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    I know it's not really 100% related but that fact that mining straight ahead (instead of up and down) results in a slight gradient downwards by about 2-3 slope drives me absolutely nuts! I know it's not really that big of a deal, especially since the addition of leveling and flatten but at the same time I can't think of there to be any reason for this to be the case in the first place, couldn't mining straight ahead just result in a nice flat tile. My OCD will thankyou devs....
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    If they want to keep it by week of the year, they should include the year. "2016 Week #1" would be pretty easy to find.
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    Hmm... How about making this depend on skill, with up to 0 error at 90 mining?
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    They never ever.. ever stop moving unless you move out of range of them. They run around and pack the grass.. and if you don't pen then in 1x2 little pens they all flee and disease each other. I'm certain there are also some lag/fps benefits no not having them roam and roam and act like idiots for hours as well..
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    Starting Bid: 225e/s (Private Offers Accepted) Buyout: 300e/s Current Bid: - Minimum Increments: 5e/s, 1hr Sniper Protection End Time: Sunday, January 10th, 2PM Central US No Reserve This set features unique scale pieces from an ancient dragon from the original Jenn Kellon Home server, about 7-8 years ago, as it noted by 'The Dragon Scale,' rather than 'Red Dragon Scale.' The entire set has Xallo signatures, and it has Fo's Touch that can be removed by request. Unsold. PM for offers.
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    Mining is fine, I don't see why things in-game have to be changed until everybody enjoys that thing. There are many things to do in Wurm, if you don't like mining then do something else and barter for your iron. That's exactly how I think Wurm should work.
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    Iron rock can be found via rummaging on rock tiles, (found as 3kg lumps, smelts into 0.2 kgs) which does serve a fair purpose of starting out, it's possible we could look at making these possible to be found foraging on grass, or simply increasing the amount of iron smelted (with a cap on ql obviously). I'm aware that mining gets easier at higher levels, and motivation, and all those things, but the main question raised about this (and indeed is a common complaint on WU too) is the difficulty in starting from scratch with the need to find iron. Mining is definitely not THE problem, but it might be an area we can improve on to make starting easier
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    At this time I am keeping the Raid Ban in effect. There is still some testing and possible corrections required to catapulting. Until I am shown that it is working as expected this ban will remain in place. Thank You, Wurm Online Team
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    [17:29:56] A small sailing boat that will accommodate five people. It is locked with a lock of very good quality. It is made from walnut. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 17.06232, Dam: 12.086618. The name of the owner, Red, has been etched in the stern. All kingdoms have problems. We do too. But we're always open and transparent. No hidden fees, no taxes and most importantly, no Red. You know you do good, when your enemies curse you. Join us
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    These Directives are in effect anytime we must intervene on any or all PVP servers and we place a public notice in event and here in the forums. Failure to abide by these directives can lead to partial or permanent removal from the game as determined necessary by the GM team. Full PvP Ban: -No PvP fighting for any reason (Friendly sparring within your own deed is still allowed) -Building/Repairing on your own deed or an allied deed is permitted -Building/Repairing off deed structures at any location is not permitted -You may not raid or take offensive action against any deed area, including perimeter, regardless of kingdom, including terraforming -You may not enter enemy kingdom influence or deeds, scouting/spying is not permitted -You may not destroy anything you do not own regardless of kingdom -No new construction outside of your kingdom influence. This includes guard towers, houses, fences, mines, and anything similar -You may not build guard towers at any location -No guard tower bashing or battlecamp conquering -No artifact recharging as enemy cannot challenge as normal -No Rift activities as enemy cannot challenge as normal -Using different kingdom characters to bypass any restriction is not permitted -Missions or trades abide by these rules Raid Ban: -PvP is permitted in all off deed locations -Building/Repairing on your own deed or an allied deed is permitted -Building/Repairing off deed structures at any location is not permitted -You may not raid or take offensive action against any deed area, not including perimeter, regardless of kingdom, including terraforming -You may enter enemy kingdom influence or enemy deeds as long you are passing through or for PvP, you must abide by the rules otherwise -You may not destroy anything you do not own regardless of kingdom -No new construction outside of your kingdom influence. This includes guard towers, houses, fences, mines, and anything similar -You may not build guard towers at any location -No guard tower bashing -Battlecamp conquering is permitted -Using different kingdom characters to bypass any restriction is not permitted -Missions or trades abide by these rules
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    I've paid and played, preached and prayed, Locked and picked, pointed and clicked, Ridden and walked, emoted and talked, Cut and chopped, taken and dropped, Fled and fought, sold and bought, Stealthed and spied, defended and died, Lit and burned, pushed and turned, Targeted and aimed, groomed and tamed, Mounted and led, butchered and bred, Saddled and branded, founded and disbanded, Cultivated and farmed, hurt and harmed, Harvested and sown, fired and thrown, Pruned and planted, sacrificed and enchanted, Dug and packed, foraged and tracked, Levelled and paved, chatted and waved, Dragged and moved, repaired and improved, Tunnelled and mined, created and combined, Rowed and sailed, tried again and failed, Hammered and bashed, logged in and crashed, Had lots of fun, but now I'm done.
