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    Since we now have birdcages, I'm sure most of us would rather have something prettier than a chicken in them. Rather than ask for new birds to be created for breeding, how about just creating new eggs to find to make the cages. Go foraging and find a small blue egg, and when you use it to create a birdcage you get a robin inside. A small speckled egg would create a goldfinch. And a few other eggs for parrots, mynahs, canaries, etc. This way the devs only need to create the caged bird and eggs, instead of the birds in the wild to be collected and raised.
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    This.. this is crap right here. [21:41:54] You have a moment of inspiration... [21:41:54] You create a kindling. I'm tired of seeing this after weeks of improving items 2-6 hours a day only to get: [23:10:23] You have a moment of inspiration... [23:10:23] The long sword blade needs to be sharpened with a whetstone. Nothing. No rare. Now I could understand if I failed to improve the item, but there is no reason for the visual/event message to show up if I'm just going to fail to make it rare anyway. My suggestion is this: Remove the rare roll message and visual effect on all failed rolls. Only show rare roll message and visual on successful rolls.
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    spawning and despawning source fountains would have been the better way in the first place, being able to pen one is really boring - i would love if they despawned once you took the source
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    Hello, Change which allows to build fences below water level is enabled on test server and needs testing before it can go live. We also shortened timers of stuff moving actions (like push/rotate/load/unload) both off and on deed, with actions on deed being near instant. From other changes - you can forage iron rocks on grass now and rummage flint from rock tiles (very small chance). Please also post any bugs, comments or questions you find here. Good luck!
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    Made item movement 5 times faster while character is on deed and have proper permissions. Made load/unload 2 times faster off deed and 10 times faster on deed. Made planting off deed slightly faster and on deed much faster. Fix for village invitations and team management popups. Fix for permissions check for archery. Fixed a bug with converting deeds to a PMK where it wouldn’t properly check if there is any enemy influence or village nearby. Change so floors act like walls for Vynora. Lowered height at which fences can be built. Fixed bug preventing rose seedlings from spawning on tall and wild grass. Low quality iron can be found while foraging on grass. Added small chance to rummage flint from rock times. Fix so cannot cast dirt spell on containers that have liquid in. Fix for replacing a lock to gates off deed if a lock is already attached. Note: attaching a lock gives you the ownership of the gate.
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    Veteran Korean MMO players take one look and go...
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    Frankly i'd be happier if it was simply "you can carry it in inventory, then it's mailable" Rather than everyone having to know offhand the list of items with peculiar volumes that mailboxes won't take.
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    The argument that you can know when to go do something else isn't really valid when you can have two within a minute and I've even had 3 in the space of 15 +1 to remove the troll rolls, I can understand if you fail the imp but when the imp is successful and the rare isn't its just rude
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    I'd be fine with respawning springs but they should be truly random when respawning, not the weird drift the spawners have. On the same note, probably good to pop them and delete the liquid inside after sitting without being found for long enough. That way they don't end up stuck in impossible to reach places forever or force people to deform the land to get to them.
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    I have some idea how to handle maps larger than memory installed on your server, both for single and multiplayer games. Now I have to do some additional calculations, but it looks promissing. It is possible to play Wurm (Wurm 2.0?) in the future even on maps 128kx128k and more. Here the number of players is a reasonable limit not a map size. --- Stay tuned TLDR: Soon I write a post dealing with concepts of multilevel mines, vein layers (not vertical axis), new prospecting model and iron acquiring (small amount and low quality for newbies, different from rummaging), and last but not least multithreaded Streamer object for the purpose of loading map chunks (underworld or surface). Maybe also synchronous (Iterator, standard queue of execution) and asynchronous (Locator, event driven execution, triggers) concepts of animations for streamed parts of the Wurmworld.
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    this has been up for about 4 years i have a Teamspeak server on the interwebs and i thought i would open it to the wurmens. only condition is you use your in-game name so we know who you are. TS3 Download address: ts.beautifulsunset.net no pass the server is currently set to 100 slots Enjoy Status/orignal post post Edit: If people want there own village channel leave me a message and i will make it when i see it.
