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    TLDR: The community, developers, crafting, and difficulty level of this game make it worth the investment and worth playing. I've been playing for a few weeks now. I wanted to post a positive thread about what drew me to this game and why I play it. Recently, I had a computer crash and it took too long to fix my laptop, While waiting to buy a new one, I decided to stick my head above the water and look at what other games were out there. You see, I have been playing Everquest since 1999 and mainly non-MMO kinds of games since then. I wanted to search out the landscape and see what was going on. I looked at a LOT of the games out there. I settled on 2 games that I decided to try. Eve Online and Wurm Online. The 2 criteria I wanted to settle on was some type of PVP game and a game where crafting really matters but is also interesting. Cost - Wurm Online is cheap. 4 months, $32. Everquest is $10 per month if you buy a year sub. It is more like $15-$17 per month if you buy monthly. Eve is roughly $13 per month. Granted, all 3 of these games make it easy to make money in game that can pay for you subs out of game. Community - I started on Xanadu. I joined a little community there and I also met someone from Chaos. During that time I told my little community I'd like to go to chaos and try it out. They helped me by building me a rowboat and I sailed from Xanadu to Chaos. This was before the new changes to boat travel. That was a heck of an experience. It reminded me of my first days of playing Everquest and how difficult it was to travel anywhere without dying or getting lost. People are so helpful in the game it is amazing. PVP - I like it even though I can't completely partake in it yet. The deed I am on in Chaos gets attacked like every day or every other day. I like trying to work on my skills while keeping an eye out over my shoulder. Even though I can't really help with the fighting aspect of pvp, I still feel like I'm accomplishing something because whatever I do, I feel like it is contributing to the war effort. Whether it is just skilling up or digging dirt or making bricks, it feels like a community. Even the first time I died, it was more funny than anything else. My kingdom just got done giving me a bunch of gear. They told me to watch local and run to the safe cave if I saw anyone. My newbie buffs had just run out. I had just gotten my teamspeak voice chat configured and working and was chatting away to everyone while chopping trees to skill up my woodcutting. Of course I wasn't paying attention to local until I saw that attack icon come up and 5 players in my local I didn't know! I was dead in about 5 seconds. I felt bad that I lost all that gear, but on the other hand, with the crafting system, I knew it was possible to start getting new gear and I would be ok in a few days. Crafting - What can I say but wow? It is complex, involved, almost perfect to me. Not since Star Wars Galaxies have I seen a crafting system in an MMO I liked as much. You can make gear that seems to mean something through the whole game. Skills are mainly intuitive. Just do stuff and they go up. It seems to me a lot of thought has went into how people play the game. Everything from sleep bonus to how things like digging and prospecting seem to work for preventing macroing. Quality levels and damage to items seems like such a good mechanic. Difficulty - I might offend some people here, but I think the participation trophy generation has ruined MMORPGs. Everything is moving toward "easy", freemium, soloable to the end game in 1 month, etc. I LIKE hard games like Everquest when it first came out. I don't want skilling to be faster, or travel to be easier. I don't want icons on the map telling me where I am. I like that when it is dark, I can't see anything. If I'm in a cave and forgot my torch and a bear attacks me and I can't find my way out and I die, well stupid me! You have to grind if you want to get to some level of skill quickly, but to me personally, I don't play a game to grind skills, I want to just play and let the skills come as I do stuff. That is what WO gives me because for me, the journey is the fun part. Customer Support/Help System - All I can say is that I think Wurm's is great. The wurmpedia is like the best help system I've ever seen. It is logical and straight forward. CS has been great. I've opened maybe 3 tickets and all have been responded to within minutes. To me, the tipping point is the patches and game notes and developer attitude to this game. Listening to my kingdom talk about the last few patches I've heard so many positive comments about changes and mechanics. You can really see the staff trying to make this game better. I compare that to my Everquest experience where every patch is met with dread by everyone as about 90% of every patch is a nerf and, to me, the destruction of the game where they force players into the latest expansions and content to force us to buy the latest and greatest. They will do things like nerf experience gain in old world areas and make item inflation so bad that you can only take down end game mobs with the latest gear drops.
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    Bug Fix: No longer able to pick up or load an occupied chair. Bug Fix: You stand up from your chair when disconnecting. Bug Fix: Chairs can no longer be driven due to weird circumstances. Added safeguard for plot course allowing a person to swim across when their boat transfers without them. Bug Fix: Renaming chairs works and keeps the vehicle-like display. Grammar fixed on some special moves. Disabled turning ON PvP Travel Blocking while embarked on a boat as a passenger. Fix for new player kingdom being wrong when spawning on the Chaos server. Added SACRIFICE, MEDITATE, LOAD_CARGO and UNLOAD_CARGO binds Keybinds for spells have been added. The names of the binds will be the same as the spell name in most cases (where spaces are replaced with underscores). The bindings can also be set up from the ‘Options’ within the client, in the ‘Keybindings’ tab FILET key bind added
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    Now that the devs have revealed their long range plans for the game, we are excited to talk about all of the changes, both current and upcoming! While completing our first house on our WU server, we converse about our renewed passion and vigor for the game that the recent dev Q&A has brought us. As well, we have uploaded our Wurm Unlimited trailer to our channel so that you may link to it on your social media and share it with your friends. You can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDZJq7jfKIk
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    Most common issue I come across from people having start up crashing is making sure you are using the right java (64 bit not 32) it may or may not be your problem but just throwing it out there.
