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    Just an anecdote: recently the Affliction alliance has grown to the size of the old BLE alliance, and new accounts have sprung up -- and remained active -- on BLE as well. This is a major change considering we were the "dead" kingdom just a few weeks ago. Nothing too significant has happened mechanics-wise, so what gives? Why do we suddenly have people -- old and new players alike -- who are giving it a shot and staying around? In a "dead" kingdom on a "dead" cluster, no less? If I were to guess, it's because we've started making a conscious effort to build community here. If you pay attention, people are constantly poking their heads in to see what the game's about. But too often they're swatted away as spy alts or newbies who "won't stick around anyway," and when they're treated as outcasts and ignored, "not sticking around anyway" turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Start acting welcoming to them, talk to them, offer them help, and suddenly they're part of something and they're inclined to keep playing. Wurm is a community game, and PvP servers are supposed to offer the most tight-knit communities here. We can complain about balance or whatever, and it is important, but moon metal and Smoke of Sol aren't what scare newbies away. You can have all the mechanics changes in the world but you still won't get the population you want until you become willing to alter your own behavior to accommodate those extra players. Rather than waiting for PvP to arrive gift-wrapped on our doorsteps as we are all so prone to doing, we have to take the steps necessary to make it happen. Anything on the devs' end is secondary.
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    I thought we nerfed you!
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    The game has been around for how long and we can't get a board that can hold 10 pieces of paper with messages on them? PLEASE? make it similar to the recruitment board, but let it have spaces for papers that can be read, and require activated paper to post. Hell maybe you need to have a hammer and a small nail. I don't know, but please make this happen?
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    Don't hate me, but I think that Xanadu is perfect as it is now. I feel sorry for those folks that settled in the south in 2014 and wanted tons of mobs to grind - they were cheated. But incredibly few of these people are left now, as almost all players have moved on. For new players settling, they have the great choice between north or south Xanadu - mob mania or peaceful bliss. Or settle down smack in the middle of it. I love that kind of regional variation. I do believe they increased the spawns a few months back, that is also what I sense at my own K-latitude. The claim that there are no mobs at all down south is completely false. This past week I have traveled through the whole south from SW to SE and I always see a few mobs wherever I go, both red and blue. The picture below was taken today in P20. Now if I was a noob, this is not really what I wish to run through lol. There were plenty of scorpions, bears and spiders nearby as well. Just after taking the screenshot, I was attacked by an anaconda... Edit: again in P20 today, I took it upon me to fight a troll for some skill. While negociating the troll, I got a attacked by a wolf, a bear, and two scorpions. Seeing a hellhound standing very close, I finally decided to flee.
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    the good old mol rehan strategy lets talk ######, lose every fight, and then not come out until they quit and then claim we beat them!
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    "Girl, I'd like to decompile that back end of yours... "
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    Epic is dead as a whole atm. I remember when weekends showed up to 100-150 onine at peak times. Fights were awesome and the game was fun then. Now it has just become a grind fest for Valrei and most ppl just log in to check that their ###### hasn't been feked up. There is a lot of heart left it just seems to be a weak pulse atm. From what I see personally nothing is being done but minor fixes and the odd promise in our Friday news. <3 Lockdown
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    why post that... no one plays there now lol congrats you control land that no one lives in.
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    The issue should be addressed soon per Saroman and the wolf will be a wolf again. If you'd like to discuss new models and such, you can take the discussion to the suggestions board. PR and the devs do keep an eye on that board and many suggestions from there have been implemented.
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    I think this is probably the main reason we see vets quitting. There just isn't enough "end game" content for PvE. Once you get the skills you really want to 70 the rest of the game is sort of grinding for the heck of it. Unless you have a major construction project you are working on what long-term objectives are there beside bragging rights and social interactions?
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    I'm not sure, old wolves were looking like some underfed stray dogs; on the other hand, my champion wolves are looking .. erm .. now What about a new, better look for them?
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    Today one of my players managed it to lock himself out of his own house on deed. He checked the box "Settlement "NAME" may manage", this locks the owner out of his own house, if he isn't allowed to "manage buildings on deed" within the settlement permissions. It shouldn't be possible to lock yourself out of your own house, please add a check or disable the overwriting of the owners permissions completly it doesn't make any sense.
