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    Does she have ANY idea of how you build things? Vali's Wife: "Where's the laundry soap?" Vali: "You have to go into the pantry first, where you'll find the key to the garage." Vali's Wife: "So the soap is in the garage." Vali: "Oh I don't know, I just put the key to the garage in the pantry. Enki decides what you get in the garage."
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    heh there wasn't a lot of process per say. I had the rough idea of how I wanted the maze to work, multiple paths that you had to work simultaneously with the courtyard halfway through to bring them all together and then split them back apart. In september I started experimenting with how to create the missions for the doors, and ended up with the very simple method of one mission per door to keep it less confusing for me, and made a few test buildings to see how the whole bridges between structures ended up looking. (decided on wood, all of the others except rope were too tall on the ends, and rope left too much chance of players falling off as they entered the bridge) October we picked the site, and I started to lay out the google doc for it. November we placed the deed, and began building. I set the bottom shell of the structures, enki and logi came along behind me and built the floors and walls up to 4 stories. (a LOT of clicking, even with our GM advantages) Once the shells were in place, I just... started laying out paths... I would travel the maze, planning walls (the only ones i actually built were the doors, oriels, and the occasional window) and building staircases and bridges in the various buildings. Enki followed along behind as he had time and actually built the plain stone walls. Once I had the first half done, and everything connected to the courtyard in the middle, we recruited hestia to try to solve the first part of the maze. (thats when she said : " I take back anything nice I EVER said about Spellcast ") After a few days, as I finalized the paths for the second half of the maze (some of which were quite long because I was running out of usable space in some of the buildings for branching paths) I took pity on her and gave her the map, and asked her to help decorate the rooms where the solutions could be found. The ones that are pretty and full of decor are hers... the very basic ones with minimal decoration are the ones i did...... After that it was just a matter of creating the missions and triggers for the doors and the final room chests. Enki went around and put the little side things to find wherever he found a nice dead end, and hestia decorated stuff for me. After the mess in december I about cried. Thankfully I was able to get the buildings to (mostly) remember what floor players are on when they log out. (there are still a few spots in a couple of the buildings where it doesn't remember right... very frustrating) Learned a lot from building this one, and watching players solve it. I will probably do another one in the future, not anytime soon however. Real life is going to take priority for at least the next several months... My wife has had a bad back all her life, and it is getting significantly worse lately. I need to renovate the ground floor of my house to change a storage room, pantry and couple of closets into one single bedroom and add a laundry room to eliminate as many stairs as i can for her. (currently our master bedroom is on the 2nd floor, and the washer/dryer in the basement) I may find time to do a couple of small hunts, but it will not be 1 per month unless enki can find time to do some as well. Thank you all for the kind words and constructive criticisms of this event... and I really am glad that you enjoyed it despite the false start in december.
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    We can already make Seryll scythe's in game yet it shows in color the same as normal one..wouldn't it look good to have the red show...ie a bloodscythe!
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    We have requested storage systems many times, since I have been playing. Houses (craft halls) littered with BSBs, chests, rafts, etc. you try to drop another item, but "the floor is already to littered" etc. Stacking crates is great. Big vaults to stuck chests, rats, coffins or whatever would be great. But the new version of this would be a bit like Asheron's call houses, or Ryzom apartments. Virtual storage. Think of a BCSB - Bulk Container Storage Bin. For any passer by, only that storage device would count as an item that has to be loaded into memory. All the containers inside are in their own instance. These BCSBs are ONLY available on deed and are tied to the deed. If the deed expires, the BSCBs and all their items vanish. BCSBs are free, not a paid service like templars. BCSBs would have multiple design choices. Pick one style for your kitchen. Pick another for your forge. Another look for your farm shed, etc. After all, we can afford more variety if we are adding a container that eliminates the need for millions of other containers laying around, hogging precious resources. I'm using Wagons, carts and rafts, to try making my crafting area functional. This is really dumb looking. Some people build ships in their craft rooms. How does this make sense? We do this, because the game has not evolved to meet the needs of the players. This would help players and Code Club both. Virtually eliminate the lag when entering local to a well established area. There is still an issue of too many players causing lag, but we CAN solve item clutter lag.
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    I would like to see the ability to create an adamantine sickle. You can make an adamantine scythe, I don't see any reason for there not being sickles.
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    It's not 80 dirts above ground. I have a fairly long bridge with several supports way up on a hill and that bridge hits the ground at 0 height at the end. But when I went to duplicate the bridge from the terrace to the bottom of the deed, I can't. Why? Because a support needs to be 80 dirts above water. Not 80 dirts tall. 80 above water, even water that is not there. I admit, there are a such thing as Prairie Schooners... but there is not... It's bad enough that we who live on the coast need to pile up to 10 dirts at the bottom of a bridge but to be limited to bridges 5 long and under because supports won't fit is annoying to say the least.
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    Did you notice that since today's restart the items are no more sunk intot the floor? THANKS!!!
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    Rare mooring rope to Aeryck please. I would take all of your rare cordage if you'd go 10c.
