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    This man called Xallo Is a mighty fine fellow. Makes his own sailboat, Improves his drake coat. But although Chas is calling, His wife will not stop bawling. Afraid to cross over He is a pushover. Xallo, what are you doing? From this mountain we are viewing The path that you will sail If you choose not to bail.
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    How about paying just once and not having to pay for premium every month
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    Since it was archived, I thought I'd repost this request from 2011 http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/37172-please-make-enchanted-grass-preserve-flowers/ "In the same way using Enchant on a tree to create an Enchanted Tree preserves the tree model, it would be lovely if Enchanted Grass did the same for flowers. " I will add, per Othob's suggestion, that Enchanted Flowers be a more vibrantly coloured, with higher density, and very little grass (lawn texture, perhaps?) so that they stand out. That is all.
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    How many times casters have been asked how secure they were, how many of us told our clients / friends that we have high channeling, SD (sic...), faith bonus or whatever we though would be safe. And here, straight from the code the truth : if (power < -target.getQualityLevel() || (power < 0.0 && Server.rand.nextInt(100) == 0)) { performer.getCommunicator().sendNormalServerMessage("The " + target.getName() + " emits a strong deep sound of resonance, then shatters!"); Server.getInstance().broadCastAction("The " + target.getName() + " shatters!", performer, 5); Items.destroyItem(target.getWurmId()); Nothing is safe, all our thinking and hopes are shattered away by some randomness. Your skill or the item QL doesn't matter, if your number is rolled, your item dies, as simple as that on a failure. What i suggest is simple, just remove that tiny bit of the code : " || (power < 0.0 && Server.rand.nextInt(100) == 0))", working toward safer cast, spending time to improve items, trying to do your best should be rewarded, not punished for no others reasons than "randomness". No others skill in wurm decide out of the blue that your item will dissapear if you fail to polish it, or wash it for example. Some will say shattering is needed for balance, it's a risk VS reward thing. No, no and no. It's a risk when you want to cast on low QL items, agreed, not when the game decide that your 99 QL items have 1% chance of dissapearing at 99 skill. There is no balance when you cast bulks tools / weapons, you can afford to loose something which cost you nothing, but you can't on something you invested time / money / feelings and want that special 90+ cast which will take hundrens if not thousands of tries. We should be able to prevent shattering, and that's where the first part of the code is interesting (or the whole code if you check it on WU) since the QL of the item and how bad your priest is matter. Improve your priests skills, improve your items, repair them when they take damages, let us aim for something higher and better but do not punish us, players and customers, for no reasons. Remove this nonsense and make channeling in line with the others skills like you did in the past, by removing the destroyed items parts on creation failure, or the scale/hide loss recently on armor creation.
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    I always had a dream about making something big so i had Odynn to keep Calmport at ingame map T19 up and not disbanding, Finally i started building it, it dont perhaps seems so much, but the plan is to build a large marble bridge out to a made island out in the water, dont sound as much but i want to make a light house there and 3 Colossus, 1 looking East 1 Looking South and last towards West. the light house ill gonna try match the Colossus height if possible in middle of theese 3 ones, i will Dye them all, with highest possible rgb i can make, South will be Blue for sure, East and West i need suggestions, and ill prefeer rather easy colors, dont wanna do a dark purple or a orange one. I have started my Project with help from Odynn and Gemfinder and when the building towards Marble bridge and Colossus starts ppl are all free to help and be apart of it. Will post some pictures of area we do and are at, it will take some time before i can start building / raising island. Just got up a 100% work area. Ill keep posting and have ppl updated, i know many ppl are busy theese days and so on, But this is a fun project i am inviting ppl to join as soon i fixing the road - farm area and have calculated how much mats i really need, but ill gonna make this one just coz its a challenge. We started to work 2016-01-15 and we did this: Some Hours Later we was another point and i had started relocating mine entrence coz its in way of road leading here. ( u ppl know me and colors ill like them ^^ ) And when i logged of and posting this it looks like this, Relocated mine entrence abit flooded but concrete fix that part, Spirit castle up and courier 95 so now we can work more efficiently.. as it so far it dont look that special, but from that point where the marble braziers are i want to extend with a bridge need to plan and redo some, in my mine i got 6 uncovered marble veins so its enough ill should guess, ill try to keep this updated. And we have a added member to project Yggrasil, My irl friend Redreamer that started play this game and Really like it. Gone awhile now and i had a hdd chrash i lost all pics + new update had my buildings go poof with out any clue why, But my Shrine i am Built inside mine is still there and currently rebuilding castle, Some new pics, and i been busy with other projects aswell so it takes time. My Own made Shrine area, 6 diffrent light sources to get that effect. Harbour current State Sorry about mess still fixing: And Whole area atm:
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    All blacksmith items come at 80ql and are CoD. Unfinished can be picked up at G17 Indy or delivered. Rare File - (Many Left) - 7s Rare Awl - (Many Left) - 7s Rare Rake - (Many Left) - 7s Rare Trowel - (Many Left) - 7s Rare Stone Chisel - (Many Left) - 7s 1x Rare Unfinished Trash Bin - 5s 1x Supreme Unfinished Spirit Mansion (wood) - 15s sold: Thanks, Enjoy.
