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    Thanks for the feedback! @Borgir I hope that I solved the problem now. Tell me if there is still something strange happening. @BadLuckBurt When you create a new map it started with an empty document without generators. I've uploaded a new version now which has predefined generators so there is something you can start with. @Zenity I knew that I forgot something important but couldn't remember anymore what it was I've uploaded a new version now which scales the window if it is larger than the screen. @Crustyfoot It is possible with a few clicks. You can import a complete and realistic biome list over Data > Import. In the "template" folder is a template called "Upland.biomes" which has biomes for trees, swamps, coast and resources. The same works for ores.
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    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sextant Sextants are mid level jewelry crafting items (requiring at least 30 skill to attempt). They can be made out of any metal. Optional extra :- some metals (not sure which) giving a slight bonus to accuracy. To use select, then right click on a visible celestial body (sun or any of the 3 moons) and choose "navigate". A 120 second timer will start up (reduced by QL of sextant). When this time ends it will return a message "After sighting <celestialobjectname> you calculate that your position is roughly (lat\long)". The accuracy is not a tile by tile accuracy, but a rough location (maybe as accurate as one small server map square). A nice idea would be to have QL effect accuracy (a 100 QL sextant being capable of giving exact location, scaling down to the map tile location at 1QL). Each use damages the sextant slightly. Of course we could also just get one of these for christmas....
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    Remove Height Min's over Water For Bridges When Bridge is On 2story Of a a House at Water level and other Side is Over 200Dirt Over Water Level There is No Need For it to Be Over 80Drits Off Water Table. And Over Land to Boot. And Who Came Up with this 80Dirt Over water and Why? A Caravel Height Above Water 35 Dirt or so(wiki)
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    Right now our options are extremely limited which almost makes the game unplayable, my suggestions is to have a couple new clothing options for our stabled horses and hopefully some pajama options, honestly how we've gone this far without pajamas for our horses baffles me.....
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    This is not really what you are asking for, but I use a mission for spawning things when a tile is stepped on. Here is a link to my cheat sheet since it has a fair number of pictures. https://goo.gl/ucFBLo (ignore the page breaks) If you are already using this maybe someone else will find it helpful.
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    Hopefully somedat someone will figure a way to add a working food and water trough (even if animals don;t actually drink water, a static water container is still a nice perk)
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    I have sorted the commands list a little bit, and i hope its usefull for you, if something is wrong pls let me know For your own textcolor that you can set with the command #chat <integer-number> you can use the following jar-file to convert rgb to integer color numbers. Thanks to GiuseppeP: https://www.dropbox....Colors.jar?dl=1 The Topic for working as GM and some good hints, you can find here If your server is busy, then you will soon need a good team. CA - Communitie Assistant People answer the questions for the game CM - Chatmoderator People who ensure compliance with your rules in the chatrooms GM - Game master People actively help your players, for example: bugs or stuckingm creating terrain and so on You have 5 tiers you can assign as GM´s (Level 1-5) with varying abillities, pls look at this post from MamaDarkness http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/131468-wu-gm-functions-discussion/#entry1350666 You can setup your GM team at the Server interface at the tab called "Players" At hostes servers please look at the depending configuration Ingame you can set the player power with your wand: The player have to be online Activate your ebony wand Rightclick the wand and go to "server" + "manage player powers" The new GM have now the given power but still no wand He/she can relog and should get the related wand (or after a server restart) you can spawn the wand with your ebony wand the new gm can use the give command (look below)...for other wands except the ebony, you have to find the correct item id, sorry i dont know it atm To toggle CA or CM staff members use this commands as GM 2 or above #toggleca playername #setmuter playername CM COMMANDS LIST right click a player in the chat to issue some comannds, you can also use the mutetool, best is to make a keybind bind <key> mutetool #chat <int color> - colors your chat so that players understand that it is formal. The