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    Greetings! I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season, and I hope you're all back in the mood to get some heavy duty Wurming done! This week we're easing back into the news with the in-house dev team not fully returned from the Christmas/New year break, but that doesnt mean we dont have things to show you! Patch notes Clarification: It's been raised that one PVP related patch note caused some confusion - Made removing reinforcements to be never for enemies and unlawful players as was too easy.. To clarify, this is referring to mining actions only, reinforcements can still be removed via disintegrate after draining the token. New years events! We had some awesome events over the New year, with fireworks, a lot of wine (And many *BURP*s) and some trivia, players won unique little knick knacks and items made of unusual materials (oak toolbelt? steel meditation rug? crazy!) Treasure hunt The long anticipated treasure hunt of Xanadu is back on! Vali has eliminated the pesky bugs that caused issues the first time around, and while there may be some lag, we expect the hunt to operate properly now. The hunt starts at 4PM UTC (not server time!) on the 9th, with the same details as before, all starter towns will have a portal to the main hunt, so get ready to get lost! Riding shotgun You'll now be able to take your BFF for a ride on the wagon with you in style, the passenger will have a unique view, from the back! The passenger will be perched upon the tail of the wagon, and get to watch the Wurm world go by, and also tell you about the trolls, spiders, bears and hellhounds chasing you.... Weekly question We have our planned PVP kingdom interviews coming up, but we'd like to know what YOU want to ask the kings of the various factions fighting for dominance, so leave your suggestion here and you might see the kings asked! Weekly media This weeks screenshot is a picture of the celebration at Esteron, each player was given some fireworks to let off, I think I got most of them! That's all for this week. 2016 is shaping up to be a massive year for Wurm, and I can't wait to show you what we have in store! Keep on Wurming! Retrograde and the Wurm team.
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    I know it's not really 100% related but that fact that mining straight ahead (instead of up and down) results in a slight gradient downwards by about 2-3 slope drives me absolutely nuts! I know it's not really that big of a deal, especially since the addition of leveling and flatten but at the same time I can't think of there to be any reason for this to be the case in the first place, couldn't mining straight ahead just result in a nice flat tile. My OCD will thankyou devs....
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    I will never forget the first time I made a long journey in a cart to pick some friends up who started playing, it didn't end very well when this guy started chasing me, when I seen that photo for the new passenger position on the wagon it brought back that memory.
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    ;_; why change the numbering system back to being by week of the year? Numbering them in sequence means every weekly news has a unique title (it stops working after a year otherwise) and that people can remember which news they saw last more easily, especially if a few news get skipped. So for instance over the christmas break it would go from 88 to 89, instead of 50 to 1. I found with the old system you had to check around to see which news is actually the most recent and if you've missed one a lot more. Passengers on wagons is a really good change imo
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    It is (obviously) one of most repetitive actions, but... Is there any better possible alternative other than altering timers/actions needed? I think that some big mining changes could change this state - stuff like multilevel mining and building below ground are long awaited features and would surely bring more life into "underground" living. I wouldn't complain about smaller tiles (like 1/2 of current ones) as well (so for example you can walk in 1/2 tile tunnel, but to drive cart you need to make it wider, veins shapes could be more natural as well, more details in shaping would be possible this way as well).
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    "and also tell you about the trolls, spiders, bears and hellhounds chasing you" That person is also known as bait XD.
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    If they want to keep it by week of the year, they should include the year. "2016 Week #1" would be pretty easy to find.
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    The iron found from rummaging could be increased to a larger lump I think, 0.2 is not enough to make a large nail, and for a new player to even make that nail he needs to make a small anvil first (10 rummaged shards), if there are not enough rock tiles around to rummage enough iron to make a small anvil and 4 large nails (18 rummaged lumps at the very least, if he fails enough making stuff the count goes up) there is no way he is going to be able to easily make his starter home. A stone house is really not an option for a new player as the masonry skill is too high to start with for this and certainly out of the question for a non-premium player, as it should be I think. Most starter houses built are abandoned as the new player moves on. The amount of rock shards and clay and sand needed is a lot for a new player, and you still need the carpentry skill to plan the house in the first place. Perhaps a decent idea I have seen in the past is a new wall type, made from logs, no nails required and a new player would be able to build a secure home with nothing more than trees easily found anywhere in wurm. (a lighter limit would be required for the construction logs, as a new player would need to be able to carry the log to use in building his home). I would also suggest a wooden latch for locking the door, simple enough to fool trolls and goblins, but nothing more till a iron lock could be made to replace it.
