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    This is the first part of a series of articles on the "physics and astronomy" of the universe of Wurm Online, trying to describe the structure, dynamics and "laws of nature" of our in-game world . The information compiled here has been carefully researched and discussed by a small group of players who call themselves "The Wurm Astronomical Society" (Docterchese, McGarnicle, Valdor, WojorowskiPL and Yaga). Part 1 summarizes all we know about the basic dimensions of the Wurm universe: tiles, distances, slopes and heights. Part 2 is here: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/143679-the-wurm-universe-part-2-time-date-and-calendar/ The most basic unit of measurement is defined by the size of a tile. Tiles are the equally sized squares that the landscape of Wurm Online is entirely composed of. In the 3D world of Wurm a tile can be either flat or inclined, so that one or more of its corners can be higher or lower than the others. In all our calculations we used the following fundamental information, given in the Wurmpedia (http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Tile) : How can we measure distances and heights in Wurm? Originally we tried to use a spyglass, because it displays the distance between the observer and an object pointed to by the crosshairs: Using a spyglass is sufficient to verify the basic unit of measurement (1 tile = 4m x 4m) and to measure linear distances within a reasonable accuracy. However, when it comes to measuring heights it turned out that a spyglass is not quite accurate enough to yield reliable results. Thus we need to use a more precise method: triangulation! This method uses basic trigonometric functions to determine the height of an object. To determine the height H of an object, you define a reference point, take a screenshot (as shown in the example) and measure the angle α between the ground and the top of the object, as seen from the reference point. (As we have no means to measure angles in-game, we need to use a graphics program to determine the angle on the screenshot.) Additionally you need to measure the horizontal distance, which you obtain by counting the number of tiles T (remember: one tile corresponds to a distance of 4 meters). You then get the height H by using this formula: Here is an example: For a distance of 40 tiles (T=160m) we measure an angle of 14°. Thus, our avatar of Magranon would have a height of: H = 160m x tan(14°) = 40m (Please note that the result has to be rounded, due to the immanent inaccuracy of this method.) Here is a list of heights for some arbitrary objects, just to give some examples (sorry, this forum doesn't provide tables): Player character: 1.7m House wall (1 floor): 3.0m (note: the ground floor of a house has a height of 3.3m) Pillar: 5.6m Freedom tower (incl. flag): 25m Colossus: 34m Deity avatar 40m Finally, talking about measuring heights, we must look at another basic unit of measurement used in the Wurm universe: dirts. Whenever we see sloped tiles defining the 3D landscape the elevation of slopes is given in terms of the amount of "dirts dropped". When terraforming the land you use a shovel to dig or drop dirt - you add or subtract one "unit of dirt" with each action of the shovel. Using the method of triangulation described above we can find out how these "units of dirt" correspond to metric units. By dropping dirt we make elevated platforms of various heights, thus creating different slopes. We then position an observer in a pit, so that the eye level is slightly above the ground, and take screenshots: .. Measuring the angles and using the formula given above, we can triangulate the elevation of the platform: .. We obtain the following table (for slopes spanning a single tile): Slope .. Angle .. Elevation (m) ---------------------------------------- 10 ...... 14.0 .... 1.0 20 ...... 26.6 .... 2.0 30 ...... 36.9 .... 3.0 40 ...... 45.0 .... 4.0 50 ...... 51.3 .... 5.0 60 ...... 56.3 .... 6.0 70 ...... 60.3 .... 7.0 80 ...... 63.4 .... 8.0 90 ...... 66.0 .... 9.0 100 ..... 68.2 ... 10.0 150 ..... 75.1 ... 15.0 200 ..... 78.7 ... 20.0 Thus, there is a simple relation between "dirts" and metric units: Using this method it is also possible to determine the height of a player character with sufficient accuracy: We plan to continue this series with the following chapters: "Part 2: Time, Date and Calendar" "Part 3: The planet Wurm (Basic Physics)" "Part 4: Sky and Stars (Basic Astronomy)" "Part 5: Sol and the Moons (Celestial Mechanics of the Solar System)" .... etc...... The articles can also be found in Wurmpedia.
