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    Just posting this to let everyone know that I have returned! Hope everyone has been good in my absence. I have many stories to tell, if you want to hear them let me know! If not, well. I hope you have gems to sell! Hope to see you all ingame.
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    So, I've been following the trades quite a bit and there is a trend lately, for people to accept hidden BO offers, before the auction ends. The person holding the auction simply lists: "Buyout - make me an offer" and now the entire auction is nothing more than a WTS thread. I would like to see some real structure to auctions, to try bringing back the original feel they had. What is the point of even bidding, when you know someone can secretly make an offer and the seller can simply accept and close the thread? This is not what an auction is supposed to be. I propose we set some hard rules for auctions and enforce them by giving issuing warnings to people that break policy. After a couple warnings, they simply are banned from using the auction area of forums. WTS can certainly have loose guidelines, like "I want 500e for my character and I'll decide in a week", but then not decide in a week. WTS is the wild west of sales. Auctions need to be a bit more regulated, to restore peoples confidence in the bidding process. If ebay operated like this, it would never have made a dime.
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    Hello, and thank you for considering Pure Wurm as your next server. I will try to make this description brief. The vision of our server is that of the original Wurm Online: freedom. Freedom to make kingdoms, make war, and make babies (betweent two consenting animals, of course (forgive me for my bad humor, you will not have to put up with it much longer)).If you are interested, please leave a comment saying you are. Once 10-20 people have pledged to join.In addition, I invite you to take part in decision making process of the new server, so if you are interested, please answer the following question in your comment:-Are you interested in the server using the epic curve?-Are you intersted in allowing player Gods?-Are you intersted in scenarios?Lastly, I will end with a promise: GM powers will never be used to harm, or aid players, unless necessary to fix a glitch, and money will never be accepted for any reason, except as donations to keep the server running, and will grant no benefits.I hope this has convinced you to share in the genuine Wurm Online experience!Edit: The server will be opened as soon as enough people express interest, proboably 10-20. Additionally, the server will be hosted 24/7, so you can play any time!
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    Hello, i am new player starting up a little camp near water. I have found an old collapsed mine and got it up and running again. I have a small house for protection and enough space for any new players looking forward to learning the game. Not looking to join any deed or town, just looking for new players such as myself. Hola at me and welcome to wurm
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    I got conmcb26 banned for the same reason a while back.
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    My mother said "if you do not have something nice to say then do not say anything at all" guess I have nothing to say.
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    Back when we had the terrifying baby calves.
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    We don't need to remove it. But the minimal sailing speed does need to be raised.
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    A developer - should - be able to check the game database to see where some of the items ended up. If you have specific logs of such items being examined, with stuff like quality, enchants, and creator tags, I am sure they can look through the database and attempt to locate them, leading possibly to the culprit and perhaps leading to more info about how this may have happened. I have heard of this being done before for missing items; namely, for myself when I lost a large chunk of valuable stuff on a server crossing. My items were returned to me while I was logged off at night. Most of them were put into chests in my house, except some of the no-drop items. The next day when I logged on Rolf was standing next to my bed, ready to trade me my bag of keeping and some other goodies back that he had retrieved. This came after I personally sent an email to him. This is not the same situation obviously but it does show that the database can be looked into for such issues and they can be investigated. For something like a flawed deed permission or some other workaround that permits peopel to make foot with large amounts of valuables and cause people to quit, I would definitely think it is worth the effort for a dev to investigate what happened, even if the conclusion is a forgotten deed settings - The worst that could come from an investigation is a bug found & fixed. Thing is, it might be a lot of work, and you need to talk to the right person to get it done. GMs just follow a protocol and they're probably not lying when they say they have no tools to track this stuff down. Perhaps it is time to look at the standard procedure and agree that if a GM feels they cannot handle something, to forward it to the development team instead of just saying "tough luck, your problem to fix it".
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    I have had three new players join.... and then quit due to the winds.... +1
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    Hello Everyone, o/ I'm quite a new player have been staying in the same area for quite some time and i'm going out to see the Freedom Isles soon i will be on every server for a couple of days and would like some suggestions on what to go see, from must see monuments and buildings to good hunting spots please post Name and ingame map locations in comments. Thanks alot;)
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    Checked in Global Market for anyone selling silver in game. Patrycja Pm'd me and we agreed 38 euros for 40s ingame. Went ahead with the transaction and funds were sent. I COD an item for the amount but 5 minutes said player had logged off and I have not been able to catch them since. So currently at this time this post is here to serve as a reminder to people who make purchases via paypal to just be a bit more careful. I have put Patrycja on my ###### list, and would advise others to be aware of it/him/her in future. Ref: pati541@op.pl paypal addy.
