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    Raise the minimum speeds and allow the option to lower sails for when you are pulling into the harbour.
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    Just posting this to let everyone know that I have returned! Hope everyone has been good in my absence. I have many stories to tell, if you want to hear them let me know! If not, well. I hope you have gems to sell! Hope to see you all ingame.
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    So, I've been following the trades quite a bit and there is a trend lately, for people to accept hidden BO offers, before the auction ends. The person holding the auction simply lists: "Buyout - make me an offer" and now the entire auction is nothing more than a WTS thread. I would like to see some real structure to auctions, to try bringing back the original feel they had. What is the point of even bidding, when you know someone can secretly make an offer and the seller can simply accept and close the thread? This is not what an auction is supposed to be. I propose we set some hard rules for auctions and enforce them by giving issuing warnings to people that break policy. After a couple warnings, they simply are banned from using the auction area of forums. WTS can certainly have loose guidelines, like "I want 500e for my character and I'll decide in a week", but then not decide in a week. WTS is the wild west of sales. Auctions need to be a bit more regulated, to restore peoples confidence in the bidding process. If ebay operated like this, it would never have made a dime.
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    Thanks, this should be very useful for deliveries
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    -Currently accepting new & established players- Located near Summerholt starter town in the North East of Xanadu, G23 on the Xanadu map Amish Estates offers 2 living options ~ Option 1: Plot of land big enough to build a home with enough extra space for a small farm & animal pens secured by fences. ~ Option 2: A pre-built guest house to get you started while out looking at land to acquire of your own, includes a small fenced in yard. Public Areas Currently Open for all villager use: 8 Total Guard towers, Workshops with forges, loom, spinning wheel, starting materials, free tools/armor. Kitchen with skilling forges set up, and community food (this kitchen is kept stocked with high quality meals to keep your nutrition up for skill gain). 7 Farms with lots of animals to work your Animal Husbandry & farming skills. Altars of each god for prayers and sacrificing. A mine, currently with Iron and Silver uncovered. Tar, Sand Pit just off deed, and Clay at connected coastal deed. The deed has been landscaped specifically to hold each type of wood in tree groves, available to all villagers for sprouting and cutting(Just remember to replant so it stays available). Hunting area near by, as well as coastal access. The overall look of the deed is meant to be natural, and make each plot feel like its own little deed in the village. There is no work required to live on the deed. All that we ask is to help out your neighbors when they need, replenish/donate what you can to the public shops & be active. If you would like to help with deed upkeep, you are more than welcome to. If you decide to move on, or stop playing please just lets us know so your spot can be opened to another. If you plan to be gone longer than 30 days, but want to remain on the deed give us a heads up & it will be kept for you. Any player gone longer than 30 days with no notice will have anything left in their home donated back to the village, if there is anything of high value it will be kept in the storage unit for 60 days before being donated to the village. Amish Estates belongs to the NEXA. The alliance is local, and very active. Often there is jobs available to those looking to make a little silver while bringing up their skills. There is a market that sits just east of Amish Paradise, and is open to all who want to sell their wares. Currently in the works is regular sermons for those looking to work a priest. The alliance has facebook, as well as a teamspeak server. There is always people on from the alliance as well as the deed in local daily. Restrictions Digging - Is turned off to preserve the landscaping as it is. You are able to pack, pave, cultivate. Planning - We will plan your home base to your specifications and give you complete access of ownership while we hold the "writ". This allows us to be able to keep spaces open when players disappear. Additional Ammenities Joint deed Amish Paradise has 4 extra farms for use, as well as a water farm. *Amish Paradise Stables* Working Animal Husbandry? Stables full of tons of horses open to be groomed to villagers for skill. Some additional pictures of the deed -Please feel free to PM Aniceset in game or via forums with any questions- Or our village managers ->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Dysstone, Mello, Talohan <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<- However, anyone on the deed can toss you an invite
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    Here is the latest version of my detailed low-scale map of the Serendipity Peninsula in the southeast of Deliverance, based on the official map dumps provided by Code Club AB: << Sorry, this map is currently under maintenance. Back soon. >> Feel free to check the map for errors and improvement - comments are welcome. Yaga Updates
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    Got bored decided to make a Xanadu size map, liked the look, figured I would release it to the public. Created in World Machine. Includes all image files, and actions file. Download Link https://www.dropbox.com/s/slx5h4qav3ots1j/Aus_Titan_8192.zip?dl=0
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    Hi In current Wurm, tapestries and sword/axe displays are pretty much the only wall decorations we can make. However, game does not allow to put tapestry stand on same tile with a bed or another stand. "You cannot drop that item here, since there is not enough space in front of you." Is there a reason for this, other than "it's in the code"? Please let us decorate our walls behind beds!