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    As it stands under the current system, Settlement-Manage Settings , we can mark the checkbox for deed guards to "Mark this if you want your guards to ignore aggressive creatures". This is a incomplete permission system and quite flawed. Allow me to argue. We had a funny incident in our deed this week, where about 6 eaglespirits spawned near our deed and one was a champ. You can figure out what happened afterwards just by the number. A couple of tamed horses got killed, and a villager got killed repeatedly by the champ eaglespirit. Needless to say, 5 tower guards couldn't handle the influx of spirits of this number. The annoying part was when I unchecked the box for guards to attack aggressive creatures. Lo and behold, instead of attacking the eaglespirits , our brave spirit templars aggroed on our deed Hell Horses and started slaying them in droves. This shouldn't happen on deeds. Seriously, besides a defence against raiders, what use do spirit templars have against aggressive animals if instead of killing enemy creatures, they just butcher your own hell horses? My suggestion is this. Add a new Reputation Checkbox for each aggressive animal in part. It could look like the rep box for players. For example: Set reputation for Scorpion: -100. (guards will always attack scorps) Set reputation for Hell Horse: +100 (guards will always ignore hell horses) Set reputation for Lava Spiders: -100 (guards will always attack Lava Spiders) Set reputation for Bears: +100 (guards will always ignore bears, why not? some people like bears as pets, etc.) You get the general idea from this list. This could be implemented quite elegantly in wurm and thus help deeds adequately defend against certain types of creatures while not endangering hell horses (which are often a pvp and pve asset). What do you guys think? I find that we really need this feature.
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    Main event deed will be HOS Farm, as seen on the playermade map its located at 4x29y or on the ingame map the coordinates are M8. The deed are easily accessed by water and from Green dog its a 10 min ride via the GD tunnel. Main building are HOS Harbour Workshed. When The event will be held from Thursday the 24th (March) 12.00 cet time to Monday the 28th 12.00 cet time. General info This will be a impalong, you may come and get your items imped up to 70ql, there will be a limit of 5 items or one armour set. This are to make sure we can help as many players as possible. Contests Fishing contest During the impalong there will be a fishing contest, it will end Sunday 12.00 (gmt+1). Only fishing from shore counts. Tourist class (under 20 fishing skill) extra prices will be awarded in this class so dont forget to add your skill when naming your fish. Happy hunting! Winners are: Above 20 Fishing skill: Tamina 97.61ql - JK Wagon + Lantern Renzal 92.89ql - Rare Short Bow + Lantern Isrik 91.51ql - Rare brown bear helmet + Lantern Below 20 fishing skill Ladytiff 95.16ql - 2 JK Kingdom Tall Banners + Lantern Draevon 82.67ql - Turtle Shield + Lantern Serilith 78.48ql - Turtle Shield + Lantern Hand in your fishes to Daash, Cecci, or Mith. The best ql on the fish wins. And if the ql are identical the weight of it will rule the winner. Current impers: Cessi: C/FC/LW Chiqa: BS/C/FC/M/WS Daash: BS/CAS/JS/C Dergen: C/FC Fendir: BS/WS Halebel: BS/C/M/SS Jaz: BS/CAS/PAS/SS/WS Magdegreen: LW MrCoolman: BS/C/CAS/CT/FC/LW/PAS/SS Necroe: BS/C/FC/PAS/SS Odynn: BS/JS/PAS/CAS/WS/SS MissWilc: LW/CT/BS/FC Mith: WS/BS/PAS/SS/C PhatThaiJones: BS/C/CAS/JS/SS/SB Shindar: BS Shrimpiie: CT/LW Steveleeb: C/M BS= Blacksmithing(11) CAS=Chain Armour Smithing(6) C=Carpentry(10) LW=Leather Workong(4) PAS=Plate Armor Smiting(3) WS=Weapon Smiting(4) FC=Fine Carpentry(5) CT=Cloth Tailoring(3) SS=Shield Smithing(6) M=Masonry(3) JS=Jewelry Smithing(3) SB=Ship Building(3) Needed Material 80ql/90ql Steel (Yarnball, Mith) 80ql/90ql Logs (Chiqa, MrCoolman) 80ql Gold/Silver for imping Sacc Items for the Priests 70ql Leather Contributers Yarnball: Logs & Steel Chiqa: Logs Mith: Steel & Lumps MrCoolman: Leather / Logs Prize contributers MissWilc (Rare Bear Helmet)
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    this has been up for about 4 years i have a Teamspeak server on the interwebs and i thought i would open it to the wurmens. only condition is you use your in-game name so we know who you are. TS3 Download address: ts.beautifulsunset.net no pass the server is currently set to 100 slots Enjoy Status/orignal post post Edit: If people want there own village channel leave me a message and i will make it when i see it.
