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    I ain't stopped buying premium and i don't plan to.
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    Hi all, We'll be returning source crystals to their former frequency, as opposed to only from salt tiles in the next update. We'll continue to look at source fountains, as their current mechanics are too easily abused (housing them off) so other changes may come for them.
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    My vyn is on his way.
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    There is nothing you can do to increase the games pop other then advertising. Wurm is a very niche game, and people who are leaving are doing it because of boredom, and its been known that the Wurm team has no plans on hiring professional GM's and DEV's who are impartial and will look to improve things. Therefor we will stay in the same rotation, new players will come, some will get fed up in tutorial, some might stay. Those that do stay get killed as mentioned above because the current game mechanics in PVP aren't that good. To make things worse the Wurm team doesn't listen to the people who have been playing for years and know what is messed up in the game. simple game mechanics like moving through unlocked doors/minehops resetting combat will keep pvp boring because few people die unless they get stuck in something. I could list loads of changes that would make the game better, but there is no point tbh because the Wurm team has their own plans/agenda and nothing anyone says will have any impact on it.
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    Will probably send my vyn Vlada after the weekend to finaly hit 100 faith
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    I'll send my Nahjo priest Virtue when you all are ready to start going.
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    How could you go wrong with this setup--plus meals and mats supplied?? Perfect opportunity for priests!
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    Wurm Assistant is a bundle of tools for Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited. Supported systems: Windows only Click to watch a video showcase of all Wurm Assistant features. What does it do, in a nutshell: Log Searcher - searching through game logs. Triggers - play sounds or show popups on log events. Timers - for complex grinds like prayer, meditation. Option to add custom timers. Granger - managing creatures. Calendar - tracking in-game harvest seasons. Crafting Assistant - widget window showing next tool required to improve an item. Skill Stats - handy statistics about current skill levels and a skill gain benchmarker. Reveal Creatures Parser - shows a summary of the last 'reveal creatures' spell cast. Note: does not work for other similar spells / devices. Up since 2010 and still kickin! Roadmap: No new features are going to be added to Wurm Assistant, as I'm no longer working on the project. Support is given for Wurm Online issues and keeping tools operational for new Wurm Online versions. Wurm Unlimited is supported as-is. It should work but mods may possibly break features and any issues introduced by new WU versions will only be fixed if reported in detail to me. There are some long outstanding bugs in the tool. They won't be fixed because it would require too much effort. Please refer to this thread history for reference and potential solutions, should you encounter any of these. ----------------- Download: First make sure these things are installed: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5. You should have it on newer versions of windows, but if not... official download link here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30653 Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 (this exact version, not newer ones!) Redistributable Package (x86), official download link here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8328 If not sure, running setup will tell if they are already installed. Then download Wurm Assistant itself: WurmAssistant3Launcher.zip Unzip into any folder. There are known issues where folders contain non-standard characters (like letters existing only in one language). For best experience unzip at the root of your drive eg: C:\WurmAssistant\ Use AldursLab.WurmAssistant.Launcher.exe to run WA. If you suspect WA has/is a malware or your anti-virus scanner flags it, please scan it at https://www.virustotal.com/. If you run into any issues, first see FAQ section at the end of this post for common fixes. Known issues: Some types of *.wav sound files (including most of windows theme sounds!) can not be played by the app. This can't be fixed as sound engine is 3rd party. It is recommended to try re-saving them as wav or converting to ogg format using any sound editing software. Moving wurm game client folder may require you to run config again. This will fix any odd issues with errors, searching logs, inconsistent timers, granger and so on. Some more advanced features of the launcher: To make WA start with windows: General Help: Frequently Asked Questions: ----------------- Source Code and licensing:
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    Bring your new or experienced priest and join the group. Park boats at Helix Landing (Big Red Star, Wilca's deed), Which is located at (y11-12 , x45-46). Then head west along the highway and follow the signs (the purple road below). Which will lead you to Victory Or Death (y15 , x41) where the sermon is being held. We have beds and a place to store your horses. Cut part of deli map. Deli Map Below. Benefits of joining this group include: Faster priest skill gains Get a lot of tips from veteran priests Many of us leave our toons online when we aren't playing so you can preach whatever time of day works best for you Hundreds of meals made by us or mats supplied. There are metal altars for every religion so bring your statuette and mats to sacrifice. Feel free to bring any alts who are followers -- the more listeners, the better the faith/favour gain. There is an order for sermons, so be sure to let the crew know you're there for the sermon group and you'll be added to the list. If you have never attended a sermon group, dont be afraid to speak up. We are happy to have you and will tell you everything you need to know about working with the group. ******************************** How the group works 1. You can add yourself to the sermon list here http://vodsermon.ddns.net/index.php (please make the same name as the character in game) names are unique. A admin of the list will change you from pending and put you on the sermon list once you have been verified with the name in the game. 2. A sermon can be held every 30 minutes (but each toon can only preach every 3 hours) 3. In order to get a prayer reset, there must be at least 6 additional toons within 4 tiles of the preacher (listeners must be premium and following a diety). 4. After you preach, hit the big green button on the website "I have finished preaching" It will put you at the bottom of the list and take a log of your time and your cooldown. 5. If you leave your toon online while AFK you stay on the list. 6. If you leave for any reason and miss someone else's sermon, you go to the end of the list (does not apply to short disconnect). 7. Announce when you are going to preach in case other members are more than 4 tiles away and need to get back. 8. If it is your turn and you seem to be AFK, you will be poked, slapped, cursed, and probably mocked. After 2 or 3 minutes you will be returned to the bottom of the list. Credit to Teikou for website to help with sermons. Also Wilca for the post and general information. Hope to see you soon. Edit: We also have a teamspeak server if you would like to come and chat no password. You can contact me via this forum post or pm Paulski or Irtehwinner ingame Sermon currently active. Priests: Blinkybill Xbladerunnerx Cemazz Faiwyn Littlewilca Virtue Sigma Moonfoxx Zomblesz Roserune Bachos Bellamin Tone Rinja Follows: Irtehwinner, Paulski, Teikou, Imtrying, Lexa, Aturion, Styxx, Broku, Brohan, Hacton
