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    The Kingdom of Jenn Kellon is one of the oldest and largest kingdoms on the Chaos server, and is home to some of the greatest builders, crafters, and fighters Wurm has to offer. We pride ourselves on stretching the boundaries of what is possible, defying all odds. We fight fiercely against our enemies, and lend assistance to our allies. We hold our flags high and wear our tabards with pride. How To Apply Register an account on our forums, and feel free to browse the General Discussions Fill out an Application Patience! This is not an overnight process. While we would like to take everyone immediately, this philosophy is spoiled by spies and would-be traitors so we must be thorough. After acceptance, your forum account will be promoted to JK Citizen, allowing you to get up to speed with the latest news and changes. With dedication and time, anyone has the ability to fly up the ranks, maybe even becoming one of JK's War Advisers! Kingdom Recruiter Contacts )> JKRecruitment here on the WurmOnline Forums )> Ciray on the Kyara Forums )> Necroe on the Kyara Forums )> Smackeddown on the Kyara Forums
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    This information is outdated and no longer recommended. This post will be locked.
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    Hi Everyone Been a hot week here down under, I've been laying low and keeping cool, but that doesn't mean I dont have news for you all! Two events here for players, those with the design talents, and those seeking an adventure, and let us know what kind of news you want to see! Patch notes This week saw the offline mode come to beta for Wurm Unlimited. A few security issues have also been raised, which will be included in the next update: Okay, NOW it's my final form - Or maybe not Okay, it's clear that more feedback will be necessary, we'll be arranging a new board with specific function for taking feedback on existing ideas as they near the implementation or design stage. stay tuned! A mysterious history The mystery of the first explorers of Celebration will be yours to experience this weekend, Enki has put together a Treasure hunt with a slight twist. Follow in the steps of the ill fated first expedition to Celebration, solve clues and retrace their steps to find out what happened on this fateful journey! I don't wish to give too much away, so keep your eyes peeled on the forums for the first clue, this will lead to the start of the hunt, and a curious tale. Design a deed! Two weeks ago we teased about starter town remodelling competitions. I'm pleased to say we've run it all through and we're able to announce the launch of our design a starter deed comp! The full rules and guidelines will be available here. So get some friends together, dust off that trusty deed planner, and get designing! We will have current deedplanner maps made available this weekend. The comp runs until the end of March, so you don't need to hurry, but don't be late either! PvP kingdom talks This week I've been busy getting in touch with various PvP kingdoms, discussing issues affecting PvP, individual kingdoms, and other various factors. It's been an absolute ball getting to know PvPers, and I look forward to reaching out to the remaining kingdoms. As a side note, if your kingdom hasn't heard from me, please let me know so we can arrange a time to chat! Someone beat me to an "it's over 9000" joke I'd like to congratulate becket for reaching a total of over 9000 cumulative skill points, an accomplishment that surely brings ones sanity into question, but an amazing one nonetheless! Feel free to congratulate Becket here: Weekly Question Weekly Artwork this weeks artwork is of a peculiar scene, could almost be taken from a Sci-fi film, or one about people lost in a desert. (though the large planet/moon in the background might be odd) That's it from me this week, there's a lot to keep you all busy over the weekend, so make sure you get in on the fun! Retrograde and the Wurm team
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    Having a water or height restriction pretty much defeats the point of being able to create them and introducing the mechanic to begin with. The social aspect is amusing, in all my years I've never known a resource tile to be a social event place. The only person I have seen saying so is someone who also mentioned selling resource tiles in WU which to me seems rather an invested imaginary social disaster scenario theory designed to maintain the profit. Fighting over resources? Ive never seen this nor can I see it happening, people will find resources elsewhere. The only thing I can see happening if you can remove and not replace is further snowballing from stronger kingdoms preventing the growth of smaller kingdoms. Some people seem to enjoy wiping out competition to destroy any chance of pvp, others prefer to actually have enemy around to fight.
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    It's time once again to get ready for a treasure hunt. Unfortunately for you this time I am designing this hunt, in other words, your survival is not guaranteed. In fact I would seriously recommend some decent armor and a good trusty weapon. The event will be held on the 27th, this Saturday. I will give a more precise time soon. Unlike Spellcast's previous hunts where we usually gathered around a start point, this time it will be up to you to find the event's starting location. As usual the first clue will be posted here. From that clue you will be left to your own means to find the start. I hope you enjoy the event, but always remember, I have been known to be rather sadistic, so your missteps and deaths may be recorded for our amusement! This has been a fair warning, /Enki (Head Game Master) The following texts have been translated from an old and uncommon language found chiseled into a piece of drift wood The clues, written below, that could still be read detail a previously unheard of expedition to what is now known as the Celebration Isles. On the back of the piece of wood is a piece of a map. It is now up to you to take this information and try to find out what became of this long lost expedition. (All translations below are as accurate as can be due to deterioration and may require good reading comprehension to solve.) Keep in mind that the lands of Celebration have likely undergone changes since it was settled and may not look the same as these adventureres first explored it. What once was barren may now be forest, what once was water may now be terraformed land, etc. You may even need to figure out what the terrain originally looked like when it was new to follow in their footsteps. Examine any of these waypoints the translation mentions for additional clues. Good Luck!
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    A Wurm milestone for me as I break the 9000 skill point barrier. Total skill points 9,035 Titles 163 OK my winter project is done guess I can sit on my front porch and shoot arrows at noobs as they pass by.
