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    Sniff. Finality is going through inactivity moods these days. Everyone's still welcome to join the ranks as always, but if you're looking for a place with people running around and shouting "Hi, how are you!" every day, then you may end up being disappointed. I warmly suggest hooking up with Oakheart. Or you can come and be alone with us. Dot dot dot. Highways. Reaching everywhere, seemingly endless. Adventures. Waiting for you, offering challenges and rewards. Ruins. Perishing slowly in silence, but the tales they could tell. Travellers. Brave fortune seekers, or desperately adrift in the seas of the wilderness. Sol and the moons. Observing, dispartial, tranquil. And then there's us, silly bunch of people who throw every bit of wisdom to the wind and spoil a perfectly good and profound intro. Finality Life's good. A fun group of friendly people (cannot sell us as boring and hostile, can I). We play, we idle, we admire eachother's underwear fashion and occasionally we succeed in... things. Our village has had ups and downs, more people and less people, but we're still here. Looks like even the Deed Reaper has facepalmed and given up on us. We don't care too much about making money, please bring your own. However, we are friendly and caring and we share your stuff, please bring a lot of money. Over time we've grown resistant to bad meals. There's a rule not to beat the cook, hence we all do cooking. Badly, but kill ratio is near zero. We have learned to decrease long term suffering by falling on the head on the first try. Our horses recently learned to walk forward, sheep have stopped barking (they picked up sneezing though) and bisons don't have constant gas anymore (some still argue that's not an improvement). FREE subscription to our yearly discontinued newsletter. Rodrigues is back! PICTURES! In the name of all the wonderful citizens in Finality, protector and creator of all that's blue and shiny, owner of sand in everyone's shoes, - Shmeric PS. You can also try to reach out to and /tell your funniest childhood stories or dirtiest pensioner jokes to Naiani and/or Gheen.
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    I once had the same problem when I was trying to get money out of freedom market token. I bought 10s, nothing appeared in my bank for ten minutes. Then I bought another 10s and still nothing happened. After about 30 mins the money showed up in my bank. So I used the first 10s and kept the other 10s for next months premium. Or thought so. I ended up spending them all in the freedom market. Damn you Gumbo and your weapon merchant !
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    Is there a mod out there to do that? If not can it be done? I was specifically thinking guard towers, but the banners, flags, wagons, etc. would be nice as well.
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    $200 for WU server source code DLC, make it happen
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    Summerholt Market located directly beside Summerholt starter town to the west. If you currently have a merchant outside the Summerholt starter town gates on the east side please consider moving him to the market area a few tiles away, this way we can get rid of the stalls and complete the overall area renovation. Prime locations in the market area still available! Current merchants are 37 plus two animal merchants (5 sp horses and 5sp bisons) Market currently consists of its new church Fo, Vyn, Mag and Nahjo altars are in and ready for sermons.. Bulk sales area to sell your bricks, mortar, dirt etc are now available. Now connected by a canal underneath giving access to the North Ocean of Xanadu and the South Ocean of Xanadu, that can prove helpful on a bad windy day... Thanks to our fantastic alliance members and continued support on progressing this project! New Pictures coming soon!
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    What more can I say, disables fatigue (or at least should do, I have not been able to fully test this yet). I don't know how you crazy people hit it but I was in the right file when I saw a thread requesting this so here it is. For those who don't know fatigue is not stamina, fatigue is a limit on the amount of time you can spend doing actions in 1 day it is intended to stop macroing but can cause issues if you only run your server when you are playing. Stamina is that green bar that drains when you walk or do actions. Uses ago's modloader (v0.6+) Download link: http://webbrar.co.uk/wurmmods/nofatigue.zip Installation: set up the modloader then extract the zip into your mods folder. Updated 4th November 2015 This may still work, I have marked it as abandoned as it won't be receiving any maintenance from me.
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    Now that BRIDGES are finally in, it is time to turn our minds to other important updates such as ... FASHIONTALK Did you know that WOOL was once the heart of the European economy? Did you know that HEMP was a major clothing textile? Did you know clothe DYES were often made from colored mushrooms? We have so many wonderful materials yet so little ingame use for them! WOOL - FUR - LEATHER - COTTON - GOLD/SILVER THREAD - HORNS (Pssst! FARMING could also use FLAX for LINEN!!) We could have FESTIVALS! PARTIES! Characters would no longer look cookie cutter It would encourage TRADE & COMMERCE Also, men in Wurm have GLORIOUS BEARDS but the women's hair choice are sadly lacking. So -- if we may be so BOLD -- as to humbly PETITION FIVE -- NAY BUT SAY RATHER SIX! -- NEW FEMALE HAIR OPTIONS also, wool hats are nice but what beats a nice FUR HAT? To go with our new SHORT CAPES - HOODED CAPES -- LIGHT CLOAKS - HEAVY CLOAKS Also VANGUARD used to have separate character tabs for VANITY CLOTHING vs ARMOR. Another option is to have a special ARMOR BAG similar to a BACKPACK except it holds one complete set of armor regardless of type. We rightclick the BAG, EQUIP, and switch from our "pretty clothes" to our "combat clothes" with maybe a 10-20 second timer if needed.
