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    MMORPG.com says Wurm's release date was 6/6/6 - 6th of June, 2006. It makes sense because Wurm is Satanically addictive.
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    You never want to punish paying customers for spending more money on the game, so if a source fountain or spring is on a deed so be it. Deed it or lose it. As for off-deed above ground source in enclosures or houses an easy fix would be to have the spring or fountain not replenish if there is a wall or fence within 2-5 tiles. Can we please end the culture of nerfing and taking away things to alter perceived abusive behavior and move to finding fun solutions to problems? Your fancy titles wont mean anything if you succeed in driving away the rest of us to other games.
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    No, if they are on-deed that is OK, someone is paying the game for the privilege to have them on their deed and they should continue to work as normal. This isn't communism-online.
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    This post makes me think a bit more about the 2013 graphs that someone had posted somewhere on the forums. From memory (and i could be remembering completely incorrectly) there were 900 people on Serenity, 200 on Elevation, 500 on MRH and 100 - 200 on Aflliction. Again, not sure I remember the numbers correctly. If that was the high point back in 2013 what changed since then to drive the people away? - Was it truly only bugs that eventually made people walk away in disgust? - Did the increasing focus on the concept of hardcore, Elevation style PVP eventually cause people to abandon the Epic homeserver life style that they had been playing up until then? - Social factors, what was the average time that people back then could dedicate to the slow grind in Wurm compared to the amount of time they have today? - What about noob welcome to Epic. What kind of greeting do they receive? Is it enough for them to hang around or do they leave in disgust meaning that as veterans leave the game there are little to no replacements? - What about Forum wars? Does that build a sense of Epic community or just once again drive people away? - I personally feel that resets destroy PVP on a server while people focus on rebuilding deeds etc. Better to figure out a way to keep a server going unless there is a really important reason to remove it. Anytime you reset a server you lose people and you lose even more people when pvp slows/stops for the rebuilds From a purely business viewpoint if there really were that many people on Epic then compared to now then it represents a tremendous loss of revenue, likely enough to make it way less smart to pour money into Epic now compared to Freedom where there are still more paying customers. If I owned Wurm and I thought the game was dwindling as fast as population charts leads me to believe then I would focus well over 90% of my effort on the core business where the majority of my remaining revenue was. Stabilize that core and then worry about the outlying fringes especially the ones that make a tremendous amount of noise and have already quit the game. Freedom PVE is likely that core. If you look at the recent PVP bug fix speed and future commitments for PVP it lines up nicely with this approach doesn't it? Another game I play from time to time is The Long Dark. It's a survival game that tries to give people a real balance while also maintaining appeal to as many groups of people as possible. One of their developers or leads was interviewed and he made a comment that the most vocal players in his game were often the ones who wanted the most hard core gaming experience and if he had listened to them exclusively then the game would have appealed to such a smaller audience that it would never have achieved the success that it now has (in Steam EA btw). I personally enjoy the harder style of PVP found on Elevation. I also recognize that in Wurm there are many different play styles and if we cater to one play style to the exclusion of all others then people vote with their feet and leave. With the huge number of people who have left I find it hard to believe that it comes down mainly to buggy PVP. ~Nappy
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    Heading over with 2 baby priests by boat.
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    PVE side is hurt by the combat system, which isn't very friendly to new players, and 99% of the combat is static as the mobs are 100% Melee that will not move once they are next to you Also the drops outside of unique's are usually not worth much or anything. Also no questing or a easy way for players to setup dungeons PVP side I haven't tried, by heard it doesn't have incentives and suffers most of the the same problems as PVE combat Crafting has a weak point in this game since it depends on players buying Silver to generate the economy ------------Other things that need work--------------------------- Meditation way to much RNG and most people are forced into leveling it since it awards powerful abilities Cooking is almost in a broken state, as most players just use certain abilities and not eat New Religons doesn't feel like it belongs ingame as it adds no new content and killed a lot of the old religions usage
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    Gratz Moon! I'm glad you came along . Thank you for the bump Zachariah
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    lol, wurm is based on deeding land you want, if you take that away or punish people who deed certain areas by changing mechanics then this game is doomed. This week its source, next week its flat land or view of sea, these silly ideas need to be nipped in the bud. If they want to add incentive to opening your on-deed source to other players, in addition to the economic motivations currently at play, that would be a viable solution but simply taking them off someone's deed to solve this problem when they have been the feature of several deeds for years would be a very moronic mistake to make.
