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    In CombatHandler.java, there's this block of code: if (weapon.getSpellSpeedBonus() != 0.0F) { calcspeed = (float)(calcspeed - 0.5D * ((100.0F - weapon.getSpellSpeedBonus()) / 100.0F)); } else if (!weapon.isArtifact()) { if (this.creature.getBonusForSpellEffect((byte)39) <= 0.0F) { calcspeed -= 0.5F; } } The intention of this code is to say "if the weapon has WoA or BotD, knock some time off the swing speed (half a second at 100 power). If the weapon doesn't have those spells, but the user is under the effects of Frantic Charge, take half a second off the swing speed." Problem is, the math is wrong on both. First, the WoA/BotD section: calcspeed = (float)(calcspeed - 0.5D * ((100.0F - weapon.getSpellSpeedBonus()) / 100.0F)); This yields a 0.5 second swing speed reduction at 0 power and a 0 second reduction at 100 power. In other words, you are better off with a low cast than a high cast. The code should actually be the following: calcspeed = (float)(calcspeed - 0.5D * (weapon.getSpellSpeedBonus() / 100.0F)); But assuming you don't have WoA/BotD at all, the game rewards you with a 0.5 second speed bonus for not having Frantic Charge cast on you: if (this.creature.getBonusForSpellEffect((byte)39) <= 0.0F) { calcspeed -= 0.5F; } The "<=" sign is responsible for this; it should be a ">" sign. So the net result of this is that WoA/BotD/Frantic Charge will all hurt you more than they help you. Working properly, the full code should look like this: if (weapon.getSpellSpeedBonus() != 0.0F) { calcspeed = (float)(calcspeed - 0.5D * (weapon.getSpellSpeedBonus() / 100.0F)); } else if (!weapon.isArtifact()) { if (this.creature.getBonusForSpellEffect((byte)39) > 0.0F) { calcspeed -= 0.5F; } } Also note that the incorrect code appears twice in CombatHandler: once under "public float getSpeed(AttackAction act, Item weapon)" and again under "public float getSpeed(Item weapon)".
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    Please for the love of Permo, remove the player gods. They ruin the game in my opinion. Seeing WL using BL spells just sickens me. Another alternative would be to give the player gods NEW and unique spells. I would actually prefer this over removing them.
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    Warning - big wall of text coming. I have concept of in-game rifts I would like to discuss both with all players and staff - I will try to present this idea as accurately as possible. Right now, we have two main and one occasional form of PvE-oriented combat activities: hunting and unique killing (+various GM events from time to time). In this suggestion, I will focus on third addition to these activities - invasions. Invasions would be small, separate "mini servers", connected to main world via single rift. You can enter them only on foot, but in some cases you could find possible mounts/pets inside. These would vary a lot, from small sites easily doable by single average player up to the ones requiring 25+ experienced and well geared players. Why "mini servers" instead of directly in game world? There are some big reasons why this is bad idea, two most important are: Terraforming - unless these sites would not terraform any land at all (in which case sites would always look similar and not really interesting) Space - these sites would need to be either rare or very small to fit inside current servers, what makes them even less enjoyable. It also makes them depending heavily on available terrain. Their existence could also make traveling harder. Where can the rift spawn? Location must be: On land Not on road Outside of building (blocking access to rift with new structure would be impossible as well, and rift would create small no-build zone around it) Outside and far enough from deeds (I think that 15-20 tiles would be enough) Once the rift spawns, type of invasion is randomized, with bigger chance for low difficulty site than the more difficult ones (PvP server could have bigger chance for more difficult sites, but more risks related to that as well due to fact that if main server is PvP enabled, rift is PvP enabled as well). To conserve server resources, it is not generated until first player enters it, in which case its generation due to small size of instances should be very quick and not noticeable on the whole server. While active, rift acts as mob spawner until invasion is completed or it times out (no logged in player inside since one week or site is older than one month). You can determine rift type, difficulty and age by monsters spawning around it, its color/size or coming close and examining it. Invasions itself - like I mentioned earlier - would be miniature servers. Inside them, you will encounter few types of different sites that can be split into three major categories: Dens - usually low to medium difficulty sites, with mostly open structure and cave network. You can encounter rats, wolves, bears, goblins, trolls and spiders dens. These usually have one main task and no side tasks, most often requiring to kill champion inside the den. Rewards are small, but there is some chance for rare loot and tiny chance of getting unique items. 