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    You're not really after a discussion, you just want to fuel the "PvP vs. PvE" arguments again since it's been quiet on that front for a while. Shame on you, seriously.
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    As topic says let there be a chance that a wild animal becomes domesticated when taming it. If it becomes domesticated , no longer will be counted as tamed. Then you would be able use it as a regular horse or any other animals that doesnt need taming to be lead or hitched, age shouldnt matter in this case. Maybe the chance should be very low like getting a supreme.
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    If you need it explained for you then i am not sure it would do much good. Seriously go sit down and think about it and if you cannot figure it out then there is no help for you. Hint: wurm is not single player
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    Will planted items on deed lose being planted also? While I understand the off deed idea. On deed, planted should always be planted.
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    +1 Posted on behalf of the Save Creatures from Random Evil Attack Mutants (Scream) committee.
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    It's bizarre that we've even been having these conversations at all. I thought it was pretty universally understood that cheating in games is bad and ruins the fun for everyone else. Like, we're talking kindergarten-level social skills, here. And especially now that WU is released, cheaters can skip as much of the game as they want without harming anyone. Yet people are still demanding to be able to do it on the WO servers? The selfishness is unreal.
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    There was no nutrition in the game back when I started and it was a lot more enjoyable that way. I would honestly cheer them on if they decided to remove nutrition entirely.
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    Great idea, will help get rid of all the junk littering each and every server. With the mention it should happen OFF DEED only. On deed, nothing should go unplanted, regardless of ql and/or decay level.
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    It's great that we have developers that want to add new things and work on the game in a volunteer capacity but its quite obvious they have no intention of thoroughly testing their changes before forcing us, the paying customers, to endure their mistakes and test for them whether we want to or not. In other games where development is not a hobby or a game in and of itself, for instance Ultima Online, they at least follow these steps: 1. Develop ideas and test them themselves. 2. Announce changes and document them thoroughly for player consumption, every change no matter how significant. 3. Make the changes available to test on a test server that actually promotes player testing, maybe a week or more. 4. Make the changes available to test on 2 or 3 out of 15+ production servers for further testing, usually for a week. 5. Release the changes on all live servers and update the patch notes with every new change as a result of the testing. Here are a couple of easy things that can be implemented immediately and later improved: 1. Encourage Wurm's paying customers to participate in testing changes on a test server by rewarding players with sleep bonus on their main accounts. Easy and free. Have the changes available to test for at least 48 hours, the weekends would be a good time for this. 2. Document, document, document every single, I repeat, every single change you make to the code and make those changes available on the public forums before the changes go live and recap the extent of those changes and tweaks to them after they go live.
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    Can we lock this thread too? Another moot and pointless question. The OP is obviously trying to insult everyone with his antics, and defending the idea of cheating whilst doing so. Total crap.
