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    Would be cool if the tabard stays the way it was created to represent the kingdoms of chaos on freedom, just like wagons/banners etc.
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    Bump! We have received more than TEN new members in this week alone. Want to join a huge loving community? Join now!
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    Website: otherlands.bdew.net Server features 3 servers - Walden, Avalon (Freedom) and Otherland (Horde of the summoned) Free travel between the servers via portals at the starter deeds or boats Skills and stats start at 20 (21 for ML and BC) 10x skills and action timers multiplier 2048x2048 custom map 30000 creatures, 30% aggressive CR modifier set to 3 Deeds cost silver and upkeep is ENABLED (but see below - you get free 5s for deeding) Fast animal pregnancies and farm growth Server is hosted in Germany on a physical server i rent Offsite backup to Google Cloud Storage every 6 hours New! Server forums - http://otherlands.boards.net/ Live map: Walden (Freedom) | Avalon (Freedom) | Otherland (HotS) Custom starting inventory (30ql chain set + 2H sword, 20ql tools, sickle, butchering knife, 50ql toolbelt, 4 ropes + standard crap) Walking speed and weight limits increased a bit All mounts can carry more weight to account for increased weight limits on players, also weight traits are stronger Deed stakes give 5s towards founding new deeds + 3s to upkeep Disbanding a deed will not return any money Bounties for killing creatures and burrying corpses, paid directly to bank Priest restrictions and penalties removed Some WL spells usable by Libila priests All spells require a maximum of 90 favour Faith and Meditation gains are unlimited Increased stat gains (including above 31) Increased gains for some skills, notably: weapon smithing Crates are larger - 1000 items in large, 250 in small Rainbow unicorns - 16777216 color variations! Horses, Carts, Wagons are faster and can enter deeper water Aggresive creatures can be hitched to carts (while tamed), they will stay hitched if untamed, not attack players and won't be attacked by g All boats are faster and less affected by wind, can go over shallower water Added "Claim" action to treasure chests - removes the lock and awards the player with a bit of karma All animals will age quickly up to adolescent age (except chickens and a few other special creatures) Crops never turn to weeds New /seasons command to show next harvesting seasons Can harvest when mounted Warning for inbreeding Items from digging will pile on the ground or go into your cart (and into crates if you have them) Clay, tar, peat and moss produce 20kg when digged Items from dredging will be stored in ship cargo Lowered delay between path levels by factor of 10 No failing to relax when meditating Chance to get a rare bone when sacrificing rares Healing covers show power in their name Allow for transfer of all items between bulk containers Many actions that ignored the action speed multiplier were changed to correctly apply it Flatten, Level, Meditation, Praying, Sacrificing, Spells, Sowing, and multiple other misc actions Spyglasses and softcaps can be crafted by players Bag of Holding spell - can be cast on containers and vehicles to increase their capacity Animals can be exchanged into tokens for easy transportation, tokens can be loaded into ships (corbita and larger) and moved between servers) Speed enchants (WoA/BotD) on melee weapons are significantly more powerful Ore veins, and resource tiles (tar, peat, clay) can be removed by deed owners Treasure chests have a chance to spawn rift wood/stone/crystal for crafting runes Creature lairs/dens can be searched for treasure. Beware of the dwellers being not too happy about that Gems can be sold to token for a decent chunk of cash - 2c*ql for normal gems, 5c*ql for star gems (not limited by daily sell to token cap or kingdom coffers) Farwalker stones and twigs can be sold to token for 4.5s Forges, ovens, etc. produce ash while burning Salve of Frost and Potion of Acid actually work. Damage is in line with FA/FB of power ~80. They stack with normal enchants but not each other. Increased drake/dragon difficulty, rewarded hide/scale amounts scales better with number of players (more players = more loot for everyone) Vynora priests with over 60 faith will receive a 20% speed bonus when piloting boats and ships Players with >50 animal husbandry and taming skills can now lead and ride unicorns without taming and will not be aggroed by hell horses. More items that can be planted in planters: Nettles, sassafras, woad, cocoa bean, nutmeg, blueberry, lingonberry, raspberries, all mushrooms Enchanted grass is a spell available to all WL priests and can work in an area. Path of Love followers instead get a new ability on level 7 - Lovely Grove Ages or rejuvinates all trees and bushes in a 5x5 area to mature or old age, makes them grow sprouts and be harvestable regardless of season. New items: Light spear - can be used one handed with a shield. Faster and deals less damage than 2h versions. Can be made from either wood or metal staff + spear head. Circlet of protection - provides protection equivalent of a steel greathelm, while not looking like a bucket. Improves with JC. Silver lump + small anvil to start. Warhammer - 1 handed weapon with about the same damage as a longsword, uses warhammers skill. Made with large maul head + shaft. Cooking tweaks: High complexity food will now give higher nutrition gain Players with high Carbs value will receive a bonus to Mind skill gain and it's subskills Players with high Proteins value will receive a bonus to Body