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    Bug Fix: No longer able to pick up or load an occupied chair. Bug Fix: You stand up from your chair when disconnecting. Bug Fix: Chairs can no longer be driven due to weird circumstances. Added safeguard for plot course allowing a person to swim across when their boat transfers without them. Bug Fix: Renaming chairs works and keeps the vehicle-like display. Grammar fixed on some special moves. Disabled turning ON PvP Travel Blocking while embarked on a boat as a passenger. Fix for new player kingdom being wrong when spawning on the Chaos server. Added SACRIFICE, MEDITATE, LOAD_CARGO and UNLOAD_CARGO binds Keybinds for spells have been added. The names of the binds will be the same as the spell name in most cases (where spaces are replaced with underscores). The bindings can also be set up from the ‘Options’ within the client, in the ‘Keybindings’ tab FILET key bind added
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    Now that the devs have revealed their long range plans for the game, we are excited to talk about all of the changes, both current and upcoming! While completing our first house on our WU server, we converse about our renewed passion and vigor for the game that the recent dev Q&A has brought us. As well, we have uploaded our Wurm Unlimited trailer to our channel so that you may link to it on your social media and share it with your friends. You can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDZJq7jfKIk
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    The problem with posts like this is it does absolutely nothing to help in identifying the problem at hand and potentially fix it. @Brash_Endeavors is an absolute wizard and often helps people when they post for assistance in the Support forum. Did you try that before making this post? That said, looking through past posts in that same forum may offer you a solution.
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    Joining Chaos has never been easier with the new travel system, so hop in your boat and pop in your application to join Black Legion, the oldest and most proven BL PMK out there.!
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    Activate no-drop item, right click mailbox, send. Receiver has it appear in inventory when accepted Would have to do one by one I guess but better than nothing at all? Rather not make them drop
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    I dub this one 'The Happy Couple'. I was out hunting for furs when I ran across them. I took a few more screenshots of them but I'll only post one here
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    Constantinople located in the very heart of Xanadu (K18) is looking for friendly villagers. Whether you are a seasoned player coming back to wurm or you are a brand new player, we have room for you. We are dozen active players who specialize in blacksmithing, shipbuilding, weaponsmithing, leatherworking, armorsmithing, enchanting and in farming. There is always things to do around the village but you are not required to do any chores. If you like you can participate in our business and make some coin. We are mostly on in the evenings Central America time zone. Come see check it out yourself, perhaps this might be the perfect new home for you. Reply here or contact: Eyerobot, Nazero or Copeland ingame for more info. The front face Panoramic View The Raw Hide is our leather-working and tailoring building. Captain Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop is one of the most active blacksmith shops in Freedom Isles. With our three Master Blacksmiths and four apprentices the blacksmith shop brings us most of our revenue. In the very center of Xanadu. Through tunnels in every direction Constantinople is easily accessible by water. Our Cathedral of the Lady of the Lake. This is where we hold sermons. Priests of distant lands who come to attend our sermons rest in our inn, fish in our lake and train in our cooking school. Academy of Culinary Arts is our cooking school. with it's 3000 pan capacity you can raise your hot food cooking to 70 in minutes. We remember(!) those who left us abruptly. Real life architects planning our town. Overview of our farmlands and stables. Time travel. This is how the land was when we moved here. We had to drop 100k dirt and terraform for months etc. We still have the seal. Constantinople is built on a giant rock hill. Under the town we have endless dungeons where we stash our goods. It is also a ship drive-through where our customers drop and pick up merchandise. It's like... our personal pirate cove! Enterance to our Pirate Cove. Open Sesame Open!
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    THESE CAN NOT BE MADE ANYMORE STOCK IS LIMITED Flags(shown in Wagon Screenshot) 2s each (11 in stock) Banners 2.5s each SOLD OUT Tall Banners 5s each SOLD OUT Towers 25c each Temporarily out of stock. Wagons 20s Each ONE IN STOCK
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    Map is at this location: http://xanadu-wurm.rhcloud.com/ I am not actively monitoring this map, the editors have taken over maintenance of it.