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    Hi Everyone! Some big news this week, as I can finally reveal what’s being worked on, as well as when you’ll be seeing it! But first… Patch Notes Wurm Online Wurm Unlimited Live Beta PvP updates! We’re pleased to see that the updates have been well received. We’re not looking to rest on our heels though and along with continuing to work on other projects mentioned in this news we’ll be also drawing up plans to tackle some of the more tricky areas, as well as looking forward to a much larger overhaul down the line. Enkis Deliverance Derby of Death! (sorry Magykal!) The deliverance derby event sure turned out to be a little more bloody than anticipated! The sheer number of racers meant chaos at the checkpoints, as creatures spawned to harass the poor riders. The race was a lot of fun, and while Enki managed to collect a few more corpses, most people agreed that it was a good time (those who survived!) Summer of Fun This summer is gearing up to be a big one, and I can finally share some of it with you all! We will be releasing a huge update at the end of the month, including cave dwellings, rifts, the new client launcher, and the new rendering engine! We’ll have more information coming as we go into detail with each feature, but expect a public test in the near future! A New Moon is Rising. A prophecy long hinted at, many whispers about one of the moons orbiting the lands of Wurm and all the creatures that dwell on it have set their sights on the world of Wurm! Invasions of these unholy twisted creatures will be the background for our rift system, with these strange and twisted creatures looking to drain the world of Wurm of its essence/resources/lavender sprouts. We’ll have more information in next week’s news prior to the testing, so get your battle gear ready! New client renderer Long teased, long discussed, and often considered fictional. We’re nearing the end of our inhouse testing of the new client renderer, and look forward to including it within testing soon! This will have greatly improved performance with the game, as well as some much smoother looking views. Check out the amazing before and after view of shadows: http://i.imgur.com/LPGn3Qn.mp4 Community content This week's showcase is a bit of nostalgia for me. Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals was the first RPG I ever played, and the first game I ever got fully absorbed by. Over the long years I’ve played many RPG’s, and many games, but Lufia has always had a special place. One of our talented community mapmakers has recreated the world of Lufia II in wurm unlimited! I’m absolutely thrilled and in love with it, and I may just have to rebuild Alunze Kingdom! Of course after all this, we also have the Anniversary (Can Wurmiversary be a thing?) We haven't forgotten about that, and will be working on some fun events and surprises for you all there too, but until next week, keep on Wurming! Retrograde and the Wurm team
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    I will give you 300E for it. Standing offer let me know if/when you decide to take it.
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    There was no change, a premium check for vinvite didnt work properly at one point, and was rectified in the next update about 4 days later
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    Wurmhole, I was not speaking of kids going to executions. That is your interpretation. Noone should have to vitness executions, nor perform them. The world is full of traumatized adults also. And full of people that think they have a right to take other peoples lifes. If nothing else, think of all those war veterans that play Wurm. I know several with PTS. Personally I come from a country that do not accept death penalties, to me public executions are acts that mean to cause fear in people, rather than cause them amusement. Maybe you live in a world where lynch,mobs are legit also? I can provide a huge number of clips from the internet if you fancy looking at people killing people that can't even defend themselves. It is utterly disgusting. Name and shame and in severe cases deleted toon would be better.
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    Will tree collision come back at one point?
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    Id be more for a system powered by players. For example players setting quests for others to complete. Basically an offline means of encouraging trade: make 20 planks within a certain avg ql and wood type (if desired) for such and such coin or whatever in exchange. Though this can be more of an enhancement to player merchants. Some suggestions have had NPC warehouse keepers linked to bins. Also having more ingame means of communication, especially offline: village bulletin boards - help wanted, todo, ads, etc. Cheaper mail costs for papyrus. EDIT: Help in clearing dangerous critters whether too weak or cant be bothered. Bounties on critters or players (though bounties collecting on themselves is an old abuse of such systems). Whatever
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    Awesome!, see you then
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    What could be done very nice is taking an idea that Xsyolla has with a tribe totem. This is quite like a bulletin board that would allow people to turn in objects for a reward to a town token or other object. The tasks, or quests would be set up by the deed owner, or maybe even citizens. A quest is for an item or items, has a time limit, and a reward listed. Could be a very powerful change to wurm online.
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    The error results from drivers without OpenGL support. The drivers shipped with Windows and from Windows Update usually do not support OpenGL. You will have to install the drivers from the graphics card manufacturers website. Even if you say you've updated the drivers: Double check that. Every single time this erro came up before it was resolved by installing the manufacturer drivers. Unrelated note If you can install 64bit Java then use 64bit Java. Period. It's actually best to remove the 32bit Java altogether since it's limited in the amount of available memory and causes the other other big chunk of support cases with Wurm.
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    Note, the clan "House of Kha" was now 7 years this month on wurm and wild (chaos), her one vid for the time without kingdoms and hots
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    spawning and despawning source fountains would have been the better way in the first place, being able to pen one is really boring - i would love if they despawned once you took the source
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    Its super simple but effective, build a instanced portal, make a group - enter portal - kill dragon - collect loot - leave. You're now locked out for a week. Most mmos have similar systems.
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    They usually say, go find it etc, put work into it.. be friends with the recurring group well maybe that's true - but would it hurt to make them spawn more? It's hard to find middle ground and the devs don't' really seem like they want to do something to make it more fair for everyone. How would you accomplish that? I say make them spawn more like once a week on every server.