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    A while back, butterflygirl25 started a thread about new horse colors and as many of you may remember, I chimed in with some suggestions. Well I'm happy to say that I've been having some chats and there is a teensy weensy eensy possibility that we might get one or two new horse colors at some point. I've asked if it's ok to set up this poll to get an idea of what new colors folks would like to see in the game and got the OK. So check 'em out and vote for your favorite! If you could only get one, what would it be? Disclaimer: Most likely there would be no time for making any special code for the behavior of any possible new colors, so the second question about breeding and spawning behavior is only out of my personal curiousity. So don't go gettin' yerselves all werked up! *grins*
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    I figured I'd get this post started. I'm writing a mod that works with Ago's Mod Loader that will give you the ability to configure working portals from within the game. This will be the main thread for this mod when it's released, but for now I'm looking for some ideas and feedback to use during the initial development. What I have so far: A working override for the PortalQuestion code (as in, I can already hijack portal actions and hard-code working portals in the mod as it is). A data encoding scheme that stores all data for the mod in existing fields on the portal itself. TL;DR: Everything is done in-game and stored in your database. All changes will be live, nothing will need a reboot/reset of the server to make work (except for a few advanced things I'll get to later) Current feature list in design: *This may change in development!* Same-server point-to-point travel. (i.e. set an X/Y and go) Cross-server travel (set an X/Y and server ID) Kingdom features (Allow only XX Kingdom, Convert To XX Kingdom) Set specific kingdoms or prompt from a list. Epic-style "separate" player files (if possible in WU) Item limits (old style portals) Individual portal cool downs (still a WIP idea) List of spawn points instead of X/Y List of alliance spawn points (WIP idea) Server Listing (instead of just setting server ID) Advanced features will require the use of portalsmod.properties and a restart of the server to incorporate (though I might see about reloading this file in-game... I have to look into that) Specify a list of villages, spawn points, etc for a specific portal to show (this will be based on the portal's WurmID) These are all of the things I'm going to be working on implementing now that I have the data storage finished. Feel free to request features and I'll see what I can do.
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    So, Shirley, I bet they need more ideas? Let's give them some! (this is to explain the fact that I lied and cannot think of 101 ideas on my own ...) Glassmaking meets ... Alchemy, Healing, Brewing & Toymaking (also, Cooking, Jewelrymaking, and even yes even SHIPBUILDING) Bottles start as clear but turn COLORED based on contents. Colored bottles make a nice decorating accent so you may want to fill them just for the color decor! ALCHEMY "Resistance potions" are made using alchemy+glassmaking and grant a resistance (10% of quality; ie 47Q potion gives a 4.7% resistance) to certain damage types only (Blade, piece, blunt, fire, acid, pioson, X?). They are not too overpowered for PvP I think as the resitance is minor AND you can only have ONE resistance active, and an opponent can just switch weapons to a different damage type if they see they are getting some minor resistance. Blunt resistance is handy though if you are out exploring and tend to fall down moytainsides! BLunt: Acorn + animalfat + water Blade: Hazelnut + animalfat + water Pierce: Camelia flower + animalfat + water AcidL Lavender flower + animalfat + water Fire: ash + animalfat + water Poison: lemon + animalfat + water Lets find new uses for things rarely used! What else can we suggest?? Health/Medical: You can also make a DISEASE salve to help animals/players recover. Sassafras+AF+H20 or whatever. It takes a few minutes to rub into the animals skin. There is only a 10% chance to cure after one hour so you might