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    As topic says let there be a chance that a wild animal becomes domesticated when taming it. If it becomes domesticated , no longer will be counted as tamed. Then you would be able use it as a regular horse or any other animals that doesnt need taming to be lead or hitched, age shouldnt matter in this case. Maybe the chance should be very low like getting a supreme.
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    Recently the mailing system was reworked and most of the restrictions were removed like not being able to mail large weapons, this has massively increased trade which hopefully means more people buying silver and supporting the game. However, I recently tried to mail longbows and was surprised it they don't fit still. Would it be possible to allow longbows to be mailed? It does not really make sense when you can mail things like unfinished wagons, unfinished boats, large anvils etc
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    Just a warning you can be banned from the forum and in-game for questioning GM's in public. Take it to a PM on the forums and if you don't get proper feedback email Rolf.
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    Kingdoms with low populations need good leadership in order to rebuild, and part of that leadership involves having a proper king. But sometimes, due to the really lax king selection algorithm, an enemy alt or a newbie will snatch up the king position and sit on it until they get forced out. But thanks to the 10 person minimum to challenge the king, you can't always do this, even if you were to use the entire Ele and home server populations. So dead kingdoms stay dead, and kings who merely use their position as a source of free titles for their friends without contributing anything to the kingdom are untouchable. My suggestion is to make the minimum challenger requirement proportional to the active kingdom population on that server (logged in within past week), excluding non-prems and village-less players (to reduce the effect of f2p alts and enemies' priest alts, respectively).
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    3g gone. Come and get it while it lasts. (Lowered prices to 90e/coin!!)
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    This is now fixed on the live servers. [11:07:03] You create a Unfinished common wool hat.
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    If you need help with the bridge, give me a shout. I built a massive bridge over a canal in Inde, and enjoyed the skill gains, so I'm down for construction on that.
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    fences can be built underwater (wish the specifics were there, not 30 under, but definitely 7 under, hoping is deep enough to let caravel through, but no place to test yet. loading and unloading O.o wow. happens so fast it is awesome. Item movement, wow not more skillless grind trying to get things into good spots. Now just need to be able to move altars, pleeeeeaaaasse? Just in tile where they are created, please
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    Wow this is amazing <3 You made my day with this letter lol YES ill be your valentine xD *hugs*
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    Place the camp, name it something you will recognize, create focus zone for the area name it to match what you want the battlecamp name to be, 50x50 in size. Shut down the server open the wurmitems.db and search for the battlecamp by the name that you called it, change "Battlecamp" in the NAME column to whatever you want and remove the misc name you gave it in the DESCRIPTION column and commit the changes. start the server and conquer the battlecamp. It should say that the battlecamp with chosen name is being conquered.
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    The colossus was the final touch for my boat mine entrance, finally finished it.
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    I have a few rare cloth items I'll pm in game tomorrow
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    traders nerf was bad, not as bad as the source spring... or the old limited unique that were penned and bred. We have limited ressources being penned by a few and even more limited by some random changes. A while ago, source amount was increased due to the addition of sorcery powers on freedom by Rolf. Now it's nerfed down, what is the reason behind it ? Economical tweaks, limiting our abilities to play, reinforcing the monopoly of a few ? Some of those changes as well as making no sense hurt the game even more when players find them out through the code, instead of being properly announced in devs notes. Us, players and paying customers are what drive the game forward and fund it. Some transparency would be the least we could expect.
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    Not at all. We're aware that changes will be necessary for it to work on PvP, thus we wanted to hear player concerns. We are looking at the current mechanics of the transformations, and we will alter them for PvP servers, to ensure they dont become a griefing tool
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    Bah they care to much about PVP. They want give PVE anything unless it tailors to PVP and PVE players are getting tired of that. They need to be separated so there is no longer a dang tug of war between 2 sides who have complete and total different game play styles.
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    no more needs to be said - this is all of PvP's problems in five words
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    place the ring center with the ebony wand, set its aux data to 1 for JK, 2 for MR, 3 for BL, and 4 for freedom (if you have a freedom ruler). I may have got MR and BL mixed up. After you set the data push it or restart server and examine it, it will tell you the kingdom it belongs to. The size is hard coded and after restart the Ring corner stones will show. If you need to move it afterwards you will need to remove the corner stones manually.
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    should perhaps make the offer 9 silver 93 copper? Free bump.
