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    This is obviously a bug. I will investigate.
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    Where do I start with this? Ahh, has it really been ten years? I guess so. For ten years this game has held my attention, ever since my discovery through a small little thread on a then small little forum called Facepunch, July 21st 2006, I remember that day fondly. I created a character named Hunter, picked up every slab and shield I could find in attempts to trade them into the merchants for coin. I journeyed the lands, died many times before creating the alt Huntar (Which later became my main for years to come) only to end up at the very first Facepunch village (A name that escapes me), there I spent a single night before my tools had gone and disappeared, thieved out from under my own home by the individuals I had thought to have trusted. There, I thought my adventures had ended, I quit only a week after starting, a single night after finding my own to settle down in, after my own tools and single precious emerald had been taken, I was young and naive. But it didn't end there, I came back some weeks later, August 16th, the land that had previously been claimed in the name of Facepunch had been rotted and fallen to shambles, like many previous and soon to be structures, they had decayed away. I ventured away from the ruins, came upon Whosville, sat in at the token for some hours before deciding Horton's life wasn't for me. Wandered ways and ways around before coming upon Hammerfell, ahhh Hammerfell. Krelos and more names which I don't entirely remember. I lived outside for a good time, three months I think? From October till January, only until after an altercation with one of the members, Leve'Dara, was I promptly kicked. Accused of taking items from a recently fallen deed, (Which I did infact take.) at that time it was greatly looked down upon, and the fact the villagers were in an alliance with us didn't make it any better. But their deed no longer had the attention of their own villagers, nobody to care for it. The words that I had come to live by in this game eventually came to me, if you care for it, you'll never lose it. (Unless some exploity things happen that you are in no control over) I moved away from Hammerfell, outcast from their community, before ending up at a small, quaint little deed named Cliffside, ran by the still known, Gavin. He kindly let me live amongst his villagers, in a nice little 2x3 home, what a luxury that was since I only ever had previously lived in a 2x2. I hung around for a week or two, before one of the most unexpected events in Wurm history had finally peered its cataclysmic eyes around the corner. The Wurmpocalypse. It took a good month or two before the servers came up again, May 18th I think it was? Not really sure anymore. Whatever the case, I remember that huge rush for land, people scattering all around, ganging up on spiders with planks and shafts as weapons. What a day to remember, a new beginning. And then I promptly went inactive for two more months, only to come back for my immediate invite into the village of Valhalla, for there I lived for say, four months I think. Least until December, where I left Wild and headed on over to live on good ol' home server. There were many moments of inactivity between my time there and until Deliverance, always briefly on for say a week or two, walking around and adventuring, picking loot from decayed homes and deeds. I did this for a time, I was quite naive with it too, little did I understand any of the mechanics but the loot game was invigorating, it was the one thing that somehow kept my interest in the game for years and years to come. And then home server was shut down, the rush to the portals, to escape the falling world behind, to begin anew in the land of Independence. Only to discover my main character would be prem-locked on Indy and the only way I could continue playing would be through making a new character on Golden Valley. Which I so angrily did (Curse you Rolf). So spawned Genocide (I was an edgy 16-17 year old), and many more journeys to come. From building my own settlement, to making that initial rush to the new lands of Deliverance on a boat with whom would be my settlement partner, Beelzeboss. For a day we journeyed into Deliverance, only to find ourselves lost in an somewhat endless olive forest, void of all visibility, many son of a trolls were cursed as we found ourselves stranded, only to soon come to the conclusion of settling into the land lush with invasive timber. From there we dug, mined, built homes for ourselves, only for both of us to suddenly lose contact with each other, never to see one another again. And from there, I continued my duties, cursing the forest of endless olives, of which I eventually sought a rather successful, forceful revenge on. I built homes, roads, and founded the deed, Echelon, twas a quaint town, now even more-so. I kept the land around safe, tidy, various moments of inactivity occurred, a year or two passed without my visitation to the game again, until, after that long period, I made my presence once more, building up Echelon larger that it ever was, larger than I ever thought it could be. Larger than I ever thought I could do alone. And I became quite proud of it. I got crazy with decorating, made the whole place look like a place I'd actually want to live