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    Sorry if this has already been requested. I like to travel around with a wagon and setup temporary camping sites. All the crafting items can be loaded in wagons and with tents you have a spawn point the only thing really needed now is a loadable altar. Thanks to anyone that can do this.
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    Gathering enough reliable data is the tricky part I think I'll stick to my casting superstitions. Always face south while standing on a cobble tile outside and if I fail 3 times in a row, take a drink of water. 100% works 50% of the time
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    No. If you start Steam in the true offline mode (the one where you can't access your friends list), the server cannot authenticate the client and you won't be able to connect.
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    Not asking for a reset really, but, if there was one there would be a for sure large spike in population, however, the PvP side for epic has always been in decline, chaos is usually stable but has its periods of decline. I'm not sure. It would be interesting though. You certainly won't do any more harm, most of the accounts on epic that abused windows got nerfed for it, there are still a few that are around. Just like a lot of the accounts on chaos that were large abusers aren't really around anymore, there still are some though. I don't imagine that Valrei system would be hard to port over if it was wanted, i mean missions are already here. I know i still personally prefer the unique method though, makes them more valuable, but then again having missions on the only PvP server actually might encourage PvP, whereas on epic 98% of the people just do homeserver missions in near complete safety, and then the people that actually take a risk may get an item. Yeah i understand the skills being damaging, particularly with body stamina, but it seemed pretty clear to me that scaling anyone up or down seems like more work than it's worth and i think taking the body stamina hit at least balances it out a bit as its a pretty large gap. As for terraforming items... The Rod of Eruption was turned into Tome of Incineration (which i believe some have already dropped here on Freedom), so they no longer exist. There are some Wand of the Seas out there, but i don't think there are any more than three or four and they could easily be removed if needed. And yeah, its clear that the decline isn't going to go away without a lot of work, but its also clear that splitting the PvP population wasn't the best idea. Allowing the two to merge may double the "core playerbase" (you know the vets who never leave), and at the very least it would cause a spike in PvP which would probably bring some people back. Not to mention there are a lot of people who always come back for large changes like this, some permanent and some temporary. There is always people who don't want something, and there are people who may quit because of a change too, but at the end of the day its up to Rolf and he determines what actions they take (i still think an ingame poll would be best and acting on that) Nothing pleases everyone though and at the end of the day some stuff is better for the game, and some stuff is better for the players and its up to the staff to determine what that is and how to approach that, i'm just offering a suggestion as a person who has played the game for a long time and this is something myself and the people I play with would like to see (and clearly a lot more).
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    So temped to just buyout. Fancy account plus at least 2.5g worth of items. I'll keep my eyes on this!
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    They shouldn't be decaying now. Let me know if they are. In other news, ago has been kind enough to give me a tip on how to implement a blacklist. I'm away on interviews today and tomorrow, but possibly will update tomorrow night.
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    I don't have any problem with this other than both maps being so big. I mean, at that point we're not really centralizing the PvP community, we're just putting us all back into a single shard universe.
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    Yeah, it does nothing. As in (so far as I can see from the WU server code), the title merely exists, but has no actual effect. It's not the only one either. Just another one of those things that was always left as a mystery and never had anything added for it.