have to reapply hourly for an extended period. But that sick baby piggy is worth it! FOOD PRESERVATION aka "canning" -- it takes extra steps so you can now pack meals with you On The Gio ROSE COLORED GLASSES! Srly, ytf not? So .. Different colors do different things. Nothing overpowered please! One color gives a small night vision bonus. Another makes Mushroms in the world, "glow" so they are easier to find (see: MUHROOM POTIONS). A third turns people into odd looking creatures. A fourth removes player clothing (not too scandulous since we have no true nudity), or turns all boys into girls. Another lets you see the contents of worn backpacks (ok you can actually already DO this, but I never knew!) BREWING: you need a new workstation, FERMENTING STILL You need one of the following: Barley Wheat Oat Rye You can also make FRUITY wines that are different and less powerful than grape wine. Strawberry, Lingonberry, Apple, Blueberry, Cherry What do they actually do?? That's a very very good question!! Outdoor (Or Indoor) Garden Globe Lights simple ground/floor lights. Just round globes that you can drop/plant anyplace. And That light up. This one can only be made by master shipbuilders! Think of it as a REWARD -- we will think of similar TROPHIES for other masterwork skills .. um, sometime later ... GLASS TIARA You Know You Want One MUSHROOM POWER! bottle mushroom potions for a small homage to old 8bit games I am just not sure what they would do yet but maybe they work similar to mushroom healing covers, these are just lighter (.15kg) and never rot. But must be preoared at home and not quick-rummaged out in the field. Arrow Poisons, because we have only yet begun to break pvp MAD SCIENTIST LAB: I would like a way to combine glassworks and chemistry/science/experimenting. Maybe some sort of herbal mictures which ingredients depend on your charactername hash code so the same ingredients does not work the same for everyone. The only way to figure it out, is to randomly combine, drink, and hope it does not kill you!! MOLOTOV COCKTAILS Because sometimes "Because!" is a good enough reason - b o o m ! - BLESSED HOLY WATER because, zombies. And .. Hellhounds. GLASSWORK + TOYMAKING Marbles. Also Marbles + glass slingshot! And glass bottles for target practice. WOOT!!! toy castles fishbowls more than one fish requires an AQUARIUM of course You just KNEW I was going to sneak GLASSWORK MASKS into here someplace, didn;t you? also (finally) playermade silver mirrors! and why not freestanding furniture type mirrors? STEAMPUNK ARMOR requires both GLASSWORKING + METALLURGY to make and/or use (made from glass, brass + leather) stainedglass wall art Jewelrycraft art (combines with precious metals and gems Glass Windchimes also .. some kind of 2-player game, so we can hold SERVERWIDE CHMAPIONSHIP TOURNAMENTS! (I am not so good at inventing game rules, unless the rule is "find an image on Google!") Not Actual Chess, Just SOmething Similar Pipes, for blowing SOAP BUBBLES Glasswork Musical Instruments! and obviously BEAUTIFUL STAINEDGLASS WINDOWS to go with the all-new epic master level architecture Will your castle look GOOD (white, marble, faerielike) pr EVIL black, slate, gothic) STAINED GLASS WINDOWS -- A PERFECT MATCH FOR =EPIC= SLATE AND MARBLE CASTLES Also things with moving parts and animations, we don;t know what they DO except they look COOL in your home! glass animal figurines - requires 20 Glassmaking + 20 Toymaking skill *** Ok, Rolf said glassworking iis coming his Q&A on upcoming features, he did';t actually say it was a NEW SKILL, but lets not be nitpicky hey wut?
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    Hearts beat...if you rip them out and throw them on the ground. Creepy or Cute? You decide....
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    I'm not a player God and I think it's unfair that others are so they should be removed. I have taken the time to do an extensive survey and found this suggestion to be widely accepted in a positive light, [18:19:51] <Pidgeoni> i wouldnt mind much [18:20:06] <Brunwulf> I wouldnt care either [18:25:46] <Gary> yes I think I removed some stuff but it's a lot of work to re type so just imagine a really good argument for removing them here.
