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    I just wanted to say thanks for your guys' help over the weekend. I see a lot of doom and gloom posts, but I really appreciate the game support you guys supplied regarding my issue. I purchased 10s from the wurm online store but it didn't show up in my bank for whatever reason. I used the proper channels and put in a support ticket as well as emailing. I knew I probably wouldn't get a resolution over the weekend, but I wasn't in a rush. A GM contacted me almost right away to let me know there would be a wait with a response since it was the weekend, and then this morning when I woke up (PST) I had an email from Rolf letting me know the situation was resolved. Unlike some games where I wait upwards of a week for support, this was quick and painless, and I appreciate that. Thank you. - Stephanie / Stargrace
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    please keep opening topics like that guys, so the new players who want to try this game turn back after a quick look at the forums
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    How about... We just attatch elevations northern border to chaos? Like... For real. People who like doing scenarios, valrei effects and stuff can continue doing that. Freedomers continue being freedomers. Home server peeps continue chillin on their home servers. Chaos and Epics kingdoms whack eachother as much as they want.
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    +1 Figured I'd add my thoughts just in case this suggestion gets any serious consideration, this time. First and foremost here is my reply to what many people are saying in this thread: 1. Whether or not certain individuals that are giving this a +1 belong to a group that created a new pmk on Chaos and want play with their friends is irrelevant to the big picture. The fact that it has been suggested many times and still consolidates PvP. So yeah, it probably benefits OP and his friends but at the same time it benefits PvP and the Wurm community as a whole (no, I am not affiliated with this group of players in any way). Plus we aren't just consolidating two PvP servers, we're consolidating the entirety of the Wurm Online population into one cluster. Based on current numbers as of this post it could more than double the active Chaos population, and adds approximately 10% to the active Freedom cluster population. I use wording like "could" and "approximately" because yeah, if the clusters are merged some people are going to quit. But we lose people daily and hopefully enough people can see the possibility of the benefits outweighing the losses in the long term. 2. I've no idea how to transfer Epic player skills while keeping some sort of "prestige" for the Chaos players that have spent more time grinding their skills (in some cases, see the post that describes the difficulty of skilling on Epic from 1 to 70, vs 70 to 99). It would be highly unfair to take a % off of real_skill because a lot of players on Epic have spent crazy time getting skills into 90+ category, and for most of the skills that takes so long because of the frequency being based off of the curved skill. The only thing that is increased by a static amount would be characteristics right? if this is so I would suggest keeping the real_skill of the Epic players and have some sort of scaled drop in characteristics, perhaps 5-10% based on the tier (80+ is a tier, 70+ is a tier, 60+ is a tier, etc or something of the sort) I'm sure some smart person out there could come up with a fair system based on the time it takes to raise characteristics at given skill levels. Plus we're already heavily gimped on our body stamina. 3. Yeah, losing everything you've built on Epic is awful. Especially for the people who have rebuilt multiple times already ( Ele, BLH). But this wouldn't just be another fad reset, it would be the final exodus for Epic players. (Yes, I am an Epic player, and would lose time spent as well.) That being said, I only agree with the merging of Epic INTO Chaos if it is completely merged. I don't agree with a partial as that defeats the whole purpose of said consolidation and just leaves residual problems.
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    Sniff. Finality is going through inactivity moods these days. Everyone's still welcome to join the ranks as always, but if you're looking for a place with people running around and shouting "Hi, how are you!" every day, then you may end up being disappointed. I warmly suggest hooking up with Oakheart. Or you can come and be alone with us. Dot dot dot. Highways. Reaching everywhere, seemingly endless. Adventures. Waiting for you, offering challenges and rewards. Ruins. Perishing slowly in silence, but the tales they could tell. Travellers. Brave fortune seekers, or desperately adrift in the seas of the wilderness. Sol and the moons. Observing, dispartial, tranquil. And then there's us, silly bunch of people who throw every bit of wisdom to the wind and spoil a perfectly good and profound intro. Finality Life's good. A fun group of friendly people (cannot sell us as boring and hostile, can I). We play, we idle, we admire eachother's underwear fashion and occasionally we succeed in... things. Our village has had ups and downs, more people and less people, but we're still here. Looks like even the Deed Reaper has facepalmed and given up on us. We don't care too much about making money, please bring your own. However, we are friendly and caring and we share your stuff, please bring a lot of money. Over time we've grown resistant to bad meals. There's a rule not to beat the cook, hence we all do cooking. Badly, but kill ratio is near zero. We have learned to decrease long term suffering by falling on the head on the first try. Our horses recently learned to walk forward, sheep have stopped barking (they picked up sneezing though) and bisons don't have constant gas anymore (some still argue that's not an improvement). FREE subscription to our yearly discontinued newsletter. Rodrigues is back! PICTURES! In the name of all the wonderful citizens in Finality, protector and creator of all that's blue and shiny, owner of sand in everyone's shoes, - Shmeric PS. You can also try to reach out to and /tell your funniest childhood stories or dirtiest pensioner jokes to Naiani and/or Gheen.