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    I think you would get more player participation if you used a constructible portal for the server based ones that players can use to get there from wherever they are at. Edit: Rift has to be activated by the player that found it before the portal would work and an event message would broadcast when the rift is found/opened so everyone on the server knows one was found and is open.
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    Since a lot of people build coastal roads or bridge piers which consists of large stretches or tiles of exposed clay, and yet we cannot pave or cover it, please consider this option: Allow wurmians to change the very top consistency of the clay tile into something more user friendly. One example may be when you make a a campfire on top of said exposed clay tile, the clay tile will be baked into a pottery type cobble tile. This tile acts exactly like normal paved tiles, i.e. it does not decrease speed (like clay would), and it can be removed like normal cobble via a dig action with a shovel. Pottery cobble should have a different graphic to normal cobble or other types of paving so it can always be recognized as clay. It does not become dirt or sand but remains clay underneath the top layer of hardened pottery shell, and we can also plan and build a house on it.
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    Hmmm... From what I have read it seems we need to ask devs to NEVER give away anything as it seems moaning and complaining is in human nature...
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    *lounges on his Wednesday morning Knarr and sips 90ql wine* Oh dear I believe the peasants are revolting.
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    My thoughts: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vITEC7jweYBMvTI9ABOwD-fddIa9iP4Cc8Sj9Rve_Vs/edit Fixing the economy should wait until Wurm is out of the red-zone. We've only just recently bottomed out of the Wurm Unlimited exodus, it would be a mistake to implement any controversial changes that could start the freefall of accounts again - before we've even had a chance to recover.
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    We've been patiently waiting for the new horse skins to be fully implemented and since Christmas is here and we'll soon be advancing to a new year, I thought it would be nice to finally share how the skins look. (besides anyone could technically test them out, as the graphic files are already in our build anyhow) So as not to compleeetely forget this topic, how would you all like a little sneaky peak? :-) Blood Bay Ebony/Jet Black Piebald Pinto Five Shades of Grey A herd of horses
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    Another minor/large update today removed most of the remaining movement lag. Sleep bonus was awarded for these last days of extra downtime. Proper checks were added to make sure altars can only be used on ground. More smelting tweaks.
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    Java browser plugin is dead since years already, and Oracle confirmed this +/- 1-2 years ago when they applied very strict security restrictions on it. This was just matter of time, and good thing that this finally happens. Desktop/server Java is fine and will be good for at least next few decades. I am more worried about JNLP future (it allows to launch Wurm from the website and single small file at the moment) - Oracle is not really happy with it as well.
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    Whoever decided SD and therefore HFC was important, was either the greatest prank ever pulled in Wurm, or the best sales pitch by a farmer who needed to sell a ton of veggies
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    High nutrition will give you a maximum skill gain bonus of 5%, while low nutrition gives you a maximum skill gain penalty of 5%. Nutrition between 40 and 60 will not give any bonus or penalty. There is still a bonus to having over 60 nutrition. There is just no longer a 5% loss to people who can't or won't feed themselves. So if you're a crafter I would say that it's very worth it just for the extra bump in skill gain.
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    I think you're being a little bit unfair. Your comment would have more validity if the ebony black would have among the least voted colors, but if you look at the current results, it's literally the #3 choice if you consider the two pintos identical other than color. So I'll have to disagree about "screwing the rest of the community". Something I'd like to point out: I offered to make some skins for free. I was told I could. I personally offered to set up a poll. I was not asked to, nor was it suggested to me. So at the end of the day, I could have pretty much gone ahead and made any kinds of skins I'd have liked without anyone batting an eye. But I wanted to also consider what you guys would like as well and thus set this poll up. This was not any official poll by the developers, instead merely a fan of the game offering to do some skins for free and just curious to see what others would like. I am not a developer of the game, I owe the community nothing at all. After seeing the most popular choices, I based my decision on three things: the popularity factor, the practicality factor and lastly my own wants as well. The devs were absolutely fine with my choices and there was no negotiations on which colors to do. I then went to work putting all the love and effort I could into modifying the existing skin to accommodate the chosen colors. Wasn't paid by anyone, instead spent a considerable amount of my personal time to offer them for free. So we could either have the scenario of continuing with the same old colors, or else getting 3 new bonus colors as a "gift" from a fan of the game. And I'm told I'm screwing the community over as thanks for that. *shakes head in disappointment*
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    Why so angry? It's his server that you're being allowed to use for free.
