deed. I have many good things to say about Davidbur, he was a true friend and always willing to help others, people didn't need to ask David for help he just heard someone was doing something and came to help if it was surface mining, digging tons of dirt, making bunch of bricks or what ever he was the one that was the first to arrive. I often saw someone ask for bricks or mortar for projects and I recommended David for the job, both because I knew he wanted some silver but far more important I knew he would make the delivery most often in time and he had very good reputation in doing so. For me David was rough on the outside but like silk on the inside, at least that is what I experienced from many of our talks. We could talk a lot or just throw on or two lines between each other while we where playing. I also learned from our talks that David was also like this in RL, he seemed always to be ready to give a hand, take his mother for a Sunday shopping or whatever else it was. I often made kindly fun of David also, he surely was a hoarder, at least in game he was. When I decided to disband my deed after David took a few months break from Wurm for some private reasons I moved all his stuff, and he had chest upon chests of tools or iron bars or 50 small axe heads or 40 knife blades. I think I am not kidding when I say that it was three trips just his stuff with a Knarr. Worst thing also was he had no idea where all his stuff was, he asked me once to sort his stuff after quality in bsbs, I think it maybe lasted a week. But David was someone who was nice to be around, we sometimes had little arguments but they never lasted more than few hours. I learned to appreciate his friendship and I am proud that I could call him a friend, even though I have never meet him face to face and we live far away from each other. He was a good friend that I will miss so very much from this game, it was a very shocking moment to learn this news from his brother Floydg that he had passed away the 3rd of june from a hearth attack way to young, before he even reached 50 years old. My sincere condolences to his family and friends, I ask God to bless his memory and give strength to his friends and family. A memorial will be held on the Epic server Desertion, about 100 tiles south of the starter town Glitter 19:00 GMT (3:00pm EDT), https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?p0=49&iso=20160611T22&msg=Memorial%20service%20for%20Davidbur Everyone is welcome if they want to honour his memory (please respect and no PVP).
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    Wurm is featured in a spread on "Top MMOs" under the category "The Best Sandbox MMOs" http://www.pcgamer.com/the-best-mmos/3/ Discuss...
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    Wow, 10 years. I've only been playing since 2012, and the game has changed massively for me, I cannot even begin to imagine how it has evolved over the past decade. From a simple idea, to a living, breathing, ever changing world that we all love and play. My love of this game is why I'm here today, and it's why we're all here, players and staff alike, it truly has become such an amazing game, and has earned its moniker "Your home on the internet" We'll cover the anniversary gifts today, as well as a little info on the weekend events, the major ones will be delayed until the 18th-19th of June, allowing everyone to adequately prepare travel, choose which events to attend, and so on, but that doesn't mean we don't have anything in store, but first.. Patch Notes Anniversary! What a crazy week it’s been! There was a slight delay with the anniversary gifts, but they're out now and I’ve seen many people showing them off! A lot of people have been comparing playtimes and premium months, but we did not use that information, given the incorrect calculation issues we faced with the premium rewards bonus in the past. While there was a hiccup in some players getting their rewards, all rare + knapsacks were given correctly. If you got a 20ql wool knapsack but have been premium for several months, log a support ticket for us to check out These premium rewards will be available until the 15th of June, midday server time. I asked a few devs and members of the team to share a few of their thoughts about the 10th anniversary, here’s what they had to say Warlander - Developer Tich - Developer Budda - Product Manager Alectrys - Tester Keenan - Developer Enki - Head GM I definitely need to ask Enki about more stories... Events Unfortunately some technical difficulties has delayed our major planned events, rather than rush things and wind up with lackluster times we’ll be popping in to do summons at spawn towns on various servers, quizzes throughout the days (and more gift box prizes!) and a couple of other things, with more warning about the larger events next weekend! We'll give warning approximately an hour before the summon events at spawn towns, so keep an eye out! I'm also keen to take any ideas about PvP based events, I know they can be somewhat challenging, so if you have any ideas, let me know! Rifts Feedback for the second rifts has been largely positive, with many enjoying the harder waves, we're super pleased with that and will continue to tweak it, we do love hearing how many of you die.. I mean, have fun. Next plans For the past few months we've been working on Rifts, and the new client, with rifts well and truly out the door, anniversary work done, and the new client on unstable and being updated regularly, we'll begin to look at the next projects we want to put on our roadmap. There's plenty to choose from, and PvP will be part of it. Community Content This weeks community content is a post by Huntar, farewelling his village, echelon. It's always sad to see a long time player move on, but the beautiful videos and screenshots of Echelon also show us just how special we each make our own place, be it by ourselves, or part of a spawling village. That's it for this week, I'll see you all ingame, with presents and prizes!