color is optional and you'll get orange otherwise, also second parmeter can be r.g.b values. #mute <playername> <hours> <reason> - the player cannot communicate except with tell. #unmute <playername> - pardons a mute. #mutewarn <playername> (reason) - sends a warning that a player may be muted. The reason is optional. #showmuters - displays a list of the people who can mute apart from the gms. #showmuted - displays a list of the people who are muted. #showcas - displays a list of the ca. #help - shows the command list GM COMMANDS LIST GM 1 - Hero and above dont forget to bind the gmtools -> bind <key> gmtool #chat <int color> - colors your chat so that players understand that it is formal. The color is optional and you'll get orange otherwise, also second parmeter can be r.g.b values. #invis - toggles invisibility The following GM commands are sorted by Topics GM 2 - Demigod or higher commands are blue, GM 3 . Highgod or higher commands are red. MESSAGES AND ALERTS #alerts - lets you change periodic messages from the server. If you type in a message at the fifth line (message 3), your message will be shown at all your connected maps. #announce - announces a blue system wide message. #broadcast - broadcasts a system wide message. #gm - send a GM message to login server. #sdown - displays a message that the server is shutting down and rejects new connections. Does not shut down (enters maintenance mode) GET GENERAL INFOS ABOUT... PLAYERS #getip <playername> - displays the players ip address and any other accounts from the same address. #getwarnings <playername> - displays info about the player's warnings. #who [J|H|M] - sends a list of players online from Jenn-kellon, HOTS, or Mol-Rehan respectively STAFFMEMBERS #showdevtalkers - displays a list of the people who can see the GM Tab. #showheros [power] - displays a list of the people with power (defaults to Hero). Power can be 1-5 #showmuters - displays a list of the people who can mute apart from the gms. #showcas - displays a list of the ca. SERVER #getips - displays the current players with ip addresses. #bannedips - displays kingdom IP addresses and time since last logout. TODO why is this called #bannedips? #showbans - displays current bans #offline - shows offline creatures with location. It seems that doesnt work now! #calcCreatures - Calculates number of creatires on surface, in caves, are visible, and offline, Use with care - lag prone. #showcreaturelist - will show all creatures with current number and percentage also with max percentage. #uniques Displays all uniques on the server including the exact coordinates #checkCreatures - error checks the positions of creatures. Will return dislocated guards for instance. May provide a name like 'templar' to check only those. Use with care - lag prone and may cause instant spawns. COMMANDS TO TEST SOME #soundspam - spams area around you with random sounds for testing. #testAffinity - test affinity for a random skill. TODO (for me its not working) #testcolors - test sending a coloured message. TODO for me its not working) WORKING ON PLAYERS EDIT PLAYER DATAS #changeemail <playername> <newemail> - changes the email of a single player character. (Not working in WU as i know) #changepassword <playername> <newpassword> - changes the password of a player. In WU the password is a steam-id #registermail - registers player email in list. (please check that out) #setserver <playername> <serverid> - tells this server that the player is on the server with the number specified. A very important command at my servers after a crash #setreputation <playername> <new reputation> - sets the reputation of a player. #rename <oldname> <newname> <password> - renames the player. The player must be LOGGED OFF. If this works, it would be a silent ban for a char #addtitle <name> [<title id>] - adds the default title Clairvoyant. title id is optional. Here you cant give a new created title, just titles from the system #removetitle <name> [<title id>] - removes the default title Community Assistant. title id is optional. Dont forget this after you remove a CA from your list #resetplayer <name> - resets the players skills and faith to max 20. Also removes champion/realdeath. I never found an option to activate premium on wu servers, if this is possible, it would be a good punish for bugusing players and so on, please let me know if this works here. BAD PLAYERS #warn <playername> - the player receives an official warning. #kick <playername> - kicks the player #ban <playername> <days> <reason> - bans the player and the ipaddress. You must provide the number of days and a reason. #banhere|#baniphere|#pardonhere|pardoniphere <playername> - bancontrol for the current server only #banip <ipaddress> <days> <reason> - bans the ipaddress and kicks anyone from it. You must provide the number of days and a reason. #bansteam <id/player> bans the steamaccount from your server #pardonsteam <id/player> unbans the steamaccount from your server #watch <playername> <description> - creates a 'watch' ticket. BE A GOOD PLAYER #pardon <playername> - pardons the player and the ipaddress #pardonip <ipaddress> - pardons the ipaddress #resetwarnings <playername> - resets the players warnings to 0. HELPING A PLAYER #reload <creatureId or playername> - reload a player or creature when bugged. #respawn <playername> - respawns a dead player at the start. #findboat <name> - lets you find a boat with part of the name in it. May be processor heavy so if you notice lag, use with care! #locatehorse <string> - return the location of horses whose name contains the supplied argument string. #worth <name> - helps debug royal level kills on pvp servers. #addmoney <name months days silvers detail> - adds prem or silver to a players account. Detail needs to be any unique string #devtalk <name> - toggles the ability to a normal player to hear the gm chat. WORKING ON THE SERVER #plimit <new number> - the number when the server no longer accepts free players. It will always let premiums in though. #toggleEpic - toggles epic portals #toggleglobal - toggles global chat. #tradecheat - Toggles trade cheats on this server. TODO. #sdown - displays a message that the server is shutting down. Does not shut down (enters maintenance mode) #allowall - opens the server for new connections. (leaves maintenance mode). #creaturepos - toggles creature position logging. #dumpxml - generates a new epic xml on the login server. #invuln - toggles invulnerability mode. #togglemounts - enables or disables riding, driving and horse spawning. #maxcreatures <newvalue> - sets the number of max creature to a new value. #startx <number> - sets the tile X where new players (Jenn-Kellon, or for home servers all players) start to the number given. #starty <number> - sets the tile Y where new players (Jenn-Kellon, or for home servers all players) start to the number given. #generateDeadVillage <number> - generates a number of dead villages for archaeology purposes. A number more than 5 will not return info about the villages, just if it was successful or not. PERSONAL COMMANDS #changemodel <model> - change character model (gmdark or gmnormal) To change your own model #chamgemodel modelname To change the model of someone else #changemodel (model) (player) (duration) For the full list of possible models #changemodel list Here is a list from some models, thanks to Zenity for this work Short list of models There is a new command to list all models: #changemodel list but it seems, its required to sort it out a little bit in a text editor, i believe modelnames should be write in lower cases, if i am wrong you can inform me #gmlight - togles personal light on/off when you are invisible. #invis - toggles invisibility #timemod <hours> - modifies your current time with the number of hours. Can be negative. ITEMS #loadItem <long id> - loads item with id, (removing from the owner). #redeem - functionality to retrieve items from banned players.. #itempos <id> - checks the position of an item. #give <id> [Ql] [Value] - spawn the given Item into your inventory. Example #give 176 99 1 will spawn a Ebony wand ql99 into your inv.. REST #onfire - toggles player fire. #newmission <deityname> - generates a new epic mission for the provided deity. #togglemission <missionname> - enables or disables the mission with the name supplied. #toggleqa <name> - toggles the QA status on or off for the account. I dont know what this is. #isqa <name> - Checks if account has QA status. #overrideshop <name> <true|false> - if set to true the player may use the shop even though he has had previous payment reversals. #addmoney name months days silvers detail - adds to a players account. Detail is the paypal transaction id. #xmaslights - turn on the xmaslight on your position NEW COMMANDS #changemodel fullmodelname - self-explanatory, GM tier 2+, you must use FULL model name or you will become "?" bag instead #changemodel fullmodelname playername time - GM tier 4+, sets any model for any player. Time up to 3600 (one hour), can be used only on PvE servers. Warlander: full model name with dots in a middle must be used ..\Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmLauncher\packs\graphics.jar contains a file called mappings.txt. Contains all of the model names.
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    Summerholt Market located directly beside Summerholt starter town to the west. If you currently have a merchant outside the Summerholt starter town gates on the east side please consider moving him to the market area a few tiles away, this way we can get rid of the stalls and complete the overall area renovation. Prime locations in the market area still available! Current merchants are 37 plus two animal merchants (5 sp horses and 5sp bisons) Market currently consists of its new church Fo, Vyn, Mag and Nahjo altars are in and ready for sermons.. Bulk sales area to sell your bricks, mortar, dirt etc are now available. Now connected by a canal underneath giving access to the North Ocean of Xanadu and the South Ocean of Xanadu, that can prove helpful on a bad windy day... Thanks to our fantastic alliance members and continued support on progressing this project! New Pictures coming soon!