skill gain and it's subskills Examining food will now show more detailed CCFP and nutrition info Special and legacy items available on traders: Old presents from WO: Garden gnome, yule goat/reindeer, valentines, fireworks, picnic basket, etc. Yellow potions - gives temporary illusion Brown potion - gives 1 random affinity point Silver mirror - allows to change character looks Silver scalpel - allows to change character sex Bag of Keeping - tiny containers that stays with you after death HotA voucher - can be redeemed for HotA statue of choice Various tweaks required by the unique nature of the server badly interacting with rolfcode (mycelium decay on PVE servers, disabled BL spells, etc.) Rules Don't be a jerk. Despite BL theme, both servers are PVE server. Griefing and harassment are not allowed. Players are responsible for securing their crap. Everything not properly secured is considered free game. If you find a bug - report it, don't abuse it. All client mods are allowed as long as they aren't actively disruptive to the community or the server itself. See rule #1 Support the Server Want to support the server? Consider donating some money to it's upkeep! All leftovers will be used to buy beer to maintain my sanity after digging through rolfcode.
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    From yesterday's update in WU: (beta branch) Source fountains used to receive 0.03-0.13kg source each refill tick, now they receive a constant 0.01kg. Source crystals used to drop from any rock tile with a 1/1000 chance, now they can only drop from tiles that have salt (with the same chance). No idea if these changes are intended, or a bug, and no idea if they are in WO as well. Keep an eye out.
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    When converting at the Altar of three/bone altar alignment should be forced to whats needed by the respective deity.
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    I will respond with the usual No to these lazy easy mode suggestions about returning the landscapes to their original appearance just because some players don't like the look of what others have done to transform areas for various purposes. Players are what shape these blank slates of servers created out of the nothingness by map generation. Travel to the more remote areas upon any server and there is little to impress anyone within this vast emptiness, other than the potential they offer to anyone that envisions what can be created by themselves out of them. Still, there is the option for anyone so disturbed by their transformation to put the time into reshaping them once again in their own image. This is the legacy left by former players long after they have departed. Please do not disturb and let their final flickering flames of reflection remain. R.I.P. =Ayes=
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    if climbing is a skill i feel like swimming should be a skill, know what i'm saying?
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    -1 to mechanic for pvp, they were added FOR the reason of knowing what kingdom people are when fighting, so it would be counter productive
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    I've seen this error myself playing on other servers... don't think anyone figured out what's causing yet. Nothing useful in server or client logs, just steam being derpy. It fixes itself after a while, switching steam to offline mode then back online helps sometimes too. Theare are plenty of non-mycelium areas around
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    Using fill action makes the liquid lose its transformation property completely. -made sand to clay in small amphoras(3) weight of materials .05 juice, .5kg tin. -drag and dropped into small barrel to combine. [15:57:00] A milky and oily grey liquid. It has a strong pungent odor that burns your nostrils. It can not be improved. Once blessed can help convert a sand tile to a clay tile. -blessed in small barrel. [15:58:26] You bless the transmutation liquid with the power of Fo. [15:58:33] A milky and oily grey liquid. It has a strong pungent odor that burns your nostrils. It bears an aura of Fo. It can not be improved. Can help convert a sand tile to a clay tile. -activated flask and filled(1). Fill action makes the liquid lose its conversion property completely. [15:59:11] A milky and oily grey liquid. It has a strong pungent odor that burns your nostrils. It can not be improved. -drag and dropped to flask to fill instead of using "fill" action. kept its conversion property, but lost its bless. [16:02:35] A milky and oily grey liquid. It has a strong pungent odor that burns your nostrils. It can not be improved. Once blessed can help convert a sand tile to a clay tile. forgot to add, It keeps the (transforms sand to clay) in the item name, BUT not in examine This is not limited to flasks. [16:00:39] <Cerber> same with a jar
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    i used a fantastic mortar in making a longhouse *while in PMs with posteh to sell it to him
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    i once broke a supreme medium metal shield shieldtraining i hate wurm
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    Because i love to quote myself, here was the search party on this one. No map for you... link broken sadly. Once again no valrei charge drop... Please fix that Rolf! Winners were : Subie for the rare bone Theonis for the skull Our corpse lover KaiH leaved with a dead kyklop... with normal textures this time... prolly why he love them dead. Much much lag, many crashes, some flying... nice fight overall. Thanks to everyone attending.