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    Please stop using URL shorteners for these URLs. I can't click through them because of filters at work, and it's really difficult to track down where the news is ACTUALLY located.
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    From a PvP aspect I can see a plethora of issues with the transformation of resource tiles. What happens if we clay/peat our dirtwalls and therefore make them impossible to dig down, making raiding near impossible? What about griefing on PvP servers where the objective is to just remove the enemies resource tiles? Resources on PvP servers are fought over and create PvP. I feel this should be a PvE feature only.
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    Removed smithing sounds when making wool hats. #2 best change 2016
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    since a lot of people are also talking about WU/WO/Economy/Problems in this thread i figured id like to offer my experience from a person who has played almost exclusively PvP in Wurm from the get go and has been around since forever. (and i apologize for the late night ramble, but hopefully someone can make sense of my gibberish.) a huge problem in this game is that there really isn't demand for anything. I don't think, even today, I have ever purchased anything from anyone out of me needing the item. If i need anything imped I can simply do it myself, or use a friends account to do so. If neither or available, I will ask a friend and end up getting it for free anyway. I then look at EVE, and I don't really see a similar situation as large of a scale as it is here on Wurm. Sure some people might have accounts there that have been around for years and have many characters that results in them doing everything, but the "grind" there is so long that it encourages efficiency in what you skill up, and people will end up specializing in something. In Wurm, the grind isn't long, it's simply boring, which makes it seem longer than it actually is because you are less efficient when you just sit there and stare at a timer bored out of your mind. that specialization seems to give people a job to do and it seems to be of such importance that it's a huge help in driving the game. there is not more reward than risk/effort in Wurm PvP, and this is because of two reasons. the first one is very simple, it's just its outdated, imbalanced, buggy combat system. the second is the market. i think this issue was created simply because the direction of the game kept shifting from PvP to PvE to PvP to PvE and so on so forth rather than just making the direction of the game, well Wurm, where everything is tied together in some manner. why is the risk higher than the reward? because the current meta is to use equipment that isn't easily obtainable in large numbers to further snowball its importance. if you aren't aware of what the meta is, it's to simply use the best tier of dragon armor availible to you, so either drake/scale, with a large metal shield, and a glimmersteel weapon (if longsword/medium maul/large axe/huge axe/2h sword/2h maul) or an adamantine weapon (if shortsword/small maul/small axe. ) and i do understand that some people will be like why not just kill them and take it? it's very difficult as as tough as that gear makes them to kill, most fights are usually a few tiles from a door where damage reduction mechanics like SOTG can make the distance to the door easily reachable. so you have people using dragon scale, and dragon hide that can't be made that often (so it stays rare, and even rarer in a community like freedom where a good portion of the hunts are public so the hide is even more split) and you have people using moonmetal weapons which just simply aren't obtainable to the larger crafting crowd. the people using this have no reliance on anyone else because imping the rare items (yes, grinding lw on drake, pas on scale, wsing on glimmer/addy) gives additional skillgain. these people (myself included) know 99.5% of the time they will not ever, not once, be in a situation where it is possible to lose said items if they don't want to be, and if they are, most of them certainly wont be using those items, they will be using the tier down... which brings me to another problem. the tier down from dragon armor/moonmetal weapons is fullplate, and well, still moonmetal weapons as they are actually pretty common (to the PvP crowd almost exclusively, which is another problem.). Now the problem with plate, and well any material lower than this really is simply due to its ease to create and its ease to obtain (and any material lower than this is utterly useless, because like i said, combat isn't really balanced). I need plate armor? Cool, if it's not provided for me i get to spend 30 hours grinding it and whoop-de-doo, i never have to ask anyone for help with it ever again. This effectively removes the need for skilled craftsman to fill the gap for the skilled warriors. A lot of people make great suggestions to change this, and I think if it was changed in the correct way it could REALLY help the game. The problem with a lot of the suggestions that go out trying to change this don't realize that due to the fact that everyone isn't specialized in anything, but is great at everything, PvPers will bring out their armor, their main weapon, their backup weapon and in some cases their two backup weapons, you got the required nolocate jewelry, you got the vesseled gems, the mandatory longbow and the mandatory shortbow, and you also got the 1-2 quivers of 50-70ql arrows and maybe a satchel full of 90ql lockpicks. Then you got the primary horse with its 90ql supreme horsegear, and the backup horse with its 90ql normal gear and a good old 70ql+ chain barding to top it all off. These