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    the whole thing is a mess. from a matter of balance i'd rather see uniques spawn with a pattern, 8 days between goblin leaders, 40 days or more for the tougher dragons. tweak the loot accordingly so we can see more tomes (3 in two years on deli) or make armors without drowning in them as well. On the matter of moon metal, i do think we need to see them on pve, but that would remove one of the pvp incencitive. We will also have those new invasions thingy... so maybe that could be used to add those rewards in.
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    Gone mine done by Jaz in prep for casting, was very fast and the service is always friendly, highly recommended!
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    David Bowie "Lazarus" ( From his last album, released 1/8/2016 ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-JqH1M4Ya8
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    After reading those other threads one thing stands out to me: Despite so many players asking for this change, or at least a reasoning behind not wanting to change it, nobody from the dev team seemed interested enough in what the players were asking, to respond. I am wondering why, in this current situation where Rolf asked us for a Plan for a Plan to not only attract new players but also retain older players, we are not given reasons for why this change cannot be made? Please devs, respond to our questions and tell us why you refuse to change bridges to not need 80 above water even when they are NOT over water? Why do they even need that height clearance over water? Arched bridges, five tiles wide, can be sailed through by any ship, given there is enough depth below the bridge itself. And arched bridges, five tiles wide, need a ten clearance above water... There are many instances where long term and loyal players ask for something and never get any responses back, just being ignored or told "no, because we say so". This is not the way to retain your customers. I am sure most people can understand if the answer to a request is "no", given reasonable explanation as to why, but just being ignored usually irks even the most reasonable of people. Bump to this and all the other requests to change the height requirements for bridges, and a serious request to please respond to us, the playerbase, if you are not going to change it for some reason.
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    It never ceases to amaze me the things people dream up and spout out as fact, the alt killing is hilarious though since I only seem to see that coming from one place good one guys. The real kicker is the constant flow of awesome ideas to fix or increase pvp from the so called pros and the never ending car wrecks that result from them. I can only speak from my own experience but I used to be all over old elevation in every kingdoms territory doing missions providing countless opportunity for pvp and a lot did come from it, enemy servers too .. And then a bunch of these so called wise guys got the place wiped and quadrupled in size which quite frankly killed the fun because I know I don't enjoy traveling for 4 hours just to do something that in all likely hood won't amount to much. Consider exactly who's fault the current state of affairs is for a moment and then ponder a while if this change will honestly reverse things back to doing missions on Ele or enemy servers. I would love things to go back to the way they were, I would love to not be doing stupid home server missions but the cold hard truth is that without doing them then the scenario rewards will be confined to people who have zero interest at all in pvp and the ones who do enjoy it when it's not an outright slaughter will never see a tome. This suggestion won't fix pvp, if you are concerned then maybe try catching some on their server but you don't want to waste all your time traveling either. TL;DR Elevation got messed up and unless you can get the damn thing shrunk back to a respectable size and land formation then nothing is gonna change
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    One way to make the uniques easier to find (except the goblin, it can hide behind a blade of grass) would be to have them wander across the entire map, but leave a trail behind them. The humanoids could leave snapped trees along their route, the dragons could leave scorched trees or bushes. Observant or hunting players would see these and off they`d go on the hunt. The kyklops apparently can`t swim, but look at the size of it, surely it can wade across channels? And the dragons have flight(ish) so nowhere should be offlimits to them (cue knarrloads of people frantically rowing after the oversized lizards) And no instances. Ever. Logging in every Sunday at the same time so I can enter a private instance where I can find a dragon just chilling out until it`s appointed time is up would become boring and utterly meaningless (I`ve yet to stab a dragon, and I want it to be an achievement)
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    My dad would like me to find him a new graphics card for his computer. I am currently in the process of finding him a new one, but the most graphics intense thing he runs is Wurm Online, and I don't think he needs anything too powerful or too expensive. Does anyone have any suggestions for cards that can run Wurm with nice graphics, or does anyone else really only run Wurm and has found a nice graphics card for it? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    They never ever.. ever stop moving unless you move out of range of them. They run around and pack the grass.. and if you don't pen then in 1x2 little pens they all flee and disease each other. I'm certain there are also some lag/fps benefits no not having them roam and roam and act like idiots for hours as well..
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    Rares sells for 2/8s nowadays. Bones due to their rarity goes for 25/30+ s each. The randomness of tomes make them highly valuable, and when a charge sell for 1 to 3g it's utterly silly. Hide/Scale drops are a bit more fair nowadays, the no loss on armor making is helping as well. But still that raise the main issue with uniques, they are way too rare to balance their loot value. This is what i was raising here. Some creatures are by design weak, a small group can take them down without issues and reap the rewards (as long as the RNG is not messing with all of us). Making them respawn more often, and if not found by the end of the timer grow more powerfull with better odds of loot. Those creatures blood can become a component of a better alchemy as well, allowing us to create different imbuing potions with various effects. We can all agree the current situation is badly balanced, but with some tweak and the new features announced it's possible to make something better overall. And for the matter of PvP, i do believe it need a complete rework, be it for their stabbing incencitive, the servers managment, or the end game goal. But that's another story which do not fit with the usual uniques dilemna.