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    My heart goes out to you, all his friends and family. I'm hopeful that David is in a better place, where lag never exists, all the wine is 100QL and he has full GM powers. Rest in peace.
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    start bid is 25... Did someone miss that?
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    I think it's people that quit before answering the initial popup to select gender (and kingdom on non-home servers).
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    Something random I found on imgur, but so much Wurm-looking-like .. bumblebee carrying Sol
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    A quiet night in the south of Xanadu.
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    So recently this huge feature came out and I have happily built a few buildings in my mine. I did help with some of the testing, or at least tried out building underground on the test server, but there are a few questions I have still which I have not been able to have directly answered. First off, and this is a big one as I have still had rock fall in my mine on exodus on top of reinforced floor tiles as recently as 2 weeks ago. Can a collapse happen on a reinforced floor tile on your deed with a building on it? I have put 2 structures up so far, neither is completed yet as I fear to do a pile of work and then log on the next day to see numerous floors and items all buried under a pile of rock. For this reason I am also in no hurry to waste bricks and mortar on more buildings that could go poof in a heartbeat. Second question I have is the lack of wall type options. I knew there was just the plain choices on test, but assumed that was just because that was all that was needed for testing purposes. So will we be getting the regular wall choices, especially the regular stone wall options, but there are many who prefer building in wood or timber frame as well. If we are to only have as a choice of plain stone, I would like to know the reason for this I do like the looks, but really prefer to put more variety into my underground city.
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    Can I please get an answer about this nerf to source springs? Are they going to stay crappy like they are now and barely give source? I want to know because if they are, I'm going to get rid of my source springs deed. It's time to pay the upkeep but I'm not going to bother for this tiny amount all the time. Do people still buy source springs deeds? If so I'm selling. Thanks.
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    Meet at old samling deed, closer location to be posted tomorrow. 14 D on the in-game map Anyone is free to come for Leatherworking Potions. Id suggest using the tunnel
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    Condolences to everyone who was close to him. The memorial was beautifully arranged! May he rest in peace, he certainly will be remembered by the people in Wurm.
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    Rome shall come pay tribute, and fulfill Davids wish. Condolences out to the family and friends.
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    Not if you are fully color blind
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    Firstly I would have a go at updating the SSD firmware from here:- http://www.adata.com/en/ssd/download/136 Secondly I would either change the SATA cable or at least try changing which SATA port your using just to rule out any issues with ports or cables.
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    Long time ago... I remember fishing competition, when creating fishing pole takes more than 4 real days When everyone tried Fo healing spells (before priesthood) and everyone blessed everything, and everyone. Wurm becomes gold, Few peoples on shore were trying to find clay, to create first bowls on hole serwer First 10ql long sword on Golden Valley, i sold it, and as barter becomes Ageless (title for everyone who becomes prem in first week of Gold) remember Kyara, temple of Who, first boats, tunnels, breading Bears after lost of alignment were accidentally teleported to Chaos... back to GV first Goblin King Troll first dragon life i beautifull...
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    And they sure did get them right tho, hahaha XDDD I loved playing a melee class in the Realm vs Realms in GW2, nothing can top the PvP you experienced there.. I mean, all those AoEs, not ever fighting someone.. really 10/10 there. Is ESO still Vampire Dominated? I never really got into it because I saw 1 guy 1v10 and win. PS2.. Vanu gets no recoil, TR gets double barrel tanks/chain guns, NC gets uhh... uhhhh.. 'MERICA.
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    What better place to start your chaos adventure, apply now.
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    Only Notch is mentioned, ouch XD Then again, cant hurt for them to promote this as one of the pre-minecraft games Notch worked on, will get a bit more attention that way.
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    It deserves a top spot in my view Also it's great its getting some publicity.
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    You can tweak slopes and stuff with my movement tweaks mod. I could probably add an option to change seat positions too...
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    attach a net instead of a square of cloth to steel and rope, could gather fish, crab, shellfish and at what ever skill a chance to get a tiny treasure. Being Follower /Priest of Vynora, could increase the chance. Just as being a follower /priest of Fo could increase catch. Being the follower/ priest of another deity might also grant something from the bottom. Many treasures lay at the bottom of the sea. With a drag net, there could be an added benefit to fishing. Monsters: giant crab (knock you out of a small boat), electric eel, giant sea snake, a school of pirahna (really bad if you happened to be standing in the water while fishing)
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    Saying that pvp is on the list is much like saying bridges soon tm. While it could well be the case that stuff is happening behind the scenes, without evidence of such occurances what are we the community supposed to infer. Like when simple numeric toggles such as meditation and sorcery buffs seem to take literally months to implement then when are we likely to see meaningful changes to pvp. And this is also bearing in mind that pvp is the real cash cow for ccab but throw us a bone in the pvp community
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    Good luck in your travels, thanks for taking me in when I was new to Freedom.
