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    Thanks for the feedback! @Borgir I hope that I solved the problem now. Tell me if there is still something strange happening. @BadLuckBurt When you create a new map it started with an empty document without generators. I've uploaded a new version now which has predefined generators so there is something you can start with. @Zenity I knew that I forgot something important but couldn't remember anymore what it was I've uploaded a new version now which scales the window if it is larger than the screen. @Crustyfoot It is possible with a few clicks. You can import a complete and realistic biome list over Data > Import. In the "template" folder is a template called "Upland.biomes" which has biomes for trees, swamps, coast and resources. The same works for ores.
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    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sextant Sextants are mid level jewelry crafting items (requiring at least 30 skill to attempt). They can be made out of any metal. Optional extra :- some metals (not sure which) giving a slight bonus to accuracy. To use select, then right click on a visible celestial body (sun or any of the 3 moons) and choose "navigate". A 120 second timer will start up (reduced by QL of sextant). When this time ends it will return a message "After sighting <celestialobjectname> you calculate that your position is roughly (lat\long)". The accuracy is not a tile by tile accuracy, but a rough location (maybe as accurate as one small server map square). A nice idea would be to have QL effect accuracy (a 100 QL sextant being capable of giving exact location, scaling down to the map tile location at 1QL). Each use damages the sextant slightly. Of course we could also just get one of these for christmas....
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    Remove Height Min's over Water For Bridges When Bridge is On 2story Of a a House at Water level and other Side is Over 200Dirt Over Water Level There is No Need For it to Be Over 80Drits Off Water Table. And Over Land to Boot. And Who Came Up with this 80Dirt Over water and Why? A Caravel Height Above Water 35 Dirt or so(wiki)
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    Right now our options are extremely limited which almost makes the game unplayable, my suggestions is to have a couple new clothing options for our stabled horses and hopefully some pajama options, honestly how we've gone this far without pajamas for our horses baffles me.....
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    This is not really what you are asking for, but I use a mission for spawning things when a tile is stepped on. Here is a link to my cheat sheet since it has a fair number of pictures. https://goo.gl/ucFBLo (ignore the page breaks) If you are already using this maybe someone else will find it helpful.
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    Hopefully somedat someone will figure a way to add a working food and water trough (even if animals don;t actually drink water, a static water container is still a nice perk)
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    Summerholt Market located directly beside Summerholt starter town to the west. If you currently have a merchant outside the Summerholt starter town gates on the east side please consider moving him to the market area a few tiles away, this way we can get rid of the stalls and complete the overall area renovation. Prime locations in the market area still available! Current merchants are 37 plus two animal merchants (5 sp horses and 5sp bisons) Market currently consists of its new church Fo, Vyn, Mag and Nahjo altars are in and ready for sermons.. Bulk sales area to sell your bricks, mortar, dirt etc are now available. Now connected by a canal underneath giving access to the North Ocean of Xanadu and the South Ocean of Xanadu, that can prove helpful on a bad windy day... Thanks to our fantastic alliance members and continued support on progressing this project! New Pictures coming soon!
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    TO CLARIFY - This is about a merging of population between the clusters - It is not about allowing PvP on Freedom. Please read the thread, thank you. Why: I personally feel that PvP was best when there was a much larger population than what is currently present on the current Chaos or any of the Epic servers. The population on both clusters are steady, and new players come and go and everyone has their reasons for doing so, but i feel the original decision to release an unfinished Epic cluster cost the PvP community a lot of players, and it would cost more if players were stripped of their time if they had to redo everything all over again. Having a larger playerbase to work with would increase PvP and the increase in PvP would result in an increase in population. (We would be looking at 60+ online on Chaos at any given time if the people on Elevation stay on a PvP server, not including the homeservers. Likely 120+ at primetime, which is like double the population.) I would also hope that the PvE side would enjoy a growth in community as Epic also has its fair share of carebears! (Not to mention i also think some players who started on Epic would return if they could keep their accounts and have the option to move to a PvE server. Some just didn't really like the PvP style of living.) How: Epic players would utilize a portal to enter the freedom cluster. Rework the current /transfer feature to swap a characters skillset during this week-long period. (If they type /transfer on a freedom server, it would replace their skills with the ones they had on Epic. Curved skills ignored, actual skills only. No fix for the body stamina.) The portal would prevent a drastic flood of high value items and allow for people to bring across their major belongings at the same time. Maps: The Epic maps should be scrapped. As painful as that is, the whole point is to consolidate the population, and the homeservers simply aren't as inhabited as Elevation, and I don't think it's wise to add more maps to further split the population, because as stated, the whole point is to consolidate the population. Pros/Cons - Please post if you have more to add. Pros: More population (basically everything else here is the benefits this would come with) More people to trade with More people to PvP with Likely short burst of money as people found new deeds Cons: Devalues current accounts Short-term market flood tl;dr - Merge servers in order to consolidate population, hopefully increase PvP. Oh id also like to make clear that all of the epic servers are in a steep population decline, merging the servers wouldn't really cause more damage in the worst case than the damage that would be caused by doing nothing for a year. They are already almost back to what they were last year on elevation, and the homeservers are much lower than their last years peak. Elevation Affliction Serenity Desertion A rather good alternative is this: Both yes and no. I would say give players who want to transfer to freedom cluster a chance to do so, if there is proper skill convertion. The ones who wish to stay on epic can do so, not forced into having their work destroyed. For those who dont understand how skillgain works on epic, heres a speedguide. Lets say 50 actual woodcutting = 71 woodcutting on the curve. For the sake of simplicity, lets say that at fifty woodcutting one tick on freedom is .2 in size, and lets also say that you get a tick one in three actions. Now, lets say at 71 woodcutting on chaos, you get a tick 1 in 6 actions. On epic, if you had 50 woodcutting and were grinding, you would get .2 * 2, one in six actions. Why? Because you get 2x the tick size, but you get it at the frequency of the curved skill. So at 90 skill, you are grinding while getting the ticks at the same rate you would get if you had 99+. Early on this means its easier, later on it means its harder. Its pretty simple really if you did any hardcore grinding beyond a certain point. EDIT: Could a moderator please edit my poll and make votes public? I meant to do it on creation but overlooked it, and now I can no longer set the option having made the thread.