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    Due to my inactivity, the active playerbase of Macedon has continued their recruitment thread here.
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    I once had the same problem when I was trying to get money out of freedom market token. I bought 10s, nothing appeared in my bank for ten minutes. Then I bought another 10s and still nothing happened. After about 30 mins the money showed up in my bank. So I used the first 10s and kept the other 10s for next months premium. Or thought so. I ended up spending them all in the freedom market. Damn you Gumbo and your weapon merchant !
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    Thanks for the feedback! @Borgir I hope that I solved the problem now. Tell me if there is still something strange happening. @BadLuckBurt When you create a new map it started with an empty document without generators. I've uploaded a new version now which has predefined generators so there is something you can start with. @Zenity I knew that I forgot something important but couldn't remember anymore what it was I've uploaded a new version now which scales the window if it is larger than the screen. @Crustyfoot It is possible with a few clicks. You can import a complete and realistic biome list over Data > Import. In the "template" folder is a template called "Upland.biomes" which has biomes for trees, swamps, coast and resources. The same works for ores.
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    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sextant Sextants are mid level jewelry crafting items (requiring at least 30 skill to attempt). They can be made out of any metal. Optional extra :- some metals (not sure which) giving a slight bonus to accuracy. To use select, then right click on a visible celestial body (sun or any of the 3 moons) and choose "navigate". A 120 second timer will start up (reduced by QL of sextant). When this time ends it will return a message "After sighting <celestialobjectname> you calculate that your position is roughly (lat\long)". The accuracy is not a tile by tile accuracy, but a rough location (maybe as accurate as one small server map square). A nice idea would be to have QL effect accuracy (a 100 QL sextant being capable of giving exact location, scaling down to the map tile location at 1QL). Each use damages the sextant slightly. Of course we could also just get one of these for christmas....
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    Remove Height Min's over Water For Bridges When Bridge is On 2story Of a a House at Water level and other Side is Over 200Dirt Over Water Level There is No Need For it to Be Over 80Drits Off Water Table. And Over Land to Boot. And Who Came Up with this 80Dirt Over water and Why? A Caravel Height Above Water 35 Dirt or so(wiki)
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    Is there a mod out there to do that? If not can it be done? I was specifically thinking guard towers, but the banners, flags, wagons, etc. would be nice as well.
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    $200 for WU server source code DLC, make it happen
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    Wait, which one is Tux?
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    not to interrupt your chat, but wanted to say "great job"!!! This looks fantastic in your screen shots and can't wait to try it out.
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    Right now our options are extremely limited which almost makes the game unplayable, my suggestions is to have a couple new clothing options for our stabled horses and hopefully some pajama options, honestly how we've gone this far without pajamas for our horses baffles me.....
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    I have been reading how Wurm is dying for the 7+ years I have been playing. Give it a rest.
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    This is not really what you are asking for, but I use a mission for spawning things when a tile is stepped on. Here is a link to my cheat sheet since it has a fair number of pictures. https://goo.gl/ucFBLo (ignore the page breaks) If you are already using this maybe someone else will find it helpful.