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    What is going happen is the true hardcore players are going stay and slowly expand their deeds. Then one day my 1,000 x 1,000 is going bump into some broke ass players 20x20 deed. Then make 3 more deeds surrounding his to starve him out and continue my expansion.
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    Free bump (even though the thread is at the top of the deli boards) for a great team of people.
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    If you need a ride to the deed PM me on Wilca and I'll pick you up.
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    Hi all, We'll be returning source crystals to their former frequency, as opposed to only from salt tiles in the next update. We'll continue to look at source fountains, as their current mechanics are too easily abused (housing them off) so other changes may come for them.
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    My vyn is on his way.
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    There is nothing you can do to increase the games pop other then advertising. Wurm is a very niche game, and people who are leaving are doing it because of boredom, and its been known that the Wurm team has no plans on hiring professional GM's and DEV's who are impartial and will look to improve things. Therefor we will stay in the same rotation, new players will come, some will get fed up in tutorial, some might stay. Those that do stay get killed as mentioned above because the current game mechanics in PVP aren't that good. To make things worse the Wurm team doesn't listen to the people who have been playing for years and know what is messed up in the game. simple game mechanics like moving through unlocked doors/minehops resetting combat will keep pvp boring because few people die unless they get stuck in something. I could list loads of changes that would make the game better, but there is no point tbh because the Wurm team has their own plans/agenda and nothing anyone says will have any impact on it.
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    Wurm Assistant is a bundle of tools for Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited. Supported systems: Windows only Click to watch a video showcase of all Wurm Assistant features. What does it do, in a nutshell: Log Searcher - searching through game logs. Triggers - play sounds or show popups on log events. Timers - for complex grinds like prayer, meditation. Option to add custom timers. Granger - managing creatures. Calendar - tracking in-game harvest seasons. Crafting Assistant - widget window showing next tool required to improve an item. Skill Stats - handy statistics about current skill levels and a skill gain benchmarker. Reveal Creatures Parser - shows a summary of the last 'reveal creatures' spell cast. Note: does not work for other similar spells / devices. Up since 2010 and still kickin! Roadmap: No new features are going to be added to Wurm Assistant, as I'm no longer working on the project. Support is given for Wurm Online issues and keeping tools operational for new Wurm Online versions. Wurm Unlimited is supported as-is. It should work but mods may possibly break features and any issues introduced by new WU versions will only be fixed if reported in detail to me. There are some long outstanding bugs in the tool. They won't be fixed because it would require too much effort. Please refer to this thread history for reference and potential solutions, should you encounter any of these. ----------------- Download: First make sure these things are installed: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5. You should have it on newer versions of windows, but if not... official download link here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30653 Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 (this exact version, not newer ones!) Redistributable Package (x86), official download link here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8328 If not sure, running setup will tell if they are already installed. Then download Wurm Assistant itself: WurmAssistant3Launcher.zip Unzip into any folder. There are known issues when folders contain non-standard characters (like letters existing only in one language). For best experience unzip at the root of your drive eg: C:\WurmAssistant\ Use AldursLab.WurmAssistant.Launcher.exe to run WA. If you suspect WA has/is a malware or your anti-virus scanner flags it, please scan it at https://www.virustotal.com/. If you run into any issues, first see FAQ section at the end of this post for common fixes. Known issues: Some types of *.wav sound files (including most of windows theme sounds!) can not be played by the app. This can't be fixed as sound engine is 3rd party. It is recommended to try re-saving them as wav or converting to ogg format using any sound editing software. Moving wurm game client folder may require you to run config again. This will fix any odd issues with errors, searching logs, inconsistent timers, granger and so on. Some more advanced features of the launcher: To make WA start with windows: General Help: Frequently Asked Questions: ----------------- Source Code and licensing:
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    With the addition of cave dwellings I'd love to have larger cave entrances and even be able to put doors on greater than 90 slopes. 2 or 3 tile wide cave entrances would be great!