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    Thank you Zenity, if its ok, i will link your post in my commands list have a nice day Eject
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    I'm happy to announce first of the promised new features in WA 3! We just got skill triggers! Set this trigger to a skill level, and it will notify as soon as that level is reached. It works with favor. It also works between freedom and epic (switches between skill pools on it's own) and should switch between Unlimited servers equally well. Available in R25. --------- A bunch of smaller tweaks and bugfixes! Log reading is now universal - independent of platform setting in WA config. Windows setting just makes it slightly faster. Correct platform should still be used, but this enables mixing logs from different PC's.When trying to start WA and it's already running, it will bring that WA to front instead of showing error. Unfortunate consequence: can no longer hide the app completely from taskbar. (not the only reason for this change).Reduced warning spam from WurmApi a bit.LogSearcherBugfixed match list and highlighting.Granger: Fix for not saving trait values.Bugfix for: [bUG] during value preset edit, save button crashes if nothing selected.Partial bugfix for smilexamining non-horses, should now be possible to update between foal / nonfoal ages. Ages might still be glitchy.Bugfix for XML import / export. Added server name to exports.Triggers:Fix for triggers, that would not delete.Added option for matching every line, regardless of condition."Condition" has been split into log entry "content" and "source". Old triggers that used to match text in < > have to be updated. Updated help texts. This change is because of changes in new WurmApi. Source is the text between <> eg character names in chat. Content is everything else in log line. Timestamps are filtered out just like in WA2.Fixed crash when a game character is no longer available or invalid (eg. invalid config).Fixed default popup duration back to 3 seconds.​Timers:​Added option to hide/show a timer group in the widget (group is still active and will trigger notifications, but does not show on the GUI - need feedback on notifications, can also add them to disable if needed). This is an alternative to deleting the group.​A few glitches listed on the roadmap turned out to be self-fixed in the transition to WA3.
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    I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for this mod. I offered the players on our server to add name suggestions to a google docs spreadsheet, and everyone came by to add their names. I added them all, nearly 300 of them, and we currently have some fun new horse foals, "Rumblebutt wisdom", "Wildblue", "Huntingmax", and many more on the way.
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    Make the world Round... pristine and release hooked to other side of chaos North side of Xanadu hooked to Independence and south side Xanadu hooked to south side of celebration get people closer to each other. And FIX the DAMN BUG's( fairly i add. if someone grind skill to 70 or 90 with a bug. take it away..) seen this over and over people got highskill back with this bug or that bug. and they let it ride. like (Fountion Pans)(spelling) it puts hard feeling on bothside..fix it when it happens or u find it. or let it ride.. Tell truth yesterday i about blow everthing up all my deed's and just flooded the market with more high end Stuff. Was so pissed off About the lack oh Understanding Why the Hell Coder's Put hard Limits ON thing? Have u Ever Heard OF...java if statement string... Ill be making a Post about that in Bit AND FIX... The Grief Objects. it has Been over a Year... (seems I Reported this) they can be be still Made and Used as this.. Hell i Been Temped To use them a Few Times. Good Case in Point. http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/128269-mercury-lake-canal-project-central-bay-alliance/ I dropped Over 40s worth of Deeds just to Stop One Person. from going out of there way to stop this. Not Becuz it was Near him But Becuz he Could and he wanted to Troll.. 16 Of These Reported Bug's Would Of Saved me 30s. but Would of Made the Land Unusable For all and Forever. Let Player Base Control Some of the Game User Interface.. move That part of the Game To a Folder its Clint Side anyways. The Mod's Just to the UI will Improve the Game 60%.. I Want Wurm to Be all The Game it Could BE. And its one of the Reason i am so Hard On it . Ill Stop Here. for Know..
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    Thanks for all the positive feedback. We will see how the server goes Yaga
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    So, The october event went pretty well, and I have gone ahead and turned off the ability to begin the event. I have decided not to give you guys a complete list of what was possible in the catacombs because, lets face it.. it's more fun to keep all of you wondering if you found everything. (yeah, I'm evil like that sometimes) Anyhow, Moving into the next few months I've got a couple of announcements to make. First, The november event will be held on pristine, but will be a fairly small, more basic hunt. I'm going to try for 4-5 clues and 2-3 puzzles so that I can complete it quickly. The reason for this is that we want to do something fairly big for December, but also want to respect the time, effort, energy, and traditions of the Impalongs that are such a staple of the wurm holiday season to many of us. Which brings us to the December event. We are going to hold it on Xanadu, and it will be similar in design to the October event, in that the event will run completely within a single deed and be a large maze/labyrinth instead of a chase across the map. The deed in question (when I get it set up) will NOT be one of the start deeds, instead I am going to set up a teleport that will permit players to travel TO the event from ANY of the start deeds, and then return to the town they came FROM. (there will be NO other access to the event deed) To avoid conflicting with the impalongs, I am aiming to run it around midmonth, that is another reason for the November event being fairly short, I am basically already creating two events at the same time. As time gets a bit closer, I will be starting a thread for each individual event, (the november thread should go up.. uhh, soon..ish..(maybe)
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    this thread clearly needs more tinfoil hats
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    Soul Depth should be renamed to Pocket Depth. Because that's pretty much all it's good for, players with deep pockets.