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    Hopefully somedat someone will figure a way to add a working food and water trough (even if animals don;t actually drink water, a static water container is still a nice perk)
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    Having seen a few questions on the use of the #changemodel command, used by GM's to change their own, or player models Here is a short list of many of the creatures you can change your model to. model.creature.gmdark model.creature.quadraped.wolf.worg model.creature.humanoid.gorilla.mountain model.creature.spawn.uttacha model.blob model.creature.drake.spirit model.creature.eagle.spirit model.creature.humanoid.giant.juggernaut model.creature.humanoid.giant.manifestation model.creature.humanoid.giant.epiphany model.creature.humanoid.kyklops model.creature.humanoid.nogump.son model.creature.humanoid.avenger.light model.creature.humanoid.demon.sol model.creature.quadraped.cat.wild model.creature.quadraped.hyena.rabid model.creature.humanoid.human.skeleton model.creature.humanoid.hen model.creature.humanoid.rooster model.creature.humanoid.chicken model.creature.humanoid.human.spirit.wraith model.creature.humanoid.giant.incarnation model.creature.snake.serpent.sea model.creature.fish.shark.huge model.creature.fish.seal model.creature.fish.seal.cub model.creature.quadraped.tortoise model.creature.quadraped.crab model.creature.fish.octopus model.creature.fish.dolphin model.creature.fish.blue.whale model.creature.quadraped.sheep model.creature.quadraped.sheep.female.black model.creature.quadraped.sheep.male.black model.creature.quadraped.sheep.male model.creature.quadraped.rat model.creature.quadraped.horse.hell model.creature.quadraped.dog.hell model.creature.multiped.scorpion.hell model.creature.humanoid.lavacreature model.creature.humanoid.giant.forest model.creature.humanoid.troll.standard model.creature.humanoid.troll.king model.creature.humanoid.goblin model.creature.humanoid.goblin.leader model.creature.multiped.spider.huge model.creature.multiped.spider.lava model.creature.dragon.red model.creature.dragon.blue model.creature.dragon.green model.creature.dragon.black model.creature.dragon.white model.creature.drake.black model.creature.drake.green model.creature.drake.white model.creature.drake.blue model.creature.drake.red To use the models you must use the correct name found in mappings.txt, not the actual model name (.dae). Example: #changemodel model.creature.quadraped.wolf.worg Which will apply the model to your GM character, (also makes you visible and vulnerable). To change another player the format is slightly different Example: #changemodel Playername model.creature.quadraped.wolf.worg 3600 Note that changing non-GM player models does not work on PvP servers, the number after the command is in seconds, and I believe 1 hour is the maximum time possible (3600 seconds). These are not the only models possible of course, the file Mappings.txt which can be found inside the Graphics.jar in the client folder has a complete list, some of which may not work as intended. To see these it's probably best to open Graphics.jar in something like 7-Zip, and extract the mappings.txt file to view in a simple text editor Also contained within the Mappings.txt file are a couple of commented out lines for alternative models for some creatures, such as mappings for the halloween creatures, to use the halloween models you would have to edit the mappings.txt file and replace the one in the graphics.jar file, use this information at your own risk, I am not responsible for death by scary tree.....
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    Server: Xanadu When using a catapult you can get very confusing error messages that don't reflect the problem when not hitting stuff. Today I wanted to tear down some fences on my deed and thought thats precisely what a catapult is good for. I did that with some other fences off deed before, so I basically knew what to expect. Today tho, big surprise, i didn't hit thing. I kept getting the error message "[11:25:12] You just missed some fences with the rock shards.", no matter how often I shot. I tried it at least 40 times total. I cleared the whole path of the shot and even left and right a bit but nothing helped. This message indicates that I'm basically aiming right. Now this message is very confusing and misleading since the problem was not that i didn't hit. The fences are on the border of my deed (between part of village and perimeter to be precise). Now I always refer to 'my deed' which is actually incorrect. The deed owner is an alt of mine, Gorgul, but i have a special role that permits everything on deed that a non-villager can do including bashing stuff and the destroy fences permission! I finally had the idea that if the deed owner does it, it might be different and voila, Gorgul could easily hit the fences with his non existant catapult skill, no problem whatsoever. This cost me a couple hours to find out. Now to avoid frustration of too many players there should be a different error message saying 'this is illegal here' instead of just the message of missing stuff. That would make it a lot less confusing. Of course having the permission 'destroy fences' in Wyndolms role should actually enable him to destroy fences, also with a catapult, so this part is a bug in any case, not just a wrong error message. Also when there is something in the way, a tree or other fences, you can't just shoot thru that. And in this case you also get the errormessage that you just missed and not an errormessage that there is something in the way. This should also be corrected to avoid too much frustration. Here a screenshot of Wyndolms permissions. He is not a villager since he has also a house in another settlement but he has a special role as depicted here in 'my' deed. Edit: replaced spelling errors by new ones