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    Bring your new or experienced priest and join the group. Park boats at Helix Landing (Big Red Star, Wilca's deed), Which is located at (y11-12 , x45-46). Then head west along the highway and follow the signs (the purple road below). Which will lead you to Victory Or Death (y15 , x41) where the sermon is being held. We have beds and a place to store your horses. Cut part of deli map. Deli Map Below. Benefits of joining this group include: Faster priest skill gains Get a lot of tips from veteran priests Many of us leave our toons online when we aren't playing so you can preach whatever time of day works best for you Hundreds of meals made by us or mats supplied. There are metal altars for every religion so bring your statuette and mats to sacrifice. Feel free to bring any alts who are followers -- the more listeners, the better the faith/favour gain. There is an order for sermons, so be sure to let the crew know you're there for the sermon group and you'll be added to the list. If you have never attended a sermon group, dont be afraid to speak up. We are happy to have you and will tell you everything you need to know about working with the group. ******************************** How the group works 1. You can add yourself to the sermon list here http://vodsermon.ddns.net/index.php (please make the same name as the character in game) names are unique. A admin of the list will change you from pending and put you on the sermon list once you have been verified with the name in the game. 2. A sermon can be held every 30 minutes (but each toon can only preach every 3 hours) 3. In order to get a prayer reset, there must be at least 6 additional toons within 4 tiles of the preacher (listeners must be premium and following a diety). 4. After you preach, hit the big green button on the website "I have finished preaching" It will put you at the bottom of the list and take a log of your time and your cooldown. 5. If you leave your toon online while AFK you stay on the list. 6. If you leave for any reason and miss someone else's sermon, you go to the end of the list (does not apply to short disconnect). 7. Announce when you are going to preach in case other members are more than 4 tiles away and need to get back. 8. If it is your turn and you seem to be AFK, you will be poked, slapped, cursed, and probably mocked. After 2 or 3 minutes you will be returned to the bottom of the list. Credit to Teikou for website to help with sermons. Also Wilca for the post and general information. Hope to see you soon. Edit: We also have a teamspeak server if you would like to come and chat no password. You can contact me via this forum post or pm Paulski or Irtehwinner ingame Sermon currently active. Priests: Blinkybill Xbladerunnerx Cemazz Faiwyn Littlewilca Virtue Sigma Moonfoxx Zomblesz Roserune Bachos Bellamin Tone Rinja Follows: Irtehwinner, Paulski, Teikou, Imtrying, Lexa, Aturion, Styxx, Broku, Brohan, Hacton
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    I'm sure i can manage a change of enchants...
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    Best offer 350 euro for the stuff, looking for 425 folks! bump
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    maybe I don't understand. couldn't you just make a three-tile-wide dirt wall for a 1 tile house, or a four-tile-wide dirt wall for a 2-tile house? the slope on either side of the structure would be zero.
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    I remember when I started 7 years ago on GV and didn't install the graphics packs (back when there were a ton of them); everything looked like brown cows.
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    Think a lot of us got tired of 'Not working as intended' as an excuse to change things in a game, specially after they had been 'working' that way for years. I'm all for balance, there are 4 source springs near my place, 3 undeeded, and 1 source fountain on my deed mainly because when i expanded it was 13 tiles inside the area where i was expanding. If it stays at .01 per refill time per day or whatever max, meh ok so be it, hell only thing I use karma for is a free port home when i'm to dang tired to ride a throw-a-way horse back home.
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    Moon has hit 100 faith today, thank you for allowing me to participate <3 I shall be working on Styxx :3
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    I might have to check that one out, I don't want anything that is going to overshadow the house, all the buildings i'm doing are on the creative server, so there is little chance of attacks, but I would just love to have my stronghold houses to have protection, because I have seen a few trolls wandering the woods of my deed,
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    In theory, sure. But such a thing isn't on my immediate priority list I'm afraid. I get time to code these in bursts, and usually it's for whatever current project I've got an inspiration for.
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    I'm gonna just pretend it is an auction after all. You might thank me later 250e opening bid by me Anyone wants to play along (for reals people) make 10e min increments. Bidding ends when Hashi accepts Hidden reserve BO offers accepted (obviously) Let's help him get this sold, so he can move on with his RL concerns. Edit: Son of a... Milso, you ninjad my post! Upping my bid to 310e then!
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    Right now with the way Epic/Elevation is with trees if a player dips into them they're probably gone. Atleast it would slow the escape. We need to start clear cutting/sanding our areas, rofl won't do anything
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    Tunnel_up Tunnel_forward Tunnel_down Please when making the entrance.