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    Posts like this make volunteers like myself less encouraged to donate our time freely to make your gaming experience a better one, tgod. Please consider that in the future. Edit I wanted to expand on this post and the reason I made it. I don't intend to shame people for having an opinion, but I do feel that comments like this do more to harm than good. I haven't had much time to contribute lately and even less time to play, so I haven't seen Retrograde active in-game as others have. Instead, I see him every morning in the staff channels. Every morning he brings up the hot topics from the day or weekend, and every morning he does his best to get answers and information to put into the weekly news and to announce to players where applicable. He does not let us forget the issues brought forth in past threads and during the dev chat. And he does all this freely. Honestly, I think he's a little crazy, but some people call me the same. The point is, we have a number of people who do awesome work. When I see a thread giving thanks to a volunteer, it pains me when that thread devolves into name-calling and insults. If you have a personal issue with a member of staff, there are a number of ways to express your issue without bringing toxicity to the forums and demoralizing other volunteers. Just remember, we're all players and people too.
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    I like to role play as the blue power ranger. "Denim Man" - Dingov
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    I was screwing around with client authentication today (trying to figure out why i couldn't log in to one specific server), and discovered something... Find your WurmLauncher folder (should be under steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited) Create a file named steam_appid.txt inside WurmLauncher folder Write "366220" in it (no quotes) Run WurmLauncher.exe (not from steam library!) ??? Alts, alts everywhere! steam_appid.txt file, with 366220 inside (wurm app id on steam) in WurmLauncher folder disables the relaunch-through-steam check in WurmLauncher.exe, and allows opening multiple clients easily. Yep, that simple Technical details: During startup wurm calls SteamAPI_RestartAppIfNecessary which checks if the client was launched through steam. If it wasn't (= was manually launched from the .exe) this function returns true, causing the client to terminate. A new copy is then launched by steam. For whatever reason, if you have a steam_appid.txt file this function will always return false, allowing the client to proceed without being launched through steam. Since the check for multiple running copies is in steam itself - it's never checked and you can run as many instances as you want. Server list stuff and authentication doesn't seem to be affected by this (as far as i can tell). Disclaimer: I have no idea what effects this might have or how legit Rolf or Valve would consider this. Use at your own risk. Added, from here: https://partner.steamgames.com/documentation/drm So it's seams to be meant for testing i guess. *shrug*
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    -1 the rule is there and it's not a secret. Whether or not Chaos has good priests doesn't matter. While I personally feel that champing as a whole should be removed or at least reverted back to the 1 point per day mechanic, it's still a great benefit to kill alts for fight skill, affinities and the extra casts as well as the epeen points. I just wish they permanently banned everyone who killed alts.
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    I have been playing this game for awhile. I have seen some nice improvements, So here we go with another idea and I will would to se if there is gonna be positive or negative feedback on the Idea. Well here it is. In real life even a Weaker individual could lead a Team of 2 Horses and a Cart. So I was thinking that in WURM, we could add that non-premium players could lead a cart with 2 horses. Yes when reading this you are thinking they are getting premium bonus with this , But in all reaity they are not because they can not ride the cart as commander. They just have the ability to haul more weight in the cart and not rage quit . Well wether it positive or negative, lets get some feed back so our dev teams can look at this idea. Retro knows I am posting this. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!
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    I was making commemorative bear helmets for attendees and rared one. Will donate it for a prize.
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    +1 to OP suggestion. On a side note: I have no idea who made this gif but Klaa, I am sure it was just for you!
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    It's not 80 dirts above ground. I have a fairly long bridge with several supports way up on a hill and that bridge hits the ground at 0 height at the end. But when I went to duplicate the bridge from the terrace to the bottom of the deed, I can't. Why? Because a support needs to be 80 dirts above water. Not 80 dirts tall. 80 above water, even water that is not there. I admit, there are a such thing as Prairie Schooners... but there is not... It's bad enough that we who live on the coast need to pile up to 10 dirts at the bottom of a bridge but to be limited to bridges 5 long and under because supports won't fit is annoying to say the least.