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    Err. Not to sound presumptuous or big headed, but i'm chief of the biggest kingdom in the game and what? since when? who told us? any other kings out there heard about this? I'm totally up for it and willing to be involved but it helps to be asked
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    Hmm... How about making this depend on skill, with up to 0 error at 90 mining?
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    Remove it completely please it's not cute just annoying, especially hunting - you think you finally stumble upon some critters to kill and next thing you know they're all gone...
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    They never ever.. ever stop moving unless you move out of range of them. They run around and pack the grass.. and if you don't pen then in 1x2 little pens they all flee and disease each other. I'm certain there are also some lag/fps benefits no not having them roam and roam and act like idiots for hours as well..
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    Starting Bid: 225e/s (Private Offers Accepted) Buyout: 300e/s Current Bid: - Minimum Increments: 5e/s, 1hr Sniper Protection End Time: Sunday, January 10th, 2PM Central US No Reserve This set features unique scale pieces from an ancient dragon from the original Jenn Kellon Home server, about 7-8 years ago, as it noted by 'The Dragon Scale,' rather than 'Red Dragon Scale.' The entire set has Xallo signatures, and it has Fo's Touch that can be removed by request. Unsold. PM for offers.
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    1. Dredge should work same way as shovel- all goes to inventory. 2. Leveling/Flattening options on surface mining(70+ mining skill). 3. Marsh - Don't know why it exist in wurm. We should have more options to destroying it. a)some casts or b)cultivating/planting it 4. Clay tiles should be removable/plantable.(on freedom servers, 70+diging skill or casts) 5. Destroying pavings takes too much time. Clining up places after deeds taking all days. 6. Destroying hedges is too hard. 7. Option for picking up sprouts from hedges. Terraforming should be fun for people with premium account and repairing terrain after someone should be easy.
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    Thank you for sharing, thank you for caring. You are awesome and cute, your poetry is beaut! Pick up your pen and let more words flow, to teach us of turmoil and things we should know. It distracts us from the dramas caused by game bugs, until you post again, here are some Fairy Hugs. Guess this is where my poetry ends, so I bid you adieu. Glad poetry is written by Wurm friends, like you.
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    Access to clay. No cart if no iron. That means inventory carry, sometimes over large distances, with no strength, a herd of things wanting to eat you as you crawl home, better armor and weapon than before but still no fight skill to speak of. A 1x1 house with 4 walls will be more weight in clay for the shingles, mortar, and walls than a new player can carry without crawling like a snail. And chances are they die before they make it back home at half a kilometer per hour, log out, and never come back. The game is bleeding players. It's beyond about how hard you had it when you were new. It's to "we need a player base that stays to play and pay before Wurm Online goes the way of the dodo."
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    Mining is fine, I don't see why things in-game have to be changed until everybody enjoys that thing. There are many things to do in Wurm, if you don't like mining then do something else and barter for your iron. That's exactly how I think Wurm should work.
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    Speaking of tutorial, I'm making some newbie videos for people who choose to "skip" the tutorial in-game. Hopefully this will help point some of those folks in the right direction.
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    With bulk iron mailing now back in play I don't see mining as crucial as it used to be, also village life is strongly encouraged at the start of wurm for such a reason. I used to mine for the town and the people who hated mining used the iron. They imped my tools becaused I hated blacksmithing, it worked out well.
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    Iron rock can be found via rummaging on rock tiles, (found as 3kg lumps, smelts into 0.2 kgs) which does serve a fair purpose of starting out, it's possible we could look at making these possible to be found foraging on grass, or simply increasing the amount of iron smelted (with a cap on ql obviously). I'm aware that mining gets easier at higher levels, and motivation, and all those things, but the main question raised about this (and indeed is a common complaint on WU too) is the difficulty in starting from scratch with the need to find iron. Mining is definitely not THE problem, but it might be an area we can improve on to make starting easier
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    1705 Virginia: "As everyone who came over to the plantations needed to build a house, iron nails quickly became a highly sought after commodity and were often used as change. Nails were so scarce that individuals were often forced to build using wooden pegs in place of nails, needless to say, a time consuming operation! Iron nails were the primary product produced at the Hammersmith iron foundry in Saugus, Massachusetts, which opened in 1629, but there was no similar operation for the Virginia plantation. Nails were so scarce abandon(ed) houses were often burnt down just so the nails could be retrieved. In order to stop this wasteful practice Virginia passed a law in 1646 offering to pay an owner the cost of the nails so a vacated house would not be destroyed."