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    I have been LS for years. My skill in LS is 75. I decided I wanted a change. A bit unconventional, I went with a short sword with very high buffs. [13:42:04] A sword with a blade the length of an underarm. It could be improved with a lump. [13:42:04] It is enchanted with Animal's demise, and has an aggressive aura towards animals. [13:42:04] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [92] [13:42:04] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [98] [13:42:04] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [80] [13:42:04] Mind stealer has been cast on it, so it will steal knowledge from non-players. [82] Let me tell ya, this sword is awesome! I pair it with a LMS. I am getting 3 second swings sometimes paired with a parry at the same time. But because LT is chanced to work with every hit, LT keeps my health up even with trolls. So while I am hitting very fast but doing less damage per hit, LT is working at increased frequency and keeps me healthy. If I do get beat up pretty good by a troll, I will follow up the troll fight with a wolf, scorpion, or spider and that fight will let the LT heal me back up. Sample: Check this out. Fighting a croc and then turning to take a wolf that was also attacking me at the same time (sword action in bold). [2015-11-14] [14:06:52] The attack to the chest glances off your armour. [2015-11-14] [14:06:52] The attack to the left thigh glances off your armour. [2015-11-14] [14:06:52] You pierce Aged crocodile extremely hard in the stomach and hurt it. [2015-11-14] [14:06:55] The attack to the chest glances off your armour. [2015-11-14] [14:06:55] You safely parry with your short sword. [2015-11-14] [14:06:55] You pierce Aged crocodile extremely hard in the chest and hurt it. [2015-11-14] [14:06:58] You pierce Aged crocodile extremely hard in the thigh of the right hindleg and hurt it. [2015-11-14] [14:07:02] You pierce Aged lurking black wolf extremely hard in the stomach and damage it. [2015-11-14] [14:07:03] Aged lurking black wolf tries to claw you but you raise your shield and parry. [2015-11-14] [14:07:05] You pierce Aged lurking black wolf extremely hard in the stomach and damage it. [2015-11-14] [14:07:07] You safely parry with your short sword. [2015-11-14] [14:07:08] You pierce Aged lurking black wolf extremely hard in the thigh of the left hindleg and damage it. [2015-11-14] [14:07:11] The attack to the chest glances off your armour. [2015-11-14] [14:07:11] You cut Aged lurking black wolf extremely hard in the chest and damage it. [2015-11-14] [14:07:12] Aged lurking black wolf tries to claw you but you raise your shield and parry. [2015-11-14] [14:07:12] Aged lurking black wolf claws you hard in the chest and irritates it. [2015-11-14] [14:07:12] Your armour hurts Aged lurking black wolf. [2015-11-14] [14:07:14] You pierce Aged lurking black wolf extremely hard in the stomach and damage it. [2015-11-14] [14:07:15] Aged lurking black wolf claws you pretty hard in the chest and irritates it. [2015-11-14] [14:07:15] Your armour hurts Aged lurking black wolf. [2015-11-14] [14:07:16] Aged lurking black wolf bites you hard in the chest and hurts it. [2015-11-14] [14:07:16] Your armour hurts Aged lurking black wolf. [2015-11-14] [14:07:17] You miss with the short sword. [2015-11-14] [14:07:20] You cut Aged lurking black wolf extremely hard in the left paw and harm it. Exciting! That fight ended with me at 100% health. It is actually a very fun setup. I can't wait to get SS skill up to where I can do some special moves.
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    I'd vote yes but any way you look at it you guys had constant double exp +4x exp with sb, there would need to be some sort of hard limit like 85 or a percentage modifier to lower all skills.
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    Great so we just need half the amount of forges! At risk of appear like an ungrateful bast..., really you people (Rolf and Devs) should start to pay more attention to your player base. There is a hefty amount of post from people asking for years a smelting furnace with the capacity to smelt 100 ores, even people is more than happy to accept it to require lots of mats and skill to be able to build such a furnace. No matter that you come with this stupid update. PLEASE START LISTENING YOUR PLAYERS OR JUST WIPE OUT AND ELIMINATE THE SUGESTION SECTION AND SAVE US THE WORK OF GIVE OUR SUGGESTIONS AND IDEAS AS IF THERE WAS ANYONE LISTENING ON THE OTHER SIDE.
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    Filefront.com (gamefront.com) I used to work for them. Its not a great one, but it seems to be byfar the simplest to set up. They were mainly used for storage for mods for games. Iirc they still have the subsites up for those games too. Edit: subsites are gone, thank god cause i was still on the contact sheets for some of them, since the site managers never updated those
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    what a great generalization Since it's impossible to argue for/against anything when people have this kind of mindset I'll just keep it simple and reiterate my -1
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    Add me into the crowd that believes a dedicated smelting forge should hold 100 ore... 60~ ore doesn't replace fountain functionality at all
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    You and literally every other person keep thinking this is "the same old wipe" it's clearly not, it would be a wipe with a purpose other than just a new map, and things WOULD be different because 100~ people are added together with about another 100~, it clearly wouldn't be the same as past server wipes.