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    Hey everyone, recently a Champion of Ebonaura was banned for Champ Point farming. The player was the first person in my time playing on Wurm that a Champion killed an alt. At first we assumed they had the champ point revoked and was warned. Later this week the player was de-champed (3 lives) and Banned for X period of time. I would first off like to say, we applaud the Wurm team for trying to only lightly enforce the rule. We appreciate the clarification effort they put into before subjecting the player in question to be banned. The rule in question calls for Champions whom kill alts to be permanently banned. Not only are they to be permanently banned but it also calls for their deed to be disbanded. This comes from an era where Champions once required Champ points to stay alive. Since then champ points have been changed to only be used for casting. For those who don't know. When you champion you get +5 to your characteristics, as well as a +50 boost to; Channeling, Prayer, Exorcism. The +50 only applies up to 80 in each skill. As well as your faith goes to 100 and a 50% damage reduction. This makes them perfect if your kingdom doesn't have a high channeling priest. How ever since the past days where champions could easily cast on tools/weapons/armor. It is now no longer a real issue. As all kingdoms on chaos have dedicated casting priests with 95+ Channeling. While I think that for the sake Champions still being a highly valued Pvp target/status. They should still not be allowed to kill alts nor champ point abuse. As a leader of Macedon, I am speaking for my whole kingdom when I say that we would like the rule to be revised. We are asking for the following revision; 1st Offense: Champ point removal and a warning. (As well as the affinity and FS gained) 2nd Offense: Champ Life stripped as well as the punishment from the 1st offense 3rd Offense: De-champed, and banned for X period to be determined by GM. The following change would be a fair and adequate punishment. The punishment for the rule was enacted in a different time period, going back many mechanic changes. We, Macedon feel that it is no longer an appropriate punishment. I am hoping that here today that we have successfully reached the staff team. As well as we wish our respected enemy Ebonaura, a 2nd chance. People make mistakes, for w/e reason the Ebonaurian had to kill that alt we don't know. All we do know is that we feel he should not be punished for making a small mistake. I am hoping and imploring that the staff team can re-evaluate this rule and lessen said punishment for the player. There is a poll included. I hope everyone will take the time to vote. Thank you for reading, -Macedon
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    Real Life Wurming: I'm not entirely sure that worked so I'll put the link here ... http://imgur.com/f3XycCp
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    A much more interesting version of the "bridge troll": the "Bridge Dragon"!
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    After reading those other threads one thing stands out to me: Despite so many players asking for this change, or at least a reasoning behind not wanting to change it, nobody from the dev team seemed interested enough in what the players were asking, to respond. I am wondering why, in this current situation where Rolf asked us for a Plan for a Plan to not only attract new players but also retain older players, we are not given reasons for why this change cannot be made? Please devs, respond to our questions and tell us why you refuse to change bridges to not need 80 above water even when they are NOT over water? Why do they even need that height clearance over water? Arched bridges, five tiles wide, can be sailed through by any ship, given there is enough depth below the bridge itself. And arched bridges, five tiles wide, need a ten clearance above water... There are many instances where long term and loyal players ask for something and never get any responses back, just being ignored or told "no, because we say so". This is not the way to retain your customers. I am sure most people can understand if the answer to a request is "no", given reasonable explanation as to why, but just being ignored usually irks even the most reasonable of people. Bump to this and all the other requests to change the height requirements for bridges, and a serious request to please respond to us, the playerbase, if you are not going to change it for some reason.
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    Slick, I'm not sure if it's something lost in the way forums lack inflection or if it's just your writing style, but you seem extremely confrontational in your posts. A discussion is a two way street. Although you mention debating topics in a few of your posts, I don't think you actually like hearing the other side of the discussion. Yes, I've seen all those updates you mentioned. I've also seen the unpolished way with which some of those updates were launched. I get it, this is a small company and the workload is no doubt huge on the few developers. However, that has nothing to do with what some of these people with WU servers can do on their own with what's been given to them. Wurm's playerbase is phenomenally creative, both in game and outside of it. To discredit the whole platform simply because you think no one can do what the WO Dev team has done, or that because you think a few dictator style server owners might ruin the game for a few people is just being naive. To be honest, I think WO will continue to see a steady number of players in their servers. Not a big increase, nor a decrease. This is mainly due to the fact that the servers become so top heavy with established veterans who corner the market in their respective arena that no one feels they can "catch up". This is really seen on the PvP servers more than the Freedom servers, however, the recent threads about economy and markets in WO show that even the Freedom servers feel the pinch. WU servers offer an escape from what in my opinion is stagnation. What you see as an unstable server run by a dictator, can be seen a different way to other people. People that play Wurm more for the creative aspect instead of the market, or PvP even. Some people don't mind building things over and over again. Some people don't cling to every special little item in game. Those types of people are here for the sandbox that they came looking for, not the shoebox that some would like to jam them in.