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    At this time I am keeping the Raid Ban in effect. There is still some testing and possible corrections required to catapulting. Until I am shown that it is working as expected this ban will remain in place. Thank You, Wurm Online Team
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    Some way to rummage for iron, maybe a 'crude iron lump' that can only be used for certain bulk good creation, such as for making those first nails/ribbons etc. Or, a way to build without using nails. That could mean a new wall type that takes increased decay, or alternate versions of common items like BSBs that don't have ribbons on. This could result in for example a lower cap on it's max contents or again, an increased decay rate. This way, iron would still be a great thing to have, however not necessary. A player could get established and build a home (maybe give a max size of 2x2 without nails or something) that they can operate from while tunneling out their first mine. It wouldn't be a good idea to remove iron too much from the newbie experience, although being able to create lesser versions of the most common tools/buildings/objects without it would certainly remove the whole 'first thing to do -> find iron' part of Wurm that is pretty intimidating to new players and even a lot of long term players should they be in an unfamiliar location.
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    Meanwhile, mining is one of the easiest skills to grind in the game. (Set your Keybind): Queue > Netflix > Repeat
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    -1 Make ship ql affecting boat speed. Remove light breeze or adjust wind speeds of the low winds. Have a ship speed spell.
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    [17:29:56] A small sailing boat that will accommodate five people. It is locked with a lock of very good quality. It is made from walnut. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 17.06232, Dam: 12.086618. The name of the owner, Red, has been etched in the stern. All kingdoms have problems. We do too. But we're always open and transparent. No hidden fees, no taxes and most importantly, no Red. You know you do good, when your enemies curse you. Join us
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    Ah, the days of chasing bison across the steppe! Would a compromise be removing fleeing from animals born in captivity? This would keep the more natural aspect of wild creatures being flighty but remove the peski running around in fenced areas.
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    Sure, this would also help bison darting 100 tiles away the moment you unhitch them from your wagon (by accident)
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    According to Steam Spy, 14000 +/- owners now. Second week wasn't as fast growing as week one, but still very respectable. If this two week pace continues, that pushes revenue past $10mil. Code club probably retains half, after steam and their distribution partner take their cuts. I think they have salaries covered for the dev team now. Time to get that new graphics engine released
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    Wooden plank floor : same issue. [23:01:17] The floor is in an invalid state to be continued.
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    I am no fan of mining thats for sure, i think in 3 years my mining is at 45. mostly from surface mining. definitely increase the amount of lump you get from an iron rock. to 1 full kg or atleast 0.5 and increase the amount of times a tile can be rummaged to 10 or something. possibly let it yield a bit of mining skill upto 30? that would improve the new player experience and allow you to get a small and large anvil, make whatever tools/materials you need for whatever you want to build without having to instantly put yourself in a cave for days or spend arduous hours rummaging to much with little rock around. (meaning you could also dig for a rock tile to rummage on if there is no rock around. once quality is an issue you should be well equipped by that point to tackle a mine. just a thought anyways
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    Trapped in a mine one night, while waiting for help decided to try and mine my way out, no pick though, but mine had a bsb of rockshards, logs and forges. Started out with crude pick axe, then mined enough iron to make a anvil, then made a iron pick axe, then mined more iron to imp up the pick axe. Was halfway through mining out the first wall when a gm showed up and ported me out of the mine.
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    1 gold purchased, trustworthy and smooth transaction. Thanks!
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    I heard there's this really awesome guy named Burt Macklin that plays there. Should check him out.
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    30QL should be able to do up to approximately 12 tiles. The formula is QL*0.4 in tiles for each tool, but between that and the exact positions of the characters possibly mattering, there's probably a few steps of rounding involved, so I'd try to shoot for slightly higher QL tools than needed.
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    This is the biggest factor with anything in this game. I love mining and would love a high mining skill, but to do that you must mine higher ore types than you need or if you can use you will ruin with the proper tools. It simply makes no sense to sit and mine out great ore veins just to get the skill up. I try to do things that I need to do rather than grinding on stuff for no point other than to get a higher skill.
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    From my experience mining isn't the problem. It's very easy to tell a new player "find a rock surface, rummage a bit and soon you'll have enough iron for your nails and anvil". Deal with everything else later. What is a problem though is making starting "towns" without a town and located away from rock surfaces and clay.