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    Now that BRIDGES are finally in, it is time to turn our minds to other important updates such as ... FASHIONTALK Did you know that WOOL was once the heart of the European economy? Did you know that HEMP was a major clothing textile? Did you know clothe DYES were often made from colored mushrooms? We have so many wonderful materials yet so little ingame use for them! WOOL - FUR - LEATHER - COTTON - GOLD/SILVER THREAD - HORNS (Pssst! FARMING could also use FLAX for LINEN!!) We could have FESTIVALS! PARTIES! Characters would no longer look cookie cutter It would encourage TRADE & COMMERCE Also, men in Wurm have GLORIOUS BEARDS but the women's hair choice are sadly lacking. So -- if we may be so BOLD -- as to humbly PETITION FIVE -- NAY BUT SAY RATHER SIX! -- NEW FEMALE HAIR OPTIONS also, wool hats are nice but what beats a nice FUR HAT? To go with our new SHORT CAPES - HOODED CAPES -- LIGHT CLOAKS - HEAVY CLOAKS Also VANGUARD used to have separate character tabs for VANITY CLOTHING vs ARMOR. Another option is to have a special ARMOR BAG similar to a BACKPACK except it holds one complete set of armor regardless of type. We rightclick the BAG, EQUIP, and switch from our "pretty clothes" to our "combat clothes" with maybe a 10-20 second timer if needed.
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    All my beautiful shiny items!! highly trusted and recommended seller. Very reliable and fast with trades/transfers. Best of luck in sale!!
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    Well, that's what I get for being a new Wurm Unlimited player. Never heard of it before today, thanks.
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    I missed the 'start the server' part and you are correct in that it isn't sold as an offline game. Other games that offer the same combo (client + server) are sometimes a bit more flexible as they let you input an IP-address to connect to instead of using the Steam servers. If Steam's fake 'offline' mode didn't show you in-game, my problem would be solved so maybe I should go prepare for the fight with Lord Gaben. It won't stop me from enjoying WU however but it would be nice to see an option to directly connect to an IP sometime in the future.
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    the manual mapping of old mines, rebuilding them (erasing them as needed) and mapping out all my new mines have been some of the most fun projects I've done. I still have maps for every one of my deeds. The only things I never fully documented in my own mines was the elevation of each tile and the QL of the stone tiles. My last mine project was 3000 tiles and uncovered about 250 veins of ore. Anyone that makes mine mapping tools makes me happy.
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    You are confusing fatigue with stamina, fatigue is a limit on the amount of actionclasstime you can perform during one day.
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    if it has grass it will more than like have a chance to spread like trees. you would have to use enchanted grass. besides you can pick any flowers and leave the grass. the update should make the game work properly not cater to mods. flowers are part of the game period.
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    Would love to have a modloader, but I have no clue how to set that up. I have never done any coding before WU
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    I don't have any problem with this other than both maps being so big. I mean, at that point we're not really centralizing the PvP community, we're just putting us all back into a single shard universe.
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    +1 The most important thing for me is quality pvp (as long as I don't lose more than +15% of my grind time in comparison).
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    Yes, you can shut down the server along with a message and time so all the players are informed. Only thing is you can't start a server from the interface as of yet.
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    For 1 Im A wiki Editor. Two I have made all kinds of crazy thngs 2 here Its Crap code. and needs to be fixed here look at this both are over Clay and over 300drit high on one side you mean to tell me even if u built them over water u could not Sail under them.?? the code should Allow this . But they where Hard coded rules No If, or, then As it stand Know You can not.