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    I've seen noob after noob having a great time playing Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited. And then they have to mine. They are never seen again. It is so slow it hurts for a noob to do. Yeah I know, all you old guys don't give a crap and it's not really that bed blah blah blah. It is that bad for new people. It's also one of the things you HAVE to do, like it or not. So they quit.
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    Desolation is an 8x Skill Gain and 4x Action Timer PVP server. This server has the epic curve and the starter deed names are influenced from the Chaos server Start Deeds. My goal is to make Desolation the most active and fun PVP server in the Wurm Unlimited Community. We want to bring fun back to Wurm PVP, and we hope that with the server, mods and staff we can provide the player base with some fun. Due to the influx of many players, we will be having a poll to see the communities thoughts on macroing. Currently a bug with new spawns, hoping to have it fixed asap. We now have a Teamspeak 3 Server! Join it with the IP: DesolationWU.net We also have forums which I encourage all players of Desolation to register on. The address is http://desolationwu.enjin.com/ Server Features: Size - 2048x2048 Full PVP Epic Settings 21 Body Control Start! New Characters start with Armor and a Better Weapon. Increased Starter Tools Quality Removal of the strongly disliked Archery and Spell Debuff while wearing all Armor Types. All New Characters can type /support to submit a support ticket for 10s. Breeding Modifier of 2 Field Growth checks every 6 Hours Minimum Mines 51 25k Creature Count, 28.5% Aggressive Hunt of the Ancients Like the server? Make sure you vote for us on Wurm-Unlimited! Patch Notes Map Please check back regularly for updated information. I will be adding mods that I see as beneficial to the servers gameplay and introduce changes to game mechanics. Current Mods: DigLikeMining MeditateMod ProspectMod BountyMod CreatureAgeMod CharacteristicsMod Planned Features:TO DO: Increase harvest on Grape Bushes and Olive Trees Revamp Champ System to allow MR/JK to have all 3 god champions Remove Champ Points for enchanting on Champions Lower Mag Res to 25% Chance Lower Ressurection Stone to 33% Chance Lower Maximum Amount of Guards to 5
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    WTA this trader deed: Cotb Outpost The size of Cotb Outpost is 19 by 27. The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired. The settlement has 5 silver, 24 copper and 28 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 1 silver, 2 copper and 60 iron. The upkeep will last approximately 143 days, 1 hour and 52 minutes more. This settlement has acquired knowledge that increases the productivity bonus of its citizens by 2.75%. Deed is located at 45x 51y on community map and Q20 on in-game map. Its at shores of southern Crystal Lake, near Crystal Canal. - Very good location! Easy access to all around Crystal Lake (and Freedom Market). Short trip to Deliverance border. - 1 Trader on deed (private). - 2 Buildings on the deed, complete fence around deed. - Huge cave under the deed with lots of veins. At least Iron, Zinc and Silver. + Tin and Lead. - Easy access to off-deed docks (check the picture below). - Moss and steppe and good hunting grounds around. - Lots of harvesting to do around! - Brown 5 speed breeding pair (horse), both cared for. Few other animals too. - Some basic supplies and items on deed. - 1 relic item: a cedarwood crop storage bin! - Ql 80 oak floor loom, woa[82] coc[84]. - Spirit castle, enchanted power[97] (very fast, about 4 minutes timer). AUCTION RULES: Starting bid: 9€ / 9s Min. increase: 1€ / 1s Snipe protection: none No reserve Buyout: taking offers Time: 4 days. Check the timer below. (buyout will close). Payment: I prefer € / £ / $ and via paypal. Im paypal verified. (rate 1s=1€) If you have any questions, please pm me here in forum (Corrax) or in game (Cormax)! EDIT: Trying to fix image links. EDIT2: Updated veins. EDIT3: Updated more veins. EDIT4: Added enchanted floor loom and mailbox. EDIT5: Updated mailbox enchant. EDIT6: Accepted buyout. Please close.