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    Now that BRIDGES are finally in, it is time to turn our minds to other important updates such as ... FASHIONTALK Did you know that WOOL was once the heart of the European economy? Did you know that HEMP was a major clothing textile? Did you know clothe DYES were often made from colored mushrooms? We have so many wonderful materials yet so little ingame use for them! WOOL - FUR - LEATHER - COTTON - GOLD/SILVER THREAD - HORNS (Pssst! FARMING could also use FLAX for LINEN!!) We could have FESTIVALS! PARTIES! Characters would no longer look cookie cutter It would encourage TRADE & COMMERCE Also, men in Wurm have GLORIOUS BEARDS but the women's hair choice are sadly lacking. So -- if we may be so BOLD -- as to humbly PETITION FIVE -- NAY BUT SAY RATHER SIX! -- NEW FEMALE HAIR OPTIONS also, wool hats are nice but what beats a nice FUR HAT? To go with our new SHORT CAPES - HOODED CAPES -- LIGHT CLOAKS - HEAVY CLOAKS Also VANGUARD used to have separate character tabs for VANITY CLOTHING vs ARMOR. Another option is to have a special ARMOR BAG similar to a BACKPACK except it holds one complete set of armor regardless of type. We rightclick the BAG, EQUIP, and switch from our "pretty clothes" to our "combat clothes" with maybe a 10-20 second timer if needed.
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    I know it's not the first or anything, but I set myself a goal to make a set of armour some time ago. I've been collecting scraps of scale since then, having attended a number of fights and bought scraps from others. I resolved not to put any real-world money into this, but have instead paid for all that was bought through in-game earnings. A number of alliance mates and others have generously donated scraps as well - thank you, so much! The new colours came out late in the day, allowing me to aim for something other than red, and since I wanted my own sig, I've ground my PAS to 85 as part of the project. Public slayings played a big part too, both allowing me to collect scraps myself, and giving me other people to buy scraps from. To everyone who has helped make this possible, my thanks!
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    For 1 Im A wiki Editor. Two I have made all kinds of crazy thngs 2 here Its Crap code. and needs to be fixed here look at this both are over Clay and over 300drit high on one side you mean to tell me even if u built them over water u could not Sail under them.?? the code should Allow this . But they where Hard coded rules No If, or, then As it stand Know You can not.
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    Thanks for all the positive feedback. We will see how the server goes Yaga
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    So, The october event went pretty well, and I have gone ahead and turned off the ability to begin the event. I have decided not to give you guys a complete list of what was possible in the catacombs because, lets face it.. it's more fun to keep all of you wondering if you found everything. (yeah, I'm evil like that sometimes) Anyhow, Moving into the next few months I've got a couple of announcements to make. First, The november event will be held on pristine, but will be a fairly small, more basic hunt. I'm going to try for 4-5 clues and 2-3 puzzles so that I can complete it quickly. The reason for this is that we want to do something fairly big for December, but also want to respect the time, effort, energy, and traditions of the Impalongs that are such a staple of the wurm holiday season to many of us. Which brings us to the December event. We are going to hold it on Xanadu, and it will be similar in design to the October event, in that the event will run completely within a single deed and be a large maze/labyrinth instead of a chase across the map. The deed in question (when I get it set up) will NOT be one of the start deeds, instead I am going to set up a teleport that will permit players to travel TO the event from ANY of the start deeds, and then return to the town they came FROM. (there will be NO other access to the event deed) To avoid conflicting with the impalongs, I am aiming to run it around midmonth, that is another reason for the November event being fairly short, I am basically already creating two events at the same time. As time gets a bit closer, I will be starting a thread for each individual event, (the november thread should go up.. uhh, soon..ish..(maybe)
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    Yeah, that's annoying and the equivalence of screaming and flailing your arms to get what you want. It isn't helping.