1-3 players should be able to complete all these sites. Thought as single player or village-wide events. Villages - usually medium to high difficulty sites, with mostly open structure and large village in a middle. You will encounter goblin and trolls variants, maybe rarely villages damaged by Valrei monsters as well. These usually have one main task and one or two optional side tasks. Rewards are average, with at least one guaranteed rare item and small chance for supreme/unique items. 3-10 players should be able to complete all these sites. Thought as village or alliance-wide events. Sieges - very high/extreme difficulty sites, requiring many players and few hours to finish. These sites would be most complex and involve many stages, starting like village sites, with need to break into castle area and courtyard using siege machines, optionally into cave network below castle as well. These will always have chain of main tasks and many side tasks. Rewards are big, with some rare items, chance for supreme/fantastic and at least one-two unique items. 25+ players should be able to complete these sites, but it should always be challenge no matter how many players take part in it. Thought as server-wide or global events, similar to current unique hunts but much harder and rarer (maybe one or two per month on the whole cluster?). On PvE servers, if siege rift exists everyone can enter it using personal rift similar to epic portal. In case of both PvE and PvP appearance and collapse of this rift is signalized with global message similar to unique mobs one. To make it impossible to finish hard sites single or with too small group, mobs quickly respawn until proper side/main objectives are completed, walls/fences repair themselves unless destroyed as well. Mobs inside invasion sites don't give any skill rewards, but completing a site gives skill reward dependent on contribution. Inside invasion, you cannot dig and build houses, but can craft and do resource gathering actions including mining. This can be useful in case of village sites and is basically required to complete sieges. All resources are hardcapped at 50 ql and - as you cannot bring carts in and out of them - it is not worth to bring them back to the main server. Some spells like disintegrate don't work inside. Once main goal of site is cleared, site closes after a moment and gives main rewards to players (undecided how should rewards giving work yet) as well as teleporting them to rift location. If rift closes due to timing out, all players who were inside get teleported to the location where the rift was and instance - together with everything left inside of it - is destroyed. What do you think about this concept? Is there anything more to add, expand, maybe some bad sides or you don't agree with it completely? Let's discuss!
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    An update since my last post, 1 mission done on elevation 9 on desertion no problem here guess we should just abandon elevation and goto our home server like the rest of the people who want to do missions since that's the only viable way it seems =).
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    With the recent addition of tile alchemy, I found myself grinding Forestry for more efficient fruit harvesting. Peeking at the decompiled source, I was disheartened to see that picking fruit from trees has a difficulty that scales with your skill--likely a remnant from before pruning existed, which also scales with skill and is generally far better for grinding Forestry. While scaling difficulty isn't inherently a bad thing, it limits how good you can get at an action. In the case of Forestry, higher skill actually makes you worse. A few quick trials in a simulator showed an ugly trend: even with a QL95 sickle, your average fruit QL actually goes down as your Forestry skill passes 80. I had hoped that I was just missing something with the skillchecks and this wouldn't happen in the live game, but the simulator was right on the money, and indeed my average fruit QL has gone down after grinding from 70 to 90 Forestry. The increased skill does speed up harvest time, but that is cold comfort when I'm actually worse at producing fruit. The problem is all in the difficulty for harvesting fruit, which is (Forestry skill / 2). This means that, beyond 80.0 skill, picking fruit actually has a higher difficulty than mining gold, and the difficulty keeps climbing while your sickle QL can only go so high before it becomes impractical to maintain. My solution would be to set fruit harvesting to a fairly low difficulty, somewhere around 20; it should be harder than picking sprouts, but not by a great deal. Since the simulation was correct about my experience with Forestry, I'll also use its results to show the difference in live versus proposed QLs: Live fruit QLs, with Forestry/2 difficulty: 70 skill, QL95 sickle: ~QL58.7 average 80 skill, QL95 sickle: ~QL59.4 average 90 skill, QL95 sickle: ~QL57.9 average 95 skill, QL95 sickle: ~QL56.27 average Proposed fruit QLs, with 20 difficulty: 70 skill, QL95 sickle: ~QL70 average 80 skill, QL95 sickle: ~QL73 average 90 skill, QL95 sickle: ~QL74.5 average 95 skill, QL95 sickle: ~QL74.7 average The fun thing about 20 difficulty is that, even at 99.999992 skill, harvesting fruit with a QL1 sickle would still have a ~50.4% gain rate. Players could still grind Forestry by going out and harvesting fruit, while there would still be the expected incentives, and rewards, for very high skill.
