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    Only passengers on vehicles are blocked from trading with npcs. Mounted players can now trade correctly. Dispel now uses the correct enchantment ID, demise enchantments can now be dispelled. Animals bred in captivity will no longer flee from players. Overly aggressive creatures are now able to express their feelings, they will randomly bite on emotes as intended. Old appointment window now sets offices correctly. Kings may now expel members that are offline or off-server with both the old method and the new member list feature. Added /mykingdoms so players can see their kingdom affiliations on both Chaos and Epic from any server. Fix for cave ins not happening in middle of an area without reinforced cave floors. Mining now puts shards on the tile you’re standing at in order to properly calculate max number of items. Item piles now close correctly when there is insufficient items to make a pile. You may no longer put more than 100 coins and items in a container except your inventory. Note – You will also no longer receive coins in inventory while praying if it has more than 100 items. Kingdom Member List (not live yet, but will be enabled when finished testing) – Available on the royal scepter/staff of office/claw when activated and right-clicked. – Provides a detailed list of members within a player-made kingdom – Shows last on, current village, and when joined. – Action buttons allow for appointing and expelling members by selecting them. – New Appoint window interface for the member list – Allows for filtering of the resulting list by player name using wildcards. – Legacy management options will remain intact. Client – Fix for passengers not reattaching to vehicles, most notably when crossing server borders. Client – Fix for an issue with reconnecting or connecting to a new server. This issue could have caused many symptoms, including “Refreshing…” constantly and crashing on reconnect. Client – Account ordering is now case insensitive.
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    The ability to set a last name or surname on your in game characters in the chat bar type /surname ( then your name here ) a minimum 3 characters letters a maximum 10-15 character letters Premium Players only ( stays displayed when your loose your premium ) The Ability to choose to display or not display in the / titles section No resets or changes ( maybe limited to one change ? in game marriages etc? ) Repeatable surname names accepted ( family name for each Toon etc ) sometimes alliances require everyone to have the same last name. etc I have seen this in a few MMO's its quite interesting to see what names people come up with for there surnames / last names No illegal character letters allowed such as numbers or !&$%^@ etc.. like to get this added !
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    supreme long sword... addy adds extra dmg bonus, supreme much higher crit chance, and the wear and tear on an item like this is like steel or possibly slightly even less. Great piece, IMO market wise and also depending on your willingness to sell, id PC it at 35s at the lowest and thats only if you are in a hurry to get rid of it, upwards of 70ish but you might have to work for that... More so around the 50's 55 mark. Good luck. This item in a high end toons hand would be a very nice piece.
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    I put a request out for villagers and overnight i got three(TY Fairy for the rare Gnome home)
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    You may no longer put more than 100 coins and items in a container except your inventory. Note – You will also no longer receive coins in inventory while praying if it has more than 100 items.
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    Magranon's last devout Priest : ( (the boy is Cornchips, he sold.. so I made something to remember him by)
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    asked every girl to dance they all said no
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    slingshot I'm a old everquest 1 & 2 player surnames where allowed at a certain level just remembered it lol thought Wurm could integrate it as well. Many games have it why not Wurm?
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    Absy and Vero are at it again...building fabulous places. If you want to come see their creations, Absy is inviting you to come look on Release K25. It is worth the visit just to see how he uses bridges, walls and buildings to create these medieval designs. Edit: Credit to Briance and Bricardi, alliance members, who made (and continue to make) A LOT of the bricks.
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    Hey everyone, I made a small (1024x1024 tiles) survival map for singleplayer or a small group of players. There is one big volcano island near the center, and 2 smaller islands out in the water, near the map borders. The small islands each contain 1 clay spot and peat or moss. They are both pretty high, so you can mine on them. I use them for the WL and BL, but thats up to you. The main island contains serval clay spots, some tar fields, a steppe, a desert, a tundra and the volcano. There are 2 versions with different rock layer depths, one with 55-65, the other one with 85-95. The zip is including the map dump, the cave map (with and without water), the terrain dump and the topography map. Download (ZIP Archive): normal version - version with more dirt/deeper rock layer
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    So on Xanadu lately, there's been a mission to slay the venerable black dragon "charcoal i". Considering there's a black dragon hatchling that's been on Xanadu since 2014, the name on the dragon suggests that breeding has been going on and that the dragon has been penned up somewhere even after the changes since Xanadu opened. I would think that this would not be the intention of the changes to uniques in the first place. My recommendation would be to set a timer for uniques to teleport to another random location on each map. This could happen every 2 to 3 weeks for example; thus, giving the usual events time to happen. It's a thought anyway. Suggestions? Comments? Criticisms?
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    This dude goes to the Australian bush and does the stuff we do in Wurm every day. His web page is https://primitivetechnology.wordpress.com/ and his youtube channel is also called Primitive Technology. Here is how he makes coal:
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    I was asked to do this PC by a potential buyer. He wanted a "current' PC after i mentioned that thread.