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    -1 i choosed epic because thats the pvp cluster. If I wanted a PVP server where you can run to PVE when ###### gets tough i'd choose chaos, but i dont. please just no. if something. give chaos players an option to migrate to epic and make freedom completely PVE. As it was for a short while. 2 clusters, epic = pvp and freedom = pve. Epic has the biggest population compared to Chaos, why should we move?
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    I have a bunch of marketable skills as well. I have a merchant page as well. I'm making the money to cover the upkeep of the (numerous) deeds across the PVE servers the family has, it was never an issue in any month looking back for many months. I'm way happy it does not take all my time, I do a lot of travel, exploration, fun etc. - yields what is needed, and it is false reuiqrement from a game to want to make some RL income. When I spend my time in RL to make money it is much more profitable, better to come here afterwards and play I still buy the prem for most of the alts in the wurm shop, that monthly money I spend on Wurm is going for the "upkeep" of the developers, and I feel it cheaper per workhour than buying it for ingame silvers. (Ahh and my sig is from after a server restart when I was the first on Cele, not a totally deserted server it is In fact I love the 200+ creatures in any local)
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    Going for +1, even if my post is going to be lost in the flood of comments, trolling and whatnot. One of the current issue with wurm is the lack of players, our player count is slowly but certainly dropping over time, a merge is needed, as well as advertising and maybe tweaking the cost. The game will only be interesting with a higher population on the servers and not half dead ones, be it on pve or pvp servers. Current changes to deities (thanks to epic godhood) already killed the market for the bigger part. The only value on the items are either : rare+, high power enchants, high QL items, special ones like sorcery charges, unique blood, treasure hunt rewards, moon metal. So i don't think there would be a big change even if epic players come with their goodies. (Can only bring in a bigger market). Freedom, Chaos (with it's different stages), Epic, Challenge all are experiments, failing at some levels for different reasons. But we can pick the best/good ideas from all of them and make a single cluster with it. Done properly we can mix the different playstyle together : why not bring in kingdoms on Freedom, giving us a reason to help our pvpers pals with valrei mission or providing the needed support for the wars. Get some rewards from a specific hota maps similar to challenge but tied to the rest of the cluster population. Allowing an easier access to all kind of playstyle while keeping a big enough player amount to keep the game viable on both economy and gameplay. We already have a structure similar to epic on freedom, pve servers who can be used as home servers (with a complete no pvp difference there) and a bigger pvp map accessible from them. Pushing the concept farther can only be good for everyone. TL;DR : Spreading the community thinner is not going to help the game, time to get back to a tighter community to keep the game viable.
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    I guess 64 lumps for a smelter might be nice a full stack in terms of iron
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    Its not about making things easy, but rather adding progression, and with it, convenience. I would prefer that the smelter requires high masonry to make, and a lot of mats. I do not have high masonry so this would give me reason to work on it (progression). It should be able to smelt 100 ore at a time at an increased rate compared to a forge of similar quality. As well, it needs to be able to be loaded into a wagon. Smelters should not replace the forge so it should restrict the types of items that go into it to only ores.
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    People are getting caught up in the fairness of this suggestion. A lot of things are not fair, but they are done to achieve objective for the better of the community. Necessity. Distinction. Proportionality.
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    Thread cleaned - please keep discussion to the suggestion at hand. Trolling and random insults do not belong here. Pandalet (Board Moderator)
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    After spending several hours surface mining I might try to make this at some point next week
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    As an old Wurmian, from the era before compasses were standard issue, I learned this, and various other navigation tips in Wurm quite quickly. Since back then we never even had maps, knowing which way the wind was blowing was often vital. Smoke, tile orientation, crop orientation as well, even the direction the grass blew in, so much so I still have a 'weather' keybind. Nothing is more satisfying than building a quick campfire to confirm your heading in a forest
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    Dunno about the rest of you but I've had over 20 new village applications these last few weeks with about a 90% invitation to the village rate, much higher than normal by far
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    This thread has run its course. It is so simple there is no need for a thread to clarify the following idea... Macro's are NOT allowed in Wurm Online! *Click*
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    1. yeah 2. there is/was a bug. curently trees are not growing. you need to manualy edit a db. there is already postet a fix somwhere in the server section 3. standart value is 20 4. idk 5.idk ^^ 6. yes 7. i guess somwhere in the db or directly in the *.jar 8. come in irc
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    Been asking for one for years.