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    I could say the same about pretty much everything systemic Wurm has to offer, be it specific dens of creatures, a specific type of trees, a unique to hunt or even a mission. Neither of those prevent me from socialising and a clay spot (or other systemic feature) on the neighbors deed won't change that. If some WU server can sell the tiles for money it only indicates to me that this is a wanted feature.
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    So I figured I'd write up a suggestion, hitting on points on Chaos which I dislike, and stuff I would like to see changed. Its boring being the winners on Chaos, and I think the following suggestions will stop another kingdom/community taking total domination of a server again. Chaos Map Reset Lets be honest - We need it. There are so many choke points, so many prebuilt places, so many ultra defended settlements. These are only a few examples of why the map needs restarting, but they all certainly stagnate PvP. I would love a map with multiple islands, rivers, fjords, with a central island for the HotA (IDK). PLEASE FOR MAGRANONS SAKE DO NOT LET ROLF DO THE MAP. Lets have some player submissions, a vote taken and the most popular is done! Village teleporting/karmaing Village karmaing is ridiculous. Ive never been a fan of it, but I still used it. It allows enemies to instantly, safely, teleport to a village with very little expence (1s). Usually on raid when you could not do this, exits were usually walled off, and it made enemies have to fight to defend. You should only be able to teleport to a deed if you have been a member for 24 hours or alternatively if no enemies are in local of your destination (though I suspect this may be hard to code). Tower capping, and influence blocker deeds This is a mechanic used by all kingdom on Chaos. Dropping a s5 deed in an area will not allow capping of towers for (correct me if im wrong) 150 tiles in each direction of your village boarder. This can lock down huge areas for a very low cost. I suggest either tower capping is removed, or that villages only stop tower capping for the towers on deed. Perhaps remove tower capping and how towers can be planted currently and revert back to the old system where towers need to be chained from existing influence (though some sort of work around needs to be done for newly fledging PMKS, and islands?) Artifacts Artifacts seriously need looking at. They either need to be reviewed carefully, or removed entirely from the game. At the current moment in time, they are not worth using in PvP, and require a huge amount of maintenance to keep them. Twitter I miss the old times where you could raid a deed without being scared of the second you stepped a toe on the deed. Please remove twitter as it stagnates PvP. Information ministor (Your informers reley information...) rubbish Please remove this! Its yet another way which stagnates PvP! Smaller, roaming groups cannot operate now. Add back mine doors not opening in enemy local off deed! I feel as if roaming, and small group skirmishes have deminished since the removal of mine doors being used as safe spots on the map for smaller groups. This encouraged people off of deed more often, thus creating more PvP. WL/BL bashing and their influence range The WL/BL should remain bashable, but i recon their influence of no buildings/deed/whatever should be increased by a lot. Perhaps 400-600 tiles so that they cannot be locked down by anyone. That being said though, the code needs a revamp. With less towers on the server I recon the new WL shouldnt spawn within 500-1000 tiles of a kingdom influence. HotA Make the HotA on an island where no deeds, walls, mines or anything can be planted! This will stop stagnation of the HotA and make it fair to all to access. HotA should be a PvP creation zone. Non-premium mayors Please, for heavens sake, allow mayor non-premium players to be able to spawn at their own deed! Its so annoying! PMK Village Cap There should be some sort of cap on the amount of deeds a PMK can place. Perhaps 5 villages can be placed every 1% of influence the kingdom has (IDK something ballanced). This should stop war deed spam. Epic loot code There is nothing more annoying than when over powering the enemy completely in a skirmish and they managed to nab the corpse of your mate who is the only one on your team who dies. Of course sods law kicks in and their res stone works. Please make it so corpses can only be picked up when an enemy isnt anywhere near it! Merchant taunting Please add merchant taunting to Chaos. I feel like everyone finds it annoying that people use them as impenetrable loot storage holders. Logged off alts in boats for speed This is a nasty little trick used so that your sailboat is full speed without the risk of your alts being at the discretion of arrows and other pointy objects. Characters logged on a boat should increase the speed, once they are logged off they should not add to the total speed of the boat. These are my suggestions anyway. A map restart would be required for this to happen of course. Feel free to tear this suggestion apart PLEASE do not talk about an epic-freedom merge. That is not the aim of this discussion. Feel free to make another thread to talk about this. Any posts made about this will be reported.