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    Hi! I want auction a shining 70ql rare gravestone with green dragon hatchling corpse 7,22dmg Starting Bid : 8s Buyout: 12s Min. Inc: 1s Sniper Protection : 1hour
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    Something to inspire you all:
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    Before we could sacrifice keys-in-use, I've experienced quite a few times that I could sacrifice a key to a gate as soon as that gate had fallen. So as far as I have seen, locks vanish along with gates vanishing, they don't fall on the ground and stay around (never found one laying on the ground where a gate was before either). So a two-step sacrifice should indeed be well possible as far as I can see.
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    After all the great help we had at our Xan impalong froom the Deli crowd I must return the favor. WS/BS/Car/FC/Mason and possibly a few more things by then.
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    Hi everyone! Welcome to the second edition of weekly news for 2016! This week has been fairly quiet in regards to upcoming updates, a lot is being worked on, but unfortunately little is near enough to completion to show. After all, teasers are fun, but no one likes waiting too long! Patch notes First Person Wurming The unstable client now has a special First Person Mode, currently consisting of allowing you to look around with the mouse without left clicking, that turns off when opening windows such as your inventory or containers. We're looking at adding default context sensitive actions to this feature too, meaning chopping a tree is as simple as left clicking a tree tile with a hatchet activated! While we're looking at actions we can add, we do not have a deadline as to when they will be ingame, so watch this space! Wurm bridges are falling down!... Sorta. After a few threads questioning the height requirements for bridges, I inquired into these limits and potential changes. The reason for these limits are mostly to do with making sure that the support models look right, so, naturally, we've tried removing them. The test server has bridge requirement heights on arches removed, so please jump on and make sure they work properly, if all goes well, we can get the limit removed ingame! Danger Will Robinson! Sick of missing messages in the event log? Soon you won't have to! Erik is working on displaying important messages in the center of your screen, meaning easier notifications for you, and better results, check the image for an example. If you have any ideas for messages you'd like to see displayed here, let us know! Your ranch is HOW big? Often We all wonder just how many animals of one type there are on a server. In order to sate my curiosity, I snuck into the server rooms with my trusty abacus, and I found out some crazy facts! Xanadu has almost 16000 named horses. There is only one bred pig on desertion Only one percent of the bison on affliction are bred Independence has over three and a half thousand tower guards Someone on Release is breeding mountain lions Xanadu has over 500 merchants Elevation has more hens than any other server bar Xanadu Deliverence has more bred dogs than any other server bar Xanadu There is only ONE seal cub on Xanadu Definitely interesting, definitely odd, that's for sure! Weekly Artworks This weeks screenshot(s) come courtesy of the Wurm Unlimited artwork page, where NESGamepro has decided to put his talent to use. The first screenshot is a slight alteration of Edvard Munch's "The Scream". You can see a Wurm bridge, as well as a knarr in the background. The second artwork, is, well, odd. We choose not to ask too many questions, but all hope that NESGamepro is okay. That's it for this week folks! I'll be popping ingame from time to time to check up on you all, and as usual, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to get in touch! Until then though, keep on Wurming! -Retrograde Community Relations Coordinator
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    Sorion, Mandow, they have been sent: [15:18:20] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
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    Ha cheers for the heads up Vortexxx, but I don't want the tea for the mysterious, questionable, mythical buff... I just want to be able to have a cuppa lol
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    Bids added Faldor, thank you, CoD will be done if you win the auction. EDIT: Minimum Increase - Decreased to 1s Regards
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    Mining used to be a lot worse (a LOT longer timers, no keybinds and on JKH there were no ore veins above ql50) but people still did it. The problem isn't the mining itself because it's no less boring than any other skill, personally I find it better than many, the problem is that a LOT of people abuse new players as slave labour for obtaining vast amounts of ore. PS. It was a lot better before the random sloping was introduced to mining. It sucks to spend 50 actions on a wall to have the floor end up crooked. Imagine if the same went for digging: You're trying to dig a nice slope and the shovel randomly decided to dig 2-3 digs more than you're pressing. Ugh. The ones who suffer the most from the random sloping are the newbies, since 50 actions for one single wall takes a lot longer - so no. Just remove it, we were fine before it was introduced. It doesn't add anything to the game.