players will not want a suggestion that puts them into roles because it devalues the time they spent specializing into well everything, and for a long time I didn't either and the only way I could see something like this working would be small changes over time introducing mechanics like skill rust, and then making certain crafting skills harder to grind, and then certain combat skills harder to grind. Skill rust would, slowly but surely, help resolve the issue of exploited accounts/windows of oppourtunity and characters specialized into everything if done correctly. With skill rust, making some skills that are really easy, take longer, would further encourage specialization, including combat skills. You would end up with people focusing on what they enjoy in the game rather than just going for everything and I think that could create a demand big enough to power at least a small market until it's fleshed out by someone either much more intelligent or much more creative than I. With all that being said, you still have a lot of problems that are causing the veterans to leave WO and go to WU (once again from a PvP perspective.) 1. There is a lack of consistency in the way things are handled by staff, and the rules regarding how things are handled seem to be changed either too little, or too often over something too little depending on what it is. The game is also a bit buggy and it puts people who PvP in a situation quite often where they need GM assistance fast, and 90% of the time they will never get it in a reasonable timeframe. I've seen quite a number of individuals who have played for an extended period of time watch someone lose something to a bug, be it time invested in a skill via skill loss, or straight up money down the hole by suffocating in a cave wall and losing your items/champ life, or getting stuck in a fence/door and ganked and dropping your gear and those players being reimbursed, and then when it happens to them they aren't helped out in the slightest. When that happens, it quite frankly looks biased even if it was handled with the best of intentions simply because nobody has any idea of what to expect with the lack of consistency and the lack of access to prominent rule changes without reading every page of a 50 discussion where something was mentioned by some GM at 4:52 AM on page 43. I've seen a lot of players that his has happened to outright drop the game, right there on the spot and sell up within days of it happening, i've seen others simply never log in again. I even remember an instance where a good 20-25 people lost their gear because the game client couldn't handle the load of 50 people being in local at a raid and 50 people crashing 10 times over the span of 20 seconds for two hours wasn't enough for the GM team to simply restart the server and call for a PvP ban. My kingdom in that situation literally lost all momentum from that one instance. Didn't even go to HOTA for the next like two months (it was also VERY visible on the server graph at the time because a good portion of those people simply stopped playing for a bit after that, and after playing with these people for as long as i have, enemies or not, i'm pretty sure a hiatus between three kingdoms like that certainly isn't caused by being burned out from the grind.) 2. There are a lot of great features in the game being added, sure some are buggy, but most of them are extremely cool once they work well, like bridges or minedoors for instance. The problem? They render the current combat system and the PvP mechanics around it even more inept. I'll elaborate by giving two examples (and there are plenty more, like minedoors, lamps/statues, reinforcement beams, bridges) The first being the level option. I love the level option, it makes it much easier to watch, lets say, season one of Daredevil while you raise a landbridge. However, before leveling you had something called flatraising and that style of terraforming is still used today, but for very obvious reasons not as much. Said reasons being less efficient than level in certain situations, and it simply taking more time. The time it took alone was enough to prevent people from making absurdly high dirtwalls (like 300 slope stacked on 300 slope), now that the time that flatraising once took is effectively removed by leveling, people make bigger dirtwalls, which stagnates the PvP even more and the politics surrounding it. The second being multistory. I really enjoy my three story 4x5, but it becomes a problem when people make longhouses with the max number of stories a 99 carpenter/mason can build on that are built on top of a 600 slope dirtwall with nothing but the lower and upper floors finished. It makes catapulting extremely difficult, and guess what, it also stagnates PvP. Nobody wants to raid due to how much time it takes (that time requirement has gone up very very significantly in recent months) so nobody does. Nobody raiding = not as many people losing their stuff = even less demand. I mean sure keep in mind larger kingdoms can do it, with enough people you can lessen the requirements on anything, but at the end of the day the game simply isn't large enough to have more than one faction that can do something like that reliably and consistently. There are a few more reasons I could go into but I'm not quite sure if they are the result of bias or if they are actually the effect of another cause, once i'm sure of what it is, ill probably whine about it somewhere. With all of that being said, WU gives people access. It gives them i guess, customization, however hard it may be and some people are determined to work with what they have to mitigate these problems. You have some WU servers whose development teams and staff really worked hard on creating a thriving economy, and maybe in