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    WTA Supreme Small Maul 89ql full enchants [20:59:27] A smooth heavy clump of metal on a shaft. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It could be improved with a lump. [20:59:27] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [90] [20:59:27] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [73] [20:59:27] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [89] [20:59:27] Mind stealer has been cast on it, so it will steal knowledge from non-players. [73] Start Price: 25 Silver Min. Inc: 1 Silver Buyout: 50 Silver
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    I found the concept of the priest great but wow not with this restrictions, its realy not playable. Priests typically cannot do any of the following actions, with some exceptions. See the table below for details. Improve, continue or destroy/bash items, walls or structures, or repair structures. However they are permitted to create and plan items and structures. WTF it forces the players to make an alternative character if the trying being a priest, this is a total misconception on the freedom servers in my mind.
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    ok got it sorted, thanks. Love your work btw.
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    I wholeheartedly disagree with the prospect of offering name changes, even if some system was devised to keep public record of the previous name (or.. hopefully *all* previous names). Now, I'm about to admit something I'm not proud of.. BUT because I love the game Wurm Online is (and hopefully stays) I will divulge this.... I used to play Runescape... a lot... That, however, was a long time ago, before all the various changes they made that made the game unrecognizable to me. It turned into this bizzare place where everything was "buy, buy, buy!", and pay-to-win, all the name changes..., the long hours spent on grinding up no longer meant a thing.. The old game and the old community no longer existed. Runescape was never the game WO is, both in terms of "community" feel and overall jist, but even that loss of community was just .. wiped away.. all gone. I never wanted to quit Runescape.. because I had loved the game for so long, but I just couldn't stand what it was anymore and pried myself away. It wasn't Runescape. Maybe bringing Runescape up isn't the best idea.. because.. I want Rolf to make lots of money and keep WO going forever.. and with all the money-grabbing reputation that Jagex has gained they are probably still rolling in some serious dough... Now.. I want Rolf to roll in dough.. but because Wurm Online is 100% unique and I love the game, and it has carefully improved upon *itself* over time. Not because he feels he needs to fundamentally change it. But if you think about it... WO may not be huge (and I do hope it continues to grow!).. but it holds out its own as different and even against .. dare I speak the name.. Minecraft. On top of that there are now games trying to knock off Wurm Online and snatch up the player-base that Wurm Online specifically caters to. I like the slow "grind". I enjoy coming here and putting my efforts little by little toward something larger that takes more time to achieve and feels better when it is achieved, and I enjoy the process and the community(mostly) If I wanted to play a game *like* Wurm Online but with less of what WO is.. I'd go play Minecraft.. Wurm Online I fear would not be successful if it tried to be Minecraft.. Minecraft is already taken. Wurm Online can continue to grow and reach yet-unknown heights of AWESOME as "Wurm Online". Some changes are improvements, and some (the kind that shouldn't take place) are game changing Offering name changes is fundamentally game changing. It tears apart the community. It diminishes the philosophy that Wurm Online has always held that everything about Wurm is molded over time by us, the players. The terrain is player "made", and the community is player "made" and "tight-knit" (sometimes for good and sometimes for bad).. and this includes our reputations being our "own" It absolutely equates to "pay-to-win". Giving a good portion of the long time, loyal, player-base a big slap in the face... when not only can anyone buy their way to skills (by purchasing an account from a third party that they put no time into).. but they can also have whatever name they please to go along with it.. as if they had played the account from scratch. This is having their