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    Forum pvp is fun to watch. It is like a recruiting thread for PvE.
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    Some of the problem is that we all rely on the devs to fix "our" economy. They had no part in flooding it like we did, but we want an official fix from them. There could certainly be other options for the community to look at to possibly alter the course under our own abilities, but we won't be doing that anytime soon. Let me clarify to say that I don't think the community is a bunch of babies, but I do think we rely too much on the devs to fix something that we tarnished. We have the ability to alter the course, we just won't do it because it's too hard.
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    Time to show rock shards some love... Why do they all have to chopped up into bricks? Rock shards and mortar Adobe homes with walls made from Clay, sand and thatch. Roofs flat and made from logs, Clay and sand Keep putting more sand in the sandbox
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    +1 stop the madness :-)
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    There really isn't a good reason to play WO over WU. There are servers on WU with a higher population than most servers in WO. It's cheaper, it has a lot less grind and most servers have mods that fix exactly what makes WO super annoying. I don't understand how the devs didn't make an obvious distinction between the two, because as I said, there really aren't any reasons to play WO over WU, except for attachment if you've already been playing for a while. Instead of fixing their game and what players didn't like they left it to the players to do that, without noticing that if they did it themselves on the main servers over at WO, they'd make a lot more money in the long run than WU could ever make in its lifetime.
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    Make HFC able to create food buffs that can enchance skills or give ya a certain exp boost in certain skills etc. personally i feel HFC needs alot more love and its current setup simply................Bites.
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    This is it now, the game and population is bigger than a few trying to make money out of it. Wherever these players are serverwise. The game is suffering a lot and the market is reflecting it. Forcing people to do anything they don't want to do will only means one thing : more of them will leave toward greener pastures. The economy is dying, too many end crafters, not enough new buyers. Advertising is more than ever needed and the game cost need to be put in relation with our direct concurrent WU, that if we want some fresh blood in the game to make it more lively and reinforce players interactions, trading, buying, whatever. I believe that a way to reduce the cost of the game (upkeep wise at least) would be a good thing, big deeds used to have traders for that, now they are worthless. And i don't think the frees coins dropping from the sky helped in any ways the market, see traders as stock options, tie them to the deed upkeep and let anyone place them on their deed (with a removal of the distance). Investing in Wurm would then be rewarding on the long term by spending less on upkeep and spending more on items that might please you. Do we also want to see an economy more and more turned toward slave labor, bulks are selling, agreed, but the amount of time involved in it is insane and there is no way for a new player to enjoy the game with it right now. Foraging for 2 hours will get them more cash than making bricks, cash they might keep to buy premium and never use for the economy. Rares items still sell, unique ones still sells, weird/strange items still sell. Maybe it's a way to explore, rework how the rarity work, rework alchemy, give options to make unique items / heirlooms with special names and properties, tweak decays on enchants (while removing the hard-coded shattering risk) to rebalance a custom market VS bulk ones and so on.. Maybe the game need to evolve toward a F2P model. With some items (or materials) that can only be obtained via micro-transaction, tradeable premium gems, the ability to mail anything (including sleep powders) and improving players customization / unique design (i won't elaborate here). The RMT trade aspect of the game was always something important here. But so many changes (or truth) rendered some items(self destroying fountain containers - flood of spyglasses), characters (windows of opportunity), skills (SD anyone) worthless. This raise one question, do we want to play a market that is crashing at full speed OR a game where trading is a valuable mechanism for players and the game funding itself.