in, immersive, quiet, cozy. I loved it, I don't regret any moment I spent building it up, the silver I spent on HOTA statues or the various decorations around (Many of which were pilfered from long forgotten deeds, fallen structures, etc.) This became something that I had, in my beginnings of Wurm, been something I had wanted to achieve. To create a wonder, something pleasant for the eyes and a cozy get-away to the frequent traveler. Where as most sat and ground skills day in and day out, I built and decorated. Kind of a lousy thing in many peoples eyes, but I loved it, and gained so much enjoyment from it. My efforts kept me exposed to the game, interested for longer than I had ever had been, I made friends. Lots of friends. Enemies, lots of enemies. I met with people I could rely on, people I would, and will never forget. I saw the community for more than it was, more than it was to me back when I first began. I saw what Wurm was truly about. Community. And that, I will miss. Wurm has such a small, but strong community, despite all of the cries, abandonment, it still retains its strength from that little community it has. I will miss you all. Odynn, Nicrolis, MCM, the tireless crew on Deliverance, many of the Chaos players, Emoo, Demondan, the cocky Macedonians up the north (You know who you are), the strong, loyal to their kingdom Jenn-Kellon players that housed and dealt with me during my time there in both the last year and when the kingdom was first conceived, there are so many MANY individuals to name, throughout those 10 years, names I will never forget, yet names that would entirely fill the rest of this post up. Thank you, for the most unique experience in an MMO I have ever had. Thank you.
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    I'd like to see a new wall set 'Timber Frame/Bricks' in game. It could use the same models as the timber frame we have and use different textures. I'd like this set over the current brick buildings because their models are more suitable for old castle walls than brick buildings. Here is an example of such a house. Instead of using clay and grass it could use like 5 wooden beams, 5 mortar and 10 pottery bricks per wall. Skill req should be > Timber Frame. And probably the textures for a timber frame / brick set can be derived from the new textures for the other brick walls.
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    locked. Please use the suggestions board.
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    maybe it will increase like so [17:37:00] Wurm Online Version increased by 0.0000001 to 3.9999999
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    Pretty sure 4.0 introduces Bacon, both as a religion, and as a Kingdom on Freedom Server
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    [16:59:07] You start filing the small barrel. Awesome file & great price, thanks a lot! Love it <3
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    so much for advising to repost with a not as harsh tone... at least it's in the right board now, we'll see how this works out.
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    SERVER ISSUES Wurm online is a game best played with many other people. A big medieval world in which the players shape the world and real life is simulated will never be as fun as with a big, online community to do so with -”But more players means more trollers and griefers!” People used this as an argument against releasing wurm online on steam. Now wurm unlimited has been released on steam. I play on a server which at its peak has about 140 players online, and I have seen less griefers than I have in wurm online, while according to the wo community it should be filled with griefers and kids wreaking havoc. Why have I never encountered any griefers? Because the server has proper admins that solve griefer conflicts and are not afraid to compensate the player who has been griefed, while in wo they'd get a “sorry” at best. It is in the end the administrators responsibility to keep the griefers at a minimum. Keeping the player count low to have potentially less griefers is like cutting of an arm because you fear it might get hurt in the future. With that aside, the current freedom server populations as I am writing this post are: Independence: 90 Deliverance: 42 Exodus: 22! Celebration: 15! Pristine: 45 Release: 22! Xanadu: 136 This is a total of 372 players, divided over 7 servers. The first question that pops up in my mind is: Why does wurm online have 7 servers to be divided over approximately 400 (500-550 during peak times) players? There are currently 3 servers of which I rarely see the population go above 30. Is it really a good idea to keep a tiny, tiny playerbase divided over 7 whole servers? And of course, this is only counting the freedom servers, Epic visibly being more of a disaster. All players on freedom could be merged into a server the size of Xanadu and there still wouldn't be any space issues at first and I believe this would honestly be better for the game. -”But I don't like living with other people and interacting in a medieval sandbox MMO!” Wurm online is an MMO and it is meant to be played on a community level. If you want to play a single player game, there's Wurm Unlimited for that.
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    Hrm perhaps a matter of perspective. For example from my viewpoint, Wurm's playerbase has grown by quite a bit overall.