cake AND eating it too!!!... This goes against all laws of nature! You either have your cake in your hands.. or you have eaten it and it is gone.... or you have some fraction of each. You never have all of both, it's unnatural. As for the other proposed items on the tentative "plan" .. some of them sound like they could be improvements to WO and some sound like they are frantic jumps, and not in-line with Wurm Online. The other options that cause me some concern, and if implemented I think would require very extensive fleshing-out and forethought and testing before release would include: The changes to ticks and tools/timers -- this could very well be game changing. Removing low nutrition penalty -- I understand that this is mostly geared towards helping new players venture off. But, as a blanket "remove" I have concerns. Stormblade already expressed "Why do we have Nutrition anyways not like we can starve to death as it is." in relation to this potential change. I don't see any reason why WO shouldn't continue to have a "functioning" nutrition system for the playerbase at large. Removing the penalty entirely is a considerable change in game workings. Various tile modification options such as clay -- As I understand, if this was implemented it would be meant to be arduous to convert an area to a resource. I'm on the fence on this one, as it could be an ok change.. or it could result in a more "never leave the deed" atmosphere. Also, would all these playe rmade resource areas eventually degrade, or would they stick around indefinitely? Reshaping of abandoned land, especially along the coasts -- I'm having a hard time thinking of how this can successfully be implemented, unless it is done manually and that would be a lot of work! The idea of old areas sort of .. gradually reshaping to a more natural terrain.. well that might be sort of nice for newcomers not wanting to see old abandoned terraforming.. on the other hand will it conflict with old intentionally changed and still wanted changes?... If we start stepping in and intervening in the player's "sandbox" where is the line on what we modify and what we don't? Currently WO is all *sandbox* and the staff will not interfere or intervene in that process (unless it is breaking some rule,and then usually any "damage" done is up to players to fix... even Heritage sites are ultimately up to the players to keep maintained... ) Consider items to sell on traders as expensive money sinks -- well... this again needs to be very carefully done, so as not to turn into something counter-productive to the spirit of WO. I don't think most people would like items that devalue what is and can be achieved w/o the item, or give that type of "advantage" over the usual "manual labor" Name changes -- already discussed.. at length.. but in-case anyone skipped the top part of this novel and is unaware I disagree with the idea I sincerely hope if any of these potentially game-changing ideas are adopted that there will be very definite and clear-cut research and results to show that it is truly what "the players want", and what is best for the game - and not a more nebulous version of "this is the vibe I got and from that vibe I feel there is majority support". I don't mean this offensively, though I'm sure over the internet the words don't look great.. its just that for a SUBSTANTIAL change I feel there should be substantial and demonstrable research/market-research done. For a small change less "burden of proof" would be needed. Even if it is felt there is sufficient data to say a "majority" wanted a game-changer to happen, I think it would be be exceedingly wise to have these facts already pre-gathered and ready to show the "non-majority" who will not agree with the change, when/if that change occurs, if not before. This may soften the blow those players would likely feel. I don't usually come out and post these sorts of "strong" opinions, but I feel it is my duty to put my voice and concerns out in an instance, like this one, where input is sought on potentially very large game changes. Of course, many have probably noticed my tag is staff - I am posting here as a concerned player, and my opinion is mine alone. If my posts resonates with you, by all means please do "Like" it to give it more weight in terms of consideration.
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    Add me for pottery, carpentry, masonry and shipbuilding. And I bring some 90ql logs with me, when i come over. (Don't know when that is though...)
