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    We have requested storage systems many times, since I have been playing. Houses (craft halls) littered with BSBs, chests, rafts, etc. you try to drop another item, but "the floor is already to littered" etc. Stacking crates is great. Big vaults to stuck chests, rats, coffins or whatever would be great. But the new version of this would be a bit like Asheron's call houses, or Ryzom apartments. Virtual storage. Think of a BCSB - Bulk Container Storage Bin. For any passer by, only that storage device would count as an item that has to be loaded into memory. All the containers inside are in their own instance. These BCSBs are ONLY available on deed and are tied to the deed. If the deed expires, the BSCBs and all their items vanish. BCSBs are free, not a paid service like templars. BCSBs would have multiple design choices. Pick one style for your kitchen. Pick another for your forge. Another look for your farm shed, etc. After all, we can afford more variety if we are adding a container that eliminates the need for millions of other containers laying around, hogging precious resources. I'm using Wagons, carts and rafts, to try making my crafting area functional. This is really dumb looking. Some people build ships in their craft rooms. How does this make sense? We do this, because the game has not evolved to meet the needs of the players. This would help players and Code Club both. Virtually eliminate the lag when entering local to a well established area. There is still an issue of too many players causing lag, but we CAN solve item clutter lag.
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    I would like to see the ability to create an adamantine sickle. You can make an adamantine scythe, I don't see any reason for there not being sickles.
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    Did you notice that since today's restart the items are no more sunk intot the floor? THANKS!!!
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    Rare mooring rope to Aeryck please. I would take all of your rare cordage if you'd go 10c.
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    the whole thing is a mess. from a matter of balance i'd rather see uniques spawn with a pattern, 8 days between goblin leaders, 40 days or more for the tougher dragons. tweak the loot accordingly so we can see more tomes (3 in two years on deli) or make armors without drowning in them as well. On the matter of moon metal, i do think we need to see them on pve, but that would remove one of the pvp incencitive. We will also have those new invasions thingy... so maybe that could be used to add those rewards in.
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    Gone mine done by Jaz in prep for casting, was very fast and the service is always friendly, highly recommended!
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    After reading those other threads one thing stands out to me: Despite so many players asking for this change, or at least a reasoning behind not wanting to change it, nobody from the dev team seemed interested enough in what the players were asking, to respond. I am wondering why, in this current situation where Rolf asked us for a Plan for a Plan to not only attract new players but also retain older players, we are not given reasons for why this change cannot be made? Please devs, respond to our questions and tell us why you refuse to change bridges to not need 80 above water even when they are NOT over water? Why do they even need that height clearance over water? Arched bridges, five tiles wide, can be sailed through by any ship, given there is enough depth below the bridge itself. And arched bridges, five tiles wide, need a ten clearance above water... There are many instances where long term and loyal players ask for something and never get any responses back, just being ignored or told "no, because we say so". This is not the way to retain your customers. I am sure most people can understand if the answer to a request is "no", given reasonable explanation as to why, but just being ignored usually irks even the most reasonable of people. Bump to this and all the other requests to change the height requirements for bridges, and a serious request to please respond to us, the playerbase, if you are not going to change it for some reason.
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    One way to make the uniques easier to find (except the goblin, it can hide behind a blade of grass) would be to have them wander across the entire map, but leave a trail behind them. The humanoids could leave snapped trees along their route, the dragons could leave scorched trees or bushes. Observant or hunting players would see these and off they`d go on the hunt. The kyklops apparently can`t swim, but look at the size of it, surely it can wade across channels? And the dragons have flight(ish) so nowhere should be offlimits to them (cue knarrloads of people frantically rowing after the oversized lizards) And no instances. Ever. Logging in every Sunday at the same time so I can enter a private instance where I can find a dragon just chilling out until it`s appointed time is up would become boring and utterly meaningless (I`ve yet to stab a dragon, and I want it to be an achievement)
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    Update 1.1 with better transition between ore veins as requested. Update 1.2 converted all textures to .dds I am looking into making this a mod loader plugin for those who are interested. Gallery Texture Pack Update 1.2 for .dds textures *I am releasing a texture pack that I put together which includes 3 textures from ByblosHex found here. The rest were either taken and compiled by me or edited to fit the scale.*
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    My dad would like me to find him a new graphics card for his computer. I am currently in the process of finding him a new one, but the most graphics intense thing he runs is Wurm Online, and I don't think he needs anything too powerful or too expensive. Does anyone have any suggestions for cards that can run Wurm with nice graphics, or does anyone else really only run Wurm and has found a nice graphics card for it? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Dear Saroman, Congratulations on your promotion to Art Director. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LOWERING THE REQUIREMENT Please, I beg you to, or allow Tich to, reduce the minimum height above water for flat bridges longer than 5 or 7 tiles You can see from the pics below that it would look really stupid with piles any higher than 40, which are shown here. First one shows where a stone bridge ramp would go up and over the clay and the second pic shows where the 11 tile flat stone bridge would go. Boats can pass under a bridge 30 above water, so why must the minimum height be 80? Please, please Saroman! Please allow the minimum height above water to be reduced to 30 or 40 above water level - for flat stone bridges. Many thanks, in hope.... Baloo and Bagheera Babuskaa's Village T8, SW coast of Newspring Island, Xanadu
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    They never ever.. ever stop moving unless you move out of range of them. They run around and pack the grass.. and if you don't pen then in 1x2 little pens they all flee and disease each other. I'm certain there are also some lag/fps benefits no not having them roam and roam and act like idiots for hours as well..