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    If everyone can basically do everything after a while you don't have an economy, that's right. Talking to vet when I moved into an area went like this for me: Vet: Hey welcome to the area. We are also close to opening a market! Me: Cool, what do you need for your village? Anything I can make you'd buy? Vet: We are sort of self sufficient and don't look to buy stuff. Me: How can I buy from your market if there's nothing I can sell to make money? Just can't work in my book unless you expect new players to buy their way into the game with real cash subsidizing the free play of vets?
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    I'm thinking about adding a previous version branch for the client, would help a little. We are also looking into adding some more version data sent from steam to the client so that it can verify before connection and either filter out or just gray out servers that are not the same version as the client. I'm guessing it would be preferable to see a server as unavailable due to version mismatch then connect to instant crash. Generally it is only a problem when we change the message protocols, been lots of those recently so I understand the frustration.
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    10h of sleep bonus not good enought?
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    Hello forum mods? I mean I literally never thought this would stya open for as long as it has but perhaps the forum mods need to be reminded of their own rules " C ) You may not discuss, post items or links on religion, pornography, illegal drugs or the abuse of such drugs, game exploits, macros, or disallowed game practices as per the game rules. " How this thread EVER got to 4 pages is absolutely beyond me...
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    Macroing is banned, the end. You are loosing your money if you are caught, if you are not caught you are devaluating the whole market, be it accounts, skills or items. Macroing is bad and you should feel bad. And I'm not a nerd, I'm a god.
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    Please this! Also, will there be a fix to moving planted items on deed? My mayor and my permissions alts have rights to move planted items. But currently, that only works on the items they planted. If someone else planted something on my deed, I can't move it. I have to empty it, pick up and replant. Please fix this, before mucking about with other aspects, which will break more things. On deed, on Freedom, things should be sacred and safe. We should not be looking over our shoulders every minute for things decaying, becoming unplanted and creatures being killed in our fences. Don't let pvp mechanics bleed into Freedom. When Devs say "hurry and imp/repair all your planted items, because we don't know how soon this update is coming"..... that is the absolute stupidest thing I've ever heard. Some people have massive deeds and hundreds of planted items to check now. Things like this and the horrible decay issues make it apparent Code Club wants us to go minimal. Shrink deeds to smallest size and not get too invested in the game.
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    I believe this is due to Wurm's skill and crafting system - nothing can be done by the players to change that, and with the new starter gear crafted middle-ql gear has been made even less useful. I've said it a couple of times: Wurm's difficulty curve is upside down. It's difficult at the start and gets easier you higher in skill you go - it should be the other way round: reasonably easy at the start and more difficult as you go up. In my opinion this cannot be fixed in the current game, it would need a complete restart.
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    Harvesting with a rake gives you farming experience, harvesting without one ("by hand") gives nature experience, so there's the difference.
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    CC does not have the staff to do extensive testing, nor does it have the player base to help out too on the test server.
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    So for filling of lamps and now fireplaces automatically within a 24 tile perimeter on deed we have the huge oil barrel. This barrel will hold up to 2,250kg's of liquid. Impressive isn't it, what I don't understand is why this mechanic is limited to olives. If you wanted to fill the barrel with olive oil you would need to harvest 12,500 olive tree's, that is assuming each olive tree has a olive during olive season. Chances are, maybe 2 out of 3 olive trees will bear this little fruit and then you must turn this olive into oil, so depending on your skill the amount of olive tree's needed to harvest to fill this barrel to the top could well go beyond requiring a person to harvest 20,000 trees. Don't forget that making olive oil use's the beverage skill, for oil that is not actually used as a beverage. Is this wurm logic at its best? What we need is an alternative fuel, one that is more readily available year around such as tar, and a means to turn this tar into oil and in-turn giving us more options for filling lamps and huge oil barrels. Save the olive's for compass building and of course the martini.