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    what we have needs to be balanced before we add new stuff also, please do some research and make an educated, logical suggestion instead of asking for stuff that will help you win based purely off of an emotional response to something that may sway the game in favor of one faction or another
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    When I first started mining, I didn't understand the idea of the keybind, so I did a lot of clicking and developed my dislike for it, but there was a whole village working on a project and that made it bearable. Once I learned that little keybind trick, I didn't mind it so much because I would catch up on movies or chat with friends on the phone or skype or in local while pressing the m key three times every few minutes. I'm not a mining fan, or a digging fan for that matter, but I think the mechanic is necessary, maybe even a necessary evil LOL
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    Bump for an awesome server with a great active PvP community
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    But sulfur buddy, whats the difference between a priest woodcutting or a non priest woodcutting? They do exact the same action but the priest is severly nerfed and just takes much more time to get the same stats.
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    Patch notes 4/01/16 Lowered SOTG to 20% and Champ Damage Reduction to 35%. Made Zombies have less armor to reduce abuse on raiding deeds. You may now become a Champion of Magranon, Vynora or Fo as Jenn-Kellon or Mol-Rehan templated kingdoms. Halved maximum time for breeding. Lowered Magranon ressurection bonus to 25% Lowered Ressurection Stone bonus to 33% Added Azbantium Fist mod. This allows the casting of a spell to increase the chance of lowering rock tiles when Surface Mining. Reduced Bank Move timer to 1 Hour
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    to give it a different directions: 'David Bowie' 'Backstreet Bows' 'Bow George' 'Bows dont cry' 'Bows will be bows' 'The lonely bows' 'SuperBow' 'Bowerama'
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    Server runs great, love the skill gain and mods are sweet.
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    Bridges then WU, I don't own WU but it has pushed improvements for WO in a big way.
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    Thanks a bunch Nicrolis, Keep up the good work!!
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    BUGS TO FIX: Animals being lost on server restarts. Animals clipping off on edges or doors of buildings. Lag and constant refresh. Ship perms breaking. Macs can't use GLSL shaders, and on some, tiles flicker. Rain and weather lag and crash people - let us turn it off completely. Enchanted grass is being trampled too frequently. Server crossing bugs. POLICIES TO ADJUST: No more on-deed decay of anything. On PvE, no griefing, theft, or stalking allowed. No loopholes. Let everything be mailed, and for cheaper rates. All lamps should have less decay. NO decay in inventory, less decay for off-deed street lamps. Surface mining is too slow. Triple or quadruple success rate. Let us bank anywhere. Why do we have to deposit at home? Boat travel is WAY too slow. Let at least two people fit in a wagon. FEATURES TO ADD: Messages sent to you while offline should be retained and deliverable. GPS map available to those who'd like to use it. Pack animals or small draggable carts, especially for newbies. Mangers that keep food fresh, and allow animals to eat from them. Bartender contracts to hold meals fresh and allow disbursal. "Lunchboxes" to hold fresh meals in inventory. Inter-deed teleport machines. Animal transport vans/ships for small herds, and that allow inter-server travel. Keyrings (like a bag of keeping but solely for keys) so that they don't drop on death, and bags that will allow other things not to drop on death. Purchasable personal land masses that could be shared with friends, and only accessible by locked teleport to and from mainland. Bind "smile at" for ease of use with Wurm Assistant. Gypsy wagon with working forge and altar and bed, and at least two passengers fit inside. Method for automatic farm tending within deed tiles. Time-limited buff that allows non-prems to bash ***only on their own deed*** regardless of Body Strength. (Some suggestions copied from other posts)
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    I think a more immersive combat system is generally required. Pvp is the main driving force of every Sandbox game out there. First step would be to make it so you actually have to do something while fighting. Instead of just letting your character auto attack. There needs to be more room for Pvp'ers to be able to advance themselves and strive to be able to evolve as a player. Current mechanics for fighting do not allow this in really almost any form other than blocking and footing. More Wurm official events. community events make people excited about the game. As well as social aspects drive people to further continue playing. I would say have custom arenas built that are on a monthly basis/monthly tournaments. While then having grand tournaments once a year. A capital city. In every MMO players love to flock to capital cities. I would say have a modified token system where you get to own a custom sized land plot. Possibly even room for a market. You should also be able to get there by a portal and not have to sail to it. Increase boat speeds on non pvp servers +1 for Dungeons Also I would say offer people who have not played in 3+ months, cheaper WO subs to come back. As well as stop giving people Yellow potions only to be replaced by something useful.