some cases they succeeded I don't know I don't play there. You have some WU servers opened by people who had an inconsistent/bad experience with staff at one point or another and they really worked hard on creating a server that has great management. (I didn't play much WU, but it was pretty nice being on Rudie's server or Cubeman's server where i was able to get help almost instantly.) To keep it short, you have people that see something wrong with the game, which has an incredibly small playerbase, and they use WU to take the game and shape it to what they want it to be, and in many cases it ends up better than what WO offers in at least one aspect. Most of the players tend to play inside a community under the greater WO community. For instance, the PvP crowd usually all know eachother pretty well and when you have such a small tight knit community, when someone does something that strikes home with a group of people, like offering a server that solves X problem, there is a good chance that a large group who were personally bothered by X problem (chance is even larger when the problem goes on for years ignored, and there are a lot of those) will shift to what was offered to them simply because its unlikely they would be bothered by X problem again, or anywhere near as much. i don't think with the release of WU that WO will ever again gain more subs than it will lose unless some big changes are made, and i've been around this game for a long time (a good bit longer than my forum join date would have you believe) and Im reasonably certain that i have never once said that. It's a bit depressing looking at my friends i have played this game forever with and seeing less than i guess 1/16ths of them still playing, with nearly all of them quitting WO itself in such a short span like between the time WU released and now. (Some still play WU). Just feels like living in a 20 story apartment building that keeps getting another story added on top of it when the foundations are rotten and the first 10 floors are crumbling and the same person that built that apartment just built 20 new houses down the street. tl;dr no need for specialization, games direction has shifted so many times that it has built pve wurm and pvp wurm rather than just wurm resulting in a divided playerbase and a divided economy, other problems, WU gave people a way out of WO while still being able to play, other problems are causing the game to bleed vets and that combined with new player retention make it seem like its bleeding so much more with an added assumption/educated guess at the end of my wall of text. oh also if you don't read this ill end up listening to early 2000's pop mixes, just to be clear. /endrant
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    Hello. I saw this thread almost by accident. I haven't played Wurm Online since the first round of Challenge, a year ago or so, and I had moved on to other games, but a few days ago someone left a comment on one of my Wurm essays on my blog where I addressed the economy, so I decided to see if there was anything new on that front. And sure enough, there is this thread. Wurm Online has always been plagued by structural rot, which emanated from the top of the player hierarchy. I'm not even saying it came from Rolf. He enabled it with his game design, yes, but that structural rot was quick to turn against his own financial well-being. Structural problem #1: Pegging the in-game currency to real money. Because Wurm sells coins through the cash shop, any in-game coin faucet (i.e. other than the cash shop itself), whether it's through traders, foraging or any other means, is a lost revenue opportunity for Rolf. I will get back to that later, but the existence of in-game faucets even though it is a lost revenue opportunity indicates such a measure was necessary. Why? I've seen other dying games -- without this real-money connection -- where the economy was dysfunctional, but it was because of the lack of players, who would take part in the economy as a matter of course: they would earn in-game currency while playing the game. (Kill ten rats, get reward and all that.) If nobody plays, nobody produces and nobody buys. Simple as that. Wurm is different, even with these in-game money faucets. Let's imagine if they were turned off. Wurm could have a maximum number of players on every server, and it still wouldn't change the reality that the only money circulating in the game would have been bought at some point with real money. There might be several people willing to buy player-made goods, yes, but it doesn't change anything if the sellers won't accept any payment other than coins, which those potential buyers could only have obtained in two ways: (1) by buying them through the cash shop, or (2) by obtaining them from other players. What happens to be the case in Wurm is that the people who have the most money also happen to be the ones trying to sell goods, and the people who might want to buy either have no money or higher priorities for that money, such as deed upkeep. And then those players start getting ideas: "Well, if other people sell goods, why don't I? Instead of buying stuff from a player merchant, why don't I buy my own merchant and sell stuff too?" Anecdote: Back in the day, I was playing on Celebration when it had just been launched. At one point, a new trading hub was announced. It was planned to have more merchant stalls than there were people playing on the server. Everybody sells. Who buys? Structural problem #2: Rolf subsidizing a skill-based elite using money from newcomers. I am referring, especially, to that sorry episode with private traders, which he more or less ended in time for the release of Xanadu, but which ensured, for years before then, that his top players might never have to pay