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    Do me a favor; go to your nearest foodbin; pull out a stack of 64 hearts, combine them all, and then re-do this gif with the resulting product :DD
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    Yes, that is what I am asking for. I would like a dev to answer me with facts, not a player make smug comments based on his own assumptions. Also, I am unsure if you are familiar with deed settings but on my deed, that I pay for and manage, nobody is going to come along and build dirt or other types of walls under my bridges. And seriously, if they do it to bridges not on deed, imagine how they will be branded griefers by the wurm community. I fail to see why everything always has to come back to "let's not allow players more creativity as it will lead to more griefing". It rarely if ever does. There are so many ways players can already use game mechanics to grief, for example, they can put gates across the entrances of your bridge and block your access that way. Can it happen? Sure. Does it happen often? No. Should we also stop players from building gates at bridge entrances as you are scared someone may block your access on a bridge you built? That being said, IF bridges are allowed to start at sea level or ten above, like we are requesting, for any length of bridge, and you, on your own deed, that YOU pay for and manage, still choose to make 80 high dirt walls to start your bridges, feel free to do so. But please stop telling other players, in a sandbox game, that everyone should play like you do. Also, please note that that as far as I can tell, the bottom floor of a house is 33 high, the next (and all after that) are 30 each. If you want to start a bridge from the top of a house, as things currently stand, you need either 17 dirt plus on top of the dirt two storeys to equal 80 high, or three storeys, which are 33 plus 30 plus 30 (93) to start the bridge at sea level. Now, you don't need this height clearance if you build a bridge above 80 above sea level. You can start any bridge above 80 dirts above sea level, straight from the ground. Your argument is that they don't want people to place tall stone walls under the bridge as the wall will stick through the bridge and obstruct your path. However, any bridge built higher up than 80 above water, don't need any clearance under it. For this reason, you cannot build any fence under the bridge if the fence won't fit. Your argument about tall stone walls needing to fit, is moot as it won't allow you to build a fence, any fence, under the bridge, if it won't fit. And speaking of tall stone walls, if I have to venture a guess, they are about 36 high. Look at this picture below. On the left is a tall stone wall. On the right is a bottom floor of a house (33, note how the tall stone wall is slightly higher) and the next floor of the house (another 30, the right hand side totals 63 high): If we are talking about having built heaps of bridges, we helped build or built ourselves, two double marble bridges over stretches of ocean, both of these bridges span about 200 tiles each. One consists of flat bridges connected via dirt piers, the other of arched bridges connected via dirt piers. We also built four bridges ringing our deed, two are stone, 29 tiles long each, and two more, connecting very high dirt walls with the bridges long bridges, via houses. We also built a double wide marble bridge called Rainbow Road, which was featured in the news section not that long ago. We built and adjusted numerous shorter bridges between houses and over moats. And we poofed a long-as exceedingly high bridge in front of another deed as the stupid houses it connected to, kept throwing us off our carts and the 80 high dirt walls we tried to replace the houses with, blocked our whole view of the ocean. We then replaced this one long bridge with three small garden style bridges, to not impede our ocean views. I do not believe players should be worried about asking stuff they would really like to see in game, because they are scared that the devs would then have to choose to either do the player requests versus fixing bugs. I believe bugs should be addressed, regardless. However, when the developer of a game asks players for a "plan for a plan" about what would attract new players to game or retain long term and loyal players, long term players should be allowed to voice some suggestions and full well expect that a dev would take the five minutes to respond to one of the numerous threads of frustrated players about why decisions were made, instead of just ignoring us and hoping some random player or a fanboi club member will come along with assumptions to convince the rest of us about why developers made decisions (maybe, perhaps or based on what you think).