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    On the subject of 'ease of trade' this is a big choke point. It is incredibly tedious going through the various merchants in a marketplace and looking down their short list of wares, then checking the other merchants and trying to remember what was where and for how much and at what QL. Most of the time it's not what you were looking for or even need. Even the trade channel is not really what you need. Just lots of top end items or bulk shipments. IF there was a simple 'auction house', I would know that the chances of me getting something I actually wanted were quite high. Maybe I've just run out of iron, and want an extra couple of lumps. Maybe I just want a couple of higher QL lumps to imp with. I don't want 1000 of them.. I don't need rare iron... just a couple of decent ones around my BS level. An auction house system would make this easy, and would facilitate huge amounts of small trade. It would also open up the marketplace for mid-range players. New players don't need 90ql iron.. they are happy enough with their BS skill +10. Same goes for logs and any other resource. Anyone wishing to grind, could purchase some from here, some from there, and a bit more from someone else without needing to find one person to supply all of it. Players also don't need to wait until they have enough of an item together to sell in a bulk load. They can just sell the bits they have. One possible way to implement it would be that when you trade with a merchant, it shows you (in one window) ALL the items on all merchants within a 100 tile radius. When you buy, the money goes to the merchant actually stocking that item, wherever he may be located, but the item is collected from the merchant you are trading with. So, to sell, you still need a merchant and if its in range of commonly visited traders, your items will still be seem by many people even if you are 'off the beaten track'. Market hubs will form which are in a good position amongst local traders to optimise the number of merchants within range - as opposed to the current locations which are more to do with starting towns and shipping. I know I would certainly end up buying odd bits and bobs if this was the case. Especially if I could 'access' a lot of local traders items just by checking my own merchant. At the moment, the 10s pricetag of a merchant - escpecially if you don't live in a populated area and dont have much to sell is excessive. However, if this meant you could (from your own on-deed merchant) view all local merchants and purchase from home,it would be well worth it. It would also allow you to participate in the economy side of things and would build communities. I know I for one would end up making a lot of small purchases and sales. But 99% of the stuff in trade channel and on forums I have zero interest in. Allow me to buy 2 or 3 60ql logs, without the hassles of PMs, Mailing or waiting for that neighbour to be online and not busy and I surely will. Edit: (Addition) I wouldn't want a global list though... A It means way too much to look through B. takes out any meta-game of logistics and trasportation. C. nullifies any 'localised' resources. An easy to view 'local area' commodities also then allows for new meta-game for travelling merchants. Travel to an area you know sells a lot of cheap crops, transport them to an area lacking them where local prices are much higher and sell them on a merchant there. A new 'wagon type' could even be implemented that acts as a moveable merchant. Leave it in an area when you log off in range of other merchants and all your travelling merchandise is available in that local market while you are offline. The trade channel would still be used globally for the 'top end' crafted and casted items and for 'bulk quantities' of bricks/dirt/whatever. Auctions would still exist too. But it opens the whole marketplace up to everyone. Not just the top few crafters and the small number of occasional buyers.
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    Lets create John, John has a humble 35x35 deed that he shares with some friends and they get told that tar walls are the new great thing and they should make some. Lets ignore the arbitrary slope restrictions because lets face it they change nothing. They have mid level range NS and head out to pick 14,000 cherries sometime in the coming month when the season becomes available (if they catch it) and dig 17,000 moss. Sadly they couldn't find 14,000 cherry trees so they had to wait several more months. John and his friends finally get enough materials together and if he is lucky this number might create enough potions to cover his walls, RNG probably screwed him though and it takes longer and more materials. John and co rejoice, they feel comfortable that their deed is secure. Later to their horror they discover that there really was nothing stopping those tar walls coming down, any decent raid force will have several people all levelling the wall down. Here is the kicker, John quickly realises that he has griefed his whole village and they can not level the wall back up to repair the damage. Now he has a gaping hole in the side that he fruitlessly attempts to wall off, the following day the enemy catapults the walls and walks straight back in. Lets also consider that the enemy can just troll raid and not even intend to get in, removing a longhouse and taking the wall down just a few slope will have the same effect of screwing them over. Lets imagine John had heard this might be the case and has a few spare potions to revert the tar back to dirt for repair work, how much stamina does his group have for maintaining thousands of fruit and such for this with a seasonal material. With the mentality of Chaos being that entire deeds get removed, they can still do this and John can rebuild somewhere else but how many times is he going to restock these items for something that works against him more than his enemy? Maybe John and his friends are masochists. Do we really need to find ways to prevent people from greifing themselves? Make it kingdom influence only if its a big deal, but don't just remove the ability to create at all.
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    There'll be a toggle for this that will trickle down to WU in one of the coming updates: togglegraphicsdebug in console
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    HAHAHAHA "theres no action, everyone just holes up in their fortresses and shelters in mines until everyone can log in to defend" results are devs try to get people out but in reality those with fortresses and numbers to defend resources will have resources and only new blood will have hard time fending off established players while seeking out resources behind defended walls. basically Devs have allowed YOU the ability to damage PVP even more so. This is like Challenge all over again, kill the newbies and make sure nobody can compete by choking the resource point. *slow clap* but yea stupid idea is stupid.
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    You're playing a game where people can cast magic spells. But you're drawing the line at how we start fires and bringing up science? LOL
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    i have never seen more social interaction on digging clay than with other activities in Wurm, i don't see how it would "kill social". socialising is a choice, not bound to a specific activity. as for the mechanics: add a kingdom influence check, make creation only work in kingdom influence. if it must be, add the slope restriction that was already discussed.
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    +1000 hey try crossing a server border while embarked on a boat or reconnecting... FIX THE GAME, then think about crazy new things
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    This topic has been brought up a bunch of times, everyone wants it, so can we have it PLEASE. Shooting a bow would be much easier on a moving target than double clicking it, right clicking it then selecting shoot, or right clicking target window, then selecting shoot. A streamline solution to just smashing a key would be nice. Thanks.
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    Hey everyone! This thread exists as the announcement and gathering place for the creation of a Wurm-spirited-Black Desert Online guild. As you all may know from this thread by Niki, Black Desert Online is due to launch March 3rd, 2016...so just over a week from today! Several Wurmians have expressed an interest in playing this new mmorpg title, so it goes without saying that we need a guild for the collective Wurm community to band together in. The guild--right now we're going with the test name Dynasty of Wurm (DoW)--will be established on the NA side of the servers. Niki has requested this be setup on server #1 if possible, so that is what I'm aiming for. If you're planning to play on the EU side of servers, then perhaps we can arrange another Wurm guild in that region as well, but those plans haven't come up yet. Anyhow, if you're interested in playing Black Desert Online I encourage you to stick with your friendly neighborhood Wurmians and join the Dynasty of Wurm when we launch the guild. If you're totally pumped and excited to join in on our Wurm dynasty, feel free to leave a comment and show your support. Stay tuned in for any updates, and don't be afraid to ask questions. We look forward to seeing you in the Desert soon! Update: If you'd like to join this guild, be sure to play on NA server #1.