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    so we'll only need half as many smelters for large amounts of ore... so excited...
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    It would be nice to bring the world a bit closer together - some sort of cross-server portal system would be great! I'd love to visit other servers, but the thought of hours upon hours of sailing just makes me want to go play something else. I love Release, and although the community is a little quieter just now due to some folks playing WU, we still have a good core of people. I too have a number of very marketable skills, but I choose not use them to make money, aside from the odd paid imp. I find having to produce things to a schedule for more than a short period takes the fun out of Wurm for me, I like being able to focus on my own projects, or swap around my grinds from time to time. While I'd love to see a reduction in the premium costs, I can't agree that WO is dying - it may be a little different, but it's still good, and I for one am still having fun.
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    Living in southern Xanadu and haven't noticed any change in how many folks are out and about in the area. However I have noticed that horse sales stopped completely. Haven't had a single horse sell after WU. But I'm not worried as I believe this is temporary. Sure, some people may have gone to WU for good, but the following scenarios will also bring some people back to WO: They realize the instability and insecurity of playing on a player run server. Imagine putting hours into the grind and building up your deed, only to have a player decide to take it down for whatever reason They find themselves irritated by how a player run server is balanced. What at first felt fun and novel, turned out to feel too easy or unbalanced and the sense of achievement is soon lost They get irritated by game masters who keep adjusting and tweaking things like skills and spawn rate, making it so you can never quite depend on anything (and sure it happens in WO as well of course, but only with good reason and done gently and with care) Although I'm sure the majority of game masters out there are good people with good intentions, there will be those who have personality issues and suddenly it's not so fun to be under the mercy of a tyrant Speaking of tyrants, they get tired of feeling like they need to "suck up" to whoever happens to be running the server and probably suck up to the GMs buddies too They are left feeling like they're not experiencing the "real thing" They get tired of the server being down again because someone's computer running the server crashed again And I'm sure there are other reasons as well WO offers a stable, consistent MMO where everyone is equal, everyone plays under the same rules. No worries about not being able to log on. No worries about losing all the work you put into your character and deed. No evil manipulation by corrupt GMs. Right now WU is still the new and exciting thing and although I'm sure there will be stable long living servers with honest GMs running them for the right reasons, it's only a matter of time until some folks will come back to us, one by one when things go badly wrong. Besides, WU has generated a lot of interest in WO - I've met so many newbies lately it's unreal. So don't give up quite yet
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    People are getting caught up in the fairness of this suggestion. A lot of things are not fair, but they are done to achieve objective for the better of the community. Necessity. Distinction. Proportionality.
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    +1 this has to be done for the good of wurm
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    I had a dirt dropping algorithm done in Unity that I have not applied to my WU map generator. Reason is it is a very time consuming algorithm it made a lot more sense to model reality and distribute it over time, so every frame I would pick a slope and cut/drop a dirt. 60fps is 60 dirts, there are 4194304 nodes on a 2k map and a day has 5184000 frames in it, so within a day you would at least visit every node and move a dirt if it needed it. After a year your 365 dirt cliff would be eroded, but maybe you want to account for time scale and accomplish that in 1.5 months by doing 8 nodes a frame if the game can handle that rate without lag. run the existing dirt flow on dirt drop algorithm already in the game on one of those slopes every tick. Slow enough that you could dig out a home plot with little chance of collapse, but over time the decayed deed would slowly collapse back to natural state. Do roads and paved slopes decay the pavers before dirt dropping or does triggered dirt drops also kill the pavers to realistically model the damage that mudslides can do? Deeds would give you some protection just like they keep your fences repaired and lights on. Looks very weird to see flat forested land wogic result- so it was long enough to grow a forest but not long enough to collapse the steep slopes? Not much of a problem if for every resource node that gets covered another one gets uncovered. Makes the game more dynamic. It also makes even more sense to move the mod to Wurm Online at some point, less need for a new map if the existing maps would do a better job of natural recovery that accounts for the very high attrition rate. Many people want virgin forest to start with without having to terraform something back to forest, so instead they just go play something else when they see deed ruins.
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    Believe it was delayed http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/131677-screenshots-on-steam/ Warlander [developer] Sep 23 @ 4:44pm This will mostly optimize rendering even more, while allowing some new shiny things and getting rid of old problems of previous renderer. http://steamcommunity.com/app/366220/discussions/0/517142892050122494/
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    1. yeah 2. there is/was a bug. curently trees are not growing. you need to manualy edit a db. there is already postet a fix somwhere in the server section 3. standart value is 20 4. idk 5.idk ^^ 6. yes 7. i guess somwhere in the db or directly in the *.jar 8. come in irc