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    New Sale !! WTS -Low and High enchants for new and old players alike. Also Random Tools Etc. Comment or PM Beastwolf if I'm online. (All Proceeds are going toward my new deeds :P) #1- SOLD #11- SOLD #21- SOLD #31- SOLD #2- SOLD #12- SOLD #22- SOLD #32- SOLD #3- SOLD #13- SOLD #23- Availiable #33- SOLD #4- SOLD #14- SOLD #24- SOLD #34- SOLD #5- SOLD #15- SOLD #25- SOLD #35- SOLD #6- SOLD #16- SOLD #26- SOLD #36- SOLD #7- SOLD #17- SOLD #27- SOLD #37- SOLD #8- SOLD #18- SOLD #28- SOLD #38- SOLD #9- SOLD #19- SOLD #29- SOLD #39- SOLD #10- SOLD #20- SOLD #30- SOLD
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    How about highly enchanted, high ql tools for cheap? I can sell you a shiny, spiffy rare pickaxe on the cheap, 90 casts, 94ql, 10s.
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    sure that's fine ill cod it now
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    *glances from Bloodscythe to a small barrel of red dye*
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    +1 just for that fact its my main fighting weapon
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    We should really be able to pave over clay. I wouldn't even care if the tile under the pavement is still clay for after the pavement decays or is destroyed. I really hate that clay can't be covered at all (any other tile type that acts the same aswell).
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    adamantine sycthes too! Im pretty sure glimmer acts this way as well. ALL MOON METALS! +1
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    been on the server from the start its been pretty good starting fresh. really interested in having economy with other players. we have a ts3 channel aswell. GM is pretty active and open to ideas. its been pretty fun.
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    Honestly, moon metal as a pvp incentive doesnt work. it's simply a way to have an edge over other pvpers at best, and at worst just forces the bar higher
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    Jaz is fantastic - use him! His service is impeccable. As an aside tho' - what is a tin shovel good for? And what does one do with a lead longsword, 90ql ?
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    +1 for a mechanic to get rid of unwanted carts and boats. I've said it in other threads already: the decay mechanic doesn't work well. It hurts newer players because their stuff decays quite fast - and keeps the stuff from established players around for too long.
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    Any news on the PVP server yet?
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    It is with greath sorrow I just found out that David Bowie passed on to other realms. He made a grand exit with his new album:
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    Audrel - you are just one of many of us, who are fed up with this - see: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/135807-saroman-please-reduce-min-for-flat-bridges/ http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/135292-call-to-action-bridges/ http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/134838-remove-height-mins-over-water-bridges/
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    lol, for the curious, it is just south of the giant crater mountain dead center of the xanadu map.... also, here are a few aerial shots (at a decent distance) of the labyrinth. they do contain mild spoilers of the general layout
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    I like it doesn't destroy the clay tiles.
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    SO, 12 hours after the start, a couple of chests remain, there are still a lot of people prowling the corridors, and I am going to bed. Some crazy folks were not content with merely getting to the end, they had to go back in and explore every nook and cranny to make sure they didn't miss anything... I love you guys,., you're all nuts, but i love you anyhow.
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    Hmm I like your thoughts. But sadly my long experience as a high Mason has been firstly enjoy your work. More higher minimum required skills items would be nice(Some practical some decorative ). But sadly I personally feel most wurmians dont consider the worth of the humble Mason unless there is a coin involved. And I'm pushing everyone one to go beyond grind and coin, add folk lore to world and pass it on to new players. So an item created by Frincel the Chisel might not be any better than one created my Bilbo the newb but much more treasured.
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    Some people don't get it, when you are new yes mining can be hard, but harder yet is finding the iron to build a simple house, unless you are near the side of a mountain with more than 30 tiles of exposed rock, there is no way you are going to rummage enough iron to just get started. A new player may find a readily accessible mine with iron, but if that mine is filled with trolls, hell hounds, lava spiders and cave fiends he will not be doing any mining at all. Just today a new player working on her new settlement set out in a rowboat to try and find a iron mine that was not filled with critters so she could get some iron to make nails. When I noticed her in local I asked what was up and she explained to me her predicament so I set her up with enough iron lumps to get started out with and she rowed back to her new settlement site. I do think a log cabin type structure requiring logs (no iron) would be ideal, perhaps substitute dirt/grass for the chinking rather than clay, most pioneers had to settle for mud to use to chink the log walls, and used sod and more logs for the roof.