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    Looking to recruit a few new villagers to our deed at S9 on NewSpring Island of Xanadu. We are just North of the Newspring token. The village was founded December 2015 and will be around a long time yet. We currently have a stocked warehouse, access to a couple of mines, a blacksmith (2 forges and a smelter), Tavern, Inn, Shipwright, Tailor, 2 large farms, and 28 breeding pens. You'll start with a room in the Inn (bed, chest, armor stand, weapon stand) and if you stick around we'll provide your own plot on the deed. We are still working on building the carriage house, church, castle, and finishing the entryway. No skill requirements or upkeep requirements (though donations are accepted). We pride ourselves on letting you do what you want to do! Hopefully it fills a gap we have in town, but not a requirement. Anyone interested please send Repton, Vodecca, Boopah, or Indecisiveone a message in game or you can message me on the forums. Here's a short video showing some of the town....Enjoy, and see you in Diesel Town soon! Welcome to Diesel Town
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    MMORPG.com says Wurm's release date was 6/6/6 - 6th of June, 2006. It makes sense because Wurm is Satanically addictive.
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    Hey everyone, this merchant business is a fairly simple idea. I've made this business in the past, and had some success with it so I figured, what the heck, let's do it again! Anyhow, I'm an avid Deedplanner user, and I enjoy creating building designs and village designs using the wonderful program created by @Warlander. If you have a building or village you'd like planned out for you, I'd be the guy to do it. The pricing is pretty simple: a small village design costs 1s, a medium design costs 2s, and a large design costs 3s. A small village, for example, may have dimensions of 15x15, whereas a large village would have something like 50x50 and upward. Prices can be negotiated, so don't be afraid to ask! Leave a comment or pm me if you're interested and we'll discuss the details! Also, if you would, please take a moment to fill out the very small questionnaire below to give me more information about what you want from your design. Thanks. Update 1: I've added a design to the portfolio of the work I've done. Unfortunately I lost a lot of my old designs when my laptop pooped out. I'll add more as I do them. Update 2: A small table was added to clarify the dimension sizes and corresponding prices. Update 3: Added a small questionnaire to further outline the basic information I'll need to create your design. Portfolio Village Size Range Price Small 11x11 - 25x25 (121 - 625 tiles) 1s Medium 26x26 - 45x45 (676 - 2025 tiles) 2s Large 46x46 - ??? (2116 - ??? tiles) 3s Information I Need: What is your desired time frame of completion for the design? What theme or style do you have in mind, if any? What wall types are acceptable for the buildings? Do you want your deed to represent any deities? Can you export your current deed design (if you have one) so I have a baseline to work with?
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    Seeing in recent patch notes a line time about a fix for an exploit sparked the idea of making a spectacle out of people who exploit bugs for bad ends instead of reporting them to the development team. The spectacle of which I speak is a good old fashioned public execution of the offending person's main! It goes something like this... Starter villages are outfitted with gaols or keeps featuring a raised platform where the action takes place. At Wurm dawn ringing of a bell tower is the signal for logging in the banned person's avatar and positioning it in public view. Also present is the Lord High Executioner, a silent fellow equipped with a fantastic adamantine huge axe. Formal charges are read out in appropriately colored text in local and the sentence of death is pronounced. The executioner then cuts the condemned deadly hard in the head and damages it. One whack ought to do it. The corpse is then pushed off the edge of the platform into the King's Pigsty where one of the hungry King's Pigs eats the corpse pretty much immediately. Everyone in local receives a small quantity of Blood of the Condemned in their inventory, good for making a potion of ... something or other. Fun for the whole family. Attendees get a reminder of the consequences of exploiting bugs, an excuse to show off their Santa hats, and a dash of marginally useful blood. The new blood type and potion would require new development but everything else uses existing game assets.
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    [12:58:04] The skull of a special animal can be a great trophy. Starting Bid: 7s Minimum Increment: 50c Reserve: None Buyout: 15s To celebrate my birthday, I'm auctioning off this white dragon hatchling skull! Happy bidding! Player Name: Joelle
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    Sensitive? It's about respect for your fellow players, even if they are the enemy. I have had respect for all of you PvP Players over the years and I show that respect by almost always staying out of your discussions, and through other ways. Another kind of respect is the mutual respect Players are supposed to have for each other when they share a game. If you fail to, or refuse to, give respect to other Players you share a PvP server with then you are as much a part of the problem as the bugs Rolf doesn't fix. And a big part of how a Player show others they actually respect them is how a Player treats others when they encounter them on the forums or social media and new players checking out Wurm for first time will know as well whether there is a good community in Wurm or a toxic one. I can't explain it better than that... you either get this, or you don't.