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    https://github.com/ago1024/LiveHudMap/releases/latest Sponsored by Razors Edge (Ages of Urath Saga) server This is a client mod. Requires client modloader * Download livemap-<version>.zip * Extract livemap-<version>.zip into client folder (the jar should land in mods/livemap/livemap.jar). * Enjoy Issues * The buttons are ugly as hell * The 3D view may scroll out of range when walking up a high mountain * Your dot may end up behind a mountain in 3D view
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    Add rideable Moose to the game. Could use the hell horse model, increase the size and add antlers.
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    I disagree. The priests are fine the way they are. They offer benefits like spells that regular players don't get, so they must have some hindrances elsewhere. If priests had no restrictions, everyone would be a priest. That's not what this game is about.
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    The problem with posts like this is it does absolutely nothing to help in identifying the problem at hand and potentially fix it. @Brash_Endeavors is an absolute wizard and often helps people when they post for assistance in the Support forum. Did you try that before making this post? That said, looking through past posts in that same forum may offer you a solution.
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    Joining Chaos has never been easier with the new travel system, so hop in your boat and pop in your application to join Black Legion, the oldest and most proven BL PMK out there.!
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    I'm fairly certain this has to do with a lack of animation at the moment. There was already a sitting one, but I don't believe we have a lounging one. Also, apologies on chair names. I've got a fix pushed... my testing chairs didn't have older data, so they looked fine. I know on Live, some older chairs can't seem to accept their new names willingly.
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    Activate no-drop item, right click mailbox, send. Receiver has it appear in inventory when accepted Would have to do one by one I guess but better than nothing at all? Rather not make them drop
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    The listening is real, great job team xD
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    This got me all nostalgic, I actually miss these little guys
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    I dub this one 'The Happy Couple'. I was out hunting for furs when I ran across them. I took a few more screenshots of them but I'll only post one here
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    Anyone aware of a way to force new users to have /ca channel enabled? We have a staff of CA's and an #alerts message to ask questions in /ca but cant seem to get anyone to read I noticed with GL, especially during an event, questions often get buried by other player chat. Thanks in advance.
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    ok got it sorted, thanks. Love your work btw.
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    Free WU keys to anyone who has ever been impacted negatively by a balance change, new feature, or anything else that alters the balance or relative value of anything whatsoever!!!! oh wait that's literally everybody In all seriousness, the best solution to this — if one is needed — would be a window within which PoI characters can swap to a new path, with or without a minor penalty to path level.
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    Add me for pottery, carpentry, masonry and shipbuilding. And I bring some 90ql logs with me, when i come over. (Don't know when that is though...)
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    BUMP And I'll be attending the first 3 days at least, doing WS if all goes as planned.
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    That is the main problem. WU has the market cornered on the easy mode wurm. WO will never be able to beat WU in terms of easiness. That is why i think WO needs to become more difficult as opposed to easier. I believe there are many older gamers who miss the days when games were very challenging and are disappointed at the current state of gaming today, this is who Rolf needs to target. Don't waste your time trying to coddle the younger gamers who won't pay a subscription anyway. A harder will game will also encourage village life as opposed to solo living and will should also encourage more trading.
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    I agree with you 100%, it seems like most younger players are not at all motivated by a sense of accomplishment. Unfortunately easiness is the direction games are taking, even this one. I wish you could have played this game in 2009, way more difficult then, you would have had a blast. Welcome to wurm, hope you enjoy your time here and hope the game does not become even easier to try and compete with WU.
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    So the auction timer means nothing here. This auction just ends whenever you deem fit.
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    looks like 12 more days and you be good to go once the walls go I think the roof/floors poof
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    with the devs wanting to implement new quality of life changes, I thought i'd suggest the thing i've been wanting for some time now combining common keybindings into one new keybind (keep the old keybinds also though as they have their uses) so something like this: open/close to one keybind lead/stop_leading to one keybind load/unload to one keybind drag/stop_dragging to one keybind climb_up/climb_down into one keybind would also like an embark/disembark keybinding for both creatures and vehicles
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    +1 to this. No-drop on death but mailable... is a long swim from Xanadu to Release
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    I did think of that while chopping some, so made sure it was all 24kg's .. come to think of it didn't check if in THAT cases it dropped below lowest's QL... may check later. And yeah, I do know it's intentional... will stick to calling it "bad math" though as the results are bad even though working as intended, hence suggestions' section and not bug report. And apologies for sounding generally hostile too...