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    Are you tired of using weapons that only chop your opponents head, half way off? Maybe your mother-in-law is coming for a visit and you'd like to welcome her, in proper fashion. Or perhaps you'd like to upgrade that short sword to a massive two-hander, and impress that certain lady. *wink* If you answered YES to any of those statements, then this is the place for you ! Current stock and prices Updated June 18th Chanted Weapons out of stock --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tool + Weapon Imps 90ql for 50c... 91ql for 1s... 92ql for 1.5s... 93ql for 2s... 94ql for 2.5s... 95ql for 3s... 96ql for 4s... 97ql for 5s All (non moon) Metals CoD charges extra ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Iron or Wooden Shield Imps 85ql for 50c... 90ql for 75c... 91ql for 1s - 92QL for 1.5s - 93ql for 2s - 94ql for 2.5s ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Imping Services PAS up to 92QL (Scale to 95ql) - JS up to 94QL Fine Carpentry Imps - All items - 85ql for 50c... 90ql for 1s... 91ql for 1.5s... 92ql for 2s
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    Hi Everyone, It's been a huge week for me, and for Wurm. I'd like to thank you all for your warm welcomes and congratulations, I know there's a lot to do but I look forward to accomplishing lots! But for now, on with the news: Patch notes: Wurm Online Wurm Unlimited So I threw it on the ground! Have a blood feud with that patch of clay? Secretly wish your deed was covered in peat? Wait no more! With the new transformation liquids, you'll be able to turn bare dirt (okay, sand, grass/mycelium and steppe) into resource tiles! The reverse is also possible, using these liquids to turn resource tiles into dirt. It's not all that easy though! Each liquid requires blessing, and is also required in vast amounts, so don't expect this to be an easy fix, a lot of work (and juice) will be necessary. These liquids are on test now, the recipies are as follows: Juice Solid Used on Makes 0.5 kg Apple 5kg Tin Sand Clay 0.5 kg Lemon 5kg Charcoal Grass/Mycelium Peat 0.5 kg Cherry 10kg Iron Steppe Tar 0.5 kg Lemon 10kg Zinc Clay Dirt 0.5 kg Cherry 3kg Moss Peat Dirt 0.5 kg Apple 10kg Lead Tar Dirt To make the potion follow these easy steps Activate Juice Right click small amphora filled with solid Mix to create the transformation liquid bless the liquid to make active Then simply pour activate the blessed liquid and right click the corresponding tile and select 'use'! (don't just pour it, you'll all hate me if that happens!) This does take A LOT of liquid (the amount is also dependant on quality), so expect to be at it for a bit, you can examine the tile for a rough idea (quarter of the way, halfway, almost there) As stated before, this is currently live on the test server with the intention of coming out next week, if you need any help, jump in IRC and ask for a GM! Hunting season From the field I must feed if you hunt by horse and bow. What am I? If you correctly guessed that (not giving the answer!) There's some good news, for the rest of you, there may be some... difficulies ahead. As you know, the Xanadu Labyrinth marked one year of hunts, players got lost, minds got lost, and we're told that some are still in there. After having completed this monumentous task, Vali dusted his hands and took a well earned break, but not all was quiet.... Enki has picked up the task, and has decided to put his own twist on things. He's been tinkering away in his laboratory, muttering about pirates, keyboards and various other things (to be fair, this is usual behaviour, we're completely sure that it's unrelated) and has confirmed with me that there will be a February treasure hunt! The full details will come in next weeks news, but until then, time to brush off your riddle solving hats and get that spyglass all polished up. We've got spirit, yes we do! There's been a few threads lately about the state of some starter deeds, so we've decided to give you all the opportunity to show off your server! We'll be opening a competition some time this week aimed at adoption of a starter deed for your server/area. Players will be able to form groups to tender their ideas via deedplanner. Ideas that pass our requirements (to be provided with the competition announcement) will go up for players to vote for their favourite. The existing starter deeds will also be able to be voted for, so if you like it as it is, you have the opportunity to say so too. Weekly question Weekly Artwork This weeks screenshot is grabbed from Wurm Unlimited, showing some amazing designs by Athrygg on the steam boards. That's it for this week! I hope you all have an awesome weekend, and don't let Valentines steal you from Wurm for too long! -Retrograde Its a rope tool