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    I would like to see a storage unit to store up to 6 or more small barrels, that way it wouldn't use as much graphics and be a better organization for those of us who have lots of barrels lying around.
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    Hi Everyone! With the Easter break behind us it's been a quiet week on the development front, but there's been plenty of activity on my side! This Easter will be forever known as the "massacre of the bunnies" with the server spawning mechanics unfortunately causing the death of the poor creatures, some say the Easter bunny creature is now extinct... No updates this week, with a simple restart to ensure smooth play over the weekend. April Fools! This April fools was a lot of fun and while we threw around some ideas, we settled on a few hidden secrets and swapping the models. It was fun seeing deathcrawlers and eagles on the deserts of Freedom and has sparked discussions of the desire for more varied creatures in the wild lands of Wurm (though perhaps not Valrei mobs). something we're keen to look into. Enki also had some fun with some hidden secrets of his own, we don't know how long he's held onto them for as he tells us "since the 30th of Triskaidekamber" Tresure Hunt! This weekend holds the esteemed Pristine Treasure Hunt, where Enki has played I spy, and will lead you all on a merry chase over the beautiful lands of this... I can't stand it, I can't send you all to your deaths, it'll be a nightmare, you'll all get lost and die in the woods, run, while you still can! Rifts, rings and really cool pauldrons! Some sneaky players caught wind of the addition of shoulder pads and rings to the graphics pack, I can confirm some of these inclusions are related to the upcoming rifts content but I can't say much more than that. I hope to give you all the info in the coming weeks! Cave dwelling testing The cave dwelling testing was a tremendous amount of fun and we found and fixed some critical bugs as well as introduced a few things to make building inside caves easier. I'd like to thank all players for turning up and testing, and am happy to announce the winners! The four winners of 5 sleep powder are: Odynn Nicrolis Annyil Jakerivers And the winner of five sleep powder and the 90 quality rare silver pickaxe with 100 BotD is: Audrel! if you've won, send me a PM and we'll organise getting the rewards to you. Design a Starter Deed Extension I've had a few pm's asking about the possibility of extending the contest for designing the new starter deeds. After discussion we've agreed to extend it another week, closing on Thursday, April 7th. A lot of starter deeds haven't had designs submitted and we removed a lot of the material and building restrictions , so if you feel like trying out for one, have a go! Join the forum team! Our new Lead Forum Moderator is on the hunt for enthusiastic new members of the forum moderation team, to apply please make sure you meet the requirements and follow the instructions here: PvP discussions. This week saw a lengthy pvp discussion on the forums and I'd like to thank everyone for the feedback, it's clear some changes are universally desired, and can be implemented fairly quickly and easily. As expected though, the rest will require careful treading and may take some time. I know we all wish to see improvements in PvP as soon as possible and I hope this proves to be the case. Wurm Unlimited Mod API There's been a lot of discussion lately about mod support for Wurm Unlimited, and I'm pleased to announce we have been working on and developing an official supported modding API for Wurm Unlimited! We'll hopefully have some more info soon and look forward to working with modders on identifying what areas to focus on and getting priority targets released! Weekly Question Whats your best ever April fools prank? Community Content Easter weekend came with a twist on KangaWU, with the Easter Bunny being 8 foot tall, and terrorising the players by throwing eggs, summoning chickens and being a general pest. Without the Holy Hand Grenade of Anitoch, it was up to the brave members of KangaWU to slay this beast, and the results can be seen here: That's it from me for this week, I'll be around on the weekend if you have any issues or questions, so please don't hesitate to say hi! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    Thank you, I will be reviewing pages shortly to ensure they are up to code and cleaned nicely Will also post a list of photos that are needed from the community. Thank you for your help with the project. We appreciate it
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    Update for the fifth time I finished! All the category pages have been finished and cleaned up. Time for the next project \o/
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    why ever make a bow out of anything but willow
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    Seems a bit more pricey than usual. The new prices are much better. Thank you for adjusting them! Good luck with your sale.