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    Welcome to our Garage Sale 2016 I can not update the screenshot at the moment. please refer to the list below to see what's already gone. Starting Bid: 3s for each item 50c min increments You may PM me buyout offers. I will consider any fair offer. Bids are final. Please think twice before you bid and do not retract your bids. Makes it difficult to backtrack the previous bids. THIS LIST IS OUTDATED. PLEASE FOLLOW THE REPLIES FOR THE ACCURATE FINAL BIDS! #01 3.50 Theonis #02 14.50 Arngrim #04 4s Faldor #05 5s KyleBooze #06 6s Vortexxx #07 5.50 soba #08 5s Vortexxx #09 BuyOut #10 5.50 Egard #11 5s Esus #12 BuyOut #13 3s elf #14 3s elf #15 3s elf4 #16 3s elf #17 18s faty #18 5.50 Gofs #19 3s elf #20 BuyOut #21 BuyOut #22 BuyOut #23 BuyOut #24 3.5s Theonis #25 3.5s Theonis #26 3.5s Theonis #27 BuyOut #28 BuyOut #29 3.50 Pandalet #30 3s elf #31 3s elf #32 5s arakiel #33 3.50 Hypamania #34 4s BlackDeathDragon #35 5s arakiel #36 6s Vortexxx #37 5s Rocklobstar #38 5s Rhianna #39 6s Pandalet #40 7s Joeix #41 4s Ondar #42 5s Ondar #43 5s Rhianna #44 5.50 Hypamania #45 7s Joeix #46 6s Hypamania #47 7 Vortexxx #48 5s Mrslady #49 3s elf #50 5.50 Riddic
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    One has to assume some information is correct. If your information is correct and you did not receive a champ point. You did not break the rules and should not have been banned. My entire argument has not been to keep your ban or let you off. It was that IF you had been found guilty, you SHOULD be banned and any proposed rule change should not have an effect on this one instance. Honestly, I do zip with PvP and the entire thing doesn't have any affect on me. I'm just voicing my opinion that future rule changes should not change previous rulings.
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    Chill dude. This isn't the stock market where a brief lack of information might cause someone to gamble all their investments away. Cut 'em some slack.
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    I'm seeing the same thing with many skills, even though my client is set to show 'always'. Sometimes the skill gives me 6 decimal places and other times the same skill shows .000 with 3 decimal places. I've added this to the bug list. Thanks for your report as well.
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    6 months isn't forever. I'm using a MineCraft version (1.7.10) that is almost 2 years old. Curious, what have the dev's added to WU in the past 3 months that is either absolutely essential or wasn't already available from a Mod? From a modders perspective a long term support version is a good thing.
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    take a horse with you or designate one from your wagon team. Hop off the wagon and immediately lead the horse, go chop trees and if you get in trouble or see trouble get on horse an kite it away or to guards. There really is no reason to have plate armor early on as it is more a death trap until you can actually stand and fight. I can pickup over-aged tree wearing plate and i know Jaz can, but wearing plate in the middle of the forest without a horse is what i would call lunchbox mode for all but the highest FS not to mention extremely expensive. If you cannot kill a troll on foot wearing good chain then plate on ground is almost instant death and severely damaged armor. *But* if you will spend a few solid days working on WC properly then you will be able to pickup an over-aged tree with full plate too (dont rem what str that would be). I.E cut them down with high ql or woa if possible (dont waste sleep bonus, and low ql is terrible for skill gain cutting down trees especially since you have to go from tree to tree), fill up a wagon, take them to safe place (leave in wagon) active sleep bonus and preferably a mid (if low skill) to low ql hatchet (if higher skill) with highest coc you can get and chop up everything in the wagon (it will drop on ground unlike when chopping in your inventory) making sure to never deplete your stam, you will need i think 3 bsbs, one "good" ql the other two for everything else. WC seems to be the fastest str gain of all i have tried. -1 to load, you can probably take off your armor, cut a log off, call it a name, rename it to that, drop it, pick up the now smaller felled tree, put it in the wagon, put your armor back on before load finishes. Better to have a single chest in wagon you dump armor and tools you dont need and run around naked chopping trees, as naked you can at lease get away enough to get to wagon or horse to go back to the wagon and get armor/weapons. Personally i take my armor off anyway, just in my inventory because i hate walking slow. Occasionally a troll will sneak up and tag me, i just get on my horse don my armor, heal if needed, and i will be tea-bagging said troll in a few minutes, i may even be pissed enough to go look for his family
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    What an interesting side effect. Last time I started the game like that it would not let me start more then one client, perhaps there have been some changes since then. The ability to add the app id in a txt file is provided by Valve so that devs can start/test their games before launch. Normally the app id is set by steam when the game is launched, it looks however like the default behavior is to look for the txt file first when initializing the api. A quick search indicates that there is several developers that dislike this behavior so there is a possibility for it to change in the future. You should be careful however, since this is a feature designed for devs that is commonly misused by cracked games, there is a risk that if Steam has a way to detect it that you might get caught in a purge and be banned. We have no reason to dislike it however, it's not like it's all that difficult for a modder to remove all steam checks in our java code as it is, mostly we use the steam api to get access to their master servers. It is fairly common for other games to have the game delete any app id files to avoid it being used like this, or stop the game from launching at all.