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    There was no change, a premium check for vinvite didnt work properly at one point, and was rectified in the next update about 4 days later
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    If anyone wants to raise their woodcutting skill I found that just by planting trees in my perimeter, cutting them down and replanting works very well. Not the best idea to clearcut areas and walk away without even bothering to replant. If others did that before you as well there would have been no trees for you to cut either, even if you really needed the logs from them. The only reason you find large forests on Xanadu is because no one has been there clearcutting them all down. Maybe this seems amusing and of no concern but after replanting trees continually over the years around the areas where I have lived I can say that very few take the time to replant any. If you see forests around my deeds now you know why and why not. =Ayes=
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    I'd rather they removed crops from all gods. A little backstory for those who are unfamiliar: we spent years trying to find the saccable for Libila and we just couldn't do it. Judging by the code, it apparently used to be meat/corpses/coins. But people assumed Lib just flat-out didn't have a saccable, so they complained, and eventually we were given "alchemy items" instead. But it turns out that crops are technically "alchemy items", so those were included as saccables as well. The reason this is weird (and most likely an oversight) is that all saccables are based on gods' lore. Magranon is the warrior and mountain god, so his priests are allowed to mine and they get saccing bonuses from metal. Vynora is the goddess of civilization and creation, so her priests can cut trees and they get bonuses from saccing wooden stuff. Fo is the hippie treehugger, so his priests get to dig and farm, which helps them make their saccables (food, cloth, and pottery). Libila is the goddess of hate and destruction, so lore-wise it doesn't make sense to sacrifice crops, especially since our priests are banned from doing nature-y skills in the first place. So when we were given "alchemy items" as a saccable, we were almost definitely intended to be sacrificing butchering products and mushrooms and such, while crops slipped through the cracks and accidentally became OP as hell. Then Wurm went full RNG by introducing player gods, which in turn helped to spread this OP-ness to the PvE world. Now everybody has to deal with the consequences of this, and unless everyone is given the nearly-unlimited favor that crops provide, they'll feel like they're being shafted. But that's just the thing: favor should not be unlimited, ever. You shouldn't be able to toss a few onions in an altar and be fully restored, then casually walk over to your FSB to grab another 10k worth of favor without batting an eye. If crops are available as saccables, then why even have favor costs in the first place?
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    Cave dwellings opens up the imagination for new possibilities
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    Will tree collision come back at one point?
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    What could be done very nice is taking an idea that Xsyolla has with a tribe totem. This is quite like a bulletin board that would allow people to turn in objects for a reward to a town token or other object. The tasks, or quests would be set up by the deed owner, or maybe even citizens. A quest is for an item or items, has a time limit, and a reward listed. Could be a very powerful change to wurm online.
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    Got a Disco in Release somewhere
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    The error results from drivers without OpenGL support. The drivers shipped with Windows and from Windows Update usually do not support OpenGL. You will have to install the drivers from the graphics card manufacturers website. Even if you say you've updated the drivers: Double check that. Every single time this erro came up before it was resolved by installing the manufacturer drivers. Unrelated note If you can install 64bit Java then use 64bit Java. Period. It's actually best to remove the 32bit Java altogether since it's limited in the amount of available memory and causes the other other big chunk of support cases with Wurm.
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    Note, the clan "House of Kha" was now 7 years this month on wurm and wild (chaos), her one vid for the time without kingdoms and hots
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    I have a deed that I pay for only because it has a source fountain on it. Here is yet another thing I've spent money on, such as my trader, that has been lessened in worth after I invested.
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    spawning and despawning source fountains would have been the better way in the first place, being able to pen one is really boring - i would love if they despawned once you took the source
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    Its super simple but effective, build a instanced portal, make a group - enter portal - kill dragon - collect loot - leave. You're now locked out for a week. Most mmos have similar systems.
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    They usually say, go find it etc, put work into it.. be friends with the recurring group well maybe that's true - but would it hurt to make them spawn more? It's hard to find middle ground and the devs don't' really seem like they want to do something to make it more fair for everyone. How would you accomplish that? I say make them spawn more like once a week on every server.
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    Pics of my Inn on Xanadu, the bar proved a little disappointing but got the overall feel I was after anyway