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    I like this feature. Too many people plop down in steppe and desert, then convert it all to grass and forest - then they vanish. I love the idea of Steppe reclaiming some land to bring back a little balance.
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    bumps ! Get better protection or buy looks at http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/139339-black-dragon-scale-set/
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    I like the idea - could pull the alts into one "family"
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    The above post is a childish trolling attempt to make selling solver harder for me. This player is/was an enemy of mine on Chaos and I can only assume is still disgruntled after being constantly beat by myself and my kingdom members. References can be given by a number of players, including respected players within the community, and GM's/Cm's if needed. My years of respectful and hitch less sales can be a testimony to my professionalism as well. I offer the buyer the ability to get the silver before sending the money, as fraud is protected in this game.
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    Throughout Chaos's history developers and GM's stepped in and either changed mechanics or slapped a kingdom in the face when they got too powerful, I'm sure MR are going to say my post is just whinging we need to get gud etc but the truth is every kingdom before them got nerfed when they were too powerful. BL had so many nerfs slapped on them when JK was getting wrecked and then when JK started getting too powerful we got nerfed too and mechanics changed to prevent us from hogging lots of land. For example when JK was very strong we had the WL moved away from us because MR couldn't get past Valhalla, Rolf reset artifacts like 5 times because we kept getting them all, drains from deeds were massively increased, catapult damage increased, upkeep costs increased, magranon champs were taken away from us, Fo champs nerfed significantly after I went Fo champ etc etc at the time JK and BL felt unfairly targeted but in hindsight it was necessary. I really like the term snowball, as it rolls down the hill it gets bigger and bigger until someone whacks it with a shovel - but there has been a complete disinterest from GM's and dev's to do anything about balancing Chaos ever since Epic was introduced. The issue is these snowball mechanics whilst they can be enjoyed by anyone; they overwhelmingly benefit the kingdom that has the most players. What mechanics? A few examples: - Twitter alarms allowing you to see when any of your 500 deeds have someone trip the border, land hogging is no longer a disadvantaging - If the above wasn't bad enough; through use of /vteleport and /vinvite or karma teleport you can teleport to any deed on the map easily. Previously when JK dominated we used /suicide to spawn at allied deeds (you could spawn at any allied deed) and Rolf went NOPE.AVI and removed it literally the next day I don't understand why /vteleport and karma teleport is so sacred and not removed when it's even worse because it's the same thing except you parachute in with your entire inventory - remove informer (seriously wtf is this not removed yet, EVERYONE says it should go) - Rare boats, hell horses allowing extremely fast travel - HoTA is dumb because it's in a static location so easy to control, the kingdom who controls hota has the capacity to sell HoTA statues to Freedom and has effectively unlimited funding for their war deeds - Meditation buffs specifically SoTG - Combine SoTG with LT - Combined SoTG, LT with sorcery buffs (ie continnum, 10% reduction) and some players need 50 hits to die - With the 'deed fix' allowing odd shaped deeds upkeep was made very cheap, even a s100 deed is very cheap now - this in my opinion was when Chaos started going downhill and all of the 'war deeds' stated being placed - deeds are simply far too cheap now. When I first started to play PvP all you needed was armor (even studded and chain was perfect) a weapon (ANY weapon, not the LS/Med Maul meta you see now) and some cotton - literally that was it. But since then so many mechanics have been introduced or buffed that require 'counters' so if you die you need to spend a week making your items again. For example archery was buffed so then everyone needs shield. Then bows were nerfed so you can only shoot a longbow at 15 tiles, med 10, short 5 - so now everyone needs to carry around 3 types of bow to be effective. Then you have venom vs farmer salve. Potions. Gems (because LoF, FP, Scorn etc are OP) don't forget nolocate ring. I know when adding these features the dev's think they are cool and niche but because of the tenacity of Chaos players either it's useless or an absolute must have that everyone makes before fighting. There is just too much of a shopping list you need to get before you can battle in PvP and this harms the ability for smaller kingdoms to recruit new players to compete, because once they realize that they need to spend 2 years grinding before they can even remotely compete they go and play some other game.
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    In late november 2015 i decided to make a rare gold chain armour set. Yesterday 18th january 2016 i made the last piece a gold chain boot. The boots was very tough to make had like 25 - 30 rolls on them with successful imp, but not turning to rare. All together used up about 9k ql 26 gold to get the set.
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    make it a poll so we can really see how much more important unfinished items are compared to new tower textures +1
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    I made a reallife banner for my desktop, how you guys like it?
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    From what I've seen of Journeya, she is far from being a slavedriver that preys on new players. I strongly believe that you would be in good hands at her deed and even might witness the building of awesome projects.