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    Lets just remove karma-porting altogether on a PvP server to encourage travel. If you hop the boarder with your scale set you shouldn't be able to safely get back on deed without at least travel. Remove karmaport mechanic entirely.
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    WoW has a lot of trade in game that is easily accessible to everyone but the difference from WO is that it costs the player there nothing additional in RL currency to participate in this in-game economy. That is a real "game" economy because it is restricted to the game and is "paid for" by the time the player puts into the game to make the currency (in-game gold) necessary to trade in these items. The Wurm "economy" is not a true in-game economy because it is funded from outside the game with RL currencies; thus, when you put any impediments into trade within the game as has been suggested here you increase the cost for playing the game for those who purchase these items. Sure, it is fine for those that sell these items within Wurm and their self interest in making coins then leads them to dream up these ideas for them to make more of it. It doesn't matter if they use it to pay for their game expenses, pay other players to do things for them, or sell these coins off for RL funds. The end result is the same, they profit and the buyers loose. This system within Wurm is much different than other in-game economies and the result is that a few make money from playing the game and others pay for it with their own hard earned money. As I said before, attempt to create ways and impediments to increase your money making capabilities within the game and you increase the costs for other players. In the end they will either seek ways to be less dependent upon your services, purchase less items or simply leave the game and find another where players don't have the capability to make a profit from their participation in the game. Now with the advent of Wurm's brother Wurm Unlimited, players have a way to escape these increased costs put upon them by other players and still play the base game that they have enjoyed all these years. This WO player "economy" will yet lead to decreasing numbers of players and perhaps even the downfall of WO if some of these suggestions to "improve" the Wurm "economy" are followed. Add onto that that some players still want to be fed free coins from Rolf through Traders, Token sales, Bot/Forage, Mob kills, that other players have paid for through the Wurm Shop and you only compound the problem. Happy Trails (indeed) =Ayes=
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    I am picking lots of lemons to remove all the clay tiles so nothing better change. OR ELSE I'm gunna be real real mad,
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    This feature, not saying future features the dev team come up with instead of fixing the crippling lag and solving more important bugs, is not needed on Chaos at all, removal or addition. I know you like to believe that exclusion of one feature will be a slippery slope to the exclusion of many, but this particular feature is really unnecessary in PvP and will quite possibly do more harm than good. Instead of forcing this upon PvP only to create more problems than it will solve, especially with all the bugs that will come because you by nature refuse to test updates thoroughly, and further make pvp servers less fun because of new bugs and lag, can you just hear the truth instead of ignoring it?
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    grats, now take a break so i can catch up ;D
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    I've been trying to sort things out for two days now... I'll check sounds as well. One thing to keep in mind is that the client is multi-threaded. So if another thread is blocking (preventing other threads from completing their task) then this would be a symptom of that and not directly related to sound. I have a potential boost in performance, but I'm trying to find a good way to get people to test it It's a VM parameter, so no client update needed.
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    What Blood is refering there is a horse we were able to successful dismantle once, send over the mail and assemble on the other side, thus making the first Wurm horse mail transfer. Ah, those were the days... And that's great news, Enki! Really looking forward to this adventure now!
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    Oh dear me I thought this said large cart... Free bump.
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    Interview with Wurmian, Rixk! Welcome everyone to the 7th edition of the Wurm Chronicles! As always, I'm your courteous host Slickshot. You can laugh at me now if you so please! This time at the round table we have your delightful Wurmian neighbor, Rixk! Some of you may know Rixk, and some of you may not, but rest assured he's been around for a while and is worth talking to, so sit back and enjoy! Slickshot: Welcome to the Wurm Chronicles Rixk. I’m glad you could make it. Rixk: Hey.. thanks for inviting. I have to admit, I was kinda surprised when I received an invite for the interview. But, here we are. Slickshot: Well I’d be lying if I said the interview choices were completely random because there is a little bit of background research done after choosing candidates, but nothing really discredits anyone from being interviewed. Everyone has a unique story worth hearing! Rixk: Yeah, that is good read. I remember on the old Wurm website, there were interviews with players too. I remember Berris’ interview, when he got 100 tracking, were others too, but that's the one I still have in my mind for some reason. Slickshot: I never had the pleasure of viewing those old interviews. Alas, here we are, however, picking up the pieces and forging on. Anyhow, mind telling me how old you are Rixk? Rixk: Hehe, should I continue the traditions and write here a formula which tells my age? OK, my math isn’t as great as previous people who you interviewed.. It is 35+2.. yes, my math is that good. Slickshot: Phenomenal. Truly. I’m amazed. For once I understood the equation. Bravo sir; you have won the day. And where are you from? Rixk: I am from Europe, from small country Estonia.. And from even smaller town Pärnu. It’s nice place at the Baltic Sea. Slickshot: Oh is it a beautiful place? Rixk: Yes it is, lot of green here, beach.. of course the climate is chilly here, so cold winters and all that. Slickshot: I know a thing or two about odd climates. I’m from Missouri in the United States, and our climate flip flops every year. There is a reason why people call it “misery,” but still there are further states up north with colder climates, so I can’t complain too much...Back to you; what do you do for a living? Rixk: I work with computers and people. Slickshot: Like...making cyborg computer people? Rixk: Haha.. I