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    I've asked Spellcast about it earlier and all the teleports will work for several weeks - as well as the maze itself.
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    How about highly enchanted, high ql tools for cheap? I can sell you a shiny, spiffy rare pickaxe on the cheap, 90 casts, 94ql, 10s.
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    sure that's fine ill cod it now
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    +1 just for that fact its my main fighting weapon
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    We should really be able to pave over clay. I wouldn't even care if the tile under the pavement is still clay for after the pavement decays or is destroyed. I really hate that clay can't be covered at all (any other tile type that acts the same aswell).
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    adamantine sycthes too! Im pretty sure glimmer acts this way as well. ALL MOON METALS! +1
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    Jaz is fantastic - use him! His service is impeccable. As an aside tho' - what is a tin shovel good for? And what does one do with a lead longsword, 90ql ?
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    If you're using a vehicle you don't own, you can't really expect much.
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    It is with greath sorrow I just found out that David Bowie passed on to other realms. He made a grand exit with his new album:
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    This is really sad and I just found out. Also: QFT
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    Audrel - you are just one of many of us, who are fed up with this - see: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/135807-saroman-please-reduce-min-for-flat-bridges/ http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/135292-call-to-action-bridges/ http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/134838-remove-height-mins-over-water-bridges/
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    What does riding to HotA have to do with building an obelisk in the south east or killing a traitor in the south or cutting a tree at a JK deed in the north east? Deeding close to spawn means an easier time for home guys to find and migrate without traveling on foot for days, not every kingdom hates their entire home server.
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    The Raid Ban on PVP servers initiated on 01/06/2016 is now lifted. We have shown the issues to the Developers and spoken with Rolf about certain mechanics and have most issues that caused this temporary raid ban to be implemented understood and taken care of. Catapults -- Almost all of the information sent to me by players game wide is incorrect! LT + AOSP -- Rolf has looked at it and taken action on it. Impossible structures for defenses -- consult your nearest catapult dealer. and a few we have not discussed publicly... Thank You, Wurm Online Team
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    Edition 4 of the Wurm Chronicles will be posted January 16th, 2016...in other words; this Saturday!!! Small preview:
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    I like it doesn't destroy the clay tiles.
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    I will never forget the first time I made a long journey in a cart to pick some friends up who started playing, it didn't end very well when this guy started chasing me, when I seen that photo for the new passenger position on the wagon it brought back that memory.
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    Forgot to update --- $950 USD has been donated to the cancer center at John Hopkins. I've posted a picture of the confirmation email below. I should receive a letter in a few days, should I also post that for confirmation? Thanks to all of you awesome folk who bought items and/or silver to make this possible. You guys rock!
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    So, since there has been no response, I have had to make 2 short flat bridges, which are shown below - took ages to raise the middle pile (which should not have been necessary) and as can be seen a ship sails quite comfortably under a 40 above waterline flat bridge:
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    I know, this is already fixed and will disappear in next client update.
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    80 high is too often too big and looks out of place. Flexibility to make our homes look good is important. I agree with a 40 minimum.
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    My other question: Why does the 10 height minimum for short bridges exist at all? In order to build a bridge across my bay from my dock, I had to: Raise the land at both ends to at least 10 dirt height (was closer to water, being a dock). Build 1x1 support buildings on each end. Build 3 or 4 tile flat bridges up to those support buildings. Build the actual long bridge between the support buildings. This is especially problematic if any part of it is off-deed, since off-deed buildings will decay even if they're just used as part of a bridge, which does not.
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    Players can do this with sand. Do we have people going around turning the whole map into desert? Not that I've noticed. Priests are powerful enough. We shouldn't need a "spell" to create clay. Come on I think that's a fair compromise. If you want to be able to pave over clay, if you think clay shouldn't be as special, why be apposed to allowing players to create clay tiles?
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    Remove it completely please it's not cute just annoying, especially hunting - you think you finally stumble upon some critters to kill and next thing you know they're all gone...
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    burn coalpiles over clay to harden tile, use a shovel or pick to remove (50 or 100actions) making tile dirt
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    Yes, yes and yes! As I think I've mentioned before, I wonder if setting things on tables could be as simple as changing the way collision works for surfaces such as tables. So make it so that there is no collision between character and table and the character can continue walking "into" tables, however add collision between items and tables. So you walk into the middle of a table and "drop" say a flask. Instead of dropping to the ground, the flask collides with the table and is left sitting on it. Push and pull could be used to adjust as needed. I wonder if that is technically possible? And well we all know how I feel about sitting . I agree fully on that upper level issue. I've thought about it many times what a shame it is that we never actually use our upper levels since they are so tedious to get to. I do love the idea of a ramp. Love the weapon customization idea as well. How exciting it would make weapon crafting!
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