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    Hi, So am I, and I'd never want to have Steam crapware running on my systems. So WU is off limits to me. About the state of game, at example "Independence": We're in a 20+ deeds Indy ally. Since WU we're almost alone. They're all out fighting their WU server options, while their WO deeds are falling apart. We're at the E entry of the Kinoss Bay Canal - the area is dead now. No more ppl in local, and riding further shows 1 still active deed for 2 - 3 deed ruins. 103 players on Indy atm, sunday evening, usually prime time - there's something wrong. Since Rolf decided it was a good idea to have freebies on Indy I just see a steady decline - at this moment at least half of my long time (premium) friends left for good. For sure, we got flooded with locust freebies that repelled another 50% of the remaining long time (premium) server population. Before realizing that it's just not this, that trees only regrow very slowly, and that it's just a PITA. Leaving for good, leaving a disgusting mess after 'em. After the "locust invasion" Indy slowly recovered. Until the new servers opened. Each one sucked players away. Later, each untested update disaster repelled few or more premium players. Before WU, we had at least a basic ally on-line at good times, still. But since, not anymore. It may be that they'd come back. It may be that new players may come, but Golden Valley help chat is very quiet, and we've not seen a newbie in our area since ages. (Seems the hope that WU would bring players to WO is futile) You're right, this looks like an dying game. And the decisions of CodeClub what to do seems very strange, to use friendly words. Have fun, and let's hope the best, OK?
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    I'm happy to announce first of the promised new features in WA 3! We just got skill triggers! Set this trigger to a skill level, and it will notify as soon as that level is reached. It works with favor. It also works between freedom and epic (switches between skill pools on it's own) and should switch between Unlimited servers equally well. Available in R25. --------- A bunch of smaller tweaks and bugfixes! Log reading is now universal - independent of platform setting in WA config. Windows setting just makes it slightly faster. Correct platform should still be used, but this enables mixing logs from different PC's.When trying to start WA and it's already running, it will bring that WA to front instead of showing error. Unfortunate consequence: can no longer hide the app completely from taskbar. (not the only reason for this change).Reduced warning spam from WurmApi a bit.LogSearcherBugfixed match list and highlighting.Granger: Fix for not saving trait values.Bugfix for: [bUG] during value preset edit, save button crashes if nothing selected.Partial bugfix for smilexamining non-horses, should now be possible to update between foal / nonfoal ages. Ages might still be glitchy.Bugfix for XML import / export. Added server name to exports.Triggers:Fix for triggers, that would not delete.Added option for matching every line, regardless of condition."Condition" has been split into log entry "content" and "source". Old triggers that used to match text in < > have to be updated. Updated help texts. This change is because of changes in new WurmApi. Source is the text between <> eg character names in chat. Content is everything else in log line. Timestamps are filtered out just like in WA2.Fixed crash when a game character is no longer available or invalid (eg. invalid config).Fixed default popup duration back to 3 seconds.​Timers:​Added option to hide/show a timer group in the widget (group is still active and will trigger notifications, but does not show on the GUI - need feedback on notifications, can also add them to disable if needed). This is an alternative to deleting the group.​A few glitches listed on the roadmap turned out to be self-fixed in the transition to WA3.
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    I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for this mod. I offered the players on our server to add name suggestions to a google docs spreadsheet, and everyone came by to add their names. I added them all, nearly 300 of them, and we currently have some fun new horse foals, "Rumblebutt wisdom", "Wildblue", "Huntingmax", and many more on the way.
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    [17:39:21] <Shotu> i have a libila blow up doll
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    Ah, there it is. Was looking for this kind of lame reply. Never disappointed. Where's the whine post about how this is WO and not WU? I'm with alot of others here. I'll take what I can get but 100 would have been better.
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    I'd vote yes but any way you look at it you guys had constant double exp +4x exp with sb, there would need to be some sort of hard limit like 85 or a percentage modifier to lower all skills.
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    It seems everyone is arguing over skill advantage but yet if skills were slashed all epic players wont be able pvp/craft for themselves. So expecting people run out with 70ql gear while rest are rocking their drake/90ql gear is rather ridiculous imo.Only reason I stopped grinding 2 years ago was because I was done for 90ql gear for pvp. There is no point go beyond that unless we knew we would be merged eventually. We would still have crafters at 90 skill if we didn't have skill gain/curve because its needed for PvP. Edit: It should be both sides if merged happen for compensation not just screwing epic over. Edit: Even then if skills were transfered we still have territory control already in place. Almost making it tough to not join one the current pmks. All epic people would have nothing and start from scratch is more insane. New Map imo would be needed make it fair. +0 I can see both sides of merging and not but knowing how the company takes care of their players I doubt fair compensation would happen.