wish! For that I would even pay, not get paid for. Slickshot: No joke. So more specifically do you work for a retail company or tech services? Rixk: Actually I work for a government institution’s IT department. Slickshot: Oh, ok, so you do the tech and software side of work? Rixk: Yes, basically everything that has to be done, except development. It is really interesting work. I like it.. meeting many people. Some drive you crazy, some are fun.. Slickshot: Hey as long as the work is fulfilling and pays the bills. What do you do in your spare time when you aren’t working? Rixk: Hehe, I think “wurming” isn't what you expect as an answer here. But well, at least once per month I go with buddies into the woods and we play some military games. It is fun and relaxing, especially when you have to be in the office all day long. I usually leave even my phone at home and switch myself completely off from civilization. Slickshot: Most people can’t leave their phone in their pockets, let alone at home. That’s a pretty interesting hobby. As I’m reading your response I’m thinking to myself, “hmm...he only goes out once a month with his buddies and he plays military games without his phone...he must be married!” Am I close? Rixk: Nope, divorced Slickshot: Practically the same thing in today’s world. I’m totally kidding...but kinda not. My powers of perception are somewhat lacking today. Okay, so do you have children running about? Rixk: Yes, I have a 13 years old daughter. I actually once tried to lure her to Wurm too, but she didn’t really like it. She built a house and some furniture and was done.. There went my good plan to start brickmaking business; that she will make bricks and I cash in the money. Slickshot: Children….I don’t have any so good luck with that battle! Rixk: Thanks. The age is where the battle begins indeed hehe. Slickshot: That’s what I hear. Well let’s talk about Wurm a bit. You are indeed a player of the Wurms, and how long has that been going on? Rixk: Well, I entered Wurm lands first at 2012. It is interesting that I saw the game first at 2011, but after watching some vids about it I decided that it is not for me. So I spent my time playing some other games. But at some point I remembered Wurm and decided to give it a go. And here I am after 4 years. Slickshot: Alright, so you fit in with a majority of the players it seems. A lot of people I talk to tend to say the same thing, that they started in 2012, or that they had first checked it out before then but never really sunk their life into it until 2012. Did a friend introduce you to the game at first, or did you just happen to stumble upon it? Rixk: I was playing Xsyon at the end of its beta and at the launch. But after they wiped all the progress I asked a refund and moved on from that game. But it had planted a seed so to say. This type of game was interesting and I started doing more research if there are any other game like that out there. I think I tried Haven and Hearth at first, but that was, as I like to say, “70% lag and 30% griefing.” That didn’t keep me around for long, so I found out about Wurm. That was the time when I was reading all those player interviews on the old website, but videos were horrible. For some reason the gameplay didn’t seem very good. Now I say, it isn’t bad, it is just different. And I am glad I decided to try it out. Slickshot: I’m glad you tried it out as well. As a player and a person I can’t say that I know you very well, but I do know this is a small community and everyone counts, so it’s good to have you along for the ride. I’m curious as to what server you started on? Rixk: I have pretty much all my Wurm life lived on Independence. Only recently I started a hunting deed on Celebration. When I first came to Independence I met a nice guy named Tridek who invited me to his village. He helped me with basics, and gave me advice when I needed some. Actually whole alliance, in which the village was, was great help. I think that is what makes Wurm great. Like you said, it is small community and everyone is very helpful (mostly hehe). Slickshot: Yeah we get some stinkers in there as well, but I guess you gotta love them too...even if begrudgingly. Are any of your old village and alliance mates still in the game today? Rixk: Yes, they are. Even though our paths have separated by now some of them are still playing. Even Tridek, who helped me, is still playing on and off. The old alliance people are more or less still my neighbors, so we occasionally still run into each other. Slickshot: That’s great to form a small bond with the people around you and still meet up with them years later. So you mentioned earlier that you set up a hunting deed on Celebration; what is the name of that deed and when did you establish it? Rixk: It is very fresh, I founded it in the beginning of this year. And it is called Artemis Landing. Name which a friend came up with. Artemis is goddess of hunting, so it seemed fitting for a hunting deed. The deed is meant for everyone in my alliance, which is small, but full of great people. And also as a meeting point for the friends who want to have a stay on Celebration. Slickshot: Very nice. And do you still have a deed on Independence or did you disband? Rixk: It is still there. I still consider Independence my home and I don’t think I will move permanently to some other server. Independence chat is full of interesting people. No other server can compete with that. Slickshot: I too, have lived most of my Wurm life on Independence and view it as home. I like to travel now and then to other places, but I always come back! So in the four years you’ve been playing you’ve surely had a couple of fun adventures along the way. Mind sharing a tale with us? Rixk: Hmm.. I think biggest adventure were first few days, when I came to Wurm and didn’t understand anything which happened. I saw a deer and thought, that I can kill. So I attacked it without knowing how to even wield a sword. I died of course and was looking for my corpse for next two days. Eventually, when I gave up on it, I accidentally found it. Well, I think that is what high skilled players can’t experience. Right now I ride around, and chop through everything which Wurm throws at me. But the times when I was feeling vulnerable, then the excitement level was higher. Ah another thing that I remember is when I went hunting with a friend. We were in his cart. But he had tendency to fall asleep behind computer. So as usual he didn't respond. To make things more interesting, server went to restart, but at that time after restart the horses didn’t stay hitched. So I had to somehow keep an eye on the horses until my friend comes back, because I didn’t have any ropes either. Another friend brought some ropes in the end tho.. so everything ended fine. Slickshot: I share the same sentiment. When Wurm is easy mode it is less memorable, but when you are challenged is where the fun really begins. Speaking of challenges, many people