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    Well now that I know it is a bug and not just something on my deed that I could do something about, I went ahead and dismissed the templar for now. I'll rehire after the bug is fixed. He's completely useless as-is, (as opposed to next-to-useless as he was before, hehe). Once he's fixated on something in the mine, he won't respond to anything else and there's no "alert" in events when something else comes on deed. And while he's busy spamming local, all excited about a large rat, the trolls and hell hounds are coming on deed unannounced anyway and making themselves at home. lol. It's the same as having no templar at all, except for the local spam and I'm paying for it, so I figure I'll wait till they're working again. I do kinda miss having him around though. He was great as a Yip Dog to let me know when there was a troll or croc lurking about so I could go rescue him from them.
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    Nice package, but im not sure the toons and package are going to be a hot buy together. I honestly think your better off selling seperate. The toons are not worth a very lot and would be picked up by players looking for decent alts or a starter priest. The t Supremes will sell all by themselves and honestly you will probably make the bulk of your sale between thise items alone. And single sale of then could help drive up the final sale price if them. I am only interested in the drake set. As a lot, i think 500+ is actually over valued. Id put the lot at around 400ish. Good luck with the sale if you change your mind and look to part it out let me know.
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    Critical appreciation of the Poem: One of the great works of Vinius himself. We observe how the writer mentions the protagonist and his struggles to reach a far away land. We also learn how in his absence the kingdom struggles to keep pace and fight the challenges. On the other hand the poet is very clear about how this majestic warrior fought in past. Well we could easily say this is among, one of the best works produced by Vinius. Though we see his lack of poetry experience and the words used in the poem are of normal English origin. Thus the writer does not use words from other languages or the Elizabethan English but he gets the job done. Overall we observe, use of normal rhyming scheme with poetic justification and a question in the end. The vision that the poet gives in the end leaves the audience wondering how this all will and end and how the choices made by the lead character affect the fates of others. Good work of Wurm literature and must be preserved in the Hall of fame.
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    Red Dragon Hunt on Sklotopolis
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    The new permissions screwed with a lot of things, Not sure if this one has been fixed, But if you create a role for someone and they build fences on you're deed, The mayor can not destroy the fences, There is no option for it.
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    What i love about Wurm Unlimited? How chill and fun everyone is and not stingy old grumps
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    Even the mayor of a deed can not lock pick/bash anything locked by someone else on the deed, this is for freedom.
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    Selling this toon, bit low for your requirements but has potential https://niarja.com/skill_compare/Lusti Looking for 40e Comes with Corbita and Enchanted tools and a 50ql gold chain set.
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    1s and we have deal
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    I was told about two months ago by CA that lock picking is not enabled on freedom on anything you don't own. Not sure if CM or GM is wrong in this case or if OP musunderstood.
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    Just thought of another one, but its a biggie. I love the fact that I don't have to lock anything up. I don't have to deal with all the permission stuff. It's all.. just.. MINE.
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    -1 Don't feel like explaining "why". Also for obvious reasons.