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    Bug fixed, bugfix will appear in next server update.
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    +1 to unique spells or removal. The lack of effort put into this system is almost obscene. I mean, why would a god named Tosiek have a spell called "Light of Fo"? Why would a whitelight god promote a whitelight player from a whitelight kingdom into a whitelight demigod, only for that whitelight demigod to inexplicably turn into a blacklight god (who is also somehow available to both BL and WL kingdoms)? It's a joke. Not to mention that we were once told that "Wurm isn't Counter-Strike" immediately before giving everyone access to every spell and saying "see? Everyone's on a level playing field now." Saying "you can become a mayor, a king, or even a god" looks good on the box, but if you're not willing to give the feature the time it deserves, you shouldn't even include it at all. Better to under-promise and over-deliver than the reverse.
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    A new flooring choice that allows access to containers beneath and haul up/down but doesn't have a ladder. Allows easy access to storage on adjacent floors and delivery to a cart below without cluttering up the space with a ladder.
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    This is the problem with Freedom wanting/keeping Epic features. We're not allowed to balance our own features/mechanics because it affects a different cluster.... The thing with player gods is, having certain kinds of priests/spells you didn't have before shows a lot of imbalance and how things could be better. I said similar in a different post, something like give Mag truehit, cure light and/or drain health, web armor, able to mine and woodcut like lib, able to bash like lib, give Lib nimble, LT, maybe aosp since mag would get wa, able to catapult like mag, doesn't need as much since lib is already great in the spell department. Maybe give Fo some kind of direct target spell like fireheart, but a unique one, fo is pretty good otherwise even without this. Vynora is pretty balanced, so dunno there, maybe some kind of fun passive to try to keep WLers having to choose between all 3 wl priests and not just one or two (and give Mag alchemy sac too because wasting iron on locks sucks ) (edit: and let us make hate tiles without mycellium)
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    First of all, thank you very much for all the feedback over the past week. There's been a huge amount of discussion and we have plenty of information to work with. During this week I'll sit down with the devs and begin the process of bringing most of these changes in. As many of you have said, and i'm sure the rest feel, there's no one thing that will improve PvP and combat, there's a lot of little things we can adjust in a small time frame to improve how it currently plays. but in order to truely improve PvP we'll need to take time to address core parts of the system and then work towards what we want PvP to be.I know I'm not alone in hoping these changes come quick, but I'd rather see a properly tested and balanced system coming rather than a quick one. Rest assured though, I will keep you all updated as time goes on. Retrograde
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    It's not a debate. Uninformed sellers should be made aware of the negative reputation that comes with the account if they are unaware and the OP fails to make it clear.
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    Misty morning in Wurm, Sol embraced by mountain. Templar was watching new arrival, first pinto.
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    I thought I recognized your name. Looking forward to having you back. I died three times my first day while still having no fight skill and of course the starter weapons. Leveling is a lot nicer now with bdew's timer fix installed. I heard about your very cool one on one pvp fight with a JKer. Impressed.
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    An effective but harder way to address all this requires starting with the min/max situations. State what the minimum combat "level" should be, hp/dr/speed/dmg/whatever, no armour, no weapon, no enchants, in effect you create the baseline State what the maximum combat level should be, as above but with max possible toon, ql gear, enchants and specials like valrei Note, the maximum is not what we currently have but what we should have (no idea who decides) This gives us our scaling factors. Work out for each component what each possible modifier is allowed to contribute based on one of two methods. All modifiers must fit the valid range or to allow capping. The aim is that every combat modifier is looked at in context and only in context to the entire scheme. Nothing should ever be looked at in a standalone manner. The main issue of having everything fit within a range is you cannot add a new modifier without reworking everything that contributes to that range. The main issue with capping is that you can add a bonus which has no effect in some situations because the relevant cap is already reached though it does allow for more options. Once you have the min/max levels set and agreed then, and only then, you would be able to realistically see how to balance things like SotG. I would be interested in seeing what the current min/max is and what the current scaling factors are. My bet is I'd cringe if I did.