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    So... I plan the floor on the ground floor of a building. I chose stone brick floor. It plans and uses 1 brick + 1 mortar. [22:39:13] You see a floor under construction. The floor requires 9 stone bricks and 9 mortar to be finished. [22:39:13] QL = 3.5197396, dam=0.0. When right-clicking and chosing to 'continue building' i get: [22:42:35] The floor is in an invalid state to be continued. [Deliverance server] I then added the floor to the crafting window (upon suggestion by Odynn, tnx!). Adding the trowel into the second item window, I was able to continue and finish the floor. Please fix.
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    literally can't even raid in this game, because of the constant raid bans, and the wurm team giving defenders copious amounts of free repair time
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    Wooden plank floor : same issue. [23:01:17] The floor is in an invalid state to be continued.
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    I am no fan of mining thats for sure, i think in 3 years my mining is at 45. mostly from surface mining. definitely increase the amount of lump you get from an iron rock. to 1 full kg or atleast 0.5 and increase the amount of times a tile can be rummaged to 10 or something. possibly let it yield a bit of mining skill upto 30? that would improve the new player experience and allow you to get a small and large anvil, make whatever tools/materials you need for whatever you want to build without having to instantly put yourself in a cave for days or spend arduous hours rummaging to much with little rock around. (meaning you could also dig for a rock tile to rummage on if there is no rock around. once quality is an issue you should be well equipped by that point to tackle a mine. just a thought anyways
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    Trapped in a mine one night, while waiting for help decided to try and mine my way out, no pick though, but mine had a bsb of rockshards, logs and forges. Started out with crude pick axe, then mined enough iron to make a anvil, then made a iron pick axe, then mined more iron to imp up the pick axe. Was halfway through mining out the first wall when a gm showed up and ported me out of the mine.
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    That is a very unique "shotgun" seat! Rumble seats! Now to just have your guest go "BEEP BEEP BEEP" as you back.
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    I hope i can live up to the expectations of everyone who knew about this before i did
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    Once again I see people saying mining isn't bad "once you get the skill up". It's the 'once you' that is the part that has to be dealt with. I'm on a WU server that has everything set as low as possible to emulate the Online version. And still, while my character was noobish, mining is the most difficult chore to have to face. I've tried these games where one or two whacks and you're done. I've done instant mining on WU. Either of those are not good ways to do it. Mining should take time. I don't know what the answer is but it is one of the most, dunno i guess painful things in Wurm. Everyone in this thread has already been through it and they are still here so they were ok with putting up with it. These are not the people who need to be addressed obviously because they are here. It's the ones who did not put up with some of the work like aspects of Wurm who need to be thought about. Also, someone someplace or places said the tut needs to be reworked and that is very true. Force people to go through it and to heck with the people who whine because their alt has to go through the whole thing again. Show noobs the tools they need to make. That they need a pelt and what animals are easiest for them to take down for that pelt. A file for imping. A whetstone. A mallet. Show them what they need that first week. That they can use a cow for milk so they can move away from water. And make them prospect and mine before leaving the tutorial so they know how to go about it. So yeah, better tutorial would help.
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    Confirmed. Same issue on my server too.