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    I would tell you, but then I'd have to kill you
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    I like your idea with storage access points that has different looks. It would function the same as a huge bank and would make it much easier to manage and keep track of items on the deed. But if the devs don't want totally abstract storage space what if you could access a list of all the bsb in house by just clicking open on the floor or wall of the house? Then you can have a storage room behind a door somewhere and not have to walk around in rooms filled with bulk bins. Or make storage accessible through one of those storage access point furniture you suggested. Instead of deed wide storage it would be tied to each house. There could also be a crane like structure that function like an immobile vehicle that you can embark and load up with as many crates as a caravel and use it as part warehouse. They had cranes in medieval times and it would look great at the docks. I´m just throwing out ideas so that devs know where to start. I really want better storage options.
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    Oh wow... What a sad start, my thoughts are with his family and friends, and those of our alliance who have lost a truly amazing companion. Schwanke couldn't sit still for more than 5 minutes, always complaining that something hurt and that he'd have to leave to do something else, and always complaining that whenever he could sit still, there was no-one in game to chat to. He seemed to hate chairs; times like this Rolf should work with Facebook to bring Wurm to the Occulus Rift! <Pat> I miss the æsthetic of having dipthongs in English... blasted Yanks ruining our language, making people lazy... <Schwanke> A dipthong is someting you wear at the beach. <Marni> lmao <Pat> Trust me, I don't. <Schwanke> It covers up your dangling participle. Rest in peace.
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    I'll probably bring my priests to and then can have a shatter competition
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    coming from a person who's shattered a few scale pieces on multiple occasions, it's really not that bad.
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    Let's be honest here, most of us have been playing since pre-launch. Wurm Online started up 10 years ago, and for the niche game it is it has had a pretty good run so far. Now to the realism: how many games do you know that are still surging on strong and increasing their playerbase 10 years after release? Even the king as it were, World of Warcraft, only surged for 6 years before it started to see decline. This is the natural progression of video games and technology. Wurm Unlimited was, in my mind, designed to bring more players to the realm of Wurm and to open the door for Wurm to live on after its inevitable demise. I'm not a doomsayer. I won't claim that Wurm is dead, because it clearly isn't, but it is dying. Dying is okay, however, as it is the natural course of everything in life. So stop with the doomsaying. Login, play this game we all love and cherish, and hold onto it while it lasts (and it will last much longer). When the day comes where the official servers are finally shut off (a long time from now), embrace WU and continue to play this unique title. Just to clarify, I do not believe Wurm Online is dead, or anywhere close to dead. I do believe it is in decline, and rightfully so as it has been around for many years and everything goes through that process at one point or another. Wurm Online is a fantastic game and won't die anytime soon.
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    We really could use starter towns better. Make them new player training grounds, much like the Wurm Academy settlements that have popped up on different servers. Mayor positions should be applied for, like a CA or Forum Mod. Make the starter deeds huge. Always have resources near and if the town fills up, show it on the "teleport to starter town" list when you make a new character. Make the tutorial have some strong advice to join the starter town right off the bat. I really hate seeing starter towns on Xanadu, just looking like a ghost town.
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    If availability of Iron is an issue to plenty of people then why not have it so they can rummage through rock shards as well? It can be an alternative to gaining prospecting skill rather than the grind of prospecting tiles for no benefits except skill. The higher the skill, the better the chance of getting an iron rock out of it. Of course the rock would be consumed and it the chance would be decently low at first.
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    I too like to go mountain climbing in the buff. +1 for sure.
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    +1 was good to have without having to carry extra tools or activate other tools
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    We are still hosting sermons while it's under construction stop by and join ! :P
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    Too much conspiracy. Too much doomsday theories. Too much complaining. That's all I'm seeing.
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    Somewhere on the south coast of Xanadu, on the way to the NW impalong there. I thought this looked pretty, even with my majorly sucky graphics settings
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    Chirstmas card from Mol-Rehan Hoppy "Santa(Lisabet), I want to be a real boy!"
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    Pics of my Inn on Xanadu, the bar proved a little disappointing but got the overall feel I was after anyway
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    wurm is known to attract way more people then it retains not a surprise, it requires a special sort of person to enjoy timers online why you think the devs aren't here any more or why WO is dying is beyond me. we just shed the dead weight every now and again. speaking of which... can i have your stuff?