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    How much playtime for getting a wool knapsack if i may ask? I like that color.
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    I'm sorry, but making RNG presents where 0.1% get a really awesome item and 99,9% get rubbish is such a stupid idea. Because of course you'll end up with 99,9% of the people feeling shafted. Did nobody at Code Club ever hear about psychology? So while i do appreciate the sentiment (And the free sleeping powder...sort of), this was overall not a very smart move from the devs.
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    Hello suggestion, my old friend I've come to talk with you again Because a vision softly creeping Left its seeds while I was sleeping And the vision that was planted in my brain..... Still remains..... Within the sound of silence Happy one year anniversary
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    I started playing because my girlfriend of the time played. She lived quite a long way away IRL, and those first evenings of playing on JKH at her little deed (and mine across the road soon after) were a lot of fun. One time she got lost and could hear all sorts of trolls and stuff nearby and I found her (somehow) and helped her get home and it was pretty magical, to be honest, and I really treasure the memory equally alongside stuff we did IRL. Since then: chatting and hanging out with some cool people down the years who I only met through/in Wurm. Friend/PTO helping me out when I tried Wild; Tineen and I talking music in Freedom chat for hours; MD, Randnar, Willow, Sme, Pashka, Maluraq, Lance, Aly, Nemone - and no doubt others who I've forgotten right now (apologies) ... and most especially Aeris, who's chatted to me through grinds and hunts and some strange and unforgettable times But really, so many great milestones and adventures; I love this game still, even after 18 months of nothing but imping arrows in my workshop.
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    Poor champion troll... Ouch!
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    Except that nothing is free. People were given an incentive to pay real life money to (re-)prem their characters and alts. Now those paying customers are disliking the result. This is not how you save a game that already has huge problems with player retention.
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    All of the irritation is no surprise. Never in all these years since 2007 have i ever seen them give gifts that made anyone happy. And you always have the people that say appreciate what you get. Screw that. Why should i appreciate a crappy gift, When i'm paying real money to play this game. And waiting for ages for bugs to get fixed. Like the friggin lighting system. No, I did not like the stupid gifts. And no i don't appreciate them. How about i buy myself a new wallet, And mail the generic corporate photo that comes with it to code club, And expect them to thank me for it? I don't think they would. So in answer to the original question, These gifts are useless trash, Sell them as quick as you can, And try to forget about being insulted.
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    Well for my remaining two prem chars (I've stopped premming the other 3 several months back) all I got was 2 SP. I'm not outraged like some but I will say that I'm dissapointed. I feel as though the base reward should have been something that even if it had no practical use could atleast have be an aesthetic item which when worn or placed on the ground on your deed sorted said "Hey I was around for the 10yr anniversary" something that could be kept and cherished. Instead now I've got two consumable items which mean nothing. Not mad, just dissapointed.
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    I would actually have preferred that over 1 SB and 2 lumps of seryll on 3 accounts. that would at least have been unique in a way...not as generic as SP
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    Thats what this Wurm's 10th anniversary event also turned out to be.. just a money grab. In my opinion 10th anniversary is big, this is the time to look back.. reward loyalty, pat the players on the back, say some nice words (that part Rolf did). At 10 years event the returning players aren't the stars.. There are people, who have been around since the beginning, THEY should've been in the spotlight. Those long-time players have been the one, who took the company to this moment, without them Code Club and Wurm wouldn't exist at this moment. Sadly this event was just aimed to make money for code club. Anyway, let's forget this for now.. Retrograde told, that there is more to come. Was it planned, or was it quickly added after the complaints, that will only the staff know.. but let's see, with what else they can surprise us, the players
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    I'd have been happier with a 50QL ring named "10years of Wurm" a fancy description and Rolf signature on it. As kochinac said, it's a huge mark for wurm... having something so common is just ... meh... disappointing to say the least. And as for loot boxes... we all know how crappy the RNG on wurm can be... using such system to commemorate an event of that size is just silly.
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    Jesus Christ would you stop -.- The fact something is somewhere doesn't mean it hast to be that way in Wurm -.- And yes many people would have earned much money from this if it turned otherway, but for me it was about having something special that i will keep, memory on great milestone, a filling that i was part of it, and posibly at same time somethig useful or atleast cosmeticly awesome. not spendable crap like sp and addy that i can buy anytime.
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    I got a sleep powder... [12:41:20] You have been premium consecutively for 30 months since Dec 2013. I guess being a loyal customer doesn't mean anything...