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    Exactly! 3.99a 3.99b 3.99c 3.99a1 3.99f34 3.99plus_edition 3.99ultra_edition 3.99delux_edition 3.99extended_edition 3.99a_new_Wurm 3.99Wurm_strikes_back 3.99return_of_the_Wurm.
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    Ever wish you could have fields of mycelium. My Idea that would not only benefit the player base, but also the economy is to add a HOTS based PVE servers. The idea came to me because we have all of these white light servers and then chaos on freedom. Why can we not have a Black light server. We all know that many of us would like to see Libila on freedom, but may not happen. The base kingdom would be HOTS. Everyone that goes to the server will be converted to HOTS. If a player would become a Libila follower or priest on this server, they could come back into freedom as a freedom and not be Libila any longer just like Chaos. I good location for this server could be East of Exodus, and South of Chaos. Also if a player is to go to Chaos then they will return to whatever kingdom they were on Chaos. It would benefit the player base by having something new, beyond just another server or a new game feature. It would also benefit the economy by allowing more players to become Libila priests, and not have to follow a certain kingdom and have all of their stuff taken in pvp.
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    For many long years the Troll King ruled the south West of Exodus. Those of us who lived on his land hid behind fence, gate and wall. He is now vanquished. But his people remain. Us few who know some of the troll tongue are spat dying curses from the trolls we slay. Not curses of a returning a king but a shaman who gave him his strength. They speak of a chest hidden from the weak folk as they know us.
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    join us today to fight the opposition, be it in game versus kingdoms and their fellow puppet kingdoms or on the forums.
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    I'll take this please if it is still available, PM me in game or on forum to let me know when you'll be available for me to pick up.
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    Thanks for putting the major problem with this new system in the first sentence.
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    Belongs in server bugs, if someone wants to move it. I've definitely seen these messages while course-plotting, even when they shouldn't necessarily appear, and have heard of it being associated with server corners for some reason.
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    wts ebonaura wagon - 5s HOTS wagon - 3s rare bsb - 2s rare small raft - 2s rare forge, 78qlx2 - 5s each all can be pick at ebony veil:
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    So even when I'm out enjoying the Mardi Gras festivities, I can't help but see a Wurm reference. Gotta love the "Crew of Columbus" and the great festivities that were had!
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    I found the problem and the fix! I discovered that my computer was behind a company firewall that prevented access to the login server. Using a free VPN tunnel app, I was able to bypass this pretty easily. Thanks for your help folks! ~Soniczap
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    Why should they be fixed? You can't expect people to keep playing when you screw one (or more) of their chars completely. Maybe it should have been fixed earlier before, but now it's too late. Stop being so selfish.
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    Loved the back story, always fascinates me how people came to wurm and the nascent unfolding of adventures and misfortunes as noobies. It also often seems a bittersweet phenom when departing wurm in that sad to leave, yet wanting to be happy for persons new adventures. Statistics are in wurm's favor that you'll return, like shutter island no one really leaves. Excelsius to you! Namaste!
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    Now that we cannot embark to automatically stop leading animals, how about this: Right-clicking a rope or halter-rope will list all animals being led by it. You can then select to stop leading one or all of them.
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    I don't really know what to say, I don't know you, but I like your videos. good luck on your other adventures!
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    I suspect certain creatures should really just be limited by elevation on where they can roam, stick this with their spawn mechanics and you might see some more interesting creature distributions. Trouble is this all works fine till someone takes a creature out of its habitat and you end up with immobile critters just sitting there, judging people...
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    I would just like to know the reason seals spawn up in the desert but not in the water
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    I would like a button added to the 2.8 version if you get time. It is a cancel button that cancel's the last thing you told it to do. There is a undo last action button but it is missing a cancel action button so if you notice you jumped the gun and messed up a input you don't have to wait for it to go threw this 1 hr or so process then have to hit undo. It makes more since to be able to cancel it fix the input then click add biome. This is to help large map makers cause the larger the map some times it take a bit for generation to finish. This way it would just dump it's action and reset.
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    Given the level of personal attack in this thread, I'd say it's done.
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    Morning, and last, bump.