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    Server Update - 01/04/2016 Animals can now be hitched to boats. 2 for rowing and sail boat, 4 for cog and corbita, 6 for knarr and caravel. Warning: Unhitching non-swimming animals in deep water will very likely lead to their drowning. Known issue: Hitched animals will look like they are walking on the sea floor. I'm pretty sure that it's a client limitation, probably not fixable without a client-side mod.
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    The Nest EU WU Server Are you prepared for Wurm Unlimited gameplay on multilingual server? Now this is possible! We are inviting all of you to the new PvE server named The Nest. You can find us by typing "Gniazdo/The Nest" into the server browser. Server is created and managed by Polish community administrators, but we are welcoming players from other countries as well. High resolution server map: http://i.imgur.com/6sIlHRl.jpg. Starting city is located at D3 (between steppe, forest, mountain and sea). Server details: gameplay close to Wurm Online vanilla experience (mods will be added only if most players will agree, there will be no changes that completely change the gameplay) Skillgain 5x Action speed 3x 2048X2048 map 20k creatures, 40% aggro Breeding multiplier 2x One plant growth stage duration: 12 hours One starting city: Gniezno (D3 on high resolution map) Paid villages, with upkeep Active economy, with traders in starting city and marketplace right in a starting city (to make creation and upkeep of villages possible) Active mods: Characteristics gain fix Faster faith skillgain (the same as server multiplier) Faster meditation advancement (max question delay 6 days) Cheaper deeds (settlement form costs 2s instead of 10s), no deed refunds Digging like mining 2x rare coin drop Server works thanks to cooperation with Strefa Gier, we are using TS3 ts3.strefagier.com.pl. Polish topic: http://www.wurmonline.pl/forum/index.php/topic,499.msg2379.html#msg2379
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    So in an attempt to bring some of the information together, I'm hoping to solicit some help of editors. Edit: Clarification on the purpose of this - Pages like http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Wall often become outdated because they aren't directly linked. If new walls come in and pages created, they should be added to the proper category, so even if the galleries on the categories linked below aren't updated immediately, someone looking for a specific wall will still see the list of pages below the gallery. On the current Wall page, that is not the case. My goal is to replace these disambiguation pages with redirects to the categories, so all the information is in one place and can be more easily updated. http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Category:Walls (New style, needs more images added) http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Category:House_doors (New style) http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Category:Mine_doors (Old style, needs updating) http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Category:Fences (Old style, needs updating) http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Category:Gates (New style, needs images and possibly info added) This is the main goal for now, but I'd like to see something similar done for roofs, floors, staircases, and bridges. In addition to the notes I mentioned above, existing pages need to have their categories updated accordingly and need to be checked for accuracy. @sEeDliNgS will be the Wurmpedia Assistant taking point on this if anyone has any questions. If anyone has any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to post it below. Thank you!
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    [16:24:30] A long and slender sword. It could be improved with a lump. This is a special item (obtained as a prize in a treasure hunt). It cannot be crafted by players. Starting bid: 1s Min increase: 20c Private bids: No. Snipe Protection: 1 hour
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    to pretend people play on a server or hide the fact that nobody does
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    thanks Magykal still more to do but I am working it to the bone.
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    thanks for reminding me why I dont play on epic Sir
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    Can I just say that it blows my mind and astounds me that; 1) Players find these things and 2) Dev's do not...provided that this is actually correct.
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    Hi, we are claiming chaos as our own. Want a share of the land? http://mol-rehan.creative-realms.net/forums/index.php The current registration password to create a new account is : ForPony
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    Please send spindle 15ql, 74coc for 50c to Chai. Thank you!