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    After playing WO for 5 yrs, and checking out other servers, I thought I'd start my idea, and see what folks think of the ideas I have, and gain new ideas, before opening up the server. Map 8192 Huge map with rivers Server Edits: -Faster cart and wagon travel, 40-50km/h -Forges interal volume same as a carval , 100 ores easy, but hey I didn't stop there, I'd like to see one forge used for it all, so I increased cauldens and backpacks to hold 100 ores. heck each backpack can hold a 100 backpacks with 100 ore. or backpack, with 100 backpacks with 100 backpacks ect... you get the idea, endless. so forges, chests, magic chests can hold endless items, even made it so rafts fit in backpacks, not on purpose but hey helps to put large items in a chest. this also increased carts and wagons and boats. -Faster skill gain and actions. -Characteristics , I hate starting with low body str and not able to ride a horse. plus the que'ed actions. so all stats start at 29. one more potin for 4 actions ;-) -All other skills start at 10 ,saves everyone a couple hours of failing. MODs in: -removed priest restrictions, -better meditation -Bounty mod for coins from kills -crops never turn to weeds -bulk transport mod, faster movement of bulk -prospect mod -Weaponsmith, prospecting,channeling,coal-making,metalurgy,natural-sub, fine carp, forage, botanize all extra increase skill gain -creature mod, lots of new animals more as He makes them, But I think you need to add it to your graphic.jar in your launcher -bag of hold spell mod, but i think i'll take it out, since I edited some times to hold a ton -No deed upkeep MODs waiting for, and or server edits I need to learn: -more starting gear, better QL -faster ships, large area's to explore and settle, want to increase travel -placement costs for deeds. but from granted silver, not sure how to do yet, but I want to give all new players 10siver to start with , place your deeds and hire guards, resize deeds from the silver you gain playing. this way no-one starts out with huge deeds then quits leaving a mess. -My thoughts are to give silver based on play time, so deeds can grow, also pay players for towers and hi-ways. -and plan to pay in silvers, for players making adventure spots. extra silver given for personal deed, I'll use my alt system to plant adventure deeds, and add in workers, this will protect the areas. Map plan, huge starter island, Already started, make huge town for everyone to live in while they learn and skill up for their owwn adventure. huge plubic workshops and mines. also so adventures to cehck into. finding keys to gain access to cirtters to see, like dragons. a Zoo on a 2nd deed so guards don't kill them lol. plan to map a few adventure areas,, inspired by the faction fight brothers. I want to use forgotten realms info and city names, but I need to get permision first, tell then, similar names till then. like the giant city of waterdeep, evil cities like zhentil keep Darkhold, deed question town Phlan , from pool of radiance game. I hope to get help and make 10-20 areas on this huge map, as adventure area's until we can mod in quests and missions. large hunting areas, with large stone walls around, safari style. enclosers of just mountain loins, bears, wolves, ect... looking for more ideas, and mods ideas. ,i'll add map pic soon -North east corner, island is the starter deed, close to 500x500 tiles over 3g gold coins upkeep lol
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    Yeah, it does nothing. As in (so far as I can see from the WU server code), the title merely exists, but has no actual effect. It's not the only one either. Just another one of those things that was always left as a mystery and never had anything added for it.
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    +1 The most important thing for me is quality pvp (as long as I don't lose more than +15% of my grind time in comparison).
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    Ah ok, my apologies to jberg too, as he got what you meant right off. I am a big fan of the idea of Hell Scorpion Armor crafted from chitlin drops, stuff like that. Poison sacs sound good too.
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    Make the world Round... pristine and release hooked to other side of chaos North side of Xanadu hooked to Independence and south side Xanadu hooked to south side of celebration get people closer to each other. And FIX the DAMN BUG's( fairly i add. if someone grind skill to 70 or 90 with a bug. take it away..) seen this over and over people got highskill back with this bug or that bug. and they let it ride. like (Fountion Pans)(spelling) it puts hard feeling on bothside..fix it when it happens or u find it. or let it ride.. Tell truth yesterday i about blow everthing up all my deed's and just flooded the market with more high end Stuff. Was so pissed off About the lack oh Understanding Why the Hell Coder's Put hard Limits ON thing? Have u Ever Heard OF...java if statement string... Ill be making a Post about that in Bit AND FIX... The Grief Objects. it has Been over a Year... (seems I Reported this) they can be be still Made and Used as this.. Hell i Been Temped To use them a Few Times. Good Case in Point. http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/128269-mercury-lake-canal-project-central-bay-alliance/ I dropped Over 40s worth of Deeds just to Stop One Person. from going out of there way to stop this. Not Becuz it was Near him But Becuz he Could and he wanted to Troll.. 16 Of These Reported Bug's Would Of Saved me 30s. but Would of Made the Land Unusable For all and Forever. Let Player Base Control Some of the Game User Interface.. move That part of the Game To a Folder its Clint Side anyways. The Mod's Just to the UI will Improve the Game 60%.. I Want Wurm to Be all The Game it Could BE. And its one of the Reason i am so Hard On it . Ill Stop Here. for Know..