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    They have tried resetting servers before and what was found out was that: a ) People become attached to their work and refuse to reset it and b ) The people who want a new server because they constantly compare themselves to other peoples' skills will always compare themselves to others regardless of whether or not they all start out from scratch Play the game for your own sake; there will always be someone better, stronger or faster than you even if your skills and lands are reset on regular intervals. I'm not saying you shouldn't be allowed to have your resetting server, but I think it would be a lot of waste of time and resources that would in the end amass to absolutely nothing.
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    The information these bots can collect seems beyond the scope and intention of access and use of said data. It allows an automation of critical information to be bundled and viewed at ease. As I've been against any sort of porting in pvp outside of meditation porting, for the similar reasons I can't agree with bots used this extensively. Players should be able to roam without automated security feed interpol big brother style in a game that otherwise rests in a time frame and style that is more medieval in nature requiring one to spot enemies and visually and auditory detect enemy activity. Seems an ill fit and misuse of data that ultimately does harm to robust pvp. Please remove ability to have bots in all forms.
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    hail the CoC Shrimpiie!
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    A towel would be good because you should never go anywhere without your towel.
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    Join a kingdom so feared and mighty. Our enemies boast glory of campaign success just after ONE of our deaths. Join now, learn to play the game, and be a part of a growing kingdom. You will learn our ways and what it takes to become a true champion of chaos.
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    +1 I would love to take a group and wait outside a deed entrance for people to come out so I can stab them because they had no idea I was there
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    And thats what single player is for.... WO isn't gonna be here in 20 years, Or 10 years at the rate its going, At the rate that its dropping, i doubt it will even see 2018. Also, All the projects iv done so far on WU are still there, And im not treasuring them like there my first born, and so what if it does disappear. ill just rebuild it but this time with the like 50 thousand changes i wanted to do but never got around TO do. a perk of WU is those 50,000 bricks aren't 100s, Those 50,000 bricks are a weeks worth of work, Not real cash. Easily replaceable through good times, friends, and a little bit of work. Whereas on WO Its like "OMG I LOST 2000$ USD OMFG SCREW DIS GAME **FUS ROH DAH** *Kicks table*
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    There is a big, big difference between A.) making changes that enhance the enjoyment of game play for individuals whether they choose to form dependencies with others or not, and B.) making changes that force dependencies via game mechanics onto everyone to either enhance the RL income of some or to force others to play in any particular way. Many of the suggestions in this thread have to do directly with forcing interdependence with no choices in the matter. I see no reason whatsoever to start making those kinds of changes. Self sufficiently is a valid goal for some in this game, that many have been working towards for many years, and should remain that way. Sure, I'd like to see the economy improve and although I have no merchants myself and don't sell stuff, I do sympathize with those who do. But making changes that would effectively impose the play style of a few onto everyone else is not the solution imo.
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    With the disbandment of a fellow rival Black light kingdom and threats from Macedon with their aggressive expansion into Murkia, we need fighters and farmers now more than ever !
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    hit the start button and type in cmd and hit enter, it opens up a dos window then type ipconfig /all and it will output your computer info, scroll up a bit and you should find your IPv4 address , it should be something like if its different then it could be the problem, but if its the same then its likely something else enter that number into the local server tab of your game under server settings and also advanced server settings. to better navigate the log files for errors, use the search function for "warning" or "shutting down" , this can be somewhat usefull for figuring out why things arent starting. the wrong ip address would produce these lines" INFO: Creating Wurm SocketServer on / Jan 21, 2016 10:33:01 AM com.wurmonline.server.Server shutDown INFO: Shutting down the server - reason: Problem running the server - Cannot assign requested address: bind
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    Already it seems with Rolf cherry picking some of the better mods, where does the line end up blurring between WU / WO, the worst eye opener for my personally was the speed things that have been suggested for years were created and added to WU. My opinion on WU has changed as I finally decided to try it out, I so far feel a more connected sense of community on a server that wanes between 30 -60 than I have since Freedom was one server. The biggest drawback imo to WO atm is the disconnected community that Rolf has continued to fracture year after year with the addition of one server after another, WU was just another step further in that direction, I would think at this time any focus should be to find ways to rejoin the current community either through ease of travel or some way to bring people closer together in some other way, seeing one person in local monthly or less makes the world feel very small, no matter how much " open land " is available.