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    Hi folks. In the coming months, perhaps indefinitely, I will not be very active on the forum or in the game. Replies to anything non critical will be rather sparse. Updates to WA will also be small and far in-between. It's all mainly because I'm investing my time into other, more practical projects, as I don't see much point in expanding WA any further. Additionally, I'm dropping any attempts at making WA run on Linux/Mac, as it is going nowhere. If I stick to Windows, I'll be at least able to fix a couple pending issues. I would also like to thank everyone, who helped building WA into it's current feature set. A 100% global + 100% on a single sound should be equal to WA 2 default level. If that's still not enough, you can adjust individual apps in windows sound mixer. Combat Assistant can do that for you.
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    Now that we revived this: Has anyone looked into the WU code on how the rare rolls work? I would be interested in that interpretation.
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    Haha, this reminds me of when people were getting killed because of the push code that allowed you to push people off cliffs.
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    and the fact lead and tin can find a use in the making of stained glass window. *hint hint* new skill + crap metal use.
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    Starting bid: 10s Buyout: 30s Min Bid: 1s Sniper Protection: 1 Hour Buyer pay cod (10c)
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    I'm not interested in changing any rule at this time. What I am interested in is why I got banned. The rule says if I kill a avatar to gain champion points I should be banned, not if you get nothing. There was no rule broken yet I still get ban and de-champed sort that out for me. Edit: The reason I got banned is a GM took a rash action based on no information Enki himself said there was no record of the champ point gained to me. Edit 2 for your more recent post: Why do you assume the OP's info is correct?
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    In many cases it helps to simply search for the acronym in Wurmpedia.
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    wanna buy something? Yeah the game is fun and awesome, everything is so cool. I play about 20 hours a day caus its so much fun man! You will enjoy the game, our community is a blast, all well mannered people and fun. I love this place, booyaaa! Errr wanna buy something? JK, welcome back
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    This. When I first started out a few months ago, I joined an alliance. They gave me a "starter" set of tools & equipment that was all at least ql 50 because they could make & imp it to that in no time flat. At that time I was basically told that it was all skill grinding until I was able to make ~50ql + "stuff". Until then, build your house, dig a ton of clay, chop trees, go hunting and "grind" a skill that I enjoyed doing - or at least wanted to do in the future. Something needs to be done to kickstart the low/mid ql economy. I don't know how. Maybe set it so all "impable" items are created with a low ql? That way low ql items of all kinds will still be useful. Why waste ql90 hull planks when you'll have to improve your boat later... unless you want it to go together faster. You'll still need high ql logs to improve it, but you can go to joe schmoe that just joined and buy 1000 low/mid ql planks to use. You don't have to grind. New guy isn't a slave & you all make out better. This is just a quick thought. I did not put much into it other than to bring a starting point to the table.