often find skill grinding to goals worth the effort and thrilling in its own right. If I remember correctly you have a very high meditating skill, is that right? Rixk: Yes, that is true. It has happened so to say. I only started meditating to get to level 7 on love path and get refresh. Was my plan to get refresh and offer it as service to others. But when I got enough skill for level 7, meditating had become a part of my wurming routine. I weave my meditating into the wurming sessions.. it is only 2 minutes every now and then, and I can continue whatever I was doing. After I got refresh I was looking forward to recall home. After that 90 skill.. but after that I just keep meditating. Not as much as before, but I still do it. Slickshot: That is incredibly impressive if I must say so myself. Meditating seems to frustrate a lot of people, so having the perseverance to continue grinding through it to the very end takes resolve my friend. So if you had to estimate the amount of hours you’ve spent meditating to get to that pedestal of skill, how long would you say it has taken? Rixk: Oh.. too long. I have 6 bodhisattva achievements, and every one is 2k meditations done. Average 2 minutes per one attempt, that is several days just watching the timers hehe. But I have to say that most of those attempts I have done now to get the last questions. I don’t consider skilling meditating frustrating at all, that was pure fun. But last questions are becoming a bit frustrating now. Slickshot: I wish I could say I know what you mean, but I really don’t have any where near the experience to make that claim. haha So you’ve been meditating regularly for how many months/years? Rixk: Not from day one, but basically from the start. Few breaks here and there when I have taken some time off from Wurm. Slickshot: Whew. I’m surprised you didn’t choose the path of insanity, because that is crazy! Rixk: Haha, actually I wanted to switch to knowledge path at some point. But I wasn’t sure I will stay in the game as long as it takes to get to the same level as I was on love path. I was wrong, but now I won’t start all the meditating for questions all over again. So love path it is. Slickshot: Wise choice mate. Wise choice. Are there any other ridiculously impressive skills you’ve mastered? Rixk: Hehe, how high is ridiculously impressive skill? But I have a pretty good character. Can do most of stuff very well. If you ask what is the skill I am most proud of, I couldn’t say. It is whole character, which I am proud of. Slickshot: Well said. A well rounded character is a great one indeed. Moving forward with this Wurm discussion would you say you’ve enjoyed most, if not all, of the major updates that have put us where we are today? Rixk: Yes, in general I think the last few years have been great for how Wurm has evolved. We got many new features. Visually everything looks better. Of course there are things which I don’t like, but...that’s how life is; can’t get everything you want. So I just try to enjoy the things I like and live with the things I don’t. But I think overall dev team has done good job. Slickshot: I agree. I’ve been playing for many years, and have taken breaks here and there, but every time I come back to Wurm there is something different and more impressive about the game than when I left. With all of the updates last year, and ones coming this year, it’s so hard to pick a favorite, but if you had to pick your top three favorite updates of all-time to Wurm Online what would you choose? Rixk: First definitely bridges. How the player-base has utilized it is amazing. There are many bridges which are meant just as decoration, or parts of buildings. I think when the devs implemented them they didn’t expect many things which players have created. Second choice is tougher...I think multistory buildings or new permissions. Those both have been good additions. At first I was sceptical about permissions; I felt that it was too complex. But after using it a while, I think it works great. For third I have to choose plot course. On that I am split a bit. One side of me doesn’t like it that it makes things easier, but from gameplay perspective it is great. It allows more freedom to move. And I have been using that option a lot too. My deed on Celebration is also partly there because I can now easily move from Independence to Celebration. Slickshot: Three of your four favorites came from this last year alone. It just goes to show how much work the development team has underway. They’ve done a wonderful job. If you were able to plan and implement an update, whether it be software or in-game feature, what would you create? Rixk: I would add taxidermy. I like hunting and killing all those champ creatures. I would like to have them around as trophies. Not only for hunters, but fishers too. That big catfish will now just rot away. But if you could just have it on the wall as a reminder...that would be great IMO. Slickshot: Haha. A very quick answer. I like it! Taxidermy would certainly add even more depth to the decorational options they’ve added to the game thus far. How about version 4.0, which keep in mind isn’t slated for any specific release, but should be around the corner; what would you like to see in that title update? Rixk: Rumors are that building in mines is coming soon. Whether it is happening in 4.0 or later, but I think that is one major milestone again. All the dwarves will hide underground then. That gives more options. One thing makes me sad though about it; that all the creativity people have will be underground. And as most mines are closed off, that is not visible to public. By the time the doors rot away the creation is also more or less gone. But that is what I am waiting for even though I plan to stay above ground. Slickshot: Whatever comes of 4.0 will certainly impress, no doubt. And yes, hopefully it’ll be the long awaited mine houses! Well with all this focus on cool stories and updates and taxidermy, I forgot to ask you how many total hours you’ve put into Wurm. What does your playtime look like? Rixk: Hehe, do I dare to look? It is over 300 days playtime. Slickshot: Oh now I have to know the exact amount. Rixk: OK...this is exact amount: [18:58:32] You have played 318 days, 16 hours and 26 minutes. Slickshot: Can someone make this man a trophy? Or a medal of some sort? I feel like there should be a ceremony. Rixk: Haha, as long as you don’t make me a trophy. But I am sure that there are people who have even more impressive playtime. That’s the beauty of Wurm. No matter how good you think you are, it is very likely that there is still someone who is better than you. Slickshot: I suppose that’s true. So I guess I shouldn’t go around the forums proclaiming “Slickshot for King, 2016?” Rixk: Haha, you can. You can be a good ruler even without being best at everything. Slickshot: I’ll take that under advisement. Well with over 300 days of playtime certainly you’ll stick around for at least another 