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    [17:39:21] <Shotu> i have a libila blow up doll
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    Thanks for all the positive feedback. We will see how the server goes Yaga
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    Great so we just need half the amount of forges! At risk of appear like an ungrateful bast..., really you people (Rolf and Devs) should start to pay more attention to your player base. There is a hefty amount of post from people asking for years a smelting furnace with the capacity to smelt 100 ores, even people is more than happy to accept it to require lots of mats and skill to be able to build such a furnace. No matter that you come with this stupid update. PLEASE START LISTENING YOUR PLAYERS OR JUST WIPE OUT AND ELIMINATE THE SUGESTION SECTION AND SAVE US THE WORK OF GIVE OUR SUGGESTIONS AND IDEAS AS IF THERE WAS ANYONE LISTENING ON THE OTHER SIDE.
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    Filefront.com (gamefront.com) I used to work for them. Its not a great one, but it seems to be byfar the simplest to set up. They were mainly used for storage for mods for games. Iirc they still have the subsites up for those games too. Edit: subsites are gone, thank god cause i was still on the contact sheets for some of them, since the site managers never updated those
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    what a great generalization Since it's impossible to argue for/against anything when people have this kind of mindset I'll just keep it simple and reiterate my -1
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    It seems everyone is arguing over skill advantage but yet if skills were slashed all epic players wont be able pvp/craft for themselves. So expecting people run out with 70ql gear while rest are rocking their drake/90ql gear is rather ridiculous imo.Only reason I stopped grinding 2 years ago was because I was done for 90ql gear for pvp. There is no point go beyond that unless we knew we would be merged eventually. We would still have crafters at 90 skill if we didn't have skill gain/curve because its needed for PvP. Edit: It should be both sides if merged happen for compensation not just screwing epic over. Edit: Even then if skills were transfered we still have territory control already in place. Almost making it tough to not join one the current pmks. All epic people would have nothing and start from scratch is more insane. New Map imo would be needed make it fair. +0 I can see both sides of merging and not but knowing how the company takes care of their players I doubt fair compensation would happen.
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    You and literally every other person keep thinking this is "the same old wipe" it's clearly not, it would be a wipe with a purpose other than just a new map, and things WOULD be different because 100~ people are added together with about another 100~, it clearly wouldn't be the same as past server wipes.
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    Living in southern Xanadu and haven't noticed any change in how many folks are out and about in the area. However I have noticed that horse sales stopped completely. Haven't had a single horse sell after WU. But I'm not worried as I believe this is temporary. Sure, some people may have gone to WU for good, but the following scenarios will also bring some people back to WO: They realize the instability and insecurity of playing on a player run server. Imagine putting hours into the grind and building up your deed, only to have a player decide to take it down for whatever reason They find themselves irritated by how a player run server is balanced. What at first felt fun and novel, turned out to feel too easy or unbalanced and the sense of achievement is soon lost They get irritated by game masters who keep adjusting and tweaking things like skills and spawn rate, making it so you can never quite depend on anything (and sure it happens in WO as well of course, but only with good reason and done gently and with care) Although I'm sure the majority of game masters out there are good people with good intentions, there will be those who have personality issues and suddenly it's not so fun to be under the mercy of a tyrant Speaking of tyrants, they get tired of feeling like they need to "suck up" to whoever happens to be running the server and probably suck up to the GMs buddies too They are left feeling like they're not experiencing the "real thing" They get tired of the server being down again because someone's computer running the server crashed again And I'm sure there are other reasons as well WO offers a stable, consistent MMO where everyone is equal, everyone plays under the same rules. No worries about not being able to log on. No worries about losing all the work you put into your character and deed. No evil manipulation by corrupt GMs. Right now WU is still the new and exciting thing and although I'm sure there will be stable long living servers with honest GMs running them for the right reasons, it's only a matter of time until some folks will come back to us, one by one when things go badly wrong. Besides, WU has generated a lot of interest in WO - I've met so many newbies lately it's unreal. So don't give up quite yet