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    Warning - big wall of text coming. I have concept of in-game rifts I would like to discuss both with all players and staff - I will try to present this idea as accurately as possible. Right now, we have two main and one occasional form of PvE-oriented combat activities: hunting and unique killing (+various GM events from time to time). In this suggestion, I will focus on third addition to these activities - invasions. Invasions would be small, separate "mini servers", connected to main world via single rift. You can enter them only on foot, but in some cases you could find possible mounts/pets inside. These would vary a lot, from small sites easily doable by single average player up to the ones requiring 25+ experienced and well geared players. Why "mini servers" instead of directly in game world? There are some big reasons why this is bad idea, two most important are: Terraforming - unless these sites would not terraform any land at all (in which case sites would always look similar and not really interesting) Space - these sites would need to be either rare or very small to fit inside current servers, what makes them even less enjoyable. It also makes them depending heavily on available terrain. Their existence could also make traveling harder. Where can the rift spawn? Location must be: On land Not on road Outside of building (blocking access to rift with new structure would be impossible as well, and rift would create small no-build zone around it) Outside and far enough from deeds (I think that 15-20 tiles would be enough) Once the rift spawns, type of invasion is randomized, with bigger chance for low difficulty site than the more difficult ones (PvP server could have bigger chance for more difficult sites, but more risks related to that as well due to fact that if main server is PvP enabled, rift is PvP enabled as well). To conserve server resources, it is not generated until first player enters it, in which case its generation due to small size of instances should be very quick and not noticeable on the whole server. While active, rift acts as mob spawner until invasion is completed or it times out (no logged in player inside since one week or site is older than one month). You can determine rift type, difficulty and age by monsters spawning around it, its color/size or coming close and examining it. Invasions itself - like I mentioned earlier - would be miniature servers. Inside them, you will encounter few types of different sites that can be split into three major categories: Dens - usually low to medium difficulty sites, with mostly open structure and cave network. You can encounter rats, wolves, bears, goblins, trolls and spiders dens. These usually have one main task and no side tasks, most often requiring to kill champion inside the den. Rewards are small, but there is some chance for rare loot and tiny chance of getting unique items. 1-3 players should be able to complete all these sites. Thought as single player or village-wide events. Villages - usually medium to high difficulty sites, with mostly open structure and large village in a middle. You will encounter goblin and trolls variants, maybe rarely villages damaged by Valrei monsters as well. These usually have one main task and one or two optional side tasks. Rewards are average, with at least one guaranteed rare item and small chance for supreme/unique items. 3-10 players should be able to complete all these sites. Thought as village or alliance-wide events. Sieges - very high/extreme difficulty sites, requiring many players and few hours to finish. These sites would be most complex and involve many stages, starting like village sites, with need to break into castle area and courtyard using siege machines, optionally into cave network below castle as well. These will always have chain of main tasks and many side tasks. Rewards are big, with some rare items, chance for supreme/fantastic and at least one-two unique items. 25+ players should be able to complete these sites, but it should always be challenge no matter how many players take part in it. Thought as server-wide or global events, similar to current unique hunts but much harder and rarer (maybe one or two per month on the whole cluster?). On PvE servers, if siege rift exists everyone can enter it using personal rift similar to epic portal. In case of both PvE and PvP appearance and collapse of this rift is signalized with global message similar to unique mobs one. To make it impossible to finish hard sites single or with too small group, mobs quickly respawn until proper side/main objectives are completed, walls/fences repair themselves unless destroyed as well. Mobs inside invasion sites don't give any skill rewards, but completing a site gives skill reward dependent on contribution. Inside invasion, you cannot dig and build houses, but