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    So, was talking with a friend yesterday and thought I'd post some of the thoughts we had on this subject. I think most agree that community and economy is something that helps hold people in any game. And no matter what, even where there are multiple separated *official* servers in a game, each one has it's own unique community and economy. It's one of many things that will always differentiate official WO servers from WU, even if everything added to WO also gets added to WU. With that said, the jist of our conversation was along the lines of the need for central "hubs" where people are likely to gather for socializing and selling/buying as well as providing a newbie friendly area. Easing the server crossings was a great start but needs to go further. So, what about if the starter towns were real towns owned by CC and not players? Towns where plots (big enough for one small-footprint house and maybe room for one horse), could be bought cheaply and with low monthly maintenance. Theirs to build what they want on, cheaply, in safety and around others, with a nearby marketplace. (I fondly remember in UO, people hanging out in towns hawking their wares and services. Anyone remember Brit Bank?). More money for CC too. For that matter, CC could even rent out Inn rooms to newbies for the night for a couple irons. The whole idea being it is game-run. New people I think would be more likely to trust something like that rather than having to trust strangers they know nothing about yet. Some people like joining villages owned by players but many do not. Especially when they've had the experience of feeling like slaves building someone else's deed and doing their work for them. (I knew of one who used to send emails to her villagers with their daily chores listed. lol). And some people just like living independent or living in and around towns. And currently, the newest players have to be the furthest from the starters towns if they want independence. Combine something like this with a sensible portal system between starter towns and I think the economy would pick up and become more vibrant as well as building community as people new to the game would have a place to hang out, get to know people, maybe make/sell some resources, get the hang of the game, etc. Obviously it would require a lot of thought, things beyond the scope of the conversation I had with my friend. Things like avoiding a situation where plots are monopolized by a few, etc., etc. *shrugs* But anyway, I think something like this could be the start of a really good idea.
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    looks like 12 more days and you be good to go once the walls go I think the roof/floors poof
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    with the devs wanting to implement new quality of life changes, I thought i'd suggest the thing i've been wanting for some time now combining common keybindings into one new keybind (keep the old keybinds also though as they have their uses) so something like this: open/close to one keybind lead/stop_leading to one keybind load/unload to one keybind drag/stop_dragging to one keybind climb_up/climb_down into one keybind would also like an embark/disembark keybinding for both creatures and vehicles
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    Here is how to check, and how to disable hibernation/suspend/standby You can still have the monitor going onto suspend mode I think? But definitely not the hard drive. It can take a horse almost a full year "realtime: to go from birth to old age. If you are playing singleplayer then Ago's modloader with the CreatureAgeMod is a real godsend. It will still take a very long time for an animal to die of old age, but the early stages (foal, adolescent, etc) will go by much faster (in a few days instead of weeks/months)
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    Nice! Now we just need emote keybinds
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    Right now we have options to Light up certain radius, summon corpse and town teleport. How about adding new spells? Those could be new spells or certain priest spells with limited effect, like buff and healing spells. Maybe refresh. Or even some unique item rewards that have only cosmetic purpose, like straw hats, capes etc. This would add more meaning to playing personal achievements.
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    Winter is coming - embrace yourself!
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    Maybe if we put our "ancient elite" pride aside and accepted the less "hardcoooooore" newbies who usually get filtered out, WO's player retention would not only increase, but you'd also get more people willing to.... BUY YOUR CRAFTS? If you want ONLY the superhardcoreultraselfsufficient players to stay on WO, don't complain later on when there's no one to sell to because everyone in the game is just way too proficient.
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    You still are giving misleading information, what you are claiming happened should not happen. If you put an item into a bsb with none of that item type in it will go in at its actual quality, then when adding additional items the difference in quality is increased by 10% if it is negative and decreased by 10% if it is positive. This seems like a logical way of preventing people from using bsbs to up the quality too much of items which cannot be combined. If you really did put 7 undamaged logs above 90 ql into a bsb with nothing in maybe you found a bug and should report it, from the testing I did this is not the case.
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    Hi Jinxx Thanks. Its a mod that we wrote that updates the DB by faith and applies the spell and effects. We hope to do more with this mod than just adding spells but add more faiths. Urath had 7 churches which still need added into the game with all the Gods and deities that go with each one to fit the story. Have fun with the project, as its easy when you have over 7 years of storyline already built by the players throughout the years. More to come!
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    New players now start with a long sword and leather armour in order to get a better chance of survival and discovering the game instead of ragequitting due to being owned by a pheasant. Fixed incorrect butchered cooked meat weight.
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    Considering the dev team is from Sweden, I am surprised this is not implemented yet. As a King on my WU server I would of course enjoy simulating the glory of our Swedish king:
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    And if you aren't interested in imps or imping, stop by to see this deed. It's incredible and worth the trip.