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    It's time for this thread again? We had people push for an Ele map reset, and now that we got it and the fact it fixed nothing and gave us a worse map (as all us naysayers said ) is coming to light, so we're moving onto the next major thing? A little backstory about myself before I get started. I started Wurm on Wild in MR, maybe 6 years ago. My deed created the initial alliance of MR with HoM once it became Chaos and got alliance warfare. I was there for the creation of Empire of MR. I also do not play on Chaos anymore, I started on Epic when it opened, and I stayed there because I just simply had more fun on Epic. I have my Wild/Chaos accounts currently on Independence, I still own them and do not plan to sell them (a couple of them I use on Epic for whatever reason too) Please be aware this is not pvp/kvk things I'm about to say, it's just simply what I see. A lot of people for this are people that buy/sell accounts like underwear constantly and can't stay in one place, people that swap clusters every year, people that quit and moved onto WU, people that we watch login for 20 mins a day, people that have no anchor to anything, people that have nothing to lose by these major changes. I get it, it's probably about going wherever you think you'll have fun, or doing whatever you think will create fun. That's cool, it's a game yeah? Makes sense. What's not really cool is trying things you think will create fun for yourself at the expense of others. We just had an Ele map reset what 6 months ago or something? But we're not talking another map reset, not even an Epic reset. This is about utterly removing Epic from Wurm and forcing us to play elsewhere After spending almost half a year building a new capital and other deeds I'm not really game for deletion next. I'm not really game for losing all my traders again. I'm not really game for losing the 5 deeds I've helped build and pay for, after losing 2 previously with the map reset. I'm not really game for being forced to decide which skills to get screwed over on and lose by having to decide which cluster of skills I keep, I've spent a lot of time on both and have skills on both clusters I do not want to lose. I'm not game for losing literally every item I own to deletion, even if inventories would go, I'd have to make tons of alts just to move items that can be carried. Doesn't count the 2 rare colossi I've built with others, or the supreme colossus, or my rare/supreme boats, rare carts, etc I don't really want to go on and argue why I'm against this change for like the 3rd time or whatever it is. Chaos plays there because that's where they want to play. Epic plays there because that's where they want to play. People play on both chaos and epic because that's also what they want to do. Instead of looking for ways to continually screw over players, would it not make sense to find out ways to increase the playerbase? What happens when this is done, people quit, the 1-3 month pop explosion dies out, and we're sitting here again looking for some new broken way to change things? WU just released so who knows what will happen when people are bored/done checking out WU. The one worst thing I can really think of that hurt Epic a lot is the fact that literally everything that made it unique got dumped on the Freedom cluster minus the bad things that come with it. What's left to make Epic pop? The skill curve? People want that on Freedom... Treasure chests? How long before that gets dumped on Chaos, or even all of Freedom? Depot? Well that's a terrible idea anyway worse than hota so I don't care. Epic at least was promised more work (that I seem to remember?) post-Ele map reset. The map reset was supposed to be a start to changes to try to liven things up, but we got nothing? Also something that doesn't make sense to me... Chaos players 58/800 Epic cluster players 90/1600 @5pm est Why are we trying to delete the more populated pvp part of the game?? Is it because Chaos is connected to freedom? Hardly an excuse...
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    After spending several hours surface mining I might try to make this at some point next week
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    Believe it was delayed http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/131677-screenshots-on-steam/ Warlander [developer] Sep 23 @ 4:44pm This will mostly optimize rendering even more, while allowing some new shiny things and getting rid of old problems of previous renderer. http://steamcommunity.com/app/366220/discussions/0/517142892050122494/
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    1. yeah 2. there is/was a bug. curently trees are not growing. you need to manualy edit a db. there is already postet a fix somwhere in the server section 3. standart value is 20 4. idk 5.idk ^^ 6. yes 7. i guess somwhere in the db or directly in the *.jar 8. come in irc