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    From experience, the damage was done while trying to subdue the dragon. It busted house walls trying to get to the player it was chasing. The one we dealt with didn't kill any animals or try to break into fields to get them. It did bust house walls out while trying to get it out of the middle of the village and into a mine to set up the event. Had it busted through fences instead of going around them through the houses, it would have been different I think. It didn't seem to be all that interested in taking the easy path through wooden fencing but the hard way through the kitchen.
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    I helped catch a dragon a couple weeks ago and I found it more fun trying to get it penned to schedule the slaying that the slayings ever were. When it's 4 people working to get it captured without being lunch, it's far more exciting than 50 people beating to death.
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    Forgot to update --- $950 USD has been donated to the cancer center at John Hopkins. I've posted a picture of the confirmation email below. I should receive a letter in a few days, should I also post that for confirmation? Thanks to all of you awesome folk who bought items and/or silver to make this possible. You guys rock!
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    Bump, please move bridges to require a reasonable height for ramps in the above illustration.
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    I know, this is already fixed and will disappear in next client update.
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    Baloo has some good points and I agree... lower the flat bridges, please. +1
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    My other question: Why does the 10 height minimum for short bridges exist at all? In order to build a bridge across my bay from my dock, I had to: Raise the land at both ends to at least 10 dirt height (was closer to water, being a dock). Build 1x1 support buildings on each end. Build 3 or 4 tile flat bridges up to those support buildings. Build the actual long bridge between the support buildings. This is especially problematic if any part of it is off-deed, since off-deed buildings will decay even if they're just used as part of a bridge, which does not.
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    Steve you make a pretty compelling argument. Personally I think clay tiles should be able to be created. We can create sand tiles and other types, why not clay? I acknowledge the need to make roads through clay. I think it could be abused, but I retract my objections for the greater good.
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    burn coalpiles over clay to harden tile, use a shovel or pick to remove (50 or 100actions) making tile dirt
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    Yes, yes and yes! As I think I've mentioned before, I wonder if setting things on tables could be as simple as changing the way collision works for surfaces such as tables. So make it so that there is no collision between character and table and the character can continue walking "into" tables, however add collision between items and tables. So you walk into the middle of a table and "drop" say a flask. Instead of dropping to the ground, the flask collides with the table and is left sitting on it. Push and pull could be used to adjust as needed. I wonder if that is technically possible? And well we all know how I feel about sitting . I agree fully on that upper level issue. I've thought about it many times what a shame it is that we never actually use our upper levels since they are so tedious to get to. I do love the idea of a ramp. Love the weapon customization idea as well. How exciting it would make weapon crafting!
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    My first thought upon starting to read this was: Is this a complete fabrication dredged up by your imagination? An interview with an individual of this significance within Wurm that just pops up out of the blue is what makes me question this whole post. (this being before you edited your header to clarify that the interview was in fact legitimate) A very mysterious figure with godlike Wurm powers, being all the imagery that I had of Enki previously. Setting aside all the levity of the "personal" frontage portion, when the "Wurm Segment" emerged I found my interest perking up into the possibility that this Enki individual was in fact who he was represented to be. Then in the "Wurm Staff Segment" my prying eyes (=Ayes=) of interest broadened into a fascination on various viewpoints covered with an insight that seemed to actually have experienced a deeper delve into that Wurm only ventured to by a few of the godlike powers that move subtly through the game, unnoticed by all but the inner circle of conspirers of those rarefied parts. Of particular interest I found this statement, since I myself have always viewed Wurm as a grand laissez faire social experiment of world building, this being why too many restrictive protective measures might dampen the possibilities of a more creative outcome: " Enki: Our community here is quite a challenging bunch. Wurm Online itself is an environment dissimilar to any other game and it has its own set of challenges both mechanical and social. Most people will not be able to appreciate just how much we deal with as moderators and masters on a daily basis. This does create a level of stress that may not be present in any other gaming community that I am aware of, but we recognize that Wurm is different and should not be run by the standards of other properties." Indeed, Wurm does have unique standards attributed to it which to the more casual eye might not be so apparent; thus, to have this Enki comment further on them down to the ending of this interview was quite fascinating indeed. How you were able to pull off this interview and lure this Enki out more into the open to comment with such discernment of experience, I have no idea; but, in the end I must commend you for this most interesting presentation on such a casual, delving and revealing basis. Well done! =Ayes=