300? Rixk: Well, I hope so. As with everything which has a beginning, has an end. One day will come too, where I decide to move on. When it comes, I can’t say. But the time I am around, I will give my best to enjoy it, no matter if it is another 300 days or just 3 days. Slickshot: But you do want to stick around for a while longer, yes? Rixk: Yes. That wasn’t a hint that I want to end my time in Wurm. It is just that I am kinda unpredictable in that regard. Four years I have spent in Wurm is more than I have spent in any other game. I play and play and suddenly goes a “click” and I just stop. But I definitely try to stay around for as long as possible. Slickshot: Do you think Wurm Online will remain long after you’ve stopped playing? That is to say do you think Wurm Online still has a good future ahead of it? Rixk: I think it does. As long as Wurm generates more income than average programmer salary in Sweden it is profitable for Rolf to keep it running. Even after that he can keep it running just to earn some extra money. So yes, I think it will be around for long time. How much time is being put into development is another thing. I wonder though if there will be new Wurm coming in future with new engine and such. Slickshot: I think positive feedback certainly helps and continues to add fuel to the fire, so I’m glad you feel that way. Wurm Online is a virtual home for many people, and hopefully it remains that way for years to come. Well we’re just about out of time here. It’s been a great interview, and I’m very thankful you accepted my invitation. I’ll keep my eye out for you in Inde the next time I see you around. Would you be so kind as to leave us with one of your favorite quotes? Rixk: “Sometimes to get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.” - Thomas Jefferson (variation) And thank you too. Time has flown here...was a pleasure.
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    yea its bugging me aswell, but i belive the second part is there to prevent people getting bugged/stuck inside a fence they built,
  29. 2 points
    I think you underestimate the tenacity of PvP players especially on Chaos lol. All clay even remotely close to war deeds will be gone within a fortnight and eventually they will end up having to ship clay in from Freedom servers. Really not a good idea for this. At the very least exclude clay from it, noone gives a crap if someone removes all their peat/tar/moss because either it isn't necessary or there are other options (ie make a coal pile for tar) but clay is the most important resource for things like longhouses and forges.
  30. 2 points
    Three good reasons why we're yelling about it still: 1. How about we focus on what's broken? i.e. Inter-server travel at the moment. 2. We had a thread pretty much devoted to the transmutation changes, where many people voiced concerns and some were ignored. 3. Any "horse" that involves unwarranted PvP changes pretty much has to be beaten into a bloodied pulp for the devs to understand the implications.
  31. 2 points
    This removal of tiles business is dumb. It's literally a change that encourages a level of tedium and griefing that further discourages any potential growth of the pvp servers.
  32. 2 points
    Regarding the pvp kingdom talks. I hope u will speak to one of the few true BL players on BL epic, many people state that the kingdom is dead but one dude will always be there, his name is Lockdown, please dont forget one of the greatest players this community has ever seen.
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    honestly allowing destruction of resources with no method of creation (irreversible damage) is an extremely bad idea just leave it as is on PvP
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    I have a few groups of players that I go around and help on servers where I already have a village. I cannot join their villages, but sometimes they still want me to be able to see their chat. It would be nice to be able to invite people into village or alliance chat even if it was just temporary. We have the irc, local and PMs, but people get confused on which channel to use and it fragments conversation. Local also has the drawback of range. Anyone who has used a team with a lot of people from their village or alliance might be familiar with this issue.
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    Well done Becket! Hopefully it included many hours of peaceful enjoyment and reflection away from the maddening crowds. May the next mile walked take you only 872 days, to place the next stone as a tribute to the remainder of your fingertips. Remember to tiptoe through those tulips too. =Ayes=
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    Thanks everyone. Here is my game time for those that wanted to know. [09:15:17] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of the Wurm, week 3 of the starfall of the Digging, 987. That's 2909 days, 12 hours and 55 minutes ago. [09:15:17] You have played 873 days, 16 hours and 6 minutes. Still waiting on my "No Life" title.
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    I'm laughing at blood mailing animal parts around cause I did that to gumbo yesterday as a joke lol. And hopefully I don't get any horse parts mailed to me...*looks at blood riding on one of my horses* XD
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    Fix the memory leak first. It have never been worse and only getting worse and worse with each update. It have always been there but it started to get really bad with java8 required client and with model change it sky rocket. I can fill menory in 10min just by run around in areas with many models. It also seems related to chat, the more I type and the more other type the faster the client get laggy and in end freezes. As already mentioned with many people in local client crash just by be around. I feel confident that performance problems related to memory leak in graphic memory. With such an obviously bug it puzzling me why it not easy to find and fix.
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    Would be even better if he was always staring at you. Imagine walking through the gate of your village with him standing outside staring at you as you enter, and then you're at your forge a minute later starting up a fire, and when you turn around he's staring at you face to face! DUN DUN DUN!!!!
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    Ok, I added the parameters and set threads to 2. The game loaded extremely fast. I didn't hitch when opening doors or gates. Right out of the box, this seems a LOT better. Average CPU is only ~20% and using only 2GB of ram. I will do some wandering around and check back. I need to go where it's noisy.
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    Yes that is because of GM mode. As for a way to turn it off, I am unsure.
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    Congrats brother! Nicely done.