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    or we can try to have a better image so more people want to try out pvp rather than players being wurm's own enemy, who knows
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    Really liked your picture so I decided to play around in photoshop a bit and ajust some colors
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    I think we need banisters to match the new staircases. I had built a full staircase and from the upper floor u can just walk off the edge of the floor and end up at the bottom of the stairs. I going to use a rope or wooden fence for now but don't like the way it looks with the stairs.
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    Bump. SlickShot is a pretty nice dude. His designs also rock. If you are ever in the immediate area east of the Howl on Indy I recommend going and seeing his deed Storm's End.
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    "Ohnoes WU is further splitting the WO community!" Wah wah wah..... oh... there's someone quitting, let's be a CENSORED to them and make sure they quit the game permanently for not having the decency of abandoning their day job. Yeap, it's WU driving people away.
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    My first results on experimenting with low prayer.
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    BL is dead kingdom, numbers don't lie : http://affliction.wurmonline.com/mrtg/wurm.html http://elevation.wurmonline.com/mrtg/wurm.html I will let the graphs do all the talking here. The devs simply threw us a bone or a treat to make us a bit happy thinkin it would kill our hunger for changes, but it hasn't. Were the changes that happen needed yeah but doesn't change much and won't magically resurrect the community. They gave us these changes to buy them time for bigger changes but it took 4 months for a change like information minister, with that time frame it would take 4+ years till any meditation overhaul or pvp. Considering that informer was literally deleting a line of code, imagine these big changes that need to be coded from scratch and take work.
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    true memelords
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    I know this is slightly out of context in this thread but : I know this idea has been raised before a few times. With the last couple of "Quality of Life" patches it gives me hope and I feel it is worth mentioning it again : I would love a loadable altar. It would open up so much more opportunities for my priest to go around and offer services like strongwall , courier and the like. It is rather expensive to carry around favor in gems. If we can use the altar inside the vehicle it would be even better so that it can be used in another influence domain.
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    Are you serious? 1s
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    " A valid listener is a premium player of the same kingdom (both follower or priest), who has not done any actions that normally give alignment gain in the past 30 minutes and is near the preacher (4 tiles). " It's in there.
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    Not a problem. Also not a problem if the devs want to contact me directly, if that will help speed things up.
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    Not bad. I originally expected around 40 hours of work to add server transfer (hence my week+ comment) but at about 25 hours now it's mostly done. Should be a bit less than 100 hours for the whole mod. The transfer seems to work properly for the tokens, animals, animal skills, animal items, animal offspring. It doesn't transfer brands or village permissions as the village the brand is for won't exist on the new server. On transfer if the tokens were on a boat the tokens and the animals are properly destroyed on the source server (in the database as well) but I'm still struggling to handle destroying the animal tokens carried in a person's inventory. The problem is that the code isn't very definitive when the player transfer completes/succeeds. There seem to be multiple places this can happen and it seems like it can fail very late in the process even after the player finishes transferring to the new server. The unmodified transfer code doesn't bother cleaning up these items but instead when the user transfers back to the original server they wipe these items then. This causes problems for animal tokens because you can then end up with multiple tokens for the same animal causing grief (for those programming-inclined animal tokens are essentially like pointers or references to the animals.) Catching all those edge cases seems impossible/brittle so I'm continuing to see if I can find a way to identify that the player successfully transferred and then delete the animals in their inventory at that point. If not the fallback will be to disable transferring tokens in your inventory, they'll have to be in the boat or they'll get flagged as 'won't be transferred' and they'll be available if you transfer back. TL;DR - Still on track for end of this week to release a version to test.
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    Withdrawing my bid.
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    much to love on this one.
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    PVE side is hurt by the combat system, which isn't very friendly to new players, and 99% of the combat is static as the mobs are 100% Melee that will not move once they are next to you Also the drops outside of unique's are usually not worth much or anything. Also no questing or a easy way for players to setup dungeons PVP side I haven't tried, by heard it doesn't have incentives and suffers most of the the same problems as PVE combat Crafting has a weak point in this game since it depends on players buying Silver to generate the economy ------------Other things that need work--------------------------- Meditation way to much RNG and most people are forced into leveling it since it awards powerful abilities Cooking is almost in a broken state, as most players just use certain abilities and not eat New Religons doesn't feel like it belongs ingame as it adds no new content and killed a lot of the old religions usage
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    Not much left to do. grind skills to 100 for the sake of it? Will return when the rifts are in place but until then game needs some massive content for players of all levels. Maybe I need to log in and annoy Enki enough to spawn another dozen champ crocs on me when I'm running around without armour again. At least that made it a bit more interesting. Will try to motivate myself to log in a bit more to say hi, just don't feel like grinding any more like I once did. seems pointless now.
