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    Only passengers on vehicles are blocked from trading with npcs. Mounted players can now trade correctly. Dispel now uses the correct enchantment ID, demise enchantments can now be dispelled. Animals bred in captivity will no longer flee from players. Overly aggressive creatures are now able to express their feelings, they will randomly bite on emotes as intended. Old appointment window now sets offices correctly. Kings may now expel members that are offline or off-server with both the old method and the new member list feature. Added /mykingdoms so players can see their kingdom affiliations on both Chaos and Epic from any server. Fix for cave ins not happening in middle of an area without reinforced cave floors. Mining now puts shards on the tile you’re standing at in order to properly calculate max number of items. Item piles now close correctly when there is insufficient items to make a pile. You may no longer put more than 100 coins and items in a container except your inventory. Note – You will also no longer receive coins in inventory while praying if it has more than 100 items. Kingdom Member List (not live yet, but will be enabled when finished testing) – Available on the royal scepter/staff of office/claw when activated and right-clicked. – Provides a detailed list of members within a player-made kingdom – Shows last on, current village, and when joined. – Action buttons allow for appointing and expelling members by selecting them. – New Appoint window interface for the member list – Allows for filtering of the resulting list by player name using wildcards. – Legacy management options will remain intact. Client – Fix for passengers not reattaching to vehicles, most notably when crossing server borders. Client – Fix for an issue with reconnecting or connecting to a new server. This issue could have caused many symptoms, including “Refreshing…” constantly and crashing on reconnect. Client – Account ordering is now case insensitive.
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    The ability to set a last name or surname on your in game characters in the chat bar type /surname ( then your name here ) a minimum 3 characters letters a maximum 10-15 character letters Premium Players only ( stays displayed when your loose your premium ) The Ability to choose to display or not display in the / titles section No resets or changes ( maybe limited to one change ? in game marriages etc? ) Repeatable surname names accepted ( family name for each Toon etc ) sometimes alliances require everyone to have the same last name. etc I have seen this in a few MMO's its quite interesting to see what names people come up with for there surnames / last names No illegal character letters allowed such as numbers or !&$%^@ etc.. like to get this added !
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    supreme long sword... addy adds extra dmg bonus, supreme much higher crit chance, and the wear and tear on an item like this is like steel or possibly slightly even less. Great piece, IMO market wise and also depending on your willingness to sell, id PC it at 35s at the lowest and thats only if you are in a hurry to get rid of it, upwards of 70ish but you might have to work for that... More so around the 50's 55 mark. Good luck. This item in a high end toons hand would be a very nice piece.
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    I put a request out for villagers and overnight i got three(TY Fairy for the rare Gnome home)
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    The fledgling chestnut tree farm.
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    You may no longer put more than 100 coins and items in a container except your inventory. Note – You will also no longer receive coins in inventory while praying if it has more than 100 items.
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    Magranon's last devout Priest : ( (the boy is Cornchips, he sold.. so I made something to remember him by)
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    asked every girl to dance they all said no
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    slingshot I'm a old everquest 1 & 2 player surnames where allowed at a certain level just remembered it lol thought Wurm could integrate it as well. Many games have it why not Wurm?
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    Absy and Vero are at it again...building fabulous places. If you want to come see their creations, Absy is inviting you to come look on Release K25. It is worth the visit just to see how he uses bridges, walls and buildings to create these medieval designs. Edit: Credit to Briance and Bricardi, alliance members, who made (and continue to make) A LOT of the bricks.
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    People will complain about the above however Merging a pvp server with a pvp server is a lot different to opening up a pve server to pvpers. So I think the above is not all that relevant. People will scream about the other server : "but its got skill gain bonuses" or but "we did the skilling the hard way" and whilst all this is going on the pvp communities will continue to decline to such an extent the last 50 people in the game will still be unable to agree on this particular topic. FFS - merge the servers, put up with the moans and do wurm a favor and stop with this split realm crap. Or.. listen to the 30%ish people (like Rolf said in the last major poll) and deny the other people who want to play and be 1 server or just don't care, and slowly continue to bleed players. TLDR: a bunch of text.
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    Cats + Explosions + Zombies = Win... no bacon though.
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    I'll assume you mean 80 woa saddle. BSB can't be mailed. You can pick it up on Deli N9 Want me to cod you the barrel and saddle?
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    I might buy this for a fair price, will see Definitely worth something, people are lowballing
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    I agree with Rocklobster's assessment. Don't accept less than 50s for this. I wouldn't even take 50 for my supreme enchanted lg maul with less than ideal enchants. Regardless of the market. Just hang on to it for now.