can craft and do resource gathering actions including mining. This can be useful in case of village sites and is basically required to complete sieges. All resources are hardcapped at 50 ql and - as you cannot bring carts in and out of them - it is not worth to bring them back to the main server. Some spells like disintegrate don't work inside. Once main goal of site is cleared, site closes after a moment and gives main rewards to players (undecided how should rewards giving work yet) as well as teleporting them to rift location. If rift closes due to timing out, all players who were inside get teleported to the location where the rift was and instance - together with everything left inside of it - is destroyed. What do you think about this concept? Is there anything more to add, expand, maybe some bad sides or you don't agree with it completely? Let's discuss!
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    we need a small barrel rack. im thinking 2 rows tall and 3 rows wide. modular for flexibility. Really need to tidy up my barrel collection. This could also be applied to bsb's... hate having these things all over the floor.
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    so last month i spent imping large metal shields every day, and created k's of them... not a single rare i was slowly losing hope, had about 50 or so failed rolls, started to ask myself is it bugged or what today i get roll (pay attention at the times :D) [21:02:26] You have a moment of inspiration... aaaaaaand nothing, so i kinda give up and post in trade channel [21:04:18] (Cel) WTB rare large metal shield few pm's incoming and as i wanted to reply to someone [21:04:46] You have a moment of inspiration... i quickly scroll the forge tab and there is this all new shiny baby that i love big time!!!!!!111 I created countless rares over time but this one has history what else to say than i love you wurm and im so happy now
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    The account has nice stats, but it's skills are nowhere near 950 or 750. I think about 450e/silver
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    instead of just checking the players kingdom a tabbard should be like banners +1 if i could only put them on armour stands to show them... i would totally start collecting tabbards!
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    Late Roman decadence. http://img.pr0gramm.com/2016/02/14/77344f7f236eb415.webm
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    Creating hills and terraces from flatlands is not much different from a vice versa kind of activity. But the flatlands can be used for farming or building right away. I fail to see any issue, except:
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    Thanks for the friendly service - gonna enjoy this weapon
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    This bridge is totally symmetrical. The two floating sections on the left are fine, but the two on the right look like a tree fell across the bridge and flattened it out a bit:
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    Some work, others report "System.FormatException: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime." when you click Export Not been able to nail down what causes this yet
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    Wasn't that supposed to be part of the game though? It doesn't happen, but I thought it was supposed to. Maybe devs (or the community) can think of some way to remedy this issue. Even if you think of glimmer and addy as a resource, no one really fights over it (ie. at HotA) anymore because there is so damn much of it. People aren't going to fight over something that isn't rare, and things don't stay rare in this game (aside from artifacts, which have other issues) because there is always a way to guarantee certain things are introduced into the game world without a way to guarantee that those resources have a finite amount of use or time in the world before being taken out of the world (lookin' at you, drake, scale, moon metal, rare / supreme / fantastic items).
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    the last thing we need are krakens in the middle of the water, Thekraken.
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    honestly, sure. The focus of the game has changed, I think swimming skill is a good idea.
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    Had to stop in and say I'm having a great time here. I have played with Razor on his LiF server and its the same great community here. This server took me away from WO and into WU. If yall are looking for a fun, friendly atmosphere with no drama then this is the place to be. Rules are enforced, there isnt the corruption you see on other servers and drama/drama makers are dealt with quickly.
