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    Heading over with 2 baby priests by boat.
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    If you need a ride to the deed PM me on Wilca and I'll pick you up.
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    the term selfish keeps being thrown at people against merging uh i might be uncertain here, but wanting to delete content/dictate how other people should play for your own amusement until you quit again (as usual for most saying this) is the very definition of selfish it makes a whole lot more sense to me to focus on fixing bugs, balancing gameplay, overhauls, new unique content that actually stays unique and not slapped onto freedom like the rest of the "unique" content, basically things to keep players coming back permanently without forcing away players, rather than doing huge improper bandaids that run players away to draw in players for weeks/months at a time like resets or merges lets be honest here. we need players, not consolidation. not justifying having enough people for one server, rather figure out how to grow the game so all servers are full again like they used to be
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    I ain't stopped buying premium and i don't plan to.
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    Hi all, We'll be returning source crystals to their former frequency, as opposed to only from salt tiles in the next update. We'll continue to look at source fountains, as their current mechanics are too easily abused (housing them off) so other changes may come for them.
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    My vyn is on his way.
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    There is nothing you can do to increase the games pop other then advertising. Wurm is a very niche game, and people who are leaving are doing it because of boredom, and its been known that the Wurm team has no plans on hiring professional GM's and DEV's who are impartial and will look to improve things. Therefor we will stay in the same rotation, new players will come, some will get fed up in tutorial, some might stay. Those that do stay get killed as mentioned above because the current game mechanics in PVP aren't that good. To make things worse the Wurm team doesn't listen to the people who have been playing for years and know what is messed up in the game. simple game mechanics like moving through unlocked doors/minehops resetting combat will keep pvp boring because few people die unless they get stuck in something. I could list loads of changes that would make the game better, but there is no point tbh because the Wurm team has their own plans/agenda and nothing anyone says will have any impact on it.
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    Will probably send my vyn Vlada after the weekend to finaly hit 100 faith
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    I'll send my Nahjo priest Virtue when you all are ready to start going.
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    How could you go wrong with this setup--plus meals and mats supplied?? Perfect opportunity for priests!
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    With the addition of cave dwellings I'd love to have larger cave entrances and even be able to put doors on greater than 90 slopes. 2 or 3 tile wide cave entrances would be great!
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    Right now with the way Epic/Elevation is with trees if a player dips into them they're probably gone. Atleast it would slow the escape. We need to start clear cutting/sanding our areas, rofl won't do anything
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    Tunnel_up Tunnel_forward Tunnel_down Please when making the entrance.
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    I've sold Vortexx many rares over the last 6 months or so. Great trader, will continue to sell my extra stuff to him.
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    If anyone wants to raise their woodcutting skill I found that just by planting trees in my perimeter, cutting them down and replanting works very well. Not the best idea to clearcut areas and walk away without even bothering to replant. If others did that before you as well there would have been no trees for you to cut either, even if you really needed the logs from them. The only reason you find large forests on Xanadu is because no one has been there clearcutting them all down. Maybe this seems amusing and of no concern but after replanting trees continually over the years around the areas where I have lived I can say that very few take the time to replant any. If you see forests around my deeds now you know why and why not. =Ayes=
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    Bump for the way to stop whining and complaining and start a new era of relaxed light-hearted casting and relishing our priest lives.
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    I'd rather they removed crops from all gods. A little backstory for those who are unfamiliar: we spent years trying to find the saccable for Libila and we just couldn't do it. Judging by the code, it apparently used to be meat/corpses/coins. But people assumed Lib just flat-out didn't have a saccable, so they complained, and eventually we were given "alchemy items" instead. But it turns out that crops are technically "alchemy items", so those were included as saccables as well. The reason this is weird (and most likely an oversight) is that all saccables are based on gods' lore. Magranon is the warrior and mountain god, so his priests are allowed to mine and they get saccing bonuses from metal. Vynora is the goddess of civilization and creation, so her priests can cut trees and they get bonuses from saccing wooden stuff. Fo is the hippie treehugger, so his priests get to dig and farm, which helps them make their saccables (food, cloth, and pottery). Libila is the goddess of hate and destruction, so lore-wise it doesn't make sense to sacrifice crops, especially since our priests are banned from doing nature-y skills in the first place. So when we were given "alchemy items" as a saccable, we were almost definitely intended to be sacrificing butchering products and mushrooms and such, while crops slipped through the cracks and accidentally became OP as hell. Then Wurm went full RNG by introducing player gods, which in turn helped to spread this OP-ness to the PvE world. Now everybody has to deal with the consequences of this, and unless everyone is given the nearly-unlimited favor that crops provide, they'll feel like they're being shafted. But that's just the thing: favor should not be unlimited, ever. You shouldn't be able to toss a few onions in an altar and be fully restored, then casually walk over to your FSB to grab another 10k worth of favor without batting an eye. If crops are available as saccables, then why even have favor costs in the first place?
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    Cave dwellings opens up the imagination for new possibilities
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    Got a Disco in Release somewhere
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    LOL. So cute. This reminds me soooo much of the view I had of a young horse I had some years ago and was trying to train. He got all excited one day and threw me into a mud puddle. Then stood there looking at me just like that, as if to say "Hey, why'd you jump off? We just got going."
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    I have a deed that I pay for only because it has a source fountain on it. Here is yet another thing I've spent money on, such as my trader, that has been lessened in worth after I invested.
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    Pics of my Inn on Xanadu, the bar proved a little disappointing but got the overall feel I was after anyway