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    I'd say you might need a bit more time to see more sales. The Bazaar has only been open a few months and it takes a while to get the word out and expose people to what's available. I know just the other evening alliance members were putting out signs and statues to lead the way to Black Forest!
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    i still have portable altersssssssssssssssssssssssssss
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    I won items in auction. The thing that the items might be removed once in my ownership are my thing and my risk or how items are created is not a subject of the complains. If suddenly everyone starts bailing auctions they host just because they don't like the price achieved then there isn't any point at bidding at anything. Put a reserve, higher start bid or just post in wts and don't go for auction, but once put to auction and won there is no changing mind.
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    I dont see a valid reason for your complains, the item was created due to bug and should be removed just as rolf is getting rid of fountain pans.
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    So happy for the silence of the bunnies. May they forever be dead in extinction.
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    Snuff and Open are awfully close on the forge menu as well, a bit of lag and you oftenly turn off your forge instead of working on your items. More pop up may not be needed but moving some options away from the others would help. (Lit / Snuff between Examine and No target for example).
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    So just something I threw together to keep track of the missions done in friendly vs enemy areas. (Your free to double check my numbers I manually checked some to make sure they where being phrased correctly) Mag since 24 Mar 2016 02:40:51 GMT when I pulled my first tweet that the api let me go back to has done 18 missions on a friendly server vs 2 on elevation and 3 on serenity. All kingdoms combined on elevation have done less misson than all missions on each home server except affliction, they are way to easy for how rewarding they are you can just farm them since there is almost no risk in doing these on a friendly server. I'm not saying remove it/rewards totally, but the balance needs to be much heavier for missions not on home servers like at least 3 times the scenario points/move timer that a home server gives to balance it out. I'll update this in the coming days when I have pulled more missions. (Side note: It's Passed/Failed not Passed/Total so if its 4/9 thats 4 missions passed 9 missions failed 13 total)
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    I guess this topic is not about requests/features but building a house in a mine just seems less thrilling without being able to build right next to the cave wall.
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    This is what happens when you add so many different features in the game that has the ability to cause so much inbalance without considering balance in the first place. afaik there's no visual indicator to show someone has truehit ready, or that ability that negates 3 attacks, if we had these then dispel would be useful to 'counter' the ability, currently you have to mindlessly spam dispel on everyone. Nerfing SOTG does make other weapon combos over powered as suggested, huge axe, addy, true hit, mag bonus, radda radda radda. It's funny how everyone knew this but didn't want to address the issue until they knew SoTG was going to be tweaked, they just held onto this excuse in hopes it'd prevent the change, rather than discuss balance around the core mechanics instead. Is the real issue that forces people to the SoTG meta is the fact peoples HP are too low? Weapons damage too high? Because you can stack so many offensive / defensive bonuses because there's nothing you can do about it other than do it yourself? Again, there's so many passive bonuses in the game that can stack and don't have a downside or effective counter play (debuffs, does anyone ever notice weapons vs armour bonuses / weaknesses when in combat?). The initial idea of the valrei system was cool, you'd get a bonus defensive bonus + ability at a cost of a bigger defensive nerf. Having all abilities meant you'd be like 5-10% less defensive overall but have all these cool abilities, Now iirc it balances out with more defensive bonuses. Edit: DrB has a good point in the fact of how damage bonus / reduction scales
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    +1 for the ability to build next to cave walls on deed (or allow strongwalls next to buildings on deed - whatever is the easiest to do codewise). Because I totally want to grief me with awesome designs.
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    I get the feeling even with 25% people will prefer their own survival. (especially since its perma rather than a shorter duration). But arguably it could have been scaled to 30% i guess, but 35% isnt needed. But it will be interesting to see if people start to pick power, knowledge and hate a bit more now... (But not love cuz healing hands from love simply isnt a good enough bonus... add a firstaid multiplier of 300%, a lifetransfer multiplier of 200%, a regen multiplier of 200% and finally a 50% time reduction for firstaid/healing cover actions... then people would start using it. a proper "medic" path... ESPECIALLY if healing spells get nerfed.)
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    we are WURMIANS! we arent human. WE ARENT FREE! we are slaves of the game! we need sado-masochism in our game because without it, itd be TOO EASY! to sum it up: THERE IS NO WURM WITHOUT PLAYER PUNISHMENT!