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    I'm so sorry, your second reply help clear my mind. I have since fixed the problem. Long and funny story short, I had a char log file with a toon whos name was over the really really long and I'd have to guess that it was making the total path length above the 260 character limit. I simply deleted the char log file as it was a "mistake" to begin with and I never play it anyways. Once that log was removed the program works flawlessly! Thanks again for all the help!! ~Oriss
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    And this attitude towards the game is part of the problem also. "If I had to suffer then everyone for all time has to suffer". Yeah, that will sure attract people. Mining has been the same for 8 years and for 8 years it has been sheety. I don't care what you did, when you did it, how you did it, why you did it or who you did it with. I'm talking about noobs which you are plainly NOT. Rolf is trying to get new people into WO and keep them for more than a day. Some current things make that difficult at best. At the same time you have to be careful not to change things too far because the game will lose it's 'flavor'.
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    Received. Thanks a lot.
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    30QL should be able to do up to approximately 12 tiles. The formula is QL*0.4 in tiles for each tool, but between that and the exact positions of the characters possibly mattering, there's probably a few steps of rounding involved, so I'd try to shoot for slightly higher QL tools than needed.
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    A possibility is a low-grade (low capacity as QL wouldn't much matter) form of a crate made with pegs. Maybe holds 50 times. It can be carried and put into a small cart (which could be altered to use pegs vs nails). A form of torch that doesn't require moss, though moss is a fad lately and it's everywhere these days. Say a shaft with some tar soaked cotton (cotton + shaft + tar) that burns for only a couple of Wurm hours, enough time to maybe not mine in darkness before having to make a new one. We have a house that doesn't use nails, timber framed, but maybe a new wall set that uses pegs or even a frame with sod. American Pioneers headed west used sod houses often. Just some ironless ideas for your, Retro.
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    When I first started mining, I didn't understand the idea of the keybind, so I did a lot of clicking and developed my dislike for it, but there was a whole village working on a project and that made it bearable. Once I learned that little keybind trick, I didn't mind it so much because I would catch up on movies or chat with friends on the phone or skype or in local while pressing the m key three times every few minutes. I'm not a mining fan, or a digging fan for that matter, but I think the mechanic is necessary, maybe even a necessary evil LOL
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    How is it fine for the old guys? How is it hard for the new guys? Mining has been the same for nearly 8 years... WE ALL have done it... if the new guys can't cut it, then it's just not for them. I surface mined a hillside on chaos for 8 real months... straight.... with a 40ql pickaxe... with no woa... alone...for 8 months... find a real topic to complain about.
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    I think there is actually more to it than just the painfully slow noob mining. They mine at a snail's pace and never find the iron they saw from the surface, if they even know they can prospect on the surface. The old tutorial used to cover mining (and digging and making a tool and a fire) but the new one covers not much of anything. Popups when you step on sparkly tiles. I just did it to make sure it was as bad as I remembered compared to the one that was here when I started Wurm.
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    Update: rechecked the damage on the off deed building, and after 2 days I have: [09:37:52] QL=85.47094, dam=0.03509965 Much more reasonable decay rate on an off deed building wall - Thank you for readjusting.
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    Hi all, We all know that traveling in Wurm can be slow. So as a player i have pondered over this. Suggestion 1: The ship is not a classic boat but needs a magic gem (channelled gem used at creation) in the rudder, that makes the boat go faster than normal. (I dont think priest or wizard only, just that the boat itself is infused. The gem could also be used as a separate item to activate the boat, so it could be activated by a commander.) Suggestion 2: Use animals. In land travel people use animal for transportation. Why not use animals for watertravel? Imagine a catamaran boat (or just regular sailboat) hitched by 2 dolphins. (Or other animals.) Imagine a manta ray with boatlike top that swims just under the waterline but the "boat" stays above water. (I enjoy the "non-cartoony" world of Wurm far more than a W.o.w. like world. But we do have fantasy elements like dragons and sea drakes and whatnot. And this wouldnt change the appearance of the game i feel. If i truely lived in Wurm i would find a way to use wateranimals for faster travel.) Feel free to add any ideas. Or to like, dislike. (Dislike one and shoot the other maybe?)