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    For rounded architecture, I am a big fan of COB HOUSES which have a little bit of a fantasy-hobbitlike-faerie-medieval feel to them. It would be tricky to design a "system" for building these however: . . . A key element seems to be to EMBRACE a little asymmetrical imperfection so you could probably do something with cob, adobe, or even a all new TERRACOTTA style unique to Wurm (I haven't quite decided whether that is a NAKED WOMAN on the front lawn, a bit of POP ART, or someone who just died from laughing)
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    so, imagine a floor trapdoor, it requires 40 CARP + 40 MASON + 40 DIGGING for skills to start, and for mats not just 16 wood beams but also 52 bricks, 26 mortar, 12 steel sheets, 42 planks, 12 iron ribbons, and finally ... a big old BRASS RING. When you click on it to open you get an animation of a door opening to a dark area and a window similar to BSB. Except this has COMPARTMENTS, dimilar to the GROUP categories you can create for Inventory. Some for bulkitems with anti-decay, some for unusually oversized things that won;t fit into normal containers, some for liquid items (lyes dyes juices milk what-have-you) and some things you just want to organize in groups (weapons, gems, armor, shipbuilding, tools, healingkits, you decide and sort as you like). It uses GUI to suggest all this -- the only actual mesh is the trapdoor itself. Then you also can throw a rug over the top of it to keep it semi secret. And push a bed on top. And of course you can padlock it too. Maybe you can keep a hellhound chained inside?
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    Added in Game live map HUD.
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    the 100 ql sac for good favor gain.
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    Stik plays on an integrated chipset with all settings turned off.
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    To me the above list posted by Retro comes over as rather, well, let's say underwhelming. Sure, there are a ton of nice things in there, features that have been suggested years ago, as well as new creatures and new items. That's very welcome. But it also looks a lot like a grab bag of features thrown in without a clear sense of direction. What is missing is a plan about the future of Wurm Online. If this plan exists then you did a good job of hiding it. If the plan does not exist, then even worse. Making WO somewhat easier and faster (faster skills, faster sailing, faster actions, faster pushing, boat teleports) won't bring players back to WO, in fact it might create the opposite effect, because if WO plays the same as WU then people might as well pick the cheaper version. If you want to keep both WU and WO active then you need to make the two versions different - instead you're trying to make them the same. I do not think that's a smart business decision.
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    Jar Jar Binks as a dark lord?
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    I've had decent experiences with Kaspersky and Bitdefender, both paid versions. The latter had almost no false positives and they seem to consistently score well on detection benchmarks. Hope this helps.
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    crappy PVP will stay crappy regardless how many servers you merge....
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    This is just not the case. Your servers couldn't handle booting my Wurm Server with a 4k map and 50k creatures, no mods.. As soon as I took them files to my VDS it booted within 2 mins. And I'm pretty sure after 8 hours trying to load. It's no longer called "load time" just a failure to launch.
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    I brought a VDS at wholesaleinternet.net on the cheap 4GB ram. You only really need 2-3GB unless you are going to max out stuff and load 4+k maps. However. if you can't even get it running with citadel's control panel. You might find command line Debian harder. If at a later point you decide it's not working for you with shared game server companies and want to try a VDS etc. I'm happy to teach you and help you set it up. Just PM me.
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    The difference between understanding and simply not caring. I regret nothing!
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    Thanks to Toecutter for taking this screenshot of the front view of Darko
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    Boat Factory - night shift
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    Nothin' like the smell of Mycelium in the morning.
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    I have baked some more mycellium brownies, just pick cake! We playing evil... we stab other kingdom people and we talk... evil stuffs. We are quiet new compared to JK and MR but we are growing, learning, and improving our kingdom.. together. Some of us raise their swords everyday, some others spend theirs time crafting and improving items for the others, all appreciated, these give meanings to grind those skills.