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    That is true, but my mom doesn't first write me an email saying OH MY GOD!!! Since you paid my "knitting magazine" subscription for so many years, come to my house I got the most awesome presents. You get one box, and it could be this super awesome brand new graphics card, and one of the boxes has this amazing new keyboard/mouse/headset in it, and even one has a totally brand new laptop!!! You get in your car, drive to your moms house, super excited! Your mom gives you a box, and it has a pair of socks in it. Your bratty nephew comes in, who heard people that buy that sweet lady subscriptions to magazines get presents. He bought one for her yesterday. He gets a pair of socks AND a second box because he just redid his instead of continuously paying the subscription. His extra box has a cool aesthetic computer goodie in it and some other stuff. Your grandma, sitting in her rocking chair, gets mad at you for not being more grateful with your present. Back in my day we would be thankful to even get dinner, you little wippersnapper! If you don't like your socks you can always sell them.
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    1 - a credit card company would have blocked the card much sooner if these were unusual charges. They watch where money gets spent and take action without the owner even realising their card got stolen. ANY credit card company will do this. Since they didn't, it confirms the original card holder is not unknown to spend heaps through paypal. 2 - paypal ruled that there had been no third party use of the account. I assume they do this by checking login ips and login times. The account was never logged in by a stranger. The card/paypal info was not stolen and the owner of it appears to go on crazy paypal sprees more often. This is a guy who decided he wanted it all and then had buyers remorse, and instead of trying to get the money back by selling the items, started disputing all the payments. I doubt it's even a scam since the items were never resold, leaving him with no profits. The stories people come up with, like I wrote earlier, are not helping since this thread is linked for paypal to review. The more wild ideas pop in here, the harder it is for them to determine fact from fiction.
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    PSalmon said he should have got premium through code club avenues, meaning using excess silver to buy premium time directly. Granted selling silvers privately then using the cash to buy premium can offer better gains, but this excess gain is called risk premium , with the risk free asset being dealings with code club directly. I imagine the risk selling silvers privately in low enough that one would still expect to come out ahead using this method, but one must still remember part of what you 'save' by selling silver privately is consumed by risk. Also i can not help but notice the parallels between this situation and the bank bailouts in the Great Recession. Some had made gains/profits from taking on risk, but then expect to be reimbursed when those risks show up. If paypal fixes this situation (I hope they do) then that is awesome, if not, then it would be mathematically disingenuous to expect Code Club to reimburse or bailout players who took part in the private sales. Unfortunately, our brains are not very efficient at dealing with abstract risks, particularly when we perceive these risks to be small. For those of you who have now awoken to this fact, I would like to recommend a great book that can help people better deal with abstract risks, it is called 'Fooled by Randomness' by Nicholas Nassim Taleb. While I do empathize with those here who may lose out, I do hope at least this could be used as a broader learning experience.
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    Server update 27/05/2016 Fixed a bug preventing some creatures from spawning without lairs (e.g. trolls) or at all (e.g. hell creatures) Tweaked spawn rules for better mob distribution and less goddamn wolfs everywhere. This will take a some time to take full effect, kill more wolfs for faster and better repopulation Most building-related actions can now be performed while driving a cart When building structures (walls, floors, roofs, fences, doors, bridges, etc.) while driving or dragging a cart - materials will be automatically taken from the cart, including from inside crates
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    Turns out it does. 7000 difficulty (same as tools) vs. other weapons' 4000 difficulty. Small axes aren't tools, pls end this oppression
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    not wanting to be part of a cluster that you don't enjoy is being negative? to the OP, a merge will do absolutely nothing at this point. The pvp servers are dead for reasons already mentioned in countless threads. Taking poop and combining it with more poop might equal a larger sum of poop at first, but its still going to keep decomposing unless.. nvm this analogy is not going very well
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    Another day at the church
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    Posting this for my friend and neighbor here on Inde, Teeebomb, who's finally shed his noob scardycat skin and turned into an avid Wurmian hunter! This was his awesome shot from today haul, after being chased by both the croc and the snake he ended up killing them both! Grats, Bomb! TEEEBOMB'S BIG ADVENTURE
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    Travelling at night and had to look twice...Castle Von Cleric! Wow!
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    [18:51:13] You have a feeling that Fo is here with you now
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    Saddled up and ready to go!
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    Aye, one cannot expect to even break even, let alone "make money". The amount of time, effort, and capital invested just to reach such levels is pretty intensive. Cannot even begin to factor in the work involved later maintaining stock and overhead. Not to mention being at the whim of the usual economic forces. At best you will reimburse some of your costs; however, the important thing is you enjoy the game.