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    Patch Notes 5/1/16 Lowered Supply Depot rewards. You may now find adamantine lump, glimmersteel lump, seryll lump, masks, rare helmets, gems, sleep powder, high ql compasses and horse gear. Patch Notes 6/1/16 Reverted SOTG and Champ Damage Reduction nerfs.
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    There's more pvp here in a day, then there is in all of the WO servers combined in a week
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    Most browsers have a zoom that you can set i have the forums here set to 125% and it makes it a lot better. While i am here there seems to be a missing tab to take you to the wurm website the only tab we have is for the store. Also would also love to see the holiday candy cane things go away too. (the snowflakes are cool for the holiday but the stripes i never liked)
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    Patch notes 4/01/16 Lowered SOTG to 20% and Champ Damage Reduction to 35%. Made Zombies have less armor to reduce abuse on raiding deeds. You may now become a Champion of Magranon, Vynora or Fo as Jenn-Kellon or Mol-Rehan templated kingdoms. Halved maximum time for breeding. Lowered Magranon ressurection bonus to 25% Lowered Ressurection Stone bonus to 33% Added Azbantium Fist mod. This allows the casting of a spell to increase the chance of lowering rock tiles when Surface Mining. Reduced Bank Move timer to 1 Hour
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    Patch notes 1/01/12 Increased materials to create Guard Towers back to 500/500/100. Lowered Size of Large Crates so you may fit more into Vehicles. You may need to make new ones for this. Clay should now drop properly after 500 - 600 Clay. Lowered Maximum Guard amount to 5. Added Web Armor to Vynora. Currently running a poll to raise the Max guard limit.
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    Glad you're enjoying it. We now have a forum thanks to Gank. I encourage all players of Desolation to register an account. It is still a work in progress so excuse the layout. The address is http://desolation-pvp-wu.enjin.com If you or anyone have suggestions you'd like to see implemented, please feel free to post them on our forum.
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    Server runs great, love the skill gain and mods are sweet.
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    * When entering a boat inside a cave it should not start drifting. Wind should have no effect in caves. * Boats and tabards could be more like wagons, flags and banners. Boats can have the kingdom symbol added to the sail like the wagon and tabards could be kingdom tabards like flags and banners. * The starter deeds should be designed as medievalish cities. They are uninviting for newcomers and you cannot do much there. Their first impression is this is an empty game world. They could also be moved a bit more towards a trade center with little benefits for (placing) traders and merchants there instead of at other places on the servers. * Metals and stones should be more like woodtypes. All with their own properties. More consistency makes it easier to understand the game. * Do research. Bows are held in the wrong hand, caravels have a carrack model, the topography in Wurm Online is odd to say the least. * Trolls live underground and only come out at night. Sunbeams turn them into stone. * Add decent sound to creatures like crabs and seals. They all sound like sick snakes. * Remove the auto-locks on carts and boats. This is a feature for lazy pve players that does not add anything on pvp other than the annoyance of false security and extra actions to replace the lock by a decent one. Decissions like this harm existing skills and remove depth from the game.
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    Thanks for the chance to provide ideas, Rolf. You rock! Create a tool for GMs to create random encounter dungeons, such as short tunnels with a mine entrance and a small scary tower in front. Invisible spawner based on unlooted chest inside, with some random single use treasure of no real worth, but fun to use, perhaps a few potions, some copper coins, some lumps of iron, gold, and silver of decent quality. Create a server event with region info on completion of spawner/chest. Make night more dangerous, with creatures that spawn but sleep during the day, and come out at night. Make them easy to kill during day, as they have some serious penalty to sight and hit chance in bright light. Regenerate dirt on any decayed deed, even if this is a GM tool used in secret, to remove terraforming, such as an erosion tool. Don't delete the precious dirt, but increase it slightly. Create cave only creatures that cannot exist in sunlight, and take damage from it, that flee from fire or torches above 20q. Create small easily killed passive bugs that drop material helpful to and easy to kill by new players. Ironbeetle ( contains iron lump and large nails on butcher, with any tool) Woodborrer (contains kindling and wood scrap on butcher) Tweek the cave collapse system to respawn a bit more ore if no iron exists nearby. Allow collapse of just ore within large open caverns, provided no items exist on that tile. Don't collapse onto a forge and bsb, cart, horses. Lower upkeep on minumum deed, just to allow new players to afford a templar at the 1s 5x5 price on PVE. Base upkeep 50c for 5x5 or 1s with templar. Keep 22x22 no templar at 1s. Cartography skill to find your location in the ocean. Prayer skill available to all players, or new players, to find thier location in the wilderness. Mark your corpse location on the map when you die, provided it has not been looted.