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    Nice! Now we just need emote keybinds
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    Right now we have options to Light up certain radius, summon corpse and town teleport. How about adding new spells? Those could be new spells or certain priest spells with limited effect, like buff and healing spells. Maybe refresh. Or even some unique item rewards that have only cosmetic purpose, like straw hats, capes etc. This would add more meaning to playing personal achievements.
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    Maybe if we put our "ancient elite" pride aside and accepted the less "hardcoooooore" newbies who usually get filtered out, WO's player retention would not only increase, but you'd also get more people willing to.... BUY YOUR CRAFTS? If you want ONLY the superhardcoreultraselfsufficient players to stay on WO, don't complain later on when there's no one to sell to because everyone in the game is just way too proficient.
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    You still are giving misleading information, what you are claiming happened should not happen. If you put an item into a bsb with none of that item type in it will go in at its actual quality, then when adding additional items the difference in quality is increased by 10% if it is negative and decreased by 10% if it is positive. This seems like a logical way of preventing people from using bsbs to up the quality too much of items which cannot be combined. If you really did put 7 undamaged logs above 90 ql into a bsb with nothing in maybe you found a bug and should report it, from the testing I did this is not the case.
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    Hi Jinxx Thanks. Its a mod that we wrote that updates the DB by faith and applies the spell and effects. We hope to do more with this mod than just adding spells but add more faiths. Urath had 7 churches which still need added into the game with all the Gods and deities that go with each one to fit the story. Have fun with the project, as its easy when you have over 7 years of storyline already built by the players throughout the years. More to come!
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    My suggestion is that you can build wayshrines/portals/something on a deed and a person from that deed can travel to any other wayshrines/portals/something on a deed within the same alliance. (wayshrines/portals/something need to be blessed with courier, higher cast means less karma use to travel) maybe not active on pvp servers, since i dont pvp i will not say anything about that but i like this idea a lot and more uses for karma
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    And if you aren't interested in imps or imping, stop by to see this deed. It's incredible and worth the trip.
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    Added in Game live map HUD.
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    Stik plays on an integrated chipset with all settings turned off.
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    Offer name changes - I hope there is some way to track names, would be a shame that SoandSo that ripped of SuchandSuch or griefed or has a bad reputation doesn't continue to do so with a new name. Make skills increase every successful action instead of per tick - Can you be more specific about this? As it is now you would use a ( for example ) 90ql Pick with 100 WoA to mine 10k shards and maybe get a few skill ups. With the way this is worded you would get 10k Skills up using the same tool but in less time ( every successful action - mining? or the 1.1 to 39.9 ql shards. As this is worded now skiller tools would be obsolete in that with a low ql high coc tool vs high ql high woa tool you would get more skill ups with the high ql high woa tool. Would hate to see someone come in after someone of 2 years hitting 99.99 and 2 weeks later hits 90 Better tools shorten action times - We already have that it's called WoA and BotD best bet is to get rid of the negative impact of gaining skill while using a fast tool ( see the skill increase on every successful action ) Remove low nutrition penalty - Why do we have Nutrition anyways not like we can starve to death as it is. Use salt for storage of fish in barrels - Just way to complicated, for instance and this is a Generous number say out of 100 tiles mined only 1 gives Salt, and say out of that tile ( mining straight, plus ceiling ) gives 100 chances, you still only have a low percentage of getting salt. 1. You would have to give us Salt tiles to mine, or some other way to gather the Salt resource - time that could otherwise be spent doing something else. 2. Uncomplicated Answer - 25 Planks + 1 Ribbon + 4 Large Nails = Fish Rack much simpler and gives us something new to create
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    thats not likly to happen due to the fact several people intentionally make a bad name for themselves would be pretty nasty for those kinda people to just change there name after ripping people off or harrassing other players
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    To me the above list posted by Retro comes over as rather, well, let's say underwhelming. Sure, there are a ton of nice things in there, features that have been suggested years ago, as well as new creatures and new items. That's very welcome. But it also looks a lot like a grab bag of features thrown in without a clear sense of direction. What is missing is a plan about the future of Wurm Online. If this plan exists then you did a good job of hiding it. If the plan does not exist, then even worse. Making WO somewhat easier and faster (faster skills, faster sailing, faster actions, faster pushing, boat teleports) won't bring players back to WO, in fact it might create the opposite effect, because if WO plays the same as WU then people might as well pick the cheaper version. If you want to keep both WU and WO active then you need to make the two versions different - instead you're trying to make them the same. I do not think that's a smart business decision.
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    This is just not the case. Your servers couldn't handle booting my Wurm Server with a 4k map and 50k creatures, no mods.. As soon as I took them files to my VDS it booted within 2 mins. And I'm pretty sure after 8 hours trying to load. It's no longer called "load time" just a failure to launch.
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    The difference between understanding and simply not caring. I regret nothing!
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    Boat Factory - night shift
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    Hmmm, I suppose I could join in on the festivities here. That's me in the middle, my brother on the left, and not my father on the right. We decided to spend a day in beautiful clearwater last week (even though we live here.)
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