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    Don't mistake this for post for aggression because I promise it isn't; however, there is a difference between a reason and an excuse. If transforming potions were currently in-game and ruining pvp and the staff had done nothing to help the situation like they said they would, then you'd have an ample reason to yell about it. Mind you it's an ample reason, and not a good reason. Constructive criticism is always preferred over aggression as it is structured more towards positive progress. Listing other things that make you angry does not mean you have an ample reason to act aggressively about another feature that isn't in the game because those features aren't that [subject] feature. In that situation you are using those listed off-topic problems as an excuse to bash another topic altogether. Again, using constructive criticism is much more effective. Just my observation.
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    Seriously though, the horse is dead. He literally confirmed that it will be looked into further, and people are still bashing this. I get it; it's frustrating and silly, but if he's talking about looking into rectifying the situation then perhaps it's time to put the stick down and just hold them [staff] to it. Further bashing just insinuates the desire to be dramatic. There is a difference between voicing your opinion in a constructive manner, and being so unsatisfied that you continue to kill something that is already dead just to punish it. Purely from my viewpoint and analysis of the situation, but I'd recommend trying to show some restraint please. This is a great community, but we sure do turn into an angry mob rather quickly and don't know when to turn it off.
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    I'm going to create a noob just so I can walk past your house, point and whisper 'Yea, he's the one' and run away giggling. Congrats on achieving a mind boggling milestone. I'll see if we can get you an extra soft cushion for your rocker.
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    see this is why we need players who actually play on pvp servers to make these kinds of judgement calls this idea is terrible, and all it does is support the big dogs and makes it almost impossible for smaller groups to establish themselves. hey me and my friend jimmy joe bob, now have to go over 30 local distances so we can get clay for our forges and longhouses
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    naios giving me the hookup emoo we can connect on an emotional level we have never graced before on release
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    Sharing is Not Always Caring During this previous week of mid February we faced a very bad situation where one of our long time members had one of their avatars accessed and items taken by someone they did not recall having access. This became a huge ordeal with the moderation team spending a serious amount of time reviewing and hunting down information. Going strictly by the rules we chased it down as a potential scam as we did not have proof on the other side of the equation until we started collecting data. After looking at all the information, and dates, we were able to show that the avatar has been shared, we could no longer look at it as a potential scam event in regards to other historical issues. Why bring this up in public? Mainly to highlight the risks of sharing passwords or hash codes. Again! We take our members security and confidentiality very seriously. We do not like to let someone come in and scam our members. There are very strict rules about our limits. We start at Wurm Online and end with Wurm Online. Our jurisdiction does not extend outside of the Wurm Online property of Code Club AB. In this most recent case, there were many extenuating circumstances outside of our legal realm that while we were somewhat aware of, we cannot under any circumstances consider in our work because it is all 3rd party hearsay. We can only work with what is in the Wurm Online system. A lot of people are very upset with the outcome of this situation. We cannot provide support for avatar sharing. Yes we know you will do so anyway in spite of that, but it is at that point that our obligations end. Once you open up your password or hash to others, anything can happen. Sure, most of the time you have good friends who will not do you wrong, but invariably you may forget that you shared it with someone, or open it up to access with someone without realizing they were part of that access. For your own safety since you take this out of our hands, be cautious, change your passwords often using good password practices, and keep track of who you are allowing access. We must be clear that items in Wurm Online such as coins, statues, boats, etc.. have no real world value. They are in the end the property of Code Club AB just as your avatar is as exclaimed in the EULA. Any values placed on items or avatars have been placed with services outside of the Wurm Online system. Any issues you have with transactions must be addressed via those services. We cannot be of help when we know your account has been shared and we can see that one of those people were the ones accessing the avatar, which is what happened in the most recent debacle. We are able to see the details of the avatars and the past history of access of the avatars. There are no signs of any violations occurring on Wurm Online's end in this most recent situation. As ugly as things are there are other problems that really drive home the point. The avatar's access information has been shared on a 3rd party social network and the avatar owner may have encountered a computer security breach. Okay lets assume both those things are absolute truth. Who's responsibility is it to secure your avatar access? We have no authority to act on information not coming from the Wurm Online system. The same as pretty much all other systems, the onus is on you the member. Why did the member not change their passwords when they believed they had a breach on their computer or social network? Complacency, that is all it was. Which brings to light another issue. Some people like this member have so many avatars that they forget them all. So what happens when one they have forgotten gets accessed by someone they shared the access with a long time before? Same cold answer from a legal standpoint. It is the member's fault. With the recent issue I personally have been getting hounded by a number of people who are friends with or in the same faction as this long time member. The biggest thing these people keep demanding we do is to reveal the IP or other personal information of the person who accessed the shared avatar. I do not have the time nor availability to respond to each person individually so I will say this here: Not only would this violate our own rules regarding Shared Avatars and us not supporting the activity, but this would be a violation of law. The only time we have ever discussed the identity of the person with the avatar owner is when the owner is already aware of the identity of the person involved. So as you can see, sharing your avatar has risk and it is a losing proposition for everyone when someone violates your trust or you forget about someone who had access in the past and the dynamic changes so that they can obtain some form of benefit that you were not expecting from your shared avatar. That about covers the issue from our side of the problem. That does not mean the person who accessed the avatar is in the clear though. While they might have avoided violating our rules, the avatar user can and just might decide to pursue action against the person that accessed the avatar through third party means such as Paypal or other legal means if they have an investment in it outside of Wurm Online's authority. It does not get much uglier than that people, but it is a real risk in this world and especially in a case like this one last week. Thank You, Wurm Online Team