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    Feeling lost? The road ahead seems shrouded in uncertainty? Do not despair! We at Exodus Republic will guide the way, with our badass compasses. 78.35 ql 1.44 dmg 91 woa 4s 76.78 ql 0 dmg 93 woa 4s 75.87 ql 0 dmg 95 woa 4s 73.69 ql 0 dmg 98 woa 4s 71.97 ql 0 dmg 98 woa 4s 70.31 ql 0 dmg 88 woa 3.5s 68.51 ql 0 dmg 98 woa 3.5s 67.44 ql 0 dmg 93 woa 3s 67.19 ql 2.02 dmg 98 woa 2.8s Credits: Dameblanche: opening motto Egor, Wocas: needle imping, compass making Drvst: pottery hand-crafting Joeix: oil pressing, woa casting Majqo: food and warmth providing Lawurm: compasses testing with kangaroos on the other side of the planet (they work!) Aldur: cheering everyone: olives gathering
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    why are you reading it then he did us a favour by letting us a problem in Wurm and in now way did he ask for sympathy and alot of players have been wondering why peioople are leaving so go crawl back in the cesspool you spawned out of ...
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    This is the same type of thinking that got the new elevation map to "increase pvp". How's that working for you? Removing missions and/or uniques will not get players to move to elevation. Forcing your play style onto others, in hopes of increasing elevation population, will only cause you to find yourself playing alone.
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    Hello, One thing bothers me since the beginning of Wurm Unlimited. Not all available animals that COULD spawn on one map do so. For example the whole range of home servers animals (example: Gorillas, Hyenas) dont spawn on my pvp Map without epic stuff. Also creatures that are in the game, but were never meant to spawn under normal circumstances, could be implemented like this... for example the zombies from the Halloween events and such... I would really like them to spawn in my world naturally without my doing. That also includes stuff like epic god sends this and that mobs... would like to have them naturally spawned. Also it would be great to have the uniques respawn set to 2 days or something like that, if someone does know how. Its not that I gank them every day ^^ Its just it takes forever for them to all spawn naturally and I really much prefer natural spawning and not placing them myself, thats too controlled for my taste. So... could it be made so, that all the creatures (or most) available do spawn naturally?
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    I'm so angry about not getting my .005kg of drake hide that I think I just pooped a little. Time to spend real-life money to passive-aggressively vent my frustrations toward strangers on the Internet.
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    [13:32:57] You get a corpse of Polarbear.
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    A huge project! Thank you for doing this for the community
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    Everything in Wurm changes quickly, but this was a labor of love as much as a desire to supply a new map. If they say it will remain updated, I have every faith they will follow through and if they can't for a time for any reason, I am sure they will ask some of us to pitch in. Pleased to see Retro put it in the News too. I love it when Indy works together in support and thanks for jobs well done! United we stand ... ;-)
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    Very nice job. But how am i supposed to get lost now? For years I've been harassing Hugh about sitting in his boat taking pictures. I really did think he was going mental, hehe. Well now i know. The map looks great too.
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    Amazing amount of work - well done
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    Awesome job, nicely done guys, I was wondering when this was going to surface. I think it's been around 2 years since we were chatting about this
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    Brilliant work friends! I am very grateful to you for your efforts.
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    Oh I love this thread! Love all these masterpieces about the idea of different types of churches and such. Here's my vision of a Gods' Garden.
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    My forum account got accidentally permadeleted a couple of months back, and I lost over 2000 posts as well as my original 2011 join date. Could the same be done to Berris? If he lost the same number of posts he'd have a negative postcount, which would be cool. He'd finally look like the noob he really is.