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    As I'm obviously below the intelligence of the average person the wording of the rules must of confused me. " C ) You may not discuss, post items or links on macros, or disallowed game practices as per the game rules." obviously the average person would read that and see that it meant " You may not discuss, post items or links on macros, or disallowed game practices as per the game rules. Unless you're discussing macros without directing giving out macro script information, however you're allowed to challenge the game rules and troll all that you see fit" Now I'd be tempted to continue argue the point and perhaps even tell you where you can place your condescending attitude. However that would be against the forum rule regarding challenging moderation (Assuming you still enforce that one). Even if we disagree on the semantics of macro discussion, it doesn't change the fact that this troll thread clearly has run it's course and should be locked (even the OP has asked for it to be so some pages back!). Seriously.
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    macros are dumb and dumb people use them the end
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    Ooo! This looks like a great spot to deed! (30 minutes later) This whole damn place is 1 deep dirt and solid rock! Disband. Not a single penny lost. and I wonder if this would look good in the game as it does in my head. GM build it. Looks great! Off to WO to build it. Reset the WU test server instead of bashing it all back down.
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    -1 and while we are at it, remove all player gods from the BL side too, BL only needs one God and that's Lib
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    Sorry but that's not the point. The point is, and what is broken is, there seems to be no way for this to be disabled on servers that are supposed to be customizable. People love to complain Wurm Unlimited is easy mode, and then go on to force easy mode on Wurm Unlimited. That's what's broken about this. Even if it is set as default because apparently life is just too hard for some folks, the option to remove this should at the very least be functional.
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    I think what hes getting at... is that his server has starting weapon and armor disabled. BUT the people are still spawning with it. NOTE: This is in the WU section not WO.
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    Tired of these whiny epic players who cry constantly on freedom about how long it takes to get everything. If you want SOTG put in the time and train for it like everyone else here has done. It is something anyone can get, so I do not see the problem with it. If you don't like it, the epic portal is that way ---> don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.
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    Incorrect for wood.. they only require one floor below and the wall can be wood. For stone/marble it has to be stone walls for two floor below. Rope bridge height above water is there so the sag does not end up under water. The heights for longer bridges above water level are there as it looked wrong, so in theory could be changed, if Saroman lets me. would be nice to remove the restriction as many people use bridges for decoration on their deeds. I've no idea how high a bridge has to be to let all boats sail under, and of course would be 2 values...one to sail under and one to sail under without clipping the bridge. You can dig/dredge under any bridge but not next to a support. You can drop dirt under a bridge so long as enough space would still be there after, and it would not alter the height next to a support.
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    No this doesn't defeat its purpose. What is does is allow those who want to take the responsibility upon themselves to monitor the Event tab for these types of messages, that the Devs have decided that No!, they are not capable of doing so. Reminds me of the old mass-punishment system where all pay the price for the unacceptable actions of a few. What even is the purpose of these messages flashing on the screen disrupting game play anyway? I take it this is because some were making the excuse that they didn't see "important" Dev messages so they didn't know that they shouldn't be taking certain actions? I suggest that you rethink this and allow responsible individuals the option to eliminate these flashing nuisance messages on their screens. =Ayes=
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    Oil doesn't make sense. There's a woodpile (and a woodbasket?) next to the fireplace - make it so we can drop a decent amount of logs in those (make the woodpile into a container for logs), and let the guard keep the fire alive from that, not from a barrel of olive-oil...
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    https://github.com/ago1024/WurmClientModLauncher/releases/tag/v0.3.3 Version 0.3.3 Transfer annotations to map loaded from serverpacks