another dime on the game if they played it enough to make and sell enough garbage to traders to make all the money they needed for their own deed upkeep and their own premium time. And since price was based on quality, and quality on skill, then the higher the skill, the more money, until you'd siphoned off all that you could. Then you presumably bought another trader with the proceeds, until you reached an equilibrium between how much time you had and how much money you needed. Then bye bye cash shop, I'll never buy from you again. Back in the day (2012), the proof of that was how established players all paid silver coins to buy the 20 days of premium time offered to new premium members (as part of the new subscriber package), which was more expensive than just buy a month's premium in Euros through the store. Wurm's upper crust has rarely been known for its generosity, so if they did that, there was because there was a financial advantage to it. And if they never bought their silver coins in the first place and obtained them through their own trader, then yes, the advantage was clear. I remember Rolf saying at the time that traders, even those bought by players, should be accessible to all. Naturally, the Wurm elites continued to keep their traders locked inside 3x3 locked houses to make sure nobody else traded with them. And when Rolf told his player core that traders weren't supposed to be the "fountains of income" that they were and that he was considering turning off the tap considerably, his own precious elite players graciously told him off and threatened to quit playing. Structural problem #3: Those subsidized elites then went out of their way to exploit and/or antagonize new players. Never forget that indentured servitude used to be a thing in this game. Rolf designed Wurm knowing full well that his economy would rest on the divide between people who had money and people who had time. And that's how you get to the state of affairs where for most newbies, taking part in the economy -- i.e. having coins -- translates more or less into: "grind me 500 bricks, peon", because they don't have the skills to produce anything else of value. All they have is time, to make objects where quality is not even a requirement. That's why skilled elites outsource menial tasks like 500 bricks: they need them, but they have a more profitable use for their time. At the same time, you saw those same elites complaining every time Rolf made any attempt at changing the game in a way that would run contrary to their interests, as with the traders above. Likewise, they wanted to keep Wurm as hopelessly grindy as possible, because that's how they enjoyed the game, they said. Then the first thing they did was to turn around and outsource the production of those 500 bricks to some poor newbie soul too naive or desperate to say no. I've met some good people in Wurm, but also a number of elitists of the worst order. The worst I've encountered was someone who had contacted me to provide her with 500 bricks or something like that, but who then got offended because I had failed to sufficiently thank her for providing me with a glorious opportunity to waste my time. I was premium at the time. I had my own deed. I did not really need the money. I did that to make myself useful. And that was how I was rewarded. Well, then. My deed was fairly close to spawn on Celebration, so I got a fair number of newbies, and even invited a few to join the village. A few of them were also offered by other established players to provide bricks or clay in bulk, and I always tried to dissuade them from accepting. Not because I was afraid they'd join another village -- I did not really care -- but because what good is it to have disposable income in this game if obtaining it is enough of a grind to disgust you off playing it altogether? (Whatever their reasons, they still stopped playing after a while, but I suspect it had more to do with Wurm's lack of an endgame.) You ask about the economy, but the real question you should ask yourselves is why the game by and large failed to retain new players, leaving Rolf with a core of players motivated entirely by self-interest. Players who should have been told "no" a long time ago. Structural problem #4: And since Rolf legalized people cashing out of the game, the incentive was there to make money at it. You bring in the possibility of real-life financial gain, and you make everything worse. It not only encouraged the elite players to exploit the hell out of anyone coming their way, but it also deprived Rolf of revenue. Come on, Wurm sells coins through the cash shop; for a private exchange to happen, it has to be done at a lower rate than what the cash shop offers. Any such private exchange takes revenue away from the cash shop, therefore away from the game, until the game collapses because nobody uses the cash shop anymore. If your complaints about the Wurm economy all hinge around making real money off it, I don't care. You've always been leeches on this game's potential. I've seen your ilk at work before, talking about Wurm in terms of investors and workers, and never using words like game, players, fun. Wurm is supposed to be a game. I like it as a game. If it's a second job, I want nothing to do with it; and for that matter, if it's all about the money you can make, any other second job is better. Don't get me wrong: I usually love to play the economy in online games. But I hated that very notion in Wurm itself, not only because the currency was pegged to real money, but because Rolf himself legalized and even encouraged the idea that players could make real-life money out of this game. Which led to the kind of core player base we have come to expect from Wurm. And then, there's Unlimited. I haven't bought Unlimited yet, because