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    grats, big achievement! We here still just in the gathering phase for the first set - although the aim is no buying, just participating (and the target is to have 2 sets, this will be years it seems) The PAS part is done, only the dragons need to show up ...
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    It's time for this thread again? We had people push for an Ele map reset, and now that we got it and the fact it fixed nothing and gave us a worse map (as all us naysayers said ) is coming to light, so we're moving onto the next major thing? A little backstory about myself before I get started. I started Wurm on Wild in MR, maybe 6 years ago. My deed created the initial alliance of MR with HoM once it became Chaos and got alliance warfare. I was there for the creation of Empire of MR. I also do not play on Chaos anymore, I started on Epic when it opened, and I stayed there because I just simply had more fun on Epic. I have my Wild/Chaos accounts currently on Independence, I still own them and do not plan to sell them (a couple of them I use on Epic for whatever reason too) Please be aware this is not pvp/kvk things I'm about to say, it's just simply what I see. A lot of people for this are people that buy/sell accounts like underwear constantly and can't stay in one place, people that swap clusters every year, people that quit and moved onto WU, people that we watch login for 20 mins a day, people that have no anchor to anything, people that have nothing to lose by these major changes. I get it, it's probably about going wherever you think you'll have fun, or doing whatever you think will create fun. That's cool, it's a game yeah? Makes sense. What's not really cool is trying things you think will create fun for yourself at the expense of others. We just had an Ele map reset what 6 months ago or something? But we're not talking another map reset, not even an Epic reset. This is about utterly removing Epic from Wurm and forcing us to play elsewhere After spending almost half a year building a new capital and other deeds I'm not really game for deletion next. I'm not really game for losing all my traders again. I'm not really game for losing the 5 deeds I've helped build and pay for, after losing 2 previously with the map reset. I'm not really game for being forced to decide which skills to get screwed over on and lose by having to decide which cluster of skills I keep, I've spent a lot of time on both and have skills on both clusters I do not want to lose. I'm not game for losing literally every item I own to deletion, even if inventories would go, I'd have to make tons of alts just to move items that can be carried. Doesn't count the 2 rare colossi I've built with others, or the supreme colossus, or my rare/supreme boats, rare carts, etc I don't really want to go on and argue why I'm against this change for like the 3rd time or whatever it is. Chaos plays there because that's where they want to play. Epic plays there because that's where they want to play. People play on both chaos and epic because that's also what they want to do. Instead of looking for ways to continually screw over players, would it not make sense to find out ways to increase the playerbase? What happens when this is done, people quit, the 1-3 month pop explosion dies out, and we're sitting here again looking for some new broken way to change things? WU just released so who knows what will happen when people are bored/done checking out WU. The one worst thing I can really think of that hurt Epic a lot is the fact that literally everything that made it unique got dumped on the Freedom cluster minus the bad things that come with it. What's left to make Epic pop? The skill curve? People want that on Freedom... Treasure chests? How long before that gets dumped on Chaos, or even all of Freedom? Depot? Well that's a terrible idea anyway worse than hota so I don't care. Epic at least was promised more work (that I seem to remember?) post-Ele map reset. The map reset was supposed to be a start to changes to try to liven things up, but we got nothing? Also something that doesn't make sense to me... Chaos players 58/800 Epic cluster players 90/1600 @5pm est Why are we trying to delete the more populated pvp part of the game?? Is it because Chaos is connected to freedom? Hardly an excuse...
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    Going for +1, even if my post is going to be lost in the flood of comments, trolling and whatnot. One of the current issue with wurm is the lack of players, our player count is slowly but certainly dropping over time, a merge is needed, as well as advertising and maybe tweaking the cost. The game will only be interesting with a higher population on the servers and not half dead ones, be it on pve or pvp servers. Current changes to deities (thanks to epic godhood) already killed the market for the bigger part. The only value on the items are either : rare+, high power enchants, high QL items, special ones like sorcery charges, unique blood, treasure hunt rewards, moon metal. So i don't think there would be a big change even if epic players come with their goodies. (Can only bring in a bigger market). Freedom, Chaos (with it's different stages), Epic, Challenge all are experiments, failing at some levels for different reasons. But we can pick the best/good ideas from all of them and make a single cluster with it. Done properly we can mix the different playstyle together : why not bring in kingdoms on Freedom, giving us a reason to help our pvpers pals with valrei mission or providing the needed support for the wars. Get some rewards from a specific hota maps similar to challenge but tied to the rest of the cluster population. Allowing an easier access to all kind of playstyle while keeping a big enough player amount to keep the game viable on both economy and gameplay. We already have a structure similar to epic on freedom, pve servers who can be used as home servers (with a complete no pvp difference there) and a bigger pvp map accessible from them. Pushing the concept farther can only be good for everyone. TL;DR : Spreading the community thinner is not going to help the game, time to get back to a tighter community to keep the game viable.