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    No, if they are on-deed that is OK, someone is paying the game for the privilege to have them on their deed and they should continue to work as normal. This isn't communism-online.
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    the term selfish keeps being thrown at people against merging uh i might be uncertain here, but wanting to delete content/dictate how other people should play for your own amusement until you quit again (as usual for most saying this) is the very definition of selfish it makes a whole lot more sense to me to focus on fixing bugs, balancing gameplay, overhauls, new unique content that actually stays unique and not slapped onto freedom like the rest of the "unique" content, basically things to keep players coming back permanently without forcing away players, rather than doing huge improper bandaids that run players away to draw in players for weeks/months at a time like resets or merges lets be honest here. we need players, not consolidation. not justifying having enough people for one server, rather figure out how to grow the game so all servers are full again like they used to be
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    I'm waiting for Enki to +1 executions and beheadings, but I agree that such an implementation would not be suitable for all audiences.
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    My repost of good images.
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    Travelling at night and had to look twice...Castle Von Cleric! Wow!
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    A quiet night in the south of Xanadu.
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    So after having the same horse for 8-9 months mistakes were made and my pal died suddenly due to extreme heat exhaustion. So I found a nice quiet place and laid him to rest. So long Larsflash
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    Just my two doubloons...er cents... I love to sail, but tend to not go on long journeys in the slower winds, or take the big ship out for a short journey in the stronger winds. Strong winds are great for a nice fast top speed on a longer trip, but it can be horrifying when pulling up to a dock or trying to navigate a cave canal. My suggestions are to make boat a little more...I guess realistic is the word, but that is not exactly my thought, so I'll just say workable. Suggestion #1 Ship Quality Matters. It's been suggested many times before, the better the boat the better it sails. Note I said better, not faster. Top speed increases yes of course, but perhaps a way for low speed to be more maneuverable. Suggestion #2 Sails, lets raise and lower them. A raised sail will gather the wind in the best way possible for the highest speed possible, a lowered sail allows for docking and other maneuvers where a big fast boat is dangerous. This type of system could help make sailing and ship building more desirable. I imagine a 70 ql Caravel easily out running a 30 ql Caravel in a nice wind, and being more maneuverable with it's sails down than its lower quality counterpart.
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    Pull in the sail, place extra (at least 2) oars in boat, right click boat > row (speed based on body strength? Drains stamina, oars take damage over time). Would add to the immersion and a new market for good sturdy oak oars(?).
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    After reading this two things are affirmed for me: 1. I've never had an interest in playing on Chaos, or most pvp for that matter as I feel Wurm is more pve oriented. 2. If I were miraculously interested in going the pvp route I'd definitely do it on Epic instead (use a portal in my own deed to go back and forth? yes please!) Just so it's clear I'll say this once more before adding in my final opinion -- I do not pvp. I am a moron who knows nothing about pvp other than that you wear armor and punch other people. That being said, if I were ever inclined to try pvp I'd much rather do it if Chaos was merged into Epic instead of Epic being brought to Chaos. It is my pvp-noob opinion that PvE and PvP should be forever separate, and thus only connected by way of portal.
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    -1 There is no need for more pvp servers to just split up the few people who like pvp in the first place. There shouldnt be any talk at all about new servers not even pve... What needs to be talked about is how can Everything actually be balanced. The situation pvp servers are in the state that they are, is a combination of the fault of the players on the server (as politics could have solved a bit of the current issue) and the most important and actual problem which is the lack of balance and vision by the dev team for PVP. So many people point figers so quickly without really seeing the issues that we have dealt with for years. The monoply on land and control of something as important as moonmetal should not be an option... That does not mean that one group cant primarily win the majority of games like HOTA but as it stands right now its a joke and has been a joke for many years. The ability for newbs to get their hands on moonmetal means balance.. Meditation.. Lol where do you start with this piece of ###### system? So many levels of ######... I see the most simplistic balance with this system that would actually offer diversity in the battlefield... Freedomers at that point wont feel as inadequate about their lack of Sotg and one of the reasons many dont come over (knowing full well all the comments made on forums about it being OP) LET ME BE CLEAR... I do not think it is overpowered... I think every other meditation path had no thought or balance behind their abilities in comparison to SOTG. Over all... Before anything is done including a map reset or a epic merger... Fixes and balance need to be addressed first or else we will have the same dead pvp servers we have now in 1 years time of any change.