I'm waiting for my friends to express an interest in playing Wurm. Then I'll get my $30 copy and never have to worry about the usual Wurm Online elitists anymore, or newbies cutting every tree they can find, or the endless grind just so I can get to the levels where my skills match my building imagination. Playing Wurm Online is fun, but not alone. The last time I logged into Celebration, there were maybe 25 people on the server, none in the local chat (and as I said, I was fairly close to spawn). I'd rather play with 6 people I know and like hanging out with, than with two dozen strangers who never bother to act as if this game were still alive because they're too busy grinding to make money or complaining about how their grinding in fact makes no money. Of course Unlimited imperils the survival of Wurm Online. I like to think that it's intentional. I like to think that Unlimited is Rolf's (belated, sadly) realization that the player core of Wurm Online ruined his game, effort after effort, that it was too late to redeem it, but that there were several people out there who liked Wurm in some other way than what the elite of the game had made it like, and who would pay for the chance to play Wurm their way, without the grind, and the snobbery of players who spent too much time taking pride in a bunch of pixels. Still, if you want to ask me how to fix the Wurm economy: 1) Introduce some form of in-game currency distinct from cash-shop currency (which could continue being used for deeds and such), with perhaps a method to convert in-game currency to cash-shop currency. I'm thinking of an exchange bank à la Puzzle Pirates. 2) If #1 is impossible, barter should be encouraged. I suspect it would be a lot more satisfying than the current system where everyone wants coins nobody wants to spend. But most important of all... 3) End private coin-for-cash transactions between players, likewise the selling of accounts and any other item in Wurm for real money. These exchanges were, I thought, unethical to begin with, and since they translate into a loss of income for Code Club while offering nothing of benefit to the game, they don't even have a financial reason to exist. I'm sure this proposal will be extremely popular among the remaining players of this game.
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    There is a % who leave cause they want a console version of WO where they can sit on there buts for a hour and accomplish what it takes in a mmo several hours or just instant spawn it in cause they are even lazier than that. But this is not the only thing there are many thing's that cause ripple effect's. Me leaving WO to go to WU had nothing to do with the economy dropping and sales going down or cause I'm lazy and want a fast paced game play or that I'm a freeloader wanting developers to make me games for free. In 5 years of my WO exp I bought items twice from other players. Once some building mats when I felt lazy on my large project and once at the very beginning day one of my WO exp to buy a set of chain armor and 2 long swords to help me live longer. So in 5 years i contributed only about 10s to the economy. Every other RW dollar I spent was to the online store for silver for deed upkeep only and I paid for sub on the store. I don't like this RWMT system never did. Only thing I got from leaving is the type of server and system I wanted but it came with a additional perk. I now don't have to pay a monthly fee to play it. Heck I would of left if Rolf charged a monthly fee for WU when he released it. There are many who fall under this reason. What you saw was a decrease mainly from people who didn't like this system either or who wanted a faster pace lazy man version. They all didn't mind paying for the monthly access to the game they where use to it. It was the RWMT they wasn't use to and didn't like having to pay to win or get ahead most of these people played as hermits grinding there skills alone to make there own stuff rather than buy it for RW cash. Now that WO lost these players cause before WU, WO was the only place to play Wurm period we have this huge economy slump. So why do we have it? Is it because the people still left playing are high skilled vets who no longer have to buy good's cause they can make high goods? Is it because people look at WO and WU and compare This version one time fee this version life time fee? I think a good portion of the people who are complaining right now are those who can't sell there good's well this is what you get when it is a player driven economy. Lets look at this from a scifi perspective. Lets say some company comes out tomorrow with a food generator that can make food from thin air you just type in the food you want and pop it appears. Now what happens to the farmers selling there crops to stores, then the stores selling food on the shelf. well these guys just lost a large % of there buyers. There will still be some who continue to buy there stuff cause they don't believe the new food generator is healthy or safe but a large portion who see a wallet relief will buy it. This example above is Wurm Unlimited an Wurm Online right now. There is the sellers left and a portion who think WU servers are not safe. RWMT system Real world effect. What you need to do is now have some type of system put in that causes sellers to have a reason to buy a lot more from other seller's to stable the market. Cause the only fix I'm hearing from the seller's right now is Rolf find a way to get people to play the online version so I have customer's who can't make what I can make. Seeing this is a player driven economy you'll need to fix it and stop asking Rolf to fix it for you he never broke it in the first place. WU is not him breaking it. It is him as a seller him self trying to make a buck.