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    It usually happens when the creator of the tool was a never-premium character and the toon was deleted, then the tag will be of the next one examining it. Also, some items didn not have a creator tag, when they got one, the player having them in inventory and examining them was set as 'creator" (horseshoes, for example). And, of course, the old database issue, when some items lost their creators tags.
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    Release has some beautiful scenic areas: on the east side, sheer cliffs full of mobs, and the north and west have some beautiful deeds with colossi and creative use of bridges. There's also an island on southeastern Pristine that has a HUGE castle on it, thought I'm not sure of the location.
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    On Independence I would definitely visit the Samling monument on the north coast, which was the original spawn point on that server in 2009. If it can still be found. And Kinoss tunnel in the southwest which was a miraculous building project. Grand Steppe which I believe is still the largest in the game. Also go to the top tier of Dragonfang Mountain for the view from there. There are volcanos on Inde too. For Xanadu, it is the sheer size of the place that is incredible. You won't see anything in particular that is different from other servers, except for the enormous forests of linden and walnut, which were not native trees on other servers. If you cross the island on the east-west going trail from Rome to Linton, you can travel for an hour and only pass two deeds. I can give directions in PMs if interested.
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    It might be nice to have the permanent mission sites marked, like Symbol of Strength with their own icon.
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    I dont want to force anything, its just a discussion here ;-). Atm it seems like there are not a hudge amount of people that would be interested in such a move , so I think we can relax and play our game ;-). I like your diversity of different opinions and I see that people actually like that they are seperated from nearby neighbours. You are right, it feels not optimal to have a deed touching the perimeter of another one. I do like some space around my deeds too. Why did I start this poll? Because I had the feeling there actually are people that search a more populated area (there are questions like where should I move to... or where should I settle). I also see a movement away from Xanadu to older server. My intention was to find out if maybe people would be interested to chose the same server for their movements to group together. If its not the case, I am totally fine. As I said I wouldnt give up my deeds anyway because I like the community that is around them. I did see the possibility that people fear that their communities get lost because people would left them behind moving away. What I didnt realise at the point I opened the polls was the fear to get new neighbours. Thats because I was always in communities that advertised their area to get new players in the neighbourhood. So I see now that there are actually more people that dont want to have neighbours near them. Thank you for this insight :-). Thats what I realise with the outcome of this discussion. Like I said, I am totally fine with it. I will not form a group of lets say 10-20 people to move on one area of the maps. That is been done in the past and will happen here and there but this doesnt change anything and there are active communities which still like to get new players around them. I really thought because I heared a lot people saying the old days with more active player around was better - then why not make one server the one where we group together to have this exact situation again. I had the feeling that maybe its a good idea to speak about the options we have. If people discuss if it would make sense to close servers, and Rolf says no we dont but you can choose to live more close together.... this discussion if we want to choose this option was what I wanted to start. Nothing else. Do we want to group together on one server? Thats the question that was in the room for me like the pink elephant no one speaks about. And there it is, I pointed to it ;-) nothing more or less. I see now thats not really what a lot of people want and its okay then. And its fine, I am willing to point people to the communities that are searching for neighbours, but I dont want to force something like a little group of people building a new little community. Thank you all for stating your opinions . The pink elephant can go now.
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    True, but it's not widely advertised, and the anonymity is offered through that map's obscurity. I already foresee this map either overtaking or finding parity with the other community map. The anonymity is lost.
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    Even if it becomes outdated this very minute, it will still be the most accurate for 2 years to come. Besides I live so far east, so remove, don't think much can change unless I change it
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    I am sooo in. This sounds like an awesome race with equal chances of living and dying(as provided by Enki thru insanely massive amounts of mobs) for all. Sounds like it is worth the sail from any server.
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    Wow, good job guys. Yea, I remember Skyefox lurking in my local when I was dropping my deed. This map is awesome!
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    Brilliant work out there you guys! Thank you,make Indie more safe with such things)
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    Very nice map, easier to guess where you are at and get where you are going. Great job.
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    Since you've already done some messing around with tooltips, could you say whether or not it would be possible to extend the tooltip functionality to display an item's enchantment data? Would be a godsend to no longer have to sit there manually naming everything.
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    I applaud Slickshot and his colluders in this effort to manage and maintain a settlement of this scale, with the villager program. It is inspiring and fantastic, the way it should be. So much more is achieved with team work and trust, than dwelling alone.