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    remove HotS... what's next? remove JK-PMK because it is not EMR? i really wonder who are you going to PvP against when all of Chaos is empire of mol rehan
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    This Server is really great and gives a compleate diffrent feeling for Wurm. That was the first i wanted to say XD i thought a lot about what i would miss in casual play and the only things what comes to my mind is the healing factor over here. I know you just can absorb someone myc to get some healing but that would be impossible when you try to slay a unique. I dont know how scorn of libila will heal in such a fight but maybe wie really need the fo heal. i asked sometimes ago for life Transfer and i know its not really something you will need but when you think about it this spell fits much more to libila than to fo becouse lib allways needs damage for the heals XD maybe just call it diffrently like libilas revenge or so XD Something else i would like to see is maybe an increase of harvest from trees like appels olives and so on. and this is one If not the only server wich takes actiontimers for real. He even shortend the prayertimer/meditimer/spelltimer to fit in line with all the other stuff. so thats all from me for the moment :-) now come on people and give that Server a try its really beautiful over here
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    Upcoming spell update I'm planning to tweak a few things about spells, mostly to fix things that look missing or unbalanced to me because we don't have access to WL priests. Here's what i'm planning to do: Make the speed-component of BotD more effective on weapons (this should balance out not having Nimbness) Make BotD cost 50 favor instead of 70 Buff drain health a bit (to make hunting less annoying without LT) Add genesis to Libila (possibly with tweaked text fluff) Add Mindstealer to Libila Add Lurker in the Dark/Woods to Libila Anything else you'd like to see added or changed? Any of that looks like a bad idea for some reason? Please leave feedback in this thread.
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    Hi, after participating in game forums for years & years I regard this move as not good at all. Deleting posts, or even more whole threads, will always alienate many participants - those that had written will be angry to see their efforts spoilt, as well as those that sympathized with one side. And those that didn't write nor read will read about the deletion, get curious, but can only rely on hearsay. So, actually, deleting in a forum* is the best way to create Fear, Uncertainty or Doubt! (* without notice, explanation & facts that actually require a deletion) Since I see posts above mine deleted while I write I'll stop here. Not worth my time, the FUD has worked. No fun.
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    Warlander I feel like you've been playing Rift lately. I love this idea myself, just like I loved the MMO Rift as well, so +2 from me.
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    Item security is tantamount to the success of the Wurm economy, which is why a lot of effort has gone into making sure transactions are safe and that items don't get lost. However, the world has been running for six years now during heavy development. During this period we have had situations such as a few item exploits, database crashes and bugs with ingame mail. Sometimes there are communication glitches just as you change servers. It is very hard to avoid when you run a live beta test development situation and there are plenty of other examples of MMO's that have run into the same problems. This means there will be a few items that are bugged in one way or another. Luckily these bugged items are far between. Most of you will never see one. In some cases it's been the matter of a drake armour or scale set, which has substantial value. We will take time to look into the matter and try to locate it for you. In some cases we will be able to and in other we won't. We have a "no reimbursements" policy and the reason is that bugs are expected in software development and we are afraid of ending up in endless administration. Sorting out these cases can take a lot of valuable development time which would benefit the rest of the players so we often have to be picky and only work on the ones where substantial loss has occurred. We will however often reimburse you anyways because even small loss derives from the fun. If you are certain that you have lost an item due to a bug, please first contact the GM's using /support so they can try to locate it. If they can't find it, email contact@wurmonline.com with the following information: Subject: Lost xxx Item name, qualitylevel, damage, description, creator, enchants, etc. As much info as you can. Information about where the item was last seen and the events leading up to the disappearance such as who you retrieved it from and whether it was mailed etc. Account name, servers involved. Estimated value in Wurm coins. N.B.: As of May 2014 we have instated a policy that we do not reimburse more than 10 silver coins per item no matter type, quality level, rarity or enchantments (except missing coins or items that has a set trader price of course). The reason is to avoid getting caught up in difficult discussions about value based on current prices or whether the items were purchased for too much. Hopefully we can sort it out! Rolf