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    m n r traders (22-34) disbanded. New deed, Bouncy Castle, on the same location .new halas (32-47) disbanded Hillside Hideout (38-41) disbanded cadal (17-46) disbanded Black Pearl (24-45) has a public trader. Purple Pearl (24-40) is reduced to trader deed without public trader or anything else. The highway through skeleton desert (from 24/39 to 24/45) has been moved to the coast entirely, so the lines are now from 24/39 to 22/39, and from there to Black Pearl (24/45) following the coastline.The red line through skeleton desert can be removed.
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    We are still actively discussing the impact this will have on PvP and what steps need to be taken to mitigate abuse. That's why in my testing posts I made sure to mention that we are not testing PvP as of yet.
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    5kg 99ql tin with 0.25kg 99ql apple juice at 90 skill level made 60-90ql 2.50kg transformation liquid, when blessed i used 2.50kg[00:44:37] Someone has started transforming this tile., 10.0kg[00:51:03] The tile is over a quarter transformed. then 2.50kg [00:52:43] The tile is over a quarter transformed. then 25.0kg [00:54:38] The tile is over half way transformed. then 50.0kg [00:56:07] Yeah! You changed the Sand tile to Clay!...total apple juice used at 99ql 9.50kg from my half drunk/half medicated/falling asleep state it looks like 100kg of 50+ ql liquid to transform a tile...not the max amount you can make at one time(as you can fit 100 lumps of tin taking at testing time 5kg of 99ql apple juice making 50kg of transformation liquid) but enough to fit in a small amphora at once edit: thanks to the person who made me a fo priest to allow this testing [00:43:40] Rizi emits a positive wave of energy in your direction!
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    the table is actually computed with that in mind, yes
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    the first shouldn't be possible to begin with the second can be resolved with the same method you use to destroy them and no, in all my years i have never not once seen any resource being fought over except for one or two small skirmishes.
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    So in exchange for removing annoying clay tiles, we'll get a bunch of even more annoying lemon forests
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    Please stop using URL shorteners for these URLs. I can't click through them because of filters at work, and it's really difficult to track down where the news is ACTUALLY located.
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    The concept of partially changing a tile and taking a break, then doing more is a nice new feature. Can you add this to painting large ships?
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    I see clay, peat and tar but what about marsh? I know you can get rid of marsh with floorboards but it would be nice to be able to make some tiles if we like.
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    From a PvP aspect I can see a plethora of issues with the transformation of resource tiles. What happens if we clay/peat our dirtwalls and therefore make them impossible to dig down, making raiding near impossible? What about griefing on PvP servers where the objective is to just remove the enemies resource tiles? Resources on PvP servers are fought over and create PvP. I feel this should be a PvE feature only.
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    Lowered volume of wooden beam to better match volume of log it is made from. Removed Magic Wall creation from source salt due to balancing issues and redundancy. Fix for snuffing fireplaces not removing the fire effect. Fix so cannot surface mine next to a fence. Fix for archery killing any animal regardless of deed permissions. Trellis Size changes to be more realistic (was same as collossus) – only affects new trellis. Limited take broadcast spam to 10 tiles. Only really affects very large items (e.g. old trellis). Added changing settlement name to the settlement settings screen, still requires the resize permission. Fix so cannot create a campfire if there is already a lit one on same tile. Corrected the sounds played when you start making a wood mine door and floor boards. Changed it so cant do a confession on an invulnerable player, e.g. they must have moved. Added rarity description to examine of unfinished items. Removed smithing sounds when making wool hats. Fog spiders should now show up properly. Rummaged rock iron now smelts to a 0.8kg lump instead of a 0.2kg lump.
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    Do you have any more pictures from this photo shoot you can send me
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    We appreciate the feedback, This poster is intent on maliciously defaming us and has posted this across several forums with the same comment under the same alias "Burleaf" with the same message despite renting a 7 days to die server from us and cancelling it favourably with the message "Do not need at the moment. It has been a great service. Thank you." Tim\Burleaf is posting this over trivial billing dispute with us
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    I stopped playing the game because there's no effective way for the smaller kingdom to be able to make a push. Insta deed teleports Twitter alerts Log bots Cheap deeds used only as influence / tower blockers (takes several days, or weeks, to remove a deed that's cheap). Snowbally mechanics. Time/Effort it takes to raid (while taking into consideration all of the above)
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