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    Back in the day, all you had to do was use your priests to their own advantages and eliminate ways for the enemy to capitalize on your priest's weaknesses. Very few people used Vynora priests in combat until Mongols got a couple and started maximizing the potential of the priest's skill set. Everyone looked at Mag and Fo for PvP in their true roles of combat and healer, and left a couple of people to run bicycle vynora priest account for enchanting. Libila was a good overall mix. Since that time, the lines have been blurred between the different deities and there is no longer a Pro/Con paradigm with respect to religion. The addition of the player gods have only blurred the lines even more, resulting in a meta that never existed before. Now we're seeing more and more posts about this priest needs this spell, and that priest needs to be equal to another. If that is what PvP needs to be, then just scrap the current gods and make one unified god that has all the spells. Or better yet, make everyone capable of casting spells and crafting now, and we can just eliminate the next year of waiting for the inevitable slide down this rabbit hole that is only causing PvP to go more stale than it already is.
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    Slightly tangential, but where we see posts that are obviously connection-related double posts, or have such posts bought to our attention, we will hide the duplicates. The extra posts obviously don't break any rules, but this makes for a nicer experience for people reading. If you've found that you accidently posted the same thing twice (or even 3, 4, or 5 times), you can use the report function to bring it to our attention (1 report will be fine).
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    In my opinion, the best possible fix is that they act like a regular horse, bull, or bison while hitched. Simply turn off their attacks while they are connected to a vehicle. It's then win-win for everyone.
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    It was my understanding max slope was 14 for fences, its another way to secure your harbor if you so wish. The boats can pass through the gates just like you were riding through a regular gate on land on a cart. I added fences to a boat mine with gates when the feature became available, was a interesting feature to try out.
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    +1. But as for the corn chips. If it happens we must demand tomatoes if there is to be salsa.
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    Northmere bridge across the inner sea, Celebration h18, view from the Arnshire lighthouse.
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    Mrs. Vortexxx on the way.
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    This whole thread went the wrong direction, none of it should have been KvK. The current state of pvp (mechanics wise) is just disappointing and unplayable. Thats the reason why macedon left, and sold up. The lack of attention the pvp community gets its a big reason why these accounts are going for sale, I cant speak for red but I know most of the macedon accounts are for sale for that reason. Freedom is the main revenue for CodeClub and it gets all the attention, you dont think pvp community is dieing ? Look at the server graph, independence has equal if not greater population then Chaos and Epic cluster as a whole combined majority of the times. People suggest and ask for new horse colors something that takes time to develop models and such, and it gets implemented. PvPers ask for a simpler reversion of a game mechanic that was not working ~ 4 months ago (info minister) and it hasnt even been changed something that will probably take a dev/coder hours only, for example. The Dev's currently are going above and beyond for one part of the community and avoiding the other, why ? who knows. But we are going unrecognized and that's making people lose hope and upset. This game has great potential its one of a kind, but frankly the PR sucks, all due respect to retro and he predecessors. Recent events pretty much confirmed a lot of what the pvp community has been feeling, the lack of attention. edit @Wurmhole I dont think chaos dieing has much to do with MR, more the mechanics. Is MR vastly overpower yes and no, in the end pvp comes down to numbers. If you have superior numbers your odds of winning after vastly superior, account and stats and whos running them only really comes into play in small number pvp 2v2 - 5v5 anytthing above that its a matter of numbers and how you use the numbers doesnt matter if the accounts are good or bad. One thing MR has had recently, is numbers which allowed them to rise up a lot and conquer a lot.
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    Hey Recently I ran into unexpected house permission related isses in our village. We've got an inactive villager. Before he disappeared (now 3 weeks ago) he had planned a 1x1 house on perimeter (don't ask why, I don't know). One house wall is on deed border and it has one wooden beam attached. Other three walls are just planned, not built. This wannabe house effectively blocks deed expansion in any direction because I don't have permission to modify. Problem one! Foreign house on west perimeter blocks deed expansion in east, south and north. I cannot bash that wall because, once again, I don't have permission to modify. Problem two! House is on deed and off deed at the same time. Won't decay, but cannot bash either. As per game logic, deed cannot expand over house if the mayor doesn't have permissions to modify this house. Ok, this is clear and I don't complain, that's how it should be. The house is there first, deed cannot move over (under) it. In our case, deed was there first and house was built partially on deed. This can only happen if the house owner is citizen at the time of planning and building. Thus the house should have same permission logic as any other house fully built on deed. Part of it is on deed, mayor should have permission to bash the walls OR expand deed fully over it (and then can bash). Only option I'm given right now (other than hoping the owner to come back) is to shrink the deed by two tiles, wait for this one damn wall to decay, and then expand back. This takes time and money and makes me very unhappy. Not to mention there are other citizen houses on the same border which would then also take decay damage (luckily we have permissions on them). However this doesn't sound right. What I would like to see changed regarding these two problems? 1. Allow deed expansion in certain direction if there is no direct blockage. In our case, I should be allowed to expand east, when that darn house is in west. 2. House built partially on deed and partially on perimeter should be considered as fully on deed. Thank you for reading. PS. posting it in server bugs and not suggestions section because it feels like a " Game Mechanics Problem"
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    This would be a good time to spread a rumour that Rolf is a villager on my deed. I swear, I get no benefit from him being with me, though. PS: What do you mean you all have to pay subscription fees?