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    BUGS TO FIX: Animals being lost on server restarts. Animals clipping off on edges or doors of buildings. Lag and constant refresh. Ship perms breaking. Macs can't use GLSL shaders, and on some, tiles flicker. Rain and weather lag and crash people - let us turn it off completely. Enchanted grass is being trampled too frequently. Server crossing bugs. POLICIES TO ADJUST: No more on-deed decay of anything. On PvE, no griefing, theft, or stalking allowed. No loopholes. Let everything be mailed, and for cheaper rates. All lamps should have less decay. NO decay in inventory, less decay for off-deed street lamps. Surface mining is too slow. Triple or quadruple success rate. Let us bank anywhere. Why do we have to deposit at home? Boat travel is WAY too slow. Let at least two people fit in a wagon. FEATURES TO ADD: Messages sent to you while offline should be retained and deliverable. GPS map available to those who'd like to use it. Pack animals or small draggable carts, especially for newbies. Mangers that keep food fresh, and allow animals to eat from them. Bartender contracts to hold meals fresh and allow disbursal. "Lunchboxes" to hold fresh meals in inventory. Inter-deed teleport machines. Animal transport vans/ships for small herds, and that allow inter-server travel. Keyrings (like a bag of keeping but solely for keys) so that they don't drop on death, and bags that will allow other things not to drop on death. Purchasable personal land masses that could be shared with friends, and only accessible by locked teleport to and from mainland. Bind "smile at" for ease of use with Wurm Assistant. Gypsy wagon with working forge and altar and bed, and at least two passengers fit inside. Method for automatic farm tending within deed tiles. Time-limited buff that allows non-prems to bash ***only on their own deed*** regardless of Body Strength. (Some suggestions copied from other posts)
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    I think a more immersive combat system is generally required. Pvp is the main driving force of every Sandbox game out there. First step would be to make it so you actually have to do something while fighting. Instead of just letting your character auto attack. There needs to be more room for Pvp'ers to be able to advance themselves and strive to be able to evolve as a player. Current mechanics for fighting do not allow this in really almost any form other than blocking and footing. More Wurm official events. community events make people excited about the game. As well as social aspects drive people to further continue playing. I would say have custom arenas built that are on a monthly basis/monthly tournaments. While then having grand tournaments once a year. A capital city. In every MMO players love to flock to capital cities. I would say have a modified token system where you get to own a custom sized land plot. Possibly even room for a market. You should also be able to get there by a portal and not have to sail to it. Increase boat speeds on non pvp servers +1 for Dungeons Also I would say offer people who have not played in 3+ months, cheaper WO subs to come back. As well as stop giving people Yellow potions only to be replaced by something useful.
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    I like the 2 months prem time in WO if you purchase WU. Some sort of gift card
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    Suggestions regarding staff: Hire a professional that can both suggest/direct what is financially solid moves/decisions and that can market the game in a professional way. Get Rolf a secretary that can keep track of the loose ends and make things become real (within a reasonable time). Test things before and don't just drop them on us, many things make us feel turned off. The new forum is just one example of many. Make stuff for the empty slots on profile, and fix that king outfit! I also support the idea of 2 months free prem when purchase WU.
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    Short and simple idea: replace functionality of the old bugged mooring ropes that allowed leading 4 animals with one rope. Even if it's combining 4 normal ropes to lead 4 animals. It's a major pain often to lead 4 things, especially 4 frantic bison that got accidentally unhitched from a wagon