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    Thread cleaned - please keep discussion to the suggestion at hand. Trolling and random insults do not belong here. Pandalet (Board Moderator)
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    Playing Wurm Online right now in either cluster is like playing poker with 30 cards, and the real issue is that the community is entirely spread out. We have two major clusters, several servers on those, and now an external third party game. The truth is (and I hate to sound ignorant, but I fully believe this despite whatever staff may state) these new servers and clusters were only implemented for one reason. It wasn't to serve for the expanding population. They were implemented because they made a temporary boost in subscriptions and silver sales, people rushed over, wanted the dragons, and had a few months of new fun before growing bored again. So now you have a bunch of servers with insanely small communities, and the concept of deleting one is always going to upset some demographic now. Wurm would only be fun if you had that platform of a game with 200+ players on a PvP server or even PvE server. The game just isn't fun solo. It isn't fun with 50 players. It isn't fun seeing the same names over and over for the past three years. It's just not. Of course this is a personal opinion, I am sure some are having fun raiding on a dead server with little PvP for some loot, but a year from now you aren't going to be talking about that, you would be talking about big fights. No one remembers crappy raids and silver drains. They remember fights. Just pull the pin, and the whiners. Blow up the Home servers, merge Chaos and Epic, who cares. There's no idea ever in the history of Wurm that deals with kingdoms and PvP that everyone will agree on, but the idea of having such a thin spread community is garbage, and no one should disagree with that. You're going to upset some demographic, but it's about making the choices that best serve for an actual PvP or PvE environment.
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    Can we stop talking about resetting the Chaos map? That's something that doesn't need to happen, and is irrelevant to the point at hand. I agree with absolutely everything else that was said in favor of the merger between Chaos and Epic. It would roughly double the active Chaos population, and if we only retained about half of the Epic population, I feel like in the long run, this is the right path to follow. I can't say Epic is or was a failure, I don't play there - but I would definitely welcome you guys to Chaos with your skills tuned down to non-curve levels. Anyone bitching about how this is unfair and you should grind from 1 is hilarious and just don't want you to be on similar grounds as them, so they want as much of an advantage as can be managed. I don't have any issue with these guys coming over, even if they're coming over with higher characteristics than me. There have been a few good points brought up, to be honest. Sharkin mentioned not forcing people to change servers. Well. It shouldn't be an option to convert you skills. You can't go halfsies on killing a server, and keeping it alive would just promote more people to eventually settle there and run into a similar dilemma. Also, moving back to the silly Chaos map reset thing. You Epic dudes signed up and made your deeds and everything knowing the server would be wiped, losing your map shouldn't be a very big deal. Everyone over here on Chaos has been here for years, and we expect our map to be alive as long as possible. Resetting it to make you guys feel more welcome when you should already be okay with losing your map doesn't make sense to me. Now, I'm not sure how the Epic reset works, but it might solve quite a few issues if we just waited a few months and Rolf played out the scenario or however the hell it's supposed to go over there - doesn't make the map last two years, and then merges the server after the next reset ( which again shouldn't last years ) Just my thoughts. Also you guys that are -1ing it because you are afraid of the high-skilled characters that will be introduced - honestly it's just more content for all of us. Including them. We'll both experience at least 1.5X our active players - and they'll all be zoned to the same map, instead of on other islands as Epic is set up.
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    Dunno about the rest of you but I've had over 20 new village applications these last few weeks with about a 90% invitation to the village rate, much higher than normal by far
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    and you are the biggest troll these forums have seen in awhile... everyone sees what you are doing just look at your posting history.
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