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    Ayes has a point. Wurm Unlimited is just way more appealing than grindy, flawed Wurm Online. WU has faster skilling, faster resource gathering, denser population(so servers don't seem so dead) and lower costs of playing. By changing WO's economy either you piss off the vets and they will leave with all their silver or newbies will stop coming because of it's awful grind compared to WU.
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    We have been defeated on one server, let us not allow the same to happen again. Back to the top with you!
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    As someone with over 70 in both Taming and Husbandry I find this an interesting idea, but I`m wary of the consequences. From the wording, I`m interpreting the OP as being about hellhorses. As far as I know, the only red outlined mobs that are both tamable and hitchable are bears and hellhorses. Domesticated bears pulling a cart, novelty item, fair enough as they`re still inferior to equipped horses. But hellhorses are a different story. If hellhorses are allowed to become domesticated and become 'blue' with no age restrictions on hitching (the branding changes have already negated a downside to hitching hellhorses now that you can change equipment while still hitched) then normal horses are almost rendered obsolete. Only those without the required body control will use normal horses as personal mounts until they can upgrade. Which raises another issue regarding the pvp aspect, with potentially raising the bar for entry into pvp. Domesticated hellhorses would become the standard (obviously it does depend on how difficult it is to domesticate them, but pretty much everyone would start grinding to do it), so anyone only able to ride a regular horse is at a mobility disadvantage. And because the hellhorse itself no longer requires taming, then the rider can tow something big and nasty along behind for extra clout in a fight. I would say that stuff like bears/cats/wolves, no problem. But the hell creatures? Nope, no domestication.
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    I've paid and played, preached and prayed, Locked and picked, pointed and clicked, Ridden and walked, emoted and talked, Cut and chopped, taken and dropped, Fled and fought, sold and bought, Stealthed and spied, defended and died, Lit and burned, pushed and turned, Targeted and aimed, groomed and tamed, Mounted and led, butchered and bred, Saddled and branded, founded and disbanded, Cultivated and farmed, hurt and harmed, Harvested and sown, fired and thrown, Pruned and planted, sacrificed and enchanted, Dug and packed, foraged and tracked, Levelled and paved, chatted and waved, Dragged and moved, repaired and improved, Tunnelled and mined, created and combined, Rowed and sailed, tried again and failed, Hammered and bashed, logged in and crashed, Had lots of fun, but now I'm done.
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    i'm the owner, it's my summer house where i (almost) never go.
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    How about paying just once and not having to pay for premium every month
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    I honestly don't play enough to support either side on this subject, but I have to comment that you are winning no argument with me by using Autism as an insult towards anyone. As is stated a plethora of times in the forums when disagreements about land usage erupt....if you don't have it deeded, you cannot control it. I hope yall can come to a reasonable and peaceful solution to the issue.
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    I see this topic as chance for both sides to do this thing right way, either would it be steppe or sand. You should all know better then myself that Skeleton Desert has long been community hunting area. That desert was changed without anyone asking about community opinion. Lets not bring emotions into this and please stay on topic. If anyone wants their opinion to count please use your real accounts and not forum alts.
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    I don't play WO much any more. The cost is greater than the amount of time I care to devote to it. WU is the perfect alternative for me.
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    Allow crates to be dragged to and from carts/wagons to boats. When you drag them it activates the load timer and moves them over without having to unload then reload.